S05E08 - “Journey Out Of Limbo” - Plot

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Act One

Traffic is on the highway with focus on a dump truck with the driver (Sam Peters) shifting when necessary. The truck doesn't speed with eight cars behind it between the mountains and the ocean! The truck eventually makes it into town to a construction site. It pulls in, stops and begins dumping its cargo of sand. As the dumping continues, a body rolls out! The construction crew yells stop as they start digging the body out with the driver, Billy, joining them. They roll the body over, it's Danno!

An ambulance races Danno to the hospital as McGarrett drives to a meeting with the governor. In the governor's office, the governor is impressed by McGarrett's thoroughness as usual. The governor also has a pressing issue: Lin Mai-Lu (Philip Ahn) is en route from Peking via Hong Kong to Honolulu with the Air Force providing security during the journey. He's due to arrive at 3:00 p.m. in Honolulu at the invitation of a friend, Norton Hummel (Keenan Wynn) "an old wartime buddy" and "private American citizen" thus the trip is unofficial. The governor says if they happen to discuss American-Chinese trade that's all right by everyone and if they don't succeed, no one loses face. McGarrett is unimpressed by the politics. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Ben who gives McGarrett some heart-stopping news and once he has the information from Ben leaves the governor's office in a hurry to make his way to the hospital.

McGarrett arrives at the hospital just behind Ben and the ambulance. Danno is unconscious being brought out of the ambulance and McGarrett tries to rouse him with no success. Inside, Doc Bergman (Al Eben) examines Danno as McGarrett paces the hallway. As Doc keeps up the examination and tries to bring Danno around, a nurse brings out Danno's clothes handing them to McGarrett. He tells Ben to take them to the lab and "tell Che (Harry Endo) I want the full treatment". When Ben leaves, Chin walks down the hall to tell McGarrett about the driver of the truck. McGarrett recognizes the guy, Art Bellak, who was convicted for armed robbery, second offense. Bellak has been on parole since "last April". Bellak says he wasnÕt' in the truck when he picked up the load at Makapuu Point. Chin has already double-checked the story and the loaders verified his story. Chin shows a map where Bellak drove along the Kalaniana'ole Highway but he didn't stop until traffic lights in Honolulu. McGarrett isn't happy about the lack of answers but Chin tries to help noting it's four miles between Hanauma Bay and Kaimuki, which is the neighborhood where the sand was dumped. So somewhere along the four miles Danno either climbed or was thrown into the truck. Bellak says, "some throw. The sides are nine feet high". McGarrett lets Bellak go because they won't get much farther. He tells Chin to "dig deeper" because he wants the book on Bellak.

After the examination, Doc is ready to brief McGarrett about "commotio cerebri," aka a concussion. McGarrett wants to know how it happened, was it blow? Was it a fall? Doc can't say and has some bad news: Danno can't either! He is suffering from an amnesia common among athletes, particularly football players. Doc lays it out: Danno might remember but again, he might not. McGarrett hates that answer even though he doesn't show it by much.

McGarrett leaves Doc behind entering Danno's hospital room. He knocks on the bed table making Danno open his eyes, saying he wasn't asleep but he takes forever to respond claiming he was "thinking". Danno asks McGarrett if he's ever woken in a strange place, forgetting how he got there but it comes back in a few seconds; only this time it's all blank and it scares Danno. McGarrett tries to be supportive, encouraging him to give it time. McGarrett breaks the news that Danno has a concussion, which puts Danno on edge for a split second. Danno asks if it's still Thursday, which McGarrett tells him it is. Danno remembers that morning and how he got up early dressing to go out. After that, it's blank. When McGarrett pushes, Danno starts freaking out because nothing like this has ever happened to him. McGarrett calms him down before leaving eyeing him to make sure it's okay to leave.

