Five-O Location Photos November 2014


Five-O fan Fred Helfing visited Hawaii in November 2014 and took the following photos of locations used in the original show. These photos are used with permission. Fred has supplied the descriptions.



Ala Moana Bridge

This is the Ala Moana Bridge over the Ala Wai Canal. I believe we see this bridge in 8.3, Termination with Extreme Prejudice.


Ala Moana Mall Parking Lot

Parking lot at the Ala Moana Mall where a foot chase ensues in The Diamond That Nobody Stole.     


Ala Wai Canal

This is the Ala Wai Canal seen from the Diamond Head end. This walkway, further down, is where Stringer (Paul Williams) drove his pedicab into the canal in 11.17, Stringer.



This is Maunakea Street, above Hotel Street. This location was probably used a few times, but was definitely seen in 6.14, The $100,000 Nickel when Arnie and Millie Price are chasing down the purse snatcher. In the background with the blue trim is Hookman's perch building.


Chinatown Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii building on the corner of King and Maunakea Streets in Chinatown. This bank was used a couple of times including episode 2.14, Which Way Did They Go? This is the bank that Ossie Connors (William Windom) tricks Five-O to stake out while he hits another location. Harry Endo plays a bank manager here in the episode before he takes over as Che Fong.


Diamond Head Bunker

Diamond Head bunker, used in 4.6, ...And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots and 5.20, Little Girl Blue.


Diamond Head Entrance

Diamond Head Tunnel entrance in episode 5.15, Thanks for the Honeymoon where Patty Duke is hiding, observing Manola knock off Delgado. The previous picture of the DIamond Head tunnel is the area she's observing, off to the right of that picture.


Diamond Head Tunnel

Diamond Head tunnel used numerous episodes including 6.1, Hookman and 4.8, For a Million... Why Not? Also, the area to the right is used is a handful of episodes including 5.15, Thanks for the Honeymoon, 2.1, A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead! and 8.17, Loose Ends Get Hit (where Sandy gets Vanden Ecker to flip the car).


Dillingham Fountain

Dillingham Fountain or that's at least what the tour guide calls it in episode 3.23, The Grandstand Play: Part I. Its location is at the Diamond Head end of Kapiolani Park. Its also seen in a stock shot when McGarrett is driving in several episodes.


Hawaii Regent Hotel

The Waikiki Beach Marriott, formerly known in Five-O as the Hawaiian Regent. This hotel was in a few episodes including 6.24, 30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key and I think it was also a hotel jacked by Chris Vashon (The Son) in 5.9, 'V' for Vashon: The Son.


Hilton Lagoon

The Ilikai and the Rainbow Tower at Hawaiian Hilton Village.


Honolulu Stadium Site

Location of Honolulu Stadium where Pernell Roberts, awkwardly in my opinion, plays baseball in episodes 3.23 and 3.24, The Grandstand Play. The stadium is long gone (1976) and this marker remains to mark its former location. Located in Honolulu on the corner of King and Isenberg Streets.


Hookman Building from Maunakea

On the corner of Maunakea and Pauahi Streets in Chinatown, this is the building in 6.1, Hookman. Hookman is on the rooftop and the end trying to pick off McGarrett.


Hookman Building from Pauahi

Also the 6.1, Hookman Building looking towards Maunakea from Pauahi Street in Chinatown.


IBM Building

The IBM building seen in numerous episodes in the background including Hookman. Also, it's the building's parking lot where Chin's family member is run down in 5.5, The Jinn Who Clears the Way. Located near the Ala Moana Mall on Ala Moana Boulevard and Queen Street.


Ilikai Hotel

The Ilikai Hotel as seen from the Ala Wai Boat Harbor. Many episodes were filmed in the pool area including 3.8, The Reunion and 9.5, Tour De Force, Killer Aboard.


Jack Lord Memorial Bust

Not in any episode, but the Jack Lord memorial bust just outside the Kahala Mall.


Kahala Bank of Hawaii

Bank Building seen in a number of episodes including 2.20, Cry, Lie and 4.8, For a Million... Why Not? Located on Kilauea next to the Kahala Mall.


Kaimuki Alley

A view of Mahina Ave in Kaimuki where Ted Reynolds in 6.18, Secret Witness is walking along after work. He witnesses the hit man shoot the bag man across the street in the parking lot. Just to the left of the green bin is where Jo Louise pulls her car over and is talking to a policeman in 2.13, The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!


Kaimuki Alley #2

Also from 5.13, I'm a Family Crook, Don't Shoot! as the daughter continues her run around the same building. This is the rear of that building.


Kaimuki First Hawaiian Bank

Another shot of the bank building where the two street hoodlums commit their purse snatch in 3.5, The Guarnerius Caper.


Kaimuki First Hawaiian Bank #2

Bank building seen in 6.18, Secret Witness and 3.5, The Guarnerius Caper, the latter when the two street hoodlums commit their purse snatch. This is also in the Kaimuki district on 12th Ave between Waialae and Mahina Ave.


Kaimuki Parking Area for Jo Louise

The van marks where Jo Lousie pulls her car over for the HPD in 2.13, The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild! How nice that a HPD unit drove by at that time for me. And the same bank building on 12th is seen above that.


Kaimuki Window Dragon

Window seen in 6.18, Secret Witness and 3.5, The Guarnerius Caper. In both episodes, you can clearly see the snake on the windows. It's amazing to me that over 40 years later that the snake is still there. Kaimuki district on 12th Ave below Mahina Ave.


