Five-O Oddities, Goofs, Trivia -- Part 1

This is a list of trivia, oddities and mistakes I've jotted down over the years while watching Hawaii Five-O. Much of this information may not be considered "politically correct" today -- there are plenty of "bad" words in here which may upset the sensitive, so if you might freak out, then read no further! Plenty of spoilers too! Copyright ©1994-1995 by Mike Quigley. No reproduction of any kind without permission.


1 Full Fathom Five
This first show features many motifs which will be developed through much of the entire series. Victor Reese (a.k.a. Rawlings -- Kevin McCarthy) and his wife Nora (Louise Troy) bilk rich widows out of their funds, then poison them and dump them in the ocean. A truly sick psycho, McCarthy recites Ariel's song from Shakespeare's Tempest as the barrel containing the woman victim at the beginning of the show goes underwater (the song has the sex changed to "her" from "him"). Nora shows a bit of cleavage in the opening scene, and the music by Morton Stevens is dissonant. McGarrett gropes his secretary on the way into his office during his first appearance. Peggy Ryan, later McG's secretary Jenny, is named Milly and works for the Governor. When the Governor meets McG, he offers the latter some papaya, something later parodied in Mad magazine. (The governor just sits under a tree eating his lunch ... obviously no security concerns!) There are some interesting camera angles during the discussion between McG and the Governor. During a plot twist, McG checks out the Hawaiian hippie "subculture," which he finds amusing -- it prompts him to say "Peace, brother." The words "mary jane" can be seen scrawled on the hippie compound. There is tension between McG and Danno: Danny objects to using a policewoman as bait for McCarthy's schemes, saying "I don't like it," and McG replies "Nobody asked you." During a flight over the harbour, Danno is sitting in the door of the helicopter -- no need for a stunt man! Chin Ho says "some of my best ancestors are Chinese" and "Confucius once said -- we got a winner, boss!" Chin also tails people in a very obvious fashion. When Danny meets McGarrett at the boat dock, he says "that [bright Hawaiian]shirt's blinding me!" Herman ("Duke") Wedemeyer makes a brief appearance as "Lt. Balta." When McGarrett is driving Joyce Weber (Patricia Smith) to her airport cab, watch the cars and scenery behind them ... must have been a bad continuity day! McGarrett says "good girl" to Joyce twice and when she leaves him says "go with God."
2 Strangers in Our Own Land
This show has one of the greatest special effects of the series -- the bomb blast at the beginning. It also has a great continuity goof -- watch Kono's hair during his final "profound statement"!
4 Samurai
Features Ricardo Montalban as a Japanese -- unreal! This was the first Five-O show produced, but fortunately not the first one shown.
5 And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin
An excellent show, with Danno accused of murder after he shoots a kid and the victim's girlfriend sneaks away with the kid's gun. The cops find "fresh pot" at the kid's pad. I wonder how the kid gets shot -- Danno fires at the door. Is the kid standing right behind it? When grilled by McGarrett, Danno says when he saw the kid's body, "I didn't know he'd been hit." But there is a bullet wound in his back that we can see when he's lying on the floor! Who is Che Fong (uncredited)? Not Harry Endo! Danno tells McG: "It's a stinking job," to which McG replies, "Who told you it was anything else!" McGarrett engages in verbal sparring with the Attorney-General (Morgan White). Searching for clues, Kono visits a massage parlor. McGarrett checks out the Club Hubba Hubba, where one of the peelers tells him: "Catch my act sometime." McG smiles. McGarrett and Kono take on a gang on the beach. Gavin ("Love Boat") McLeod plays the sweaty dope pusher Big Chicken, who utters phrases like "the law is cool" and "peace." In the hippie pad, there is sitar music and body painting. McGarrett tells the kid's girl friend she's been "apprised of [her] constitutional rights." McGarrett roughs up Big Chicken, drawing blood. I like the ending where McG and Danno come "into the light."
