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Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

L.B. and H5O 1.0, you are both right on all counts. I don't take the detective on a crime show seriously if he or she is not serious. If this was a comedy show, the character laughing and smiling would work, but not on show that professes to be a drama.

Law and Order was very straightforward to the point that it could change casts with no one complaining or the quality of the show remaining unchanged because it did not focus on the characters, but the crimes and the investigation made to catch them. The personalities of both the detectives and the criminals were given minimal attention. That was their premise and it worked. I never saw anyone complain about the detective's lack of personality or that we knew little about their pasts.

Rockford and Magnum were too light-hearted to be considered tough and gritty detectives. Again, that was the intent of the producers of Rockford to make him like Jim Garner's earlier incarnation, Maverick. I read that Tom Selleck told the producers to make Magnum more of an easygoing, laid-back guy when they originally wanted him to be a serious, hard-boiled private eye. The shows got their run and fame, but it's not a formula that works for every show in the crime genre. It certainly would not have worked on Hawaii Five-O.

I was angered by comments from people on message boards who said Jack was too "distant and aloof" and "cold and aloof" and "not a team player." One idiot on the IMDb named Murph24 said about Jack, "I didn't see a team player. All I saw was an arrogant TV star with a smug, condescending attitude towards everyone around him."

What show was this jerk watching? Jack was portraying a detective, not a TV star, and there was nothing arrogant about him. He only told off the criminals when he had to, and even then, he didn't do so all the time. The criminals were the ones who acted arrogant, smug, and condescending.

Added: Monday 27 May 2013 22:46:26 MST

Submitted by: Carol Kay
From: Florida

Tonight's episode: May 27, 2013 - WHERE IS McGARRETT??>
His "sidekick" Cann, just does NOT have the "magic" that McGarrett does and never will! I do enjoy the banter between them. BUT McGarrett is the star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added: Monday 27 May 2013 19:25:33 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Well said, LB. Styles change, but human nature never does. Five-0 reflected human nature, its good points and its bad points. It matters little whether JL (like Robert Conrad in "The Wild, Wild West" from the same time period) wore his hair tall or whether white dress shirts went out of style in favor of pastel ones or whether McGarrett's car would have struggled to get 12 miles per gallon of gasoline. The way TV cops today drive, they might not get much better mileage, come to think of it. LOL

Added: Monday 27 May 2013 15:47:30 MST

Submitted by: L.B.
From: U.S.A.

I have two comments about the article that Mr. Mike referenced.

First, I have never understood why that TV critics have always had this hangup about characters in a drama series having to have a sense of humor and smile for the camera. I have occasionally watched more recent series such as Law & Order and CSI series, and some of those characters never smile or even show any emotion. Yet, these same critics who love these shows want to say that Jack Lord was dull. I believe Lord was more charismatic and was a better actor than David Caruso, for example. When you have a character in a cop series who is too laid back or humorous, it takes away some of the drama element of the series because it is hard to take them seriously (think Jim Rockford or Thomas Magnum).

Second, as Vrinda noted, judging a series on its' dated elements is never wise to do. Did TV critics ever note how ridiculous that some of the outfits that Mary Tyler Moore wore look today? Did they ever take note of how some of the styles that Frank Furillo wore are out of style today? Did they ever make note how dated some of the issues and attitudes presented on All In The Family or Maude are today? They didn't take issue with these things because they loved these shows. Five-O 1.0 was never a critic's top choice, and they would pick on every little dated thing just to downgrade the series in their analysis. The original holds up well because it presents an honest, old school cop in a classic good vs. evil struggle each week, which never goes out of style. Also admirable is the fact that McGarrett's team acted like they had been there before by not celebrating with a beer drinking party after solving a case.

Added: Monday 27 May 2013 12:42:13 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Hi all,

Go to www.dailymail.co.uk/news and find the article titled "War memorials across the country fall into disrepair....." and you will find a story that details that the end is near for the Waikiki Natatorium in Hawaii, which is a WWI memorial for the 10,000 Hawaiian soldiers which served in "The Great War." This I believe was featured in season four's "A Matter of Mutual Concern." What a shame that nothing can be done to save it!

Added: Monday 27 May 2013 09:44:04 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

>"...the penal colony of Friday nights."

Can someone explain this to me. I recall once VHS players/recorders became affordable and popular, who the heck watched live TV anyway, because by recoding them you could watch them when you wanted to whiz past the silly commercials.

And now it has got to be worse with DVR recorders, etc. watching episodes on line, on demand, etc. Who really cares when a show is on TV--I record it and then watch it WHEN I want to, NOT when it is on the air. I could not care less when it was scheduled to be aired.

So, does live TV schedules really mewna anything? Is it any sort of reliable measurement of anything at all anymore?

Added: Monday 27 May 2013 07:12:23 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Again, someone has to call the original show dated. The show was made from 1968 - 1980, so it will have parts that are dated - the fashions, technology, cars, and certain political and social issues. That is a given when time marches on, but the whole show is not dated. If it's holding it's own, as Harada says, whatever is dated about it is meaningless.

I agree about getting rid of Doris and Wo Fat's diminished role. Wo Fat made just about as many appearances on this show in three years that it took Wo Fat on the original show 12 years to do, and the new Wo Fat wasn't getting up to half the fun stuff the old Wo Fat was.

If CBS made Lenkov hire those two new writers, I wonder what it is they will bring to the table. CBS couldn't have just had Lenkov hire any two writers. These must be people who have ideas that can help the show.

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 22:18:54 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

From the comments section on this page:


"They've just hired 2 new writers. My guess is CBS has told Lenkov to IMPROVE the ratings & the writing."

Is this true?

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 21:32:27 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

"I'm sure there were episodes where McGarrett smiled, but I don't remember them."

Michael Hewitt should start with the pilot, "Cocoon" and watch closely. McGarrett smiled when he needed to, and was serious the rest of the time because he had to be. He was the chief of police on an island filled with crime. Smiling is not going to part of the territory when you deal with murderers, rapists, drug dealers, spies, and gangsters around the clock. That meant that McGarrett had few opportunities to smile, but it's not as though he never did, or those episodes can be counted on one hand. They're still too numerous to count.

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 21:11:55 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Re: "It is hard to imagine anyone else making the role as successful as Lord did."

BRAVO!!! Finally, someone tells it like it is. Ooh rah!!!

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 18:44:45 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I had an incredible hassle to access this very short article, since you have to "subscribe" to this paper to read any of their material...

TV Rewind: ‘Hawaii Five-0’


The modern "Hawaii Five-0" ended its fourth season [sic] Monday, saved for now from the death penalty but bound this fall for the penal colony of Friday nights.

This might be a good time to turn our attention to the vastly superior original version, which relied less on cartoonish action and violence and more on strong characters and suspense.

Hollywood legend has it that Jack Lord was a last-minute choice for the role of Steve McGarrett, which supposedly was passed on by Gregory Peck and Richard Boone. It is hard to imagine anyone else making the role as successful as Lord did.

As McGarrett, the head of the special Five-0 unit of Hawaii's state police force, Lord helped create a hero who defined no-nonsense. McGarrett invariably wore a dark suit and tie, standing out against a background of aloha shirts. I'm sure there were episodes where McGarrett smiled, but I don't remember them.

James MacArthur played Dan Williams, McGarrett's young sidekick and the addressee of the classic line, "Book 'em, Danno." Ex-cop Kam Fong, who at age 50 was taking on his first major acting role, played Chin Ho Kelly, McGarrett's key lieutenant.

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 17:58:35 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

A week or so ago Kimo posted about the fate of the Waikiki Natatorium. The preferred meeting place of many Five-O undesirable types.

It's in the news this Memorial Day weekend... yhoo.it/157prkn

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 15:16:21 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

"Jack Lord will attack Alex, James MacArthur will attack Scott Caan, Zulu just has to sit on Grace Park, assuming she is still around, and Kam Fong won't be able to rip up Daniel Dae Kim, saying "I like this guy!" (Thanks to Vrinda for this line.)"

You're welcome, Mike!;) I couldn't kill Daniel. He's a nice guy and one of the few likeable characters on this show.

Virginia, you are so right. With all the things Jack was doing - acting in a lead role on a TV show, producing the show, training actors and technicians, visiting orphanages, veterans' homes, and getting involved in environmental causes - where did he find the time to fight with the actors, crew members, directors, and producers?

They're only on the set 16 hours a day, and these network executives were in LA and NYC, plus most of the producers were in LA as well. The way these people talk, you'd think that Jack single-handedly abused so many people, at least 150-200 people, and got away with it for 12 years, making so much money on the side. No one even considers that maybe the people with whom he worked weren't nice. The tabloids would naturally ignore them because they were not as famous or weren't even seen, if they worked behind the camera.

It's the star of the show, the one who makes the most money, gets more screen time, whose name and face is more associated with the show than anyone else, who gets the flack. Peter Mark Richman's character in that Stoney Burke episode was correct in his assessment.

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 11:57:59 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

As per my "boring anal-ysis" of each episode and subsequent rating, my scores for the three seasons of the new show are

Season 1 - 6.93/10
Season 2 - 6.67/10 (this surprised me, considering how much I disliked the Lori arc)
Season 3 - 5.31/10


I predict this show isn't going to go beyond season four.

The grand finale of the show will consist of all the actors from the original series who have died being resurrected as zombies (with the help of CGI). They will attack all of the actors from the new show and chew them to shreds.

Jack Lord will attack Alex, James MacArthur will attack Scott Caan, Zulu just has to sit on Grace Park, assuming she is still around, and Kam Fong won't be able to rip up Daniel Dae Kim, saying "I like this guy!" (Thanks to Vrinda for this line.)

Added: Sunday 26 May 2013 07:16:31 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Poor Jack. Being blamed for everything when all he did was visit recovering servicemen, the deaf, and the learning disabled; teach islanders how to act and/or work behind the camera; give the Salvation Army money to build a worship center... The list goes on. The bottom line is that Jack did a lot of good for others and should be remembered for it. The character Redmond (Peter Mark Richman) in the "Stoney Burke" episode 'The Journey' explained it when he said, "[Champions] make people feel inferior… Champions are against the law of nature." In short, people don't understand them. That's still no reason to make up lies about them.

Added: Saturday 25 May 2013 03:53:01 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

That's what I think, too. The humorous stuff could be left alone, but seeing these guys curse and get angry would not bode well for publicity.

Someone told me that when they were filming that scene from "Samurai," after that secretary collapses and dies in court, and Steve is yelling at Danno for not being vigilant enough in safeguarding her ("How, Danno, how!" "You want me to say I blew it? I blew it!";), Jack and James flubbed their lines and couldn't get the words out properly, because they were so focused on getting the angry tone in their voices to sound correct.

They ended up letting the argument stray off script and started cursing! It was purely out of frustration in trying to remember their lines. The person who told me this didn't witness it, but lives in Hawaii and knew people who worked on the show. Whether they got all that on film or not, she doesn't know.

About your earlier comment: I know you weren't referring to me, but the relentless gossipers. I also agree with you on how people unfairly blamed Jack for everything. I half-expected people to blame him for starting WWII, assassinating JFK, and orchestrating the Great Train Robbery.

Added: Friday 24 May 2013 21:33:21 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I didn't have in mind the ones that would destroy credibility. There surely were some, like the ones with "Sally" that were just plain good. So much finds its way to the cutting room floor, not because it is a blooper, but because of time allotments, etc. It would be delightful if we could see some of them -- but who could compile them who could be relied upon to omit the bad language and other demeaning items? Whoever said "no" to the request may well have had that in mind.

Added: Friday 24 May 2013 14:14:11 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Though it is possible that, given Jack’s professionalism and seeing such bloopers would make the show look less credible, that he would have them suppressed, at the time there weren’t many outlets to see these things. They didn’t start airing those TV specials showcasing bloopers until the ‘90s, and DVDs using bloopers as bonus features didn’t come about until the 2000s. There was no internet with websites like YouTube to broadcast them, nor the technology to get them online, though the internet as we know was around since the 1980s at the latest. If someone had these bloopers, they would be on film reels and they’d have to watch them on a screen through a film projector. If they had the right equipment, they could make copies of them and distribute them, but they would be violating copyright since they don’t own the rights to these films. These things would have just sat around collecting dust in a vault or editing room somewhere. I don’t think Jack had much to fear, however I understand his concern, if he had it.

CBS might decide to get their hands on these bloopers and broadcast them themselves or show them privately, like they did with The Twilight Zone and Gunsmoke ones. That would still damage the show’s image, even though the general viewing audience wouldn’t have seen them. I can understand issuing orders to keep them under wraps, but it would be impossible for Jack to see to it that these films were destroyed. We’re talking about 284 episodes over the course of 12 years, and these films were sent to the mainland for editing every day, unless later on Diamond Head Studios had such facilities. Jack didn’t hop on the plane to LA every day just to make sure these goof-ups on film were eradicated. That’s stretching things. Given the few outlets to even broadcast these things and limitations of technology in even being able to reach a large audience with them, it was more feasible for Jack to just tell the powers that be to keep these films from public view. He’d never be able to do that today.

Zulu and Kam didn’t confirm these films were destroyed, just that if they were, that was unfortunate. Zulu lied so much about Jack. I’ve come across information that disproves some of the things he said. Like Mike said, the tabloids are not an accurate source of anything, and they probably made up that statement from Kam that Jack had Alzheimer’s. There’s no quote from Kam on that topic from any reputable news source. As we talked about some months ago, there was evidence in photos and in writing, not mention that 1986 Leonard Maltin interview on Entertainment Tonight, which showed Jack was still of sound mind and active. Kam spoke kindly of Jack on occasions ("But he was a softy with a marshmallow heart. He loved kids. He had a baby son, and lost him. I think it always affected him.”), but then griped that Jack never even invited him to his (Jack’s) apartment for a cup of coffee. This sounds like something a child or teenager would whine about (minus the coffee part). Kam himself lost his wife and two children in an accident during WWII, so he understood how Jack felt.

I’ve seen bloopers from Get Smart on YouTube which are not on my DVDs. I read that there was a blooper reel from Bewitched that the cast gathered to watch at Christmastime, but these things were not out on the DVDs. Erin Murphy (Tabitha) stated this. She was not allowed to watch the bloopers because of the colorful language people used. Someone on a message board told me this, though I have not found an actual quote from Erin on it. It might be true, though. Bloopers from Laugh-In, Star Trek, and McHale’s Navy can be found on a DVD release called Classic Television: Blooper Bonanza 1960's (2007). I’ve seen bloopers from Bonanza on YouTube, but I don’t know if they are from the DVDs or not. The only other shows from which I have seen such material were all from ‘80s on down, sitcoms mainly.

Added: Friday 24 May 2013 12:06:11 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Regarding bloopers in the original show.

My report on the 1996 Five-O convention in Burbank says:

Someone asked about Five-O blooper reels. There was a suggestion that this sort of footage was suppressed because of Jack Lord. Both Kam and Zoulou said this was unfortunate, because there were some terrifically funny boo-boos.

I actually have a lot of camcorder footage (sent to me by someone else) of these sessions, but unfortunately the audio in some of them is not particularly good. I don't know if this particular session is included off hand.

Now there were only two people in the room who could have responded to this, Kam and Zulu. Zulu didn't have any great love for Lord, and Kam had his own opinion about Lord-related things; for example, I recall he was quoted in some tabloid story (which is itself not the epitome of veracity) regarding Lord's reclusiveness, that he had Alzheimer's disease or whatever.

However, if Lord was the one who suppressed bloopers, this certainly makes sense in keeping with the general consensus that Lord had a very "professional" attitude towards the show, inasmuch as these mistakes would perhaps have put the show in a bad light as far as he was concerned.

I don't know how people dealt connected with shows dealt with bloopers way back when. It's not like these days when just about anything from the cutting room floor is fodder for a "blooper reel" on a DVD.

