S05E22 - “Engaged To Be Buried” - Plot

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Act One

A pair of guys play pool in a hall with one (Richard Yniguez) asking Rono (Erik Estrada) if he wants to play another game. Rono agrees since he doesn't have to meet Alia (Irene Tsu) for another hour. As Rono racks, the first guy cuts the tip off the pool cue and Rono sets up the next game. The owner (Yankee Chang) sits across the room at the snack bar. When the first guy rips the pool table cloth the owner tells him he can leave after abusing the property. Rono tosses some money onto the table as the first guy goes into a spiel to Mr. Hanolo about Star Island having coin-operated pool tables of the "best quality". Rono and his buddy are nothing more than punks destroying pieces in front of Hanolo and keeping him under control. The pair leaves the destruction in their wake signaling to a guy (Donald Roessler) in another part of the parking lot to park a car in front of the pool hall. He walks away and the car explodes a few minutes later.

Five-O, HPD and Che Fong (Harry Endo) show up to go over the car. McGarrett arrives on scene as Chin takes notes saying it's the Vidalgos again. Chin agrees saying it's their M.O.: the exploding car is "warning number two". Che doesn't have anything yet, too early. The problem is this is the third explosion in two months. Chin says rumors have it that Shako Vidalgo (Simon Oakland) is expanding with anything coin-operated. Danno walks out with Hanolo who doesn't want to cooperate claiming he knows nothing about the car, "it happens". McGarrett warns Hanolo he'll soon lose his business to the Vidalgos because once he starts paying extortion, it won't stop. Danno reports the car is probably stolen but they're still working on it. Che finds an outer wrapping of a stick of dynamite and McGarrett hopes it can tell them what they want to know.

Rono drives to Punahou School to drop off Alia. Rono pushes her to introduce each other to their families but Alia isn't ready to tell her father yet. They smooch before she gets out of the car to go to class.

In the laboratory, Che works on the scrap of paper he found. Meanwhile, an HPD officer named Jerry leaves McGarrett's office with instructions to photograph everything the Vidalgos do and everyone they see concentrating on Rono and Koa. Che calls in to say he found a trademark on the scrap: Matthews Explosives, Enfield, Connecticut. McGarrett tells Ben to contact them to discover anyone they've done business with in the islands. Danno asks about McGarrett's upcoming flight: 7:00 a.m. the next morning and heÕll be gone long enough to get to Washington D.C., testify before an Anti-Crime committee and fly back to Honolulu. Manicote calls about a warrant, which McGarrett will pick up in five minutes.

In another office, Rono's buddy reports on their latest exploits to his father. As he opens the door, McGarrett and Danno walk in with a search warrant in hand that McGarrett absent-mindedly tosses to the father. On McGarrett's orders, Danno starts grabbing everything: "books, records, correspondences". The father isn't happy warning McGarrett to stay out of his files telling his son to get the lawyers and to find Rono. When the father spouts off again, McGarrett says, "you keep the important stuff up here, Shako" pointing to his head. McGarrett tells him next time they'll take that in too. Shako makes a phone call as McGarrett leaves.

Alia walks outside after class seeing Rono waiting for her curbside. Rono runs up to her to hug her just as Alia's friend Pamela Simpson (Cris Callow) walks past. Rono realizes Alia didn't want Pamela to know his name and she explains she knows the family. Rono's hackles are raised stating his family is one thing and he's another. Deciding to make his stand at another time, he takes Alia's books and they walk to the car to hang out somewhere. However, HPD photographs them.

Shako is extremely unhappy whacking his cane on his desk scaring his son and the guy who drove the exploding car. Shako has an idea where Rono is because all he thinks about anymore is "his car, his plane and his broads". Shako is determined to put a stop to all of it; he's in or out period. Frustrated, the son urges his father to go home and pushes his wheelchair out of the office.

Alia calls home to say she's staying at Pam's to study because of a heavy test load tomorrow: a total lie. She says she'll try to stop by in the morning before school. Her father turns out to be Chin!

Act Two

At Five-O, Danno enters the office with McGarrett on his way to Washington D.C. Ben reports so far negative results on the list of names from Matthews Explosives. Chin reports the car used in latest explosion was stolen from a used car lot. Danno moves to his ringing phone, it's a man named Carson (Charles Quinlivan) who just took ownership of a bowling alley on King Street. He tells Danno h was just visited by a pair of "salesmen" for the Star Island Company.

At Shako's office, Rono finally shows up and Shako is not happy: Rono should have been there when Five-O rousted the place. Shako isn't in the mood to put up with Rono and asks Koa, the brother, how it went at the bowling alley. Frustrated, Rono walks out and Shako still wants to know how things went.

