Mahalo Con Picture Gallery

The following pictures were mostly taken at Mahalo Con, the Hawaii Five-O convention which was held in Burbank and Honolulu at the end of October and beginning of November, 1996. To see the pictures, click on the green dots.


* Kam Fong, James MacArthur and Zoulou share a laugh at the Burbank banquet.

* Panel discussion at Burbank features Sharon Farrell, Kam Fong, stuntman John Thorp and Dennis Chun (Kam's son).

* James MacArthur, Sharon Farrell, Kam Fong, John Thorpe and Dennis Chun. Photo by Mark Musante.

* Frank Booth, Mark Musante, unidentified person behind Mark (possibly Julie Helmer), Tim Ryan (Honolulu Star-Bulletin reporter), Bill Koenig, Mike Quigley, Todd Witteles at Burbank. Photo by Karen Rhodes.

* Debbie Coley, Mark Roland (behind Mark: Todd Witteles, Mark Musante, Mike Quigley), Tim Ryan at Burbank. Photo by Karen Rhodes.

* Karen Rhodes (center) thanks those who helped at the convention. Standing from left to right: Kathy Harter, Sylvia Stoddard, Dennis Chun, Chip Copper. Seated at left table: Ron Feinberg, Rita Ractliffe. Seated at front table: Mark Roland, Bill Koenig, Julie Helmer, Mark Musante, Mrs. Q, Tammy Jordan.

* Kam Fong, Zoulou and James MacArthur outside the banquet room in Burbank.

* Kam Fong, Zoulou and James MacArthur with his wife and son outside the banquet room in Burbank.

* Bill Koenig and me with the scripts we "won" at the charity auction.

* Todd Witteles checks out the nominees for the "wacky captions" contest.

* Ron Feinberg (6'8"), star of "Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember," Mrs. Q (5'1") and myself (6'2").

* Discussing the show with Ron Feinberg.

* Mrs. Rose Freeman, wife of the late creator of Five-O, addresses the Burbank banquet. Dennis Chun looks on.

* Of course I'm telling Danno to "Book 'em!" Notice how my hair resembles Jack Lord's...

* Myself and Mrs. Rose Freeman. Among other things, she is holding the Five-O soundtrack album.

* Zoulou and James MacArthur answer fans' questions in the Burbank "exhibit" room. Note the picture of Jack Lord on the extreme right.

* Zoulou, Karen Rhodes (boss of the Iolani Palace Irregulars) and Kam Fong during a Burbank panel discussion.

* Zoulou and Kam Fong goofing around at Burbank.



* Looking up from the beach at the Ilikai Hotel with its famous balcony.

* Doing the tourist thing in the courtyard of the Ilikai Hotel (where we stayed in Honolulu).

* Another view from our room at the Ilikai including the marina.

* The glass elevator at the Ilikai Hotel, as seen from our hotel room.

* Looking down from the Ilikai penthouse towards the other two towers of the hotel.

* Looking down from penthouse balcony towards the ocean.

* Rainbow Tower of the nearby Hilton Hawaiian Village.

* Members of Iolani Palace Irregulars (Five-O fan club) stand at the corner of the Ilikai hotel penthouse balcony where Jack Lord is seen at the beginning of each episode. Back row: Mike Q, Jerry, Debbie, Chip, Michael. Middle row: Mark, Julie, Tammy, Karen, Mrs. Q. Front: Rita.

* Solo shot at the "Jack Lord corner" of the Ilikai Hotel penthouse.


* Herman Wedemeyer and Harry Endo at the breakfast in the Ilikai Hotel, Honolulu.

* Harry Endo and James MacArthur.

* Moe Keale at the breakfast.

* Harry Endo signs my program.


* The Iolani Palace, Five-O headquarters, surrounded by fans on the Honolulu tour. McGarrett's office is on the right, obscured by the palm tree.

* Another view of fans outside the Iolani Palace.

* Me in front of the Iolani Palace steps.

* Doug Mossman, Harry Endo and James MacArthur outside the Iolani Palace, right below McGarrett's office.

* Me with Harry Endo and James MacArthur.

* Doug Mossman explains about King Kamehameha's statue.

* Doug Mossman with fans in front of the building containing the Governor's office.

* McGarrett's office in the Iolani Palace.

* A slightly different view of McGarrett's office.


* Helen Kuoha-Torco and Rose Freeman.

* Jimmy Borges and me at the luau.

* Me with Mrs. Freeman.

* Harry Endo at the luau.

* Tommy Fujiwara at the luau. Photo by Jerry Pickard.

* Five-O fans at the luau in Honolulu. From left: Sylvia, Jerry, Karen (in front), Michael, Julie, Mark, Chip, Dennis, myself, Tammy.

* Five-O stars at the luau in Honolulu. From left: Kam Fong, James MacArthur, Zoulou, Rose Freeman, Doug Mossman, Moe Keale.

* Five-O stars at the luau, another view.

* Five-O stars at the luau, another view.

* Five-O stars at the luau, another view.

* Five-O stars at the luau, another view.

* Luau scene with (from left) Zoulou's brother, Moe Keale, Zoulou and unidentified woman. Behind are fans, including Tammy Jordan.


* Honolulu International Airport, the familiar control tower in the distance.

* Standing on the bridge over the Ala Wai canal (near the location where McGarrett burns rubber driving through the park).

* Byodo-In Temple.

* Dolphins jump at SeaLife Park.

* Hanauma Bay.