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Submitted by: John
From: Maine

Ringfire, it's well before that, it's only about 6 houses East of the lookout. I just streetviewed it. The address is 3735 Diamond Head Road. It's hidden by a streetwall with a terracotta top and the driveway now feeds 6 homes including the original one from the TV show.

Added: August 30 2018 10:54:40 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

It may just me, but I like those sections. If nothing else, maybe we can have some fun discussions for the meanings of the titles when they are not apparent.

The list of wants is fun too - give us an idea of how involved the crime-solving process was for the episode.

Added: August 29 2018 10:01:47 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

As previously mentioned, I am revising my reviews of season one shows, since soon we will be having the 50th anniversary of these programs' broadcasts --

I have already made some changes to what I was doing.

I was doing the music cues for each show, but this became very time-consuming as well as tiresome, because many of the cues were repetitive. I originally wanted to do this so I could track down the "first time" certain cues appeared. The cues are still on my WWW site, so I might get around to working on this some day. I managed to do about half of the first season shows and the pilot.

The length of the first season review page was getting ridiculous, because I was including the plots of episodes, most of which were written from scratch. I decided to have the shows linked to the text at the beginning of the review, such as is done with various other "Plots" in other seasons (there was only ONE such plot in the first season). Because of this, the size of the page dropped from 363 KB to 165 KB. All of my review pages for seasons of the new H50 are over 165 KB with the except of just one!

I would like to know what people think of the the McGARRETT WANTS and WHAT DOES THE TITLE MEAN sections which are still on the page. Should I keep these or not? Your opinion is wanted!

Added: August 29 2018 06:01:24 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thanks John, unfortunately I'm back from Hawaii so I can't check it out now. If you're saying down the road from where the Diamond Head Lookout is (the police staging area in "Candy and a Gun" and "Little Girl Blue") then I think you're referring to the Black Point area and where the Shangri-La is. Unless it's a little closer to the lookout area.

P.S. Past the Shangri-La (eastward) in the cove area is the house from "By the Numbers" and "Jokers Wild Man Wild". Though I believe that house has been totally renovated and is now a vacation rental called the Banyan House:

Added: August 29 2018 03:09:36 PM

Submitted by: John
From: Maine

Been offline on vacation for the last month, I saw Ringfire asked about the house in "$100,000 nickel. The house still exists but they built more houses on the lot so it's hard to see.

It's on the oceanside of Diamondhead road about a block East of the main lookout just before the hill down to where it becomes Kahala Avenue.

The house hasn't changed a bit (but the property sure has)

Added: August 29 2018 01:54:25 PM

Submitted by: Jeff
From: Denver

Magnum PI (the Complete Series) is now available for the first time digitally remastered in HD on iTunes.......for a total of $35! 1401006790

Added: August 28 2018 07:52:16 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Great thoughts Mr. Mike! Not That Much Different seems to have some of the script slashed and there appears to be some lack of coherence. I think you are right about Not That Much Different. There probably was more in the script about Julian and possible homosexual lovers or situations that were cut out. Instead, it was more West killed Julian out of jealousy and his removal possibly to be closer to the beautiful young Carole. There is no reason for Denning as Governor to play Philip Grey the Treasury Agent. They could have darkened his hair and given him a beard of some kind at least. Or they could have found another actor to play the role. Swanson's character In The Box wasn't very likable. He was a straight shooter though talking about the different problems at the prison. A few years later, V for Vashon, Harvey Drew met his Waterloo having a relationship with Bobby Reasbeck. I think that was Season 5. Hawaii Five-0 had strong ratings Season 5. Maybe, HFO had enough respect from CBS and strength of ratings that Drew-Reasbeck relationship wouldn't sink the episode or show. Again, it was spoken words and nothing visual between them in the episode or flashback was shown. I wonder if Swanson's demands for a new jail were actually realized. It appeared to be the same jail to me in later episodes. Interesting topics to ponder. JC

Added: August 26 2018 08:17:56 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


Along with Twenty-Four Karat Kill, The Box contains a big season one "goof."

In the first show, Richard Denning, who played the Governor in three of the five shows prior to it (and many shows after) suddenly appeared as Philip Grey, US Treasury Agent for no logical reason (my theory is the actor who was supposed to play this part cancelled at the very last minute, so Denning was dragooned into taking the role).

The other goof is the character of Carl/Charlie Swanson, played by Gerald S. O'Loughlin, who appears in two episodes: Six Kilos and The Box.

In Six Kilos, he is part of a safecracking team; this character is shot at the end of the show. Swanson also appears in The Box, a harsh prison drama where McGarrett lets himself be taken hostage in an unsuccessful bid to resolve a standoff. These shows were produced with Six Kilos first (see below), which would suggest that Swanson was shot, recovered and sent to prison, but the way the shows were broadcast, these two episodes were reversed. (In The Box, Swanson, who is the one holding everyone hostage in a bid to walk out the prison's front door, says "I've been waiting for this a long time," which doesn't really make sense, it was only four episodes later, in production order.)

My theory for the issue with the way the shows were broadcast is that The Box and Not That Much Different both have references to homosexuality.

In The Box, as part of the demands Swanson is making at the end of the show for prison reform, he makes a big deal about how "the kids that are just coming in for their first stretch" should be kept away from "The homosexuals. These old, smart ones." (This complaint goes on for a bit.)

Not That Much Different, on the other hand, has a complicated plot with one male character who is sexually attracted to another who rebuffs him. The "gayness" in this episode is kind of dialled down compared to The Box, though, perhaps because the suits at CBS freaked out ... which, in my opinion, is why these two shows were put out of order, because they were separated as much as possible without too much thought for the plot of the show, just because of the "gay" angle.

There are further complications, because Six Kilos, the other episode starring O'Loughlin as Swanson, was suppressed from broadcast for some time and was not shown during syndication. Why it suddenly reappeared not only on stations like KVOS, KCIU and so forth and ended up on the DVD sets is a good question. I wonder if the actors involved made a stink about this, because they were not receiving any residuals for the show and it wasn't a case like Bored She Hung Herself (notorious second season episode which was banned as part of a lawsuit)?

Production Order

1729-0217 Six Kilos
1729-0218 The Big Kahuna
1729-0219 One for the Money
1729-0220 The Box
1729-0221 Face of the Dragon
1729-0222 Not That Much Different

Broadcast Order

016 The box
017 One for the money
018 Along came Joey
019 Once upon a time, part I
020 Once upon a time, part II
021 Not that much different
022 Six kilos
023 The big kahuna

Added: August 26 2018 04:13:33 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

From what I can figure out, McG thinks/dreams about Wo Fat while he is being tortured by this new baddie named Kang...

Added: August 26 2018 06:54:15 AM

Submitted by: Joekido
From: Colorado Springs nestled against Pikes Peak mountain

I thought Wo Fat is dead here, how will they bring him back?

Added: August 24 2018 08:58:49 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Todd-Good analysis! The Last Of The Great Paperhangers. I'm a big HRH fan and Season 9 in general. Mac is an underrated character. He takes the risks breaking into McGarrett's office and taking the check. Janice is very attractive in this episode. She's not just ornamentation but an important member in the group. Love when she drops the forms off at the office. Also, giving the kid $ for getting McG's autograph. Double-crossing Mac indeed didn't make any sense. I don't understand why HRH headed to the airport in such a hurry. In this case, the play would be to squirrel away for a few days somewhere. A hotel or vacant building maybe then board a freighter. HRH had to realize McG & HFO team would be at the airport. Taking the kid was a smart move. They did not know Janice's real identity. 3 stars on a 4 star system sounds right. Solid Season 9 episode. There's a slide in Episode Quality in Season 10 for some reason.

Added: August 24 2018 08:24:29 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - nice link. I would agree they ran out of gas. They said something about space issues. I would bet it grew faster than they anticipated.

Looks like someone else had better luck with the cars:

This one is interesting too. Although I think there might be some missing here and there - not going to complain. It's impressive.

Added: August 24 2018 11:53:03 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver



The Episode, Titled "Cocoon," Is a Retelling of the Original Series' Pilot Episode and Was Written by the Late Leonard Freeman, Creator of the Original Hawaii Five-O," and Current Executive Producer Peter M. Lenkov

Mark Dacascos Returns as McGarrett's Nemesis, Wo Fat

After Steve's CIA agent friend is killed, McGarrett lets himself be captured by the group he thinks is responsible and endures a torturous sensory deprivation tank to find the killer. Also, Tani wrestles with whether or not she will tell McGarrett about the murder weapon she found at Adam's house, on the ninth season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Added: August 24 2018 07:35:32 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The Internet Movie Plane Database, an interesting site:

Looks like they ran out of gas, though, because they never finished the series...

Added: August 24 2018 06:11:56 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - agree, the entire state is in my thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Lane hits.