Kalakaua Bridge

The Kalakaua Bridge over the Ala Wai Canal. This bridge was seen in 8.3, Termination with Extreme Prejudice where Five-O does some magical pistol shooting at a speeding boat trying to escape to the ocean.


Kings Village

Kings Village in Waikiki. I believe it was episode where Angela (Diana Muldaur) meets the blackmailer in 5.2, Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain. What a prolific character actress she was.


McGarrett's Balcony

The Ilikai as seen from the Hawaiian Hilton Village Lagoon, showing the penthouse balcony where the camera zooms in on McGarrett in the opening credits.


Nightmare in Blue House

House used in 6.21, Nightmare in Blue. It's the house that the washout cop, Stark, tricks his way into to assault the surviving victim. Behind the basketball hoop is where Stark is at one point seen driving slowly around when the husband takes off for work. The house is located on the eastern foothill of Diamond Head.


Oahu Market

Oahu Market on the corner of King and Kekaulike Streets. I believe this the location of where a young mother buys a fish that contains a gold bar in 1.6, Twenty-Four Karat Kill.


One Big Happy Family Beauty Salon

As Mr. Mike as noted in his review, this is the beauty salon in episode 6.4, One Big Happy Family that's supposed to be in Maui, but is actually on East Manoa Road in the Moana district.


One Big Happy Family Salon Observation Area

Same beauty salon in One Big Happy Family, but looking to the area where the youngest daughter, Monica, is perched keeping track of customers. This is the view that gave away the true location of the filming area.



Rainbow Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Seen is a few episodes, most noticeably in 3.1, And a Time to Die... where a sniper picks off the protected witness.


Secret Witness Apartment

Apartment building in episode 6.18, Secret Witness where Ted and Sue (Cindy Williams) Reynolds live. The building is wedged between Sierra Dr. and Keanu St., just north of Waialae in the Kaimuki district of Honolulu.


Secret Witness Apartment #2

Another view the apartment building in 6.18, Secret Witness with the area where the hitman spins out his car at the end off to the left.

Secret Witness Apartment from Jump Lot

6.18, Secret Witness. Ted Reynolds' apartment building as seen from the exit of his the lot where he landed.


Secret Witness Diner

Ted Reynolds worked at this location on Mahina Ave. in Kaimuki typing up menus in 6.18, Secret Witness.


Secret Witness Jump Area

6.18, Secret Witness, Ted hops the rail and jumps below, to the left.


Secret Witness Jump Area #2

6.18, Secret Witness, Ted Reynolds's landing zone, from the other side of the parking lot. The wood pillars where Duke digs out a spent bullet are still there.


Secret Witness Kaimuki Parking Lot

Parking lot in 6.18, Secret Witness where the hit man hits the bag man, witnessed by Ted Reynolds. Kaimuki district, technically still called Mahina Ave, west of 12th.


Secret Witness Library Book Drop Site

End of parking lot in 6.18, Secret Witness, Ted Reynolds loses his library book. He hops the railing and jumps below. A good 10-12 foot drop.


Secret Witness Mailbox

House across the street from the Reynolds apartment in 6.18, Secret Witness. This is the house Yankee Chang comes out of to tell 5-O that he's got a call from the hitman. The R Tanaka on the mail box is also seen in the episode from way up high by the hit man which upon he looks up the phone number in a telephone book.


Secret Witness Parking Lot

Parking lot is 6.18, Secret Witness where the hit man chases Ted Reynolds, the end of which, Ted loses his library book. Location is Center St, just north of Waialae, Kaimuki.


Trouble in Mind Guardino Viewpoint

Guardino's point of view, looking at the Five-O bust of Harry Partch in 3.2, Trouble in Mind.


Trouble in Mind Walkway Looking Down

The long stairway in 3.2, Trouble in Mind, looking down towards Green Street. Downtown is in the background.


Trouble in Mind Walkway Looking Up

The same long stair case looking up from Green Street in 3.2, Trouble in Mind.


Trouble in Mind Walkway Top

This is the top of the long stair case Mike Martin (Harry Guardino) climbs in his attempt to visit heroin dealer Harry Partch in 3.2, Trouble in Mind. If you have watched the episode, please compare the stone pattern of the wall on the left to that in the episode as Guardino watches the Five-O bust in progress. The location is on the lower foothill slopes of the Punchbowl Crater on Spencer at Alapai Streets.


Volcano Water Fountain Plaza

This is the bank seen in several episodes with the fountain that emits water like an erupting volcano. I can't remember all the episodes but I believe it's the bank robbed in 9.6, The Last of the Great Paperhangers and also in 6.11, The Finishing Touch and 8.16, Legacy of Terror. The bank is located on the corner of Merchant and Bishop Streets in downtown.


Volcano Fountain

Close up of volcano-looking fountain seen in many episodes


Waialae and Kokohead

Corner of Waialae and Kokohead in Kaimuki where the bag man, Frank Butrell, is ripped off by the Lovejoy family is 5.13, I'm a Family Crook, Don't Shoot!


War Memorial Natatorium

The War Memorial or Natatorium. This location, opposite Kapiolani Park, was used in multiple episodes including 4.11, A Matter of Mutual Concern and 6.19, Death With Father. Unfortunately, due to decay and disrepair, the ocean side of the memorial is closed to the public.


Wo Fat Chop Sui

Wo Fat Chop Sui, on the corner of Maunakea and Hotel Streets in Chinatown (not featured in any episode). While the restaurant no longer exists, the sign does and it is the inspiration for the Wo Fat character in Five-O.