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Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Further comment from IMDB as to whether Catherine's exit was planned two years ago:

Posted by aldavis2013 Sat Mar 29 2014 10:34:09

Do you think Lenkov is just trying to throw us off with some of the things he has stated? I don't think he'd be dumb enough to lie to us and potentially loss fans due to mistrust. I agree with you on the continuity, Dax333. Danny was always complaining about Rachel and Stan, and now it's like they don't even exist (other than the little mention or two during the 1st episode Melanie Griffith was in). What even happened to that chick from NYC? There was been no mention of her at all- you'd think Danny would have said something to his mom about her. If I remember correctly, she's supposed to pop up in I think 4.19. There was an article on tvline, I think either Ask Auseillo or Matt's Inside Line.

Posted by dax333 Sun Mar 30 2014 02:20:26

If I learned something from following that man on twitter [Lenkov] before I blocked him, is that the man is not to be trusted. What fans need to remember is that he's a salesman..he's trying to sell you his product, he's not going to tell you anything if it means harming his product. Especially now, that i have the idea CBS slapped him on the wrist for his behavior online. Seems he's doing a charm offensive to get fans back again.

And as with his words, I'm sure he expects us to let our fantasies do the work when it comes to absent characters, because he does not want to the show to become a soap opera [!!!! - MQ], so I'm sure Amber is still around somewhere, but just like with Gabby we have to do the work when it comes to making up the storyline. I'm sure she'll pop up at the end of the season and we're to believe they're in a deep relationship, even though he's never mentioned her again after he first met her, just like we saw with Gabby, who was never mentioned again, but then popped up at the end of the season and it showed they were in a deep relationship.

And then I'm asking: what kind of show runner and writer are you if you can't even have your characters mention their loved ones once in a while, how long does it take from the overall story ... a second? Really I think there are fanfiction writers out there that can do a better job then him. And he doesn't want this show to turn into a soap opera [Oh, really? -- MQ]. The entire season 3 was one big soap opera with Mom McGarrett and the Steve and Cath show.

Added: Sunday 30 March 2014 09:59:34 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Re: Dan's comment, "...I still think that a Girlfriend for STEVE is a tough proposition, as he is not likely to commit and have a Girl close, that the Bad Guys can target."

That's exactly right, as we saw in 1.0's "Man in a Steel Frame." I think the risk would be even greater if the girlfriend were working with the chief investigator. The "code" (if that's the right word) about not intruding on personal space would be negated, leaving her very vulnerable.

Added: Saturday 29 March 2014 19:14:25 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

I don't buy the story that Cath's exit was planned 2 years in advance. Lenkov is just blowing smoke. Two years ago (2nd season), Cath was sidestepped in favor of Lori Weston. How could they have been planning anything for Cath then, when she was not even a major character yet?

Added: Saturday 29 March 2014 14:33:35 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Good points, MR. MIKE ... I'll have to read up on the items you list, to get the full story on MB ... but the final comment you make about the staff "making it up as they go" is fairly believable -- maybe that is the reason there are inconsistencies as we go along. When the show is good, it's very entertaining ... when NOT, we end up scratching our heads. It'll never push THE AMERICANS, MASTERS of SEX, or TRUE DETECTIVE (my huge drama favorites) for high quality TV, but it can still be a good show ... MAHALO !

Added: Saturday 29 March 2014 09:39:15 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Dan, where do you get the impression that "[Borth] is just firing back, as she exits"?

If you read through the various news articles about Borth's exit, and there are really not that many of them, you will notice that no one says who spilled the beans about her leaving. Was it Lenkov? Borth herself? CBS? Someone else from the show?


Check these links, including the first one, which was the original posting about this:




So far, Lenkov has said that (a) Catherine does not die (March 27th Twitter posting: "Cath doesn't die. I promise.") and (b) Catherine's story arc (including her departure from the show) was all planned two years ago (see Mike Gordon story link below).

I am VERY skeptical about the last comment, given Lenkov's penchant to follow Oliver Wilde's maxim "There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about," and my own feeling that they are just making up much of the show as they go along.

Added: Saturday 29 March 2014 08:25:42 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

TO MR. MIKE, Word #7 in your post gave me an LOL moment this morning, so I decided to read on ... re Michelle, it doesn't appear that she is conducting herself in the most "professional way". From reading various letters, tidbits & blogs, anyone can see that she has her supporters and her detractors, too.

Hmmm ... maybe she was promised a bigger role in H50, or didn't get the contract she expected -- and is just firing back, as she exits. I like her (mostly as "eye candy"), but I don't think she's worth going to battle for, either way. She was an improvement over the blond (Miss German), but as a "love interest" for STEVE was "OK", nothing spectacular. It seems that the show would feature her, then abruptly change course. I still think that a Girlfriend for STEVE is a tough proposition, as he is not likely to commit and have a Girl close, that the Bad Guys can target. So despite all this brouhaha over "Cath", it'll still be fun to watch the two of them on their Afghan adventure! :D

Added: Saturday 29 March 2014 07:07:40 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

More stuff from IMDB:



Mike Gordon of The Star-Advertiser writes about it too:


Added: Friday 28 March 2014 23:49:55 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Borth's departure has caused a real shitstorm on IMDB.

Some guy named Jeneral28 posted today:


"Borth has been tweeting comments that she was bullied (dunno my whom) off and on set. Retweet anti-bullying comments. Shades of her "filthy little monkeys saga" or was she really bullied?

"PS look at her twitter. People will scold me for posting social media links."


But this is B.S. as far as I can determine. (Borth >has< had run-ins with people on Twitter before, mind you.)

I posted:


What the heck are you talking about?

On March 17, Borth posted on Twitter:

"It's time to MOVE ON from all the negativity, so going forward I'll no longer discuss anything 5-0 related what so ever. Onward and upward!"

Since then she has posted NOTHING as she said (I just checked Twitter now).

On the other hand, someone named leah ‏@SocialOutsider1 posted yesterday:

"Michelle Borth is leaving Hawaii Five-0. Yippee! And that's all I have to say on the subject."

Unlike Borth, leah couldn't keep her trap shut, and made FOUR more postings, including the following:

"Michelle Borth has no-one but herself to blame for this. She's the one who bullied and abused fans in the first place."

Who has evidence to prove that Borth's "bullying" has anything to do with her role on the show ending?


NO ONE, as far as I can see. DUH!!

Added: Friday 28 March 2014 23:24:15 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Ringfire,it was tough but I picked FOB Honolulu #1. Enjoyed the lengthy Introduction with Kurtz as a fake military guy who thought he had the real plates in the souvenir Budda. Also,the brazen way the WoFat associates dispatched of Kurtz in the hotel elevator. Love when WoFat breaks open the Budda on the roof & finds the blank plates.

I like the interesting players trying to obtain the plates. Madrid,Nicole,Commander Nicholsen,Misha,Wo Fat etc... Watching Commander Nicholsen turn rogue was a real shock.The Officers & high brass in HFO episodes were usually Men of great honor &.regard.

Love the scene when Nicole changes clothes in the elevator &.Kono cant tell Chin in time. Too many floors up. Kono would have had a cell phone today & warned Chin.

The puzzle of the traced roads was also smart McG had to find where it fit on the map.The showdown was great with Madrid shooting Wo Fat & himself getting shot as well as the counterfeit plates. WoFat lost blood & I dont know where he moves so fast. John

Added: Friday 28 March 2014 13:10:02 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

No Mike, not happy, not happy at all. Unbelievable. I'm just speechless. I think the best way to express my reaction is this :!mad:

Added: Friday 28 March 2014 07:19:35 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Whoops, sloppy reporting on my part -- In the midst of posting the "news" this afternoon, I lost my way ... forgot that tomorrow nite (28th) is more NCAA Hoops ... thanks for the correction ... ! :o

Added: Thursday 27 March 2014 21:05:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Actually, they don't. The next new episode is >next< Friday, April 4th ... the fan-built high school reunion episode.

Added: Thursday 27 March 2014 15:50:17 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Just read a few minutes ago, that Mr. Lenkov has confirmed that Michelle Borth is leaving H50 at end of current season. This had been in the air for the past month or two. New episodes resume tomorrow night ...

Added: Thursday 27 March 2014 15:16:43 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Good move, losing the girlfriend. Lose all the sisters, the cousins, and the aunts, as well, as well as the carguments - and have the cops abide by the laws they say they are trying to enforce - and maybe they will have time for law enforcement. Until then, count me out.

Added: Thursday 27 March 2014 15:00:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow and I are not going to be happy!!


Added: Thursday 27 March 2014 13:32:35 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

I can understand someone having F.O.B. HONOLULU at number one - it's right up there for me too but nothing beats VASHON - it's the standard by which all other eps are judged IMHO. F.O.B might be number two for me though, I'd have to give the entire list some thought.

I like some of the eps that don't get talked about here much... UP THE REBELS, Stephen Boyd's performance (his last) was outstanding. McG going head to head with the 'Father' on the orphanage playground is epic.

Watched SMALL POTATOES last night, love that ep. Great dialogue and editing, the scenes just click along. Zohra Lampert is a trip in this ep - it's another favorite.

Added: Wednesday 26 March 2014 17:42:00 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"1.FOB Honolulu"

This one is quite a surprise to see at #1. I don't know many who would pick this one as their all-time favorite. It's not even the best Wo Fat episode. Or in the top 3 Wo Fat episodes. Give me "Cocoon" instead any day!

Personally I find this one a bit of a chore to get through. The premise is interesting enough - crippling the American economy. Like something out of GOLDFINGER. But the execution is not tight enough or suspenseful enough. You have a group of people after these plates and for the majority of this 2-part episode it's one group following the other group and the other group suspecting a third group. And Five-0 is trying to follow all these groups and stuff like that. Throw in some double-dealings and double-crosses along the way and that's basically the whole episode.

It would have worked better I think as a 1-hour episode. Or the suspense factor should have been ratcheted up higher. There are some serious stakes here - yet it all boils down to people following each other around while Five-0 tries to guess what everyone's true intentions are. I'm not saying there should have been a countdown to destruction button a la GOLDFINGER but something more exciting than what we got. It's definitely a very average episode from the 3rd season and one I generally skip over. I may like "The Last Eden" or "Dear Enemy" less but I'm more likely to watch either of those two because they don't get stretched out into 2 parts. I actually have the same problem with the 2-parter finale "The Grandstand Play". That one too would have been better as a 1-hour episode.

Added: Wednesday 26 March 2014 14:22:37 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I did some thinking & watching of Classic HFO.Heres my Top 20 episodes of all time. 1.FOB Honolulu 2.Didnt We Meet At A Murder? 3.Hookman 4.V for Vashon trilogy 5.King Of The Hill 6.Highest Castle,Deepest Grave 7.The 90 Second War especially Part I 8.The Reunion 9.Number One With A Bullet 10.Why Wait Until Uncle Kevin Dies?

Here 's 10-20. 11.Yesterday Died... 12.The Singapore File 13.The Bomber & (Mrs.Moroney 14.All The King's Horses 15.Over Fifty? Steal 16.For a Million--Why Not 17.The Flip Side Is Death 18.A Gun For McGarrett 19.Nine Dragons (In Honor of Mr.Mike) 20.A Bullet For McGarrett.

So many quality episodes.Tough to narrow down. Hope it breeds discussion. Im open to moving episodes up or down or jumping an episode in Top 20. Also made a list of Top 20 Most Disliked or Disappointing episodes. John

Added: Wednesday 26 March 2014 09:39:41 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Actually, "Killer at Sea" is one of my favorite episodes. The idea of taking an ocean voyage upon one of the last of the old steamers is romantic. The "SS Monterey" was built as a freighter in the early 1950s and was known as the "SS Free State Mariner" before Matson bought her and converted her into a passenger ship. She served Matson Lines for more than 20 years. Matson sold her to a short-lived Hawaiian line. Then, she lay idle for a year before Pacific Far East Lines bought her. She served that line for a number of years before she was sold to MSC lines, where she served for several more years before mechanical difficulties ended her career.

Interestingly, the "Monterey" was not Matson's first ship to carry that name. The original "Monterey" was built in 1931 as a sister ship to the "SS Lurline," "SS Mariposa," and "SS Malolo" in Matson's White Fleet (the ships were all painted white, except for Matson's Blue smoke stacks). During World War II, she went to work as a troop ship. After the war, Matson purchased the "Free State Mariner" to replace her, then bought back the original "Monterey" and renamed it the "SS Matsonia."

As for "Killer at Sea," I thought it was well done. The red herrings, Elena Lewis (Gale Strickland) and Duffy Malone (John Byner) were good ones; for example, Malone's ne'er-do-well status as a comedian in debt to the mob was reflected in his lame stage performance. Only a captive audience would laugh at stale yodeler jokes; a Las Vegas audience would have walked out on him. Even the two perpetrators, Gordon (Keene Curtis) and Fallon (William Devane) were credible, each in his own way, as the guilty hiding behind acts of innocence. Gordon was highly nervous and even passed out on one occasion, while Fallon was super-cool as he his in his cabin, playing Solitaire.

If anything struck me as odd, it was McGarrett's asking for a change of clothes to wear during the voyage, yet not even appearing in a different shirt throughout the five-day journey to San Francisco. Maybe a Mickey Mouse tee shirt worn under his nattily tailored suit...? Nah!