Added: August 23 2018 11:02:29 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Chick, you're right that a Hawai'i pilgrimage is always a very special occasion and should be to any Five-O head. Or any Magnum head. I was standing at the very top of Makapu'u Point (you can only walk up that road now, back in the day you could drive up there as in the finale of Death is a Company Policy) and I was overlooking the Makapu'u Lighthouse below me and remembering the Magnum episode where a guy throws his girlfriend off that lighthouse. Lots of memories from various shows! Of course I also got a chance to swim in Magnum's tidal pool out back of the Anderson Estate which was an awesome experience. The estate is gone now unfortunately except for the gatehouse next to the front gate and the boathouse out back which served as the guest house on the show where Magnum lived.

Todd, I've never heard of the new WKRP. I never watched the original show - tried to watch one episode but couldn't get into it.

I pray that all is well with our beloved Hawai'i this weekend as Hurricane Lane makes landfall on the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. Check out these crazy Waikiki waves when Hurricane Hector passed during my last Thursday that I was there:
You never see waves like these in Waikiki. I can only imagine what it'll look like when Lane hits.

Added: August 23 2018 07:45:39 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

I watched "The Last of the Great Paperhangers" (Season 9) tonight, for the first time in over 20 years.

I was feeling stressed, and was in the mood for a "light" episode, so this fit the bill.

This was one of the few Five-O episodes where there is absolutely zero violence. Nobody gets killed, nobody gets hurt, and not a single punch is thrown!

Elaine Giftos played Janice, the female accomplice of career scammer/forger Hunter R. Hickey, and she looked hot in this episode. She seemed a bit less hot when I looked her up and saw she was born the same year as my mom!

Kevin McCarthy played Hickey, and did a good job with the somewhat charming but shady character. Despite being 62 in this 1976 episode, he lived all the way until 2010!

Hickey's male accomplice "Mac" seems to be an expert in breaking and entering and safe cracking, but the character is never explained very well, nor is the weird Hawaiian doll he oddly left behind during a heist of the Five-O office!

At one point, Mac tries to put the moves on Janice, who rebuffs his advances and tells him to listen carefully to the speech Hickey is making to them.

Hickey loses a bit of his charm late in the episode when he inexplicably sets up Mac to be arrested, simply to avoid paying him. Janice, who seems of very questionable morals herself, doesn't mind this at all, and leaves with Hickey. However, it does not appear that Janice and Hickey have a romantic or sexual relationship.

Chin and Duke do a horrible job tailing Hickey near the end of the episode, and in fact fail to notice when Hickey replaces Janice as the driver.

It did seem far-fetched to me that Hickey would continue with his grand scheme to defraud the Navy of $200,000 when he knew McGarrett was putting major heat on him.

When finally caught and arrested, Hickey doesn't seem so upset that he's going to prison, but more seems frustrated that his brilliant plan didn't work. He asks McGarrett where he went wrong, and McGarrett answers by telling him, "You never break into a man's office without stealing anything." Good advice!

Overall I agree with Mike's assessment that it's a 3-star episode, and it makes for nice viewing when you aren't in the mood to watch something violent.

Added: August 23 2018 01:59:28 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles


I agree, this "Greer" character really does look like baloney.

Five-Zero writers haven't done a very good job with female villains -- or the writing of love interests, for that matter!

They did a fairly good job with the creation of the Tani character. Hopefully they resist the temptation to pair her with Junior.

Added: August 23 2018 01:41:29 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles


I agree that the second episode with Mykelti Williamson was terrible. Grover really was a different person, and he committed a ton of felonies, as well. Notice they don't speak of it again. I think the writers and producers realize that episode was a mistake!

BTW, do you remember Mykelti in "The New WKRP in Cincinnati"? That show really failed to capture the magic of the original.

I know Phillies fans have fond memories of Shane Victorino, but he really sucked when he came to the Dodgers. Somehow he rebounded in Boston the following year, where he played well, before finally slipping in the next two, and he retired at age 35. Chase Utley has been a nice addition to the Dodgers, even if he's a shell of his former self.

Added: August 23 2018 01:37:51 AM

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle, home a Toomey & Lew

Hey RingFire - yeah Benny fast, man, but not as fast as the Flyin' Hawaiian!

2005 was Chicken's first trip to the Islands. I checked out The Palace, Hanauma Bay, Wo Fat's abandoned restaurant in Honolu Chi-town, the HPD museum I learned bout thanks to our man Mr. Mike, did the Waikiki experience and visited Jack's Bust (thanks for the recent pix!) and his Kahala hood. Later visits I gots over to Waimanalo beach where they filmed lots a them surfside shootouts and drove by the Ala Wai Canal with my Five-O soundtrack disc crankin. Yeah!

For Chicken, it was a real pilgrimage. I had dreamed a makin it to Hawaii evah since I became a young Five-O Head in junior high, watchin eps on WOR Channel 9 in Brooklyn, NYC. Man, it was just great to be there, where it all went down, in the shadow a the greats, where they done made legendary TV.

Yeah, time flies and things change, but we still watchin the Five-O. Some things just never get old, brudda

Added: August 22 2018 08:56:01 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Can you believe this baloney?

Hawaii Five-0's season-opening redo of the original series' pilot will reveal a new -- and now vexing -- bit of McGarrett's romantic past.

TVLine has learned that Mistresses alum Rochelle Aytes has been cast on the CBS procedural in the recurring role of Greer, a sharp, smart and calculating CIA operative who was once romantically involved with McGarrett. Now, though, Greer is described as "dangerous and not to be trusted."

Aytes will make her debut in the Season 9 premiere (airing Friday, Sept. 28), which as a means of commemorating the franchise's 50th anniversary will offer its own take on the original Five-O's two-part pilot, which was titled "Cocoon."

"A character named Greer was introduced in that first episode [What are they talking about, the first episode of the new show?], and she had a relationship with McGarrett 'back in the day,' when he was in uniform," showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told TVLine as part of our in-depth Fall Preview Q&A. As portrayed by Aytes on today's Five-0, "She's going to be a Big Bad in the first couple of episodes."


This woman Greer is obviously the 21st century equivalent to Miller, the character played in the original Cocoon by Andrew Duggan. I guess we won't see McGarrett having a big fight with her at the end of the show!

You can find more about the interaction of this Greer with McGarrett here: m/2010-season9/cocoon/spoiler3.jpg

Added: August 22 2018 08:19:52 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Great minds indeed Bobby :)

Mike, I watched the 2 Mykelti Williamson episodes of Five-Zero about Grover's Chicago cop buddy who threw his wife off the cliff at Kualoa Ranch. I really enjoyed the first episode - I actually think it's one of the best Five-Zero episodes that I've seen. I was especially floored by Chi McBride's performance. He really delivered big time!!! I got a lump in my throat when he broke down in his wife's arms on the porch at the very end. This guy could carry the whole show. He's got the acting chops. Forget those knuckleheads AOL and Caan. Of course the second episode was a total mess. You gave it zero stars and I agree. Everything that Chi did so beautifully in his performance in the first episode was undone in this second episode. He's like a totally different person and I don't buy that it's because he's so obsessed with nailing his buddy for the murder of the guy's wife. I actually agree with his buddy in this episode who tells Grover that he has totally taken a leave of his senses and has completely separated from reality. It's true!! Grover is essentially an aggressor in this episode who's lost his marbles and no sane judge would ever admit into evidence ANYTHING that Grover may have uncovered. Grover said in the previous episode that he would go to Chicago to gather evidence against him but this is ridiculous!! When he held Mykelti Williamson captive and with all the loud yelling and grandstanding and threatening and busting things up with that sledgehammer I swear he acted like Samuel L. Jackson in one of those OTT Quentin Tarantino movies!!

Added: August 21 2018 10:24:11 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Speaking of time flying - I was just talking to another friend about that same exact thing! Great minds Ringfire? :)

Anyway, rematching "Leopard on the Rock" -- is it me or is Jenny showing a baby bump? :) This may have been mentioned before, if so, I apologize.

Added: August 20 2018 07:17:48 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I saw the Five-Zero season 2 episode with the Flyin' Hawaiian Shane Victorino. It was pretty cool spotting him in basically a cameo. He was instrumental in helping my Phillies win the 2008 World Series. Interestingly that was the year I made my first trip to Hawaii. Good times :) I recall we were celebrating 40 years or Five-O and now it's 50 years. Time flies.

Added: August 20 2018 07:14:33 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I know what you mean Ringfire! My second trip to Oahu in 2015 I only went for 4 days and I wasn't feeling good to boot. I did make it to Punchbowl and back to the USS Arizona. I also toured the Iolani Palace - that was neat.

