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Act One

The State is trying Curt Lucas (Paul Camen) with McGarrett testifying in the closed proceedings. He tells John Manicote (Glenn Cannon) about arriving at the hospital to se Mr. Gifford who "had no chance of surviving" but wanted to make a statement to McGarrett. So he took it with two witnesses, the attending physician and the on-duty nurse. Gifford told him Lucas had inflicted the injuries he suffered. Lucas' attorney (Edward Binns) asks about motive since Gifford owed Lucas $10,000 but McGarrett says the true total is $30,000 due to doubled interest. Since he couldn't get the money back after Gifford was dead, the attorney asks if indeed there was a motive but the way he asks for an opinion, Manicote objects to and the judge (Don 'Lance' Over) sustains it. After McGarrett is dismissed, Manicote calls Che Fong (Harry Endo) to the stand.

McGarrett leaves the courtroom under the watchful eye of a possible derelict (Arthur Malet) who follows McGarrett out. Before driving off, McGarrett opens the back door for him to sneak into the back seat. As McGarrett drives off, a man by a tree (Robert Sandla) takes notice. Back in the car, McGarrett asks Artie what it's all about but Artie won't say anything until they are somewhere "private". Artie finally tells him that Lucas has the jury rigged: one of the guys is being fixed so that the jury will be hung.

As Che testifies to a heel print found matching Lucas' shoes; McGarrett tries to coax more out of Artie. However, there's nothing more to give. He heard the information through the grapevine but he's sure it's one of the men even though no names were mentioned. Lucas' attorney asks if Che is able to figure out "when" the print was made but Che can't be that specific leaving the timeline open.

McGarrett parks the car as the man by the tree walks next to it to check it out. Meanwhile, the judge adjourns court until 10:00 a.m. the next morning. McGarrett returns to the courthouse to pull Manicote outside for a private discussion. McGarrett tells Manicote what Artie told him and he points out a hung jury would give exactly what he needs: more time. McGarrett also says they have to check out the story; they have no choice. Manicote agrees but they have to confer with Judge Phillips and Emmet Mills, Lucas' attorney, which means letting Lucas know what's going on. They both know that part can't be helped.

In Judge Phillips' chambers, Mills and Manicote go after one another like two snakes in a pit. Judge Phillips doesn't have the patience for any of their shenanigans pointing out to both that the information McGarrett has brought forth is "disturbing". Judge Phillips agrees to an investigation even though the jury has been sequestered for the entire trial. However, Judge Phillips can only give Five-O, at the most, four days to complete it.

In McGarrett's office, he briefs the team along with Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) about the situation and the information. While it's risky, he wants them to focus on the men to find a weak spot Lucas could exploit. There are five men on the jury: Turner Carr (Douglas Kennedy) who is a retired Army Colonel; Lee Chung (Galen Kam) who is a building contractor; Gray Jenkins (Terry Plunkett) who is a car salesman; Warren Purcell (Alfred Avallone) who is a stockbroker; and Clifford Sprague (Ray Buktenica) who is a gas station attendant and part-time college student. McGarrett tells the team and Duke to split up the five among them. As they walk out to get started, Manicote walks in not entirely convinced he's been had. McGarrett finds it hard to believe too because they haven't even had phone calls to their families. If they believe Artie, the questions now are: how did Lucas do it, when did he do it and why?

Act Two

Mills and Lucas meet with Lucas claiming there is no way he was able to suborn a juror because the only person he's talked to is Mills. Mills doesn't know either and tells Lucas he doesn't want to know.

McGarrett reads over the pre-trial jury selection transcripts trying to find a chink in someone's armor. He doesn't find any and starts looking through Lucas' file taking out to Duke to bounce an idea: one of Lucas' fronts headed by Lew Foss had some construction done. McGarrett wants to make sure there isn't a connection between them and Chung, the building contractor.

In the empty courtroom, Ben briefs McGarrett and Manicote: Carr is from "a wealthy New England family". That strikes bribery but Manicote wonders about intimidation but Ben says he has a distinguished combat career through three wars even being a POW for three years in North Korea. Also, Carr is a widower so he is scratched: four to go.

Duke meets up with McGarrett outside the Palace telling him Chung hasn't done business at all with Lucas' front. While his wife is accounted for, his "raft of kids" hasn't all been tracked down. Duke leaves to work on that as McGarrett enters the Palace. Inside, Danno walks into McGarrett's office as he takes Carr's picture off the board. Danno says he may have the "bad apple" in Jenkins.

In Judge Phillips' chambers, Jenkins is brought in by a man (William Bigelow) to speak to the Judge. Judge Phillips reminds him he doesn't have to answer any questions and has a right to counsel. Judge Phillips asks him about a $5000 deposit into his bank account but Jenkins collapses! Judge Phillips calls out to Watkins, the man from earlier, to take care of Jenkins. As Jenkins is taken by two ambulance attendants, Judge Phillips tells Watkins to message the jury the first alternate will replace Jenkins.

That night in McGarrett's office, he takes a call from the hospital. He tells Manicote Jenkins has been bugging his doctor to talk to McGarrett. The doctor believes it will help.

