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Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Happy Birthday Jack Lord December 30 and Happy New Year to the Hawaii Five-O forum regulars Bobbi, Chicken, HFO Forever, Mr. Mike, Ringfire, Todd, etc. I think The Finishing Touch requires a few watchings to absorb it all. Cargill the expert documents examiner cleans up his tracks eliminating the printer and the bank employee. His partner in crime Miss Taylor I believe makes a fuss about her municipal bond that it was switched somehow. Cargill is brought in to examine other bonds and documents to see if they weren't altered or faked somehow. I agree Cargill made his mistake when he called the lady from the examination office. HFO with the hidden camera watches the numbers he dials. Still, I'm surprised Cargill was a suspect. He had no criminal record and 1 of the greatest experts in his field. Cargill pulls a Maynard and is not happy about being manipulated or watched by HFO and tries a pre-emptive strike. McG already has the number and soon connects the dots in the criminal enterprise. Cargill a sort of friend with McG made his mistake with murder. McG doesn't like murder and my guess he was prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. You notice a friend of McG involved in criminal activity has a multiple personality like Cal in Force Of Waves. Or like Cargill has a visual blinding problem and motivated by greed and money. It's a way of not blaming McG in having these friendships. I would probably give The Finishing Touch 4.5 stars on my 6 star system.
Todd, I'm not a big fan of Charter of Death. There is a creative scene where the man receiving the plague injection takes up a few needle syringes in his jacket. This would be given to the others from the boat.

Added: December 31 2018 09:37:01 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

"Charter for Death" was the episode immediately following the excellent "Draw Me a Killer" (my favorite episode) in 1973, so it had a tough act to follow.

This episode was quite different than the one preceding it, beginning with McGarrett boarding a drifting boat with the assistance of the Coast Guard. He's seen making a fairly dangerous jump from the Coast Guard ship to the boat, and it's unclear whether or not it's a stuntman (it probably was).

It's found that three people aboard were murdered, and three others (including a woman) escaped. There are rats, alive and dead, all over the ship. It's not clear why there are so many rats aboard, or how they got on a relatively small vessel. Between the rat and discoloration on one of the dead men, McGarrett realizes that the boat was infected with bubonic plague. McGarrett is then quarantined for the incubation period of 2-6 days, and he sets up a 1-man command center inside, in order to direct catching the murderers and more importantly, preventing them from infecting others on Oahu.

Eventually the governnor quarantines the entire island of Oahu, not letting anyone in or out, once it's determined that the three from the boat made it onshore.

The rest of the episode involves Five-O trying to track down these three. One of them, the daughter of mobster Leo Paoli (Nehemiah Persoff) is already very sick, but Leo and her husband just think it's a "cold or flu". Leo and her husband Thomas (Burt Convy) argue whether or not they should get her medical attention and risk getting caught, with Thomas eventually promising to attempt to find help.

Once it's revealed by the governor that the illness is actually the plague, and the three wanted people are identified, Thomas' focus shifts to getting off the island.

Eventually Leo's daughter dies, in an uncomfortable scene to watch. Thomas steals vaccinations, but doesn't understand that they're useless once already infected. He and Leo get into a confrontation, where Leo reveals that he knew Thomas was going to kill him once they got to the mainland and recovered $5 million hidden. Leo also reveals that his plan was actually to kill Thomas. Thomas pulls a gun on him at that point and demands "the keys to the safe deposit box", and offers to trade the vaccination for them, as Leo is already showing signs of illness himself. Leo refuses, and Thomas shoots him dead. Leo spits on Thomas as he's dying, attempting to infect him.

Thomas almost manages to escape, but Danno shoots him as he's attempting to climb into the already-airborne escape helicopter he hired. Thomas then falls into the ocean and presumably dies from his injuries.

It's never made clear if Thomas was infected, as he showed no signs of it throughout the episode.

McGarrett tells the governor that he can lift the Oahu quarantine ("You can open the store!"), but this doesn't really make sense. These three infected people were on the island for awhile and came into contact with numerous people, including some unknown to Five-O. Shouldn't that be a concern? Pretty big plot hole there.

Despite being a mobster, Leo Paoli is shown as a sympathetic character, and is mainly concerned over the health of his daughter over everything else. Thomas is the real villain in this episode, and it's revealed that he married Leo's daughter simply to get access to Leo's empire and succeed him.

McGarrett's perfectly styled hair is uncharacteristically messy during the beginning of the episode, when they board the boat after a windy ride.

Like Mike's review stated, I also noticed that a corpse near the beginning of the episode was accidentally shown breathing! Oops!

I give this episode 3 stars.

Added: December 30 2018 04:52:06 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

George Voskovec had a very interesting life story. Check out his Wikipedia page:

Added: December 29 2018 08:11:55 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Just watched "The Finishing Touch" tonight.

Very confusing episode.

The plot hits the viewer with all kinds of intricate details of the scheme of Norman Cargill (George Voskovec), who is an esteemed forgery expert who has hatched a plan to forge bearer bonds, given that his career is about to be over due to impending blindness.

Cargill has a girlfriend named Maxine Taylor (Lynn Carlin), who looks late 40s but the actress was only 35 at the time of filming. Later in the episode, Maxine impersonates a pretty young bank employee (played by Linda Ryan), and actually looks a lot better, so perhaps it was just her hairstyle making her look old.

There are some aspects of the plot which are hard to swallow. Cargill (correctly) realizes that the cops cannot make a connection between him and Taylor, or the plot will be ruined. However, he's dumb enough to both take and make calls from her while examining bonds for Five-O. The latter (him calling Maxine) ended up being his undoing, and yet he was shocked that his otherwise brilliant plan was derailed by this boneheaded move!

Cargill's attempt to flee with Taylor also didn't make sense, given that McGarrett already told him that he was suspected of the forgeries and murders he committed. McGarrett conceded that a lack of link between Cargill ad Taylor was the only thing preventing an arrest, so why would Cargill go right to Taylor's house?

Cargill's "examination" of the bonds was an incredibly long sequence (Mike timed it at almost 5 minutes), and was unnecessary. It seems that sequence was more there to eat up time than anything else.

I would have preferred this episode being of the non-violent caper type, rather than creating a murderer out of Cargill. Cargill claimed he committed the crimes because his career was about to end, and he never made much money despite being the top in his field (why?) That would explain his willingness to counterfeit, but doesn't explain how he was willing to murder. The character otherwise did not seem violent, and would have been a lot more charming if the murders hadn't taken place.

