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A nightclub is packed with young people drinking and dancing. A young bald man (Lee Paul) downs a shot of hard liquor and part of his beer at the bar. His buddy (Murray MacLeod) returns to sit next to him at the bar. They take immediate notice of a Hawaiian/Japanese woman (Miko Mayama) who walks in to wait by the phone. The bald guy approaches her being a bit fresh reaching for her shirt! The telephone rings and she tells "Sweetie" she'll see him in 15 minutes. After hanging up, she turns to find the bald man cornering her and after he makes a snide remark, she hits him upside the head with her purse! He grabs her by the neck and forces her against the wall, his buddy comes over to break it up and they begin to fight. The owner (Robert Luck) walks over and about to intervene when the buddy is shoved to the floor. The woman runs out to the parking lot only to be followed by the bald guy. He pins her against her car and starts tearing her clothes off. She manages to escape and start running on the beach only to have him catch up and beat her into unconsciousness. His buddy watches from the bar. During the fight, she scrapes his chest.

Act One

The woman is taken to the hospital as McGarrett leaves Iolani Palace. Danno meets McGarrett at the elevator telling him her name: Nora Kayama and her date found her. Danno also points out this is the fourth case in six weeks, "an elevated rate" and McGarrett explains the governor wants them to look into it. Is there a serial rapist on the loose? Dr. Yamato (Winston Char) meets them at the hospital room door: she was "beaten severely," the head and shoulders mostly but fortunately there were no fractures. McGarrett asks frankly about her being raped and Dr. Yamato confirms this as Nora lies in bed staring at the ceiling. McGarrett walks over to talk to her but she moves her head to the side away from him. Speaking quietly, McGarrett asks if she knows who raped her but she doesn't know his name. However, she knows he was bald, his head shaven. McGarrett moves on to the next question, "did you resist him?" Nora steels herself, revealing her hands showing bloody nails and bruises all over her fingers as she almost ask angrily, "did I fight?"

In the laboratory, McGarrett peers through a microscope as Che Fong (Harry Endo) explains it's a piece of the left forefinger nail missing from the victim. It was found along the path of the argument along with two sets of footprints including one set sized "13 D". Che believes the shoes were loafers and the left shoe has a hole in the sole. Che also identified three chest hairs found under Nora's fingernails along with some tissue: the attacker's blood type is "A". The blood was also found on the surrounding brush and a piece of a permanent press sports shirt. McGarrett leaves to return to Five-O.

McGarrett walks into Danno's cubicle with Chin following to be brought up on the latest. Danno says the owner wasn't helpful but another bartender was confirming there was a "skinhead" in there that night and he tried to pick up a girl. When Danno showed him Nora's picture the bartender said it could have been her but it was fairly dark. Danno tried the mug books with Nora but came empty. McGarrett slams a fist on Danno's In/Out trays ranting about the attacker going "animal" and suggests they look for their "skinhead" in the military.

At the Army post, Kenner, the bald guy, is paged to the parade ground. When he arrives, he notices Five-O has gathered all the bald guys on the post. Kenner gives his reporting statement to an Army officer (Joe Moore) who tells him to "fall in". Another officer sets up the platoon "for inspection". The officer orders the men to unbutton the top three buttons of their shirts so Danno and Kono can look for the tell tale scrapes. Kenner is reluctant because they're looking for him. He claims to have fallen over a hedge and another soldier backs him. McGarrett isn't satisfied in the office as Kenner repeatedly asks to be released. McGarrett wants more details and pores over Kenner's service record. Kono arrives at the office with a shirt and shoes found in his locker: they match hat they're looking for.

Kenner is put in a lineup where the bartender picks him out. The problem with the line up the owner couldn't pick Kenner out so it's one for, one against. Nora is brought in and she recognizes him right away, screaming and shaking. McGarrett orders Danno to "book him" with two out of three.

Act Two

McGarrett goes to see Assistant District Attorney John Manicote (Glen Cannon) about the case. Manicote is concerned about the bartender's statement because the boss completely contradicts it saying he didn't anyone or anything. Manicote ants the other customer because he has to prove Kenner intents were to rape her after she rejected him. McGarrett agrees leaving to find the other customer.

McGarrett see the owner/boss of the place first. He still denies seeing anything and even tells McGarrett he fired the bartender because he was drunk on the job. McGarrett leans on the guy hard threatening his liquor license because he knows the man is lying. The owner breaks telling McGarrett it went down the way his bartender described. He doesn't remember what the other customer looked like but he had a shirt on with the name "Chris" embroidered above the left pocket, "the way guys have it in gas stations". McGarrett isn't happy with the guys and says as much leaving the bar.

McGarrett orders Chin to "crank up the computer" to find gas attendant Chris (Dean Altier). After the computer run, Chin briefs McGarrett on the possibilities with six being on Oahu. McGarrett is only interested in the ones near the bar. They have one: "Chris Chase at Harry's Fill 'Er Up". They go see him to find out about the other night. Chris is lost wondering what he's done to garner Five-O's attention. McGarrett realizes Chris may not be who they are looking for since he is "seventeen and a half". Chris denies being in the bar but stops mid-sentence asking for the timeframe again. He remembers Luke Leonard, the buddy with the skinhead earlier, borrowed one of his shirts since Luke's shift ended at 10:30 p.m. and he wanted to go out but needed a clean shirt. He doesn't know where Luke lives but he comes into work at 5:00 p.m. McGarrett plans to be back but tells Chris he's never seen the Five-O men and Chris agrees.

