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McGarrett is working late in his office finally packing it in just before midnight. An HPD unit responds to a car wreck where the vehicle is completely flipped over. An HPD officer (Herman Wedemeyer) pronounces Benny Jalor dead at the scene at 3:01 a.m. The officer and his partner (Bernie Ching) assess the rest of the car wreck discovering McGarrett in the passenger seat! The Fire Department arrives on scene with one of their rescue trucks. A Physician's ambulance arrives shortly after with Danno right behind.

Danno asks where McGarrett is before he rushes to the passenger window trying to get him to respond. Trying the door, the first HPD officer tells him they've been there, done that but all the doors are jammed. The tow truck operator (Terry Plunkett) chimes in that they're ready to flip the car over. Some pesky reporters flash a camera taking photos of the scene but get a face full of Danno instead and are pushed back by him and HPD. McGarrett finally responds but is in a fog and asks, "what the hell happened?" Danno does his best to keep calm especially after McGarrett tells him he can't feel anything. Danno also informs him they have to roll the car over in order to get him out. McGarrett asks what the time is because his last memory is being in the office at midnight.

Act One

All anyone can do is stand back and watch as the tow truck guys hook up the car to turn it over. Danno tells the first HPD officer to contact Doc (Al Eben) at Leahi Hospital and tell him McGarrett can't feel anything and to have whatever specialist he needs to stand by. The tow truck guys and HFD are finally ready to flip the car and do so with the landing not the least bit gentle. HFD begins cutting into the roof right away as Danno tells McGarrett to hold on for "a few minutes". Danno wants to pace as the sawing seems to go on for an eternity. Once the sawing is done, the tow truck guys peel the roof off and Danno moves in closer to McGarrett. Several firefighters, two ambulance attendants and Danno manage to pull McGarrett out and carry him to the ambulance. As he's being lifted, McGarrett clutches a briefcase, which Danno secures. Chin arrives on scene and takes custody of the case. Danno tells Chin to close off the whole area briefing the lab is there and Che (Harry Endo) is on his way. Danno jumps in, riding in the ambulance with McGarrett to the hospital complete with motorcycle escort.

McGarrett is wheeled into an Emergency exam room with Doc and another doctor (Jack McCoy) in attendance. Danno nervously waits in the corner asking what kind of shape he's in. Doc assures him they will tell Danno as soon as they know. During the examination, his blood pressure registers as 90 over 30! He should be dead! Doc completes a preliminary examination but more tests are needed because it appears to be an injury to the spinal cord. George, the other doctor wants "x-rays, spinal tap, dye injection, myelogram" and those will take about two hours. They wheel McGarrett out to begin the tests. McGarrett tells Danno he was at the office at midnight, he left to go home but he's blank after that. Danno leaves to figure it out.

At the car wreck, Che climbs all over the car finding bills on the passenger floorboard with blood on them. At the hospital, McGarrett begins his battery of tests. Che verifies the bills are real as they continue working the scene. The x-rays show no damage and now the next step is a spinal tap for McGarrett. At daylight, Danno arrives back at the car crash with Chin asking about McGarrett and Che briefing thousands of dollars has been found. However, the car doesn't appear to have been tampered with and there were no skid marks! Chin brings back the briefcase from his car and the three break it open to find it filled with even more money. Danno digs out a black book with a pencil and Che picks it up with a large set of tweezers. Opening the book, several codes are written in what appears to be McGarrett's handwriting! Danno snaps at Che when the implication is made but Danno comes back to his senses right way.

At the hospital, McGarrett undergoes the spinal tap and the dye injection. Meantime, the car is secured so it can be taken to the police garage where the lab can go over it again. Chin heads to Five-O as the dye moves through McGarrett's spinal cord and myelogram looks "normal". In a hospital room, Danno briefs McGarrett on what they have so far. Danno tries to get McGarrett to remember when he left his office with mixed results. Danno tells him to take "step by step" and McGarrett recalls getting into his car, putting the key into the ignition and hearing a hiss. McGarrett wants a straight answer if he's all right and all Danno can tell him is that they don't know yet. Danno calls Central Dispatch to put an APB on the Park Lane because they've been unable to find it. The total amount of money found was $20,000 and McGarrett knows he was set up. The two doctors walk in with good news, no break in McGarrett's spinal cord. So what's with the paralysis? When McGarrett tries to make a fist this time it works, much to everyone's relief!

Act Two

In the laboratory, the black book is gone over with a magnifying glass. A Navy man (Bob Witthans) confirms it's an old Navy code used for "top-security details" and hasn't been used in 10-12 years. In order to decode it, clearance and a code book is needed and all that can happen in about ten minutes.

At the hospital, Danno and McGarrett receive word the Park Lane has been found parked and locked in Benny Jalor's driveway. McGarrett says it's too neat a frame and the keys are probably in his pocket. After a bit, McGarrett stands and walks on his own to the closet, pulling out the car keys. He tosses them to Danno.