The next morning, McGarrett goes to speak to Jenkins. Jenkins claims the $5000 was won in a poker game six months before. Jenkins pulls an I.O.U. out of his wallet from Bernie Harris and McGarrett wants to know where was the game and who else was in it. Jenkins tells him hat he knows: it was held at Bernie's house and there were three other guys named Chet, Harry and don't know. The last Jenkins knew, Bernie took a job on the mainland and last time he saw Bernie was a couple of days before the trial.

At Five-O, Danno answers his phone with Artie at the other end in "some joint". He tells Danno he has something else concerning the Lucas trial and Danno cuts him off right now. Danno tells him to go home and he'll meet him in ten minutes. Artie hangs up digging for change out of the phone while the guy from the tree watches Artie leave.

In the laboratory, McGarrett delivers the I.O.U. wanting to know if it has been written within the last six months. Che is willing to give a shot noticing it was probably written with a fountain pen rather than ballpoint. By dabbing a bit of acid, Che is able to confirm the presence of iron in the ink. Also, it is blue-black ink: writing blue but turning black over time and as black as the ink is, the note is at least six months old. The phone rings as Danno calls for McGarrett telling him they have found Artie: in the morgue.

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, Danno reports HPD investigated Artie's death and they have four witnesses who say the car purposefully hit him in the street. Manicote wonders if he really had something more to offer. He also tells McGarrett and Danno they're closing in on their deadline: the jury could get the case soon as closing arguments are about all that's left. Chin calls in with "a wrinkle": Sprague has a daughter; Beth (Kimberly Boardman) who always plays outside but the next-door neighbors haven't seen her in a week. As well, she's been absent from school for ten days with no reason.

Chin speaks to Mrs. Sprague (Dale Morse) who claims Beth is visiting her grandmother. Chin can't tell her much except it's a police matter. She wonders if it's connected with her husband's jury duty but Chin isn't forthcoming. She finally gives her mother's address in Los Angeles.

That night in McGarrett's office, the phone rings with a Lieutenant from LAPD informing them of the inquiry's results: Beth went with an aunt and uncle to the Sierras. Manicote knows it's a smokescreen and wants Mrs. Sprague brought in but both McGarrett and Chin disagree because she would have come forward long before now but she's scared out of her mind according to Chin. McGarrett suggests they tap the Spragues' phone lines.

Later that day, the jury gets the case. After the jury leaves, Duke walks in with information on Purcell: he's been writing checks as "Walter Purdy" for an apartment in Kuhio. Inside the apartment, Duke found a picture of Sybil Fletcher (Lydia Bruce), wife of State Senator Jim Fletcher. She also lives on Maui and McGarrett takes off to see her.

In the jury room, they vote on the verdict. At least two "not guilty" votes, one was from Purcell. One woman juror (Elizabeth Smith) asks him how could he do that. Another, Miss Stevens (Peggy Anne Siegmund) asks for his explanation based on the evidence. Purcell points out Gifford said he would get even with Lucas one way or another and wouldn't put it past a deathbed statement to do it.

McGarrett arrives in Maui while the jury argues about Gifford's traits. McGarrett visits Sybil who he met at the governor's inaugural ball. They go to discuss why he's there and the jury breaks down the evidence. Sybil makes it clear her husband knows about the pair including the apartment in Kuhio. McGarrett leaves satisfied as they can scratch Purcell who just changed his vote to "guilty". Sprague, on the other hand, won't.

In McGarrett's office, he takes down Purcell's picture, as he and Danno know their man is Sprague. Sprague has his own problems trying to stay with a vote of "not guilty" as the other jurors want to know why he's voting the way he is. The first woman juror asks him if he has kids and tells the story of her son. He was on drugs with suppliers who were men who worked for people like Lucas. He died at age 19 and she doesn't buy what an upstanding citizen Lucas is from his character witnesses. She hopes Sprague doesn't have to find out the hard way as she did. Carr, as the foreman, passes a message to Watkins to pass to Judge Phillips who calls court back in session causing McGarrett and Danno to run out of Five-O.

Ben sits in his cubicle listening in on a phone call to Mrs. Sprague. The woman (Susan Berger) tells everything is fine and it will be over soon before hanging up. Ben knows he's hit pay dirt and runs out.

Act Four

Judge Phillips brings in the jury and wants to know what the breakdown is in voting. Carr answers 11 to one being hopelessly deadlocked. Judge Phillips doesn't buy it, telling them to retire for the night and begin deliberations the next morning. He sets a deadline of noon and if they haven't reached a unanimous verdict by then, he'll declare a mistrial. While this happens, Ben comes in whispering in McGarrett's ear about the call. As the jury leaves, McGarrett, Danno, Ben and Manicote discuss the situation: they theorize the bailiff Watkins is the go-between because his phone is the only one connected on the hotel floor the jury is occupying. McGarrett suggests they try to find Beth before making any other move.

In McGarrett's office, Danno reports the bailiff made 14 calls, five to his own home. McGarrett discounts those five but wants the other numbers run through the HPD computer to come up with some names.

The next morning, the jury boards the bus at the hotel as McGarrett, Danno and Chin eliminate phone numbers. The only number left is for a Lila Harkness at 1037 Koloa Avenue. The trio leave to check the address as the jury makes no effort to break the deadlock. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sprague sits with the phone on her lap.

At Five-O, Duke calls Danno with news as McGarrett and Manicote talk in McGarrett's office. Lila Harkness married Lew Foss six months before on the mainland, the same Lew Foss who is partners with Lucas!

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