Added: Wednesday 26 March 2014 06:31:50 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Here's #10 on my most disliked episodes of Classic HFO Killer At Sea. It starts out strong with a Bank robbery & a criminal boarding an ocean liner Cruise to California.

McG & Danno pursue the suspect & bring the witness on board with them hoping to identify the perpetrator. I was hoping for a cross between the Love Boat & some Maltese Falcon type characters. You would think with over 200 passengers on board that it would be more exciting.

The best suspect is the William Devayne character who has a criminal récord & is a gambler. McG rebuffs an attractive journaliste type & the comedian skit was okay but nothing spectacular.

The best parts of Killer At Sea were the lineup on the deck of the ship & the closing of the passageways as the criminal tries to outrun the closing doors. Killer At Sea leaves you disappointed... John

Added: Tuesday 25 March 2014 19:06:00 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

We're in the middle of a two-week break, while NCAA Hoops dominates Friday nites on CBS. I used to referee College Basketball, so I can definitely get down with watching the Tournament. Then I'll be more than ready to get fired up again on 4/04 when H50 returns. But I am NOT getting excited about once again being force-fed the cartoon cutout that is "jerry". A brief, 5 minute dosage of him once a season is tolerable, but now as a "recurring character", it appears he'll be around a LOT.

I like 5-0 as a shoot-em-up (recognizing it's not an epic drama), but the casting of this figure and his "Give me Love and Lots of Hugs, and then I'll tell you what I found out" act-- though in many cases, NOBODY ASKED ! -- is ridiculous. What credibility the show DOES muster is quickly blown away when this guy walks into a scene.

I'm sure he'll try to become a stowaway on STEVE & CATH's roadtrip ... If so, I sincerely hope he FAILS!

Added: Monday 24 March 2014 12:57:08 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine, FL

Mr. Mike, you're right...plenty of murder but no drug bust.

Added: Saturday 22 March 2014 17:23:56 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow, the inconsistencies with the show that you mention have existed since the beginning. The script writers develop some theme or character trait or a character and then promptly abandon it or them. If these would flow from one episode to the next, the show might be more tolerable ... if you are a fan of this sort of thing.

The remaining 5 shows look like they will fall back on familiar tropes: Wo Fat, McGarrett's mother, McGarrett and Danno's "syndromes" (claustrophobia, PTSD), taking a ridiculous trip to a foreign country (Afghanistan in this case).

And then there is the "fan created" episode.

Get a quick glance at this season so far, where people have said that things are "improving." But they are not!

1. A kick-ass premiere episode with terrorists and Wo Fat, carrying over story arcs from last season.
2. Complicated plot, Texas Ranger seeks his daughter.
3. Introduction to conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega, good for a few laughs, the story is shaky.
4. Rebecca De Mornay guest stars, another complicated mess of a story.
5. Catherine leaves the Navy, far too many script issues in this episode.
6. Problems of rich people, zombies, Danno is claustrophobic.
7. Another story where you have to think real hard, McGarrett's sister shows up with a baby (ugh).
8. Ridiculous confrontation with Yakuza boss in Tokyo, equally ridiculous pairing of McG and Grover.
9. Carol Burnett guests, a "family" show which was fairly well-handled, but the emphasis was on "family" big time.
10. Japanese internment show, probably the best show yet.
11. Chin Ho is tormented by a serial killer during an investigation, hard to take.
12. Five-O deals with a guy who had criminal past on the mainland, Kono/Adam on the run comes to a close, Danno meets some babe, a real mish-mash.
13. Another outstanding show with Chin Ho grilled by Internal Affairs.
14. Michael Madsen, basically a good show, but the beers on the beach ending was stooopid.
15. Danno's mother arrives, beginning a boring story arc, crime of the week about murdered real estate agent is not realistic, Grover and McG become more chummy.
16. Chinese satellite falls from the sky, the Chinese CIA operative is a babe, but Danno's mother is not.
17. Soap opera with Danno's mom finally concludes, thank God; crime of the week is not particularly believable, the actress playing the bad girl is cute.

Added: Friday 21 March 2014 17:11:38 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

I agree with what you wrote Mike, it seems to be ominous for Catherine's future, hope we are wrong. I'm not really looking forward to more Kono/Adam stories if that is the case. I really don't want more of Grace's low energy-I'm board with this show vibe.

The new show perplexes me. They do some things really well and then they drop them and go back to the things that didn't work. Maybe the reason the audience grew this year was because of more Catherine, less Kono, and better written episodes. So, now what is the theory, let's go back to the formula of the first three seasons which didn't work so well and caused us to be moved off Monday night?..

Added: Friday 21 March 2014 10:12:27 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Alas, I am concerned that the producers are going to pull a "Malia" with Borth. Catherine and McG will be flying to Afghanistan in the second last episode to rescue the son of some woman that Catherine knows (played by Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat). It sounds like something serious will result, based on spoilers leaked so far.

There are other issues with Catherine, as indicated by her absence from McG's house in the last episode. (Lenkov confirmed in a Twitter post a while ago that they are not living together.) They were all lovey-dovey previously, but in the last show, McG told Jerry "I like to live alone." Huh? No doubt this is leading up to some big deal with McG rumouredly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, though you have to wonder why they waited four seasons to make a big deal out of this, sort of the way they delayed Danno having "claustrophobia." Danno's affliction will likely be dealt with in an upcoming episode where it looks like he gets caught in a collapsing building or something.

My other theory is that Catherine is not living at McG's because of possible conflict of interest issues, since he is her "boss" since she started working at Five-0 and she wants to keep at arm's length (or some other body part's length) from him.

Added: Friday 21 March 2014 09:13:55 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Two items worth mentioning this morning. According to the AP headline it reads "Hawaiian law makes it okay for police to have sex with prostitutes during an investigation." Okay, I can see where this could make it interesting. How many times will cops in Hawaii use the lines "Honey, I'm not cheating, I'm working undercover!" Honey, don't get mad, it's just part of the investigation!" :o ...Sounds like something Big Chicken would have said back in the 1960's to get off the hook.

Also, article from Hawaii Magazine.com (blog) posting about the new Five-0 being renewed for a fifth season and says they hope they have much more Michelle Borth in season five because of how much she adds to the show. This backs up Mike's and my contention that she makes the show better and gives it energy. They don't say much about Grace which to me backs up my feeling she doesn't add much.

Added: Friday 21 March 2014 06:59:43 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Anne, I don't understand, are you referring to the show with a drug bust? I don't recall there is a drug bust in the Man on the Moon show...

Added: Thursday 20 March 2014 20:22:39 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine, FL

Mr. Mike, would it be Shake Hands with the Man on the Moon?

Added: Thursday 20 March 2014 19:10:39 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Regarding "We Hang Our Own", I'll admit that the Big Island cop accompanying McG as he gets off the plane does sound a lot like Jack Soo (even looks like him quite a bit even though it's not him) but it could be just a coincidence. Maybe the guy just had a similar voice. There's nothing to suggest that Soo was living in the islands at the time where his voice could have been used from time to time as a stock voice.

Added: Thursday 20 March 2014 16:50:14 MST

Submitted by: mitch
From: new jersey

Watching Season 7's solid 'We Hang Our Own,' with Leslie Nielson in his pre-Airplane arrogant mode (you keep waiting for him to joke around but he never cracks a smile), a familiar voice spilled out of an unfamilar character. One of the local cops greeting McGarret when he first gets off the plane is voiced by Jack Soo. Was he on a Hawaiian vacation during a break from Barney Miller?

Added: Thursday 20 March 2014 09:49:17 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Someone e-mailed me the following:

"Hi, in one of the original episodes, there was a show that was shot in my great grandfather's farm, the Yoshimura Farm. I was wondering if you could tell me which episode it was and how I can get a copy of that show."

I don't recall any shows with a location specifically identified as a "farm," meaning a place with cows, chickens and so forth. Maybe this means a place where there was sugar cane or pineapples harvested? There were a few such locations in the show, but I don't recall any specifically identified as a "farm."

If it was just a farm location that is used for some other purpose, this would be difficult to track down.

[The person who e-mailed me followed up:

"It grew vegetables and had a lot of open space. It was used as a site for a drug bust. .. I'm not sure when though."

Sound to me like To Kill or Be Killed from the fourth season. - MQ]

Added: Thursday 20 March 2014 08:36:05 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Thank you, H5O 1.0.

Though Jack mentioned in interviews that he was a co-producer, the fact was not highly publicized and led to misconceptions. Moreover, people are still ignorant about what a producer's job entails, and how they have to come in contact with more crewmembers than the actors do, deal with personnel issues, and that will often cause situations of discord, which would not occur if a person was just an actor and not also producing.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 23:34:58 MST

Submitted by: Ed
From: Honolulu

Kalakaua Ave was closed at times today from 8:30 Am to 3:30 PM. They filmed a scene for the last episode of Five-O for this season. I did not go to the shoot, but apparently they would shoot a street scene for about 3 minutes and then re-open the street for 20 minutes. They would move up the street (towards Diamond Head) about 1/2 block and shoot another 3 minutes. Of course, by the time we see it on the air, the background will just be a blur.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 19:00:47 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Well said, Vrinda.

As you pointed out, bosses in other fields wouldn't have tolerated hangovers, etc. One has to wonder why so many people fail to understand why Jack had no tolerance for it. The only reason I can fathom is because they did not realize he was a producer and interest owner in the show. Thus, they saw him as a high-handed star, who was throwing his weight around, instead of like the boss, who was laying down the law.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 14:31:44 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

James MacArthur said something similar about it, that Jack "... was a consummate professional who always came to work fully prepared. This was also important to me, so we always got along just fine. Jack was very perfectionistic and always demanded the best from himself and the people around him. He had little tolerance for those who didn't hold themselves to the same high standards, which is probably where the rumors of him being difficult to work with got started."

To put it simply, if you came to set ready, willing, and able to work, Jack liked you. If you came to the set thinking you were on Spring Break, you would soon regret it. I can't blame Jack for getting angry and fighting with those actors who were less than professional. This was their job, their livelihood, and whether or not they continued to get work depended on them taking their jobs seriously.

Most of the guest stars on Hawaii Five-O were working actors, people who were not huge stars who could pick and choose their roles - like Harold Gould, Ed Asner, Vera Miles, etc. - but actors who had to take every part they were getting to earn a living, and people in between the two positions.

Acting may not be as important to society as teaching, law enforcement, healthcare, engineering, and certain other professions, but it's a profession nonetheless that requires attention, dedication, professionalism, and seriousness. People do it not just because the enjoy it, but to earn a living, like a teacher, nurse, policeman, or engineer would. If anyone in any of these professions showed up for work drunk or displayed bad behavior in other ways, they would be fired, and no one would criticize their boss for firing them.

I think because the acting profession is seen as trivial those involved as spoiled and carefree, that even those in the profession embody those stereotypes and bring them out when they go to work, even when they are living paycheck to paycheck.

That may have been the mentality of some of the guest stars which they brought to Hawaii with them, and Jack had to bear the brunt of it, being the producer and coming into contact with them more frequently than if he was just a reciting his lines and doing nothing more.

These people were coming for a guest appearance for 7 or 8 days, while Jack was on the set 9-10 months out of the year, seeing these guest stars come and go, with different attitudes. He would have seen the professional and unprofessional and developed a mindset towards each. Those who cared about the job got his respect and those who did not care got chewed out. It's inevitable and understandable.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 12:06:36 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

>Have you ever heard this quote made by any other actor who was on the show?<

That sounds an awful lot like a paraphrase from the Michael Anderson Jr. interview which includes this line...

"I’ve heard some stories from people I’ve talked to, Marj Dusay, others who did guest spots, and they said that he was fine, but a lot of actors apparently would go down to Hawaii thinking it was a vacation, go out and get drunk and come in hung over the next day, and he would go through the roof."

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 10:11:37 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

There is another forum which discusses Five-0 (mostly the new show, I think) here:


So far, there are 330 pages of comments.

On the current last page, I like this one:

The show runners have repeatedly said this show is "event television," which apparently means "big dramatic gestures that turn out to make no sense."

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 09:59:45 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Grace Albertson was the wife of actor Frank Albertson who died in 1964, before Five-O was even on the air. Frank is no relation to Jack, the actor from Chico and the Man. Frank Albertson played Tom Cassidy in Psycho, the guy that Janet Leigh steals the money from at the beginning of the film. I don't think Grace Albertson was a "quotable" person, i.e., she was not famous to the extent that newspaper reporters would ask her for a comment on something.

By the way, Grace was born on August 4, 1919 and is still alive today, according to IMDB.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 09:53:45 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Mike: "Vrinda, Meyers has a good line commenting on the Zulu firing: Nothing written about Lord from that point on could be taken at face value or completely believed."

Mike, I did see that line and would have written about it, but I already went over the character limit and had to cut down on my original post.

Meyers is right that nothing written about Jack at that point or afterwards can be believed. I should also add, much of the stories told about Jack were just reprints from certain previously-published articles, like the TV Guide one. Many magazines reprinted Dwight Whitney's article, passing it off as their own information, sometimes changing certain words around to make it look different. If Jack was really behaving the way the press claimed he was, they would have more various and fresher stories with which to work.

As for the last item, there was a Grace Albertson who played Dr. Landis in "Force of Waves." Maybe Meyers confused her name with Jack Albertson?

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 08:46:02 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Vrinda, Meyers has a good line commenting on the Zulu firing: "Nothing written about Lord from that point on could be taken at face value or completely believed."