It still wasn't a bad episode. I enjoyed it, but felt it was flawed enough to where it was about average overall.

I give it 2.5 stars.

Lynn Carlin, who played Maxine Taylor, is still alive and is 80 years old. George Voskovec died just 8 years after making this episode.

Added: December 29 2018 06:42:13 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I decided to again review episodes for Five-Zero, especially since Catherine will return in the next one on January 4th, which I intend to watch. So far I have done three of them:

Added: December 27 2018 04:20:22 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Podcast featuring Rich Little:

Added: December 27 2018 07:11:53 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Speaking of Christmas, this Christmas was the 50th Anniversary of "Deathwatch." Once again, a day late :D

This is the first time we see Nehemiah Persoff in the series. He's a heavyweight, sort of, as the right hand man to criminal baddie Matsukino. We can tell right off the bat, McGarrett does like this cat at all - probably because the top cop has been after him for so long. I notice this is a trend with McGarrett, the longer he chases somebody, the angrier he gets. Matsukino is not helping his cause either by being smug and knocking off people at will. Too bad the boxman, Murphy, couldn't stick around long enough to add that extra oomph to nail Matsukino.

I liked this episode, even with the flaws. One such flaw, as Mr. Mike points out, is Danno going through the garbage without gloves. It's wrong on so many levels! Not only for evidence but for safety too. Although, there weren't as many considerations for that 50 years ago, the idea of dirty needles was discussed throughout the series so it was thought of. Did Five-O prove itself ahead of its time once again? :)

Ah, good times!

Added: December 26 2018 05:14:34 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Thanks for the goodies Mr. Mike! That's pretty cool. I can't help it, but i find it funny that the two main shows - at least I think they're both shows - they pull from are "Hawaiian Eye" and "The Alaskans." Can't help but laugh, the 49th and 50th states continue to be connected. :D

Added: December 26 2018 12:20:22 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Mike, thanks for the Roger Moore piece. Always good to hear Sir Roger.

Added: December 25 2018 11:35:17 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Here is some TV-related Christmas music, one of which Ringfire will be interested to see is "sung" (actually spoken) by Roger Moore!!

Check the last two things in the list first, that is like the "table of contents."

There will be limited availability of this stuff, so check it out now.

Added: December 25 2018 05:46:57 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

First, thanks Ringfire for keeping us updated and for sharing those music links. It's one of the highlights of original Five-O.

Second, I just finished rewatching "Murder--Eyes Only." There has been something bothering me about the episode for a long time and I finally verified it - it concerns the part where Danno is hypnotized and 'shoots' McGarrett.

Now in Mr. Mike's wonderful review, he asks if Danno actually hates his boss. I don't consider the hypnosis a fair test. Dr. Bickman sets up the scenario that McGarrett is actually an enemy agent and once he leaves the room, 12 American cities are going to be destroyed with millions of fatalities - Danno is the only one who can stop the carnage. Now, given that setup, I can easily see Danno stopping the 'agent' whether he's McGarrett or not.

Bottom line: it's a no-win situation. Granted, nothing happened and it was all to prove a point. However, in my mind and my humble opinion, McGarrett has nothing on his second in command. After all - and stealing from "Star Trek" - the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Sorry boss, you lose this round. :)

Added: December 25 2018 02:21:16 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"And a Time to Die" which kicked off the 3rd season also introduced a fantastic new Richard Shores score which would be reused numerous times in future episodes and seasons!

Here are 2 memorable ones from the episode:

Bobbi, excellent points on "Yesterday Died". It's a dynamite early episode for sure!! Happy anniversary!!

Added: December 21 2018 12:09:58 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Thanks for mentioning Donald Moffat's passing. The name was familiar but I couldn't quite place it. And A Time To Die... I would have to say it's a Classic episode. Dr. Forbes was placed in an impossible situation. This is one of my FAV Wo Fat episodes. I will have to watch And A Time To Die... sometime again during the Winter. It's an episode I think deserves more of my attention as a 5.5 or 6 star episode. RIP Donald Moffat. Thanks for your Dr. Forbes role and part of Classic HFO alumni. Someday, there will be only 5 or 10 actors or characters still alive from the Classic HFO. I wonder who will be the last person still alive from the Classic show. When that person passes on, it will be a sorrowful day for me. JC

Added: December 21 2018 06:30:49 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Donald Moffat, who played Dr. Forbes in "And a Time to Die", has passed away at the age of 87.

Moffat is probably best remembered for playing a corrupt U.S. president in the Tom Clancy-inspired film CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. He has a memorable scene against Harrison Ford thatís just electric!!

Added: December 21 2018 12:15:19 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I believe Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born deserves my 6 star ****** rating. Trinian has 15 years of prison rage built up inside and he's going to exact revenge on the people that put him there. He stalks McGarrett my guess through McGarrett's Capricorn the Goat stubborn routine. Trinian makes his move shooting McG on the beach 3 times at close range. Danny proves to be a strong 2nd in command leading the investigation to locate Steve's perpetrator. It leads back to McG's NAVY military officer career and an old case. There's excellent acting throughout by Trinian, his wife, and the HFO team. Trinian's slow ascent up the winding staircase to complete the mission on the current Attorney General is a brilliant scene. Everything works in this memorable episode. Joe looks around 50 or so which the 15 years in prison robbed his career and youth. His wife still loves Joe and refused to move on with another relationship. I also enjoyed how Steve left the service and became head of HFO and the lawyer became Attorney General. It shows how time moves forward and they became successful men. As in several Hawaii Five-O episodes, there could not be a happy ending for Joe Trinian. His anger and revenge spilled over and ended his 2nd chance. McGarrett survives a close call and would continue his intelligent and strong leadership for 12 seasons. JC

Added: December 20 2018 05:39:42 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

OK, it's December 19th. The 50th Anniversary of "Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born," one of my all-time favorites!

It's an episode that gives us lots to chew on - McGarrett is fighting for his life after a revenge move by Joseph Trinian, determined to take out everyone whom he considered wronged him.

I agree with Mr. Mike, I like the U-turn Danno makes as well after Emma's call. The camera is sitting next to him in the car and makes for some interesting photography. Speaking of Danno, we see him action quite a bit as he juggles everything that's been thrown at him. You can tell he wants nothing more than to find who shot his boss, but there are other cases and an entire state to take care of. The Governor even pointed that out at the beginning of the episode.

