#210 - Blood Money is Hard to Wash

(Summary prepared by Reg Jones)

Mainland hoods working for the Jovanko brothers beat up a local football player. The brothers want to buy the team and use it as a way of laundering their dirty money. Victor Jovanko (Dane Clark) is warned by his Honolulu advisor to be careful about how hard he pushes the team owner because things are different in Hawaii. Victor sneers. "This place is just Cleveland with coconuts!"

Alerted by the team owner, Five-0 crowds Victor with open tails, bugs, and movie cameras. No matter who he tries to pressure, he gets the same results: a horse laugh. As his frustration mounts, so does the pressure from the mainland. His brother Albert (John Duke Russo) tells him to cool down and buy one of McGarrett's men. So he tries. A courier drops a packet of money into Chin Ho's grocery bag. Chin, of course, takes it directly to McGarrett, who thinks up a clever use for the money. He donates it in Victor's name to the Ka'ahumanu Home for the Handicapped. McGarrett then delivers the receipt to Victor, who nearly goes crazy.

A few days later, Victor drops in on McGarrett and pretends to admit defeat. He heads back to the mainland with his wife Anna (Joanne Worley). He then returns to Hawaii in disguise and with an assumed name. He's accompanied by a syndicate hit man named Augie (Terry Kaiser). Augie follows McGarrett around and concludes that he is so unpredictable that the only way he can be killed is during his weekly trip to the barber shop.

When McGarrett survives this attack, Victor gets a bright idea. His brother has received an award from the Home, in thanks for the $25,000 donation, and wonders what the hell is going on. Victor decides to send a similar award to McGarrett, this one packed with plastic explosives. The bomb explodes, injuring Danny, Duke, and Chin, and putting Steve in the hospital. Dr. Carruthers (Tom Fujiwara) reports that Steve will fully recover.

Augie tells Victor that he can't get into the hospital because the place is like a fortress. So Victor decides to use his insulin dependency as a way of getting in on his own. He allows himself to fall into a diabetic coma and is rushed to the hospital. There he recovers, sets a fire, and enters Steve's room when the guards rush to see what's happening. Victor fires several shots into the mound on the bed, only to discover that McGarrett isn't there. Unfortunately for Victor, his alias didn't work. His medical bracelet had his real name on it. Five-0 knew he was in the hospital all along.

NOTE: This was Joanne Worley's only appearance on Hawaii Five-0. Does anyone know why her part was so small and bland? [Nope. But I wonder (a) how Victor could be sure he would be taken to the same hospital McGarrett was in and (b) how Steve, who had a depressed skull fracture, could stand up! He would have lost his balance or become violently ill, jeopardizing his recovery. - Editor]