6 Twenty-Four Karat Kill
Richard Denning appears in this show as treasury agent Philip Grey -- he only appeared 5 episodes earlier as The Governor! When the woman buys the fish (a kind of tuna called bonito, by the way) at the beginning, and considering she is very picky, why doesn't she realize how heavy the fish is (since it contains a gold bar)? I like the parallels when she gets knocked off -- her knife, the killer's knife; her screaming, her baby screaming. This show has a great, archetypal sequence of McGarrett driving away from his office and through Honolulu with accompanying score by Stevens. Why can't anyone drive in this episode without squealing tires? Doug Mossman plays Lt. Howard Kealoha who deals with McGarrett in a blunt, no-nonsense way. Kono is used to bust down the door of the gambling den, sort of like a human bulldozer. Check McGarrett's reflection in the mirror when he is talking to the coroner. Chin gets a skull fracture (from tailing someone too close!) and McGarrett addresses him as "Fatso" in the hospital. When McGarrett busts into the office of sleazy lawyer Paul Dennison (Paul Richards), he tells Dennison's secretary, "Stay out of this, honey." McGarrett is very pissed at Dennison for putting Chin in the hospital. McGarrett says "no dames" when Grey suggests using a female undercover operator. When McGarrett suggests using a million bucks, Grey says if it gets lost, they'll take it out of McG's salary, to which McG replies: "What's a couple of hundred years of peanut butter sandwiches?" McGarrett directs his receptionist's attention to the coffee machine when he enters the office. When Johnny Fargo (Kaz Garas) tries to get fresh with the undercover agent Andrea (Marj Dusay), he says "Perfect, baby, perfect," to which she replies, "Act your age." When Danno phones the office to relay the good news about Chin's recovery, he seems very chummy with May, the receptionist, telling her "You're beautiful." When they are tailing the bad guys near the show's end, the scene with the cops in car nine is used twice, and the scene with car twelve is used four times!! At the end, Fargo ends up shot and in the drink, similar to Kevin McCarthy's character in episode number 1. Eddie Sherman (presumably the newspaperman) plays a detective.
7 The Ways of Love
You can see the shadow of the crew filming in the opening chase. My favorite 5-0 boo-boo! Check the car's speedometer -- it goes up to 180 miles an hour! Why is the chase taking place in the middle of nowhere on a narrow one-lane road? The music by Stevens is interesting, sounding often like Bernard Herrmann (use of bass clarinets and so forth). McGarrett is convincing as a convict spouting phrases like "What a burn!" The Attorney General gives McG a lot of static! I find the speed at which McGarrett manufactures the mimeographed orders rather quick.
8 No Blue Skies
Features Tommy Sands, who sings five songs including "This Land is Your Land." The pianist in Sands' combo looks suspiciously like composer Morton Stevens. The opening music sounds like Henry Mancini. Sands refers to his girl friend as a "dumb broad" and just about everyone as "baby!" When the old Chinese man refuses to take part in the police lineup, McGarrett tells Chin to let him go, saying "Maybe he'll develop a public conscience." McGarrett and Kono tackle some punks in a bar.
9 By the Numbers
Another excellent show, starring Johnny ("Rifleman") Crawford as a G.I. drawn into a mob power struggle. The Governor tells McGarrett he must "do something about Hotel Street," to which McG replies: "The merchants retailing drugs, sex and gambling might march on the palace." Randall Kim as John Lo tells Crawford's buddy: "I hear a lot of G.I.s talking ... they say one gook looks like another. Must be the same with you, huh? I look like 'some other gook'." After McGarrett leaves his office, it looks like the same shot when he drove past the fountain in episode #7. Duke appears as Lt. George Balta. When Chin tells McG, "There must be a thousand places a guy could hide out," McG replies, "You've got a thousand relatives ... use them!" A newspaper headline reads "Isle GOP prepares for Agnew campaign visit." McGarrett tells Danno during a discussion about the mobsters: "When you're number two, you try a little harder." When McGarrett grills Irene (Anne Helm), he tells her: "You're an attractive woman, Irene -- do you know what you'll look like when you get out of prison in twenty to thirty years?" Let's ignore the presence of very un-Oriental Will Kuluva as "big brother" Philip Lo in this episode.