Added: Friday 24 May 2013 09:50:34 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Serious anal-ysis of scene between Catherine and her old boyfriend:


Added: Friday 24 May 2013 09:42:01 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Re: "What I read were that were a lot of bloopers from 1.0. I don't think Jack had those films destroyed as some think."

ROFL. Man! How people blame Jack for everything! (I don't mean you, Vrinda, only the relentless gossipers.) Should I blame Jack for the thunderstorm we had last night? Was it his fault I didn't receive a newspaper this morning? No and No. Still, I would love to see the outtakes, especially the one showing the frog that sat still on a bookshelf, like a figurine, until the end of a scene, when it jumped down and hopped away. Yes, that really happened.

Added: Friday 24 May 2013 07:11:00 MST

Submitted by: Frank
From: Wisconsin

What about Chin gets to Kono's side with Adam's brother dead, it is daylight and by that nightfall they all get to the dock, get a boat crew ready to go, get a boat to go where Doris is takin them, and McG has not asked his mother again about Wo Fat. I guess he doesn't want to know that bad. And then has time to get to the prison. Come on, guards as far as you can see, McG. had to do a retina scan, and they still got the cell with a torch?

Added: Thursday 23 May 2013 18:58:47 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

What I read were that were a lot of bloopers from 1.0. I don't think Jack had those films destroyed as some think. He'd have to stand there and make sure they did it, and that would be taking too much time. It wasn't as important an issue for him to personally oversee in light of everything else.

Plus, those clips would be partly-owned by CBS and Leonard Freeman Productions, so they would have a say in what happened to them. Since CBS used blooper reels from The Twilight Zone and Gunsmoke in special films for advertisers, there's a possibility they saved some of the ones from Five-O as well. Film editing was also done in LA for the first few years the show was on, maybe longer, so those clips probably wound up on a cutting room floor there, where they may just have been swept and stored away.

Added: Thursday 23 May 2013 08:03:50 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I'd love to see what wound up on the cutting room floor from 1.0; e.g., the outtakes with Melveen "Sally" Leed from "Number One With a Bullet" that Mike posted some time ago.

Added: Thursday 23 May 2013 06:59:29 MST

Submitted by: Mary Angela
From: Wapakoneta,Ohio 45895

Nine of my friends and I try to watch the new Hawaii Five-O, but the music is so loud that we can only hear about 5% of the dialog. We no longer are going to watch.
It's not worth the effort.

Added: Wednesday 22 May 2013 17:47:04 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Erik, if your scene involved you confronting Steve and Danno about one of their many slip-ups and it wound up on the cutting room floor, you are probably in good company. It appears that the producers have no regard for the characters taking responsibility for their actions and are conscientiously putting these episodes together with that in mind.

What was your character's dialogue with Steve and Danno?

Added: Wednesday 22 May 2013 15:30:14 MST

Submitted by: erik t
From: Hawaii

I was upset the cast and the show ditched the CIA. I played the CIA Operative who confronts McGarrett and DAnno when Salgado gets shot and rushed to hospital. LAnded on editing room floor.

Added: Wednesday 22 May 2013 14:03:16 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: This episode won a lot of ratings. Guess people flocked over there to see if there predications are going to be answered

Added: Wednesday 22 May 2013 11:25:04 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

Once again you guys sucked me into the fake Five-O. With all negative chatter I just had to see for myself how bad it was. I can't believe I'm saying this but I thought it wasn't half bad up until about the 38 minute mark. But when they ditched the CIA I was like, pfft ...that's it for me. They can never really get this show completely away from the collective comic book perspective of Lenkov et al.

By the way, the last few years have not been kind to Christine Lahti. Whatever is going on there, I mean, in another couple years she's gonna look just like Mick Jagger.

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 20:39:19 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

Gavin MacLeod has had a lifelong battle with his weight. He and fellow MTM co-star Valerie Harper became good friends on the show when they both joined Weight Watchers.

Interesting trivia: MacLeod's MTM onscreen wife Joyce Bulifant was married in real life, briefly, to James MacArthur.

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 15:51:07 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Just watched it again, though I need to watch it AGAIN using a file which has subtitles (this one did not).

My rating for the show is 2.43366187 stars. This is determined by taking the amount of the show which was worth watching (up to 35:40, after which it went totally in the toilet) times 3 stars which is what I felt it was worth up to that point.

There are some big questions, though:

• Kono throws phone out of her car, the HPD cops chasing them should have seen this. What if someone found this phone, couldn't they have turned it over to the cops who would be able to extract the data (even if it was password protected)
• plane was taking Salgado the terrorist from Brisbane to Guantanamo. Would going through Hawaii have been the most direct way of doing this?
• Why does Adam take Kono to the "supply depot," she is number one on HPD's most wanted list! Surely she might have been recognized by someone.
• [this is the big one] The terrorists in Hawaii didn't kidnap the kid until AFTER Salgado had been picked up by the CIA in Australia. Considering he was under their control, how would he know that they had done this? Braga, the CIA big shot says that this is standard operating procedure for the revolutionaries in this kind of situation, maybe that is the explanation?
• how did Michael know that Fong was working on the gloves?
• how does Five-0 get to the scene where Salgado meets the other revolutionaries without being detected?

The "I lubs Adam" scene at the end was still as nauseating as before!!

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 12:51:56 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thanks for that vid, Chick! Gavin flipped me, maaan! But I still prefer his shower rendition of "Ain't No Big Thing" - that was outta sight, bay-bee!! You can't buck the system, Chah-lee! And of course you're right that it was his hip 60s peace-spoutin' characterization that really made the Chick the icon that he is. Otherwise he'd just be another fat sweaty dope pusher. Gavin once said in an interview that folks still stop him on the street and call him "Big Chicken". Forget Captain Stubing or Murray Slaughter. It's all about the Big Chick! Oahu State Prison - for life!

Also reading these latest comments about the current state of FIVE-FAUX it almost starts to make the 1st season (of FIVE-FAUX) look like a classic in comparison, eh? I still remember the episode with Cary-Hiroyuki Tahawa on the golf course with Mark Dacascos as this mystery figure in the background. That's how Wo Fat should have been.

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 10:15:19 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle, Wash

Hey Ringfire, in answer to yo query, Chicken don’t know the details bout Gavin Mac’s weight. I did seen an interview though where Gav talk about it bein his idea to add the 60’s jive and have Big Chick spoutin about peace n love, which really made the character. Like McG say, Chick just a ‘slimy dope pusher’ but he carry this aura a bein a counterculture hipster, a pusher/guru.

I’m still disappointed his prison shower rendition of "Ain’t Know Big Thing” didn’t make the Five-O soundtrack. But here's Chicken hisself singin with Tony Baretta www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwaXfAF-zfs

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 07:57:51 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Jeff, your post was downright side splitting! I was ROTFLMAO! :!rofl: The posts the last day were hysterical.

So, everyone what's new? :D I was away on vacation by the pool since my last post and just checked in yesterday to catch up.

Mike, I appreciate your note to me a week back about my post concerning the non Five-O topic, and I did not see the blowback to it, but if it was so bad that you had to remove all the postings, it doesn't surprise me, nor bother me. When people lose an argument they become uncivil. I will always defend the right of people to say what they want and believe what they want. Too many people want to control what others think, say and feel and that is dangerous. What's next the IRS going after groups that disagree with what a current administration believes. Impossible! :p

As for the new Five-O, I think you all have said it better than I could. I'm going out to buy season five of the classic show instead.

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 07:02:18 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

I only saw the final 10 mins of 5-0 and at the Supermax prison, what the hell was that?!!

3rd cliffhanger in a row with a closeup of McG's face.

His reaction to the "explosion"
there seemed meh.

Wo Fat looking like Two Face there. I will see 5-0 in full on demand this week.

Not a good season. Best episode was HOOKMAN, worst--just about everything else.

Wonder if it will be Vachon going thru those metal doors ?

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 06:29:40 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I'm sending Dr. Olokun's contact info to Lenkov, maybe he can help with the show... :D

Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 05:05:05 MST

Submitted by: Kayla
From: USA

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Added: Tuesday 21 May 2013 00:16:13 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Seriously, after all the anticipation and all the joking around making up funny scenarios as to what could happen, and considering all the stupid ones that might have happened (i.e., Wo and McG are brothers, blah blah blah, which hopefully will NEVER happen now), this show was awful. The ending was schizophrenic, as if one team of writers had worked on the show up to that point, and then another team, who had absolutely no idea what the first team were doing, worked on the final scenes. I didn't think the main story was so bad, though I think there are things that will make it fall apart quickly. I'm surprised that when HPD was chasing them at the beginning they didn't notice that instead of 3 people in the car, there were now only two. Duke's reaction when they finally cornered McGarrett was pretty incredulous. Some people on IMDB are wondering if he will become part of the team next year! I doubt this, he is an old school cop, no way he can deal with Five-O's transgressions. When Duke confronted McGarrett I expected him to arrest McG or at least convince him to reveal where Kono was, but he just walked away kind of frustrated. The ending was total crap! Is Grace Park not coming back (there is a rumour she is pregnant)? I couldn't believe Chin Ho's comment to her: "You have to leave now," and then he tells McGarrett "Don't stop her." WTF?!? I thought some of the lines in last week's show were pretty bad. I read somewhere that they were filming scenes with Kono and Adam which will be used at the beginning of next season, because they will lose some of their sets between now and then. I also thought that Kono could have stepped in and punched Michael while he and Adam were fighting ... or done SOMETHING. And what's with Catherine's old boyfriend suddenly showing up (his name is "Harrington," by the way, I just noticed this). Does this mean that Borth will be leaving too or seen less next year? Does it mean that there will be complications between her and this guy and McGarrett? UGH!! By the way, there was a reference which might have been slipped in since Boston bombings when McG was grilling that sleazy guy: "You don't have rights when you supply material support for a foreign terrorist network."

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 23:22:54 MST

Submitted by: Jeff
From: Denver

Here are my thoughts on this g****** thing:

Terrorist story was not too bad, although derivative of other episodes (kidnapped kids, terrorist on the island, etc.). A paint by numbers story, average at best, but not a whole lot of bad parts. Merely serviceable. McGarrett sneaking him out past the CIA was stupid, you would think the CIA would be tracking him and PINGING HIS CELL PHONE, knowing that Five0 had him in custody, and they would have followed him to the exchange site and hauled everybody in. Plus, no CIA guys showed up at the hospital to question the guy, only McGarrett?

As for the other storylines:
The Adam/Kono thing ended as stupidly as it started. The most ridiculous/assinine part of the whole show was the fact that Five-0 aided and abetted a fugitive from justice (Kono), eluded police, engaged in a dangerous high-speed chase AGAINST the police merely for the sake of a dramatic teaser, used official resources to help her escape, etc. They stop, "surrender", AND THEN NOT ONE F****** THING HAPPENS TO THEM????!!! The Governor isn't even called? I thought this was the type of bullshit the Governor was going to stop them from doing. Plus, there's probably enough surveillance cameras on nearby businesses to track Five-0's movements and to see where Kono was dropped off. Or once again....couldn't they have PINGED MCG'S CELL PHONE TO FOLLOW HIM? I'm assuming they threw Kono's out the window, not everyone else's as well.

The over-emoting of Adam after shooting his brother was stupid, and while the struggle was occurring, Kono JUST F****** WATCHED and didn't help him? Ridiculous. I was hoping Adam tipped Michael off that Fong had the gloves, and that they had Adam's blood on them, and then both Adam and Michael would have turned on Kono and drilled her. Now that would have been a shocking, Sopranos-style ending that I would have cheered for. THAT would have been a dramatic cliffhanger. Then they could have McGarrett going to war with the Yakuza, Adam and Michael in Season 4. Adam and Michael could essentially become the new Vashon crime family in Hawaii, and go after McGarrett and Five-0 in Season 4. BUT NO!!!!! Season 4 is going to continue the stupid Wo Fat bullshit instead, and probably see Kono coming back in time for sweeps month in Nov.

As for the Doris/Wo Fat BS, the less said, the better. I hate her character, I am more or less hating his character, and cannot believe they are going to drag this awful f****** storyline into Season 4. I could care less if WF is McG's brother, uncle, dad, aunt, etc. They have made me not care at all. And I still hate Christine Lahti's stupid haggard raccoon face and poor acting. They were so bereft of creativity that they made her into this season's Joe White, almost following the same stupid story arc as his did last season (secrets from McG, McG getting pissed at him, possibly helping Wo Fat, leaving Hawaii.

Also, the stupid "love conquers all" ending was ridiculous. Adam and Kono, Chin and whomever the fuck, and Danno and Museum Girl. Hell, Steve should have grabbed Borth and they could have had the episode end with a giant 4-couple orgy clusterf*** gangbang back at the Palace!

This show has shown promise on a few occasions but it will never ever be realized. Season 3 was ultimately the season that the show fell apart creatively and in the ratings and in terms of losing part of their core audience (the opposite of Classic Five-0's Season 3). Instead of trying some new ideas, they are going to continue with the same stupid bullshit. This show deserves to die a whimpering f****** death next season unless Lenkov is fired.

Grade: D (still not a complete disaster, but close). 1 star.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 22:37:48 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Now how will McGarret get out of this mess? :!thinking:

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 21:01:26 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Preliminary review here:



Added: Monday 20 May 2013 20:19:59 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

I can not believe how RIDICULOUS that season finale episode was. NOTHING was believable, or even slighlty convincing--NOTHING!!!

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 20:18:07 MST

Submitted by: joekido

From: Dammit Lenkov, stop leaving us in the dark!

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 19:56:48 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


Added: Monday 20 May 2013 19:44:42 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: What happened? Did it turned our that McGarret and WoFat are half brothers?

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 19:02:23 MST

Submitted by: Mr. MIke
From: Vancouver

The ending of tonight's show was VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY >>STUPID<<!!


So disappointing!


Added: Monday 20 May 2013 18:42:13 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Haha!! Let me get this straight - a guy in a wheelchair is dangling someone off the top of the roof?? :D How does that work?

This show might just end up being even stupider than FIVE-FAUX.

Raymond Burr must be spinning nonstop in his grave.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 18:23:34 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

I noticed that the Asian guy looks and acts a little like Max. :D I wonder if that is where the casting director got his inspiration. At least with this version, Ironside is the only character they recreated. There is no Ed Brown, Eve Whitfield, Mark Sanger, Fran Belding, Commissioner Randall, or Lt. Reese.

They did use the opening bars of Quincy Jones's original theme music, though, but the rest of the music is the same old generic, monotonal techno garbage.

I wonder what a field day the DA on that show will have with all the suspect's rights violations that come up. ;)

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 17:55:14 MST

Submitted by: Cher Renee
From: Florida

For H50 - ENCWS 380 Thu, May 30, 3:00 PM Have Gun, Will Travel

I'm pretty limited with what I can look up right now (in North Carolina for a couple weeks and only get online every couple days or so). That was the only station I saw it listed for, though.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 17:35:28 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Possible similarities to new Five-0 gleaned from this trailer:

• Ironside will violate 57 varieties of civil rights
• One of the characters he deals with is an annoying Asian guy
• The music is utter garbage

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 17:08:02 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

NBC is remaking Ironside. Hell has frozen over.


Added: Monday 20 May 2013 16:42:43 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I just watched 'The Test' from "Stoney Burke." The guest star was James Coburn ("In Like Flint," "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round," etc.). He was taller than Jack, just as tall and skinny as ever a man was. He and Jack played well off each other and created an excellent episode. No doubt, Jack was far too happy to have James Coburn on the show to worry about his height -- or even whether Coburn might outshine him in certain scenes (He did). It was all done for the good of the show, and it worked!

In another episode, 'Kincaid,' Jack was even more in the background, behind Dick Clark. Jack wasn't ranting and raving about Clark getting the best lines. There was a bigger stake: 'Kincaid' was the pilot for an anticipated new series. Unfortunately, it was not picked up, for it would have been an interesting series and not the least bit competitive with "Stoney Burke."