Back at the lab, the book is nearly decoded when McGarrett shuffles in followed by Kono, Chin and Danno. Che introduces Lieutenant Commander Smallitt who's been decoding the book. McGarrett and Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt go back at least 15 years. He identifies the code at "Three Two Six Jay" a.k.a. "Jaybird" retired "before Panmunjeom". Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt says it's being used by somebody and most likely, McGarrett himself. Che lays it out: McGarrett was found with a briefcase in his hand with fingerprints belonging to him and Benny Jalor, the briefcase isn't traceable, about $20,000 in the briefcase and the notebook with the code. The handwriting is his made with his desk pen the governor gave him. Che goes one step further showing the group samples of the handwriting from the notebook and a note McGarrett wrote Che concerning a case. McGarrett has never seen the page from the notebook before and turns to his handwriting expert, Danno who answers he would have to testify the entries were mad by McGarrett. Che has more bad news: the Park Lane had no evidence of tampering, no way for a gas to enter the cabin. Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt adds the entries are deposits into a Swiss bank account: "Five Five Zero Zed Six Nine Five" totaling $2,200,000 and going back three years. McGarrett has had enough, he orders Chin to put a call to Interpol and contacting Karl Albrecht (Wright Esser). He also wants the ink tested to see if they match up with the dates. While Che can't, Professor Parks at the university can. McGarrett wants all the reports but corrects himself, send the reports to Danno since he's not a suspect!

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with initial findings from the notebook: everything matches, the entries were made the dates they were supposed to be. In other words, someone has been working on framing McGarrett for a long time! McGarrett automatically disregards anyone local as this scheme is beyond them.

A mini submarine makes its way to Honolulu docking on a flat structure. Meanwhile, a call comes in from Albrecht as McGarrett and the Five-O team listens. McGarrett plays the tape of the phone conversation where Albrecht tells McGarrett his signature is on a bankcard and a photo was taken of him on August 18, 1968. He was in Switzerland on that date attending the International Drug Control Conference. Albrecht isn't much help either, saying they went to dinner that night. The team kicks around ideas of who could set up the frame because it has taken a lot of time and money: "$2 million ain't a little bit". McGarrett can think of only one man with the resources (time and money), "first-rate counterfeiter, patience, access to the nerve gas" along with how to handle it: Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh)! The mini submarine surfaces with the dock under it and Wo Fat opens the hatch.

Act Three

Wo Fat arrives saluted by his right-hand man (Bob Nelson) and another aide. Wo Fat asks if McGarrett survived the accident and the right-hand says yes. Pleased, Wo Fat answers, "it went well". Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno visit the governor to brief him on what's going on. McGarrett points out Wo Fat picked now to spring the trap, so what's happening in Washington? The governor calls Jonathan Kaye (Tim O'Connor) even though it's 2:00 a.m. on the East Coast. McGarrett also tells the governor they may have an ace if he as supposed to survive the car crash. Danno tells the governor based on past experiences with Wo Fat, he'll expect them to drop everything to clear McGarrett, which means a distraction but they don't know why. The governor wants to know the next move.

The next morning, Danno confirms with McGarrett that the governor's statement has been sent out. The press is eating it up "like hungry dogs after red meat," which is exactly what they want. A press corps swoops in on the governor who reiterates his statement of suspending McGarrett, relieving him of all Five-O duties pending a full investigation. The governor adds a bit for the press but most importantly tells them McGarrett has a one-way ticket to LA and then over the pole flight to Europe. Wo Fat and his aide watch it all go down on television.

The press corps swarms McGarrett as he walks toward his airplane on the tarmac. He gives more fuel to the fire before bidding Danno and Kono goodbye. Wo Fat's right-hand man watches from a phone booth on an upper level where Wo Fat tells him to follow him on this flight and call from Los Angeles, which he does. Charlie calls to Wo Fat telling him McGarrett is walking to the International Terminal for his flight to London. Wo Fat wants Charlie on the next flight to Honolulu as soon as McGarrett's flight takes off.

McGarrett arrives in Geneva, Switzerland going to 'Francaise Banque De Suisse'. Without saying a word, he enters the bank and promptly sees the manager (Hans Strasser). The manager warns the money will no longer be under the bank's protection once he takes possession. McGarrett shows his ID and signs a form after the manager double-checks the ID the bank has on file. Opening the case, McGarrett verifies all the money is there. Satisfied, he walks out with the briefcase. Stepping out of the office, it turns out, this McGarrett is an imposter and the real McGarrett is standing across the hall! McGarrett approaches unbuttoning his coats as he walks so he can pull his gun on the imposter!

Act Four

The manager steps out causing confusion. The imposter hits McGarrett with the case knocking him back against the wall. McGarrett yells not to shoot but it's too late as a security guard already fired. The imposter collapses answering McGarrett when he asks his name, "Rip Van Winkle". He goes on saying, "war" and "ninety seconds" and repeats "ninety seconds" more than once. McGarrett calls over Albrecht, trying to figure out who shot the imposter. As well, they have to stall for time due to the urgency of the scheme. Albrecht tells McGarrett the people in the bank can be quarantined for 48 hours due to a medical reason. McGarrett takes possession of the briefcase as ambulance attendants put the imposter on a stretcher. The imposter says, "Wo Fat" gaining McGarrett's attention. He also wants Claudine (Dana Wynter) told what happened. McGarrett finds a hotel key and passes it to Albrecht who will notify her. McGarrett rides in the ambulance.

