HESSE: I'll call you in an hour, Steve.

Public's been evacuated.

Men set up a two-block perimeter around palace.

All right, make it three.

Hesse has used this type of bomb before in Belfast, 2002.


Why don't you come down to the Iolani Palace? We'll do the exchange.

How about turn your man into puzzle pieces? Wait, wait.



Go for 42-30.

Per the watch commander, start heading towards Iolani Palace.



We're gonna put you someplace safe and we're gonna hunt down Wo Fat.

Call Chin and Kono.

Have them meet us at the Palace.

What? What is it? Uh, there's something else you need to know.

He hasn't left Malia's side since she was brought in



Come on.

Madeline, listen, go to 'Iolani Palace and don't stop till you get there, okay? Got it.

Grace, go with her.



Everybody stand down! Where's Kono? No idea.

Steve, she was seen getting inside your car outside the Palace.

Pop the trunk.



Steve? Steve, you okay? Get Wo Fat to a secure location, then meet me at the Palace.

This one's still breathing.


He's not gonna make it.

Sir? Lieutenant, there's a situation at the Palace.

I think you're gonna want to go down there.


The drama continues to unfold at Iolani Palace with dozens of law enforcement officers on the scene of an apparent shooting and hostage situation.

There has been no official confirmation, but sources tell us, earlier today, gunfire erupted inside the Palace as several armed intruders forced their way in.



Because you'll never get in my head.

Steve we got something.

Get her over to the Palace.

We're not done.

Look what we found.



Whatever I share with you today is in no way connected to me, my family or anyone I know.

I'm strictly here on a tour of the palace, nothing more.

Any attempt to associate me with the information I'm about to share will be vehemently denied.



Would you be kind enough to escort my men and I to the palace? Yeah.

(gasping) What is the meaning of this? This, my good king, is going to be remembered as a most historic night in your delightful commonwealth.


That night, the Royal Palace, the Treasury and all the large island companies were systematically plundered.


Remember that bedtime story I was telling you that my uncle told me? Sure.

In it, the pirates storm 'Iolani Palace.

And they steal anything of value, including a painting of Manoa Valley.


(several other references, historical show)



What's going on? Where is he? Right outside the palace.

Hey! No! Don't touch it! Get back! Step away from the van! Get everybody out of the palace and back everybody away from this van.

We got to evacuate.

Everybody move! Move! (phone ringing) I sense a road trip coming on.

POET: You've tracked my cell signal and heard from your men, so you know your options are limited.

What do you want? Take Mr.

Duclair from the prison grounds and drive north on Highway 3.

If you do anything other than that, 'Iolani Palace is rubble.


When that's done, we got birds standing by to move us in on Duclair's location.

And this is surveillance footage from the security camera in the front of the palace.

Got him


So? Bomb squad defused the device.

Palace is safe.

All right, good.

Finally, good news.


(beep) Danny, we got to go.

What's going on? Where is he? Right outside the palace.

Hey! No! Don't touch it! Get back! Step away from the van! Get everybody out of the palace and back everybody away from this van.



You understand? Save the Steppenwolf for the tourist.

Duke? Do me a favor-- take our friend here over to the Palace and make sure he finds a seat in rendition.

Put some handcuffs on him, too Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, timeout, hold on.




First car to the Palace wins.

The losers pay for dinner and drinks at Side Street.

How 'bout that? I like it.



What about the people downstairs? I'll check on 'em.

Dalton's gone.

What? Kono, pull up the Palace security cameras.

What about Jerry? Anybody check on Jerry?


KONO: All right, so it looks like she came alone.

I'll pull up the surveillance footage from outside the Palace as well as nearby traffic cams, see where they went.

We got to find her before she forces Dalton to decrypt these files.



We believe it's the work of this man.

Who is he? I'm sure you heard about the body we found at the Palace this morning.

That was this guy? Yes, ma'am.



And Bumpy and his, uh, group, they are the same people that took over the palace a couple of years ago.

Anybody else you would label as stone-cold criminals.

I don't see (phone ringing) what the difference is.

The difference is it was their palace first.



K&L Construction was contracted to do some renovation work in Waikiki tomorrow right across the street from the Palace at the same time the governor was scheduled to be there. (NB - across the street)



The danger of using that many is that Deon could very easily lose control of the semi and it could crash or turn over, jeopardizing the lives of everybody in that trailer.

Wait a minute.

All right.

New plan: everybody back to the Palace right now.

I got an idea.



Yeah, you like that? Heading up a floor.

(bell dings) This is Commander McGarrett.

I want the Palace sealed right now.



Officer Rey? Hi.

What's Eddie doing here? Found him outside the Palace doors, but I couldn't reach Commander McGarrett.



The cell phone records show that he was out of town when the murder took place.

In fact, he just got back in town about an hour ago.

We've already set up an interview at the Palace.

Gonna take place in a few minutes.



(Already discussed)