S05E01 - “Death Is A Company Policy” - Plot

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Act One

A meeting happens near a beach with a man (Michael Ansara) sitting in the back seat of a car. The man calls out to Moe (Moe Keale) to open the door after the second car pulls up. Another man, Johnny, (Harry Williams) gets out of the second car asking what the man has to offer. The man offers Johnny a hug because he's "been away from family for too long". As they jug, the man shoots Johnny who falls to the ground. The man returns to his car as Moe pays off the two guys who brought Johnny to the meet. They pick him up and stuff him into the truck of the man's car. As this occurs, Johnny reads a letter to McGarrett as a "voice from the dead" and essentially tells McGarrett he's been double-crossed by Piro Manoa, the man who shot him. Johnny keeps reading as he's stuffed into a 55-gallon drum and welded in. Manoa has his guys dump the barrel into the ocean.

McGarrett and the Five-O team with Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) go to meet with John Manicote (Glenn Cannon) and his two associates, Drummond (Robert Witthans) and Lahani (George Chakiris). They go over the letter received from Johnny Resko and McGarrett says he hasn't been seen in two days. The heart of the matter is on page two where Johnny spells out the murder of Anna Ryoto. There are three pieces of evidence: the gun in his safe at his apartment, a tape of her begging for her life and a witness, Sylvia Chang. Manicote is somewhat skeptical of the evidence since they've been trying to nail Manoa for six or seven years and he's being delivered on a platter. The plan is to obtain warrants privately, then move in on all three locations fast: Johnny's apartment, his brother's beach house and Sylvia Chang's address.

Danno and Ben strike out at Johnny's apartment because it's been ransacked and the safe broken into. The gun is gone! Chin and an HPD officer go to the beach house but it's been torched and the tape is up in flames! Finally, McGarrett and Duke go to Sylvia Chang's place only to find her strung up in her apartment. The evidence is all gone!

Both groups meets with the governor as there is a leak somewhere, maybe even Judge Kalehi, because if it's not him, someone in Five-O or the DA's office leaked the information. The person who mailed it doesn't even count because the person could have not mailed it but he or she did, sending it registered mail. Once McGarrett signed for it, he opened it as it was still sealed, and Danno photocopied it. No one else was involved! McGarrett wants to start with complete security checks of everyone in the room. The DA office will investigate Five-O and vice versa to include McGarrett and Manicote! The governor isn't pleased but gives the go-ahead.

As McGarrett and Duke are leaving the governor's office; they run into "a little pigeon" (Richard Morrison) by the elevators and who decides to take the stairs. Later, he makes his way to Manoa's house where an assistant (Laraine Stephens) goes over Manoa's books. Manoa acknowledges Runny who almost makes a break for it but Manoa talks to him and introduces him to Miss Simpson. Runny says Five-O is running around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for the leak. Manoa isn't concerned, as only three people know who the leak is: him, Runny and the leak. Simpson reminds him of the cable received that morning saying Runny is no longer needed. He's dealt with the same way Johnny was.

Act Two

In the computer room, the operator (Walter Yoshmitsu) pulls up information on McGarrett. McGarrett's point is that the computer can pull up specific items in a very short amount of time. Manicote has releases prepared for everyone to sign so the investigation can commence between the two offices. Ben is absent at first but walks in as McGarrett talks about the releases allowing permission to research: nothing will be sacred and every aspect of their lives will be probed including the most intimate details. Danno is uneasy with this idea but signs the release anyway. Ben steps forward to sign a release too but he's in a hurry to leave telling McGarrett rumors are swirling Runny was hit. It's not good as Runny was a valuable informant. McGarrett agrees if Runny was hit, it was because of something big.

Ben goes to see Angie (Jo Pruden) who was Runny's girl. She's scared out of her mind and skipping town. Ben pleads with her to stay and let him help her but she's not interested. Before she gets into the cab, Angie accuses someone in Five-O considering Runny a threat. Ben is confused since Runny played both sides of the street for the last six years and no one cared. But now, he was a threat but the big question is why.

In the computer briefing room, Manicote and his guys go over the last of Danno's credit cards receipts. One name catches Manicote's eye: Rita Malba, a criminal with a rap sheet a mile long. There's nothing in the DA's files but Lahani informs them it was a hush-hush operation with Naval Intelligence.

