The Five-O Very Bad Words Page


Hawaii Five-O was ahead of its time in pushing the envelope as far as words and expressions, some of which are far from “politically correct” today.

It should be noted that the expressions "damn," "hell," and "Oh, God" (the latter especially from McGarrett) are used throughout the show -- far too many to keep track of. If anyone has made a list of these, I would certainly like to hear from you. I can be contacted via the e-mail link at the bottom of the main Five-O page.

There are also a lot of esoteric rude expressions, many of a local nature, i.e., "pineapple picker" for Hawaiians.



S07E03: I'll Kill 'Em Again

As psychotic killer Eddie Josephs attacks a hooker near the end of the show, McGarrett and Danno pull him off her, and she says "You bastard!" (at least according to the subtitles on the season seven DVD).


S11E13: Number One With a Bullet

McGarrett tells Los Angeles mob boss Allie Francis (Nehemiah Persoff): "On his way home from work, my father was run down and killed by some bastard like you who had just held up a supermarket."




S04E11: A Matter of Mutual Concern
As the Korean gangster Kim Lo Lang expires at the end of the show, he calls Chinese boss Li Wing (David Opatoshu) "You lousy Chink!"


S04E13: Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise
A gas station owner, interviewed by Five-O, says "What the Japs did to this place ain't nothin' to what the Haoles and Chinks are doin' to it since."




S01E09: By the Numbers

Randall Kim taunts a G.I., friend of the lead character: "I hear a lot of G.I.s talking ... they say one gook looks like another. Must be the same with you, huh? I look like 'some other gook'." (He pronounces the word like "look" rather than "duke.")


S02E18: Killer Bee

McGarrett tries to get a rise out of a Vietnam veteran who is lying about his military past: "What did you do to earn those medals, George? Did you make a sweep of some gook-infested hill?"


S03E17: To Kill or Be Killed

A tape recording from a despondent soldier reveals why he was depressed and committed suicide: "We didn't care what we killed ... peasants ... gooks ... anything.”


S04E11: A Matter of Mutual Concern

When McGarrett suggests Samoan gangster Tasi will visit three other ethnic bosses, Tasi replies: "I'll not go visit that stupid Jap, or that powdery Chinaman, or the Gook slob." McGarrett does not like this, and says, "This is Hawaii, U.S.A. It's time for your English lesson. Repeat slowly after me -- Japanese, Chinese, Korean." Tasi gives him the raspberry.


S04E18: Skinhead

Soldier Mitch Kenner tries to pick up Nora Kayama in a bar. When she rebuffs his advances, he says "What's the matter, kid? White meat too rich for your blood?" and then calls her "a lousy gook broad" (twice). Later, when he asks McGarrett "What are you so upset about?", referring to the scratches on his chest put there by Nora which he said he got when he "fell over a hedge," adding, "She's not even white," Kono flies off the handle and has to be restrained by McGarrett.




S01E04: Samurai

Leonard Tokura (Ricardo Montalban), when discussing his past with McGarrett, recalls "after Pearl Harbour you were a 'Jap'."


S02E01: A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead!

Sergeant Simms (Harry Guardino) denies knowing James Watanu (James Hong), saying "I don't have any Jap friends."


S02E10: All The King's Horses

Senator Oishi (Keye Luke) says, "I was a Jap for five years, an Oriental for another ten. Now I'm an American, but it was a long time before people stopped looking at me as if I were still the enemy."


S04E11: A Matter of Mutual Concern

See above under "gook."


S04E13: Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise
See above under "chink."




S04E11: A Matter of Mutual Concern

The Korean Kim Lo calls the Japanese Afuso "Sukiyaki," and says "I bet you even put water in your sake." At a meeting of the gang bosses, the Samoan Tasi tells them that he "doesn't dirty his mouth lying to cruds and foreigners [meaning the other bosses]."


When Miami hitman Jake Hirsch (Nick Nickolas) arrives on a plane at the Honolulu airport, he is met by McGarrett and Chin Ho, and is promptly sent back to the mainland. When McGarrett tells him "Aloha," Nickolas replies, "Aloha to you, pal. And ram it," i.e., "Shove it up your ass."




S01E13: King of the Hill

Marine John Auston (Yaphet Kotto) mutters deliriously after he is hospitalized with a head injury: "You didn't even fight ... you ran cause you didn't wanna owe this black man nothing. He didn't even give me the chance to hear him say, 'John O, call me nigger'!"`


S11E06: A Distant Thunder

Danno ingratiates himself with Wendell Stoner, leader of a local neo-Nazi group, telling an undercover black cop who is intentionally hassling Stoner: "Beat it, Rufus ... I'm talking to you, nigger!"




S04E05: Two Doves and Mr. Heron

Ryan Moore (John Ritter) begs money from embezzler Edward Heron, real name Ernest Hampton (Vic Morrow) who then tries to feel him up. Ryan bonks Heron on the head and steals his wallet, later commenting, "He deserved it, the closet queen".


S05E11: "V" for Vashon: the Patriarch

Lawyer Harvey Drew is being blackmailed because of his relationship with a young homosexual lover, Bobby Raisbeck. In a confrontation in Manicote's office, Raisbeck tells Drew, "You're getting what's coming to you, you old queen."