10 Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born
A dynamite episode, with John Larch as Joseph Trinian reappearing after fifteen years to drill McGarrett while the latter is jogging on the beach. (But where is the kid in the surf during the first shots of McG seen from far away?) Plenty of effective hand-held camera work in the first part of the show (how do they do the shots in the car?). When we finally see Larch's face, it's one of Five-O's most chilling moments! In this episode, Doug Mossman plays George Leoloha who talks about "a kid hopped up to the gills with speed." Al Eben (later "Doc") is here as with a moustache Dr. Cohen. When Chin Ho asks some hot-rodding punks for information, one of them, M.K. (Lanikai) calls him a "venerable pain in the ancestor." Chin Ho's attempts to rough up M.K. are laughable.
11 Deathwatch
McGarrett has to guard a mob underboss (Nehemiah Persoff, in the first of several such roles) who is going to testify and help convict his former superior, Joe Matsukino (James Shigeta). The name "Matsukino" is bogus ... "matsu" in Japanese means "pine tree," and "kino," among other things, means "yesterday," but this combination is very unusual. When the prosecutor's pregnant wife sits shocked by her husband's demise at the beginning of the show, McGarrett comforts her, saying "What can I say, hon ... what can I say." McGarrett later refers to a nurse as "honey" and his secretary as "love." Randall Kim, who appeared only two episodes earlier as John Lo, plays Oscar, a pickpocket. McGarrett is disgusted by Persoff's attitude, screaming "Shut up!" at him. The headline in the newspaper at the end -- Headline Trial Witness Dies -- has no relation to any of the stories in the paper. The subhead on the same article is "Senate Nixes Registration." Too bad Shigeta couldn't have played Ricardo Montalban's role in Samurai!
13 King of the Hill
This episode (story by series creator Leonard Freeman), about medal-winning Marine John Auston (Yaphet Kotto) who freaks out in the hospital, shoots Danno and hinders attempts to rescue both of them because he considers everyone "the enemy," shows McGarrett in an incredibly upset frame of mind. McG just about rushes down the hall single-handed to rescue Danno and has to be restrained by Doug Mossman (as Lt. George Kealoha) who tells him to "settle down, cool off" and Chin Ho ("It won't help Danny blowing your cool"). McG yells at Mossman, "Why haven't you ... you go down and get him!" McGarrett and Castle Memorial Hospital chief Doctor Hanson (Jeff Corey) engage in a screaming match at one point. One of McG's reaction shots during this exchange is not what we might expect. There is some interesting hand-held camera work as McGarrett is quizzed by the media at the beginning of the show. A shot with Hansen coming into the hallway past some cops is repeated twice. The music is by Harry Geller, the first score not done by Stevens. We learn some trivia about Danno during this show: he is a "local boy," born in Hawaii, went to the University of Hawaii for one year (psychology major), then moved to the mainland (University of California at Berkeley) where he majored in police science. There are some racial overtones to this episode which are not developed very well. Near the end of the show, Kotto mutters deliriously, talking to the "Sarge" (Danny): "You didn't even fight ... you ran cause you didn't wanna owe this black man nothing. He didn't even give me the chance to hear him say, 'John O, call me nigger'!"