Later, Five-O and Duke go over Paul Drummond's records finding a gap in 1963 and 1964. The only thing known so far is he applied for a passport at that time. McGarrett wants to know where and why he went during the two years as well as whom he was working for and why he returned.

Manicote and his men take a turn looking over Duke's bank accounts. The files continue to flash on screen until they come across Sand N' Surf International dividends. They're huge at $3000 at least per transaction. The clincher is a deposit fro $19,200 on August 11, 1972.

McGarrett asks Duke where the money came from and Duke has no idea. The transaction took place in Hilo at a bank where Duke doesn't have an account but the bank says otherwise with all transactions being handled by mail. Manicote then asks if Duke has any reason to bank in Hilo, if Duke's moonlighting there. Manicote wants to know why Duke went there every six months with McGarrett telling him to back off. McGarrett says they have the airline activity to and from Hilo and doesn't understand why. Duke finally admits he has family in Hilo, a niece under a different name. Gladys is 21 with a three year-old and both parents have passed. He helped her set up a shop to support herself as the father of the kid took off but Duke never told anyone because it would bring shame upon the family. About that time, Drummond and Lahani walk in with more incriminating evidence: the bank account was just closed. Drummond adds Duke bought 400 shares in Sand N' Surf three years ago at $200 per share. McGarrett doesn't believe it because that's an $80,000 initial investment! No one can identify Duke because the woman who handled the transaction died two years before. Duke claims with Gladys' shop three years ago he was broke, forcing him to take a second mortgage on his house.

At Manoa's house, Miss Simpson walks across the yard as the phone rings. Manoa answers it and after the call tells her Hawaii is safe from Five-O and the DA: the leak has been found and it's a cop.

Duke enters McGarrett's office to turn in his gun and badge. No one is happy about this turn of events especially McGarrett.

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, he's sure it's a frame against Duke. McGarrett is downright pissed, wanting the works on Sand N' Surf Condominium Company: banks, stockholders, public holdings, anything and everything particularly who's money is behind it. The team jumps on their searches as McGarrett's holds Duke's badge.

At Manoa's house, Miss Simpson continues her work on his books answering the phone from Sand N' Surf who report the police are looking into their man. Simpson isn't worried as this was to be expected. Manoa isn't entirely convinced considering the matter to be very important. Manoa tries to hit on her as she keeps up her work but it falls terribly flat as he sickens her!

Five-O team meets in the computer briefing room to go over Sand N' Surf's dossier. Danno says they couldn't have been more cooperative as they handed over everything the team asked for. Sand N' Surf has 11 stockholders including Bryce-Halsey Ltd. holding 4100 shares. Danno briefs each owner has between 200 and 600 shares with Duke purchasing his shares on May 17, 1969. Chin says each owner is checking out so far and McGarrett asks about Bryce-Halsey, an investment company in Switzerland that is familiar to brokers in Honolulu and Danno is having Interpol dig into them. Now McGarrett lays it out proposing a scenario: Sand N' Surf forms three years before, he walks in using a fake name (Danno's) and buy stock with cash and have the dividends sent to a post office box. In the scenario, Danno is now an owner and doesn't know it. However, Danno says it works except for the endorsements on the cancelled checks. The operator pulls up the checks endorsed by Duke: they're perfect matches to his police ID! McGarrett says "forgery" and Danno acknowledges if they are, they're "perfect". The team hits a dead with McGarrett wondering why the money surfaced now. Looking for anything else, Chin tells McGarrett the two missing years for Drummond was found: "a hitch in the Peace Corps".

Manicote and Lahani walk in telling the team they're going to court tomorrow against Duke and no one is happy about it. On his way out, Lahani speaks Hawaiian to Ben with Danno asking what it was all about. Ben chuckles, "good night and good health, brother". Danno got part of it asking Ben about Chris Lahani: they grew up together, same age, same school, same neighborhood. Ben says they're both sons of fishermen working from Olomehani docks and Chris never forgot it. McGarrett nods, commenting Lahani graduated the top of his class from Harvard Law School. He then delves into Lahani's school records on the computer looking at the grades at first. Then they backtrack to the high school records: offers for scholarships declined but no Harvard! McGarrett wants to know who paid Lahani's tuition and sets Danno to put in an inquiry through the Cambridge Police.

