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Act One

A man in a wheelchair (Richard Basehart) is meeting with investors in order to secure a loan for $25 million. The investors know what he wants is a pipe dream and are unwilling to invest that kind of money into his construction project. They leave and his son (Jack Hogan) points out that he doesn't have to insult them when they disagree with him. The man is determined to make Kamani-Murdock a reality and once his son leaves, he calls Laughlin (Ron Hayes), "let it happen".

At the Honolulu Stock Exchange, there is a flurry of activity as a runner (Gary Kau) passes Mr. Cooper (Danny Kamekona) a note. Cooper tells Andre' (William Bigelow) to watch the printer because he'll only be gone a minute as he rushes out to the parking garage roof. He looks around for whom he's meeting only to be yelled at by a man who shoots him twice with a silenced gun. The car he's riding in takes off with Cooper laying dead on the concrete.

HPD responds with a Physician's ambulance not far behind. Doc Bergman (Al Eben) meets the ambulance attendants later reporting to McGarrett: two bullets from about 25 feet with one severing the aorta causing instant death. All of it took place about 4:00 p.m. Danno briefs the killer was an excellent shot with "no strays" but the bullets don't match anything in their files. Chin has the note Cooper was given, "written with a cheap ball point pen". The paper matches what's used on the Exchange floor. Handing it to McGarrett, he notices "strength" behind the pen handing the note to Danno who agrees it could be a man imitating a woman's writing. Ben walks in with the runner, Howard Paona who is visibly nervous and McGarrett assures him he's not in trouble. Howard explains he received the note via a pneumatic tube system from the Exchange floor and when he delivered the note, Cooper wasn't nervous or worried. He had received notes like this before but he's not sure if it was from Gwen or not. Howard says he had nothing to do with what happened and McGarrett releases him. He tells Chin to go to the exchange to find "Gwen" and bring her in, they need to talk. Ben briefs about Cooper, an "indiscriminate swinger," who didn't care the lady's profile so long as she had money. McGarrett directs him to stay with it and to check out Cooper's finances. As Ben leaves, McGarrett wants Danno to check Cooper's personal history including "a list of his girlfriends".

A man stands on the docks waiting for the Cadillac to pull up: it's Murdock. The man is Laughlin who shot Cooper. Murdock is not pleased Cooper was killed because now McGarrett and Five-O are digging around. Laughlin isn't worried but threatens to put Murdock in the drink for bringing up the fact his private investigator license was pulled due to an industrial espionage job going south. Murdock has $14 million riding on this plan and tells Laughlin to stick to the plan. They realize they need each other especially when Laughlin threatens to deal Murdock out. Murdock is not amused, telling him to stick to the plan or he's calling the whole thing off.

Ben speaks to Andre' about Cooper as Andre' explains computer technicians for Exchange work are hard to come by. He points out Martin Johnson (John Farias) who has been hired to take Cooper's place. Ben asks if Cooper had access to inside information or in any position to make a lot of illegal money. Ben wonders how Cooper amassed $300,000 in safety-deposit boxes.

At Five-O, Ben tells Danno he didn't find any Gwen at the Exchange but rather in Cooper's personal phone list. She's there now and Ben brings her in to talk to Danno in his cubicle. Ben introduces Mrs. Gwen Halsey (Jo Pruden) and Danno gets down to business showing her the note. She says it looks like her handwriting but she didn't write it. She sent him notes once in a while because they had an investment partnership going. She explains they used her money and she came out a little ahead but Cooper never back his share of the losses. She was under the impression he was in debt like crazy paying out a bunch of alimony. Danno breaks the bad news: Cooper died rich fleecing money from people including her.

At the Exchange, Johnson leads Laughlin into a utility room where he uses a key to get in. They go to the alarm system where Laughlin disables the auxiliary alarm system. However, in the process a night security guard interrupts and Laughlin hits him over the head, killing him.

Act Two

At the Exchange building, Doc Bergman says the guard was hit in the back of the head with death occurring between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. Ben notices something about the doors calling over Danno. In McGarrett's office, they catch up with McGarrett not liking two murders within three days in the same building. Ben points out the bank had been hit twice before with the last haul being $135, 000. McGarrett sends Chin out to checks those on the island with bank M.O.s and wants Danno to run a computer check of those with commando type training. Danno suggests including those with electrician and alarm backgrounds as well. McGarrett wants an update on the Cooper case: nothing so far except he bilked a lot of women out of a lot of money and they kept falling for it. As well, the killer either knew Gwen or about her or even just got a hold of one of her notes. McGarrett wonders if the killer's motives had nothing to do with women but against Cooper himself. McGarrett suggests loan sharking but there is no evidence for that theory. He tells Danno and Ben to dig into the list of girlfriends looking for an irate husband or boyfriend.

At Murdock's company, he's gloating while his son is less enthused. Murdock is going through with his plans for Kamani-Murdock due to the ability to secure a $25 million loan using collateral in their vault. The son freaks out: the move is illegal because the stocks belong to customers. Murdock is having replacement stocks shipped from Boston and being backed from associates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The son is dumbfounded and leaves but before he does he tells Murdock he's ordering new scanning equipment for the vaults because of an attempted robbery at Inter-Island Bank last night. The robbery was unsuccessful but the night watchman was killed after he interrupted it. Murdock knows immediately what happened, especially after the son identifies the branch as the one in the Exchange building: Laughlin left another dead body!

