Canadian fan Dave Watson, who sent some pictures taken during the filming of "Tour de Force -- Killer Aboard" several years ago, visited Hawaii in December 2011 and took some pictures of McGarrett's apartment at 2085 Ala Wai Boulevard, seen in the fifth season episode V for Vashon: The Father.

Click on the green ball to see each picture.

The address of Steve McGarrett's apartment.

The lobby where Steve walks out of to get to his car before it blows up.

Steve's parking spot number.

Wide angle of Steve's spot.

Dave standing in Steve's spot.

Dave following Steve's path as he leaves his apartment to get a ride on the corner.

Dave on the corner where Steve caught his ride. The fire hydrant from the episode is gone.

Wide angle shot of the stairs at Steve's apartment that he ran down to catch his ride on the corner.