There were a few errors in this article which I have corrected. But there is one thing that I can't track down, specifically this quote, which has been commented out:

"If you’re ready to work,” said guest star Jack Albertson (of Chico and the Man, 1974-78, fame), "and know your lines, you have a wonderful time. But if you’re expecting a vacation, forget it.”

Problem with this quote is, Albertson never appeared on the show. Have you ever heard this quote made by any other actor who was on the show?

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 08:33:29 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Yes, Mike we talked about this before a year ago about Quo Vadis and Taylor's performance being off. I agreed with you at the time and still do. You're right, there is something stilted about it, and they were looking for someone else but Taylor was what fell to them. They even wanted Elizabeth Taylor, if I remember right, for the Deborah Kerr role, but something stopped E. Taylor from taking the role.

I agree Taylor wasn't the best but it was good enough where it didn't wreck the movie like Sofia Coppola in Godfather III, but it wasn't great which probably prevented it from reaching the status of a film like Ben- Hur which I think the rest of the film deserved. I did forget about Taylor's performance not being the best.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 08:33:03 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow, I agree with you about those old films, but I have big problems with Quo Vadis, specifically the lead character played by Robert Taylor. There is something a bit "off" about his performance. I should qualify this by saying that I don't particularly like Taylor as an actor in other films either. I have discussed this a lot with a friend of mine who is a major fan of this film, and the conclusion seems to be that Taylor was the best actor available for the part at the time, probably the best actor under contract to M-G-M. Among the other people who were considered were Gregory Peck (too nice, in my opinion), Stewart Granger (would have been better, but he is too macho, not really that dramatic an actor) and even Clark Gable!

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 08:18:58 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Ringfire: I totally agree with you. Today everything "evil" is romanticized because it is cool. The heroes of these shows are all bad guys, which shows how warped society has begun. As you know, I loved Quo Vadis and The Robe and thought the acting was first rate.

Joel: I am someone who has always loved newspapers and it is nice for me to see someone who is still in the industry for as long as you have been. You are right, what has happened to newspapers as far as lack of staffing is a shame. Those of us old enough to remember will say there was nothing more special than a big newspaper that was fully staffed putting out multiple editions during the day.

Meyers contention that the old Hawaii Five-O was not as well respected or beloved as other shows I quibble with a little. I have found that people seem to rave about the old show whenever I bring up that it is my favorite show of all time. It seems to me, in my personal experience, that the old Five-O is widely admired and respected for so many things: It's theme song, iconic logo, scenery, and great plots with those slam bang endings. I have never had anyone in real life(meaning not on the internet)ever say to me that they didn't think much of it.

Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014 07:06:08 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Thanks for the link, Mike.

Meyers describes Steve McGarrett and Jack’s portrayal of him in an accurate manner. McGarrett was an intense, fiery character, and they needed a man as intense and fiery in real life to play him. Jack had the dedication as to bring that role to life, the dedication being encouraged by Stanford Meisner.

However, there is still gossip and twisted facts in Meyer’s narrative which I want to address. For example, he brings up Jack saying there were no co-stars, only featured players. Jack never said such a thing. There is no proof, in print, audio, or film, of Jack making such a comment. Journalist Ben Wood wrote a column for a Hawaiian newspaper, and he referred to Kam and Zulu as the local stars. According to Wood, someone from calling himself a press agent from CBS called Wood to tell him that no one on the show, not even JMac, was the star. Only Jack was. Wood then went on to say that CBS press agent told him the rest were "featured players.” Wood did not say that the press agent told him that those words came from Jack, but from CBS’s management. Wood wrote about this incident in a later column, and then two CBS vice presidents contacted him and asked him to print a retraction. Ever since that time, Wood continued to refer to Kam and Zulu as co-stars, he claimed, to irk Jack, though I doubt Jack cared. All this was written about in Dwight Whitney’s September 1971 TV Guide article. The journalist Don Donnelly took the incident and wrote it into a sketch that was performed at a roast. Whitney also wrote about that in the article. A lot of people who can’t read twisted those statements around have said Jack made the comment. People didn't know punctuation when they saw "Jack Lord” in quotes, they didn’t read the quotation marks.

Meyers said the bad press started in 1969, and references an interview Jack didn’t do until 1974 ("Jack Lord Defends His Billing as Star” by Jerry Buck, AP, March 19, 1974), and the Dwight Whitney article didn’t come out until September of 1971. In 1969, Hawaii Five-O was not yet a hit, and it was just starting to gain ratings. The only article TV Guide ran about Jack in 1969 was a standard biography. The first negative press about him that I found was an article by Gene Farber from a defunct magazine called TV Radio Show, dated May 1971, titled "Jack Lord Confesses: ‘I’m Gulity!’”. In that article, Farber makes all sorts of stupid accusations, and that Jack tried to have a top dog in CBS’s West Coast publicity department fired (no name was given), that he had his publicist write a ten-page one.

As for the William Finnegan incident, Finnegan brought a visitor to the set when he shouldn’t, and Jack walked. Lt. Gov. Ariyoshi talked him into coming back. CBS looked for a replacement – which was protocol – but CBS did not threaten to fire Jack (TV Radio Mirror, February 1975). Production manager Bernard Oseransky said, in an interview with the Archive of American Television, that Finnegan thought the show was his show, when it wasn’t. Leonard Freeman and the other producers made an agreement that Finnegan would finish out the rest of the season, but he would not work with Jack. Jack and Oseransky would read and edit the scripts, which Finnegan normally did. No one was clear as who said what to whom on a daily basis, but if it was Jack causing trouble, more people would have said so, instead of going by tabloid gossip and putting a negative spin on all of Jack’s actions.

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 22:12:34 MST

Submitted by: Joel D.
From: North Idaho

Been away a while and missed the "Best Season 1 episode" discussion.

As many mentioned, they're all great shows, but "The Box" is probably my favorite, for several reasons:

1. The tension of having most of the drama in such a close space. The fact it was resolved without (much) bloodshed would never happen on a cop show today.

2. Gavin "Love Boat Captain" MacLeod is great again as Big Chicken. And he gets a well-deserved beating from McGarrett.

3. Most of all, as someone who's been working at newspapers for 20-plus years, it was funny to see Swanson's gripes about conditions at the prison make the front page and defuse the situation. Good thing they had multiple editions and an afternoon paper back then!

Hell, if police asked us to do that these days, we'd probably have no one available to take the call, let alone hang out in the prison press room.

And as a copy editor, I'd feel horrible if a typo in Swanson's name caused him to pull the trigger on McGarrett … (grin)

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 21:02:57 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Rick Meyers isn't 100% on course, but he does make some strong points; e.g., about the strength of McGarrett as a character and how Jack was able to provide that strength. He made a point that has been bandied about: "Jack was McGarrett, and McGarrett was Jack." In the media, it was said that McGarrett was an amped-up version of Jack. He probably was, thanks to Sanford Meisner and 20 years of hard-earned experience.

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 20:32:02 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I have just added the chapter on Five-O from Ric Meyers' classic book Murder on the Air: Television's Great Mystery Series to the site.


I would highly recommend this book, which contains chapters on numerous other detective/cop shows, including Peter Gunn, Harry O, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Dragnet, Magnum P.I. and The Rockford Files.

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 15:23:22 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

People like to criticize overacting. But I must say there's a certain joy to be had from watching an "overacting" performance. Many an actor chewed up the scenery back in the day. Think of Peter Ustinov in QUO VADIS. Think of Jay Robinson's Caligula in THE ROBE and its sequel. Think of any number of Bond villains. They added much needed color and gusto to the proceedings. Say what you will but I'll gladly take a helping of "overacting" over the blank-eyed stare and mumbling of today's "realistic" actors.

The other thing is that back in the day the heroes were always the good guys. They were always role models. Think of the Cartwright boys on BONANZA. Think of Marshal Dillon on GUNSMOKE. McGarrett. Mannix. Columbo. Mike Stone. Richard Kimble. Michael Knight. Marcus Welby. MacGyver. Heck, the A-Team even! Nowadays the heroes aren't even the good guys anymore. The "hero" in BREAKING BAD cooks crystal meth and eliminates his competition through murder. The "hero" in DEXTER is a serial killer (from what I've heard). The "heroes" in SONS OF ANARCHY are a bunch of murderous biker thugs. Can you even imagine someone in the 60s or 70s pitching an idea to TV executives about having a new kind of hero - a serial killer? They'd either think you're depraved or have a good laugh about it. No one would take something like that seriously. But today anything goes. A great shame!

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 14:43:26 MST

Submitted by: Glenn
From: Orlando, FL (USA)

If anyone is interested in two Morton Stevens' scores that are going for real cheap right now, check out the link to get over to Buysoundtrax.com:




I have these and they are great!

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 13:34:32 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Thank you, Rainbow! That means a lot.

Good points, too, H5O 1.0.

I should also add, the intellectual method of crime-solving was employed on every cop show of that era, because the writers were trying to keep in line with the way police officers in real life solved cases. It was not shoot first and ask questions later. The occasional car chase, shoot out, fist fight, and explosion were there, but there was a context for them - as Jack explained in an interview.

If his McG beat up suspects and used other types of physical force like Alex's McG does, H5O would have been cancelled as soon as it hit the air. Cop shows followed the pattern of using logic, reasoning, gathering and analyzing evidence, eliminating suspects, and drawing in on the ones to whom the evidence points. The detectives were not following a domino effect where one even leads to another, like in the new show.

People don't give Jack the credit he deserves. If he's serious, they call him wooden. If he shows emotion, they say he overacts. How stupid can these people be? That shows they have no perception of emotions and personality traits. Like H5O 1.0 said, Jack learned method acting, where he had to infuse his own emotions into the character he was playing. That is how he became one with the character.

It's not seen in modern television as much, leading to the actors looking like they are not a part of the story, making for less believable characterization.

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 09:28:12 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

I totally agree with you Vrinda. Always good to read you in the forum!

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 06:57:33 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Jack's McGarrett took an intellectual approach to problem (case) solving. He paced as he pondered, snapping his fingers along the way as sought the answers. He used chalk boards, map boards, and graphic illustrations to chart his course. All showed the audience what narrative tells in print media: the thoughts, the points considered, and the yeas and nays of each.

As for Jack's getting into his character, he studied method acting under the prominent acting coach Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, where he learned how to draw on his own thoughts and emotions to give his character depth. He went on to hone his craft at the Actor's Studio. He learned his lessons well and brought down the house on Broadway, on film, and on television. If a producer wanted an actor who could emote, he called for Jack. McGarrett definitely had emotions, and Jack let them show.

Method acting isn't as popular as it once was, but it should be, and the proof is in the comparison between H50 1.0 and 2.0. You see it every week.

Added: Monday 17 March 2014 04:27:50 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ


The original McGarrett was older than Alex's McGarrett, and was not trained as a seal, but as a Naval intelligence officer. Hence, he would not have the same background.

Jack Lord's McGarrett was more intelligent, sophisticated, dedicated, law-abiding, and respectful. He knew how to talk to people on different levels and fit in with his surroundings. He cared for his men, and the feelings were returned. He respected them, and under his leadership, the Five-O team was more efficient and credible.

Alex's McGarrett is an action hero. He can do all those physical stunts, but lacks any of the humanity and depth Jack's McGarrett had. Alex's McG goes through the motions but does not seem a part of it. It's as though he is removed from the actions, just questioning people and tackling bad guys, and arguing with Danny along the way.

Jack's McG cared about the people he was protecting, showed compassion for victims, and contempt for suspects who were not cooperative. Whether he was discussing a case with his men, briefing the governor, comforting a victim, threatening a gangster, interrogating a suspect, or haggling with an informant, Jack put his all into the scene, and made it look like he really was a police officer and took the viewers into the scene with him.

The writers of the new show don't even give Alex those kinds of discourse, but even in the scenes he does get, he falls flat in the characterization, unless it's something physical. There were a few scenes where Alex nailed it dramatically, but they are few and far between. The immersion and life is not there in him in the dramatic scenes like it is with Jack.

Added: Sunday 16 March 2014 16:32:31 MST

Submitted by: judy
From: western pa

hello hfo fans wondering what youall think of the new mcgarrett vs jack lord's mcgarrett

this mcgarrett seems more youthful and his seal training a plus over the jack lord mcgarrett

like the new hfo with the shootem up & chase scenes agree with dan on that

jerry could use a haircut and a shave

this mcgarrett mystery with his mother is a good storyline

my favorite hfo episodes classic are the wo fat ones--the 90 second war and fob honolulu to name a few--the fake tsunami one too.

Added: Sunday 16 March 2014 12:42:16 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Dan, if you want to watch the rest of the show, go to cbs.com where you can find whole episodes. I have done this occasionally if I want to check out some dialog that I can't understand because the streamed episodes there have closed captions. Since I am in Canada I shouldn't be able to see this at all (they would prefer that you go to Global TV's site in Canada), but I am using a special service that allows me to overcome this kind of geographical restriction. What is funny -- there are commercials during the streamed shows and some of the commercials that I am seeing are obviously aimed at CANADIAN audiences, so something knows that I am still in Canada. As well, be warned that if you want to start watching the show in the middle, you will have to view multiple commercials until the show starts. If you can't start the show EXACTLY at the point you want, but have to keep guessing, moving the slider at the bottom of the screen around, you will have to endure these commercials (which are usually in a bank of 4 or 5) multiple times.