As Mr. Mike says, "...a near perfect episode..." I could not agree more. This is the perfect example of what Five-O was capable of when it fired on all cylinders. Thanks and kudos to Mr. Mike for the great screenshots too - again, a great summary of an excellent episode!


Added: December 19 2018 07:43:09 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

It's dry in places for me Ringfire but I found pretty enjoyable last night.

Another one I like is "Hara-Kiri: Murder." I know it's because Danno and the others are really busy on-camera for once. But I go back to "To Hell with Babe Ruth." Danno walks in on the guy performing 'seppuku' and doesn't recognize it in the later episode? Huh? :!thinking:

Added: December 16 2018 12:30:26 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Iíll have to rewatch "Bones of Contention" soon. Havenít seen it in a while but I remember enjoying it on my last rewatch. The first time I saw it though I remember thinking it was kinda dull. Of course that was a long time ago and I was much younger then. A mere whipper-snapper! :)

Added: December 15 2018 09:50:27 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Thanks for those links Ringfire - looks like some people did some digging to find those shots. I think I might know one of the people who did. Small world.

Speaking of digging, I watch "Bones of Contention" last night. Besides digging up a grave - and erroneously stating the guy had medals from Korea when he died in 1945 - which made a bunch of people mad, we see McGarrett doesn't like people meddling in his jurisdiction. A particularly funny moment was when he tried staring down the Professor as the latter made a person to person call to Jonathan Kaye. Priceless! :D

Added: December 15 2018 03:25:53 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

If anyone is interested I posted a link in the other forum to the magnum-mania site where you can see some screenshots and read the discussions about the new Robin's Nest CGI hodgepodge.

Added: December 14 2018 10:18:50 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

So sad to hear about Nancy Wilson :( I really enjoyed her performance in "Trouble in Mind."

Ringfire - thanks for the links. Hopefully, something will happen happen, finally. Looks like a neat place - at least what we see in the show.

Added: December 14 2018 07:11:18 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Nancy Wilson gave an Emmy-worthy performance in "Trouble in Mind" and it's easily the best female performance of the third season. Though Hope Summers as the busy-body Minnie Leona Moroney was pretty close. ;)

Yes, the Waikiki Shell and the War Natatorium are 2 iconic sites in Waikiki so let's get things moving there!

Added: December 14 2018 05:02:19 PM

Submitted by: John
From: Maine and Oahu

Trouble in Mind is one of my favorite episodes, love the late "60's" vibe and of course fun to see the Waikiki Shell in much better shape then it is today.

Also looks promising for it's park mate the War Memorial Natatorium. I hope they restore it but the utter incompetence of both the state and C&C governments makes me doubt anything they say.

Added: December 14 2018 04:01:36 PM

Submitted by: Ray (NYC)
From: NYC

Nancy Wilson has died at 81. Bah.

Trouble In Mind is one of the very best episodes, IMO. When McGarrett learns that Jordan is the junkie, not Guardino ("I missed the whole point of the story!";). And when McGarrett and Guardino arrive at the scene too late and McGarrett begins to wander away, stunned.

Added: December 14 2018 11:38:16 AM

Submitted by: honu59
From: New York

Sad news - Nancy Wilson passed away yesterday at the age of 81. She gave a wonderful performance as singer Eadie Jordan in season 3 episode "Trouble in Mind."

Added: December 14 2018 06:39:31 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Bobbi, By the Numbers is an episode which improves on each viewing. Over the past few years I've seen quite a bit of Johnny Crawford on THE RIFLEMAN. He was a good child actor and he's good as Jerry Franklin. Jonathan Lippe/Goldmsith "the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world" is appropriately greasy/slimy as the ambitious torpedo on the rise.

I have some good news regarding the War Natatorium in Waikiki. Looks like there's finally some movement on it. Next year will be 40 years since it's been abandoned. It's about time!!!

Added: December 13 2018 11:59:01 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - I'm surprised they have a gate! :) Seriously, I dig your vibe and completely agree. There's meat in the original Five-O episodes and they're fun to watch on so many levels.

Because of ongoing earthquake cleanup, watching my friend's dogs and 6-8 inches of snow - I'm once again off a day. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of "By the Numbers."

Here's our chance to see Johnny Crawford, Mark from "The Rifleman," in an adult role. Jerry Franklin is waiting for his wife to travel from Wisconsin as he is on R & R from Vietnam. His buddy Joe Crewes wins $175 on a numbers ticket but the win is short-lived as he is killed by Johnny Lo and all heck breaks loose from there.

Johnny is a wanna-be. He wants to be like his brother, Philip, in charge of things but he's an addict and can't but help to go through money like it was water.

Long story short, Jerry finds himself on the wrong side of some very dangerous people and is only saved by Five-O and HPD in the nick of time.

Crawford didn't do a bad job and the same can be said of Randall Kim, who portrayed Johnny Lo. Ann Helm is a nice surprise as Irene Park and the Mercury Cougar she drives is a really cool car!

In the end, Jerry and his wife are reunited and we are left to assume they spent the R & R together.

As usual, Mr. Mike has provided some great trivia and a group of screenshots that sum up the episode nicely. Thank you again Mr. Mike!! :)

Added: December 13 2018 10:43:48 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Bobbi, when I was on Oahu this summer I specifically drove up to the front gate of 51 Kaikea Place (you can look this estate up on YouTube - it's on the market) because I knew this would be the new Robin's Nest on the MPI reboot. Little did I know that aside from the gate everything else around it would be CGI'd in. There sure weren't any Kualoa Mountains in view when I was there. What crap this is!!! You're right that on the old Five-O even the subpar episodes had a charm to them that the new show doesn't. I said it before and I'll say it again - I'd rather watch subpar episodes of classic Five-O than the "great" episodes on Five-Faux. The new show is hollow, the old show had character. Even the lesser episodes still give you that nostalgic vibe, plus you get Lord Jack! I don't care if he was reading off cue cards by the last season. I'd still rather watch him than AOL & Caan.

Mike, your paint can experiment can be performed somewhere in the woods or outside of city limits along some dirt road. Certainly in the city this wouldn't fly.

John, both Moses Gunn and Albert Paulsen are fantastic in "Nine, Ten - You're Dead". Paulsen is basically playing his Charley Bombay role again and he's magnificent at it!!