Danno and Chin go to see Carson who's new to Hawaii but "not to the punks who visited me" as he shows Danno his retired Chicago PD identification. He explains he retired six months earlier and scraped together enough money for his business. Danno shows him photos of Rono and Koa, which Carson recognizes immediately. He says they were smart enough not to say anything they could be nailed for but it was more how they said it. Carson knows a shakedown when he sees it. Carson tells them he will contact Five-O should Rono and Koa come around again. At Danno and Chin leave, Pamela says hi to Chin who explains Pamela is Alia's best friend.

At Shako's office, Koa tells him Carson is going to be more trouble than he's worth. Rono says it's because of the Five-O roust that Koa is afraid but Koa says there's something about Carson that's bad news. Rono says he can put ten coin machines in the bowling alley but Shako wants 12 and tells Koa to leave them alone. Reluctantly, Koa leaves. Shako and Rono talk with Shako telling him Star Island is really his because Shako sees himself in Rono. A phone call disrupts their conversation. As Rono is about to speak to Koa about how to handle Carson, Shako slams the phone down: "not just any cop's daughter" but Chin's girl. Shako is downright ticked off because no one told him, he found out from the street! Shako gives an ultimatum: dump Alia. Rono refuses saying they're engaged and after all he's done for Shako he won't budge on her dumping a bunch of stuff off Shako's desk before leaving in a huff. Shako vows Rono and Alia will never be married.

Ben goes to a construction site where the foreman (Dick Fair) verifies they have one case of dynamite not accounted for. The foreman goes on to say he didn't notice until now because they've been using dynamite quite a bit. He thinks it was taken a couple of days ago when a young man was hanging around and he's sure he would recognize him.

Rono flies Alia around in his Cessna aircraft and smooch while flying! They eventually land on an airstrip near the Makani Aii Church where Rono knows Father Jack (Bob Turnbull). Rono introduces Alia to Father Jack who ran a summer camp when Rono was a child. The camps help build the cabins on the grounds when Rono expected to be able to play. Father Jack asks if Rono is still working for his father and when Rono says he is but he's planning to leave soon, Father Jack walks away. Rono goes back to his plane as Alia runs to Father Jack to find some answers. He turns to her and tells her Rono isn't welcome because he lies "to me. To God. To himself". Father Jack explains Rono doesn't seek advice but only wants excuses "for not breaking with that father of his" and Father Jack has heard them all. Father Jack realizes Alia loves Rono especially when she says it goes beyond physical attraction and she has "faith in him". Father Jack breaks the truth to her: the type of person Rono has become is greatly linked by his father who won't allow Rono to "make the break". Father Jack tells her to come back when Rono has made the break; wants to be his own man and become everything he can be. Alia knows she won't get anywhere else with Father Jack and runs back to the plane. Shortly after, Rono takes off.

In McGarrett's office, Danno, Chin, Ben, Jerry and the foreman go through photographic slides of people associating with Rono and Koa. The foreman picks out Bertie Paipo after going through several photos of other people including Rono and Koa. As they flip through others, Jerry points out Rono with his girlfriend and tries to find a closer shot of her. When they find one, Danno and Chin recognize her immediately: Alia!

Rono drops Alia at school again with Alia not knowing what to think but she knows she doesn't want Rono waiting for her today. Rono tells her he loves her and that's one fact he doesn't have to think about. As Alia walks to class, an HPD unit stops her and picks her up to take her to Five-O.

Alia waits in McGarrett's office until Danno and Chin show up. Danno talks to her first as Chin "has tuned out" becoming a cop rather than a father. Chin tells her he's the one who had HPD pick her up.

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, Danno gives Alia a does of the truth as Chin stands by stoically showing slides of a man named Leema who ran a Laundromat but was being bullied by the Star Island Company. First a car explosion, then they wrecked the place and finally they killed him because he wouldn't bow down to their pressure. Danno makes her look at the picture of a Leema because he isn't happy with her hanging around Rono. Chin is downright ticked off and neither is kind to her knowing she needs to see the truth about her boyfriend. Chin and Alia then argue about Rono with Chin saying, "what Shako is, Rono is". Alia knows her father wouldn't approve "because he's a Vidalgo" but she drops the bombshell that she loves him. Danno watches it all, helpless to intervene. Chin gives up and walks out. With just the two of them in the office, Danno walks to her trying to help her see things from Chin's point of view and that he loves her. Alia doesn't buy it, "part time. Full time he's a cop" and she leaves.