Added: Sunday 16 March 2014 09:48:31 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Well ... "we got screwed last nite" ... no, not the story (which I will get to), but in the broadcast. On Friday nite, H50 was pre-empted for 4+ primetime hrs of the ACC Basketball Tourney. The local CBS affiliate promised a replay last nite (Sat), starting at 1:35am. Good soldier that I am, I set the DVR -- but ALAS, this morning I found that I only got the final half of the episode. The TV mensa's here started the Damn broadcast at 1am !

So I picked it up wayyy too late to get a decent feel for it, yet from what I am seeing here, the story was so convoluted it didn't add up to one of the more stellar productions, haaa! I can only read what the group is reporting, and make a few spot comments here and there. Scenes I liked? : The girl turning on Tommy in the car, when they finally were stopped by HPD. Then in "the blue room" Steve & Kono busting her chops -- good stuff, I liked the way they shot her story down ! I also was intrigued by the last second clandestine meeting between Steve and the Agent (who was last seen several months ago, being grilled by my Buddy Joe White!) This guy plays his part very, very well -- and only gave the bare minimum of info to Steve... obviously THIS is to be CONTINUED. Now the bad parts: the whole ending of the "Mom divorce saga"... the scene was utterly ridiculous, with the only bright lights being Danno as the host (with a fully-tied tie, A FIRST!), and the charming Grace making for a great little waitress ! I want Melanie Griffith to go East with her Husband; and I think it's a total shame that Tom Berenger was so poorly used here -- he deserves much better. I suspect (and hope) owing to the success of the show, it was good payday for him ! And then finally, there's "Jerry". I am praying that my take on his presence IN THIS CRIME DRAMA takes a turn for the better. His whole "I'm a big, cuddly, harmless Teddy Bear, but I'm an expert -- and I just KNOW you love me" shtick is SOOO LAME. MAX, please come back ... KOMEKONA, where are you when we NEED you so desperately ?!? Hope the show bounces back next week !

Added: Sunday 16 March 2014 07:32:58 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I enjoyed this HFO episode. They streamlined it to one crime of the week. Kelly sure was a psychopath. Faking beatings of her Dad with Tommy coming to her rescue. Like the twist they put on it that Tommy was used by Kelly. Enjoyed like old HFO the way all pitched in to solve the crime.

Only thing I thought was BS was the insurance policy. The father would have made sure his daughter was taken care of. I would think the policy would be cheaper a month than monthly college fund.

Loved the ending with McG giving the Operative the Picture.Another storyline to Explore. Griffith & Berenger shined in their scene. Great acting & 5 stars. John

Added: Saturday 15 March 2014 19:10:59 MST

Submitted by: Frank
From: S.E. Wisconsin

OK, lets see..Steve's and Danny's so far. So who's next to have their mother showcased, Max?

Added: Saturday 15 March 2014 14:25:14 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The writing for the crime of the week part of the show was bad, harkening back to unbelievable plot lines full of peculiar twists and red herrings in earlier episodes.

The 16-year-old Kelly got access to a commercial database where she ran a criminal record check to find someone she could dupe into being a fall guy for her scheme to collect the insurance money (seriously). She chose Tommy Fa’aloa, child of a bad home who had constantly been in trouble with the law since he was 12 years old. Tommy just happened to work for Aikapu Auto Repair where she and her father took their cars to be serviced. Some coincidence!

She accessed this database four months before, and then took her car to the garage three months before, which is when she first met Tommy, got romantically involved with him and started calling him, as per her cel phone records.

The business about Kelly inflicting injuries on herself to make it look like her father was abusing her and documenting this photographically and in a journal was very far-fetched. This kid was no Einstein!

She then convinced Tommy that she had to be rescued from her father, which resulted in the violent confrontation during the show’s teaser where the father was shot to death in his house with his own gun. There is no indication whether Tommy disarmed the father, or Kelly intentionally left the gun somewhere for Tommy to find. While this was happening, Kelly looked genuinely concerned at what was going on, as if she regretted that what she had put into play was going too far.

The conclusion of the soap opera with Danno’s mother was equally bad. What a waste of Tom Berenger!

I thought it funny that the most interesting part of the show to me was Jerry’s investigation into the Champ tool box, which should have been the most preposterous.

See my review of the show: http://www.mjq.net/fiveo/2010-log4.htm#17

Added: Saturday 15 March 2014 14:07:20 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

I knew how the crime was going to end up from the beginning. If it was the boyfriend (Tommy) up to no good, but it would be another commonplace Romeo and Juliet story. They instead put in a twist with the girlfriend doing wrong.

Given that she had been bringing her car to that garage for months already, a defense lawyer could easily argue that Kelly was checking on his background for her own piece of mind. That would beg the question of why she took up with him knowing he had a criminal past. Kelly could put on her victim act and say Tommy charmed her and told her changed, etc.

She was careful not to leave too much forensic evidence of hers behind, even pretending to dial 911 and leaving the cell phone for them to find.

Even then, there are a lot more unanswered questions. Kelly knew about the insurance policy, but not that it lapsed? Even if it had not lapsed, would she be able to collect if she was found guilty of murder? I thought she wouldn't be able to. How could she create those fake injury photos complete with fake dates, but not make sure they matched the dates in her diary? If she was crafty enough to fabricate those photos, how could she overlook such an important detail?

The side story with Mrs. Williams was dead in the water from the beginning, and proved it was not needed to start with.

Added: Saturday 15 March 2014 10:24:24 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


I agree, the reconciliation with Danno's parents at the end was hideous. I actually fast-forwarded through it. Was this the whole point of the story arc with Danno's mother? The crime of the week was OK up to a point, but quickly got stupid at the end in a whole bunch of convolutions. For example, the business about the daughter getting access to some database where she picked out her troubled boyfriend who just happened to work for the auto body place where she "met" him later? And the coincidence about her father's life insurance policy expiring? And then there was the ending with McGarrett meeting some CIA guy to inquire about Shelburn(e) related details that Jerry had decoded from the toolbox. How did McGarrett get hold of this guy? Did he just phone up the local CIA office and say "I would like to meet one of your agents surreptitiously to discuss a confidential matter?"

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 20:59:41 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Man the ending sucks

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 20:07:34 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The posting below will be the last one in this discussion. Any attempts to continue it will be deleted and/or access to the forum revoked.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me via the link at the bottom of the page.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 13:48:58 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


I don't even have to respond to your last post. I can just let people read your words and and see for themselves you are an idiot. I will pray for you though, because you need help and obviously have fried all your brain cells with substance abuse.

Your too moronic to be trembling in your boots. You are afraid though which is why you had to try and jump in on my discussion with Dan. You are a coward and a creep.

I'm not hysterical, I'm just laughing at you and enjoying insulting a lib like you.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 13:15:29 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

OK 'bow ... that's all you got, PAL? Looks like you brought the weapons (for show only), but lack the ammo. And don't worry, I won't seek to lower myself to your level, just to "match wits" (puh-lease!) with you. Just give me the facts ... and I will work with THOSE OTHERS that I have sooo disrespected. It'll be in this open Forum, where ALL will see. Until then, you'll be talking to the WALL. Enjoy the show tonite, AMERICA ... !

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 13:03:04 MST

Submitted by: Oscar Van Hemel
From: Seattle, WA

Ooooh, Rainbow, I'm really trembling in my boots.

I guess we will never know how Dan was "disrespectful," based on your last posting. Sure, H50 Forever agreed with you, but maybe the two of you share some kind of ESP-like bond. She didn't say EXACTLY what it was that may have offended you (or both of you) other than -- I am guessing here -- "hold the nostalgia" or words to that effect.

In terms of the hysterical reaction this has provoked from you, especially in regards to myself, this is a true example of a BFD.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 13:01:32 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

I guess it's idiot day in the forum. Dan why you don't check H50's response to mine where she praised what I wrote. That's proof that you had rubbed people the wrong way long before I posted, Case Closed. Move on you lost. You look like that you can't read.

Anybody else want to try and work their mental issues out on the board today? Try to do it one on one, because when you try to do it in numbers you look weak.

This is actually fun. I feel like Bruce Lee swatting the bad guys away. :!muscle:

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 12:44:08 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


Your a coward and a whack job. You've been gone all this time because you couldn't handle me one on one, so now you think you have an opening to come back, which shows how thin skinned you really are, not to mention your lack of courage. The truth was Oscar, not too many people agreed with you, or answered you when you were on this page which is why you haven't posted in god knows how long.

Don't tell me what to do Oscar, you have no intelligence, you're a bully, and I have chased every bully away from this forum by giving them what they have tried to give everybody else. People like you are weak, like to stir it up, and then cry like the babies you are when I call you on it which you are doing now. As far as what I said a few years ago, I'm glad I said it, I stand by it, the person I said it to was mentally unbalanced and never came back. If the sight was closed because of it, I never felt bad, and never would. You see Oscar, I visit this site during my day while I write to pass free time, and if it doesn't come back, it's Mike wishes to do what he wants with the site. He closes it if he wants, he keeps it open, it doesn't really affect my life which I'm sure it does yours. I'll always stand up to abusive personalities so why don't you go crawl back under your rock and stay out of other people's disagreements because you didn't have the stones to handle your own. Oh yeah, put down the weed bro.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 12:30:46 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

A warning ... A Warning ... wait -- let me get this straight -- A "WARNING" ? Wow, 'bow ... you need to chill and get a grip, OK? But instead, I will defer to you, and have you break it down... You have the Floor... Please, by all means, cite instances where I have disrespected others in this Forum. Again, I don't remember referring to any other person who posts here, until this issue -- created by YOU. Give me dates, give me subjects, and give me individuals I have slighted somehow. Show me the error of my ways, and I'll give it up. Just back your claims with facts, dates, and people whom I (inadvertently, I promise) dissed or offed. And while you're at it, point out and remind me of any times that I've been negative toward the original show. I'm standing by... If you bring me something concrete, I'll issue the proper apologies ASAP ... YOU DIG, PAL? I'M READY TO ROCK ... :-)

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 12:28:12 MST

Submitted by: Oscar Van Hemel
From: Seattle, WA

Ah, the thin-skinned Rainbow Warrior is at it again, making bullying threats like "you'll be taken to the Rainbow Warrior woodshed" and "I'll have you foaming at the mouth once I get going,” highly reminiscent of "Don't ever address me like that again before I crush you and humilate you like I always do on this page..." which caused this forum to be closed down for several months a few years ago.

I don’t see where Dan was being "disrespectful.” Is this forum the sacred temple of the old Five-O, only populated by hardcore fans?

Lighten up a bit, Rainbow. You should consider that your off-topic remarks attacking Dan do little other than abuse Mr. Mike’s hospitality for providing this forum.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 12:10:50 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Sigh, another one who doesn't get it. Dan it has nothing to do with you liking the new show, and it just shows that it went clear over your head. H50 knew why I said what I did, and your response shows that you are obsessed with liking the new show.

You are right, your response shows I am wasting my time if you think what I said had something to do with you liking the show. Dude you can like the show until the cows come home, I really don't care about that, but you have showed a lack of respect to others on this site many times, and I called you out. The first time, I did it politely, that was a warning, you ignored it, this time I wasn't polite. You can keep posting seventy times a day about how great the new show is, it doesn't bother me, knock yourself out as I watch the new show every weekend, and want to see it get better, but you want to show a lack of respect to others than I 'll have something to say. You think you're mad at me now, I'll have you foaming at the mouth once I get going.

And that has nothing to do with you liking the new show. You can talk about that all day it's fine with me, and Mike will enjoy the page views and the fact his site has traffic. You dig baby??

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 11:15:01 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Right Ringfire. Singapore File. Brilliant & sizzling episode. Nicole & McG had a great physical chemistry. Loved the scene with Nicole & McG in the back of the produce truck. Wind swept hair & all with an uncertain future.

Nightmare Road paints itself in a córner.Starts out strong but nowhere to go after the shooting.I dont think Mr. Mike gave it a very good review as well. Killer Bee is flat out a creepy episode. The good Vet was more disturbed than the sick one!!!

Congrats Dan on new HFO renewal. I said new HFO would last 8 yrs. Hope Im right. John

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 11:07:59 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

I predict 6 seasons for 5-0.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 10:52:21 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Hey Rainbow -- I can't remember addressing an individual ever before on this site, but since you voice such displeasure with my being pleased that H50 has been renewed, backatcha PAL. You need to know that it's likely that I am one of the "more elder" people here. I watched the original 5-0 from 21-33... I'll let you do the math. I liked it a lot ... but just so happens, I have found that it IS possible to like BOTH. The 1968-80 show was a very serious Police procedural, played close to the vest; this one is more an off-the-cuff, fly by the seat-of-your-pants Police shoot 'em up. What's so wrong with my enjoying both? JL's program was more of an edge-of-your-seat hour, while this one is played more tongue-in-cheek. I started my last entry, remembering that maybe 3/4 or more of the posts on this site are about the original show ... So, don't know where you were going with all that, but no worries -- say what you need to. Just bear in mind, it doesn't change anything on this end. Like (I trust) everyone else here, I say what I like about the show(s), and move on. I don't really care what other readers think ... knowing there is room for all takes, I have ended several of my posts with the words "dissenting opinions welcomed" ... as was YOURS. However, you are wasting your time, if you desire to make this a P------ Contest.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 10:15:01 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

That was for you H50-Have a good weekend folks!