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 13:15:51 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Let us not forget that Jack had enough on his plate without measuring everyone to see if they were taller than he was. Again, I don't think Al Harrington meant to be taken literally, but you can call and ask him if you disagree.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 12:41:20 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

"He had the right to make that kind of decision and the right to think along those lines. Because if I were in his position, I would think the same. But >Leonard< felt that I was the one that should replace Zulu."

That is what gave me the impression that this stemmed from something that happened when Harrington was considered for the role, in 1971-1972, since he refers to Freeman feeling he (Al) should replace Zulu, so this "decision" to which he referred Jack making had to have happened when Freeman was alive and when he first hired Al to play Ben Kokua.

Regardless of whether these were main cast members or guest stars, if Jack raised a fuss about their heights, we would have heard about it. Even the factor of the guest stars' height is important, because these people would also have scenes with Jack, and from our recollections of different episodes, these people also stood out as much as the main cast did.

Even though Mossman didn't become a regular, it still stands that he was one of the supporting cast members taller than Jack, along with William Smith. I also thought William was taller. I thought he had to be at least 6'4."

I don't think Jack cared or was put off by other actors being taller, because there is no evidence of it from H5O or any other role he took.

I think Al Harrington meant for that story to be some detail thrown in to describe how he got the role, for the sake of having more to say and painting a picture of how he got the role. I don't think he intended it to be a tale to illustrate Jack's alleged egotism and pettiness. Of all the H5O crew, he's not the first to come to mind when you think of those who badmouthed Jack. He has always spoken highly of him.

Like Virginia said, I think Al was pulling words out of the air - saying something for the sake of saying something. That he noted it was within Jack's right to make such comments shows he did not think there was anything wrong with it. Also, since he was speaking on camera, we can take into account his tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language to indicate his feelings. He was very calm and spoke rationally, quickly pointing out that Jack had the right to make that kind of decision and think along those lines. That tells he was not angry and was speaking objectively.

A lot of the tales told by people from the show have to be taken with a grain of salt, sometimes the entire salt shaker. These events all happened years ago, with no physical evidence on film or audio tape to confirm it or deny it, and most or all of the witnesses are either no longer alive or - if they are alive - they don't remember. Even when they do remember, the passage of time makes the memory a bit hazier and they remember all the details.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 10:48:42 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

It is hardly a "rumour" if the words are coming out of Harrington's own mouth!

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 10:17:46 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

After reading Al Harrington's comment to Emme Tomingbang, that he was fired for being "too tall or too 'something'", I'm inclined to think he was pulling words out of thin air. I don't think he literally meant he was fired for being too tall. Rather, he was fired for some reason he did not fully understand. Since Al Harrington is still alive, why not ask him? It would be much better than rehashing this ridiculous rumor.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 10:08:36 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

If Lord didn't like Harrington because of his height (or whatever reason) when "he would have been hired for the part," it is not unreasonable to assume that Lord would not have forgotten about this, but would have taken the opportunity to get rid of Harrington when the first opportunity arose, assuming that he had the power to do so. And this is seemingly what happened, according to Harrington.

It also doesn't suggest that Lord was against having actors taller than him on the show. I don't think Lord had the final say in this matter. I'm sure choosing the actors was up to the casting director and/or the producers of the show. If Lord had started to fuss about this, this would have caused problems. But as far as I can determine, this was never an issue.

We are not talking about guest stars, anyway, but about members of the supporting cast who would be with Lord every week.

According to IMDB, the stars of the show were these heights:

Lord = 6'
MacArthur = 5'8"
Wedemeyer = 5'10"
Zulu = 6'
Harrington = 6'1½"
Smith = 6'2" (I am surprised by this, I thought he was taller)
Mossman = 6'3"

No info is given for Kam Fong.

The actual exchange between Emme and Harrington is as follows, by the way (this is the taken from the original broadcast of the show in 1996):

Emme: Entertainer Al Harrington was Freeman's choice to replace Zulu at the start of Five-O's fifth season. He knew that Jack Lord didn't quite approve of him in the show.

Harrington: This came back to me later, that didn't fit ... of the threesome that supported him. And he felt that maybe I was too tall or maybe I was too "something." Whatever... And he had the right to do so. He had the right to make that kind of decision and the right to think along those lines. Because if I were in his position, I would think the same. But >Leonard< felt that I was the one that should replace Zulu.

Emme: Leonard Freeman died in the show's fifth season and Harrington knew it was time to move on...

Harrington: Then after Leonard died, then the writing was on the wall that I wasn't going to be there for very much longer. But at the same time, I'm grateful that Jack allowed it to happen.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 09:23:18 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

"I don't know anything about the politics of choosing one actor over the other. However, Harrington said in an interview that one of the reasons he got fired was because he was "too tall," or "too 'something'," i.e., taller than Jack Lord. Mossman is very tall, so that may have been a factor. From what I can figure out, Wedemeyer was 5'9-1/2".

Al Harrington didn't say he was fired for that reason, he said that Jack originally didn't want him for the role because he was too tall, referring to the time when he would have been hired for the part. From watching both men standing next to each other on screen, I can't see much difference in height. One inch isn't that visible a difference. People will add one inch to their height anyway, so maybe Al was no taller than Jack. Al did say that Jack was within his right to make such a comment, though, since he was the producer and producers can make such decisions in regard to casting and the appearance of the actors.

However, though Harrington was not put off by the incident, if it did occur. I don't think Jack was against casting actors taller than he, otherwise he would not have had Doug Mossman on the show at all. Mossman had been there since Season 1. Unless Mossman can clear up why he wasn't brought on full time and Wedemeyer was, it's unfair for anyone to say Jack didn't want anyone taller on the show.

William Smith was six-feet-two. He towered over Ross Martin, who was six feet tall, and James Olson, who was 6'2," guest starred in five episodes. Pat Hingle, who played Dr. Ormsbee in four or five shows, was 6'1."

There were actors over six feet tall who made guest appearance - Bruce Boxleitner (6'2"), Leslie Neilsen (6' 1/2"), Barry Bostwick (6'4"), Sam Elliott (6'2"), Tim Matheson (6'2"), Gerald McRaney (6'1"), Richard Anderson (6'3"), Don Stroud (6'2"), L.Q. Jones (6'2"), Royal Dano (6'2"), and others.

You can see a list of actors between six feet and six-foot-five who guest starred on Hawaii Five-O here:


That's 122 people, who were in at least one episode to more than ten.

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 08:36:32 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

Adult Swim , if you have not heard is recreating some famous 70s/80s tv shows in 15 mins. the opening credits too. Adam Scott I think is the man behind this. you gotta see this take on SIMON AND SIMON with Scott and Jon Hamm :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN1bmTI5qjg


Now Scott and Amy Poehler's gonna recreate HART TO HART. Hope they do the FIVE - 0 with hey! Hamm as McG. Adam Scott as Danno?

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 07:44:50 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Some guy asked me a good question in e-mail: "After Al Harrington was let go in Season 7, Doug Mossman (Frank Kemana) seemed like a top contender for his replacement. Yet the nod went to Herman Wedemeyer (Duke) for the Kono-Ben slot. The two men seem to be equally talented. Was there, to your knowledge, any story there?"

I don't know anything about the politics of choosing one actor over the other. However, Harrington said in an interview that one of the reasons he got fired was because he was "too tall," or "too 'something'," i.e., taller than Jack Lord. Mossman is very tall, so that may have been a factor. From what I can figure out, Wedemeyer was 5'9-1/2".

Added: Monday 20 May 2013 07:31:46 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Yeah, in that shower scene in "The Box" he was really heavy. I don't mean just chubby. He was downright fat. He had a huge gut there! He also had quite the gut in "...Daisies on His Coffin" now that I think about it. Fat and slimy is how I thought of his Big Chicken character. He was like a fat slug. That's how McGarrett described him too - a slimy dope pusher.

But in most of his other appearances (whether it was McHALE'S NAVY or guest starring on HOGAN'S HEROES or even opposite Donald Sutherland in KELLY'S HEROES - all either before FIVE-0 or during that time) he just never looked fat to me. He looked normal. Average weight. He never really appeared heavy. I wonder if they beefed him up just for his Big Chicken gig. If they did that was a lot of beefing up. ;) I wonder how many Hawaiian burgers he had to scarf down and how many Luau pigs he feasted on.

Perhaps our resident Big Chicken can fill us in on these details.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 21:06:35 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

I vaguely remember watching "The Box" when Five-O first went into syndication in the early 1980s and being surprised at how heavy he was in that episode compared with The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A few years later, when The Man From UNCLE had a run on the then-Family Channel, I saw him in a first-season episode and he didn't look at heavy. Ditto, when he was a regular McHale's Navy in the early '60s. (He was also in the pilot episode of Peter Gunn, which was used as the basis of the 1967 Gunn theatrical movie.)

I don't know the details, but based on his appearances on various series, I think he gained weight and lost it. He was certainly thinner when The Love Boat series debuted.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 17:37:31 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thanks, Bill. I thought maybe Gavin became ill or something in the 70s which made him lose that much weight. Typically folks don't get slimmer as they get older.

But Gavin seemed to start out pretty heavy and then became slimmer and slimmer as he got older. I thought that was a bit odd.

Maybe he became health conscious. Or image conscious.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 16:00:49 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

I think he slimmed down between his two Five-O appearances and the start of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the fall of 1970.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 14:51:58 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I have a question about Gavin MacLeod. Whenever I see his picture from THE LOVE BOAT I have a hard time believing that this is the same guy who just 10 year earlier played our favorite slimeball "Big Chicken".

Is it just me or did Gavin seriously slim down in those 10 years? Plus it looks like he had aged considerably too. So between those 2 major changes (slimming down and aging) he's almost unrecognizable in THE LOVE BOAT.

Anyone else feel the same way? Or am I alone?

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 14:47:08 MST

Submitted by: L.B.
From: U.S.A.

I have but one question to those who continue to profess their unwavering love for the new show: do you love it so much that you will still be commenting about the episodes and personalities more than thirty years after it ends as people do here with regularity about the old show on this and other forums?

My guess is that 2.0 will be long, long forgotten in 33 years, and that those who love it now will wonder then why they ever watched it, similar to that outfit or that hairdo they loved when they were younger, but shudder to look at those pictures now.

The move to Friday nights next fall signals the end, no doubt about it, just as when the original aired on Saturday nights for a time in 1980. CBS is only renewing the series so that it can make the target episode number for syndication. It would not have been renewed for next season if they had already achieved this number.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 11:09:09 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Why do I bother department...


Comment from Facebook on the official CBS page for the new Five-0:

Yes Heather you shouldbe watching [Heather, previous contributor to these pages, was wondering if she should start watching new show again. I posted links to my reviews, saying not a good idea because of decline in quality] ...it is the best show on tv...ignor Scotty Williams [another poster who said the new show sucks] she's a "bitter little monkey" who comes on here to complain on a daily basis but what do you expect from someone who was blocked by one of the show's stars because she was harrasses her and her family!! Mike I'll tell you what I tell Scotty the troll, if you don't like it don't watch it...this is a page for fans of the show!! And there are A LOT of us. And your "reviews" is that your job or your opinion??

My reply:

On the main page, it doesn't say anything that this is "a page for fans of the show." It says this is "the OFFICIAL Hawaii Five-0 Facebook page."

I don't know anything about this Scotty Williams. You are posting comments about this person being blocked by one of the show's stars and so forth. OK, so who is this star? Am I supposed to know all this?

As far as the argument "if you don't like the show, don't watch it," I am fed up with this attitude. I and others can and will watch the show for any reason we want. You may be unaware of the fact that some people like to watch bad movies and TV, and a certain cult has developed around this kind of following. Have you ever heard of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or the Razzie Awards?

As far as my reviews being my "job" or my "opinion," I don't know what you mean by that. If you mean by my "job," I am getting paid for this, I am not. As to whether this is my "opinion," well, I wrote these reviews, so I guess you are right there.

As far as your comment that "it is the best show on TV," I don't think many people would agree with your opinion. Even hard-core fans of the show in discussion forums like IMDB and elsewhere have recently commented on how mediocre the writing of the show has become and the recent ratings, which sunk to all-time lows, have reflected these fans' feelings.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me via the link at the bottom of my site's main page.


From Twitter:

Regarding my comments on why Gutches was helping Doris in the last episode:

Not really illogical, to me. Steve rescued SEAL Team 9 in S2; Gutches feels he owes Steve for it, still. Doris is McG's Mom.

So he "owes" Doris by extension. And he's mutual friends w/ both Steve & Joe White, who both are connected to Doris.

My reply (not on Twitter):

Seriously, THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY CONNECTION BETWEEN GUTCHES AND DORIS IN THE SHOW AT ALL, EITHER STATED OR IMPLIED (please correct me if I am wrong). The above is totally speculative. This is like saying because the above poster is a follower of me on Twitter, I expect her to come to my place and help me work in the garden, cut the grass, etc.


Pursuant to the above, this "don't watch the show if you don't like it" B.S. really reminds me of the people who don't bother voting in an election and then complain about the results.

As well, the person commenting on Twitter took me to task earlier saying that she wouldn't take part in a site which had a "pervasively negative" attitude towards the show, ending her remarks with "Just saying."

I >hate< this phrase, which has a meaning much more insidious than you would think. According to Urban Dictionary and other sites, it means "a phrase used to indicate that we refuse to defend a claim we've made -- in other words, that we refuse to offer reasons that what we've said is true."

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 10:01:36 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Actually, Mike, after AOL shoots and kills Doris, the rest of the season will be taken up with his trial. If we thought Manicote was tough, we won't have seen anything until we see this new DA. He'll verbally pulverize AOL and his character witnesses. Not that it will matter after Che and Doc testify; the evidence against AOL will be overwhelming and irrefutable. In the series finale, the Navy will disavow all knowledge of AOL, who will turn out to have existed only in the REAL McGarrett's nightmare about his replacement on the eve of his retirement from Five-0.

Kamekona's red-tide shrimp and the other scenarios will be seen only in previews of coming attractions without ever quite making their way into a storyline, something like the tale of Danno's would-be girlfriend.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 09:12:07 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

My final predictions:

McGarrett has all he can take with regard to his mother. The frustration he is experiencing is very visible in the extended promo. At his wits' end, he shoots her dead.

While in Morocco, Danno's girl friend Gabby becomes involved with a terrorist organization. After she comes back to Hawaii, she makes Danno's life a living hell because of her new-found "religion."

Chin Ho's wife Malia faked her own death in order to draw yet another Delano brother (another Baldwin) out of the woodwork. Chin takes pleasure in killing him.

Kono leaves town until the flap over her gun blows over in the first episode of season four. She goes to southern California where she works on her surfing technique.

Kamekona crashes his helicopter. Fortunately, no one is seriously injured. His shrimp shack is shut down after he cooks up a bunch of red tide shrimp.

Catherine is seriously reprimanded for unauthorized use of naval resources for posting messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Added: Sunday 19 May 2013 07:18:48 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

>The problem with video games is that they're not part of the real world.....

That whole post was very good.

I heard that old-time criminals in jail for many years are SHOCKED to see what and how the younger criminals think and act. The young ones think of crimes and acts of violence that the older generation would never have thought of.

This is the result of living in an era of mass-media adult make believe fantasy, especially since now much is done by computer that before never could be done except in cartoons (which is a kids thing where fantasy and make believe is a part of normal child development).

What we have in reality is a society of ADULTS that think like KIDS in a fantasy-land reality.

Remember that Aurora Colorado movie theatre shooting? It was during a midnight showing of some ridculous Batman movie, I was SHOCKED to see ADULTS, ADULTS!! dressed up as Batman going to the showing. ADULTS! In costume going to see a movie!

This is what we have -- adults acting/thinking like kids. And then you wonder why some adult shoots your brains out?? Was he insane? Maybe. But what made him insane -- perhaps hours and fantasy-land kid-like thinking as an adult -- he maybe never grew up to be a normal adult because he involved himself so deeply as fantasyland thinking.