Added: December 13 2018 12:06:37 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Good discussion this week! I stayed up and watched Air Cargo-Dial For Murder. The garbage workers here usually arrive at 4 or 5 AM and I don't want the cans to move into the street. The Air Cargo concept as an episode is an interesting one. An undercover man investigating an air cargo theft ring is crushed by a large ton load falling off a hoist. Accident or murder? It could be the perfect crime since nobody was seen near the machine when the crime occurred. Maybe it the load just slipped off the hoist. The Air Cargo ring is taking high-expensive items and many of these items are heavily insured. It shifts from accident to murder when the systems engineer is found frozen in a container and killed. He didn't want to be in the ring anymore after the murder of the undercover man. McG and HFO team find out the dead engineer had several bank accounts in different names. Air Cargo is a good watch but there are several questions that put it around 4 stars out of 6? Who would exactly be involved in the ring? Is everybody involved? The Air Cargo staff appears to be tight-knit and work long hours. My guess most of the workers would be in on the criminal activity or would know about it. They couldn't have somebody on the team that could squeal or ruin the scheme. It also was strange when the lady worker was looking in the garbage. Some paper wrap with word "Explosives" is seen. It appeared to be in the owner's office who filled the jade package with explosives. This was important because HFO was notified that the package was bombed. I think what hurts Air Cargo...Hal and others were not likable characters. The Jade Store owner who had his wife die because of a stolen pharmaceutical shipment also becomes vengeful loading the jade shipment with explosives. As the episode ends, there's probably some watchers hoping the arrogant and condescending Hal gets his just desserts. JC

Added: December 12 2018 06:24:25 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I am very skeptical that the can of paint (which would be a US gallon, or 3.78 liters as opposed to a Canadian gallon which is 4.54 liters) would have enough paint to make the trail between McG's office (where he dumped a lot of it on McG's desk to boot) and the front door for the Governor's office.

There is only one way to determine this for sure, which is to figure out the exact distance between McG's desk and the front door. I tried this with Google Maps, and it doesn't work, because that only goes down streets, which McG is not doing. It would be difficult to figure out this distance because some of the part inside the Palace is bogus. There is a "virtual tour" of the inside of the palace you can take, by the way ... just Google this.

Once you know this distance, then get a similar can of paint, make a hole in it and start walking to see how long the paint lasts. However, where could you do this? If you tried to do this these days, you would probably get arrested for "despoiling the environment" or something like that.

You can see that the "paint" in the show is not paint most of the time. It seems to be some kind of rubber or vinyl substance which I'm sure the production people just moved from place to place as McG was "following" it.

While it is a head-scratcher as to whether this paint trail is logical, it cannot be totally dismissed, unlike the business with the tire tread in A Thousand Pardons, which is totally stupid.

Added: December 11 2018 08:32:13 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I watched Rest In Peace Somebody again last AM. Something I missed before. Cameron makes plenty of rides during let's say from Midnight to 6 AM. My guess Chin, Danno, Kono live in different parts of the city. It's amazing Cameron didn't get stopped by HPD patrol during his movements. That's plenty of notes and things left at different locations. Remember that HPD stopped by the college gang who captured the yellow cape in King K. Blues. You might remember they had to liss real quick to fool the cop.
On the paint can: I tried to keep an open mind watching it again. Cameron places some paint on McG desk and places tiny holes in the can for it to sprinkle out. Could the paint have lasted that far? Possible. I still don't believe it could. I stand by Rest In Peace Somebody 5 stars out of 6. One thing good about Rest In Peace Somebody...It made me look at some of Season 4 and 5 HFO. Usually, I watch Seasons 3,6,9 and branch out from there. It was good watching Nine, Ten, You're Dead again. I liked it better this time around. Probably didn't appreciate Moses Gunn's performance as Willy Stone the times I watched it before. He was just trying to save the Kid from ending up like him. The twist ending was a good surprise. Here's something the regulars might be able to answer. They are waiting for 1 of the Detroit soldiers to arrive at the airport. Kono didn't recognize the blond hitman as he arrived. Was this because they hired somebody outside the known hitmen? Or was it because the kid was very youthful like a surfer? I remember HFO watches at the airport looking at pictures of known hitmen. I'm curious what the sentence would be for Willy Stone. They didn't show his future but my guess he probably did some community service work at the boxing gym. JC

Added: December 11 2018 04:54:29 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I totally agree Ringfire - Hawaii is gorgeous on its own. While they're at the ridiculousness of CGI, maybe they should paste Denali next to Diamond Head :D

I've sadly seen many a film and TV show ruined because of the reliance on CGI. I get it that it's sometimes necessary -- thinking of the film "Titanic" when they show the ship getting under way from Southhampton as an example. There's no way you can get the real ship or any of its sisters to make that shot - they're all non-existent. It's as if there is an attitude if enough CGI and special effects are thrown in, people won't notice how sucky the story is.

Which takes us back to the originals - Five-O and Magnum. Were they perfect? Heck no! We have all discussed the top episodes of Five-O here and I agree, "Rest in Peace, Somebody" is in the top of the crop - paint can or no paint can issue. We've also discussed the cluckers and there's plenty because the show is flawed. That being said, I find myself drawn in even deeper because of those flaws.

My favorite show of all time is a lot like Five-O - solid stories, characters I can root for, characters who aren't perfect either - imagine that!, redeeming qualities to be found even the 'bad' episodes, and the music! Disconnects happen and some silly things occur but I enjoy myself every time I watch. Not bad for a show that is 50. :)

Added: December 11 2018 12:50:54 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thatís right, Chick! No way, bay-bee, but NOOO WAAAAY "Rest in Peace" ainít an all-timer!! An all-timer to end all-timers!! Outta sight, bay-bee!!