The telex comes back with some surprising information: Bryce-Halsey paid for Lahani's tuition! McGarrett informs Manicote in his office as Danno reads the telex. The same outfit holding controlling interest in Sand N' Surf and Manicote doesn't see anything illegal in it, except McGarrett believes they have a foot into the DA's office. That is, until Danno reads the telex from Switzerland: Interpol can't get anything because a law firm in Zurich stands on its right to privilege. McGarrett puts forth a theory: a meeting of the top international criminals plotting their decades long strategy. First, find the people in high school with "brilliant minds and empty pockets". Then make the offer no one can refuse while taking care of the family, easing the financial strain even giving the kid some extra money on top of the full ride. The last step, sit back and watch the investment pay for itself eventually owning the kid because he knows what he owes the group. Manicote is floored because he hired him and McGarrett doesn't blame Manicote, Lahani was too tempting to pass up by design. If this was ever uncovered, the trap would be sprung on Duke and that's exactly what happened. Manicote says this is just theory but McGarrett plans to prove it with a way guaranteed to smoke out Lahani but it has to be by McGarrett's rules with no waves from Manicote. Manicote agrees.

Act Four

Lahani shows up to the computer briefing room where he was supposed to meet Drummond. The operator tells him there is an emergency meeting in Manicote's office and they left word Lahani should go there right away. In Manicote's office, Lahani walks in as McGarrett talks about a witness Angela Caroll who was Runny's girlfriend, saying she's been talking to them because she's mad Runny got hit. Lahani is taken aback thinking she skipped to California and recalling Ben saying something to that effect but Ben gives him a subtle stink eye. McGarrett goes on saying Angela is in protective custody and while they haven't pieced everything together an outfit in Switzerland keeps getting mentioned. Manicote says they're behind the frame against Duke to protect someone else in government. When Lahani says she's in a lot of danger, McGarrett counters they've never lost anyone at the Maunakea Hale. McGarrett tells Manicote someone should talk to Judge Kalehi about a postponement due to new evidence. Manicote puts Chris onto the task.

Chris leaves for the Maunakea Hale to go see Angela. He shows up to the room telling the HPD guard he's with the DA's office but the guard says no one sees her but Manicote. However, she comes to the door to see what's going on and reenters the room but not until after Lahani has a good look at her.

Lahani goes to the computer briefing room wanting photographs on Runny Grose and Angela Caroll. There is one from a nightclub showing the woman he saw in the hotel room. Lahani knows there is something terribly wrong but he doesn't show it to the computer operator. Once Lahani leaves, the operator calls McGarrett informing him that Lahani "bought the picture".

Lahani goes to payphone to call Manoa for a meet, same time and place as October 12th. Manoa leaves to meet him as Simpson suspects a trap but Manoa isn't worried even after she mentions Interpol has been asking about Bryce-Halsey. As Manoa leaves, she makes her next move by sending a cablegram to Bryce-Halsey saying the "Hawaiian stocks are in a state of decline" and she's taking action.

Lahani and Manoa met at a lookout point with McGarrett and Danno watching it all go down. Meanwhile, Chin and Ben have the road blocked with the help of a pair of HPD units. Manoa shows up with Moe and another thug to meet Lahani who is visibly nervous because of Angela. Lahani tells Manoa Angela is talking her head off and needs to be hit but Manoa says she's already been hit in LA. When Lahani tells him he's sure the woman he saw was Angela, he realizes the computer information was planted. Manoa gets ready to leave with McGarrett and Danno moving in but then a helicopter arrives showering the lookout with bullets killing all four men there. McGarrett opens the Park Lane's trunk removing a rifle but the massacre already occurs as he and Danno shoot the helicopter with rifles eventually causing it to explode. McGarrett calls for ambulances but it's too late.

In McGarrett's office, Danno laments about Lahani and Manoa and Bryce-Halsey still going on with no one winning. McGarrett counters, there is one winner: Duke Lukela who arrives in the office and is tossed his badge! Go Duke!

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