McGarrett and Ben go to the laboratory where Ben talks about Hummel being at the security meeting. McGarrett tells Ben he was right to include Hummel in the security meeting for the visit. He then turns his attention to Che who is finishing processing Danno's clothes and under the microscope: horse dander! It was found on Danno's jeans, which meant he was riding a horse, not just any horse, a roan. Ben smiles, "how many teeth did it have?" McGarrett tells Ben to give Che enough time and he'll have that answer too! The initial theory is he was thrown from the horse as it could explain the head injury. McGarrett sets Ben off to check the riding academies as Chin walks in with information on Bellak: he's clean. McGarrett agrees to scratch Bellak, for now. Che also found burrs on Danno's sneakers and shirt indicating he was moving through high brush. Che goes on to say the shirt was ripped in three places "like he was running through the stuff". There's also blood on his jeans but it's not his, it's horse blood.

McGarrett moves on, visiting Hummel's house. McGarrett walks the grounds with Hummel and Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) discovering Lin Mai-Lu is going to travel straight from the airport to his house. Hummel says Lin is to be his houseguest during his stay. Noting a possible place for a sniper, Duke assures McGarrett HPD will patrol it. McGarrett wants as much stuff as possible to be done at the house so proper security can take place. Hummel says several things have been planned including a boat ride, which McGarrett quashes it all except the boat ride. Duke laments that 20 years ago the U.S. and China fought in Korea and now here was a minister visiting the U.S. They return to the house with Chin in tow and in time for the phone to ring but it's for McGarrett with a patch through Dispatch. Inside, Chin notices a picture of a Marine and asks Hummel about it since he's "Army all the way;" Hummel explains the Marine is his son. Ben reports in as he found Danno's car at one of the riding academies but the owner is out for the rest of the day. McGarrett tells Ben to pick up Danno first thing in the morning and take him out there to hopefully jog some memories.

The next morning, Ben takes Danno to the riding academy where not a thing is helping him remember. Danno gets out of the car but stops for a second like something is trying to stir in his brain. Looking and walking around, nothing is jogging his memory. Finally, Cal walks up with a horse in tow for another rider. Danno doesn't recognize him even when Cal tells him about saddling one of his mares for him. Danno wonders if he was thrown but Cal dismisses this idea because if she had thrown Danno, she would have made her way back home and she hasn't come home. Cal hasn't had the time to look for her and really has no idea where to start. As Cal takes his horse to the rider, Ben pulls out a map showing where Danno possibly ended up. They talk about Route 72 but nothing looked familiar to Danno on their way to the riding academy. Ben tells Danno to keep the map and hang it on his living room wall but Danno says his office wall. Ben reminds him he's on sick leave and as they talk a pickup truck passes by, backfiring which scares the crap out of Danno who immediately ducks for cover. He takes a bit to compose himself and when Ben tries to touch him, Danno recoils. He's now more confused than when he started!

Act Two

A United Airlines flight arrives at Honolulu carrying Lin Mai-Lu. McGarrett rushes through the airport to meet up with the governor who is at the gate awaiting the aircraft parking. They board giving Lin Mai-Lu full VIP treatment with a limousine and police escort. They arrive at Hummel's house with a large group of reporters waiting there as well. The reporters close in as the two friends greet each other including one reporter (Fred Ball) who asks if Mr. Lin plans to meet with anyone from the State Department and wonders where and when the men met. Meanwhile, Danno watches the chaos on television from his apartment. When they speak in Chinese again, Hummel says they were discussing a young lady they once knew and it's a bit personal to translate.

Danno half rolls his eyes becoming quickly disinterested in the whole affair, which is good as the reporter Brett Bronson sends it back to the studio. Danno stands up to turn off the TV flashing onto the rabbit ear antenna. He wanders his apartment with the sheer curtains blowing into his face causing more flashes of memory. He goes back to the map Ben gave him and focuses onto the compass rose. A memory works its way forward, an elevated compass rose set up similar to a weather vane. It's enough to prompt Danno to make a phone call. At Hummel's house, Ben runs out reporting to McGarrett that Danno has remembered something.