14 Up Tight
Stars Ed Flanders as drug-dispensing Timothy Leary-like professor David Stone who spouts hippie platitudes about love and peace like "laughter should be beautiful." There is plenty of talk of speed, acid and mescaline in this show. After Danno fails to save Eadie Hastings from the cliff at the beginning, McGarrett comments, "You're up pretty tight, Danno." McG visits the snotty rich brat Donna Wales, one of Stone's "pupils" (Brenda Scott). As she comes out of her parents' swimming pool, her bathing suit top strap almost slips off. She refers to McGarrett as "fuzz" and makes references to police brutality and harrassment. As he leaves, McGarrett says "That's pretty cool, baby, pretty cool." Danny becomes an unconvincing surfer/hippie type, using phrases like "Sure, baby, let's let it happen!" The music by Stevens covers a wide range of moods including a drug-crazed ride on a motorbike by Donna. Some of the hallucinations in this show seem very similar to those suffered by Yaphet Kotto in the previous episode! Donna ends up in a hospital ward for "acid heads and speed trippers." McGarrett's hair gets uncharacteristically ruffled by the wind during the final scenes.
15 Face of the Dragon
In this generally serious episode McGarrett has to track down the source of an outbreak of bubonic plague. Some humour is provided in the scene where Kono, Danny and Chin Ho all get inoculations. Kono needles Chin: "He worries a lot when he breaks open a fortune cookie." McGarrett leers at the cool blond doctor Alexandra played by Nancy Kovak. When she aks him, "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" he replies "Only when I shave, and I do that running." Chin Ho and Danno are seen checking out plague-infested sites wearing silver uniforms like firemen. David Opatoshu does an Alec Guinness playing the oriental patriarch Shen Yu-Lan (augh!). The score by Richard Shores is weird at times, featuring what sounds like a theremin. Soon Taik Oh appears as a Red Chinese defector, Yankee Chang plays a tour bus commentator.
16 The Box
Starring Gavin MacLeod as the slimy criminal "Big Chicken." Al ("Ben") Harrington is one of the convicts.While Charlie lists his demands with McG, he refers to: "The homosexuals, these old smart ones, they don't do anything to keep them away from these young kids that just have come in for their first stretch."
17 One for the Money
This is the show of "changing suits". In the opening scenes, McGarrett is wearing a dark blue suit, but when he comes out of the building with Danno, the color has changed to light blue. At the beginning of act one, the color is back to dark blue. Near the end, before McGarrett and Danno head to the killer's apartment to discuss the blood stains, McGarrett is wearing a light blue suit. When they arrive at the apartment, the suit is grey! That aside, this is an interesting episode where Five-O must track down a psycho killer (McG: "All killers are psychotic."). Why the first two women are knocked off is unclear. The score at the beginning (Stevens is credited with "Music Supervision") is weird, sounding like a theremin. Later it uses a harpsichord. Danno says "nice looking gal" when McGarrett shows him the picture of the first murder victim. The aunt's "living will" is preserved on a cassette tape recorder. Opening the garage door with the high-frequency sound generated by the police radio dispatcher is pretty silly. The ambulance shot is taken from King of the Hill. Why is McG's car hood full of crap after he parks in front of the garage door after rescuing Farley Granger? It wasn't when he drove up! A very long "final act" in this show -- over 19 and a half minutes.
18 Along Came Joey
A very good show, with McGarrett trying to find who killed the boxer son of Phil Kalama (Frank de Kova), a cop from Maui. When Danno comes up with some ideas, McGarrett says: "You'll make a good cop one of these days, Danno." Interesting camera angles in this show, many looking up at the characters. Kalama refers to his son's girl friend Lois Walker (Jean Hale) as a "cheap little tramp" when she can't provide info about the killing, which she witnessed. McGarrett later tells her, "Nothing rocks me any more, honey." Kono's car really smokes when he blasts off in pursuit of a false alarm that Kalama calls in (but why would Kalama's car have a radio in it?)!