Murdock calls Laughlin but gets nowhere. He wants the hit postponed but it's scheduled to go off at 1:00 p.m. Laughlin tells him to put the paranoia on chill while they make him $40 million. After he hangs up, Laughlin turns to his group trying to calm them down. One of them (Daws Dawson) doesn't like going about it at 1:00 p.m. Laughlin wants them to synchronize their watches when a second man (Morgan Sha'an) calls him out on the watches being stupid. Laughlin says if the timing if off it'll wind up as a pile of crap and everyone synchs up. Running a route check, Yoko (Nephi Hanneman) goes first. Linc, the guys who isn't crazy about this happening at 1:00 p.m., goes over his route. Jersey, who called the watch idea stupid, runs over his route but gets confused. Laughlin threatens to shoot him if he messes up but Jersey says he knows the way driving. With the cars and equipment all checked out, the gang moves out with Laughlin burning the map.

Jersey, Yoko, Linc and Laughlin all move into position to hit various stock sites including 'Murdock & Son'. They make their moves at the same time, burning the ledgers at the various stock sites. Murdock pretends to be a victim in the whole thing.

Act Three

The dispatcher (Wiona Collins) reports the robberies and units respond. McGarrett hears the calls and sends Danno out to investigate. Meanwhile, the robbers make it to the Honolulu Exchange where they start taking bundles of certificates. On the way out, Laughlin runs up to a pair of guards next to the armored Exchange car. He shoots one of the guards while the second gives up his clothes at gunpoint. The gang loads up and takes off in the armored truck. Once all is quiet, Andre' calls the police. The gang drives to their own van and switches vehicles.

In McGarrett's office, Andre' explains how much they got away with: $40 million and that the stocks are untraceable because they're swapped around like dollar bills. They're made out to brokerage houses and not individuals. The main problem is that Five-O can't prove the certificates were stolen because the ledgers were burned, the microfilm taken and the memory core shot up. McGarrett calls the plan ingenious because they wiped all traces then made the steal when in most cases; it's the other way around. McGarrett passes out assignments: Ben to check freight terminals and the Post Office, shipping paper isn't cheap because it's heavy; Danno bird-dogs the Exchange and Chin to follow up on the burners.

Danno talks to the ladies at the Exchange hoping one of them can think of a certificate that's identifiable so they can nail the robbers. One lady (Tuulikki Gottschalk) tells him they see all sorts of certificates everyday and what he's asking is impossible. Another lady (Merrie Lueders) agrees, even if they remember a little tear or a rip, hundreds of certificates could be like that. Meantime, Johnson stuffs the loot into bags.

Ben works with a witness (Jack Kosslyn) hoping to identify the specific model of burner used. He can't help, as he can't recall exactly which one it is. As Linc finishes bagging their loot, Danno speaks to Murdock's son who identifies the burner as "J-19". Murdock wheels in as Danno tries to leave and gives him a tongue-lashing about the lack of police intervention. Murdock wants action, "and I want it now," before wheeling away. Meanwhile, Jersey bags some of the loot too. Finally, it's all put into Murdock's vault long after Danno has left.

The next morning, Chin talks to a owner (Arthur Hee) who sells the model of burner they're looking for. One guys did buy four burners from him but he doesn't remember the number, however he does have an invoice! Chin takes and returns to Five-O.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with information of the mystery man: Jersey Frazer wanted on the East Coast for various charges. His room was left vacant after he checked out and the lab was able to get prints off just about everything in the room. Danno tells him there's an APB on him now but McGarrett doesn't want him picked up, he wants the guy who hired him.

Act Four

Jersey wanders around as an HPD officer calls him in. Meanwhile, Laughlin visits Murdock during the day demanding a partnership and one-third of the $40 million. Murdock is incensed and his son is shocked as he walks in during the conversation as Laughlin has his gun drawn. Laughlin has the computer microfilm and won't hesitate to send it to McGarrett thus showing which stocks were stolen. Murdock reluctantly agrees to make Laughlin head of security and Laughlin leaves. The son is disgusted as he realizes his father and Laughlin worked together on the clearinghouse robbery. He tells Murdock he's responsible because he hired Laughlin. Murdock makes another move, calling Five-O.

Danno and Ben tail Jersey who takes a cab as McGarrett finishes the call with Murdock. However, Mrs. Finley, the first woman who said it was impossible to figure out an identifiable certificate, recalls a certificate coming across her desk. Walt Lohan had been a broker and he died a month earlier before his last certificate came through the clearinghouse. Everything was sold off including the first stock he ever bought: she is able to recognize it because he framed the certificate and it had faded through the glass. McGarrett takes a call from Danno who says Jersey is with a bunch of other guys at a warehouse on Pier 19 with another guy driving up. Knowing Jersey is leaving for the mainland at 6:00 p.m., they assume it's the payoff. McGarrett tells him to call in HPD units and he's on the way. As he leaves, McGarrett escorts Mrs. Finley out verifying she can identify this one piece of stock. She can.

Five-O and HPD move in on the docks arresting the gang. McGarrett tells Laughlin about his call with Murdock and Laughlin says it was Murdock's idea. Danno isn't impressed saying Murdock warned them Laughlin would implicate him. Laughlin turns over the microfilm but it's useless since it's been exposed.

In Murdock's business, McGarrett looks over a file while officers pull out bundles of certificates. Mrs. Finley is present ready to pick out the Lohan stock. Murdock claims the certificates came from Boston and McGarrett waves him off saying Sloane backs him 100 percent. McGarrett says they're checking certificate by certificate to find evidence or lack thereof but Ben hits pay dirt bringing out a certificate. McGarrett shows it to Mrs. Finley who identifies the stock from the frame marks. Murdock is screwed over by a stock in the "Knox Horseless Carriage Company from January, 1912". Oops, by about 20 years!

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