To stay on topic, the drop location in Murder--Eyes Only on the Arizona Memorial is blank in the episode. It is now full of names of those who have passed on from the Arizona crew since the attack. :(

Added: August 20 2018 03:57:06 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

The heist in King Kamehameha Blues was shot at the Bishop Museum which I forgot to stop by on my recent visit. So many locations to check out, so little time :(

Added: August 20 2018 02:43:24 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

King K. Blues is one of those episodes where the first half is expertly done. I love the planning of capturing the cape. Bright students. The 3 young male students and the 1 female all work together to steal the cape. The young student with the tripod must have been incredibly strong. I would put the first 25 minutes of this episode in the Top 20 episodes of Classic Hawaii Five-O. Unfortunately, the writing and episodes crumbles in the 2nd half. They have the yellow cape but can't do much with it. The strong Hawaiian grows a conscience and decides to tell on his friends. It was hard to root for them with their attitudes towards McG and the HFO team. Just kind of obnoxious and hard to like. I thought lowering the cat down was a genius move. The cat would be the reason the alarm activated. It has some similarities to Tsunami and Flight of the Jewels. Intelligent college student types who decided to throw away their futures. JC

Added: August 20 2018 01:54:50 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Another camera question in my mind after watching "King Kamehameha Blues" - when Five-O is on the beach, is there film in the camera or not? Or was this another instance of sarcasm from Danno? ;)

He's standing next to the car and says something to the effect of "wish I had some film for this." referring to the Sergeant he's photographing. As McGarrett is walking away after being briefed about the kids/thieves, he says, "If it's not too much trouble, can you get a shot of the kids?"

I guess it could also mean Danno was wishing for more available shots. I think with the camera he uses, there is a total of 15 frames on the film canister -- I can't recall exactly from my photography classes when we talked about those specific cameras. :) I do know there are not 24-36 shots that are found on 35mm film.

Another instance where there is subtle nuance takes place in the apartment. Five-O just completed their search for the cloak with Arnie sitting in the chair next to the door insulting the team as they leave. Danno has to be grabbed by Steve to prevent a fight. I can't help but laugh at that because I find myself wanting to smack Arnie upside the head! :)

Added: August 20 2018 01:16:02 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Five-O gave acting jobs to three actors who were blacklisted in the McCarthy era: Jeff Corey, Will Geer and John Randolph (were there any others?).

Does anyone know how either Leonard Freeman or Jack Lord felt about the blacklist and whether they made any special effort to give these three work?

Added: August 19 2018 06:57:00 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I still think this is the funniest James Hong bit:

It's from the classic 1979 Arthur Hiller movie THE IN-LAWS with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. "Blow up the Mae West" LOL!

Added: August 18 2018 11:55:31 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Good article about James Hong:

Added: August 18 2018 09:15:00 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Some Magnum PI reboot controversy!

Added: August 18 2018 09:07:05 AM

Submitted by: Local Boy
From: 96701

Meaning of "Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born."

The past is the past and tomorrow won't occur. (Trinian's conviction and time served in the past and no tomorrow due to Trinian's death.)

Added: August 18 2018 03:54:32 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thanks Mike!

Added: August 17 2018 07:01:21 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Ringfire, I put your pictures of the JL bust this page (click on the link).

Added: August 17 2018 04:18:43 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Bobbi, thanks! Yes I did walk past the Fort DeRussy area. There's a stone wall there on which it says "Fort DeRussy Armed Forces Recreation Center" (I took a pic) and I can't remember if I saw a tennis court somewhere there or not. It was nighttime. It's basically a park now and there's a post office there too now. Directly across the street is the Trump International. If you go across the DeRussy park you'll make your way to the Hilton Hawaiian Village (home of the famous Rainbow Tower).

Mike, I also went down Kaalawai Place off Diamond Head Rd. same as Danno did in Strangers in Our Own Land to get to Grace Willis' house but that street basically dead ends. You can make a slight turn to the left at the end of Kaalawai but it's a dead end. You basically dead end at the front gate of someone's property. So I'm sure the rest of that sequence (when Danno turns left and his arrival at the house of Grace Willis) was shot elsewhere.

Added: August 17 2018 03:23:22 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Thanks for taking the photos Ringfire, even though I haven't seen them - the effort is still appreciated. Your trip sounded like it was fun!

Did you happen to make by Fort DeRussey? :)

Added: August 17 2018 11:33:14 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"If it was me, I couldn'ta helped askin him hows he got to the convention "did he run some and walk?"

:D Too funny, Big Pollo!! But you gotta remember that Benny's fast, like faaaast.
I already had Jimmy Shigeta on my agenda before I got to Hawaii. FindAGrave gave me the actual GPS coordinates to where exactly he was buried at Punchbowl. I didn't have the same luck finding Tommy Fujiwara's (my favorite local stock actor) grave. He's buried at Hawaiian Memorial Cemetery in Kaneohe (not far from the Valley of the Temples) and I did make it there but unfortunately FindAGrave didn't have enough info for me to track the grave. No GPS coordinates. Just some number (grave marker?) which I didn't even know where to start looking for. A few of the graves I looked at didn't even have a number similar to that one. So I just gave up.

Also I have pics with the Jack Lord memorial bust at the Kahala Mall. Maybe Mike will post them somewhere on his site. I also have pics of locations from various episodes. Might be worth creating a separate page to post all those. It's up to Mike if he wants to do that.

Added: August 17 2018 10:19:32 AM

Submitted by: Grande Pollo
From: Seattle, home a Toomey & Lew

MMMMMMister Mike…..great, great job on the Season 1 Review Revamp! "Along Came Joey" chock full a great McGarrett speechifyin. Chicken dig when he lay it on Phil K at the end bout "tearin down everything we ever stood for." And McGarrett tellin em the straight dope bout his boy "he made a crooked deal and he wouldn't go through with it" " not lettin him live with no lie, even if it comfort him " is classic Steve-O Five-O!

And Chicken gotta agree with Rick who sez that "Pray Love Remember deserves a spot in any conversation about the best of the best episodes." The Chicken concur, an absolute all-timer " No Doubt!

Kono's kindness towards Benny really stand out, our man Zulu done shine in them Season 1 eps. Think the Five-O boys deliberate interrogatin a Benny is cause theyse don't wants no false confession or none that gets thrown out. You'll recall the Kojak pilot based on a really NYC case where a developmentally challenged youth gots railroaded and sent up for some murders.

Kudos to you, MMMMister Mike, hangin with the Great Ron Feinberg at the 96' convention. If it was me, I couldn'ta helped askin him hows he got to the convention "did he run some and walk? :D :D :p

And shout outs to you, RingFire, payin your respects to the late great Joe Matsukino. You da man, brudda

Added: August 16 2018 09:50:38 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

R.I.P. Aretha Franklin! I only remember her song routine from the 1980 John Landis classic THE BLUES BROTHERS lol.

Turns out there's a Five-O connection with her - she was married to Glynn Turman who played the black pimp ("pimple") leader Harley Dartson ("Darlin' Harlan") in Tricks Are Not Treats!

Added: August 16 2018 09:49:48 AM

Submitted by: KD Mcgarrett
From: Tampa

I'm back! Has anyone read the Jack Lord book by Sylvia Lynch? I'm curious if I should purchase it. It has good reviews.

Added: August 16 2018 08:12:19 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - Maybe you did go a month early, who knows. BTW, Welcome back!

I don't know if I want to watch the Magnum pilot or not, but everything you said - I agree and I'm with you.

I don't have issues with people trying to reboot these shows, but is it seriously too much to ask to remain within the spirit of those shows? I don't see it with either Hawaiian production at this point and it's too bad because as I've said before, there's lots of potential there (at least there was nine years ago).

Added: August 15 2018 08:22:45 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Yes, going by this it looks like it'll be just the Magnum pilot (with the Magnum stars in attendance) and the Five-Zero stars in attendance to mark 50 years of Five-O. Maybe I went to Hawaii a month early, eh? Might have been interesting to see what all this would look like. As I understand it it's at Queen's Beach which is just at the end of Waikiki, across from the Honolulu Zoo and where Kapiolani Park begins.

I guess I won't read that Comic-Con reaction to the Magnum pilot as there are a lot of spoilers. I plan to watch the pilot at least. But I know as soon as the new Higgins ("Sheggins") busts out her karate moves and starts kicking butt like Grace Park I'll be cringing like crazy! Well, at least T.C. and Rick are still a black guy and a white guy and not a midget and a tranny lol. But shouldn't the star now be called Tomas Magnumalez? Imagine if they chose a white Caucasian guy to play someone with a Hispanic name? What an uproar that would be! But this is fine??

Added: August 15 2018 08:09:17 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - a big THANK YOU for all the work you do on this site. Once again, it's greatly appreciated! I'm looking forward to delving into the production order.

So sorry to hear about Helen's passing - she sounded like a really sweet lady.