Danno drives out to the area he remembers, which seems to be in the middle of nowhere. He stops the Five-O car just under the compass rose as more memories try to emerge including him horseback riding on the roan mare. There's an abandoned bunker to his left and more memories flash with a man carrying something past a jeep to the bunker. A second man carries a pair of wooden boxes to the same bunker. Danno walks to the chained door recalling himself on horseback as the mare approaches the door. There's flash of gunfire as he and the mare turn and run after he identifies himself as a police officer. The two men give chase in the jeep as the mare gallops as fast as she can to escape. As fast as they appear, the memories vanish.

Later, McGarrett, Chin and Ben are at the bunker with Danno who tells them the story. McGarrett asks for descriptions but Danno can't because everything is still in a haze. Chin asks what was in the bunker and the answer throws everyone for a loop: Danno thinks he saw a boat! Ben has heard enough and kicks open the door. The bunker appears to be in a state of disuse with Chin and Ben questioning the story more and more. Danno stands by his story as hazy as it is. McGarrett brings an even keel back to the conversation asking Danno which way did the men chase him. Danno points behind him with a renewed confidence that McGarrett believes him.

The Five-O team then begins to literally beat the bushes seeking answers. Ben finds the tracks first: tire tread and a horse hoof print in the dirt. Finding the tracks brings relief to Danno because now there's proof he's not going crazy with the memory flashes. They keep going as McGarrett finds a tatter of Danno's shirt in a small tree as Ben finds blood on a plant. They continue on finding the mare dead in the brush, victim of multiple bullet wounds. As they look over the horse, Chin goes a small distance away finding a shell. They still go on until they can't go any further because of rock cliffs and the highway. Standing above the highway, Danno flashes onto the dump truck seeing it carry sand when Ben asks how he got out. He then remembers jumping for the truck! When he answers Ben questions, Chin points to the asphalt, "but that's concrete down there". Danno explains the truck passing by. McGarrett guesses that's how Danno hit his head so they have some answers but no "who" or "why".

At Hummel's house, he enters his son's bedroom solemnly looking around. He flashes onto a war scene and hearing the explosions in his head, he sits on the bed until he looks at his son's picture. He then stands with an eerie military bearing, without emotion. Hummel hears and sees one last explosion with a soldier going down and stares at his son's picture.

Act Three

In the lab, Che briefs McGarrett and Duke the slugs were from two separate .38 guns. Che also says the bunker was clean! They were able to find one piece in the crack of the floor and a latent print was found. They sent it to CNC and should have a make soon. McGarrett wants an APB out right away and orders Duke to follow through on it.

In McGarrett's office, he's broken out the chalkboard writing 'Boat,' 'Boxes' and 'Body'. He tells Danno it's time to add adjectives. Danno isn't a lot of help but between the entire team, they start nailing down specifics. The boat had about an eight-foot beam, without a cabin but it had a cockpit. The boxes were two feet wide by about 15 inches high because they were carried one atop the other. McGarrett wonders what could be in boxes that size with Ben and Chin throwing out "oranges" and "drugs" respectively. Danno remembers the writing on the boxes though, 'Danger High Explosives': dynamite! The body he saw was wrapped in a blanket and he doesn't know if it was dead, alive, man or woman. As McGarrett scribbles on the board, Duke walks in on a hit for the print found: a guy named Harvey Durko (Robert Lavarre). McGarrett looks over Durko's mug shot as Duke says he was accused of industrial espionage in L.A. but "beat the rap". McGarrett hands the photo to Danno who isn't sure if he was one of the men seen. When Duke tells them he was checked into the Eldridge Hotel under his own name, there's no reaction until Duke says he checked out "wiki wiki" after showing up in a sweat. McGarrett wonders if that wasn't because of a run-in with Danno. Duke has already tracked him to a beach house on the Kalaniana'ole Highway and McGarrett tells them to pick up Durko quietly, "just the three of you". Danno protests, wondering if he really meant four but McGarrett is firm as Chin, Ben and Duke leave. In the meantime, McGarrett gives Danno the task of going through the mug books to try to find the second man. McGarrett writes, 'Durko' on the board under 'Body'.