Chin and Ben go to Star Island Company with an HPD unit with a search warrant to "take it apart". They're looking for the stolen dynamite since the foreman fingered Bertie. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) walks in saying the warehouse is locked. When Chin tells Shako to give up the keys, he says, "go to Hell" and Chin tells Duke to break it down: Chin isn't in the mood to play games today. Ben leaves to help Duke leaving Chin alone with Shako who offers to pay Alia to elope with somebody else. Chin tells him it's not personal, "this is Five-O" and Shako is going down because "you've got it coming". Chin goes on saying if Alia wants to see Rono, she can see him on visiting days in jail because the whole Vidalgo family will be there.

Rono tries to muscle Carson again who is also in no mood to play games. Carson won't budge and he stands unafraid with Rono acting smug. Rono stops momentarily on his way out to look at Pamela behind the front counter. As Rono walks out, Carson calls Five-O and Pamela readies to leave. Outside, Rono signals Bertie who sets the bomb timer in the car with an officer still taking surveillance pictures. Pamela walks to her car and Bertie gets out of the car he's been in. When Bertie tries to walk away, the officer tries to stop him but Bertie runs for it. Meantime, the car he was in starts rolling to the front of the bowling alley and the officer chases it trying to divert it from the building except he winds up hitting Pamela's car in a massive explosion!

At Star Island, Bertie is playing a pinball game as Shako moves behind him with Rono and Koa looking on. Shako is extremely displeased with the way the bombing went down because Pamela is being guarded at the hospital. Shako then proceeds to the beat the crap out of Bertie with his cane.

McGarrett returns from Washington with Danno briefing him on the latest: Jerry Kapitu was DOA, Pamela is in a coma but Carson is okay. Danno explains Carson won't be stopped from testifying but Pamela is the key as she probably witnessed everything. Meanwhile, Shako receives word Alia visited Pamela and Rono runs out to find out about it.

Chin arrives at the hospital as Alia walks out in a daze and keeps walking without saying a word. Chin goes inside to find out what happened: Pamela died of her injuries and reports to McGarrett. He tells Danno to arrest Bertie for second-degree murder two counts. He also wants all the Vidalgos under around the clock surveillance.

Rono finds Alia wandering in a daze still stopping his car to catch up with her. Alia wants to be left alone because she was with Pamela when she died. Pamela told Alia she should forgive Rono but died before she could say for what. Rono claims he wasn't anywhere near the bowling alley and he knew nothing about it, which is a total lie. Rono tells her he's ready to make the break from his father and that he's ready to go see Father Jack again but she has to go too.

In McGarrett's office, Bertie asks for a deal, which McGarrett declines but tells him he can talk to the DA. As they're about to ask more questions, Ben calls in saying over the speaker Rono picked up Alia and took off shaking no less than three HPD units. When McGarrett hangs up, Chin loses it grabbing Bertie screaming at him asking where they're going. McGarrett steps in forcing Chin to stand down with Chin asking in a cold voice, "where is she?" At Father Jack's church, he marries Alia and Rono!

Act Four

The next morning, Father Jack steps out of the church as a large helicopter flies in. Meanwhile, Rono and Alia sleep in one of the cabins waking up prior to a knock on the door. It's Koa with news: Chin arrested Shako that morning thanks to Bertie spilling the beans. Rono is unhappy getting up to dress deciding to run because he's got fuel, his plane and plenty of money. He also believes he has a head start as Alia realizes Rono did have something to do with Pamela's death. Koa pleads with Rono to turn himself in and tells him to look outside. When Rono looks toward the back of the cabin, Five-O and HPD move into position. Opening a front window, Rono sees McGarrett with a bullhorn who tries to get Rono to come out on his own. Koa tells Rono there are photos of him and Bertie bombing Carson's bowling alley: a nail in the coffin as Alia now knows the whole truth about her husband! Rono agrees and Koa runs out to McGarrett saying Rono will surrender.

Rono has no intention of surrendering as he comes out the front door using Alia as a human shield. Holding a gun to her head, Rono demands the cops drop their guns. McGarrett nods, telling the officers to put their guns down through the bullhorn. Even though their unarmed, the officers follow Rono still holding Alia. In the bushes, Duke has a rifle trained on Rono waiting for a clear shot. Koa tries to talk to Rono but is punched in the face for his effort. Rono tells them they're taking off in his plane dragging Alia with him. Out of nowhere, Father Jack confronts Rono who shoots him. It's then Chin's turn to stand in the way. Rono threatens to shoot him until McGarrett dives for his gun and Rono aims at him separating himself from Alia enough for Duke to take a shot. Rono lays on the ground as Alia cries over him. He dies after saying he finally met her father. Chin walks over offering his hand to Alia to help her up and she accepts. She cries saying no one knew what Rono could have been with McGarrett saying they only knew what he was. Chin holds Alia as she grieves.

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