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Act One

In the HPD holding cells, McGarrett blasts John Manicote (Glenn Cannon) about making a deal with Toni (Patty Duke) who will only talk if McGarrett is present. He isn't happy because he "beat his brains out bringing Toni in." Toni wants to make a deal and wants out of jail. Toni offers them a chance to nail Manola (Lane Bradford) for murder one: she saw him kill Victor Delgado (Kenneth Ing). She wants immunity for herself and Marty (Larry Kent) to which Manicote agrees as long as the story checks out. She demands their latest charge be lessened to "simple robbery." She also wants to be married to Marty in a church and a weekend honeymoon at a top hotel. She's pregnant with Marty's child and McGarrett and Manicote are sent reeling mad by her demands. McGarrett thinks she's lying because she's a known "pathological liar". Manicote wants to take a chance because if she's trying to frame Manola, she might as well commit suicide. McGarrett relents turning on the tape recorder telling her to take form the top and leave nothing out.

She flashes back to the day and the place: near Diamond Head Tunnel and the road was deserted. McGarrett drives her out there and she recognizes where she stopped Delgado's car. Along for the ride are Ben, Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) and Manicote. She explains Mrs. Delgado leaves for her weekly bridge game when Toni calls Delgado ten minutes later making up a story about her being in an accident and his wife hurt. In a flashback, Delgado arrives on the scene parking beside Toni and Marty's car. Marty grabs him from behind as Manola moves in but Delgado fights back, kicking Manola, Manola comes back, punching Delgado knocking him out and tells Toni and Marty to "get lost". They take off but stop a short distance away without Manola seeing them. He's too busy stuffing Delgado into his car then pushing it over the edge! The car crashes near the surf and Toni jumps back into the car and they take off for real. Back at the present, she tells them Manola was only supposed to lean on Delgado. They try to mess her up with the story but she sticks to her guns. McGarrett wants to clarify if Marty stopped the car or did she push the foot brake? As well, Toni and Marty were new to the island and had a letter of introduction from a "fat cat" in Detroit by the name of Emil St. Clair, a heavy weight from there. McGarrett wonders why she isn't dead and if in fact she and Marty didn't set up the hit. Toni denies it telling them all they knew is that Manola was to work Delgado over. Next, McGarrett wants her to show them how Manola pushed over the car. She tells them Manola hit with his left hand and pushed the car like a lefty. She describes what Manola was wearing and everything she says lines up with the reports they have. She even takes them to the rocks where she watched Manola push over the car. The graffiti gives it away: "down with pushers, legalize pot". McGarrett, Ben and Manicote walk back from the rocks agreeing to the deal. Ben radios Chin for McGarrett who gives Toni 24 hours: take it or leave it. She agrees. McGarrett tells Chin to pick up Manola and make it look like routine questioning, "no fuss".

Act Two

McGarrett brings Marty to reunite with Toni as Manicote looks on. Marty tries to convince her, unsuccessfully, to stay put. Toni won't hear of it, she wants to get married in a real church and be in the best hotel on the island.

The wedding ceremony takes place under heavy HPD and Five-O guard with McGarrett driving Toni and Danno driving Marty. Duke runs out of the church saying there is a woman (Carol Lawrence) inside with a camera and won't leave. Toni explains she's her Maid of Honor, freelance photographer Margo Cooper. Toni hopes to make some money from her wedding photos. The security includes armed officers with rifles alongside the inside walls of the church making the minister (Norman Wright) extremely nervous. As they're walking down the aisle, McGarrett recognizes Margo.

After the ceremony, Toni and Marty walk out to have rice thrown on them by Margo. An HPD helicopter arrives to pick them up. Toni isn't happy, counting on the Kahala. "So was Manola." McGarrett leads them to the helicopter and they take off. Once airborne, the officers move on to the designated hotel. The helicopter flies them to the North Shore and the Kuilima Resort. Chin and some HPD officers meet the helicopter on the roof. Once out of the helicopter, the couple is hurried inside.

Inside the hotel, Chin points out the Control Center and takes them to the Honeymoon Suite. Marty carries Toni over the threshold at her insistence and McGarrett lays out the ground rules: they are not to try to leave the room because if they do, the honeymoon is over right then and there. Toni tells McGarrett, "thanks" before he and Chin leave the suite. They proceed to the bathroom to shower and Toni leaves Marty locked out but then unlocks the door.

At Manola's house, he emerges from the shower as his aide announces Vincent (Richard Collier). Vincent tells him it's the same price as last time. Manola tells him to find a way to make the hit.

McGarrett reviews the board showing the security layout with Duke and Ben. He wants another man in Sector Nine and before he can direct anything else, there's a call for him on the house phone. After he hangs up, he tells Chin to brief Danno when he gets there as McGarrett takes a walkie-talkie and leaves.