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 09:37:58 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Big Chicken, I'm ready to move forward with the lu'au and paint-in. Just give the word. :D

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 09:10:12 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Well said, Rainbow!

If Our Heavenly Father did not want there to be old people, there wouldn't be old people. Since we are here, we must have something the Almighty thinks this world needs. A trip to the woodshed for the disrespectful seems an appropriate place to start.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 08:26:38 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Ah Dan, you address this board one more time by sarcastically saying "sorry to interrupt all the nostalgia" and you'll be taken to the Rainbow Warrior woodshed, which trust me is a place you don't want to be. Knock it off with being a wise---. These people have forgotten more about the old show than you'll ever know about the new. Would you like me to give you the psychological profile of people who are obsessed with being "hip, young, edgy, now, in the moment." You know like the aging actress who tries so hard to be hip and young she screws up her face with bad plastic surgery? Young people in America better start showing some respect for the older generations in this country, because this "it's old, so it is worthless" crap attitude that they have been peddling has driven this country right into the dumper. The leader of that, Mr. Obama is right in the dumper with that. You stop being an ---, and I will not comment on the fact that the new Five-o being renewed seems like the highlight of your life.

I have to be honest folks I always loved seasons five and six the best. I mean I love season one like you guys do, and the first nine seasons were brilliant, but there is something about the 1970's flavor that does it for me.

Added: Friday 14 March 2014 07:12:54 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Right oooon, Chickie-Bay-Bee! King Manola just ain't no Joe Matsukino. And Toni sure as heck ain't no Harry. Noooo waaaaay, bay-beee! Patty Duke or no Patty Duke. Don't matter. And of course Big Chick's absence in "Blanket" goes without saying.

"Of course there were some average ones like Killer Bee & Nightmare Road."

John, they weren't average for me. Love both of them. "Nightmare Road" (great espionage tale) actually makes my top 5 for the second season. "Killer Bee" just falls outside of it by a hair. Another great season!

My top 5:

1. The Singapore File
2. A Bullet for McGarrett
3. Nightmare Road
4. A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead
5. Blind Tiger

Of course I hate leaving out "Killer Bee" and "Just Lucky, I Guess". The former is a pretty creepy episode. The latter has the dynamite Chah-lee Bombay.

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 23:17:28 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Happy Birthday Mingo

Hey H50 Forever, I’m down for the Anderson estate lu'au and paint off. Hopefully we can get as big a crowd as they was for Mingo’s b-day :D

Now dats island livin, man!

Good insights RingFire, two a the main reasons "Pig Blanket” and "Honeymoon” don’t quite measure up to their season one dopplegangers – No Joe Matsukino and nooooo Big Chicken. Cause you gotta have charges, dig? And nobody’s gonna nail anybody while you and me are swingin Harry.:D

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 21:24:48 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

NEWS FLASH, MARCH 13, 2014: Sorry to interrupt all the nostalgia, but HAWAII FIVE-0 has JUST TODAY been RENEWED for SEASON 5. The CBS Friday nite lineup is even more rock-solid with UNDERCOVER BOSS, H50 & BLUE BLOODS ... a FORMIDABLE THREE HOURS, I must say. Sic 'em, STEVE ... and, lest I forget ... Book 'em, DANNO ! To One and All, M A H A L O ! (YESSSS!)

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 19:57:43 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Like the potpourri of Answers for Top 5 season 1 episodes. Shows what an outstanding show Classic Hawaii Five O was in its time & 2014. Forgot Once Upon A Time but I dont know where I would place it.

Season 2 had some great episodes too. My sister's FAV was Forty Feet (Hugh ) High & It Kills! She enjoyed Wo Fat & the brilliant false tsunami warning.

Blind Tiger & A Bullet For McGarrett really shined! Of course there were some average ones like Killer Bee & Nightmare Road. Sweet Terror had so many good elements to it but I wanted to see the strain do more damage on the crops.They solved it too fast. John

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 17:51:54 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Episodes like "Daisies on His Coffin" and "Deathwatch" truly are great episodes (especially the latter). Also if you think about it both episodes were basically remade again in season 5. Danno seemingly shooting an unarmed kid yet again in "Pig in a Blanket", and McG again having to protect a witness in a hotel so that she can testify against a mobster she worked for in "Thanks for the Honeymoon". Slightly tweaked here and there but the basic premise is the same.

And while I love both of those season 5 episodes you gotta admit they don't seem as fresh or as powerful as "Daisies" and "Deathwatch". So while season 5 was the show's highest rated season (and a great season it was) it just doesn't quite have the power or the freshness of that inaugural season. Save for the Vashon trilogy.

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 17:18:23 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine, FL

During the original run I missed the 1st season. Didn't catch on until Blind Tiger (which really blew me away when I was teen.) So I had to wait until syndication to see the 1st season. So here are my favs from season 1.

1. Once Upon a Time (Part 1 & 2)
2. Yesterday Died
3. Daisies
4. The Box (which I didn't realize Charlie Swanson character was in an earlier episode.
5. Pray Love Remember

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 15:23:50 MST

Submitted by: Otto Mannix
From: New York, NY

My Season 1 picks, in no particular order:
-Full Fathom
-And they painted...
-The Ways of Love
-Tiger By the Tail
-One For the Money

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 14:06:15 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Season One picks:

1. And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin

2. Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born

3. The Pilot

4. King of the Hill

5. Once Upon a Time (Parts 1 and 2) (Do they count as one?)

I had the pleasure of speaking to John D.F. Black a few weeks ago. He is a funny, delightful man. He told me so many stories about his time on the show, from what he could remember. I told him Big Chicken was a slimeball and he agreed! I also told him about how Daisies was my favorite episode and that the scene where Steve beats up Big Chicken stayed with me all these years after I first saw it. At first, Mr. Black apologized, thinking the scene scared me, but I told him it didn't. I liked that scene and Big Chicken deserved what he got.

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 10:25:38 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Season One Favorites

1. The Box

2. King of the Hill

3. Once Upon A Time (parts one and two)

4. Pray, Love, Remember

5. The Ways of Love

Actually, the the whole show from 1-11, I loved.

Mike, Michelle Borth needs to learn what so many people need to in the modern age. Just stay off Twitter and social media. You'll be a much happier person. People will love you or hate you, no matter what you do in life. Just be you and don't get too high on love or down on criticism. It's just words.

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 07:29:29 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Okay, Big Chick. We'll skip the Spam-What-Am. As for the estate, we'll have a big lu'au. Invite everyone we know and feed 'em well. Then, we'll invite them back to help paint, etc. Whaddaya say? :D

Added: Thursday 13 March 2014 07:28:21 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Anderson Estate, Oahu

Hey H50 Forever, thanks for linin up that great menu of Hawaiian eats for us at the Andersons, specially the Kalua Pulled Pork! Like the Rainbow Warrior say: Big Chicken does likes to eat. And an island cat can't live on spam and primo alone :D

Bummer to hear those estate digs be a bit run down. Not a big Magnum fan, but lotta good Five-O shot at the estate. My fave ep there would be Da Beast convenin his terrorizing commies to wipe out island sugar cane. Love when Steve-O get in Stoss's face, tellin him he won't make no deal to let em escape. McG seethin wit contempt for the Beast. Very Bondesque how McGarrett bring the whole thing down and even under lock-down he be a lethal threat. Soon Tek Oh do warn Stoss that McG be ruthless.

Hey Mister Mike and RingFire - right on on Season one being the best! Right ON! Besides the late 60's atmosphere and freshness, thought the season had a real bleak police procedural feel. Think a all that time spent crime scenin at Thad's grimey flop house digs in "Painted Daises" or the relentless interogatin of Benny in "Pray Love"

Here is Chick's Fave Five:

Painted Daisies
Pray Love Remember
The Box
24 Karat Kill

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 21:12:03 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Season 1 Favorites:
1. Cocoon
2. Yesterday Died...
3. Once Upon a Time (both parts)
4. Pray Love Remember...
5. The Ways of Love

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 18:35:49 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Favorite season 1 episodes:

1. The Box
2. Deathwatch
3. Yesterday Died...
4. Tiger by the Tail
5. One for the Money/King of the Hill/Full Fathom Five

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 16:36:59 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Agree Ringfire. Season 1 HFO had some outstanding episodes. King Of The Hill still is a FAV. Just fantastic on all levels. Yophet Kotto's performance as Cpl Auston one of the best ever.

Enjoyed the story of Samurai & the trap McG sets for Tokura as well as Full Fathom Five. An impressive debut on Classic HFO. I liked this episode because Danno showed genuine concern for Joyce the undercover police woman. These early episodes Danno & McG have good some good give & take.

The Governor made HFO unique. His presence was usually welcomed by (McG arrert) McGarrett & he always had something important to say. Im glad they had the Governor appear in all 12 seasons.

On Uptight,I would say it was an average episode for Season 1 & the Series. It had some amazing scenes. When the girl jumps off the Cliff,the flashbacks or effects when they took the LSD,the incredible psycho ward scene where Donna was taken, & the scene where the grieving father forces Dr.Stone to eat the pills.

It was a thin story.They did what they couldputting Danno undercover. I thought Zero was there during the initial investigation. Should have known Danno was undercover earlier. Stone was about giving pills to these students to tune out. Not the worst criminal in HFO history. I give HFO 1st season episode Uptight 3.5 stars Out of 6 stars.

JOHN's TOP 5 Season 1 HFO Episodes. 1.King Of The Hill 2.Yesterday Died & Tomorrow Wont Be Born 3.Full Fathom Five 4.The Ways Of Love 5.Six(ox )Kilos/Samurai. What are your FAV HFO Season 1 episodes HFO fans? John :)

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 13:01:03 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"I have just revisited season one's "Up Tight":


Season one is the best!"

Indeed it is! Looking at your reviews I see basically 3 and 4 stars almost across the board for all these episodes. And I fully concur. Maybe what the first season lacked in creative storytelling and deep scripts it more than made up with its late 60s atmosphere and just the raw freshness of the show. Everything just feels so fresh and hip and cool in the first season! Jack Lord in particular is at his best and most cool in the first season. He's like a firecracker in that season. Just check out his scenes with the likes of Big Chicken or Harry Cardonus or Paul Dennison or Dr. Hanson in "King of the Hill".

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 10:31:33 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

The more I think about it,I think the Classic HFO episode Didnt We Meet At A Murder? is a FAV. Always enjoyed the characters Mr.Wellman,Clem Brown,& Miss Sommes. A first rate story.The walk through the carpet company one of my FAV things of the series. The tunneling into the Bank great story.

On this Catherine situation,I've been supportive of Catherine on Mr.Mike's Forum. You can check the old Forum archives.On this Forum site,I think its been mostly pro Catherine 80/20 or better.

I think the early criticisms of Catherine were that what did she do earn a HFO position & that she was beautiful but what else could she bring. Catherine quickly showed her worth in surveillance & the incredible bathroom scene when she wiped the floor with a criminal Type.Showing great moves & techniques in taking down the criminal.

Catherine has been a solid season 4 HFO character. The show should build around Steve & her. I'm sorry that HFO fans or HFO haters have given Michelle grief. She deserves better. John

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 09:52:39 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I don't understand the dislike for Borth either, though I think a lot of this comes from her postings on Twitter (https://twitter.com/michelleborth). Months ago she had kind of a meltdown, and more recently she has made postings like the following. Some people don't like this.

funny how the ones who hate me and 5-0 the most are the ones who just can't stop talking about us..yet you're so over it right? pfffft.
Apparently "Lisa" @_fangirlishness is still angry that i didn't want a moron running a fan site 4 me, n has never gotten over the rejection
I've been called a slut, a whore, a c**t [spelled out in full in the original], a homophobe, accused of sleeping w/my boss, n a crazy bitch for 2 yrs now, and I'm fed up with it.
im so tired of being a doormat to these asshats, i'm choosing to defend myself whether ppl like it or not, at this point i don't really care

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 08:05:06 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


The comment about Michelle Borth below got me curious. I only follow the show, and her character, and because I have a life, I don't follow what is going on with actors personal lives. What is the deal with this hatred of Michelle Borth from fans like the one below. It seems to be very personal from comments I read and have no idea what it is about. I wish they would get off the poor's girls back for whatever reason. I don't understand the hatred towards Borth and the love for Grace. These people who love Grace, I wonder if they knew about Grace's less than friendly way with people, and her lack of love for her job on the new "Five-O"

Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014 07:46:37 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I have just revisited season one's "Up Tight":


Season one is the best!

Added: Tuesday 11 March 2014 20:28:00 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

"Anakala" works for me, Mike. I guess this episode, like "West Palm Beach Nine-0," will be sponsored by Depends, Fixodent, et al. P.S. Does CBS pay well for these scenarios you submit? Should I send my manuscripts to Len Freeman or directly to Jack and Marie for editing? :D

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 19:48:09 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Sorry Mike, I hit submit before I saw the mistake.

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 17:39:22 MST

Submitted by: Nyx
From: Brasil

I didn't really understand why these rumors about Grace Park leave the show. So far only heard rumors about Scott's leaving. My opinion: I do not think any of the four should leave. I think they are important for the series and are missed when they are not in the episode. Love Scott and I love Grace and yes they make all the difference to the group.