And people, even on this forum, who are bitter at all the negative criticism of Hawaii Five-O, and cop-out with the excuse, "Oh, it is just entertainment -- don't be so serious" are borderline adults acting as kids. As an adult, when you entertain yourself, you better do it in a real-life manner, and not mindless fantasyland entertainment with NONSENSE like Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Superman, Terminators, even Star Trek, etc, etc, etc, -- all idiotic nonsense for adults to take ANY consideration.

It's OK for kids up to a point, but not for adults.

Hawaii Five-O producers may are still responsible for what they allow, and they may also been effected too deeply with this issue of adults acting like kids, and can't see when this is happening

Hawaii Five-O is in BIG trouble this next season. At 7 pm CT I believe the same show will air -- "Undercover Boss" -- a great program of real life reality, hard work, success and failure, honesty, real struggle -- nothing fake there. Then will come this idiotic fantasyland Hawaii Five-O, and then follows "Blue Bloods" -- a real cop show that is balanced in violence, superb acting, morals, no silly superman antics, family values, believable relationships. Hawaii Five-O is going to be "wrapped" by 2 excellent "real" programs, that will make Hawaii Five-0 look so IDIOTIC. How will it survive?

Many Hawaii Five-O fans may wind up in the hospital when they wake up and see how ridiculous the show is.

Added: Saturday 18 May 2013 21:32:47 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

A friend sent me these comments about the last episode by e-mail:

In the scene in which Kono, ridiculously without backup, encountered the two Japanese gang members in the warehouse and got shot for her efforts it was found out that the bullet entered and lodged in her stomach (she was seen bleeding profusely before the team and an ambulance arrived). Later, I believe Chin Ho remarked that Kono had "only been shot in the stomach and not in a vital organ"!! Oh really? The stomach is not a vital organ? I can only guess that Chin Ho, besides having the educational training to become a police officer also minored in pre-med while at college.

An aunt who I was close to (my mother's sister) died of stomach cancer back in 2002. The survival rate of that type of cancer is very low statistically. She was first diagnosed with stomach cancer in late 1999. Undergoing surgery followed up by radiation and chemo, she actually went into remission. However, stomach cancer statistically often recurs sometimes later in a person's life, which is what happened in my aunt's case. When the cancer returned in my aunt's stomach the second time, it also spread to her esophagus making it virtually impossible for her to ingest solid foods. As I said, she eventually passed away. So Chin Ho, or more directly to the imbecilic script writers who forced Daniel Dae Kim to utter his stupid remark: the stomach is indeed a VITAL organ in one's body. By all rights, and perhaps only because of the fact that Kono managed to call for help before she passed out, she should have died.

In addition, I don't understand what did, or did not take place between Danny and his girlfriend the archeologist who was not even seen on the episode. Exactly what was the purpose of the show's script writers resuscitating her character after nothing was heard about her for months? Why was she left out completely for about 15 straight episodes? Early this season I could see this woman and Danny becoming a couple. She also got along great with Grace, Danny's beloved daughter. Then "poof" she disappears completely. Why wasn't this relationship at least given the chance to grow this season? After failing to show up at the airport where Danny and Grace were to pick her up, the script writers within the plot had this woman calling Danny twice, to which he ignored her phone calls. Really? Don't these moron script writers have any romantic virtues at all within their beings? She might have been calling just to have Danny try and talk her into coming back to Hawaii to grow their relationship. Instead the clown crew wrote into the script that Danny should just ignore her calls. No wonder Scott Caan has been known to be a little angered, heard on the Internet, with his often scathing opinions about the show's direction (which will be discussed further below).

This leads me to my main theme to this email. The executive producers Lenkov, Kurtzman and Orci have got to hire better script writers before this show gets axed by CBS when practically everyone bails out refusing to watch any episodes as Season 4 begins this fall. My opinion is that these script writers probably are all young, inexperienced young adults. These individuals have been raised in the video game era. Through their script writing in many episodes, the main characters are almost treated as if they were computerized characters from "War of the World" or "Call to Duty" and other popular video games. The problem with video games is that they're not part of the real world. Things that can take place in a particularly violent game defy reasonable thinking. I see a direct parallel to what often takes place in H5-0 plots. Many episodes are nonsensical, just as is "Call to Duty" (sorry, I much prefer Microsoft's Flight Simulator computer game compared to any other genre of video games out on the market).

I was at the tvguide.com site last night. One of my two favorite network shows which I never miss (besides NCIS) is "Grey's Anatomy". There were several articles on the show which basically were interviews conducted with actors who play two of the leading characters in the show. Kevin McKidd, who plays "Owen", the chief resident, gave his thoughts about his character's relationship with another lead female doctor in the show. The second interview was conducted with Jessica Capshaw (stepdaughter of Steven Spielberg) who plays "Arizona". In the articles both actors revealed that based on the philosophy of the show's executive producer Shona Rhimes, they and other lead actors in the show regularly meet with both Ms. Rhimes AND her script writers to discuss and develop plots involving what will and should take place with their characters in future episodes not yet filmed. Ms. Rhimes believes that the actors, in a sense, have BECOME these characters. The actors are able to put in their input about how their characters should develop and evolve within future episodes written by the show's script writers.

This is not to say that everything on the show is perfect. In the season finale two years ago, something occurred within the plot that was completely unfeasible and in real life would never take place. Ms. Rhimes was rightfully crushed on Internet message boards for allowing her writers to have this event take place within the plot. Nevertheless the main actors seem to have a say in what will happen to their characters within upcoming episodes.

Perhaps that's the problem with H5-0. The lead actors -- Alex Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Michelle Borth seem to have zero input into plot development regarding the characters that they play. Scott Caan in particular has bitched and griped about his character's development, which was seen in many Internet articles. Having grown up with a legendary father, James Caan who has been in the industry for over 40 years (I still remember his role that he portrayed as the real-life Chicago Bears' running back Brian Piccolo who died of cancer in the movie "Brian's Song"), perhaps Scott knows a thing or two about character development in TV shows and movies. Perhaps Lenkov, Kurtzman and Orci, instead of relying solely on their clown crew script writers for developing episode plots, maybe they need to listen to what some of the lead actors think.

As I said above, I never miss NCIS or Grey's Anatomy when they come on during their respective time slots on television each week. Yes, they are available as is H5-0 on the CBS and ABC.com sites as streaming video. I choose not to miss them when aired on television though. Yet with H5-0, I don't think it all that important that their episodes are "must-see" events that I should see every Monday at 10 pm, EDT. I've even chosen not to see about 2 or 3 episodes aired this year on streaming video at CBS.com. Do you hear what I'm saying, Mssrs. Lenkov, Kurtzman, and Orci? Fix your show before it's too late.

Added: Saturday 18 May 2013 20:40:42 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

So, when is "Have Gun, Will Travel" coming on? Also, are these shows available on non-HDTV channels? Could you provide more information, please. Thank you.

Added: Saturday 18 May 2013 15:29:42 MST

Submitted by: Cher Renee
From: Florida

Just wanted to post some upcoming Jack appearances for those interested:

ENCWS 380 Mon, May 20, 5:00 PM Marshal Dillon

MGMHD 1373 HDTV Fri, May 24, 10:00 PM Dr. No

ENCWS 380 Mon, May 27, 1:30 AM Man of the West

ENCWS 380 Thu, May 30, 3:00 PM Have Gun, Will Travel

Added: Saturday 18 May 2013 13:49:27 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


I have subjected this extended promo to extreme anal-ysis.

Starts out with McGarrett walking down hallway to confrontation with Wo Fat in what looks like a maximum security unit with lots of guards on both sides. This is intercut with the following:

1) McGarrett and Danno run into HPD roadblock. This suggests that "the Governor has had enough," or else some kind of big mistake on someone's part.

2) Danno, Chin, McGarrett and cops running with heavy weaponry.

3) Asian-looking woman rolls under car in blanket.

4) Danno kicks down door.

5) Danno kicks some guy in stomach, sending him backward. This guy has short hair like McGarrett, but his face is obscured by rating. Is this McGarrett?

6) Michael threatens Kono with gun in front of Adam.

7) Scene at airport, someone is coming/going somewhere on small jet plane.

8) Someone is being rushed into hospital on gurney, is McGarrett behind?

9) McGarrett and Danno leave building escorting two guys, probably criminal types.

10) Catherine, McGarrett, Danno and Chin look towards water from dock.

11) McGarrett tells his mother "You have never given me the whole truth."

Added: Friday 17 May 2013 10:22:29 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

///Today (Thursday [?? - I think you mean Wednesday - MQ]///

Correct. It has been a long week. It *seemed* like Thursday.

Added: Thursday 16 May 2013 11:57:03 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

My final thoughts on the last episode (really):


This increased in size a bit from the original one paragraph review.

By the way, here is some news from Twitter:

Peter M. Lenkov
@Parker5050: @PLenkov Just read that the new fall Mon nite 10pm show is only getting 12 eps....H50 S4 is still slated for 24, right? Yes

Added: Thursday 16 May 2013 08:34:24 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

I gather from some comments below that "Hawaii Five-0" is going to be sloted for the show before "Blue Bloods?"

If true, you could not do a more disasterous move than that! The "millions" that think "Hawaii Five-O" probably have no god idea what a good show is all about. If they watch their show, and then stay to watch "Blue Bloods," they should learn something, and they may then really become disallusoned with "Hawaii Five-0"

I can't think of a more stupid thing to do to "Hawaii Five-0!!"

Also, we should not be surprised that there are "millions" who are crazy about "Hawaii Five-0." In many regards (commercial) TV is a reflection of what overall society wants and loves, and so their pocketbooks then dictate what TV will produce for them. The writers may have already fallen into this group of sickened society, and are producing/writing what they think is normal and good -- they can't do anything else, their view of life is shallow, sad, full of emptiness, but they do not know it because they have not experernced the really good of life.

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 19:03:43 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"24 is set to return"

Old news, Mr. Mike. ;)

While I was initially a bit unsure about this return I think it would be nice to give Jack some closure. Give him some happiness for a change. (fingers crossed) I'm assuming that's what these 12 episodes are meant to do - to provide proper closure for the character.

In any case I definitely prefer this to a 24 movie. I was never excited about that. How do you cram something like 24 into 2 hours? Baaaad idea.

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 12:38:09 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Not >that< many "millions of people" think it is a good show. As well, there are a lot of people who are expressing their dissatisfaction in other forums, especially with regard to the writing of the show.

One of my theories about why the ratings are so crappy has to do with Alex O's cougar fans. They must be very disheartened that not only does Alex have a live-in girl friend for quite some time but a new baby to boot. It's unlikely that he is going to show up at their door on his white horse and spirit them away. Add to that the fact that Alex's character on the show has a live-in girl friend who is a featured player!

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 12:13:01 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Hawaii Five-0 being a bad show is what you guys (including me of course) would call it but over millions of people don't think it's a bad show.

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 11:55:01 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Although it is possible that the remake's move to Friday nights will hurt "Blue Bloods" -- but not necessarily. I don't watch the show that comes on before "BB", now. I simply wait for "BB" to come on. A good show stands on its own. A bad show can't stand, no matter how much others try to prop it up.

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 10:20:13 MST

Submitted by: Linda S.
From: NY

Just read about the move to Friday or better known as "Friday Night Death Slot". I don't think this is a shocker for anyone,the numbers of the show have been awful since the start, and this move is confirming that. Syndication means profits for the network, but it doesn't mean a good show or a popular show.
Sadly this will hurt the amazing Blue Bloods, I feel some viewers will go to sleep earlier because of this remake.sigh.

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 09:19:48 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

If you have a pool, I say no renewal after S4. Jack said Friday night was a death knell for a show. No doubt, CBS is moving the remake to Fridays to allow it to die a quiet death on the back pages.

Of course, this leads one to ask, "Well, what about 'Blue Bloods'? How do you explain its survival on Friday nights?" My answer: It's a good show that just might run away with all the awards if it were on another night.

There's my vote and my two cents worth. Aloha!

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 08:22:43 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Lenkov is up to his usual tricks with this spoiler for the last show of the season next week: "By the finale's end, somebody will likely be dead."

But he was up to the same thing last year with a similar phrase suggesting that one of the Fabulous Four would get knocked off.

It turned out to be Fryer.

As well, to further mess with people's heads, Mrs. Fryer was listed in the CBS press release for the show, but she never even appeared. She was supposed to be played by Maeve Quinlan, who, according to IMDB, is the ex-sister-in-law of Paul Sizemore, a fancy way of saying spouse of Tom Sizemore (1 September 1996-19 November 1999, divorced).

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 07:53:42 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Should we be having a pool as to whether the show will go beyond the 88th episode? That means another 16 or 17, depending on whether the NCIS part of the crossover with that show counts as a Five-0 episode...

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 07:51:53 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

Reading Peter Lenkov's Twitter feed this week has been interesting. Obviously, he's only going to re-Tweet comments favorable about the show. Today (Thursday [?? - I think you mean Wednesday - MQ]), he has been re-Tweeting comments from fans saying they'll follow Five-0 whereever it goes.

Personally, I'm thinking a Friday time slot shows CBS doesn't think ratings are going to improve. But, as Mr. Mike notes, there's that syndication order [Doesn't Blue Bloods have a syndication order too?], they need 88 episodes, and so...

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 07:42:25 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Michelle Borth, Facebook, Twitter and stalkers. The plot thickens:


Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 07:36:03 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

CBS announces Five-0 moving to Friday:


I'm sure this will cause foaming in the mouth among certain contributors here, because of the possibility it will DETRACT people from watching Blue Bloods...

Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 07:11:25 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

FIVE O to Fridays before BLUE BLOODS

PERSON TO INTEREST joins NCIS'S Tuesdays at 10


Added: Wednesday 15 May 2013 06:06:57 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

My response to IMDB speculation that in season finale Danno's GF Gabby will be revealed to be pregnant:

Kono is also pregnant, she thinks by Adam. But it turns out the father is really Kamekona.

Catherine and Steve get married. Cath can't get pregnant, so Doris offers to be a "rent-a-womb" for her son's child. Hmmm, I think this is creepy and/or illegal ... though "older" women can have kids like this using modern medicine. See http://bit.ly/14lChv1, not exactly a parallel situation. I don't like this development, because it means that Mom McGarrett will be around for 9 months, almost the length of the season.

BUT ... then they find out that Catherine is really Steve's other sister by [fill in the blank]. So Steve and Cath have a major Luke/Leia moment ("Ewwww!"). Have no fear, despite sleeping in the same bed in some episodes, they never really "did it."


Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 23:27:07 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

24 is set to return:


Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 16:16:44 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Thanks for the link, Mike, and thank you, Linda.

I was also reading about a Streets of San Francisco and Perry Mason remake, but nothing came of them. CBS also canceled "Golden Boy" which, though full of cliches and the crime of the week was very predictable, it was more entertaining than the new Five-O.

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 15:26:43 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Even if this show gets cancelled, it would still be in the minds and hearts of those who likes it, no matter how bad it was

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 13:24:43 MST

Submitted by: Linda S.
From: NY

Deadline Hollywood. This is the site I always go to.

Mr. Mike, I knew it was going to get renewed because of that syndication deal,I read in the media that is the only reason this show is still alive. But the bad numbers weak after week, cannot make CBS very happy because they make the whole CBS night weaker. I read on Deadline that CBS is not going with the Beverly Hills Cop reboot for next Fall anymore.Seems they are staying away from more remakes.

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 12:08:46 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

This WWW site is useful, because it shows the ratings for all the shows this season:


And by the way, Linda, CBS is "not going to get rid of this flop." They signed a very lucrative syndication deal with TNT some time ago, and in order to get the show syndicated, they have to produce 88 episodes. That means another 16 or so to go. I posed a question on IMDB a while ago asking if it would be worth it for CBS to lose money bankrolling another 16 episodes as opposed to how much they would make from the syndication deal, and the consensus seemed to be that it would be worth it to go for the syndication deal, no matter how bad the ratings for the next 16 shows will be.