Chin, Ben and Duke arrive at the beach house where they split up with Duke taking the Koko Head side. Chin and Ben knock on the front door and when Chin identifies themselves as police, they are answered with bullets. A man runs out back with Chin and Ben giving chase. However, a second man (Clay Tanner) sneaks out the house in the opposite direction. The man who ran for it makes it to the beach, shooting at Duke before changing direction. Duke goes down as Chin and Ben keep up the chase. The man stops to reload where Ben catches up behind him in the bushes. The man fires at Chin but misses with Ben taking a shot and hitting him but not where planned. He kills Durko!

Act Four

The second guy walks to a cemetery where he meets Hummel! He reports Durko is dead and hands over what seems to be a metal cigarette pack but it actually holds transistorized circuitry, which is activated by moving a clasp from one side to the other. Hummel takes the item telling the man he's handled the job well. Hummel stands before his son Warren's grave showing him killed at Changjin Reservoir Korea on November 11, 1950.

McGarrett charges into his office wanting to know what happened to Durko. Ben quietly explains he aimed for his leg but Durko ducked and was hit fatally. Chin reports Duke will be okay, hit high in the shoulder. McGarrett is beyond frustrated as they are no further along than before and it all falls onto Danno's shoulders. McGarrett tells Danno all they know is that Durko and somebody unknown tried to kill him. He gives Danno a key to his place with orders to have an HPD officer or somebody from Five-O with him around the clock. It's Danno's turn to be frustrated believing McGarrett is being overprotective. McGarrett pleads for some cooperation because Mr. Lin seems to be their only priority right now. Chin says it's about time to pick him up and the three depart leaving Danno alone with his thoughts and flashes of memory.

The boat tour occurs as planned with McGarrett, Ben, Hummel and Lin on board. Meanwhile, Danno keeps going over the chalkboard hoping something will finally give. He quits, heading for the door to meet his HPD "nurse maid" (Arte McCullough). In an HPD unit, they drive away from the Palace stopping at an intersection with a fashion store facing the street. The mannequins in the window draw Danno over to the point he exits the HPD car! His memory flashes into some sense as he recalls the body was actually a mannequin. The HPD officer asks if Danno has lost his mind, "I just found it". Back at the car, Danno patches to Chin at Five-O who looks at Durko's file. Chin tells him Durko worked as an electronics engineer specifically for guidance systems and autopilots.

Danno talks somebody to take him out on the Harbor Police boat to track down the boat tour. At the same time, the engine stops on the boat McGarrett, Ben, Hummel and Lin are on. The captain apologizes for the stoppage and assures McGarrett the repairs will only be a few minutes. Hummel knows it is time and activates the guidance system in his cigarette case. The Harbor Police boat closes in and McGarrett notices they're coming in and fast! He looks through binoculars to see Danno on board too. Danno boards the boat running upstairs to explain what's going on to McGarrett. In the background, a boat seeming to be run by the Navy is actually a fake but McGarrett doesn't believe him at first until Danno rattles off a bunch of stuff about what's going on including the boat being loaded with dynamite! McGarrett and Danno start shooting at the boat hoping to destroy it before it hits the boat they're on. They're successful as everyone goes flying in all sorts of directions on deck. Hummel finally makes a move to go after Lin, shooting one of his guards but McGarrett shoots Hummel who says he wanted Lin dead because he killed his son. McGarrett tells Ben to contact the Coast Guard to send out a helicopter with a doctor on board. After Hummel dies, Danno finds the cigarette case, the homing signal for the boat. McGarrett handles it, dumping the cigarettes.

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