S05E04 - “Pig In A Blanket” - Plot

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Act One

Danno and a friend (Frank Atienza) run into the men's locker room at the bowling alley high on a victory. The bet on the last throw was a medium-rare steak and the plan is to collect next week because the friend from HPD has a pass.

Running outside with a smile that won't quit, Officer Chinough Olena checks in with Dispatch for messages prior to going off duty. With no messages, Olena hears a car squeal past him and he tracks it down. The yellow Lotus Europa is difficult to miss especially as it speeds through a residential area. The driver (Dennis Redfield) eventually pulls over with Olena walking to the car ready to write a citation. When Olena asks for the license, the driver offers his wallet and a gun! He shoots Olena twice in the abdomen before speeding off. Olena shoots out a tire and the driver in the arm before completely collapsing causing the sports car to drive in circles.

Later, Olena is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with Danno standing on the other side of the window as a nurse tends to Olena. McGarrett walks in extremely concerned. Danno half-heartedly briefs him on what happened: Olena was on his way home pulling over a "doper with a load" over a moving violation. The doper is in another ward and will recover, much to Danno's chagrin. The main nurse (Tuulikki Gottschalk) pushes her way by them to help tend to Olena. As McGarrett leaves, Danno tells him he owes Olena a steak with McGarrett answering, "as I remember it, you owe him a lot more than that". Danno nods, flashing back to a knife fight with a suspect. Danno was barely able to hold his own and as the suspect is about to make his last move, Olena shot him from across the yard! Danno returns to the present in time to witness Olena flat line! The nurses call for a "red blanket" and begin life saving procedures. Several other doctors and nurse run in to help. The lead doctor (Seth Sakai) leads the controlled chaos including paddles, forced oxygen, medications and CPR. The crew works as a choreographed unit and get Olena's heart pumping again but have to shock. Unfortunately, the shocks don't work as the heartbeat doesn't hold and they finally stop at "an hour and 12 minutes". Ready to call it, the doctor handling the oxygen says Olena's pupils are "fixed and dilated": there is no brain activity. Danno nearly loses it as they pronounce Olena dead at 7:15 p.m. He leaves the ICU completely dejected after telling the doctor it was he Olena saved about a year before.

In the hallway, Danno hugs Rona (Elissa Fontes), Olena's wife who walked from the waiting area with McGarrett's support. Danno tells her he's "five minutes away" for anything she needs. McGarrett seems lost and Danno isn't any better as Rona and Olena's father walk out of the hospital. The pair seems to want to say something but stopped as the ICU door opens to wheel out Olena. Danno is on the philosophical side, "the good die wrong, and the best get the worst of it. Maybe that's why I'm still around".

A nurse (Lynne Kimoto) takes the doper's blood pressure as he is completely out of it due the mix of heroin and anesthesia. She writes in his chart as he asks about "the little piggy" and Danno walks in. The doper is incredulous to the respect the nurse shows for "the police officer" and calls him "the high priest of pain" wondering if "he's hurting". Danno quietly says, "not anymore". The doper makes the mistake of being happy about Olena's death, as Danno wants nothing more than to throttle him where he lies. The doper says he didn't kill a man but rather "put a pig in a blanket". Danno asks if it's a game and the doper says it is and he's wins because he's able to "stay and make license plates". The doper explains he's been hooked for the last two years on a $100 per day habit avoiding the police and drug enforcement in order to deal a fix. After throwing out an insult, the doper is shaken up quite a bit when Danno rattles the bed rail causing everything to shake. The doper looks right at Danno knowing he's been able to bring Danno to his level: wanting to kill for no reason.