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 11:22:38 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Linda, which website do you use to check the ratings? Is it TV By the Numbers?

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 10:48:11 MST

Submitted by: Linda S.
From: NY

I only watch this remake from time to time and never live. And most of the times I am not even able to watch more than 30 min, the show in unwatchable and the acting sucks. I think this remake is an embarassemnt for the Original show, the Original actors ,CBS and even Hawaii. I have been checking the ratings for months, and they are dreadful, really bad.I think is time for cbs to get rid of this flop.

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 10:01:18 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

did I miss something , seeing 1/2 of Wo Fat's face charred up , looks like 2 Face from the Batman comics? was he hurt in a recent episode that I didn't see?

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 09:54:21 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Re: "I found out that there are very few instances of it, because there are all sorts of complications that have to do with undermining the credibility of the cops who are involved, not only in relation to the criminal they are screwing, but their job generally!"

That is our chief complaint about the remake. The cops are shown as being as bad as the criminals they are pursuing! That's not law enforcement by any definition of the term.

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 09:30:25 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The Kono/Adam sub-plot has been going on far too long. I kind of liked it when we first found out about it, because Kono was TOTALLY NAKED, but I recently did a Google search for this kind of relationship. I found out that there are very few instances of it, because there are all sorts of complications that have to do with undermining the credibility of the cops who are involved, not only in relation to the criminal they are screwing, but their job generally! Of course, it is far too much work for the writers of Five-0 to use these kinds of complications to make for some interesting repartee between the characters. Chin Ho, for example, seems totally accepting of Kono "doing it” with Adam (and it is a VERY serious relationship because Kono’s picture is right on Adam’s desk!). In last night's episode, Danno seems to know about it too, though he has never mentioned this in the past. So does McGarrett also know? Does it have his blessing? No doubt Five-0 can use Kono's relationship in an undercover way to find out all sorts of dirt on Adam and his pals. But this would be at considerable risk to her emotional health, another angle which could have been developed by the writers, assuming we want to go further down the soap opera road, but it hardly has been, other than the standard pouty Kono-with-her-sad-big-brown-eyes looks!

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 08:15:29 MST

Submitted by: Frank
From: Wisconsin

I know I've said it before, but PLEASE!(writers), enough of Doris already. Her story line is stupid. Well, on the bright side of last nights episode there was no cargument :)

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 08:11:17 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

As others have said about original episodes, I'm liking episodes that I did not the first time I saw them. Case in point, last night, we watched "Murder With a Golden Touch" (Season 6). The murderous son-in-law is irritating, as is his partner in crime. But greed leads them into McGarrett's trap, the young wife takes the murder weapon to McGarrett, and justice prevails. "Book 'Em, Danno. Murder One: 3 counts."

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 07:25:39 MST

Submitted by: FM451
From: New York City

5/13 Espisode - what a letdown. After 2 reasonably good episodes, we get magic tricks, ActionMom!, an OP which defies logic (as Mr. Mike pointed out). Also, we have Kono eating spicy food after taking a shot to the lower torso. How could her intestines not be damaged!!

This is the "Manos, Hands of Fate" episode for this series! The Master will not be pleased! :!devil:

Added: Tuesday 14 May 2013 07:00:38 MST

Submitted by: mel
From: ky

Who's gun killed those people?

Added: Monday 13 May 2013 20:01:37 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Tonight's episode was unspeakably bad. It had very little to do with Five-0, but was mostly a transitional episode dealing with the Kono/Adam soap opera and McGarrett's mother's attempts to get the stolen microfiche back with the volunteered help of her son. I felt bad for the actors in tonight's show having to spout such drivel. What is Commander Gutches doing helping out Ma McGarrett and Mick Logan? Is he retired now? How could Mick sneak into the building's electrical/phone room without being detected, and how could McGarrett and his mother get down through the roof (dropped by helicopter piloted by Gutches!) without also being detected, considering the building is full of cameras and other monitoring equipment? The way Doris was leaping around inside the elevator shaft and running through the building as guards pursued her was ridiculous. The woman is over 60 years old for Christ's sake! STUPID!

Added: Monday 13 May 2013 18:59:37 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"A rare Toyota 2000GT is in the news today."

Featured in the 1967 James Bond film YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. And twice is the only way to live. ;)

Added: Monday 13 May 2013 10:28:37 MST

Submitted by: Ed
From: Honolulu

I thought that the handwriting in the diary was fantastic was remarkable for a girl that had probably not been in school since she was 7 years old. Of course, she could have been home-schooled. But her "foster' parents did not seem the type

Added: Sunday 12 May 2013 15:08:22 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

In the last episode, isn't it odd that the girl in the opening sequence (the one who is murdered) had a diary? The way she reacts when the door opens and the new girl is brought into the room is to hide it, which makes me think that it is a big secret. I am sure that the wife (who is relatively sympathetic to the captives) probably gave it to her, but why would she do this? If the husband found it, it would be obvious that she gave it to the girl and he would probably beat the crap out of her. As well, if the cops ever found this diary, then it would be really obvious what this couple was up to.

Added: Sunday 12 May 2013 13:21:23 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I had a weird coincidence yesterday. I wanted to go to this record swap meet in town, but when I got there, I found that it was being held NEXT Saturday (duh). But when I called home, I found my daughter had arrived in town to go to this reunion-like event at her elementary school, which is about five blocks from our house. So rather than go home, I went to the school because I not only wanted to see my daughter but maybe also see this former teacher at the school who I knew from high school. Both my daughter and the teacher were there. BUT ... there was this woman running around taking pictures of what was happening at the school, which was celebrating its 100th anniversary prior to being torn down or used for some other purpose because it has issues with asbestos, stability during an earthquake, etc. This woman noticed that I was wearing one of the Five-0 T-shirts that I got from someone who works on the new show and whether I had anything to do with the new show (of course I denied this - LOL). But then she told me that she and her husband just got back from Hawaii where they were extras in the opening scene of the last episode where Kamekona is refereeing a sumo match on the beach!

Added: Sunday 12 May 2013 09:23:56 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

That's probably best, Mike. Even if the discussion had remained civil, it was not related to Five-0.

P. S. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere.

Added: Sunday 12 May 2013 07:43:19 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The religious discussion of the last few days has been removed. From what I can determine, the follow-up comment under the same name as the original troll-like poster was from a totally different person who has also been posting recently. Note to Rainbow: I actually agreed with much of what you said, but unfortunately other people didn't take your advice to heart. If anyone has any concerns about all this, please feel free to contact me through the e-mail link at the bottom of this or the main page.

Added: Sunday 12 May 2013 07:28:15 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

There's little to no mention of Steve's politics. I know Jack Lord in real life talked very little of his own political views, except those on gun control. He said in an interview in the late seventies that he was asked by both the Democratic and Republican parties to run for office, but he turned them down. I'll find the newspaper article for the actual quote.

Added: Saturday 11 May 2013 15:58:22 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

Was Steve McGarrett a conservative or a liberal or a moderate?

Added: Saturday 11 May 2013 14:54:43 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

A rare Toyota 2000GT is in the news today. This is the model of sports car featured in NOT THAT MUCH DIFFERENT and the subject of discussion on these boards... aol.it/16nb6nK

Added: Friday 10 May 2013 15:44:34 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I'm watching SB, too, Elaine. Like you,I'm thoroughly enjoying it, both watching McGarrett evolve and seeing those who will become guest stars on H50. JL was an excellent horseman, so I'm sure he did some of his own riding, but he did say in a magazine article that the bronc riding was left to the pros. Wise move.

Added: Thursday 09 May 2013 14:58:14 MST

Submitted by: Elaine
From: Watertown, MA

I've been kinda busy so haven't been keeping up with the recent posts, but I wanted to tell all the Jack Lord fans that Stoney Burke is a great way to relax and watch a craftsman at his craft. I am into the 5th disk; there are 5 episodes per disk and I have enjoyed every single episode! They are, of course, in black and white and pretty dated, but they are well-written, well-acted stories and, if like me, you like horses and cowboys, they are very enjoyable. Yes, some of the music is very dated and you can hear excerpts from the Outer Limits and also The Untouchables...but that Stoney Burke rodeo theme gets stuck in your head and won't let go.

It is amazing to see all the old Hawaii Five-O alumni on these programs. Scott Marlowe (Army from The Young Assasins); Milton Selzer (Trouble in Mind), a very young Arthus Malet who played the snitch Artie in Jury of One; John Larch (Trinian from Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't be Born; William Windom (Which Way Did They Go and Bomb Bomb whose Got the Bomb); Albert Salmi (The Payoff); John Dehner, Michael Anderson, Jr, Simon Oakland...and from the SB episode, Point of Entry, we have Bill (William Smith-Kimo Carew) and Henry Darrow (Johnny Oporta - No Bottles, No Cans and No People. It is a treat to watch good acting and good rodeo riding! Jack must have certainly enjoyed having some of his old Stoney Burke guest stars on Five-O! And, yes, Jack sits tall in the saddle. He didn't have much of a wardrobe, jeans, denin jacket, neckerchief, shirt and boots and he never takes off his spurs!

Having a grand time with this series. Stoney was supposed to be this virginal cowboy who didn't smoke or drink, but he gets into fights at least every other episode, defending someone's honor or his own. And it is clear that he did much of his own riding, but I suspect that the saddle-bronc rides were done by professional cowboys. There are some scenes in the bucking shute with horses rearing up and fighting the rider on their back and that rider is clearly Jack Lord, not a double, so he took his chances. Anyway....if anyone wants a blast from the past, I highly recommend Stoney Burke. I have no doubt that Lord earned the Gold Buckle for this series!

Aloha, friends.

Added: Thursday 09 May 2013 13:27:22 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

So Rush now watches Five-Faux? That's quite a big step down from "24". He used to be crazy about that show. Heh, we all were!

So was this last episode a throw-back to the classic "The Child Stealers"? Also about the selling of kids.

Added: Thursday 09 May 2013 11:51:48 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Yes, Rainbow, lead by example. That is a skill that seems to have been lost over the past 40 to 50 years, and that is a crying shame.

Maybe the East Coast writer had a point -- as in "make love, not war" (just teasing). Seriously, I understand what you are saying and agree with you. Have the viewers become so shallow that they have to have sex and violence in order to enjoy a television program? While sex and violence exist, they should not dominate other things that exist in life, nor should they be shown where they would not ordinarily exist, as on a battlefield.

I'll go a step farther and say that, where a couple have sex, it should be alluded to, rather than shown in all its technicolor glory. Leave something to the viewer's imagination. Some will imagine it in all its technicolor glory, but others will imagine it as tender love making. We know without seeing that Scarlett and Rhett put hot-and-heavy on the map. Margaret Mitchell did not have to spell it out for us.

Added: Thursday 09 May 2013 09:02:02 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


Fair enough, I get your point. I do agree that prior to last Monday's show, the new version had no regard for the original. If the show becomes what it was last Monday, then I might change my mind. Doesn't look like it though from coming attractions.

Hi Vrinda,

I don't really mention God with my projects, it's in the character dialogue, and because they are history projects, it just reflects the time that it takes place in. I'm not one to force my values down anyone's throat, but I feel if people lead by example then they can show people the right way to treat their fellow human beings, and the way to conduct your life with class. I think the stories are subtle, but would inspire people of the way you should conduct your life. It's not really the stories anyway, it's the culture of the entertainment industry. I can't tell you how many times I've been around people in the industry where some guy is bragging about all the women he's slept around with, while his wife is home taking care of the kids, or running their busy household, and he thinks it's funny that he is "joe stud" and being unfaithful to her. When I disapprove or say something to the effect, of "I really don't think making a fool out of your wife that way is something to be celebrated." Oh boy, they look at me like I'm from Mars.

One East Coast screenwriter said to me, "well I like your script, but there's no sex in it!"..."I said of course not, it's about a famous battle, what do you think in the middle of life and death, and brutal fighting, that all of a sudden guys just stop and find someone to get it on with." He said: "Why not?...and he was serious."

Added: Thursday 09 May 2013 07:01:43 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Bet you never thought you would see Rush Limbaugh and Hawaii Five-0 mentioned in the same story:


Added: Thursday 09 May 2013 05:39:42 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

I just read of the death of actress Jeanne Cooper, who played the ornery mother of the shooter in the 1971 H5O episode "And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots".

Link: tinyurl.com/bo82rmy

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 21:29:49 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 20:21:20 MST

Submitted by: Gus
From: Connecticut

Can anyone direct me to the episode in the original series featuring an assassin who poisons his victims by "accidentally" poking them with his cane, which has poison on it?

Thank you!

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 18:28:31 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Revamped review of last episode:


I agree with Rainbow, this show was well above average.

But I didn't like the stuff that was not connected with the crime of the week, such as the silly sumo wrestling and the soap opera involving Kono as well as Catherine's "intel."

I also was annoyed that the writers decided to go the usual "too much information" route with regard to the woman kidnapper. Fortunately, this didn't derail the momentum of the very serious -- and very good -- main story.

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 18:14:22 MST

Submitted by: otto
From: nyc

Rainbow: My 'acidic bilious response' was a result of the initial advert poster; the whole style and casting. And yes, the ONE scene that i did see necessitated a fumigation, but i can't bring myself to HATE something in which i am not involved. I prefer not to hate things, but rather ignore them. It is obvious though, that the new version has no regard for the feel of the original, in any way.

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 16:41:16 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

<<..."squeaky clean and unrealistic” or "too goody-goody” ..."they should lose the Boy Scout routine.”>>

What a sad commentary on our times that anyone would use such descriptions for anyone, on television or in real life, who seeks to live honorably. It has always seemed to me that, by being human, we fall short often enough without trying to.

It's like grades in school. If we strive for all A's, we might have to settle for a few B's, as well, but if we only strive for C's, we might have to settle for a few D's, as well. If we strive to win every ballgame we play, we might have to settle for a few ties and losses, but if we only strive to tie, we stand much less chance of winning and, because ties are so rare, a much greater chance of losing. So, if we strive for the best we can be, then maybe we'll find that we aren't so very bad, at all.

McGarrett, et al. strove to be the best detectives they could be, but they made mistakes. McGarrett lost his temper and had to apologize multiple times. Danno failed to keep a close enough lookout for a witness he was protecting and lost her. But they tried, and if they hadn't tried, the results would have been far worse. So it is with all of us.

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 13:19:50 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Ever wondered why this show has violent cops that gets away with anything? Is it because people find cops going by the book boring?

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 12:18:59 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

H50 1.0,

I also dislike how cops are always portrayed as sleazy and violent. It might make sense if this was one cop and the storyline of one episode revolved around him and how he is finally made to pay for his crimes, but for the cops who are the main characters, it’s degrading and dehumanizing. These people are supposed to uphold the law, not break it. To say that the writers are being realistic is showing one’s ignorance. Yes, there are corrupt cops in real life – cops who beat up suspects, fabricate evidence, accept bribes, and steal valuable items from lock-up. Some are involved in smuggling and drug peddling. This is not every police officer, though. There are those honest, kind ones who have values and will not break the law to line their pockets.

Police officers are supposed to lead moral, upstanding lives. It’s in their job requirements. Therefore, it wasn’t unrealistic for Steve McGarrett on the original to lead a clean lifestyle, not be promiscuous, and have values. I have seen comments where people labeled the characters on the original as "squeaky clean and unrealistic” or "too goody-goody.” One poster said, "they should lose the Boy Scout routine.” Those statements show a complete lack of understanding of these characters and how a police officer is supposed to behave.

Steve, Danny, Chin, and the other Five-O cops were not "goody-goody” or Boy Scouts. They were doing their job the way it was supposed to be done. They were not the criminals they were investigating, nor should they try to be like them. They were behaving the way cops should behave.