As for the other matter (Catherine / Michelle), I would be very happy if she left the show. I was very fond of Catherine in the first two seasons, but I think later the writers lost his hand on her character. As for Michelle, I do not doubt that she represents Catherine as a good character, but as a person, I think she needs to learn to accept opinions on her character and learn to separate things. She is being pretentious and childish.

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 17:13:09 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Uh, Vrinda, it wasn't Rainbow who came up with the idea of Danno in the Amazon, it was me. There are other parallels between what happened in the old and new series in the "next" season, especially the first one on this page:


They wouldn't have to go far to film the "Amazon," since they shot some such scenes for Raiders of the Lost Ark on Kaua'i, not to mention numerous other films.

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 16:38:00 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

H5O 1.0 Forever: "That could work, but wouldn't it be too similar to JMac going on a safari and then decided not to come back when 1.0 was picked up for a 12th season? :D"

I think Rainbow had JMac's departure in mind when he wrote that!

Here's my suggestion: Danny is tracking an escaped convict into the jungle. He and Steve get separated, the convict strikes, killing Danny. Steve then goes on rampage where he is out for blood, and all. We have to give this some closure.

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 16:17:03 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Re: "Maybe they can get Danno taking a tour up the Amazon River and then he suddenly decides not to come back!"

That could work, but wouldn't it be too similar to JMac going on a safari and then decided not to come back when 1.0 was picked up for a 12th season? :D

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 12:03:38 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


You just inspired me. Anyone who is interested, please come up with ideas for how they can kill off the Danny Williams character from the new show.

Mike's idea below was first!

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 11:08:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

German review of last episode:

This line, when translated by Bing via Micro-Slop Internet Explorer (an interesting feature)

Und während das frisch verheiratete Pärchen vom Boot aus dessen Überreste auf der Ozeanoberfläche bewundert, wird es im nächsten Moment von Kugeln durchsiebt.

turns into:

And while the newly married couples from a boat admired its remains on the surface of the ocean, it is sifts through the next moment of balls.

With Google translate:

And while the newly married couple admired from the boat which remains on the ocean surface, it is riddled by bullets in the next moment.

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 10:42:13 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow, I don't think Indian actress Mallika Sherawat's appearance on the show in what is reportedly the second-last episode of this season means she will be a regular cast member, though some people are interpreting things this way. This is because there is confusion when you search for this actress's appearance at Google: https://twitter.com/fiveohomepage/status/443076242061795328/photo/1

According to tvline.com:

The actress will guest-star on the CBS drama as Farah, a woman who has a history with Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), TVLine has learned. When Farah’s son is kidnapped by the Taliban, Catherine and Steve travel to Afghanistan to help her and her husband Amir get him back.
enstarz.com says the following about this Afghanistan show:
"Roses are red, Some can be yellow, One of #H50 is headed to Afghanistan, To save a fellow," Lenkov teased.

Unfortunately, Lenkov didn't go so far as to say who will be heading up this mission. Considering Five-0 only has two members with any likelihood of finding themselves in a war zone, viewers are left to speculate on whether or not it will be Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) or Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth).

Although the Navy no longer employs Catherine, an upcoming look into her past has the potential to bring up some form of Afghanistan flashback. Set to be the second-to-last episode of season 4, the plot will involve a "big, dramatic" romantic arc, according to TV Line.

Lenkov told the site that the upcoming episode will include "some flashbacks to [Catherine's] stint in the military. You'll get to know her as a soldier, when she was actually in the Navy."

On the other hand, McGarrett is seen as the military expert of the group. Still employed by the armed forces, the Navy SEAL is always a prime candidate for any combat missions.
I'm already not getting excited about this episode, because it sounds like another A-Team adventure similar to the team's journeys to North Korea.

I"m sure Sherawat's guest stint will appeal to Five-0's international audience as per the following comments from deadline.com (linked in a previous posting I did below) about Lenkov's contract with CBS being extended another two years (read between the lines, because this does NOT say that the show will be extended for another two years):
Hawaii Five-0 is an important asset for CBS TV Studios as it has a rich off-network syndication deal and is a strong international seller. [Five-0 is very popular in Canada, for example. From what I can gather, Five-0 in India is being simulcast with current episodes, it isn't a season or two behind.]
Maybe they can get Danno taking a tour up the Amazon River and then he suddenly decides not to come back!

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 09:20:49 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

:!dull: This is the bottom line for the new Five-O. They have to cut their losses from the nightmare beginning of the first season in order for this show to be a solid winner. Scott Caan needs to be fired and the Danny Williams character eliminated. It hurts the show, ruins the show, it needs to be done. It is just fact. Please can him. Grace Park needs to be gone as well. Her line readings have no energy, she is lifeless, and her character is just plain boring. The few scenes that Michelle Borth was in she brought energy to the show, and in her few lines she was able to add some crackle to them. I hope the Indian actress will be brought on board to replace Grace, because I just can't take her story line anymore. I don't care about her romance with Adam, it is an eye roll. I can't stand to listen to her and Chin Ho call each other "cuz" one more time, and I can't stand to listen to her read her lines like "Hey, yeah, I'm here, this is what we got, I'm so bored, I want to be back in the states and off this rock. I'm picking up a pay check."

Fire Park, Caan, give Michelle Borth a full time role, and bring the Chinese agent back for more story lines, and maybe we will see what the Indian actress can do. The actress playing the chinese agent had more of a solid take on her role than Grace has had the last two years. The whole Scott Caan thing is just hideous. Cut you losses Lenkov, and move on from these two.

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 08:04:38 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

MR. MIKE, I just read your in-depth review of last Friday's episode. I think you're spot on with your comment on Lou -- I don't want him to get "too nice-n-easy" and become a dough-boy, as we already have one of those out on the Beach. I always check your critiques, as they help me stop to consider red flags & goofs I either missed or dissed while keeping up with the "action"... It's your job to break each story down, often finding the folly in some of the things our HEROES do.

I was very pleased to see that "we" got into the Top 15 last week, which I hope solidifies the chances that H50 will be back for a Season 5. I really enjoy the Show, the Forum, and Your learned feedback ... hope it ALL continues much longer ! I get from the scuttlebutt that's coming thru, that we are headed for a whirlwind finish to this season. I look forward to IT !

(p.s. I hope Xi Chen is not gone forever -- would like to see STEVE McGARRETT make a little road trip in the future. IF so, can't wait for him to convince her that she owes him a favor ... ! He's good at THAT ... HAAA !)

Added: Monday 10 March 2014 07:53:55 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

>Can anyone identify this location?<


Added: Sunday 09 March 2014 14:19:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Can anyone identify this location?


The large white truck parked on the street looks like one of the "honey wagons" used as a dressing room/toilet by movie and TV stars.

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 20:03:24 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

McGarrett was also shot in "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave" (Season 4), when Mondrago's daughter fires at him from the staircase.

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 19:08:06 MST

Submitted by: fran pawlow
From: fairview heights,IL

My husband and I watch the show faithfully. We enjoy the show but hate the loud music they play as background. It drowns out the dialogue and makes it uncomfortable to watch.

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 15:33:30 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Donna--You are right that McG was shot several times. Ove several seasons . Off the top of my head, McG was shot 3 times at close range (nearly dying) by vengeful CPO Joe Trinnian in Season 1 Yesterday Died & Tomorrow Wont Be Born. In Season 7, he was shot (nearly by the shoulder) by Jack Houston. That was at the end of The Two Faced Corpse. Houston was fleeing & hid winging McGarrett.

He was also shot in the arm in Loose Ends Get Hit which expedited Officer Welles as his driver. Vrinda,Rainbow & the other HFO Forum favs can chyme in more. Remember he got the nasty hand wound grabbing Ralston's knife in R&R&R & survived the boat explosion in Force Of Waves. Good comments Donna. John

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 15:09:34 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ


McGarrett was not framed in every other episode, but a total of 7 times, but only convicted once. He was framed for bribery in "The 90-Second War" in Season 4, but was able to clear himself once the imposter was found.

He was framed for killing a man who shot at him in "V For Vashon: The Patriarch" in Season 5. McGarrett was charged with second degree murder and suspended, but his team was able to find the right evidence and exonerate him.

In Season 7, Steve and the whole Five-O team is framed for extortion in "Welcome to Our Branch Office."

Steve was again framed for killing his girlfriend in "Man in a Steel Frame" in Season 9, but he was not indicted or convicted, and he, Danno, Duke, and Chin were able to save the say once again.

In "Nine Dragons," also from Season 9, Wo Fat kidnapped Steve and brainwashed him into denouncing the U.S. That may not count as a frameup, but Steve is implicated in a crime.

In "Last of the Great Paperhangers" in Season 9, he is framed for writing phony checks, but the matter is cleared up in the next scene.

In "Small Potatoes," in Season 11, Steve is framed for gambling when some pompous, jackass gamblers return money that he was using to bet at a casino, but gave him back bills which were used for bribing other police officers and public officials.

I agree about Jack Lord. The man was pure class, inside and out!

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 13:38:16 MST

Submitted by: percy cook
From: harlingin, tx

each series is getting increasingly worse and embarrassing to watch. the latest episode was ruined by giving Dano's mother more than 10 seconds play. her plastic surgeon should have his/hers license revoked and she should not be allowed to speak. the dialogue between Mcgarrett and Dano is getting way to girly. the women on the show are holding it together. the last episode started out go good and quickly went down hill.

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 10:31:04 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

[Preliminary review of last night's show]

The emphasis on this show was on stupid, starting with Grover's guided tour of "what Danno does" (which included a lot of HPD stuff, which Danno does NOT do). Is this happening on Grover's day off? He seemed to be on call, because he would suddenly show up at a crime scene, though these crime scenes had little or nothing to do with SWAT ... like the one where the bodies in the house were rigged with bombs under them, which required the attentions of the BOMB SQUAD. I find it depressing that Grover started out as a hard ass, then turned into McGarrett's BFF, and now is almost a pussycat comic character like Kamekona.

I didn't much like the discussions between Grover and Clara, though at least we didn't get to see her taking part in a crime scene with a gun. The clip from the sneak peek showed her packing heat, which it turned out she was using at the HPD crime simulation scene, presumably in the HPD basement ... but this just gave the script an excuse to have the boss of this shooting range hit on her and later take her out for a date, which increased Danno's panic attacks over his mother's well-being.

Grover showed up at the beginning of the show to have a heart-on-heart with McGarrett, sort of the opposite of last week's show where McGarrett played the counsellor as Grover related why he came to Hawaii. Except this week's encounter was not as good as the previous one.

While the show's teaser was only just over a minute long (usually a good sign, because it means the show is going to spend more time on serious matters), we were then treated to an approximately 30 second flashback to the episode where McGarrett and Catherine went to recover the body of McGarrett's friend who had been left behind in North Korea. McGarrett woke up all sweaty, obviously a buildup to the rumoured upcoming episode(s) where McGarrett will be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The hot 'n' bitchy Chinese CIA operative Xi Chen (Elaine Tan) was pretty serious and brought to mind the equally serious Asuko Sunada in The Capsule Kidnapping from the original show, though their characters were at polar opposites. It didn't take much to figure out that when Jerry was talking to Steve on the docks and you see them from afar, the audio is distorted like SOMEONE IS LISTENING, and indeed it is Xi Chen.

Catherine suddenly appeared out of nowhere after being MIA for several shows and then she gets intelligence information from people in the military who "owe her a favor." Why didn't the show's producers just leave her in the navy?

There was far too much bafflegab from Jerry over the Chinese satellite and Max over god-knows-what during Grover's tour, not to mention the complicated story told by Xi Chen about her boyfriend who betrayed her. There were also lots of questions like when did the people fishing on the boat at the beginning take the pictures of the bad guys on the "treasure hunting" ship ... and howcum this ship crept up so suddenly beside the boat and no one noticed it?

Worse of all, Danno's mother told Grover that in addition to her son who is divorced and living on an island (i.e., Danno) and her other son, Danno's brother the fugitive ("a nice fugitive"), there are two sisters who are "a whole other story." So the big question is: when will these two sisters appear on the show and who will be selected to play these ding-a-lings?

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 09:10:26 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Here's some questions about the HFO episode to ponder. There are several in this fast moving & convoluted episode .

1.How does Jerry know so much info about the Chinese satellites & stuff? McG even looks surprise.

2.Does everyone just have a taser gun laying around?

3.Why does Xi Chen say anything when interrogated by McG? I think the answer she explains that her head would be on chopping block .She was responsible for Quan.

4.Why if you are a criminal like Quan would you use a credit card to buy food,hotel stay,etc? It's easily traceable & a timeline to your activities.

5.Why would Grover a high ranking SWAT member be showing Danny's mother around the squad & shooting? The old McG would have never wasted his time like that.A younger officer could have done that.

6.When will Jerry be made a member of HFO? He pretty much solved the entire case. Five O headquarters will be crowded. Like the 1988 Democratic Primary with the Seven Dwarfs.

7.Who's going to pay for the damage in McG's car when Xi Chen smashed out the window?

........Not all bad.Saw the Great regal Catherine & the bomb squad suits looked really authentic. The last shootem up Dan likes was great action. You want to like these HFO characters more but they keep you at arms length. I like the McG grieving his friend PTSD type talk with Lou. They can expand that storyline later. John

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 08:44:17 MST

Submitted by: Donna
From: Virginia, USA

Loved H5O growing up. Have been watching on METV. It seems like "they" have blown up the H5O office multiple times. It also seem McGarett gets framed for murder or some other crime every few eps. Does anyone know how many times the office was blown up during the series? How many times they attempted to frame McGarett and how many times he was shot.