21 Not That Much Difference
After Julian Scott, a peace protestor is shot during an anti-war demonstration, McGarrett meets with his friends. One of the demonstrators says coming to McGarrett's office makes her "sick". He lays on a heavy speech bringing up the names of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, saying "I abhor violence in any form.... I'm a peace officer ... euphemism? But I maybe want peace more than anything else in the world." He's later shown playing guitar in his office. The peaceniks, who publish a magazine, are more palatable than most Five-O radicals, though they seem rather preppy -- one of them, Manning ("Manny") West (Dennis Cooney) drives a snazzy red sports car and when asked about Julian's old girlfriend Lannie Devereaux (Anne Prentiss), says she was a "cheap little thing, certainly not one of us." (If I'd uttered such a comment at the underground paper where I worked in the early 70's, I would have been singing soprano!) When McGarrett visits the peaceniks' office, Ned Horvath (Stewart Moss) wonders if McG has a "built-in immunity to rejection." He tells McG: "We've got nothing against you personally, it's just what you represent that bugs us." There are hints of homosexuality between Manny and Julian. Ned confronts Manny with a letter the latter wrote to Julian. Julian responds saying that "this isn't evidence of much except my affection for him. I loved him, you hated Julian." When Danno and Kono have a shootout at Lannie's place, there are some very weird edits -- Danny and Kono start walking from the middle of the room in a shot worthy of Ed Wood! When they enter the room to find the gunman's body, Chin Ho and Lannie suddenly appear from nowhere. Lannie tells McGarrett she "knew [Julian] loved someone else." McG says his "cop instinct" tells him that Lannie didn't kill Julian. There is an exciting chase at the end across some lava beds above the ocean. On his way there, McGarrett grabs for his car door to close it and misses! McGarrett tells the wounded Manny "You admired Julian, too." Manny says "I felt he betrayed me" and that he was jealous of "a shining leader." Some profound comments by McGarrett at the end. Lee Paul, who plays "Skinhead" in episode #90 appears as peacenik Paul Brechtman. Daniel Kamekona plays Che Fong ... but not in the version which I saw, which ran to almost 49 minutes in length!
23 The Big Kahuna
A "movie company" is suspected of scaring John Marley ... they must have a pretty elaborate special effects technician!

24 A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead!
Danno goes undercover in a bar catering to servicemen. He takes a bar hostess (a suspect) home and gives her a big kiss on the beach later. Starring Harry Guardino, who says "I don't have any Jap friends." McGarrett plays pool during this show. It also features weird music during a bar scene.
25 To Hell with Babe Ruth
Words fail me for this show. However, if you think Mark Lenard is bad as a Japanese, you should see Will Kuluva as the Japanese shop owner!
26 Forty Feet High and It Kills!
Herman ("Duke") Wedemeyer appears very briefly in this show as a dispatcher.
28 Savage Sunday
Chin Ho says to McGarrett: "I haven't got my abacus with me." (groan) McGarrett makes a big speech about democracy to the consul from the revolutionaries' country.
29 A Bullet for McGarrett
McGarrett seems to be in pretty good shape when fighting Eric Braeden, even though he has just been shot by the hypnotized policewoman. Wo Fat makes a brief appearance. Why doesn't the truck driver stop before he runs over the hypnotized student at the beginning?
30 Sweet Terror
Why does McGarrett thinks the woman agent has any connection to Theodore Bikel's character just because the CIA guy was making a sketch of her?
32 Singapore File
McGarrett and the woman he is escorting arrive at a Philippine shrine which is actually a famous Japanese temple in Hawaii.
37 Which Way Did They Go?
Harry Endo (Che Fong) plays a bank president.
38 Blind Tiger
Interesting use of hand-held camera in the hospital.