It’s sad and disgusting that Hollywood has become a town of amoral egomaniacs. Even in the days of Jimmy and Audrey, there were egomaniacs, but they had limits and knew when to put their own desires aside and think of their audience. What purpose sex scenes, limitless violence, asinine dialogue, and incoherent storylines serve is a mystery. That these people in charge only want to put those elements into their productions and don’t care about the artistic value of their work or what it does for their audience shows they are immature and unintelligent. It’s not even about their lack of morals. Maybe a better approach when pitching these projects is not to mention God, but speak of these morals from a secular angle, so it looks like you are not promoting a specific religion.

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 09:17:50 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

I agree with the review that Jeff posted below, he was spot on completely. This past Monday's show was the best episode that the new Hawaii Five-o has ever had. I thought it was great, and it was exactly what I was hoping that a new Five-O would be when it started three years ago. If they kept this tone, this seriousness of purpose, that type of acting, got rid of the car arguments, more coherent plots, and had that type of Danno every week, then the show would be must see television. Instead, it has been total garbage with the exception of the Dane Cook episode as Danno's brother in earlier seasons. This past week is what the new Five-O should be, but from the coming attractions it looks like it's back to the same old same old, and Kono's life is hanging in the balance again. I have to be honest, last Monday's show was great. If I want my criticism of the new show to be taken seriously, I have to be honest when they deliver a great episode, and this was.

Otto: You say that you don't have an immense hatred of the new show and then write "it produces an acidic bilious response in my esophagus." Then you write "I had to fumigate my living room." Okay..... :!wondering: Dude, I despised the new show too, prior to Monday, it's okay to admit that you really hate it, most of us do.

Virginia: I loved what you wrote and agree with you completely, but you need to know something, which I can tell you from personal experience. Most of the people who work in Hollywood don't have the values that you and I want them to put into the shows on TV. If they don't believe in the values that you want them to put into TV shows, then why would, or could they. You start talking about God and those values that we all want to see out in LA, LA, land and you'll get eye rolls from those nut jobs. I've been trying to get film projects done for ten years that have traditional values of the type you discussed, and most of those egomaniacs out there will not touch it unless you put sex into the middle of your story even if it doesn't make sense. Many people in Hollywood are creeps Virginia. The days of Jimmy Stewart and Audrey Hepburn are long gone.

Added: Wednesday 08 May 2013 07:41:57 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

>I don't like the way they handled Hawaii Five-0 but comparing it to Blue Bloods is not going to help.

Well, for me it does help.

In today's world there is so much violence, and lot of superficiality in dealing with that violence. Comparing a good show with a bad show makes me appeciate the good show even more. And the bad show makes the good show stand out even more, if you make the correct comaparsions and analysis.

And talking about this is also good because TV has an enormous impact on society--absolutely enormous. Americans and the West are societies that entertain themselves to death, and many do not realize how TV is killing their souls. Good, open honest debate and discussion is one way to combat the ill effects of dumb TV.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 20:48:01 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Hey, Joe. I like "Blue Bloods," too, and I've said so on this site. It is an example of good writing and standing up for what is right, just as 1.0 did. For the record, I do NOT watch 2.0. It sets a bad example and is nothing more than sensationalism for its own sake. As several of us have said for the past three years, if Lenkov, et al want to create sensationalism, that's their business, but "Hawaii Five-0" it's not.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 17:45:23 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Hey John, why don't you go to CBS and apllied to write for Hawaii Five-0 with the Blue Bloods style, wouldn't that be wonderful?

How about you sent feedback to CBS to get them to turn Hawaii Five-0 into Blue Bloods? That's a lot of better then renting here.

Or even better, stop watching Hawaii Five-0.

I don't like the way they handled Hawaii Five-0 but comparing it to Blue Bloods is not going to help.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 12:58:36 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"An underground coffin with a pipe?"

Is this the pipe that Lenkov smokes? :D

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 12:43:50 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

One more post and I am done.

Coincedentally, 2 weeks ago Blue Bloods had a "similar" episode (about cops crossing the line). An off-duty officer broke up an armed robbery but was legally intoxicated when doing so. And even little Reagan got spotted offering the cop gum to cover up his breath. Much of the episode was all this tension about whether the cop gets fired, loses his job, pension, etc, even though he might have saved some lives in his heroic effot to spoil the robbery. Hearings conclude he should be fired. Little reagan has to painfully testify what he saw and did (offer gum). Comissioner Reagan (super superbly acted and portrayed as top cop by Tom Selleck) is full of tension over the situation and what to do. He is under pressure to make a statement of some sort and show his position.

Just wonderful episode. It ended at the last second with top cop overuling the hearing's recomendation for firing but punishing the cop with 1 month suspension and 1 yr probation, but he kept his job.

There you had a cop who did wrong (and good), everyone struggled with it, but he did not get away with the wrong he did.

Unlike Hawaii Five-0's ridiculous amnesty from prosecution from anything and everything--all that is is a hollywood license to make the show as violent as you want, and as ridiculous too.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 11:32:02 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Lenkov: Hey, how about we take AOL and team to Boston for the next episode? They're in town visiting AOL's mother's father's uncle's best friend's cousin's daughter who is secretly President Putin's lover. Then AOL decides that they should all go jogging in a marathon there. Then guess what happens? A bomb goes off and AOL and team have to investigate who's behind it. Guess who the culprits will be? Two misguided youths of Chechen origins. Maybe we'll make their last names be... oh I don't know... Tzarnaev. This way folks won't think we're talking about the Tsarnaevs.

Now who's up for some beers?

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 11:26:56 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

seen bits and pieces of the new episode, wow! AOL's new hairdo! when did that happen? I like it! gotta have a haircut like that

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 11:09:16 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

Let me fight off any criticism in advance of my post below when someone will ask me "Well, how else were you going to save the little girl's life, BUT to get violent???"

Where the show is "unrealistic" and "fantasyland" (and even dangerus to a degree) is if a good cop is forced to use violence and shows no pain, remorse, no struggle over the horrible predicament he was put in. It is that failure to show that side that makes the story also a bad one, unrealistic, not really worth watching

If the cop is good, and the show is good, that struggle will be shown.

if the cop is bad, and the cop is made to be a hero of sorts for his action, and again, nothing s done about the bad cop in Hawaii Five-0, then that way too is bad for the show.

If you are left with "I don't know" which is the case, then you still got a pretty bad show.

This is exactly what differentiates "Hawaii Five-0" from "Blue Bloods." Hawaii Five-O is empty, brainless, very, very superficial.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 09:15:55 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

I saw that but it looked like to me it was just a sort of marker. When they dug up the dirt off of the top of the dug-in box, it looked like there was no hole at the top. Maybe the pipe was attached to the side.

It's a small matter but I think if you look over the scene once in the whole 2 seconds you got to see it, it was not obvious, at least to me. [This pipe was seen numerous times over a time frame of 45 seconds, including at the end, when it was shown attached to the door of the "coffin." - MQ]

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 08:02:44 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

An underground coffin with a pipe? What did they do last night, show a re-run of "Guarding Tess"? How passe is that scheme! Can't writers come up with fresh ideas?

I agree with you, John. The quality of programming sinks even lower when the police become as evil as the criminals they pursue. That is why 1.0 remains so popular 45 years after it first aired. McGarrett ran his department by the book and set high standards. People were relieved in those days of hippies, free love, police brutality, Vietnam, and Watergate to have an hour each week in which to return to traditional values and common sense.

The same is true today. My websites have members as young as 14, who come in search of those traditional values and common sense. They're tired of what is being aired today. I don't blame them. So am I. But I do think it is sad that these young people have to follow a program that aired before their parents were born and actors who came from their great-grandparents' generation (we're talking four generations, here) in order to find those traditional values and common sense.

Why Hollywood can't accept that, while profit is necessary to stay in business, meeting the needs of the people is equally important. Certainly, there is the need to be entertained, but there is also the need to receive solid, reliable influences.

Some shows have these influences. One of the best episodes of "Magnum, PI" featured Five-0 guest star Nehemiah Persoff portraying a rabbi, who accepted Magnum's help to recover a Torah. Magnum very often worked pro bono, and despite Higgins' insistence that Magnum was a ne'er-do-well, he continued to give him a place to sleep. "Blue Bloods" dares to show the family convening for Sunday dinner, saying a blessing, and crossing themselves in the Catholic tradition even as they dare to disagree with the Catholic hierarchy. "Touched By an Angel" and "Highway to Heaven" took a more evangelical approach to show the difference kindness toward others can make. None of those programs cram/crammed religion down our throats, but they do/did send the messages "Love one another" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Yes, there will always be criminals, but many/most people try to take the high road and steer clear of criminal and/or immoral behavior. Hollywood needs to reflect that fact more often. A good place to start is to keep law enforcement clean.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 08:01:00 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

John, there was a very obvious white pipe sticking out of the ground to provide air to the girl. This is how Kono located the underground coffin.

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 07:14:04 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago


What about the girl dug in the ground? She had to have been there for at least 1-3 hours. There was no obvious pipe for air, etc. She would have been dead by the time they dug her out.

I think what is happening is that people are so disgusted with so many idiotic unbleievable stunts, that when an episode comes along that really doesn't have any of that, they then are "relieved" and start thinking it is a good story and episode.

But when you start glorying violence in cops, you have hit a new low (actually Hawaii Five-0 has already hit this low before with outriggt murder by Hawaii Five-0 in earlier episodes).

So, all we have here is another show that glorfies violence, even by good guys.

It seems people on this forum are slowly being numbed to violence, and in this way we see how shows like Hawaii Five-0 just corrupt the whole moral fabric of a society as it very slowly desensitizes people to such a point that they accept violent cops as a good thing and label them as heros.

This is why the writing of the series is SO POOR and unrealistic, even if an episode has no great superman stunts.

Yes, it would be interesting to see an episode where the tactics used by Hawaii-Five-O would play out in court as these criminals are brought to trial. In real life, these type of police violence cases then turn out at risk of overturning every valid conviction of criminals and setting them free--that's the real world (at least for non-combandent criminals under normal US law).

This is why I just refuse to get excited about any episode of Hawaii Five-0--IT IS FANTASY LAND POLICING. It is 90% nonsense police work

Added: Tuesday 07 May 2013 06:34:21 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

This was an above average episode, a good procedural despite the soap opera with Kono and Adam, which I found totally unnecessary (though obviously it is leading up to some big complication in the season finale), along with the sumo wrestling at the beginning, and the assistance of Catherine to track down Mr. "Sato," a name which is the most common name in Japan (like "Smith" in North America).


Was this woman Helen Cantera the "big boss" of the kidnapping racket? According to the investigation, there were 21 fake ID's for Cantera's victims created by a guy in the Department of Health, which sounds very much like James Watanu was doing in the classic episode from the original show, A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead. How many people were involved in this racket with her? For example, her car had been repainted from blue to red. Was she capable of doing this herself? The money in the drawer at Cantera's place was estimated by Kono at around $40,000, who said it was from "trafficking children for profit." So where were these other children? All being sold to people who wanted to scam welfare benefits? Or were they taken off the island and used for some other sinister purpose?

How did the motorcycle gang so quickly manage to find the exact truck which was suspected of being involved in the kidnapping? Note that this truck was a Ford Econoline, another slap at the sponsor of the old show. The boss of the motorcycle gang, Tip Gilbert, by the way, is the real life father of Maile Gilbert, who was kidnapped and murdered in 1985 and whose name is used for the Hawaiian equivalent of the Amber Alert.

The cargument, over whether Danno could keep his promise of finding the lost girl, was relatively subdued.

I seriously doubt if Lenkov (who wrote the story) knew in advance that this Amanda Berry and the other women would be released in Cleveland after being held captive for 10 years on exactly the same day the show was broadcast. Really!

The music was somewhat better than usual. Maybe Lenkov found some extra money in the budget so the resident composers could write some new cues.

There will probably be some fallout about Danno beating the crap out of the suspect at the end. I don't understand why McG told Danno to give him his badge before he did this. (This goes against what was in the PR hype for the show which suggested that Danno would give McG his badge -- it didn't mention that McG would ask for it.) Why did he even bother, the new Five-O can literally almost get away with murder, so why give up your badge, since there will supposedly not be any repercussions whether you have the badge or not!

I would really like to see a show where Five-O had to go to court to deal with some clever lawyer who ripped their unorthodox procedures apart. Of course, there are "exceptions to the rule," even at the federal level as we have learned recently with the case of the Boston Bomber who didn't initially have to be Mirandized.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 22:43:41 MST

Submitted by: Jeff
From: Denver

This episode once again proves that when the writers and producers get rid of the camp, and the bullshit, and the carguments, and the superheroics, and video game action/editing, they can make very strong, compelling episodes.

Granted, they used the old child in danger trope, but so did the old series on numerous occasions. THis one once again saw a very good, restrained (until the end) performance from Caan as well as AOL, acting grim and determined much like Steve and Danno on the old show, as they tracked the kids and followed the trail of evidence. Coherently told story, and very good performances from the guest actors as well, plus some little twists and turns that didn't feel like complete cheats and bullshit red herrings, like the phony cop who was doing the actual kidnapping, but wasn't the final bad guy. This seemed plausible, as did the reason that the nasty couple was keeping the kids--to collect the checks. I actually think this may have been somewhat based on other true-life situations where this type of thing happened.

More surprisingly, the music in this show was actually quite good in many scenes, and not the usual rat-a-tat-tat nonsense we typically hear. It helped enhance several important scenes (without overwhelming them) instead of detracting from scenes as it so often does.
The Kono sub-plot, for me, keeps this show from getting 4 stars. I don't know if it's just me, but her acting seemed weak in many scenes, like she was almost phoning it in. Like she never anticipated this happening?? This episode clearly didn't need this sub-plot, so obviously it was forced in as they had to move the sub-plot forward into next week's show, which is a shame, because I think this episode would have had a shot at 4 stars otherwise, one of the series' best if not for this.
My favorite moment, of course, was when Steve let Danno take Henry Rollins apart as he walked away. Loved it! I truly wanted Danno to break his neck. I'm bummed we didn't get to see what the guy looked like after Danno got through with him, though---who'd have thought this series would show restraint with something like this? WTF? In any case, part of me was hoping that Danno would end up killing him, and that there would be fallout in the next episode, perhaps as a way for him to exit the series on a high note. (sighs)...oh well.

Some haters will probably feel that Steve should never have walked away like that, and that classic McGarrett never would have done that, and that classic Danno never would have done that. Of course they wouldn't (although both came close in several classic episodes). Who the hell cares? It worked for me 100%. It was the only way to save that poor little girl, otherwise she would have died from either heat exhaustion or starvation or dehydration. Sometimes the ends justifies the means. Will be interesting to see if in fact there is some fallout or not in the season finale.

3.5 stars, a solid B-plus! WOuld have been an A if not for the silly predictable Kono BS. She needs to go, they have nothing interesting left for that character to do. Time to replace Kono with Ben Kokua :)

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 22:32:12 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: A good episode, even for season 3

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 21:20:56 MST

Submitted by: DG
From: Chicago

Amazing episode

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 21:00:31 MST

Submitted by: FM451
From: New York City

"Ho’ opio" - 5/6 episode. Liked this episode. Couldn't figure out why the girls were being kidnapped and held for so long - would not have guessed for welfare payments. The male kidnapper was a particularly slimy character, well played by the Actor. They got the silly stuff out of the way at the start, which was fine. Ended on a melancholy note - there was no clinking of beer bottles on the beach, just HPD working the crime scene, with a voiceover of the dead gir's diary. Loved the music they used at the end of the episode. Made me pay attention right to the end credits, unlike most episodes, where I tune out the 'humorous' wrap-up.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 20:32:57 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Lenkov: Hey, there was a story about three woman kidnapped 10 years ago in Ohio! Let's make an episode basing on the incident! Isn't that brilliant?