Act Two

At the 'Attic Bar', a football game between the Baltimore Colts and the Oakland Raiders shows on the television set. The bartender (Edward Shonk) talks about the game and the next play with a patron (Robert Luck). Meanwhile, Danno and Ben sit at a table drinking beer, discussing Rona needing a job and the dangers of police work. Danno says, "one hundred twenty-five" catching Ben off-guard. There were 125 police officers "killed in America" last year: 119 by gunshot. Danno points out the ones doing the killing are getting younger with Ben answering, "everybody's got a gun" and "life is cheap nowadays". Danno starts getting riled with the anger on the verge of bursting forth. Danno puts out an example: a traffic stop where a cop has "to be ready for his own execution" because he doesn't know who is in the car but they know exactly who he is because of the uniform. Ben asks, "and?" because he's heard it and seen it before. Ben brings him back to reality, "there's new hazards that come with the old territory" with Danno agreeing with the statement "but I'll be damned if I can get used to them". The game is suddenly interrupted with a 'Special News Bulletin' notifying the public of Olena's death. The patron at the bar is annoyed because he wants to know if the first down was made. Danno takes action standing in front of the TV ready to fight the guy. The bartender tells him to leave and they are about to come to blows before Ben intervenes pointing to the now resumed game. He grabs Danno and they walk out. Ben asks about going somewhere else to get something to eat but Danno passes, preferring to walk for the moment.

Danno begins a lonely walk to the car, blindly going forward even bumping in to one man. He's preoccupied with the heart monitor flat lining and replaying Olena's death in his head. As he reaches his car, Danno sees an HPD unit responding to something happening at a drugstore. A masked robber grabs the owner as he's emptying the cash register when the first officer (George Groves) runs in the front. Forcing the partner out, the robber demands the police put their guns on the floor in front of him. He makes everyone in to a back room and tries to lock them in. He runs out only to be stopped by Danno's yell to "freeze!" They exchange gunfire with civilians all over the place. The robber runs for the parking lot as Danno struggles to get to his car and keep an eye on the robber. He loses the guy until a Mustang tears out of the parking lot with Danno guessing that's him.

Rushing to his car, Danno gives chase of the Mustang finding it traveling in the opposite direction. He manages to get behind the car and calls in the license plates to Central Dispatch. Unit 168 that responded to the robbery asks if their suspect is in the car while Dispatch reports the car isn't stolen and registered to Mrs. Michael Klein (Louise Latham) at 230 Holua Street. Danno realizes he's about six blocks from the drugstore as the Mustang goes home. Unit 168 agrees to back him up.

Danno pulls over and approaches the driveway as the Mustang comes to a stop. A young kid gets out of the Mustang, who Danno yells at, "hold it! Police officer!" The kid stops in his tracks but he has something in his hands pointing it at Danno! Danno fires his gun with the kid collapsing in the driveway. Danno rolls him over noticing he's only about 16 as the mother runs out the front door. She becomes hysterical seeing "Ricky" on the ground. Danno looks around noticing the item the kid had was a soldering iron! The guilt nearly freezes Danno as Unit 168 pulls up. Danno runs to them to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, the mother grabs a blanket for Ricky as another son (John Rubenstein) appears asking what's going on. As they try to treat for shock, the son, Harold, shoves Danno aside calling him a "storm trooper" and that he has to keep up his "body count". Danno is half-dazed as is without the attitude. The first HPD officer doesn't help with a fruitless search of the car: no money, no mask and just the soldering iron. The gravity of the situation sinks in: Danno just shot an unarmed teenager!

Ricky is taken to the hospital and in the Emergency Room; he's put on oxygen. Danno tells the doctor the bullet is a .38 and the kid was crouching when he was shot. The doctor even makes a comment that Danno "is having quite a night" and gives his chances as about the same as Olena's. The doctor orders six units of whole blood and to prep Ricky for surgery. Danno pleads with the doctor to "save him," with the doctor replying, "count your beads".