Downstairs, McGarrett goes to see Margo and joins her at a table overlooking the surf. She ordered black coffee for him even though they haven't seen on another in a little over eight years. She tells him she gave up a trip to China and an opportunity to interview Mao. McGarrett doesn't believe because she never gave up any assignment "for any man". She asks if he's still a "full-time cop".

Vincent strolls into the resort registering under a false name. He asks for a room on the top floor but there's no way. The front desk clerk (Len Yelinek) gives him the key to room 510. Vincent makes his way to the sixth floor making up a story he pushed the wrong button. Duke makes him exit the floor escorting him to the elevator.

McGarrett and Margo take a walk together catching up. She tells him she took a job at an underground newspaper in Chicago but that didn't work out. Margo moved on to Vietnam planning to stay a month but wound up there for a year. He doesn't share much with Margo only that what she sees is what she gets.

At Manola's beach house, Vincent reports in. the job is impossible because McGarrett has them walled off. Vincent ties o return the money Manola paid him but Manola considers it an investment since Vincent cased the place "from top to bottom". The phone rings and it's Dr. Harlow (George Herman) saying he may have found a solution to Manola's problem as he releases a gas inside a tank killing three white mice.

Act Three

McGarrett completes station checks with various officers around the grounds as Margo hangs out by the door to the Control Center. With the checks complete, McGarrett follows Margo out and they walk along the beach. They talk about life again and Margo discovers McGarrett never married, although there were a couple of close calls but he won't verify that. Margo moves on to the present as McGarrett holds her face in his hands and kisses her.

At Manola's Dr. Harlow and Vincent discuss the resort layout on the sixth floor and where to exchange the vial. Dr. Harlow has built in a five-minute delay in order for it to be delivered to the suite. Manola tells him that's all the time he'll get.

In the resort kitchen, the final meal prep is being done. At 6:00 p.m., the cart is taken out with Danno double-checking everything. The chef (William Mahoe) laments about having a cop breathing down his neck while cooking. Chin escorts the cart out on the way to Toni and Marty. Vincent waits in a small room as the cart approaches. A housemaid (Joyce Maltby) stumbles in the hall with Chin and the resort employee helping her out, leaving the cart alone! Vincent makes his move placing the vial on the cart and disappearing as quickly. The cart is delivered and Chin and the resort employee leave the suite.

Toni and Marty have a glass of champagne and smooch as the vial begins to emit its deadly gas. In the room next door, McGarrett and Margo do some smooching of their own with her proposal of going away together. The gas fills the room with Toni already collapsed and Marty struggling to his feet. He breaks some dishes, getting McGarrett's attention. Marty reaches the vial but has no way to get it out of the room he falls on top of it to keep it from spreading further. McGarrett and some HPD officers break into the suite discovering the poison gas. They drag both Toni and Marty out as McGarrett disposes of it in the bathroom before running to the Control Center calling for an ambulance, the house doctor (Morgan Sha'an) and any available oxygen.

Act Four

The house doctor looks over Marty who is on oxygen as McGarrett stands watch in the room. Ben walks to him telling him Chin is about to slit his own throat but talks about a lady dressed like a housemaid fainted in the hall. McGarrett wants Chin to look over mug shots to see if he can find the "fainting lady". The house doctor says Toni will be fine but Marty has an uphill battle ahead of him.

As McGarrett is about to check on Toni; Carol pretends to take his picture with her hands. He walks over, as they both know it won't work out for them, "wrong time, wrong place". They share one last kiss before saying goodbye.

McGarrett walks in to see Toni who is trying to be brave but she is scared to her core. McGarrett gives her something else to think about: Manola meant to kill her and doesn't give a hoot about Marty. In her aloud thoughts, she mentions, "it figured". McGarrett wants to know what figured! Toni never intended to testify and thinks she has it all solved: Marty could be out in six years, she'll plead innocent to her rap and believes a jury will no convict her because she's pregnant! She also plans to get word to Manola she never planned to testify but McGarrett warns her it won't work: Manola won't want to be on a roller coaster wondering when she might "spill it all". A knock on the door interrupts them but things take a very dark turn: Marty is dead and Toni screams.

Manola watches the news at his beach house reporting two dead in the cyanide attack. He shows up at Iolani Palace in his white Cadillac. Danno intercoms in telling McGarrett, "he's here" and leads him into McGarrett's office. They talk about the cyanide poisoning and Manola admits to employing Toni and Marty briefly. McGarrett tells Manola she was supposed to testify in front of a Grand Jury and it had everything to do with Manola. Manola says he would have been interested in what she had to say. McGarrett smirks, "you're going to get your chance". McGarrett opens the door to reveal Toni, Danno and Ben. Manola turns around knowing his goose is cooked. Toni tells him he shouldn't have killed Marty as McGarrett orders, "book him. Murder One two counts". Ben arrests Manola taking him out of the office. Toni stands there zombie-like as Danno slowly leads her out.

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