Bobbi, funny enough I think Iíve seen every episode of the Magnum reboot so far but only the "Cocoon" reboot on Five-Faux this season. For whatever reason I find myself tuning in Monday night (maybe for the scenery or because itís a newer show) but not Friday night. I think the latter has long outstayed its welcome. As for the Magnum reboot itís laughable that the new Robinís Nest estate is basically a CGI composite of a bunch of different locations! Theyíre using a place in Kailua for the house exterior and front gate, a Kahala property (the Banyan House shown in By the Numbers and Jokerís Wild) as additional footage of the estate grounds, some place out in Kaneohe as the shoreline in the rear of the estate, some additional CGI greenery to expand the rear grassy estate grounds, and the Kualoa Ranch mountains pasted in to provide the backdrop of the estate. The whole thing is a farce!! How can you take seriously something that doesnít even exist in the real world? Itís a fairy tale place. There is no such estate as shown in the show. Compare this with the original show where the estate actually existed - the Anderson Estate in Waimanalo. An actual place you can visit and swim in the tidal pool out back (as I did this summer). Your eyes see a real place which really exists. Gee, what a concept, eh? Too bad Lenkov doesnít get it and instead gives us some CGI hodgepodge. It boggles the mind that they couldnít find a decent estate on the island where they could film. A REAL place. And to mess with the natural beauty of Hawaii by adding your own CGI greens and palms and fake backplates or whatever is borderline criminal.

Added: December 11 2018 12:51:28 AM

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle, Washington

Right on, Brudda RingFire!

Hey John, RingFire, Paint can or no paint can, Chicken thinks we can all agree "Rest In Peace" a Five-O All-Timer. Chicken done watched it so many times, with this discussion forum debate, I can hear Cameronís word ringin in my head :D . Even when Cameron blew his cover with the Tin Idol slip, he still a step ahead, vacatin the premises before the Five-O raided. Really dig that poster: Bingo, Itís the Gov!

Bobbi Ė Chicken can indeed say it ain't so. Havenít watched no Five Zero or new Magnum. Iím still waiting in the reboot of Hawaiian Eye :D

Added: December 10 2018 10:21:15 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I politefully disagree. The red paint was splashed on MCG's desk and all over the wall at the finish. That's a lot of paint. The paint can size shown does not correspond with all of the paint. You keep saying it's not very far but McG walks a good distance down HFO staircase, through the courtyard and walkway...Later to the intended victim the Governor. I could let it pass if it was an extra large can but it was a small mark down for me. Showing McG the target was again a slight mark off. My guess McG and HFO could have eventually narrowed it down to The Governor as the target. However, McG was able to formulate a protection plan to protect the Governor. I think Rest In Peace Somebody warrants 5 stars. That's a very high ranking. JC

Added: December 10 2018 12:50:17 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Right ooooon, Chick! That's the whole point of the episode - that Cameron would show McG exactly who he was gonna kill and McG would *STILL* be too stupid to stop him. Cameron's ego was too large! He enjoyed putting down McG. He enjoyed the fact that McG was bungling in the dark, with no clue as to who the perp or the victim was. That's why Cameron "helped" McG by showing him EXACTLY who the victim was gonna be. Here you go, Sherlock, here's the intended target, since you're too stupid to figure it out on your own. But it won't help you because you still don't know who I am and you're too stupid to figure it out on your own. That's basically how Cameron's mind was working. In his mind McG didn't stand a prayer! No way, baby, but NO WAAAY was he gonna stop him! McG was a lousy cop and Cameron was better and smarter, and he was gonna prove that! That's all there is to it. That's the crux of the episode.

I firmly stand by the trail of paint because I walked from Iolani to the Capitol Building and it's a measly 3-5 minute walk, depending on your speed. Like I said, it's just behind the palace. If you don't think a paint can can span that distance then I don't know what to tell you. There's a hole in the can, it's leaking, not pouring or gushing out. Nothing unbelievable there at all. You go down the Iolani steps, across the back through the gate, across the State Capitol courtyard and up the stairs to the door of the governor. Easy and quick trip.

Added: December 09 2018 11:43:56 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Big Chicken - say it ain't so!? Is there a petition out there to stop Lenkov once and for all!?

I'm not watching any of the three reboots...just another 2 cents!

Added: December 09 2018 08:20:44 PM

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle

Hey John Ė Chicken see Cameron's red paint trail to the Guv to be part a his whole revenge scenario. He wanted Steve-O to know he gonna off the Guv an then still go head n off him ó with Steve knowin it. Is all part a Cameron's torture a McGarrett. Steve even gravely tell the Guv Ė if Cameron get a shot he ainít gonna miss. And remember, in Cameronís estimation Steve is "too stupid" to figure it out or prevent it. He's like "a puppet on a string."

That's the great thing bout "Rest in Peace," how off balance n at the mercy a Cameron McGarrett & the Five-O team be. I canít recall another episode like that other than "The Listener," but in that ep Five-O turn the tables on Cerberus at the end.

Five-Zero viewers? Thought we all done switched over to watchin Lenkovís Magnum PI. :D

Hey Mr. Mike Ė is his reboot of "Riptide" still in the works? :D

Added: December 09 2018 03:00:52 PM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Any Five-Zero viewers left here?

I watched the latest episode, which was the first decent one after a number of duds followed by a mediocre one last week.

However, this episode was more "Montana Five-0" than "Hawaii Five-0", as most of it took place in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana.

(spoiler alert, don't read on if you are going to watch it)

A good summary of the episode is here:

In short, McGarrett and 5 other men are targeted by an unknown person out of revenge for a 2002 mission where they killed a terrorist.

Joe White was one of those 5. Two are killed off camera before the episode begins, one is killed in the opening minute, and that leaves Joe, McGarrett, and one other.

By the end, only McGarrett is left standing, and Joe dies in his arms.

Even though Joe was only a recurring character, I have to admit that I was somewhat touched by the ending and a little bit saddened that the character was dead.

Joe's departure from the show was well done, unlike the embarrassingly bad departure of Max, which included a long, boring retrospective of a character nobody cared about in the first place.

This episode did not feature any time wasting or any other stories. It was entirely about this one topic, which already made it a lot more interesting.

The winter scenery in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana (a real place) was breathtakingly beautiful, but sadly not real. I believe that it was actually filmed in Hawaii, with the beautiful backgrounds (impressively) inserted with CGI.

This is not the first impressive use of CGI by the show. In other episodes, they also simulated a fire raging in the hills above Honolulu, as well as created an entire building which had blown up by a bomb.

The man behind the hiring of the hitmen was revealed near the end of the episode (the son of the terrorist they killed in 2002), so I'm sure that plot point will continue going forward.