As a child watching I was smitten with Jack Lord. As an adult now I can see that he was impeccable in his manner and style of dress. Nothing out of place. Just a cool dude.

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 07:05:28 MST

Submitted by: KD Mcgarrett
From: Tampa..Hawaii. confused

Indian actress Mallika Sherawat has been offered a role on the show. It would be interesting to see what role she is going to play.

Added: Saturday 08 March 2014 05:49:31 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Interesting episode or beautiful mess. Im leaning toward beautiful mess. At times,this wandered into A Bird In Hand territory & Seagal's Out For A Kill.

A promising start with 3 people enjoying time in the ocean & suddenly gunned down & executed. Think Double Exposure. These people were killed in less than 5 minutes.

Things quickly disintegrate with Danny's mom getting a nice tour of HFO & some gun range practice compliments of Capt.Grover. Jerry knows too much info on these secret Chinese satellite launches & even manages to taser a beautiful Chinese agent Xi Chen.

The beautiful Chinese agent quickly spills the beans on the mastermind Quan who she's chasing. He wants to get info to sell to the highest bidder which would show US sub & ship positions. This could lead to attacks on US ships.

McG gets no help from Admiral & must dig for clues. Steve trusts Xi Chen really she's all he has. Nice shootem up at end. 3 stars.John

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 23:50:15 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

"The onscreen time of Danno's Mom was minimal"?

I think the operative word here was "interminable."

You did watch Grover giving her a guided tour, right?

Danno's mom was on screen for about 9 minutes and 47 seconds total. When you remove the main and end titles, that works out to almost 25% of the whole show.

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 22:03:33 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

OKAY, a quick look at tonite's installment... it was definitely an improvement over last week's episode. Steve was back to being relentless, the onscreen time of Danno's Mom was minimal, and we got a hot, sexy little number called "Xi Chen" to look at for the majority of the hour. It gave us a dose of "international intrigue", complete with a less than cooperative Navy Admiral. I'm still deciding whether "Jerry" is tolerable. The pacing was quick enough that I didn't worry about credibility issues -- I'll leave that to the REST of YOU ! I got my Shoot-em-Up, so I'm HAPPY.

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 21:13:24 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Rainbow, you're on!

Day 1 - Lomi-Lomi Salmon (Not a problem)

Day 2 - Loco Moco (Okay!)

Day 3 - Kalua Pulled Pork (Crank up the imu, guys)

Day 4 - Saimin (topped with fresh Asian vegetables and your choice of leftover salmon or kalua pulled pork)

Day 5 - Lau Lau (I've gotta find a recipe for this) :D

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 19:30:20 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Can we look forward to another TWO YEARS of the new Five-0?


"Now in its fourth season, Hawaii Five-0 is an important asset for CBS TV Studios as it has a rich off-network syndication deal and is a strong international seller."

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 16:35:40 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine FL

Elpidio is the latinized male gender name meaning "Hope"

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 16:10:04 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

H50 Forever,

I'll pick up the tab for you, so you can stay at the estate, you'll just have to show us how to cook up some fine Hawaiian dishes. Big Chicken likes to eat! :D

Added: Friday 07 March 2014 08:40:50 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

1. Clem Brown vs. Jase Gorman -- Jase Gorman

2. Alicia Warren vs. Dr. Farrar -- Dr. Farrar (no contest!)

3. Aku vs. Curt Stoner -- Curt Stoner (no contest!)

4. HRH vs. Honore Vashon -- Honore Vashon

5. Wendell Stoner vs. Jimmy Nuanu -- Wendell Stoner (no contest!)

6. Ralston vs. Filer -- Lewis Avery Filer (no contest!)

7. El Pidio Acuna vs. Hawkins -- a tie

By the way, it's "Elpidio". "El Pidio" would translate to "The Pidio" and I have no idea what that is. :D

Added: Thursday 06 March 2014 14:22:23 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

John brought up a good point about ratings. I think both Mr. Mike & the HFO Classic fans have been very judicial about their criticism of new Hawaii 5-0.They have praised it in the Pearl Harbor,Chin Ho interrogation episode & several Season 4 episodes. They have brought the hammer when necessary such as Doris & the ridiculous carguments.

Here's some fun on another cold Pgh night.Who did you like better Classic HFO character?

1.Clem Brown vs.Jase Gorman--The Payoff

2.Alicia Warren--Death Mask vs. Dr.Farrar--A Bullet For McGarrett

3.Aku vs. Curt Stoner--Hookman

4.HRH vs. Honore Vashon

5.Wendell Stoner--A Distant Thunder vs. Jimmy--The Last Eden

6.Ralston--R&R&R vs. Filer--Over Fifty? Steal

7.El Pidio Acuna--Savage Sunday vs. Hawkins--For A Million--Why Not?

Have a good night! John

Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 20:03:57 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

>John, you can rant and rave all you want about how bad
>the new show is... However, the ratings, which are all
>anyone really cares about at CBS-Land

Uh, I think you are making a mistake in judgement. First of all, this forum is not CBS-land. We are not concerned about making a profit and making high ratings (which is all about money and profit anyway). Money is not in our minds--just the show itself

CBS-land ratings do not speak to the quality of a show--they speak to the viewing audience, and it says nothing about the QUALITY of that viewing audience. I don't care if 1 billion people watch Hawaii Five-O, that does not make it a good show. If the audience is a sick and perverse audience as a whole, it just would then reinforce that the show is also sick and perverse.

So when I speak of a show being good (Blue Bloods) or bad (Hawaii Five-O), the ratings don't make the case either way, and are totally irrelevent as to any discussion about the quality of a show.

I think many people on thus forum know what a "good" is, because there are way more negative comments about the new Hawaii Five-0 than positive comments.

I also personally believe the better a show is the worse the rating will be, because this society as a whole is so sick with stupidity, superficiality, and violence, dumb movies and TV, and is sex-craved to the core, that it can not recognize a good show anymore. So then naturally ratings would not be that high for any good show, if you were to use ratings in any sense to determine the quality of a show.

I am very careful with what I watch. I do not want to fill my mind with make-believe and waste my time on earth with make-believe that had real no connection to real life that way we live it and see it and feel it. So, I watch mostly documentaries, etc. I rarely watch TV now becasue so much is just total fakery and non-real world. But if I find something good in the non-documetarey genre, it is refreshing.

Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 16:25:18 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The Retroist podcast referenced below said these were the top five episodes of the original Five-O:

1. I'll Kill 'Em Again
2. The Ransom
3. Cry, Lie
4. One Big Happy Family
5. Over 50? Steal!

Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 14:58:42 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

No tent city, then. Well, let me look in the mattress. Maybe I can find a few quid. :D

Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 13:33:25 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"Hey Rainbow Warrior, RingFire

Lookin forward to buyin into the Anderson Estate with you cats and H5O Forever."

As Ralph Mingo would say "That's mo betta!" :) I can't think of a better place on the island where I'd want to stay. Of course my image of the place is how I remember it from the show (and MAGNUM). Nowadays it's apparently run down. Still, with a little (or a lot) TLC the place can be whipped up into the "far out" and "happenin'" place that it used to be, bay-bee!

So quit gassing, you guys. Because there's no way, bay-bee, but NOOOO WAAAAAAAAY that we're passing up on this chance! Noooo waaaaay!!

Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 12:02:14 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oak Trees

Gee, guys! I'd love to go in with you and buy the Anderson Estate. The only problem is my wallet is a little empty right now. Could we hold the shebang at Tent City, instead?

Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 05:28:05 MST

Submitted by: Charlie Bombay
From: Brisbane

Love the site! I've just made myself watch all 12 seasons through again (maybe could have done without the last two) - moving onto 'new' five-o next!

We're going back to honolulu in April - can't wait.

Mike - keep up the great work!


Added: Wednesday 05 March 2014 04:07:08 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Out West

Hey Rainbow Warrior, RingFire

Lookin forward to buyin into the Anderson Estate with you cats and H5O Forever. Man, we can throw some a them wild parties like Mingo and Akamai, but witout the stag films and toxic shellfish.

And wese can drink up alot a Primo beer, which was Chin Ho's favorite. Check out them cases he got in his garage when him and Steve do the necessary Reconnaissance in "Rest in Peace, Somebody"

As Jerry Parks would say "Far out, Bay-beeee!!"

Added: Tuesday 04 March 2014 22:25:15 MST

Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Chiming in, following the comments of the Rainbow Warrior on last Friday's episode... I earlier posted a less than sparkling take on the 2/28 hour -- that many of us had been sooo looking forward to (as it t'was a newie !).

I've been a big supporter of the new series from Season 1 to now, but the "Danno's Mom" theme was a step back to toward mediocrity. Sorry, with the possible exception of the "Carol Burnette Thanksgiving episode", the writers are just not great at family visits. DORIS was a total disaster, and again I say I don't want to see that character in another episode, for any reason. It's easy to like Melanie Griffith, but to have Mom and "her baggage" be the focal point of the hour was just too much. I'd rather have seen Lou's ordeal expanded, with Steve pulling a little extra weight to squelch that reporter -- what we got was a confrontation between those two that was soft and weak. The crime with the bodies in the wall stretched credibility, but not so much that the highlight we left with was Max's poorly-timed, tasteless impersonation of Leatherface. On my best day, I'd only give it 1.5 on Mr. Mike's rating scale.

Now to the crew ... unlike Rainbow, I DO like Grace as Kono, as well as Michelle in the Cath role. I think they both are great eye candy, hold their own in the scheme, and can kick-ass with the best of 'em. Remember when Kono took down the enemy agent, who was posing as the assistant Attorney, when the witness-protected Girl went to Court? Also, remember when Cath went to the bar, lustfully lured the target guy into the restroom and layed the Wood to him? Hell, I want to keep both of them around, just for those moments !! haaa ! Finally, though I want to strangle him 85% of the time, Danno (in the hands of Scott Caan) needs to stay. He's ridiculous, whiny, and can't shut his mouth (let us return to the episode where he and Steve were walking into the building ... Danno had been all over Steve during the drive there, and just wouldn't let go -- until Steve stopped dead in his tracks and said " I'll pay you cash money right now to stop talking ! " ... A SIGNATURE MOMENT in the series ! ) I will just say that Danno is a necessary evil. Eliminate him, and we have no more "Butch & Sundance" -- which is essentially what those two bring every week.

Now ... PLEASE tell me that I was hallucinating while watching the preview last Friday, that appeared to show "Carla" was standing next to, or IN a crime scene (coming this Friday). If so, let's GET HER OFF THE ISLAND. I don't take the show too seriously, but I do enjoy it. It is my favorite shoot-em-up. Let's stick to that, GUYS !!! And where is Joe White ?!? Bring him back SOON !

Added: Tuesday 04 March 2014 15:46:14 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Don't ask me why I did this, but I went back and anal-yzed how much time was spent on each of the "components" of the last show:

Danno and Mom soap opera - 17:04
Crime of the week - 13:30
Grover's dilemma - 12:30

Added: Tuesday 04 March 2014 14:44:52 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


I have 5 million, you have 5 million, and then throw in 2.5 million from Big Chicken and H50 Forever each and we can buy in!

The last new Five-O was a return to the bad old days. More of the same from Steve and Danno again, like the first three years, and then Kono was back fully with no Catherine, which is all the recipe for disaster in the new show. Sorry Chin Ho, but I'm not glad that Kono(Grace Park) is back, she is boring and doesn't interest me any more. Look, let's cut to the chase. This new show has the formula for success and that is when Scott Caan isn't in it, and Catherine replaces Kono in the show, it becomes very good. When they go back to the formula that they used Friday night and in the first three years, the show stinks to high heaven. This is the bottom line, they need to get rid of Scott Caan in some way, and move Grace Park out. Michelle Borth moves the show along better and just can do more things with her acting ability. Please no more mom stories!...I can't take it!

Yes, Catherine is the most normal, and I don't care who hates her, I think her character is great and I like what Michelle Borth does with her.

Big Chicken: I loved your post on Gary Cooper and John Wayne. John Wayne said "No one should go to the movies unless they believe in heroes.' Duke, Coop and the Lord all played the finest in heroes!

Big Chicken

Added: Tuesday 04 March 2014 08:54:08 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"Seems like a lot of the later episodes set outside the Hawaiian islands could have been Roger Moore-era James Bond films."

I hope you realize that "Woe to Wo Fat" was set very much ON the Hawaiian islands. In fact right there on Oahu! I think almost everyone by now realizes that Wo Fat's residence is the Anderson Estate (i.e. "Robin's Nest" from MAGNUM PI) where a good number of Five-0 episodes were filmed - Forty Feet High and it Kills, Sweet Terror, The Second Shot, Cloth of Gold, Death's Name is SAM, etc. etc.

The Anderson Estate, by the way, has just been placed on the market. If anyone has $15 million laying around feel free to purchase this piece of paradise.

Added: Tuesday 04 March 2014 01:16:55 MST

Submitted by: Joel D.
From: North Idaho

In reply to John C. of Pittsburgh: Thanks for your comments on "Woe to Wo Fat."

I agree with you, it wouldn't have seemed right for McGarrett to kill off Wo Fat at the end of the series … although after several lengthy sessions of torture at the supervillain's hands over the years, who could blame him?