Added: August 15 2018 02:53:46 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

More Magnum-Mania reaction to the reboot, this time after seeing the new show's pilot at recent ComicCon.

Added: August 15 2018 02:02:36 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

??? Let's get confused!

Sept 14 Sunset on the Beach info is very confusing. Star-Advertiser says both #H50 and #MagnumPICBS premiere episodes will be shown together, but @PLenkov Instagram poster suggests only Magnum will be seen and #H50 will just receive a "tribute." Someone should clear this up before people start making plane reservations.

Added: August 15 2018 08:35:36 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Message from Dennis Chun on Facebook:

I would like to take a moment to note the passing of a beloved member of our H50 ohana - Helen Kuoha-Torco. She appeared in the original "Cocoon" (her photo is from that episode) and was the featured Tahitian dancer in the opening credits. She has also appeared in several episodes of the current show. She was a beautiful and talented woman. I will miss her warm smile and gentle grace. She will always hold a very special place in the hearts of all she touched . May the beauty of the rainbow greet her canoe as she returns home and may the angels bless her family and lived ones with aloha and love.

Added: August 14 2018 06:10:35 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

For those of you who have been waiting at least 10 years for me to finish my list of all the Classic H50 episodes in production order, here it is:

Added: August 14 2018 06:01:47 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I would give Along Came Joey 4 stars out of 6. One weakness in Along Came Joey is that he was killed by blows delivered by two thugs. Boxers are well-conditioned and muscular athletes. They have well-developed shoulder and stomach muscles. Boxers are used to delivering and taking blows. It's strange that Joey would die in this manner. Kudos to Phil Joey's father in an excellent acting performance. He is the father cop trying to find out who killed his son. It's an effective episode Along Came Joey showing the various trainers, managers, and hangers on types who surround the boxer. It seems the boxer the one taking the punches gets the short end of the stick. Maybe, Joey could have been a Champion. Solid episode Season 1. JC

Added: August 14 2018 10:13:08 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Along Came Joey (I had some help with this one):

Added: August 13 2018 08:21:45 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Mr. Mike. I have read the answers to the questions on Not That Much Different. Already watched Not That Much Different a couple of times over the years. I'm looking at it from an investigative viewpoint. Say this perpetrator was not from the Peace Group. It would have more weight that the General was the target. McG and HFO team had to check all possibilities. Once they started into looking at Julian's friends and those close to him, it made sense the killer had to be from the Peace Group. Why? Because the Peace Group knew who would be down at The Memorial. A random killer could not know Julian would be there. There's plenty of things that make Not That Much Different 1 of the weaker episodes. Young Carole probably saved this episode from an even lower ranking. JC

Added: August 13 2018 10:16:53 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

After watching "Six Kilos", I find myself wondering not only which island they're supposed to be on but I also noticed that Five-O doesn't take care of their cameras! Not to mention that the photo angles are indeed impossible from where Danno was on the boat.

I get the telephoto lenses Danno's using are big but the last thing you would want to do is to put them on or remove them from the camera body in a less than controlled situation, unless it was absolutely necessary. I don't see where it was necessary in the episode. It would have been better if he had waited until he was inside and not on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Once debris gets inside a camera body, it's costly to get it out. It has to be taken to a professional to be cleaned.

It's likely the camera is ruined because even if he waited to remove the lenses at the car, chances are sand and grit would have found its way into the camera body.

Just a couple of more cents from me as a hobby photographer. :)

Added: August 13 2018 02:37:18 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

John, I agree that Not That Much Different is not a particularly good episode, but I don't understand why you don't "get" some of the things you were questioning. Did you read my review?

1.Who would want to shoot Julian?

Manning West wanted to knock off Julian because he was jealous of his power in the group, that Julian had "used all of us," and that by shooting Julian, West would become greater than Julian. (West was nuts, in case you are wondering.) West was also likely jealous of Julian because Julian, who may have been bisexual, was hanging out with Carole, perhaps at the same time betraying West, who was gay and had a crush on Julian to boot (whether Julian ever "returned the favor" is not known).

2. How many people would really know about an underground college Peace Magazine?

This was 1969, when the underground press in the USA and Canada was in full steam. The show suggests that the magazine may have been around 3 years before in 1966, though there is some confusion about this (see my review).

3.How would this mysterious shooter know Julian would be there?

Uh, both West and Julian were part of the same "co-operative" which put out the Peace Magazine.

4.Why wouldn't this shooter target the General? He would be more symbol of War than a college writer.

West shot Julian who was standing inches away from the general to distract people from his true intention of killing Julian, making people like McGarrett think that the General was the target.

Added: August 12 2018 04:37:26 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Some other things I didn't like about Not That Much Different. A few things I have been pondering. Maybe some of the Classic HFO regulars have some opinions. 1. He (West) usually is working or having college classes with these Peace Magazine students. Where would he practice shooting the weapon if he's around these Peace people all the time? Otherwise,you have to believe he picked up the gun and 1 time from a distance shot perfectly to kill Julian. Near a crowd of people. 2. I don't understand the gas story 3 years before. That would mean West tried to get rid of Julian before. This West obviously has some kind of criminal mind. 3. West could have just started his own Peace type publication if he argued with Julian too much. People splinter off all the time to create a new product. Mr. Mike made some good points about things getting cut out maybe somewhere down the line in the script. There's a lack of coherence and plenty of trying to connect things. 4. I also didn't like the attitude of some of the Peace people towards McGarrett. Probably gave it another star for young Carole and her appearance in the episode. JC

Added: August 12 2018 04:32:32 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Not That Much Different is 1 of the weakest Season 1 episodes. The episode paints itself into a corner early. Julian's shot and killed in front of the General. That's where the questions start for me. 1.Who would want to shoot Julian? 2. How many people would really know about an underground college Peace Magazine? 3.How would this mysterious shooter know Julian would be there? 4.Why wouldn't this shooter target the General? He would be more symbol of War than a college writer. That's where Not That Much Different falls apart. I think the General as the target would make more sense. One of the Peace Magazine writers or some other person could be writing the General. McG could have spent the episode on guard protecting the General. Similar to Is This Anyway To Run A Paradise? when McG protected the Senator from the environmentalist who was targeting people. I did like young Carole. She was very beautiful and a little nicer than the Peace group. The Peace group trying to figure things out was a good scene. I give it 3 stars out of 6. One of my weaker rankings.

Added: August 12 2018 11:44:03 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Not That Much Different:

I really don't like this show; it was a real slog to write up the plot!

Added: August 11 2018 08:14:21 PM

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oaks

Good News! Memories of Hawaii Five-0 is back up and running. I was even able to reclaim the same domain name: Can you believe it!!!

Stop by and take a look. I'll be going through and adding tidbits to round it out and enliven it, but it's there!

Added: August 11 2018 03:51:09 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Recently received Booking Hawaii Five O by Karen Rhodes for birthday gift/summer reading. It's a quick examination of the 12 Seasons of HFO & around 280 episodes. The book consists of 333 pages. Back section mostly Appendix and Index of HFO names and episodes. A nice touch is some of the Hawaiian glossary & phrases. For example: akamai "smart", hui "group", Kupuna Kane "Grandfather", pilikia "trouble" etc. Similar to Mr. Mike's episode reviews, there is not much to critique or quibble with. Some of the best commentary was on Death Is A Company Policy. She talks about Bryce-Halsey and the Duke frame up. Agree with her Bryce-Halsey would have made a great further villain. Another enjoyable read was her paragraphs on Welcome To Our Branch Office. She gives a good run down on the fake HFO actors. I never knew their real names. My only slight difference is that The Bells Toll At Noon is possibly the best single episode of the series. I would go with Engaged To Be Buried or Hookman. The V for Vashon Trilogy would rank higher too. No doubt Richard Little as Johnny Kling was larger than life. I didn't like how they turned Kling suddenly crazy like they did Maynard. It was unnecessary since both men were very calculated and proficient throughout the episode. It also didn't make sense Kling was getting his comedy career and life back on track after drug involvement derailed his career. Killing people would eventually get him apprehended. JC

Added: August 11 2018 02:05:52 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


The following are potential spoilers for S09E01, the first episode of the reboot's ninth season, which is based on "Cocoon," the original #H50 pilot broadcast 50 years ago this September. You can read the plot of the original episode here.

If you don't agree with spoilers, then DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING!

The show will likely begin with a preview of what is to come later, including scenes with McGarrett in the cocoon and/or pool (see link above as to what this all means, if you are not familiar with the original).

There will be some "comic relief" with Danno and Grover at the beginning of the show after the main titles.