It's about time

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 20:11:10 MST

Submitted by: Marvin Welch
From: Columbus, OH

Amazing coincidence occurring right now with May 6 show featuring a kidnapped girl missing since 2003 named Amanda--airing as the Cleveland, OH story breaks featuring an Amanda who was kidnapped 10 years ago.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 19:16:55 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I should clarify. The statement I said was spot on was meant to be Mike's, but others of you cowpokes got your messages in before mine. Shame on you! :D

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 18:44:37 MST

Submitted by: Otto
From: New York

Rainbow Warrior: I've never had an 'immense' hatred for the new Hawaii Fake-O. I only know what i read on this forum. Just before the show premiered, there were posters all over NYC, and they were sufficient to produce an acidic bilious response in my esophagus. I vowed never to watch a single episode. However, one night last year i made the false move to stumble onto the ending of an episode. I wasn't aware that it was 5 Faux. It was a scene at the beach with all the team and their girlfriends. Fake McGarrett had a hot girlfriend, and he literally swept her off her feet and took her to a helicopter for a romantic adventure of some sort. Later I had to fumigate my living room. No class, man.

As for future Five-O projects, i can only imagine that this version has some right to the title which will prevent any serious rendition coming out any time soon.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 18:21:35 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Comment spot on.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 12:46:26 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: People wanted to believe that Lenkov is a right choice for the show or that's what they hoped. But Lenkov's ego betrayed him, he resort using formula that other show uses rather then use his own brain.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 11:58:14 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Anyone who has seen season 6 of "24" should know that it's a mistake to make the villain be the hero's brother.

But then Five-Faux is pure fantasy. So why the heck not? They could probably even get away with making Wo Fat be McG's son. Anything is possible! And Ma McGarrett turns out to be the President of Russia in disguise!

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 11:45:26 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Another interesting IMDB commentary by anna_s_68521 (Mon May 6 2013 08:52:24)

The ratings are tanking because Lenkov - rather than celebrating what could make a Five0 reboot so special & unique - has fed into the formula of other shows that had/have moderate success.

Lenkov had a unique situation because they chose to use characters that were easily recognizable to even younger fans since Five0 is still an icon in the entertainment industry. This was both good & bad.

Good because it gave fans an instant tie to the show.

Bad because they then did a virtual 180 on so many details that we knew.
Kono a female - yeah, that was just pandering to the incessant need of every show these days to have a kick a$$ female. Add to that Hawaii & bikini & they figured they had a double win.

The backstories of the characters - Those well versed in original Five0 knew many of the details already. Creating the backstories to be so vastly different from previously canon turned off many an original viewer and even some of the younger crowd who watched reruns with their parents.

Building McGarrett around AOL. Yes, the guy has a contract with CBS to have a series. But Five0? McGarrett he is not & will never be.

Lenkov would have fared way better to create completely unique characters with their own backstories (or make 1 distantly related) & simply pay homage in some way to original Five0.

The show has gone to shock & awe along with moments instead of solid story telling. This is what is killing NCIS (along with idiotic pairings).

Can Five0 be saved? Not sure - highly doubtful at this point in time.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 10:03:55 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Last show almost jolted Houston Chronicle reviewer (known for parody approach to new series) to reality: http://bit.ly/13mc1AV

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 07:57:03 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

>At least this my opinion of Mike's true rating for this episode.

Maybe what Mike should do is watch "Blue Bloods" on Friday evening, think nothing till Monday evening when "Hawaii Five-O" comes on. Then I think no episode of Hawaii Five-0 will ever get more tnan 2 stars, most just 1 star.

"Blue Bloods" is VERY believable, superb acting and screenplay and plots, and even instructional and mind stimulating. Hawaii Five-0 is entriely UNBELIEVABLE, teaches you absolutely nothing, deadens your brain and wastes your time, and smears Hawaiii in ways it does not deserve.

Added: Monday 06 May 2013 06:20:47 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: People will enjoy the series even the show is badly-written; in fact they enjoyed the bady written episode. They do not care about it.

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 21:07:00 MST

Submitted by: Frank
From: Wisconsin

If the finale has anything to do with Doris and/or Wo Fat, who are the writers trying to write to? It is already lame, are they trying to make it un-watchable?

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 17:30:48 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

"If Wo Fat II is the half-brother of McG II, does that mean Wo Fat I was the half-brother of McG I? Just asking. :D"

I'd like to see that one explained! ;)

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 16:58:48 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Afried not

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 16:25:53 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

If Wo Fat II is the half-brother of McG II, does that mean Wo Fat I was the half-brother of McG I? Just asking. :D

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 15:06:24 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: If Wo Fat turns out to be McGarret's half-brother, I'm going to be so so right since the beginning of this season. If that happens then this version of Wo Fat is "meh "

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 14:23:17 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Finale speculation is rampant.

The people promoting the show are great at writing copy like "CHIN HO TELLS MCGARRETT SHOCKING NEWS ABOUT JOE WHITE THAT CAUSES A FACE OFF BETWEEN THE TWO" (which never happened in the second season show 14, Pu’olo (The Package)). Similarly, the finale of this season is predicted to have "a shocking discovery" during McGarrett’s prison visit to Wo Fat.

Number one rumour: Doris is mother to both Wo Fat and McG. I think there are age issues here, Wo is older. As well, this possibility has been discussed far too much in various forums for it to actually happen.

As to what >will< happen, beats me.

Will Wo Fat reveal that he is not who he seems to be, that there are several cloned versions of him (maybe they used a 3-D printer -- LOL)? Wo Fat was/is Doris's lover? Or he married her during her exile (so he is McGarrett's stepfather)?

What do you think?

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 13:50:57 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Mike, thanks for the link to the comic. It was cute.

Thank you also for sharing this comment from Kittywriter9. She is right on many points, especially about the "soap opera idiocy." However, since that is a common plot element on TV shows today, and the writers of the new show have already gotten in too deep with the soap opera stories, there' no way out but for them to resolve them somehow. They can't, like Kitty says, drop the ball.

I wouldn't blame Catherine for Steve "dumbing down." She doesn't make him act that way. The writers write those dumb romantic scenes with her, and make Steve act like less than ideal boyfriend. It is their intent to make Steve and Catherine's relationship look superficial. Whatever their reasoning is, I don't know, but it does make that storyline look useless, put Steve in a bad light as a far having that human touch, and makes the viewer wonder why Catherine is bothering with him.

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 13:06:25 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Fantastic comic strip! Still, after all these years! We have a legend here.

Re: "I've never regarded McGarrett's comment that his middle name was Aloysius as serious." - - - That's my take on it, too. After all, he and Marnie were teasing each other. In the second place, he was grinning when he said it. Not to be taken seriously, just like he knew she was teasing when she claimed to have attacks of loneliness at dinnertime on Monday nights.

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 12:32:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

IMDB comment by kittywriter9 (Sun May 5 2013 10:34:16) - What would you like to see in season four?

Just let them know we want good writing. We don't really care about Doris or Catherine or any of that. We really care about Chin, Kono, Steve and Danny and most fans like Kame and Max.

Don't do plotlines that you drop the ball on either completely or for half a season to pick up so late that people can't remember what the hell has gone on!

The whole Doris thing is SUCH bad writing - it is up there with the Dallas dream season. I honestly do believe it had to turn a lot of people off as the drop from sesaon two to season three was so extreme. A couple of million mostly younger viewers turned off between seasons if the demo drop is anything to go by. Even taking into account the overall issues with the night for CBS the opening numbers for HFO were dire. So get rid of Doris and the whole soap opera idiocy.

I keep saying it but the Danny flashback episode was a brilliant way to show depth to a character, give an actor something to get their teeth into but without resorting to idiotic stunts like mothers coming back from the dead and being brilliant CIA operatives (or whatever the heck she is).

I dread to think what will happen to the ratings if the finale is a huge 'OMG Doris is both Wo Fat and Steve's mother and look how big a deal we're going to make of it'. Just hideous and I can see it coming.

I kind of hate how much they dumb Steve down around Catharine too so for that reason I'd like to see her gone. When I see Steve with her I don't recognise him as the deadly SEAL he is and great team leader, he's just this oaf who eats with his mouth open and takes her on really s**** dates. Just ugh.

Anyway that's my moan over but really I agree with others that CBS have all the key ingredients. They've got a stellar cast. Great production values. Great action sequences and stunt work. Gorgeous photography and stunning scenery. Just bring it all back to basics and cut the extra stuff that drags it all down!

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 12:21:27 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Someone e-mailed me the following:

Did you happen to see the BREVITY COMIC STRIP on April 30, 2013?

It features Jack Lord. See this link:


Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 10:42:05 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I've never regarded McGarrett's comment that his middle name was Aloysius as serious. I think he was just stringing his his girl friend along in that show, using a "funny" name like Ebenezer, Zachariah or Methuselah (apologies to anyone who has these names).

As far as the stunt was concerned, someone mentioned on another forum that swimming pools in motels are typically constructed NOT near the building to avoid people doing stupid things like jumping into them from second or third floor balconies (or even higher).

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 10:38:45 MST

Submitted by: Fred
From: Chatsworth, CA

Two comments:

First, a error in continuity in original series which may or may not have been addressed before. In the first episode of Season 5, "Death is a Company Policy", the computer indicates that McGarrett's middle initial is "J". In season 7, "A Gun for McGarrett", Steve tells Marni that his middle name is "Aloysius". Note: Both observations were pointed out by Mike in his episode analyses.

Second, I agree with John from Chicago almost verbatim on the last episode. The show was awful and was surprised to see Mike gave it 3 stars until I read his analysis. Mike exceedingly likes the original Wo Fat character and I can't terribly disagree with that, although I'm not a fan of a lot of the old Wo Fat episodes. But to give a high episode rating while waxing nostalgic for the old Wo Fat seems ridiculous. At least this my opinion of Mike's true rating for this episode.

One last note, the new series need to sensationalize stunts rears its ugly head again when the Russian bad guy and McGarrett jumps of a second or third floor balcony into the hotel pool. How did they know that the pool, and the deep end at that, was there to assist their landing? An extremely unrealistic effort of trying to be entertaining.

Added: Sunday 05 May 2013 08:58:47 MST

Submitted by: Steve's Girl
From: Germany

Re H50: "Rainbow, the spider in its web conjures memories of an old poem "The Spider and the Fly"..."

Your comparison of Nicole Fleming to the spider is spot on. Especially if one thinks of the last verse of the poem:

"Alas,alas! how very soon this silly little Fly, hearing this wily ,flattering words, came slowly fitting by; with buzzing wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer drew, thinking only of her brilliant eyes, and green and purple hue - thinking only of her crested head - poor foolish thing!
At last up jumped the cunnunig the Spider, and fiercely held her fast. He dragged her up his winding, into his dismal den,within his little parlour - but she ne'er came out again."

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 20:43:57 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

>"I asked a friend of mine who is into reality and talk show TV whether they would show a documentary-behind-the-scenes-with-cops on a show like this, and she said YES.

This shows how idiotic and crazy this society has become with a deep thirst for violence, gore, action, etc. The only good reason to risk human life like this is for ratings, that even in real life to allow reporters, cameramens, etc, "along for the ride" where they are put in serious danger.

Yes, there have been the Walter Cronkite's reporting from Vietnam, etc. but these were deep national issues that were dividng the country, and one good make a good argument that should the Cronkite types get killed, their reporting might sway national opinion that might result in an earlier end to hostilities and thus the saving of **many** more lives than the loss of a single reporter.

But local police and local political issues do not rise to such a level where non-trained human life should be put to risk following police activities.

And there is the issue of women in these type cases. Sarah Logan of CBS news was recently sexually assualted while reporting in Egypt (don't be stupid and say there are no differences between men and women).

So unless you got ARMED body gurads with you for extra protection so the police do not have to waste their energies protecting the camera/news crew, you are interfering with the police from using their full force against the evil they are combating. Any why are you doing that?--JUST FOR RATINGS.

Its disgusting.

That whole Hawaii Five-O episode was disgusting, and in fact, this whole new series. It smears beautiful Hawaii with a level of violence that does not exist in real life there. I give McGarett tiny credit for not murdering Wo Fat in cold blood like that other Hawaii-Five 0 cop did in an earlier episode.

Every new trick this series try to pull off just shows even more the pitiful low level of the series.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 20:08:13 MST

Submitted by: Cher Renee
From: Florida

Wonderful story, Ed!! It's nice to know there still are/were thoughtful people that go out of their way to do the right thing.

On a side note, I watched The Ways of Love original episode tonight. I thought I'd watched all of season one a year ago, but somehow I missed this episode. I have to say I was thoroughly entertained with Steve playing a 'bad' guy - did anyone else feel like they were watching some of Jack's older characters come to life again? I sure did.

I've been watching season 7 episodes (at least, I think most of them are) on MeTV, and I might have to buy that set next. I'm really digging the stories. And I was impressed with Jack's directing of How to Steal a Masterpiece. I know he's directed others, but that's the first time I noticed, quite honestly. (I'll have to go back and look at the others.)

Oh, and on another side note, for those interested, Jack's episode of Rawhide will be on AMC tomorrow at 9:30 AM (well one of them), and God's Little Acre will be on TCM Sunday at 10 AM. ;)

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 19:41:30 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Brian Tyler is actually a pretty good composer. Check out his score for RAMBO (2008) - it's fantastic! A worthy successor to Jerry Goldsmith in the RAMBO series. In fact Tyler admits that he's a big Goldsmith fan.

You'd think securing a film composer for a TV series would be a major coup. But you'd hardly know it was him judging by the droning noise heard on the show. In fact I'm convinced that Tyler really has nothing to do with the show. I'm betting he only orchestrated the opening Five-0 theme and that's it. That was probably his only involvement with the show. There's some other guy named Keith Powers - maybe he does the droning noise.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 17:03:09 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

What a wonderful article! I wish we were able to enjoy more stories like this.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 16:59:49 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Thanks for that story, Ed! Leave it to Jack to make a dumpy-looking car worth driving! That was touching about the wedding ring. I'm glad that the new owner of the Cadillac gave it back to Marie. That shows real class.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 15:48:36 MST

Submitted by: Ed
From: Honolulu

From today's Star-Advertiser:

New owner of Lord's Caddy turns up a hidden treasure

By Bob Sigall

Since I wrote my first "The Companies We Keep" book, many people have shared great stories with me about Hawaii people, places and companies. It's often a couple of stories a week, and led to my second, third and, next year, a fourth book.

I was sitting next to Bill Green, who owned Kahala Shell, at a Smart Business Hawaii breakfast. He looked at the cover of the second book, which has a photo of Jack Lord, and told me he was Lord's mechanic and had an interesting story. Here's what he told me:

On "Hawaii Five-0" Lord drove a dark 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham and later a 1974 Mercury Marquis, but in real life he had a white 1967 Cadillac with "FIVE-0" license plates. When it needed gas or repair, Lord took it to Green.

"Jack was a real nice guy to me," Green recalls, "but he could be gruff and scare some of my young employees. He was a macho, man's man but a pretty good driver. He always dressed in white, with a big planter's hat. He was 6-foot-2 and wore 2- to 3-inch heels on top of that, and was in good shape. …

"One of my customers at Kahala Shell was a young guy who came out here from Los Angeles once a year with his wife and kids. They stayed at the Kahala Beach Apartments where Jack lived and sometimes saw his Cadillac.

"The guy admired Jack Lord and was a big fan of ‘Hawaii Five-0.' Two years after Jack had died, he came to the station and told me, ‘I think I've made a deal to buy Jack's car. If I can buy it, will you get it running so I can ship it to California?' No problem at all, I told him.

"A week later he had bought it," Green continued. "He gave me the keys and title. It was filthy because it had been sitting for a couple of years. It was hard to get it started. The gasoline was old, but I got it running and took it over to the shop. We cleaned it up, changed the oil and got it in decent condition. He paid me and took it to the mainland.