My critique of the finale had more to do with the overall plot (none of these brilliant scientists could figure out they had been drugged? McGarrett blows his cover by getting caught climbing a tree?).

Seems like a lot of the later episodes set outside the Hawaiian islands could have been Roger Moore-era James Bond films. (Of course, Jack Lord had a part in the first Bond movie, not some lame late-1970s film like Moonraker)

I would have preferred a showdown with Wo Fat on McGarrett's home turf, a battle of wits, with some cameos from the rest of the 5-0 team … but I guess most of the classic team was long gone by 1980. Even Danno.

Added: Monday 03 March 2014 21:44:39 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

The Ways Of Love will be airing on METV-NOON March 4. One of my FAV episodes. Don't understand why the girl jumped out of the car. At least she lived long enough to say the Ways Of Love...

Fantastic episode from start to finish.Love when McG goes undercover in the prison. Barca was a real dirty criminal.Great scene when McG & Barca get the drop on the guard.Tight camera work.They escape the prison while (Batca ) Barca tries to find the jewels.

Barca gets his just end trying to shoot McG.Those jewels sure were deadly.

I was thinking about the new HFO.Maybe,the mistake was naming the characters the same as the iconic ones. Say they were names Adam & Wayne.The top 2 guys. Less vitriol maybe. John

Added: Monday 03 March 2014 21:11:27 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle, Home to Toomey and Lew

Hey John, on "Woe to Wo Fat," I dig your ideas for wrappin up Five-O, ie "Maybe,they could have Wo Fat take Steve hostage inside Iolani Palace & have a recap all of their epic battles in flashback. McG would be roughed up but survive the encounter.Wo Fat captured."

Even though it don't live up to classic Wo Fat encounters like "Nine Dragons" or "Jinn who Cleared the Way" (and flashbacks to those eps woulda rocked) I enjoy the final ep too. Considerin the 12th Season state of affairs, think it be the best they could do. For me - Wo Fat's presence be sorely missed them last 3 seasons. Back in the day alot a shows just went off the air, so it was nice they end like it originated, with Steve-O facing off with WoFat. Even though Wo not recognizin McG as Professor Raintree a bit hard to buy.

As far as the one-on-one fight scene, McGarrett never too old to throw down! And after 12 years, the acrimony between these cats jus boiled over.

Joel, you wrote that Wo Fat "a really bad shot, judging by the number of times he misses McGarrett." :D

If you think back to the early seasons, McGarrett could dodge gunshots just by duckin his head. (check out the climax beach shootout in "Devil & Mr Frog" for instance). Ofcourse, when Steve-O take the shot, he never miss. Yeah Steve! :D

Lastly, No killin off Wo Fat neither. And they never shoulda offed Chin Ho. :!mad:

Added: Monday 03 March 2014 20:23:40 MST

Submitted by: Mr. MIke
From: Vancouver

Who is the most "normal" character on the new show?

McGarrett - sent away to military boarding school by his father, mother was blown up (and then reappeared), father was murdered by terrorist arms dealers, mother has a complicated background as a spy, McG's job as boss of Five-O is VERY stressful. End result = McGarrett is a mess.

Danno - quirky, hyper, went through an ugly divorce, obsessed about his young daughter's safety and security, now his parents are getting a divorce as well. End result = Danno is a mess.

Max - abandoned as a baby and adopted, nerdy, a lot of peculiar obsessions. End result = Max is a mess.

Chin Ho - approaching normal, except he covered up for his uncle stealing HPD money to pay for medical treatment for his aunt, accused of letting his relationship with now-deceased wife Malia interfere with police investigation into her dope kingpin brother, Malia got knocked off in a brutal way. End result = Chin Ho is a mess.

Kono - probably got discouraged because she injured herself, thwarting her ambitions to become a champeen surfer, though she did well at police college. Had peculiar relationship with local crime boss's son which required her to be on the run for months.

Catherine - likely stressed over her decision to leave the navy (what was the reason for this, anyway?) and the fact that her old boy friend Billy was murdered shortly after she went into business with him. Aside from this, we don't know a heck of a lot about her past, though it is rumored the penultimate episode this year may change all that.

My opinion = Catherine is the most "normal," Kono is a close second. Yet lots of people hate Catherine (and Kono has her detractors too)!

Added: Monday 03 March 2014 13:42:55 MST

Submitted by: Wendy
From: Youngstown, OHio

Can anyone tell me in which original episode a reference is made the Chief of Police in Youngstown, Ohio, and why?

Added: Monday 03 March 2014 13:09:29 MST

Submitted by: John Hall
From: Montreal Canada

Watched this weeks episode after a hiatus from it and was reminded of what I don't like about it. The Danno and his mother side-story took over so much of the time of an already limited 42 or so minutes that the main story becomes a herky-jerky illogical mess.

confirmation of it doing relatively well though in the ratings is that my 4 teenagish offspring love it! Mind you love it with them seems to include concurrently playing on iPhones and laptops and the TV!

Last thought was about Griffith and Hannah, both of these women were beautiful young women in their day and if they had stayed away from plastic surgeons they would still be beautiful women of their age. Instead they look bizarre, I feel sorry for them

Added: Monday 03 March 2014 11:48:04 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I've updated my review of Friday's show, especially the trivia section:


Added: Sunday 02 March 2014 15:43:57 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Sea-Town, NW

Hey Rainbow Warrior, other than the oration he give at the end of "Just Lucky, I Guess” my fave McGarrett speech was the one he laid on those hippie-peacenicks in "Not that much different.” Far from bein a jaded cop, Steve was genuinely bothered by the kids world-view that saw him on the same level as violent felons & law breakers. Powerful stuff with Jack conveyin McGarrett’s passionate commitment for law & justice.

You wrote that "I believe in the values that John Wayne espoused in his films. That there is a fundamental decency that you have to live your life with. That your word is all you have, and if you give your word, you live up to it, and man should be allowed his human dignity. There is right and there is wrong”

As these are values embodied by our man Steve McGarrett, this is one of the many reasons that you and I, and so many others, are still addictively watchin The Five-O, even after all these years.

Chicken down with The Duke. Recently saw "Man who Shot Liberty Valence" again, a powerful flick and a complex heroic turn by Wayne. Watched Gary Cooper’s "High Noon” with my old man and at the recommendation of our friend H50 FOREVER caught Coop’s "Man of The West” which feature a searing, combustible portrayal of psychotic villainy by our man Jack.

I agree that Jack gotta lot a that ‘standin tall’ Gary Cooper influence in his McGarrett portrayal. But he bring his own passionate intensity as well, conveying a deep abhorrence for injustice and violence, and an equal amount of relish for justice and fundamental decency. For McGarrett, ‘Policin the Rock’ is not just an occupation but a Vocation, an almost obsessive pursuit of justice in which he heavily emotionally invested on a personal level.

My kidding about hippies aside, you should enjoy "Big Lebowski,” it’s a rip of a flick as well as a homage to Ramond Chandler and the private detective genre.

Added: Sunday 02 March 2014 13:34:14 MST

Submitted by: Mr. MIke
From: Vancouver

John, you can rant and rave all you want about how bad the new show is (and the one on Friday was bad ... I will have more to say about it in addition to what I already have shortly). However, the ratings, which are all anyone really cares about at CBS-Land, show that Five-O and Blue Bloods had similar 18-49 demographics on Friday (the first column of numbers -- not particularly good) and their overall viewing numbers (the second column) were very high ... so it is obvious, as has been stated elsewhere, that these two shows on Friday night are mutually beneficial to each other, have overcome the dreaded Friday night "graveyard" slot and will very likely be renewed for another season.

9:00 PM
ABC Shark Tank 2.1 7.83
NBC Grimm 1.4 5.19
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.4 10.44
FOX Enlisted 0.6 1.84
CW Star-Crossed 0.2 0.55

10:00 PM
ABC 20/20 1.8 7.33
CBS Blue Bloods 1.4 11.80
NBC Hannibal 1.1 3.35

Added: Sunday 02 March 2014 08:58:37 MST

Submitted by: Honu59
From: New York

"Max's attempt to be funny prior to cutting Ingram out of the wall with a saw, saying that he was "Leatherface" from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was dumb too, not to mention in questionable taste."

Mr. Mike, I'm glad that you included this in your review of Friday's episode. This scene offended me but also sort of summed up the prevailing attitude of the new show. A man had been murdered. Where is their respect?

Jack Lord's McGarrett had a respect for life and any death seemed to affect him on a deeply personal level. I think this attitude was echoed by all members of the Five-O team. Can you imagine Al Eben's Doc Bergman doing what Max did????

Added: Sunday 02 March 2014 05:21:49 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

I have stopped watching this dumb show because it is rather dumb and unbelievable. But I gave it a (dumb) chance last night. Dumb move!

C'mon,! decaying bodies in the wall, of a house being sold on the markets while the bodies decay?? Does anyone believe this idiocy? The stench of decay would make it impossible to sell, and draw the police in right away, not after 6 months.

Sorry, but the relatonships in this series are just nonsense

Thank goodness for "Blue Bloods" which follows right after.

Added: Saturday 01 March 2014 17:58:10 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

In regards to Joel,I enjoyed the finale Woe to Wo Fat. McG dressed up as brilliant scientist Professor Raintree. He made up the surgery on his voice as a way to talk hoarse.

Wo Fat had his suspicions on McG but McG outfoxed him with that puppet trick.It looked like Steve hanged himself. The fight scene hand to hand combat was an interesting way to end it. Both men had to be in their 50's by 1980 probably closer to 60. I agree it was ironic way to end it. Both men succeeded using their brilliant intellect & cerebral qualities to outfox each other during 12 years.

I've only watched it 3 times over the years. I thought of different ways it could have ended. It was on Wo Fat's turf which gave him the advantage. Maybe,they could have Wo Fat take Steve hostage inside Iolani Palace & have a recap all of their epic battles in flashback. McG would be roughed up but survive the encounter.Wo Fat captured.

I don't think any of the Classic HFO fans wanted Wo Fat dead. He earned our respect over the years with his McG battles. However,they killed Chin Ho off graphically so in that case,Wo Fat could have been killed too.

Great discussion Joel. How should have Hawaii Five O ended the show? Would you have wanted Wo Fat killed off in last episode? John

Added: Saturday 01 March 2014 11:06:21 MST

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

First thing I thought about 2 people buried in a wall I immediately thought of the old Edgar Allan Poe story Cask of Armitillado where the guy was buried inside the wall during the carnival season.

I never liked Melanie Griffith's acting or voice that much. She was underrated in Mulholland Falls as Max's wife.One of my FAV movies. I think Melanie did a good job as Danny's mom. She could be Danny's mom in look & age.

Mr.Burns was the arrogant,business type killer who justifies his killing since she broke the rules & was having an affair.You see these type of killers in Classic HFO & other detective shows. They believe they have the right to murder when they are wronged in business,love,relationships etc.

I know Danny takes his share of abuse over the years with his hair,carguments,& claustrophobia stuff. However,he's loving to his mother & a damn good Father to Gracie.He should be admired as a single parent.

On rating the episode,I give it a 3.5 out of 6 stars. Loved seeing Kono during the final interrogation of Mr.Burns. John

Added: Saturday 01 March 2014 09:44:20 MST

Submitted by: Barbara
From: Pittsburgh

John, can you stand one more comment about "Didn't We Meet at a Murder?" You compelled me to watch it yet again! Now I can answer my own question about why three people: to provide each other with an alibi. As to your question about Wellman: Danno asks Steve why a "man about town" would do this, alluding to suicide. Clem is asked to do something else before Wellman dies, but it isn't until after Wellman dies that Clem confesses to his wife. Clem says that now they want him to do something else. If Clem killed Wellman, then why wouldn't he say he already did it? Whichever, it's fun to analyze it!

Added: Saturday 01 March 2014 09:27:12 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Five-O/0 podcast (not by me):


Thoughts on last night's show (by me):


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Submitted by: Dan Gibson
From: Greensboro, NC

Well guys, I think it's time to take a short break with all the nostalgia, and bring up "THE NEW 5-0" -- remember that little show on CBS on Friday nites? Yeah ... THAT one. Just now I saw the term "underwhelming" used in a previous comment. I've been a huge fan of the series ... buttt, I found last nite's episode to be just that ... underwhelming, at best. The focus was on Danno's Mom visiting the islands, and Lou being forced to come to grips with his Chicago past. Ohhh, also somewhere buried in the hour was a little double murder case. It just wasn't one of my favorite episodes -- it'll be interesting to read the professional critique of Mr. Mike (maybe he'll show me the error of my ways?) The Mom angle, while superior to the "DORIS" saga we had to endure, was OK at best. However, it was fascinating to watch as Lou had to revisit the incident that drove him from the mainland -- I especially liked the scenes between him and Steve, as he painfully went back to that time. And -- yep, the crew (thanks Chin & Kono!) did solve the mystery of the people in the wall. It was great to see Grace back in action, finally giving more than lip service to the operation. And I really liked the (far too) short appearance of Jennifer San Gay in the opening tease. She's a strikingly beautiful Girl -- MUCH better looking than that horrible "rendering" of her, that she and the guy jousted over, moments before the crime was exposed. Can't put my finger on it, I just felt a little empty at the end. Tell me what the rest of you thought, OK ? All opinions are welcomed, per usual !!

Added: Saturday 01 March 2014 05:33:27 MST

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