Much later in the show, McGarrett encounters Kang, a villain who appeared earlier, equivalent to the original's Wo Fat (who, of course, is dead in the reboot's universe -- though there is also a suggestion that McGarrett will be hallucinating about Wo Fat during his captivity). McGarrett gets a hypodermic needle in his neck. Before he passes out, though, he sees Greer, a woman, who has betrayed him. Greer sounds like the modern-day equivalent of Andrew Duggan's character Miller (a CIA-like agency big shot) in the original.

McGarrett is strapped to a vertical table, prior to being brainwashed. Kang's dialogue explaining to McGarrett what is going to happen to him is similar to that of Wo Fat in the original.

McGarrett speaks to Greer after she tells Kang that it is unlikely that McGarrett will reveal anything from a book that he found earlier. McGarrett says he will NOT tell them anything. Jack Lord's McGarrett said nothing prior to being put in the pool. McGarrett is prepared for being put in the pool; he glares at Greer.

[Later] McGarrett is taken out of the pool after several hours. When the mask is taken off his face, he screams. In the original, McGarrett did not react like this. At the beginning of the original, when McGarrett's friend Hennessey was put in the pool, after the mask was removed, >he< screamed.

Kang wants to know the names in the book.

The Five-O team and others (HPD) mount an attack on the ship where McGarrett is being held captive. McGarrett gets free from the table and escapes somewhere. McGarrett and Kang may fight in the pool, similar to Miller and McGarrett in the original.

Added: August 11 2018 06:51:00 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Spoilers for S09 #H50:

Wo Fat and some guy named Kang (villain of Cocoon reboot?)

Rochelle Aytes playing "Agent Greer" on the show...

Added: August 09 2018 07:04:29 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Concerning the title of "Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember" -- perhaps it is from the perspective of Mira's wannabe fiancee, John Hayes. When we last see him, it is obvious he misses her; but just how much? Is it enough to compel him to go to Indonesia and "share his learning"? The title could be in reference in how he remembers Mira. Just a thought.

For the title "Face of the Dragon," I know there are many connotations to the word 'Dragon' and I'm woefully unfamiliar with many of them. However, one thing/angle that piqued my curiosity was the human smuggling aspect. The crime itself has been committed for centuries but it has only picked up the 'human trafficking' moniker in the last 10-15 years or so. Was the show ahead of its time in discussing this crime? Is it possible that the title was in reference to this part of the episode? Aside from the Red China spying aspect, which took up most of the episode, this many be a possibility. I think you hit it as close as anyone Mr. Mike in saying that Lewis Shen was spokesman, or "Face," of the Dragon. Again, just a thought.

Added: August 08 2018 11:55:56 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Jason, I dunno if you are aware that my site has nothing to do with CBS or the production of the new show. Therefore, I am just as much in the dark as you are about this reported "remake" of Cocoon, the original pilot episode, as you are. I have just run across things which Peter Lenkov, the executive producer, and other people have posted concerning it, which I would actually like to avoid (I don't like spoilers -- I prefer to be surprised), but this is very difficult to do. I have no idea if a "new villain" is in the offing. I will be sure and have something to say about the show after it is broadcast...

Added: August 08 2018 01:58:28 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Soon to come in the rebooted #H50:

An episode featuring Jerry when he was a kid.

Also another episode which deals with the backstory of Eddie, McGarrett's dog.

Question: Will Eddie the Dog be in more episodes of Hawaii Five-0? "Lady Di
Ausiello: Not only is Eddie back for Season 9 " which will celebrate the franchise's 50th anniversary by redoing the original Five-0's September 1968 pilot " but "we get to know his backstory" in a "centric [What is missing here, dog-centric, canine-centric, bitch-centric? (But Eddie is a guy!!) - MQ] episode, Peter M. Lenkov told us.

Also this...

CBS has some rather ambitious plans for Hawaii Five-0 season 9 in general, given that there is going to be a tribute to a classic episode coming up in the premiere [This is "Cocoon," as has been discussed here -- MQ]. Meanwhile, we are also going to have a chance to see an epic 200th episode that is hopefully going to serve as an awesome celebration to the entire run of the show to date. There aren't too many details about it out there right now, save for the fact that Steve and Danny's restaurant is going to be a key part of it.

Added: August 08 2018 01:40:40 PM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Just watched the Five-Zero Season 8 finale, and read Mike's review. Here are some of my thoughts:

The opening dramatic scene, featuring five men paddling in a long canoe before being shocked by a Russian sub surfacing, seems to be an homage to the "six Hawaiian natives paddling a long canoe in the ocean" featured in the Five-O end song. You can see the end song I'm talking about here:

The whole "33 of 60 men mutinying to defect to the US" plot point was incredibly confusing and unnecessary. They could have simply explained the sub's surfacing in Petrov forcing the captain at gunpoint to get near the Honolulu shore, and then stealing a zodiac and bailing (similar to what Mike suggested in his review). Why would the crew even return back to Russia after more than half of it mutinied?

The fight between McGarrett and Petrov was exciting and well-choreographed, even though we knew McGarrett would ultimately win. I agree with Mike that it might be the best fight we've seen of the series.

An "enemy" submarine being based located off an American beach may have been somewhat based on the 1942 incident at Ellwood Beach (California), one of the few foreign attacks on the US mainland since 1812 (nobody was injured or killed). Of course, this one wasn't on the mainland, so perhaps it wasn't inspired by the Japanese Ellwood sub.

As annoying as the restaurant segments were, I felt a sense of relief that they seem to be "handing it off" somewhat to Kamekona, thus perhaps taking the perpetual and annoying burden of the restaurant off the backs of Danno and Steve (and hopefully off of the backs of the audience!)

I found it unsatisfying that they STILL made no progress on the Adam situation, despite teasing it in "Previously on Five-O" for the past 5 episodes or something.

Speaking of no closure, I was sure we would see Duke get dismissed from HPD and joining Five-Zero, but it didn't happen. Instead, he's just going to "hearings" regarding his actions. I'm wondering if the writers haven't decided yet whether they want Duke as a Five-Zero team member (is it already getting too crowded?), so they left it up in the air.

Monica Shore (the Russian double agent) looked too young to have murdered Petrov's parents when he was 9. Public records show that Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink (the actress who played Shore) is 49. Not sure how old Dennis Keiffer (Petrov) is, but he didn't look young, and definitely not young enough for Shore to have killed his character's parents when he was only 9. Not sure what Five-Zero (and sometimes Five-O, as well) has so many problems with character ages.

My thoughts on Season 8 overall?

Better than the last few overall, though the whole arc with Adam was weird and didn't really work.

Most notably, CBS was right about Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. They were indeed just side characters, and didn't deserve the same pay as Alex O'Loughlin (or even Scott Caan, for that matter). I didn't find myself missing Kono or Chin. In fact, Junior and Tani were good enough characters to where it freshened up the show somewhat, while also giving Grover a bit more to do.

With all the Kono mentions during the season, I do wonder if they will bring Kono (and maybe Chin) back as guests at some point.

Also, while I didn't hate Max the way Mike did, I have to admit that I like Noelani better. The writers seemed intent upon shoving Max's "geekdom" down our throats. With him gone, we don't have to endure the awful pandering to the geek demographic of the audience.

Added: August 08 2018 12:04:30 AM

Submitted by: Jason
From: Ft. Worth, Texas

Mr. Mike: So the question I have is who is the villain? Wo Fat of course was the villain in the original, so does this mean that Mark Dacascos is back as Wo Fat? What is your thoughts on how they will do this part of the remake? Will it be a new villain introduced? Interested in your opinions.

Added: August 07 2018 08:59:14 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Jason, most of the information about the revival of "Cocoon" comes from the crumbs which Lenkov himself has dropped on Twitter and Instagram.

Here is some more Cocoon stuff:

We should be optimistic about this, but remember what happened with the remake of Hookman -- despite the involvement of the original screenwriters and some good points, the whole thing was totally derailed by an idiotic anti-gun rant of Danno.

I can't help thinking that in this Cocoon remake, they're going to have Danno break into to the room at the point where McGarrett is being tortured in the pool with his face covered by the breathing apparatus, and Danno starts screaming about something that has to do with their restaurant.

Someone leaked what is supposedly an excerpt from the script to me which says the "rush-in savior moment" of the episode is as follows:

It means action that defines character. Our location utilized like a character. The pier being used as cover. For instance: Bodies falling into the water between the ship and the dock. Tani doing shit that blows our minds. Junior being relentless " TERMINATORing his way forward. Jerry using the SUV to pin a shooter. Grover and his shotgun BFF taking ground inch by inch. And Danny front and center. Because nothing will stop our family from rescuing one of their own.

Added: August 07 2018 02:57:10 PM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Here are my other Five-Zero comments, these related to season 8, episodes 22-24.