Added: December 09 2018 01:56:41 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Sorry Ringfire! I just cruised onto the Discussion Forum now. Yes, a few miles might be hyperbole but it was a good distance. Remember he sloshed a good swath of paint on McGarrett's desk and at the final resting place. I can sometimes overlook things but it doesn't ring true Cameron could trail all that paint. There's quite a few stairs at the HFO building plus the long route to the Governor. I also had to mark it down because Cameron's paint trail led to the Governor. The whole point was McG & HFO team to use their detective skills to discover the intended victim. Why show McG? Rest In Peace Somebody is definitely an excellent episode but I would place Engaged To Be Buried, Highest Castle, Deepest Grave, Hookman, King Of The Hill, The Vashons, and probably a few others ahead. In his defense, Cameron probably deserved another chance. Maybe as an instructor/trainer at the academy or desk duty. A job where he could do his work and limit interactions with other people outside the police force. JC

Added: December 08 2018 11:32:25 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

John, you mentioned "magical paint can that can string paint a few miles". I mentioned this before that this is NOT a plot hole nor is there anything magical about the paint can. There are no miles between the Governor's office (the State Capitol Building) and the Iolani Palace. It's located right behind the Iolani Palace. And I do mean RIGHT BEHIND! I can agree with the absence of guards being questionable (in light of the earlier break-in by Cameron) but there is absolutely no such thing as "few miles" between the 2 buildings. Also considering that the trail of paint wasn't too thick I would argue that he could have dripped it even further than the State Capitol Building.

Added: December 08 2018 10:41:52 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Good to hear from you again Chicken! RIP Mr. Black. I watched Rest In Peace Somebody last AM on a cold December morning. Wanted to see if I could elevate it to the rare 6 star level. I've decided to keep it at 5 stars. One of the reasons is the magical paint can that can string paint a few miles. No way that small-medium sized can could stretch that far. Another small problem Cameron breaks into McGarrett's office again. Where were the special guards or HPD protecting McG's office? It also seems gambling or a little reckless on Cameron's part. He would have no idea if guards were present inside. I think the biggest reason I've decided to keep Rest In Peace Somebody at 5 stars...Cameron paints the trail to his intended target The Governor. Why does he do this when McG & HFO team don't know who is the intended target? As we see, McGarrett now has a plan and time to protect the Governor. It might have been even more suspenseful if the intended target was not known. The 1st 30+ minutes of Rest In Peace Somebody are masterful and rate in the Top 10 episodes of the series. The HFO team are all well utilized in investigating the clues. Tin Idol! I think Rest In Peace Somebody would be somewhere from 15-25 in my personal FAV episodes. JC

Added: December 08 2018 06:36:14 PM

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle, Home to Toomey and Lew

Hey Ringfire - sad to hear bout John D.F. Black, thanks for spreadin the word. Those be some heavy hittin Five-O eps he penned, they'd make a lotta people's top ten lists. A body a work to be proud of, indeed.

Bobbi - Chicken made it up to Denali National Park a few years back so he can attest that Alaska is truly a wonderland a great beauty and awesome craft beers! And in July it almost done never got dark.

Right on John from The Steel City. While not in the heavyweight class of eps like your fave, King of the Hill, Chicken always dug "No Blue Skies." It's a tight, enjoyable episode. And love Kona overturnin that table on Linkoaís boys.

Though Chicken must take issue with your review and Inglewolf's take, Mr. Mike. I found singer/burglar Joey Rand a tragic figure cause he drank his own kool aid. Even though he hustle n use Val and Paul, he believe all that stuff he peddle hisself - that he gonna outrun his gangsta creditors and make it big as a crooner.

More great Five-O analytics, Mr. Mike, on all the "babies" uttered by signin Joey. Far as purveyors a hip lingo go, though, Chicken still dig Tiger By The Tailís hepcat Jerry Parks. :!cool:

Added: December 08 2018 09:28:32 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I like the episode entitled No Blue Skies Season 1 Classic HFO. Joey Rand is an egotistical,up and coming,singer/musician and compulsive gambler. He turns to hotel cat burglary to try and knock down some of his debt and continue the gambling. Good acting by his girlfriend Val and his loyal friend Paul. Joey Rand has talent and a possible record contract but he will never be able to pay off the gambling debts. I enjoyed Joey's singing numbers woven nicely into the story. Watching No Blue Skies, there could be no happy ending. Rand would eventually be murdered by one of the men he owed a gambling debt or captured by McGarrett & the HFO team for his cat burglaries. The walls are slowly closing in on Joey Rand. His eventual death in the parking garage maybe sad to watch but Rand brought the situation on himself.
No Blue Skies is a good watch in my opinion. There's plenty of singing and a solid script as Joey Rand's gambling addiction eventually results in death. Again, HFO was ahead of its time. We still see pro athletes, actors, musicians etc throw promising careers away today due to addictions. Like No Blue Skies, there's usually a group of enablers who surround the talented but flawed person. It's a very good episode for Season 1 and I would give it 3 stars on Mr. Mike's 4 star system. JC

Added: December 06 2018 06:19:39 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

That would be great Ringfire - this is one beautiful state. The shaking can stop anytime, but the aftershocks are becoming less and less. :)

I am a day late, but yesterday - December 5th - was the 50th Anniversary of "No Blue Skies."

I agree with Mr. Mike's assessment - an OK episode. It's not terrible by any stretch because there's lots of good points but it's not one of the great episodes of the series.

What's good: I like the fact that we see Chin Ho interacting with the public. Granted, it's one witness but only Chin would be able to reach out to Mr. Lu, the witness to Sarah's murder. It's highly unlikely he would be willing to talk to anyone else. Granted, he didn't really talk anyway but Chin had the best chance. There's no way McGarrett or Danno would be able to relate to him.

What's indifferent: The Rand character. He's so wrapped up in himself and I agree with Inglewolf here - it's in the review - he's not sympathetic or heroic at all. He expects everyone to revolve around him and it literally bit him in the end.

I also agree about the gun. I think I've lived in Alaska too long - everyone here is armed at any given time - I can see him having it on him while onstage. Is it drastic? Of course, but Rand comes across as really paranoid too because the syndicate is after him for his gambling debt.

What's weird: If I remember correctly - it's been a bit since I've watched this episode - the lineup. They have Valerie behind a door and tell her the suspects cannot see her. However, there's a huge open space where the wall simply ends. You can't tell me these guys can't hear anybody talking behind there! Agh! Not the last time we seen this kind of thing - McGarrett makes witnesses ID people face-to-face in his office multiple times! Really? Wouldn't that be considered sloppy police work?