39 Bored, She Hung Herself
Spoilers ahead! This episode is suppressed because of the subject matter -- one of the lead characters, Don Miles (Don Quine) engages in various hippie pursuits like yoga, natural foods, chanting "Hare Krishna" and -- particularly objectionable -- hanging himself by the neck from the ceiling, this supposedly being yoga-related. When his girlfriend Wanda (Pamela Murphy) is also found hanging and dead, McGarrett is on the case. The coroner says "It's possible she was assaulted," and adds, "The victim was already dead when she was hung." Her father, psychiatrist Warren Parker (William Smithers), seems very chummy to his daughter at the beginning of the show and is later seen driving a Jaguar XKE. Herman ("Duke") Wedemeyer appears as Lt. Grayson, at the hanging scene, commenting "Let the good times roll!" The next door neighbor kid (Joel Berliner) is precocious, full of hip sayings like "Wanda was getting bagged all the time" and "outta sight". He describes Don as "a health freak ... he doesn't believe in dropping anything unless it's organic." The kid's father (Eugene McDunnah) is worried his son would turn into a "dope fiend" by associating with Don. Harry Endo appears as Che Fong! Don's writer friend Boswell says he suffers from "elephantiasis of the imagination." When Parker gets heavy with McGarrett, McG blames his problems on the "generation gap". Parker's response is to threaten to get McGarrett fired! The father of the kid next door is revealed as the real killer ... he says that Wanda "was making a big play for me ... she kept leading me on, then she turned me down."
41 Killer Bee
McGarrett tries to get a rise out of a Vietnam vet by asking him if he "made a sweep of some gook-infested hill" while an Oriental doctor is standing right beside him!
43 Cry, Lie
Glenn ("John Manicote") Cannon plays lie detector technician Ken Stone. Mrs. Chin Ho Kelly is played by Evelyn Carlson.
44 Most Likely to Murder
A glimpse inside Danno's house ... he has a bar. Danno gets atypically emotional during this show.
45 Nightmare Road
At one point Kono has what appears to be a bandage on his hair (ouch!).

50 Trouble in Mind
Morton Stevens plays Hank, a drummer who dies of a drug overdose. The jazzy score is by Stevens. This show has McGarrett using a cassette tape recorder, as opposed to the reel-to-reel variety.
52 Time and Memories
Reveals McGarrett's "human" side. At one point he plays the guitar.
53 The Guarnerius Caper
The two bad guys are very creepy hippies.
57 The Late John Louisiana
Another white guy playing an Oriental -- Alfred Ryder as Harry Quon -- agh! Ben Harrington plays the thug Charlie. Why does McG take Quon with him during the chase at the end of the film?
58 The Last Eden
Features an ecological theme.
60 Beautiful Screamer
Why does Lloyd Bochner go through the floor of the construction trailer? Surely someone would see him just as if he went out the front door. (But of course, no one does...) Why does his wife take the kids to the viewpoint? They are blind!! (Probably Five-O was being "ahead of its time" in terms of "sensitivity to the handicapped...";-)
62 The Double Wall
Ben plays "Bates," a prison guard, in this show.
64 Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
Near the beginning, the mastermind has the chain connecting his handcuffs separated by use of a heavy duty cutter. But a few seconds later he gets out of the car with no handcuffs. If he has a key, why didn't he just use that? Use of a video tape machine in this episode.
65 To Kill or Be Killed
Danny goes underground as a draft resister in this show. He refers to Canada as "Trudeau-turf, where it's cold and snows eight months of the year" and says "Don't get the idea that Trudeau-turf is a pacifist's Eden." Danno's acting is very bad, especially in the scene where he confronts the dead guy's girl friend and seems to be forgetting his lines: "Yeah, but, uh, Canada's [a very long pause] opening up to all kinds of protestors." The girlfriend (Joy Bang) looks about 14. A good quote from Chin Ho in this show: "How about them pineapples?" Glenn Cannon plays Col. Franklin.
68 The Gunrunner
Uses stock shots of tracing phone calls which were used in several other shows.
70 The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney
Refers back to And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin, where Danno killed a kid. McGarrett is in Chicago.

73 Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
Duke is a judge at an exhumation inquiry. McGarrett uses a cassette recorder in this show.
74 No Bottles...No Cans...No People
Garbage dumpster containing murdered people's bodies is dumped twice ... with exactly the same garbage.
75 Wednesday, Ladies Free
Allusions to homosexuality in this show. McGarrett seems very up tight.
76 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
A restaurant in this show is called the Grog and Sirloin.