Episode 22:
Decent episode, and nice to see Duke central to the plot, but it could have been better. It didn't make sense to me why Duke was blackmailed to retrieve the key from the evidence room AND use it to get into the locker. Indeed, this resulted in Duke getting mugged for the money by one of the drug dealer's thugs, and the blackmailer almost killing his granddaughter over the money never showing up! Wouldn't it have made sense for Duke to simply get the key, leave it somewhere for the bad guys, and then they'd release his granddaughter? This wouldn't even require him to see or interact with them in person. Instead, he was supposed to get the money, and oddly was told to bring it to their hideout, rather than some neutral location.

The Jerry-in-the-mental-hospital story was pretty good, even though the "corrupt mental hospital" angle has been used in crime dramas for decades. (However, I don't believe it was done in Five-O during its run.)

I do wonder why Dylan Shu, pretending to be mental patient Christopher Kosaki, acts like such a badass in the hospital! If you're trying to hide from the FBI and lay low, is it really wise to attack a fellow mental patient over TV channel selection, and to generally be threatening and difficult with the staff and other inmates? Why not play the part of a harmless-but-neurotic type, like the chess player who befriended Jerry in the ward? This was one of the few Five-Zero stories where the suspected "bad guy" in a murder mystery really DID turn out to be the bad guy! After Jerry crashes the van at gunpoint and crawls out injured, he declines help over the phone from McGarrett. Why? How does he know that the other two are more incapacitated than he is?

Episode 23:
This episode was pretty ridiculous.

While James Hong (Leung) looked great for 89, and it was nice to see him on Five-Zero, his entire scene was unnecessary and stupid.

If they want to introduce the "old, all-knowing Asian gangster" type to the show, why use him in an episode where the crime does not involve the Asian community?

They went to Leung to find out information on the Boston Irish mob? This couldn't have been a worse choice of episodes to introduce this guy.

In addition, the entire "Bruce Lee" sequence was distracting and weird. I'm not sure why it was included, other than to get Scott Caan to take off his shirt?

Aside from the dumb bit at the vet at the beginning of the show, this was a rare one-subject Five-Zero episode, where almost all of it was spent concentrating on the crime. However, it didn't feel like it because of that odd Leung distraction.

Episode 24:
I still don't understand Junior's abrupt disappearance at the beginning, as if he had been kidnapped. He didn't have time to take a few steps over to McGarrett and tell him that he got recalled to the Navy?

The flashbacks to 2002 didn't even try to make McGarrett or Joe White look 16 years younger. McGarrett would have been in his 20s in 2002, yet he arguably looked OLDER than he does now, due to his disheveled appearance when injured. It seemed like the makeup people didn't even try to make either of these men look younger, which was actually a distraction.

I felt that the flashbacks in general went on too long, and any point they made could have been communicated in one flashback. The flashbacks also lacked drama, because clearly we knew that both Joe and McGarrett would get out safely, and the 2002 enemies were always offscreen.

The bombing of the compound didn't make sense to me. Even if it couldn't be delayed for a few minutes to allow McGarrett/Joe/Junior a chance to get out, why couldn't the three of them have simply come out, guns ablazing, and run away from the bombing? They did the exact same thing in a worse spot when attempting to escape from the tunnel, through the doors where bad guys were waiting on the other side!

Regarding the other case, I found it odd that they were avoiding mentioning that Hirsch was Jewish, despite the fact that it seemed to be highly implied from his actions. Hirsch seemed more bothered to find paintings stolen by the Nazis than the murder itself he was cleaning up, and then put out great risk to break back into the house to verify the paintings being authentic. (Kamekona, part owner of the business, claims they will get "publicity" for recovering the paintings, but it seems this is somewhat personal for Hirsch.)

Then, at the end, Hirsch spends his own money to travel to the mainland to return the paintings to the family of the original Jewish owners, and states that he feels good about it. This is probably the only selfless act we've seen from Hirsch, and it would have been much more powerful if it was said that he was doing it because of his Jewish roots. Instead, this entire connection wasn't mentioned at all, despite actor Willie Garson being Jewish and having Woody-Allen-like nebbishy mannerisms.

I have a feeling that, absent of any positive Jewish characters on the show thus far, the writers were afraid to have the one Jewish character be a shady ex-con and kind of a buffoon.

They've been dragging the Adam story without further development or conclusion for a few episodes now. I hate when they do stuff like that.

Added: August 07 2018 01:20:21 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Just watched Season 8, episodes 20-24 in the past week, of Five Zero.

Read each of Mike's reviews after watching each episode, which has become a ritual when I watch, as I rarely catch the show live anymore. I haven't seen the season finale yet, but probably will this week.

Here are my comments:

Episode 20:
I never like the scenes where small, skinny females (Kono, Tani, Catherine) suddenly turn into Wonder Woman when it comes to beating up or attacking large men. Once again, Catherine got angry at a fellow CIA guy in Kenya, and choked him until she had to be pulled off. Absolutely can't swallow scenes like that.

The rest of the episode wasn't bad, and the Kamehameha angle was interesting. However, I knew there was no way Five-Zero would find those remains, as writing such a fictional story could be considered disrespectful to Hawaiians.

I agree with Mike that the "fake artifacts were washed ashore in 1957, found by the Navy, and kept" was far-fetched and absurd. Surely they could have come up with a better explanation.

Junior falling into the hole was the weaker part of the show. In fact, it didn't look at all impossible for someone as physically fit as junior (who didn't appear to be too badly injured) to get out. But there was a big plot hole: His cell phone was working until shortly before he fell into the hole. His location could have been determined easily once he went missing!

Episode 21:
I liked this one a bit better than Mike did, though the episode did have various flaws.

Actress Alana Boden looked far too sexy and mature to be 16, and indeed the actress was 21. Even worse, the show dressed her up in skimpy outfits and seemingly sexualized her, which felt weird to watch, given that the character was supposed to be only 16.

I laughed when the guy from the dating app said of Sophie, "That girl really knows how to party", and they showed a montage of her supposedly partying hard. Instead of seeing her snorting lines of cocaine or having an orgy with four dudes, the show's definition of "really knowing how to party" consisted of her dancing and squirting people with a water gun in the pool. Are the writers that old and out-of-touch, or were they afraid to show the girl doing anything too scandalous, given her character's age and the show being on network TV? I just thought that whole scene was stupid.

It is unclear why Sophie got on the boat when it was painfully clear that she was being kidnapped and setup.

The episode's ending did bother me. It attempted to emulate a James Bond film, where the dapper British hero engages in snappy dialogue with the baddies before dispatching them. But this sort of thing doesn't really have a place in Five-Zero. Langford jumped onto the boat full of dangerous and armed kidnapppers. Instead of attempting to surprise them, he simply walked up to them and engaged in conversation. Why didn't they just simply blow him away, especially once it was clear that Langford had a partner on the ship (McGarrett)?

Unlike Mike, I didn't mind the ending where it was revealed that Langford was Sophie's father, nor did I mind his decision not to tell her, and just to quietly protect her from arm's length.

I do feel that actor Chris Vance, while charming and Bond-like, is a bit too physically small for the role.

I'll get to the other 3 episodes in the next message.

Added: August 07 2018 12:49:50 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Pray Love Remember is an episode that's a little overrated. I never put it in my Top 20 or Top 30 episodes Classic HFO. It lacks a brilliant mastermind criminal like a Wo Fat or an HRH. The prime suspect is the extremely tall blond student. He didn't seem like the perpetrator. That 2 suspects would both have "15" sized feet seems far-fetched. The young girl and her keen observations about the two fish would help the case. Benny didn't mean to kill the young girl who screamed. I'll always remember when McG was breaking it down and Benny said "I ain't got no license." I remember McG getting tossed by Benny leaving him with some damaged ribs. Wished McG had better advice for the blond student who was picking up the pieces of his life. He could have used a big hug. I'd give Pray Love Remember 4 stars out of 6. JC

Added: August 06 2018 12:56:47 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Nice review on "Deathwatch." I noticed a couple of things -- i could be wrong on the first.

1. The ambulance taking Cardonus to the hospital with the motorcycle escort is one that is seen time and again throughout the series -- I believe this is the first occurrence of that sequence. Again, I could be wrong.

2. The last shot of the episode (where the print "Executive Producer Leonard Freeman" is seen) is that of the second shot of the courthouse clock from "Samurai." The time shown is 10:40am.

It's fun seeing this stuff and realizing my brain isn't so stuffed with cobwebs.

Added: August 06 2018 12:10:20 AM

Submitted by: Jason
From: Ft. Worth, Texas

Saw on Instagram where Peter Lenkov shared that for the 9th Season Premiere of Five-Zero, they are remaking "Cocoon" and he posted a pic of someone in the orange scuba suit in the water. Does anyone have any additional info about this?