At the coffee vending machine, McGarrett needs answers and Danno's response, "don't we all". When McGarrett asked if the robber still had on his mask when he got into the car, Danno admits he lost the guy in the parking and he was "guessing". McGarrett says Officer Martin described the robber as "five foot nine, nervous with a deep voice using a .22 Sportsman". Danno describes Ricky as "five foot six, voice of a boy, used a soldering iron" and flashes back to Ricky's collapse as the soldering iron slowly falls to the ground before the doctor gives his update including removing half of Ricky's liver! However, they were unable to retrieve the bullet, as he has to stabilize before they try again. The problem is the bullet is against the spine and "some paralysis is likely". As the doctor leaves, McGarrett tries to snap Danno out of it saying they should go back to the shopping center. The doctor's words are like a death knell to Danno who realizes there is only one option: resignation. He tries to hand over his gun to McGarrett who asks, "what am I gonna do with that?" Danno points out the press is going to have a field day with the issue: "detective gets revenge". McGarrett shakes his head, he doesn't believe Danno would shoot in revenge to which Danno answers, "maybe I'm not the man you think I am". McGarrett tries to refocus Danno on work again but fails miserably finally walking away.

In the waiting lounge, Mrs. Klein says a silent prayer as Harold paces and Danno enters. Harold goes off about being in the same room as Danno. The doctor and nurse follow Danno in with and update and consent forms for Mrs. Klein in order to perform more surgery and complete blood transfusions. Danno asks what type they need, Harold loses it, "there's got to be cleaner blood around here than his". Mrs. Klein tells Harold to calm down, which makes the yelling worse. The doctor informs them there is plenty of O-negative on hand. When he mentions her husband needs to sign as well, she tells the doctor she is a widow. Mrs. Klein then turns to Danno saying Ricky wouldn't rob a drugstore and he says, "I know Mrs. Klein" making Harold go off some more. He yells at Danno to make another notch in his gun and "how many does that make sharpshooter?" Dejected, Danno leaves. He wanders to the ICU watching over Ricky pleading for him to hang in.

Act Three

The next day is Olena's funeral with the Five-O team standing at the church's door as Olena's casket is loaded into the hearse with six pallbearers. Meanwhile, Rona leads her son to the car behind and they eventually drive off in a massive motorcade. Once the cars leave, the media intrude rudely pressing McGarrett for answers. One reporter asks if the District Attorney has filed charges against Danno, while a second (Howard Gottschalk) rapid fires about Danno not being suspended. McGarrett tries to keep his cool as much as possible telling them about checking their records about Danno's history of being a police officer for the past decade. The second reporter brings up the point the robber and Ricky are two different descriptions: not only different in height but Ricky is left-handed versus the robber who was right-handed! McGarrett defends he's received multiple descriptions from as many witnesses. As well, McGarrett points out just because one holds a gun in the right hand doesn't necessarily mean the person is right-handed. A third reporter (Richard Villard) accuses him of "reaching" and McGarrett shoots back, "did I call this press conference at a funeral?" Danno stands back watching it all unfold as things soon come apart when they asks about him drinking on duty. McGarrett adamantly says Danno doesn't drink on duty but the first reporter brings up the bar scene "in a surly mood" and unable to speak clearly. Ben is ready to jump into the fray as an eyewitness calling their accusation "bull". The third reporter spells it out: two hours after Olena's death and 30 minutes prior to Ricky's shooting he was in the bar. Danno finally speaks up, "I was off-duty" with the reporter pointing out it was "an HPD matter". The first reporter moves to Danno asking about what will happen if there's an arraignment. Danno's response that he believes himself guilty causes McGarrett to plow through everybody not caring who he knocks down! He pulls Danno off to the side where Danno turns over his badge and gun, "I'm sorry Steve" before walking away from everyone gathered. McGarrett is left speechless.

McGarrett goes to the Klein house to see if he can find any clues. Mrs. Klein mentions she hasn't even contacted a lawyer yet because both she and her husband respected the police. McGarrett informs her the investigation is his and his alone because Danno has been suspended, "by his own request". McGarrett points out that the shopping center is five minutes away leaving 20 minutes unaccounted for. Mrs. Klein claims they were looking for something in the store and it's not the easiest task in the world. The phone rings causing her to leave Ricky's room leaving McGarrett to look around. He notices a couple of items of the bat appearing on the HPD hot sheet of stolen merchandise. When Mrs. Klein returns, he tells her about several items in Ricky's possession are stolen including the tape deck and radio in the Mustang. Mrs. Klein claims to know nothing about the stolen goods and says it doesn't matter because Ricky is going back into surgery. Mrs. Klein kicks him out.