77 Two Doves and Mr. Heron
John Ritter refers to Vic Morrow as a "closet queen."
78 And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots
McGarrett freaks out at a psychiatrist's explanation. When the sniper's mother is flown in from Maui, she seems to get to Oahu pretty quick.
79 Air Cargo...Dial for Murder
A good quote from Che Fong in this show to McGarrett: "Very clever ... and you're not even Chinese!"
80 For a Million...Why Not?
Glenn Cannon appears briefly as the owner of Carlson's Printing who is shot. Danno's take-home pay is said to be $184.50.
82 Rest in Peace, Somebody
Features Eddie Sherman, a real newspaperman.
83 A Matter of Mutual Concern
Race-o-rama in this show! The words "Jap" and "gook" are both used. McGarrett says "It's time for your English lesson" to one of the guys mouthing off. As the Korean gangster expires at the end of the show, he says "You lousy Chink!"
85 Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise
Eco-types in this show are weirdos, according to a gas station owner who also says: "What the Japs did to this place ain't nothin' to what the Haoles and Chinks are doin' to it since."
87 Bait Once, Bait Twice
Uses a 555- phone number for a government phone, but a residential phone has a "real" number.
90 Skinhead
Spoilers ahead! This is one of the ranker Five-O shows in terms of subject matter. Lee Paul stars as Mitch Kenner, a huge skinhead soldier (he makes even Kono look puny). This is quite a change from episode #21, where he played a peacenik! At the beginning, the camera focuses on the bums of women dancing in the nightclub. Mitch approaches Nora Kayama (Miko Mayama) and tries to pick her up, asking her, "White meat too rich for your blood?". When she rebuffs him, he calls her a "lousy gook broad." In the parking lot, he rips her clothes off. McGarrett asks the doctor "Was she raped" and asks Nora, "Did you resist him, did you fight?" When Danno talks to McG, a poster is visible behind him showing a Honolulu police badge with "Peace Symbol" underneath. McG punches the table, saying of the rapist, "He's turned animal, he's gone rabid!" Nora freaks out when identifying Mitch in the lineup. McGarrett screams at the nightclub owner who is trying to avoid telling the truth. He says that the cops are going to put the heat on the place, watching for when "some pothead lights a joint up in the can." When the skinhead says "What are you so upset about -- she's not even white," Kono freaks out and attacks Mitch -- McGarrett has to restrain Kono. The way the computer tracks down a gas station attendant named Chris is pretty far-fetched. Yankee Chang portrays the judge, and Kwan Hi Lim plays perhaps his most oily role -- the lawyer Tosaki who confronts the rape victim Nora with embarrassing questions about her sexual past, saying the defendant "extolled his own virility," and refers to "an act of intimacy" and her "physical relationship" with her boyfriend, among other things. The judge cautions Tosaki: "You're on thin ice." McGarrett says "I'm getting some strange vibes" and gets the Five-O team to dig up evidence that reveals that Mitch is impotent, having "ruptured his posterior urethra" in a car accident some time before on the mainland. (He was subsequently under the care of a Toronto doctor.) Gas station attendant Luke (Lee Paul) is revealed as the actual rapist, having stepped in after Mitch beat Nora senseless. When charged by McGarrett, Luke says "It's bull, I tell you, it's bull." Mitch reveals his shame at the end, saying he didn't want the guys in the barracks to think that he "wasn't a man any more." As the "military theme" plays in the background, McGarrett, in disgust, says "You don't have a clue [as to what 'man' means]."
92 Cloth of Gold
Use of a video tape machine in this show and suggestions of porno as well. The guy knocked off at the beginning is Jay Robinson, who played the emperor Caligula in Demetrius and the Gladiators.
94 Didn't We Meet at a Murder?
Titles are presented in sections, not one after the other. Interesting show with inter-racial marriage as well as transvestites and homosexuality. Kwan Hi Lim plays the oily Chang.
96 R&R -- & R
The expression "Oh, Jesus" is heard during this show.
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