Added: August 05 2018 09:43:21 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Mr. Mike. I would give Six Kilos 4 stars out of 6. Last few times, I've scribbled down a few notes about Six Kilos. It keeps getting marked down because of inconsistencies and mistakes. 4 out of 6 about right. Several things in Six Kilos make me want to mark it down more. 1. Why not just tail Mr. Brown from the airport? They are following his movements. It would have led HFO to the safe house with the other criminals. 2. The Mr. Brown tattoo. How did they airbrush a complex tattoo on McG's arm that fast? Plus Swanson checked out the tattoo when McG assumed Brown's identity. My guess the tattoo would still be inky or fresh. 3. McG would have no idea if Brown worked with this crew on an earlier job. It was incredibly risky to send him on the mission. 4.The nitro man. He would have to report to somebody in that chain of criminals. When he failed to report, my guess somebody would be looking for him. 5. I don't understand why Margi would shoot the men. They did their job help getting the "H". Guess she was greedy. Wanted everything. Six Kilos does have some good moments. I like when they jump off the boat after collecting the H. The scene where Brown is shot at the airport was very shocking. It's always good to see McG to go undercover. JC

Added: August 05 2018 02:19:01 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I started out doing Along Came Joey, then got very bored since this show is not that interesting, and full of boxing lingo and so forth. So I jumped to Six Kilos, a show I like because it has a certain "reputation" (see the review) and is full of mistakes!

Check out my review, which reaches new levels of trivial anal-ysis:

Added: August 05 2018 01:19:00 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike and Ringfire - your logic makes sense concerning the title. Shows you what I focused on at 1am ;)

Speaking of being focused, Trinian certainly was. He would go - and did - to any lengths to avenge his life, which he considered was wrongfully taken from him. He is one creepy character and his singular focus makes him that much more so.

An enjoyable episode all the way around. :)

Added: August 05 2018 12:29:37 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Uh, you realize that these two left the show over a year ago, right?

This site has nothing to do with CBS or the people producing the new show.

There are better places you can express your (belated) displeasure on Twitter and Facebook.

There is no guarantee that the people you wish to reach read this site at all (but I suspect they really do).

Added: August 05 2018 10:21:03 AM

Submitted by: David
From: South Carolina

It has come to my attention the truth behind the departure of two of the shows main actors Kim and Park.
I will no longer be able to watch my favorite show knowing that these two actors, both who have much stronger resumes than Caan and O'loughlan, were discriminated against because of race and gender. (By the way, I'm white)
I love the show and all of the actors equally. But, I can no longer, in the age of Trump and his racist and divisive rhetoric, stand by for any injustice of this kind.
Shame on the Network for hiding behind policy and not doing the right thing.

Added: August 05 2018 10:07:32 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I was thinking about the title, I think it means as follows:

Yesterday Died - Trinian's life effectively ends when he goes to jail
Tomorrow Won't Be Born - Because of his criminal ways, Trinian gets knocked off (this is kind of a spoiler for the show, actually)

Added: August 05 2018 09:32:22 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I always thought the title had everything to do with Trinian, and nothing with McG or Danno. The title suggests that Trinian died when he went to prison. That's when everything stopped for him. He died then, never to be born again. Now he's basically just a dead man walking, dishing out revenge.

Added: August 05 2018 02:41:09 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Just watched "Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Will Never be Born" -- excellent review again Mr. Mike and I agree one of the best episodes of Season 1. I especially like how Danno picks up and begins running things. You can tell it's not his forte but he's not shirking the responsibilities by any means.

My thoughts on the title: is that everything just stops for McGarrett 'today.' It stops for Five-O too, but not for long. As the Governor points out, they are responsible for the entire State of Hawaii, not just McGarrett's case. Danno does an excellent job of picking up the pieces and handling things, even if there is a part of him that doesn't want to.

This could be another aspect of the title - life as Danno knew it is over. As second in command, it's up to him to pick up the baton and run with it when necessary (such as McGarrett being killed, as an example; the "Tomorrow" part of the title) and he has do that in such a way as to be effective and bring the team together to keep the well-oiled machine running. No longer can he simply sit back and take orders (the "Yesterday" part of the title). It's not an easy transition to move into a leadership role such as this and there will be slip ups. I like what he says at the end about it being "a heavy load." Too right.

I know this is long, but this episode has become one of favorites overall and definitely (in my opinion) the best from Season 1.

Added: August 05 2018 02:10:25 AM

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

I've always thought Pray Love Remember deserves a spot in any conversation about the best of the best episodes. McG was absolutely bursting with swagger at that time.

Added: August 04 2018 10:23:26 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Agree Mr. Mike! I think Yesterday Died is a masterpiece. Probably King Of The Hill and Yesterday Died are my FAV Season 1 episodes. It's nearly a perfect episode. Danno conducted an excellent investigation into finding McGarrett's perpetrator. Trinian is definitely full of revenge. I guess 15 years in prison will do that to a military man. Especially if he feels he was innocent of the crimes. That always sticks with me when the Doctor says:"70/30 against." Amazing scene when Trinian talks with Emma. There still is plenty of love there after 15 years. I like Trinian's determination and focus. He's going after all the people who wronged him during the trial. I had Yesterday Died at 5 or 5.5 stars because I didn't like how Danno got there just at the right time taking down Joe. However, I watched this episode last winter. Trinian had to navigate several stairs up a winding staircase and Danno was really hustling. I had judged the ending too harshly. Yesterday Died deserves the rare 6 star honor. JC

Added: August 03 2018 07:10:07 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Re-viewed classic #H50 episodes:

Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born

Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember

Added: August 03 2018 06:15:01 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - I agree the Aloha Tower shot is probably a fluke. I chalk it up to 'this is when the assassins arrived in Hawaii.' Could be my fan mind is filling in the blanks. :)

As far as "Tiger," there is the part where Danno's questioning the girls(?) then he turns around to the owner who shows up. Could be my headphones too plugged into my laptop - I've had to make multiple adjustments in several episodes. Just struck me funny to a point, "Why are you yelling?" --asking myself of course. :D

Added: August 03 2018 02:52:58 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Bobbi, in Tiger by the Tail, are you referring to the beginning of the show, before Robert Luck, the owner of the club shows up? I don't think Danno is talking particularly loudly here.

In Samurai, you are quite right about the courthouse clocks, good eye! As far as the Aloha Tower is concerned, though, I don't think the idea is that "this is the Aloha Tower before Tokura shows up to court," it's just an establishing shot saying "this is Hawaii," because this was the first show filmed and I guess they figured some people might not know where they were.

I agree that in season one, the show was "finding its groove." Remember that the ratings were not very good in season one -- they didn't even make it into the top ten. It wasn't until the 3rd season that things improved:

Season 2 (1969-1970) - #19
Season 3 (1970-1971) - #7
Season 4 (1971-1972) - #12
Season 5 (1972-1973) - #3
Season 6 (1973-1974) - #10
Season 7 (1974-1975) - #10

Added: August 03 2018 11:01:26 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I promise this is the last one of the night. :)

Concerning "Samurai," did Honolulu go into some sort of time warp?

When we see Aloha Tower it is showing a time of 2:40pm -- being daylight, I'm assuming it is the afternoon since 2am would be dark. When we see the courthouse in the next sequence is shows a time of about 1:50pm. The next time we see the courthouse clock it shows a time of 10:40am -- this was when Tokura was meeting the Crime Commission, stopped, and the subsequent death of Mary Travers.

Again, just curious. Thank you Mr. Mike for pointing out that the phone was still ringing when McGarrett answered it in his office - made me laugh. :D

Added: August 02 2018 11:00:55 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Is it just me or is Danno yelling in the Swinger Bar for no reason in "Tiger by the Tail"? Was there a sound problem when they filmed that particular sequence? :!cool:

Added: August 02 2018 09:39:33 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - thank you for the pic. I love Punchbowl too - it's an amazing place. There is a book on the cemetery that I found at a few locations (bought mine at the Missouri) in 2015. It's so worthwhile.

Mr. Mike - I agree, in rewatching Season 1, there is a different dynamic between the Governor and McGarrett. Could this be the result of the series trying to figure itself out?

I agree wholeheartedly that the team behind McGarrett is not slacking at all! There are many times they have pulled him out of the fire - Man in a Steel Frame comes to mind right away for multiple reasons. They pay his bail, they investigate what really happened and Danno prevents McGarrett from committing murder on the beach.

Added: August 02 2018 09:34:52 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Great discussion on the HFO forum! I think the Governor was an underrated factor in Classic HFO's success. Similar to John Manicote DA. The Governor probably wanted McG to succeed at HFO because it made his decision look brilliant to hire him. Usually, the meeting with the Governor was something important. Their friendship grew as the years passed. The Finney matter in All The King's Horses jumps to mind. I thought there was some good dialogue in Rest In Peace Somebody when the Governor was in danger. The Governor was being stubborn about his protection as busy as he was but McG made sure he wore his protective vest. Classic HFO would have been successful without the Governor's role but I'm glad he was in all 12 seasons.

