Ray Buktenica     Clifford Sprague

Edward Binns     Mills

Glenn Cannon     Manicote

Harry Endo     Che Fong

Herman Wedemeyer     Duke

Don "Lance" Over     Judge Phillips

Arthur Malet     Artie Boland

Dale Morse     Helen Sprague

Robert Sandla     Lew Foss

William Bigelow     George Watkins

Paul Camen     Curt Lucas

Terry Plunkett     Grady Jenkins

Galen Kam     Mr. Chung

Lydia Bruce     Sybil Fletcher

Elizabeth Smith     Mrs. Dowd

Alfred Avallone     Purcell

Susan Berger     Lila

Douglas Kennedy     Turner Carr

Peggy Anne Siegmund     Gloria Stevens

Kimberly Boardman     Beth

Associate Producer

James Heinz

Music Composed

and Conducted by

Don B. Ray

Theme by

Morton Stevens

Director of Photography

Robert L. Morrison

Art Director

Jack Collis

Film Editor

Jack Gleason, A.C.E.

Unit Production Manager

Bernard Oseransky

Assistant Director     Christopher Seiter

Assistant to the Production Manager     Richard Dixon

Production Mixer     Coye Vanover

Costumes     Richard Egan

Makeup Artist     Keester Sweeney


Automobiles Furnished by

Ford Marketing Corp.

Set Director     Buck Henshaw

Location Casting     Bob Busch

Music Supervisor     Don B. Ray

Title Visualization     Reza S. Badiyi




Prod. No. 1729-0415

Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii

A Leonard Freeman Production In Association With

The CBS Television Network