Just my two cents! Thanks again for the fantastic review Mr. Mike! :)

Added: December 06 2018 01:55:30 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Bobbi, Alaska is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit! Looks gorgeous!!

Also this just in ó Five-O scribe John D.F. Black has passed away. He wrote some of our favorite episodes (Yesterday Died, Daisies On His Coffin, The Box, King of the Hill, Candy and a Gun, Jinn Who Clears the Way) including my personal favorite - Rest In Peace, Somebody!

Added: December 05 2018 09:27:17 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I have been tempted Ringfire - Trust Me! :D

As some point I hope to snow bird, just not there yet. :)

Tourism is a big industry here too - just not this time of year. I need to count the number of times, Hawaii's tourism industry gets mentioned in the show. McGarrett is especially protective to keep the tourists coming into his state. I think it was in "The Young Assassins" where a specific dollar amount was mentioned. the premise, of course, are these punks knocking off tourists. What did he say in the beginning? The third hit in the last month? :!thinking:

Added: December 05 2018 05:54:47 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211

From: Bobbi, Iím glad youíre ok. But itís not cool what Arthur did inside your house ;) Heís just mad that thereís no one to protect Judy Moon now. Glad your house is standing though. Iím sure many were less fortunate.

Hey, have you considered joining the Alaskan whales in their winter migration down south to Hawaii? They do it every year. You should too! :)

Added: December 05 2018 02:33:36 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I'm ok and my pets are ok. My house is a disaster - like Arthur came in and said "You don't need anything on your shelves!" Fortunately, my house is structurally sound so that's a good thing too. I'm considering myself very fortunate but it was still very scary - more so than Eddie.

Five-O is one of the things helping me to stay sane at the moment. I can focus on some of their flaws and laugh. It's great :)

Added: December 04 2018 10:48:21 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Hey Bobbi, totally forgot that youíre in Alaska. How are you guys? Hope youíre all ok and werenít badly affected. Earthquakes can be a scary thing!

Agree that Eddie was cunning and smart. I love the way he tiptoes around the girlís apartment as he checks off his checklist. Creepy and meticulous fella! Arthur in comparison was a bit of a slob and more careless. I guess he was too delusional to keep it together.

Added: December 04 2018 05:47:21 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK - yes, I'm still here

Ringfire - completely agree on your comment! Eddie was also very cunning and smart. I think that adds to his creepiness.

Off topic for a second - Earthquake, anyone? :D

Added: December 03 2018 08:48:11 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Todd, Draw Me a Killer and Iíll Kill ĎEm Again are both genius and VERY close but Iíd probably give a slight edge to the latter. I think it all boils down to Danny Goldman as Eddie Josephs who is VERY creepy!

Added: December 03 2018 04:02:59 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Brilliant discussion on Draw Me A Killer. I currently have Draw Me A Killer as #5 on my Greatest episodes of Classic HFO. I have it as 6 stars ****** on my 6 star ****** system. It's a well-crafted story and very creative. Arthur has a very lonely life and works at the Dog Groomer's place. I like how they found actors to look very similar to the comic artistry. Arthur was protecting Judy Moon from these people who were against her in some way.
I've heard different discussion over the years that McGarrett's linking the crimes to the comic strips was a little far-fetched. I've always disagreed. Arthur left a paper at 1 of the crime scenes. They had the comics on it. Plus, these comic strips usually run over a certain period of weeks with a plot. It was worth McG's investigation. Had it not panned out, McG would have solved the case in another fashion. The actress who played Judy Moon was incredibly attractive. I forget her name but I wonder if she ever became a star. My only small problem was the ending. I thought drawing Danno and incorporating him into the comic strip was a genius move. They had to catch Arthur and the gamble worked. Suspenseful when Danno was walking around knowing Arthur was lurking. JC

Added: December 03 2018 02:57:13 PM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Count me as another person who wants to see the STARS on Mike's new reviews return!

Not only is it a good, quick summary of whether it's a good or bad episode (at least in Mike's opinion), but it also allows the reader to quickly scroll through and select some really good episodes to watch.

I actually do that myself sometimes. I go through Mike's reviews, scan for episodes I haven't seen in a long time but are rated 3.5 or 4 stars, and watch one of those.

Added: December 03 2018 04:44:36 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

One other comment about "Draw Me a Killer".

The strip's author is "Lowell Palmer", played by Tom Hatten.

Hatten was a Los Angeles television personality at the time, having worked at KTLA Channel 5 since 1952, mostly hosting children's shows. I was introduced to Hatten in the mid-1970s, as I found Popeye on Sunday mornings, where Hatten would host hours of Popeye shows while doing segments in between.

Hatten was a real-life amateur artist, and showed the viewer how to draw various characters on the Popeye cartoon.

I loved Hatten, and he was by far my favorite television personality as a kid. In 1977, at the age of 5, he was appearing at a local marine amusement park, and my mom brought me to meet him. He was very nice, and gave the kids an iron-on Popeye decal. My mom screwed up and ruined the decal, causing me to get very upset. She wrote to Hatten asking him for another one, and to her surprise, he wrote back, including a new decal and a self-typed letter.

I thought it was cool that my favorite episode also happened to feature my favorite television personality as a kid. Hatten was 47 years old when this Five-O episode aired in 1973, but from what I can see, he's still alive at the age of 92.

Added: December 03 2018 03:37:43 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Just re-watched "Draw Me a Killer". It was the second Five-O episode I ever watched (the first was "Thanks for the Honeymood"), and still my favorite.

I credit this episode as the reason for my Five-O fandom. I am 46 years old, meaning I was only 7 (nearly 8) when the show's final episode aired in January 1980. My parents used to watch it, but that wasn't enough to make me seek the show out later. However, I caught it late at night in 1994 on KCOP Channel 13, Los Angeles, and liked "Thanks for the Honeymoon" enough to watch it again. I saw "Draw Me a Killer" the next day, and absolutely loved it. That was enough to make me not only watch the (somewhat poorly edited) reruns nightly, but also to seek out discussion groups on the internet, as well as start my own web page about the show. That was how I got to know Mr. Mike, by the way. By the 1996 MahaloCon (I only attended the Burbank part), I was already an expert on the show, having seen all the episodes. People were surprised to see a 24-year-old in attendance, for an "adult" show which went off the air over 16 years prior!

Anyway, onto the review itself.