Added: August 02 2018 02:45:19 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Mike, you're right that Shigeta played Joseph Takagi and that Nakatomi was the name of his corporation. Most people tend to forget this. They just remember Nakatomi Plaza and assume he's Nakatomi. It's all good though. As long as they remember the man.

As for early season Governor I actually prefer this version to the later seasons. Later on he would task McGarrett with finding some lost dog of one of his heiress friends. Stuff like that. Steve and Gov would get really chummy and cute later on. McG would be poking fun at Gov calling him "sonny" because that's what Millicent Shand used to call him (though admittedly I do get a chuckle out of that scene and it actually is pretty funny). But in the early seasons this would never fly. Gov was all business and so was McG. Yes, sir. No, sir. I understand, sir. Good day, sir. In fact everyone in season 1 was very subservient - Kono and Chin were all "yes, boss" to McG. Sign of the times, I guess. I know folks still get offended because Connery's Bond tells his Jamaican ally Quarrel to "fetch my shoes" in DR. NO. This is all a time capsule which I love revisiting.

Added: August 02 2018 01:47:14 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

In watching these first season episodes again, some of which I think I haven't really seen in about 20 years (I don't recall watching them again when the first season DVDs came out, which was in 2007, unlike other seasons when they first appeared), I am finding myself really annoyed by the Governor's attitude towards McGarrett. This guy is acting like a big bitch!

Seriously, no matter how much of a superman McGarrett is, there is a limit as to how all-encompassing, all-knowing he can be in terms of being "on the cusp" in dealing with every crime in Hawaii, even over and above those which affect the Governor personally.

It's not like McGarrett and his team are a bunch of slack asses, really!

Added: August 02 2018 09:52:22 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Pix of James Shigeta grave at Punchbowl Cemetery taken by Ringfire:

Added: August 02 2018 06:07:31 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Mr. Mike. I just saw your post this AM. I think the episodes that would receive the highest honor 6 stars would be in NO particular order:1.Hookman 2.Engaged To Be Buried 3.The Ninety-Second War Part I. 4. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave 5. King Of The Hill 6.Yesterday Died...7. The Vashon Trilogy. There's probably a few more that I'm missing. A few excellent episodes get nickel and dimed to 5.5 for a variety of reasons. 1. Cry, Lie. This would be close to 6 but the ending with Danno and Kono shooting at Callo...I think it's a little over the top. 2.Three Dead Cows At Makapuu. I enjoy this episode but can't quite give it 6. Maybe, because he could prove his work already with the three cows. Killing innocent Hawaiians in the thousands possibly and for what. 3.Double Exposure. This was an outstanding episode but McGarrett in the copter blasting close to his men. It was very dangerous. I think you mentioned about the ending before too. 4.The Singapore File. This is real close to 6. I guess it gets nickeled and dimed a little for the guests on the boat. They kind of gave away the suspense when they flashed the camera on the priest. He indeed is the guy sent to rub out McGarrett. There are some more 5.5 ones. Forty Feet High And It Kills! Nightmare In Blue, East Wind-Ill Wind, Honor Is An Unmarked Grave. JC

Added: August 02 2018 05:08:04 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thanks, H50 1.0 FOREVER. If true then it's sad that the house is gone. I'm on O'ahu now and have been checking out some of the episode locations that I missed or didn't know about 10 years ago when I first visited. I've taken quite a few pics. Maybe I can send them to Mr. Mike at some point and he can put them up on his site somewhere.

Speaking of Joe Matsukino, I visited the Punchbowl Pacific Cemetery today and found the grave of James Shigeta, Honolulu-born Korean War veteran. I took a pic. I love that place, with the Lady Columbia statue (seen in the opening titles) overseeing all our fallen heroes laid to rest there. Interesting note - there was a lady there who asked me who I was looking for. I told her an actor was buried there. She was surprised and asked which actor. I told her James Shigeta who appeared on the original Five-O. She thought that was really cool but obviously didn't know who he was. So then I told her if she remembered in the movie DIE HARD the Japanese businessman who gets killed by Hans Gruber and all of a sudden her eyes light up and she exclaims "NAKATOMI!!!!!" lol. [Shigeta's character in Die Hard was named Takagi, he was President of Nakatomi Trading. -- MQ] She then proceeded to tell me that she actually worked in that building (Fox Plaza) in Century City in L.A. She couldn't believe that he was actually buried here at this cemetery.

P.S. I did a Magnum P.I. helicopter tour (with the doors off) too today! Very exciting!!! I was wearing my official Tom Selleck red jungle bird shirt. The Magnum staff loved it :)) Here's their site:

Added: August 02 2018 02:40:12 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Hello Mr. Mike! Concerning "Tiger by the Tail," the scene where Parks has been shot, Danno says he's still breathing. Just after this, McGarrett tells the HPD officer to call an ambulance. Did Parks later die as McGarrett was outside talking to Bobby or when Bobby was reconciling with his father? Your review says Parks was shot dead. Just curious on this one. [Someone else already told me about this, I think by e-mail. I thought I had fixed this, which I have done now, thanks.]

Like the review and I found myself wondering about Jasper myself - FBI or HPD? He is shown in the credits as "Jasper, FBI." Still doesn't explain McGarrett's order to Kono to notify the FBI and Kono leaving the office if Jasper is right there. :)

Added: August 02 2018 02:28:40 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Thank you Mr. Mike! That is very helpful! :)

Added: August 01 2018 06:00:58 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

John, are there any original H50 shows which get 6 out of 6 stars as far as you are concerned? If so, what are they?

Added: August 01 2018 05:31:54 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Bobbi, the thing called "Legacy" in the season one is 11 minutes and 38 seconds long. It has scenes from the old and new shows. I dunno if it's worth $10 just for this.

There are other special features as follows:
- Commentaries
- Picture Perfect: The Making of the Pilot
- Inside The Box
- Shore Lines: The Story Of Season 1
- Aloha Action!
- Grace Park's Hawaiian Tour
- Inside Comic-Con
- Deleted Scenes
- Gag Reel
- Re-scoring the Theme Song
- CBS Promos
- EYE LAB Promos

You can buy this season one NEW from for less than $10 if you are ordering the DVD. If this thing you are talking about is a Blu-Ray for $10, I would probably go for that.

I found season 4 of the new H50 in a Salvation Army thrift shop. That is 6 discs with 4 episodes on each, it cost me only $2.00! I thought this was a good deal.

Added: August 01 2018 05:30:22 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Working my way through Season 1 now - have not gotten to Deathwatch yet. However, I am reading Mr. Mike's reviews as I watch episodes and as usual, not disappointed. Thank you again Mr. Mike for all the work!

On a slightly off-topic note: was wondering if I could get an opinion - I'm sure everyone has one, just don't throw rotten tomatoes at me. :)

Is the Season 1 DVD of the reboot worth it? I found one at a used bookstore today for $10. *Nothing* from the original, which tells me people are hanging onto those - Duh! Anyway, I know there is a chapter on the extras titled "Legacy" and was wondering how much do they really talk about the original series. Thinking it *might* be worth it for that but if it's just about them and how they're bringing back the classic with their own spin - gag me now.

Thank you in advance.

Added: August 01 2018 02:40:52 PM

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oaks

John Chergi, Deathwatch certainly was a deadly episode -- and a chilling one. First, Matsukino killed the young ADA with a baby on the way. Then, he killed his partner's girlfriend -- blew her to smithereens! He must have tried umpteen times to kill Cardonus. Prison's too good for the likes of him. McGarrett needed to find a federal charge he could bring him up on and have him sent to the electric chair.

Ringfire, I want to say the house was in Black Point, south of Diamond Head Road where it becomes Kahala Avenue. If it once was, it does not appear to be there now. I can say that it was not one of the houses along Kahala Avenue.

Added: August 01 2018 12:12:17 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Deathwatch has 1 of the larger body counts on HFO. I'm saddened every time thinking about the pregnant wife. Her husband made an every day decision to go back to the office. I believe it was Sunday. He is killed by a thief. Reminded me of 9/11 in the sense that what people did right before the plane attacks...Some survived and some died. A walk down for a smoke break or looking for something at one of the shops...That person survived and a person working at their desk didn't high up. It was only Season 1 but Classic HFO showed its greatness with Deathwatch. McGarrett has to protect a key witness that was involved in the death of the young lawyer in the beginning. Love that ending when he arrives via ambulance. McGarrett and the witness were both determined and strong. I'd give Deathwatch a good 4.5 out of 6 stars. What Would You give Deathwatch Classic Hawaii Five O fans? JC

Added: August 01 2018 03:34:59 AM

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