"A year later he was back in the islands and came looking for me. ‘I gotta tell you this story,' he said. ‘I have these guys in Los Angeles who do professional detailing. I gave them the Cadillac and told them to make it look like it was brand new. Later they came back to me and said, "Look what we found under the seat of the car." It was a wedding ring, a plain, gold band — not a diamond, not exotic, just a wedding band.'

"The detail guys knew it was Jack Lord's car," Green continued, "and that it was probably Marie's ring. Technically it now belonged to the new owner. A lesser man might have kept it. But this guy made an appointment to have lunch with Marie at the Kahala Hilton, and he gave her back this ring.

"She was so grateful to get it back after all those years, she was just in tears. She told him she had lost the ring 10 to 15 years earlier. She wasn't sure where she had mislaid it.

"Whenever his Cadillac would break down, Jack would bring it in and just be incredulous. ‘This has never happened before,' he would rant. I'd explain that living next to the ocean was tough on cars.

"If we needed to work on it for more than a day, he would need a car to drive home. We had a few junk cars that we used for loaners. I'd give him one to drive. On one occasion it was a big old junky two-door. I said, ‘I can run you back to your place or give you this one.' He took the loaner and drove it for a week while we fixed his car.

"One day a lady needed a loaner while we worked on her car, and I offered her the same one Jack Lord had driven last week. She looked at it and said, ‘Oh, I couldn't drive this ugly thing!'

"I replied, ‘Well, Jack Lord drove it all last week.'

"‘Oh,' she said. ‘In that case I'll take it!'"


Added: Friday 03 May 2013 14:27:35 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

re: music on the original show

When Five-O began, the standard practice was to have original scores on maybe half of the episodes of a season. On some shows, they only had a "music by" or "music score by" credit if there was an original score. (Quinn Martin shows seem to follow this pattern).

I suspect Five-O only had actual original scores for about half the episodes but it's hard to tell by the credits.

For example, The Big Kahuna at the end of season 1 has a "Music by Morton Stevens" credit but the scary music was originally composed by Richard Shores for The Night of the Kraken episode of The Wild, Wild West. Also, The Box has a Stevens music credit but has Shores music from The Night of the Big Blackmail from The Wild, Wild West. (Similiarly, Stevens's "wave" music for the end of act I of Strangers in Our Own Land shows up as a "box" music at the end of an act on The Wild, Wild West.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 11:41:32 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Rainbow, the spider in its web conjures up memories of an old poem, "The Spider and the Fly" by Mary Howitt (1799-1888). Here's the first verse:

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly; "'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you may spy. The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
And I have many curious things to show when you are there."
"Oh no, no," said the little fly; "to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."

In "FOB Honolulu," Nicole was the spider. She worked her charms on men she felt could give her what she wanted -- money, so she wouldn't be "little people", anymore. The men, therefore, were the flies she tried to draw into her web. She planned to sell the face plate to Wo Fat for $3 million and the back plate to Mischa Toptegan for $2.5 million. Ron Nicholson did the dirty work, stopping the SS Brazil Maru, confiscating the plates, killing the seaman who was transporting them, and hiding the back plate at the Byodo-In Temple. Nicole killed him when he had outlived his usefulness. When it seemed as though Anthony Cameron Madrid was going to spoil everything, Nicole pretended to want him in order to save herself. And, so, Madrid ended up losing his life, as well. Nicole was a virtual tarantula, and the men in her life paid dearly.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 07:46:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Despite all the "respect" that the producers for the new show profess to have for the original, I get the impression that music is not something high on their list of priorities or high up in the show's budget. When asked why they didn't have "the Wave" in the new show, Lenkov in a radio interview said words to the effect that "that is a stylistic decision." (As well, having four "Waves" in the show would take away 30-40 seconds of time.) So instead of the Wave, all we get now is this loud "thunk" every time there is a commercial coming. As far as the music itself is concerned, it is so generic that it's usually impossible to determine if they are actually using something new from episode to episode. For example, there is the usual "plink plunk" pizzicato type passage whenever something "cute" is happening between Danno and his daughter, and another passage which seems inspired by the classic rock tune "Green Onions." As I've pointed out before, there was a lot of repetition with music in the old show as well (as there was in the original Star Trek).

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 07:37:10 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

This is Five-0 related but give me a sentence or two.

I went and saw Iron Man Three (in the titles it's spelled out instead of a numeral). While I like the series, I was concerned that Brian Tyler, the same chap who co-composes the Five-0 scores that are so forgettable) was doing the music for the movie.

The thing is: it seemed pretty good, or at least much better that what's on Five-0. Is it having more time (presumably) or more of an orchesta? I don't know.

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 07:11:19 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Thank You Virginia, your dead on. "FOB Honolulu" is one of my favorite episodes because of how well it is written and made. It is so well written and the script was intricate.

The spider in it's web has always haunted me. What do you think it means specifically Virginia?....I was always curious as to what the show's creators were trying to say with that image. I mean Wo Fat is injured, runs away bleeding, and then we see that image.

Mike, I've been "around" a few talk shows in my time, and I would say more than any one here, so the only reason that I can offer why everyone hated it and you liked it is: I guess Vancouver is the latest city to legalize pot or did they legalize it a long time ago? :!devil:

Added: Friday 03 May 2013 07:03:59 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Correction: Nicole Fleming was behind bars, and Anthony Cameron Madrid was dead.

Sorry, it had been some time since I'd watched the episode. But I just watched it and was stricken by how beautifully it was crafted.

It was heartbreaking to see Cdr Nicholson go bad, especially after McGarrett said he was "no fool" and Kaye said he was a tried and true naval intelligence officer. But everyone has his/her weakness, and the commander's was women. In the end, he got his due, and that was satisfying.

Nicole and Madrid remained in character all the way through. I thought Madrid's monologue at the Byodo-In Temple was weak and sappy, but then, so was he. Or, as McGarrett said, "You're a little man, Mr. Madrid."

One thing I especially like: The spider in its web at the Byodo-In Temple. Oh, so symbolic.

Added: Thursday 02 May 2013 12:09:49 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

<<So what was different about Monday’s show as far as the plot compared to so many previous shows which never produced the kind of very negative reaction? >>

The original tied up the loose ends by the end of each episode. In "FOB Honolulu", we knew that Wo Fat was on his way back to China, Mischa Toptegan was winging his way back to Moscow, Nicole Fleming and Anthony Cameron Madrid were behind bars, and the counterfeit plates -- and the insufferable Jonathan Kaye -- were on their way back to Washington. Even in "Woe to Wo Fat", we knew that the agent of evil was behind bars (although not for how long), that the laboratory had been blown to smithereens, and that our missile deterrence system was safe for another day.

In contrast, the remake is so concerned with generating story arcs that it fails to provide satisfactory conclusions. Conclusions that are satisfactory to the reader or viewer are mandatory to good writing. If the reader or viewer is left feeling confused or wondering where the next chapter or scene is or otherwise cheated, the writer has failed in his/her job to tell the story.

Story arcs, like red herrings, have their place, but too many and the reader or viewer becomes frustrated. After all, no enemy can plot non-stop missions; it takes time to plot the next one, and that break allows the reader or viewer to stop and take a breath, too. Similarly, not every character is guilty; some really are innocent bystanders. The good writer knows to allow some goodness to prevail. Otherwise, all you have is evil fighting evil. Why bother to read or watch the story?

Added: Thursday 02 May 2013 09:59:41 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Hoo boy, a lot of people REALLY hated this last show. I feel pretty funny actually defending it, because I liked it. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons it got such a negative reaction.

1) People didn’t like the talk show format. It seemed to be pretty true to form, presented in a vapid way to a fawning audience without being a parody. I think a lot of the people complaining have never actually seen a talk show. As well, I think a lot of people don't like Aisha Tyler specifically. I thought she did a good job portraying a talk show host who both annoyed the Five-0 crew and those people in the audience (on all levels) who find talk show hosts "annoying.” I asked a friend of mine who is into reality and talk show TV whether they would show a documentary-behind-the-scenes-with-cops on a show like this, and she said YES.

2) People were complaining about the jerky camera work. The whole point is, they were using a handheld camera such as would be used on a documentary TV show. And the quality of the video from these cameras was much worse than that seen during the "live broadcast by the beach," as if the resolution was intentionally dumbed down to 720p or 480p from 1080p. The footage at the end was on the cameraman’s cel phone after his other camera was put out of action.

3) People were upset about how ignominous Wo Fat's capture is, considering what a "big story arc" he is involved in. The whole point of this was "how the mighty have fallen," with Wo suffering a totally humiliating end to his career (well, at least so far).

4) One person was wondering what is Wo Fat doing getting involved with currency plates. Well, the idea is that Wo would get the plates, take them to whatever evil country he is dealing with these days (like North Korea) who would then run off millions of dollars in US $100 bills to totally screw up the US economy (just like in the old show’s episode that seemingly inspired some of the current one’s plot).

5) Max was annoying. Max has been annoying before, did anyone get as excited as they did for this show? I have previously pointed out that no matter what kind of esoteric angle there is for a case, Max always has some interest in it, i.e., he is a spelunker, he is a comic book enthusiast, etc.

6) The plot left a lot to be desired. The plates were buried in some out-of-the-way location rather than put in a safety deposit box (I agree with this), the way Kono determined the Russian mobster was involved ("Uh … mumble, mumble … the way the vic was killed bears a similarity to something that the Russian mob in Kansas City [sic] would do … mumble, mumble.”), the criminal history of the girl friend’s brother was not established (because dialogue was left off the soundtrack), who trashed the treasury agent’s room (either Wo Fat or the Russian mobster, I guess), how did they get Wo Fat’s body out of the crime scene (called for a helicopter from HPD, I guess)…

The above problems with the plot were nothing out of the ordinary for Five-0, where the writers take some VERY obscure plot point and then work backwards with the help of Wikipedia and other sources to construct a complicated case full of red herrings and other loopholes. So what was different about Monday’s show as far as the plot compared to so many previous shows which never produced the kind of very negative reaction? Whatever happened to the idea that "THIS IS JUST A TV SHOW”?

Added: Thursday 02 May 2013 07:38:05 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

Season 10 dvds. It looks like some episodes are remastered but some definitly are not. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also I do not like the watered down theme song, the deep powerfull drums sound like they have been replaced by a drum machine. Why on earth would they mess with a perfect theme song???

I think JL gives his best performance of the entire series in the season final A Death in the Family. This is my second time going thru this season and I must be mellowing with age because the first time I was not at all happy with most of the season but this time around I am appreciating them much more.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 16:17:21 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Yeah, the level of hatred towards the last episode is really unprecedented. I have just revamped my review (I still liked it, BTW -- http://www.mjq.net/fiveo/2010-log3.htm#21).

I would have been curious if the Internet was around when The Bark and The Bite was shown what people's reactions would have been like towards >that< show.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 14:21:37 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

>>>I find this kind of approach very tiresome after a while, no matter how clever it gets.<<<

Plus one on that. I'm sarcastic by nature, but that MST3K treatment - a little of it goes a long way.

You guys have gone to the next level bashing this week's fake Five-0 ...it's made me curious - looks like I may have to watch it just to see how bad it is.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 14:14:33 MST

Submitted by: Kimo
From: Hawaii kai

Hilarious. Years ago, decades past, thay would be my litmus test to weed out the illiteratae from my life as far as female companionship/dates... If she, while smaking her gum, whines: "whaaat are they doing! Why are they talking over the movie! There's no talking during the movie!" Me, sotto voce: that's the whole friggin point. NEXT!

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 12:58:59 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

The new show simply sucks. The original show was filled to the brim with awesomesauce!!


Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 12:55:44 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

There is a blogger at the Houston Chronicle who gives Five-0 episodes an MST3K-like treatment and has been doing so (as far as I recall) ever since the show started. Here is a sample:


I find this kind of approach very tiresome after a while, no matter how clever it gets.

There is another WWW site which does the same thing in a way not intended for general audiences, but the "reviews" there ceased close to the end of the second season.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 12:28:32 MST

Submitted by: Kimo
From: Lanikai

Mike, i watched Mst3k for years. this ingrained into me an innate need to riff on whatever parody worthy thing happens to be on teevee. You should hear the stuff we all come up with to really enjoy the new show to the full sarcastic extent.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 12:09:34 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow, I have had more of the same via Twitter recently, specifically someone who commented about I had a bad attitude towards the new show and then ended her comments with the odious hashtag #justsaying.

This WWW page has some interesting comments about this phrase:


Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 10:43:45 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Hi Mike,

I was referring to our critic from weeks back, miss "awesomesaucy" who said that about posters here.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 10:27:09 MST

Submitted by: Kimo
From: Kailua

Larry. Hawai'i is my home and has been for five decades. I am here today to tell you NO one except maybe the random malihini... Calls it, spells it "pigeon, pidgeon". Or any other goofy thing besides what it is. Pidgin english. 'A'ole! Absolutely not.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 10:05:14 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

If you are interested in the $100,000 (now $3 million+) nickel, you might like these stories:



Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 09:04:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow, I sympathize with you regarding the "why do you watch it if you hate it" types (which I don't think you will see too many of around here, BTW). I get this kind of crap all the time on other forums, and I am fed up with it. These forums are typically full of pseudonymous losers whose self-esteem is pretty low, so that anyone who attacks their favorite show is subject to the usual bullying abuse. My attitude is "I'll watch the new show for any goddamn reason I please." People making the "why do you watch it" comment don't seem to realize that there are actually shows that people watch BECAUSE they are bad, that some shows have a "it's-so-bad-it's-good" cult around them. Have these people never heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000, for example? (Personally, I can't stand this show. As an aside, Code Name: Diamond Head, which starred Zulu and several other Five-O regulars, got the MST3K treatment.) Anyway, it's kind of my "job" to watch the new Five-0...

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 07:56:21 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Hi, Larry, thanks for the follow up. So far there are about a dozen people here who seem to be first-time posters, all of whom disliked the last show (including yourself). Now, I haven't checked to see if these people REALLY were first-time posters, but it seemed so. Assuming you were, I'm just wondering how you found my site and decided to post here. For example, your response might be "I follow your site and the discussion forum regularly, but I've never felt like posting anything until now, because the last show was SOOO bad." Or "I went to such-and-such a site [or I searched your site on Google], and it redirected me to your site." This kind of reaction has never happened before (so many new people posting all at once after a show) that I can recall.

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 07:44:27 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

I hope Michelle Borth is in trouble, and gets canned. The character on the show is stupid, her acting isn't that great, and from this I suggest she stay off twitter telling people to s--- it. I've been begging for a real actress to join the show for years.

Monday's show was the biggest piece of garbage that I have ever seen. I agree with others here that it was an embarrassment, as I kept checking the clock to see how much time was left before it was over. It was just painful to watch. Yes, I picked up on the FOB theme right away, but I also picked up on the fact that Grace Park looked like she was stuck on a show that she desperately wants to leave in real life! I'm speculating here, but Grace and Daniel look like they know they are on a sinking ship! They were not only desperate for a show, but this was lowest common denominator television. It showed contempt for the audience, and contempt for the process in general. It's paint by numbers. Aisha Tyler, who was so good on CSI, was god awful, I mean just brutal to watch. I felt bad for her. This was lazy work by the crew, and desperate for a story indeed.

Finally, for the usual suspects who will cry and moan "Why do you watch it each week if you hate it?" It's because unlike so many I would love to turn it on one week and get my socks blown off and say "You know what, I WAS WRONG! This new Hawaii Five-O is really good, they turned it around, and made it a great show, that I'm really enjoying.... I'm glad that I kept watching and gave it a chance."....Instead, it's garbage and I'm going to the restroom to wretch. :!puke:

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 07:04:07 MST

Submitted by: Larry
From: mainland

Mr.Mike, I know it's spelled pidgin! But if you were from and born in Hawaii we spelled it "pigeon." I don't follow you on twitter, and I have not heard of you till now. Now I know where to leave my comments for the writers, and go back to being a Haole!! :!cool:

Added: Wednesday 01 May 2013 06:19:32 MST

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