McGarrett and the team including Danno regroup at the shopping center. Chin reports they haven't found anything and Ben struck out with the Ricky's friend because the parents say Ricky didn't go there. McGarrett asks Danno about the car and the direction it exited and made its way back. Danno says it took three, maybe five minutes. Ben says there isn't anyplace where Ricky could have dumped the gun and mask. McGarrett wants it checked again to include side streets where the car originally headed. McGarrett wonders if Danno has another hunch but all he gets in return is defeat. Danno tells him to put their energy into other cases because it's wasted on this one. McGarrett tells Chin and Ben to start their search and they leave. McGarrett focuses on Danno who tells him everything is out of whack because of Olena's death: "I lost it". Danno goes on saying the situation is lost, out of McGarrett's hands. McGarrett counters: not lost but plenty of heat and that's to be expected. The media is all over the governor and the Attorney General has to give a statement by the afternoon. Danno says there's only one option: his head. McGarrett says he's not finished but Danno knows he's not going any further leaving for the hospital. Before getting into the car, McGarrett stops Danno, "you better not give up on me".

Chin drives in a neighborhood as Ben stops to talk to witnesses such as gas attendants. Chin drives past a Goodwill donation box screeching to a halt. He backs up to check it out much to the chagrin of the passing neighbors such as one lady threatening to call the police and a smart aleck kid asking about finding the right size. Chin produces his badge as he digs through the items on top. After the badge is flashed, they leave and Chin hits pay dirt finding a folded shirt, mask, money and gun!

In McGarrett's office, the items are on the table. Che Fong (Harry Endo) has some bad news though: no prints because it was wiped down thoroughly, they're too smudged on the rounds too and more bad news because the other items in the bin cross-contaminated the evidence. Chin says they talked to neighbors who heard a car skid to a stop but it took off shortly after and no one saw anything. Ben also reports a man who dropped off the recent items: dropped that afternoon. Things get worse as McGarrett slams down the gun and goes off about how the mighty Five-O can't even solve a drugstore robbery! "Somebody should call a cop". As if things weren't circling the drain, the phone rings: the Attorney General has no choice but to file felonious assault charges against Danno and if Ricky dies, it's murder!

Act Four

Ricky is wheeled out of surgery with the doctor delivering some good news for a change: he will most likely make a full recovery! Danno is beyond relieved, as McGarrett wants to ask Ricky some questions. The doctor gives his okay to do so.

McGarrett enters Ricky's room as Mrs. Klein stands over him. McGarrett apologizes but he would like to know some answers and she agrees. Ricky is half-awake but he's together enough to tell his mom and McGarrett they found the stuff in the Goodwill box! He says he didn't rob the drugstore and "we" but his mom interrupts him before he could go further but the "we" is enough for McGarrett. The doctor tells them Ricky needs to sleep and the pieces fall into place for McGarrett who steps into the hallway.

McGarrett enters the hallway seeing Harold down the hall and he stands next to Danno asking him not to go anywhere while he "runs one": a bluff! Danno follows but is clearly confused. McGarrett approaches Harold talking about the charges against Danno and what Ricky has to possibly face: a lifetime of paralysis. McGarrett then pulls out his service revolver to give a demonstration. He explains the one place people tend to forget to wipe down a weapon is the back of the rounds and says they have a thumb print, which they don't, with the clincher being Ricky saying "we". Harold looks at the McGarrett then to Danno and takes off running through the hospital. As Ben exits the elevator, he tackles Harold putting him on the floor with McGarrett and Danno catching up. Harold confesses to robbing the store and Ricky didn't even know until he was in the car! They realized Danno had them and they took off. McGarrett tells Harold he needs to come clean with his mom but he breaks down knowing he nearly got his little brother killed. Well, she hears it form them or him. Ben takes Harold away leaving McGarrett and Danno in the hall. Danno has had a huge weight lifted off him; things are "very much better".

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