Arthur is a mentally disturbed, slovenly young man who works for a dog groomer. He has become obsessed with the fictional "Judy Moon" comic strip, and kills people who resemble the villains in the strip, believing he's protecting Judy. At one point in the episode, he sees a woman in a diner who resembles Judy, and also starts stalking her. Arthur is aware that Judy Moon is a comic, but seems to believe that it's depicting real life, and that he's become Judy's protector.

Two murders have already occurred before the episode begins, and we see the third at the very beginning, when he murders a small-time criminal named Ho Toy, who runs a pawn shop. Later in the episode, he kills a lawyer who resembles the current lawyer villain in the strip.

All of his murders occur 6 weeks apart, which match the length of stories in the comic strip. It is unclear how these stories get "wrapped up" in the actual strip, and why Arthur doesn't find it strange that the people he kills in real life aren't dead in the strip. Five-O doesn't explain that small plot hole.

Arthur shoots all of the victims at point blank range, three times in the chest. He is shown to have some compassion for the animals he grooms, but at one point when a villain in the strip angers him, he almost chokes a dog!

Street, who plays another "special" (albeit less violent) character in "The Grandstand Play" episode, does a superb job with the role here.

After being stumped and frustrated for most of the episode, McGarrett realizes that the murders are related to the Judy Moon strips, though only because Arthur left a newspaper under the lawyer he killed (which he didn't do for the other three murders.)

McGarrret's frustration with the case results in him acting like a jerk several times during the episode:

1) When Che Fong asks if McGarrett wants him to save the bloody newspaper, McGarrett snaps back, "Might as well. You can use it for that book you're going to write, 'Famous Cases Five-O Never Solved!'"

2) When McGarrett goes to get a haircut and discovers the comic strip while reading the newspaper, he abruptly walks out on his appointment. When the barber asks, "What about the haircut?", McGarrett looks frustrated, doesn't reply, and walks out the door!

3) When a psychologist is brought in to profile the killer, McGarrett barely lets her get a few sentences out, before scolding her, "Doctor, please, this isn't freshman psychiatry."

They set up Danny to be bait, as the strip's author is brought to Hawaii and asked to write a 3-week strip based upon a crooked cop named Danny (who looks just like him) wanting to kill Judy. Arthur finds Danny at the police station within minutes of Danny's uniform being fit, which I found to be unlikely. However, he is distracted by the presence of Mary (the Judy lookalike) outside the station, presumably there to report on him. When Mary screams, the police chase him, but somehow the overweight Arthur easily gets away on foot.

Elliot Street appears to do a somewhat impressive stunt, climbing down from a building roof and jumping on the the ground, landing on his stomach!

Once they get a very good artist's rendering of Arthur, it doesn't make sense why they continue to leave Danno in danger of being shot to death. Oddly, McGarrett asks for "1000 of these to be circulated around the islands", yet he still goes forward with using Danny as bait. Simply putting that sketch on TV should have easily led to Arthur.

The ending of the episode is great, as McGarrett shoots Arthur in the knee, who then starts crying. However, Arthur is not crying due to the pain or the fact that he's going to prison. Instead, he cries, "Look what you've done! Now who's going to protect Judy?"

This episode holds up very well on my repeat viewing. I still give it 4/4 stars, and it's still my favorite episode, though "I'll Kill 'Em Again" is a close second.

Added: December 03 2018 03:29:01 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

John, yes I know youíre a huge fan of King of the Hill. I donít think it cracks my top 5 for season 1. Itís probably #7, after Full Fathom Five. Lots of great eps that season.

My top 5 would be:
1. The Box
2. Deathwatch
3. Yesterday Died
4. Tiger by the Tail
5. One for the Money

Added: December 03 2018 12:04:19 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Ringfire. Glad you talked about King Of The Hill. It's 1 of MY FAV episodes of the entire series. Agree with you 100% that King Of The Hill is better than The Hostage. What a masterful and suspenseful episode King Of The Hill is then and now 50 years later. I think I love King Of The Hill because McGarrett has to use his intelligence and quick thinking throughout. It's a race against time to save Danny from bleeding to death but somehow not to kill the award winning Marine. It's currently 9th tied with Nine Dragons in my Top 10. Yesterday Died...would be right with King Of The Hill as my FAV Season 1 episode. I think if a new young Classic HFO fan asked me what episodes I would recommend...King Of The Hill, Hookman, Highest Castle, Deepest Grave, Draw Me A Killer, and of course The V Vashon Trilogy. Someday, I will finish my 50 Greatest HFO episodes book. There are so many great episodes. I have to fit Honor Is An Unmarked Grave in there somewhere as well as Yes, My Deadly Daughter and East Wind, Ill Wind. Great forum discussion. JC

Added: December 01 2018 06:44:04 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

On Season 2 Classic Hawaii Five-O Blind Tiger. Blind Tiger is another important early episode. McGarrett the HFO leader is severely blinded after his birthday celebration. There's a realistic explosion and the burned out frame of a car. McG arrives at the hospital and after several tests receives the news. He has temporarily lossed his vision in the explosion. It could be he regains his sight or maybe it never recovers. Nurse Lavallo played by the brilliant actress Marian Ross later Happy Days fame teaches McG how to adapt to his blindness. She walks with him down the corridors of the hospital and he utilizes his sense of smell and hearing to figure out his surroundings.
Danny and the rest of the HFO team have to track down the bomber and attempted murderer. Poto a young boy becomes a good witness as he possibly saw the bomber. It leads to a Mr. Matheson a vengeful father who's upset about his teenage son's criminal record that could hinder his future potential employment and college. He blames McG for this.
Matheson finds McG in the hospital for the climactic battle. Using Nurse Lavallo's strategies and listening to her commands, McG is able to subdue Matheson until he's captured by the police. Blind Tiger is an effective and intelligent episode. McG appears to be vulnerable at times adapting to his sightless world. He gradually learns with Nurse Lavallo's guidance to utilize his hearing, smell, and other senses more keenly and to move around better. I probably wouldn't place Blind Tiger in my Top 20 episodes of the Series but maybe the next tier down 30-50. I think Mr. Mike's star rating for Blind Tiger is right on the money. My guess Blind Tiger would be a good watch for those CRMJ and PSYC students in College now. Also, new younger fans of the Classic Hawaii Five-O and to the Veterans who have loved HFO from the start. JC

Added: December 01 2018 03:27:03 PM

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