In Judge B.K. Kalehei's (Yankee Chang) chambers, Kenner has asked for court-appointed counsel. Judge Kalehei appoints Mr. Arthur Tosaki (Kwan Hi Lim) seeking objections from Kenner and Manicote but they don't object. Judge Kalehei agrees to a defense motion of a trial without a jury and will notify both counsels on a court date. Kono lightly knocks on the door reporting to McGarrett that Luke has been found and is waiting in the corridor with Danno. As McGarrett and Kono walk in the direction to lead them to Luke, Kenner steps out of chambers with Tosaki bragging he doesn't have to force himself onto any woman, he actually has to fight them off. McGarrett is unimpressed pointing out the scrapes on his chest. Kenner then makes a crack about her not being white, which sends Kono over the edge and flying toward Kenner. Kono pins him against the wall before McGarrett can pull him off and remind him of his responsibilities. Before leaving, McGarrett makes a crack of his own about Kenner being "a real doll".

McGarrett and Kono make their way down the stairs into the main foyer to meet Danno and Luke. Kenner and Tosaki are making their way out of the courthouse when they see Five-O talking to Luke. Kenner recognizes him immediately from that night. Kenner doesn't know his name but wants to and where he lives too.

Luke brings a hibachi grill downstairs into a car port/storage area at his apartment building. Kenner pays him a visit trying to intimidate him into doing a favor. Kenner wants Luke to say something specific in his testimony because if he doesn't, Kenner will kill him.

Act Three

In court, Nora testifies to what happened how Kenner beat her and kept calling her names while doing so. She tells Manicote she fought back until she was unconscious. Tosaki tries to shred her testimony by switching up the timeline. Tosaki asks her about her prior sexual relationships in an attempt to establish she was asking for it. Manicote loses it but all he can do is object because they are in court. Manicote moves on to Luke who isn't as forthcoming as before saying the pair said hi but that was it. Kono walks in to talk to McGarrett in quiet tones as Luke talks about when Nora walked into the bar. Kono whispers to the bailiff who tells Manicote what's going on. He's allowed to stop proceedings long enough to find out Five-O received a tip from Luke's apartment manager about Kenner visiting Luke. Manicote asks about the visit and Luke becomes visibly nervous. Luke then blurts out the whole story about how he went out of the bar only to see Kenner near her and she was in the grass unconscious. Kenner knows he's done for as Tosaki says he did it to himself. McGarrett has a steely eye glare for Kenner from the back.

Act Four

In his office, McGarrett looks at the next day's paper with the headline about Kenner being found guilty but out on bail pending his appeal. McGarrett is bothered by the entire situation, especially Luke Leonard. McGarrett knows how this should play out: if Luke double-crossed Kenner, Luke should be running because he's "a marked man" but he isn't. At the same time, Kenner isn't going after him: he's actually out and about when anyone else would be hiding. It doesn't add up. McGarrett looks at Kenner's service record again and finds 18 months is missing between enlistments. McGarrett wants to know about those 18 months. Chin asks the tough question: how does one track a soldier while not in the Army? McGarrett answers by following the money trail. The team searches high and low for money being sent out by Kenner. Kono reports back: Kenner picks up his own pay and the barracks news says he is tight fisted with his money. Chin is unable to find any account with his name on it from the several banks he checked. The phone rings with Danno having a possible break: Kenner has a personal checking account at the Bank of Oahu, Pearl City branch. He sends $50 a month to "Thomas Camden-Smith" in Toronto.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with the tiny bit of evidence cracking the case. McGarrett hangs up the phone briefing the team about Dr. Camden-Smith the head of the Urological Department at Toronto Memorial Hospital. Turns out, Kenner wrecked his car while driving drunk in Rochester, New York breaking his pelvis and rupturing his posterior urethra. Kenner then spent three months in a Rochester hospital and while the bones knitted properly, he suffered irreversible nerve damage and is impotent! It is physically impossible or him to have raped Nora and now McGarrett knows. He leads Danno out.

McGarrett and Danno go to see Chris again who has a total of four shirts with his name on them. When they go to see if there's two available shirts for Chris, they only find one. They track down Luke, or at least where he burned stuff last. Danno digs through some ashes to find three metal buttons. McGarrett orders Danno to pick him up.

In McGarrett's office, Luke is squirming even more. He yells everything from frame to calling Five-O "stupid cops". McGarrett calls out to Jenny to see if Kono has returned yet. Kono walks in telling him they found the button under an inch of dirt after the searching the place again. When confronted with the fourth button, Luke makes a run for it only to be picked up by Kono. Luke collapses into a sobbing mess when he says; "I'm sick" after McGarrett accuses him of raping Nora. Outside the office, Chris waits. McGarrett thanks him for the help and the loose button! Chris tells McGarrett his mom will sew it back on.

Later in McGarrett's office, he talks to Kenner telling him the verdict for rape will be set aside and a lesser charge, aggravated assault will be pressed against him. Tosaki sits in the background as the conversation takes place. McGarrett asks Kenner if he knew Luke raped her and Kenner says only after reading the newspaper. Kenner didn't want the other soldiers to find out "I wasn't a man anymore". McGarrett is dumbfounded saying Kenner has no idea what being a man is really about. Kenner begins to walk out: alone.

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