At the hospital, Albrecht shows up with Claudine. McGarrett answers the door as Claudine ecstatically calls him, "Luther!". As soon as she hugs him, she knows he's not Luther. McGarrett tells her matter-of-factly Luther's been shot and his condition is critical. Claudine explains Luther was a double agent: for the British and the Chinese. At a meeting in Peking, Wo Fat and Luther entered into an arrangement that required several surgeries to make Luther look exactly like McGarrett. Luther also practiced McGarrett's handwriting finally perfecting it after a year. During the elaborate ruse, a trained assassin was with Luther all the time because once the money was deposited, Luther was as good as dead. However, Luther killed the assassin and escaped to Claudine knowing one day the trap would be sprung. When it happened, Luther would grab the money and run. All Claudine knows about the scheme is that Wo Fat needed 90 seconds of time and a major barricade, McGarrett, had to be removed. Claudine knew none of it would end well as Luther would have moved on after the scheme was over. Luther calls for her, asking if she could tell them apart and tells her he loves her before dying. Claudine considers it a lie, even at the bitter end and leaves the hospital. Albrecht enters the room after she leaves asking McGarrett if it's finished. McGarrett answers, "just beginning".



Shows scenes from Part One. No new scenes or information.

Act One

Four motorcycles escort the governor's car to a military compound in Diamond Head Crater. Along with the governor is Jonathan Kaye, Pentagon chief of Special Operations. Sergeant Heath informs Jonathan Diamond Head is now sealed as he instructed. McGarrett meets them there flying in on a helicopter. Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt meets them all taking the briefcase McGarrett brought back from Switzerland. They enter the underground base riding in golf carts.

Inside, Jonathan briefs the 11 men who have gathered starting with McGarrett and his double. He tells them due to the scope of the undertaking, only a government could have been responsible. Jonathan also briefs that based on the deathbed confession of the double, Wo Fat is responsible and the 90 seconds are worth $4 million. Jonathan asks if anyone has any idea where Wo Fat is at present. Walter Carter (Tom Norton) from the CIA put Wo Fat in Manila and he left via submarine last Thursday. Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt adds there were reports of submarine presence but Navy Intelligence wasn't able to confirm any of them. The FBI representative (Morgan Sha'an) chimes in they were able to track the final two seconds of a high-speed radio transmission yesterday and it was Chinese. General Cardell (Les Keiter) from the Army backs up the FBI input and they were able to decode the message: "Stand by, repeat, Stand by, Rip Van Winkle". McGarrett throws in that Luther said "Rip Van Winkle" on his deathbed. Jonathan tries to get a handle on all the information: rumors are also flying about a drug shipment from China using Hong Kong as a conduit. However, the ship being used for that changed course to Australia. General Cardell mentions a three and a half second outage of their missile tracking system, five seconds until complete recovery due to a malfunctioning generator. This gets everyone's attention. McGarrett asks the scary what if and General Cardell answers it would have been "the end of the world" without them knowing until it was too late. He goes on saying the new Chief of Operations is Hans Vogler (Donald Pleasance) who transferred from White Sands on five weeks earlier. Jonathan wants to see Vogler's dossier and hands the investigative portion to McGarrett who takes the floor. He asks Albrecht how long Interpol can keep Luther's death a secret Albrecht answers at the most 48 hours. McGarrett wants all agencies to look under every rock possible for even the smallest detail. His strategy is to let Wo Fat believe his scheme is working perfectly with the idea the 90 seconds is connected to the tracking system some how. Jonathan adds he wants preliminary reports in two hours with details in six. Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt will contact each with the communications method as soon as they are established.

McGarrett, Jonathan, Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt and Walter Carter go over Vogler's dossier. Something is bothering McGarrett but he doesn't know what. He runs it down: Vogler was German born, naturalized U.S. citizen and one of the first German scientists to be cleared for secret work after World War II. He married but his wife died in childbirth but the daughter, Lisa, survived. She's the reason he transferred to Hawaii: "acute asthmatic condition" with a problem, no follow-up at Tripler Army Hospital! Carter vouches for Vogler at every turn but McGarrett has a problem with the blank in the file. Their only lead at this point is the tracking system, which Vogler runs and his daughter appears to be his Achilles heel. Jonathan also wants to see her medical records from White Sands as soon as possible.

Jonathan takes a call and verifies Washington has cleared a visitor: Soviet agent Colonel Toptegan (Roger C. Carmel)! Jonathan and McGarrett go see him in the holding room.

Act Two

McGarrett, Jonathan, Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt and Carter meet Toptegan in the holding room. After Toptegan asks for a glass of tea, Jonathan has had enough of his stalling asking about Rip Van Winkle right away. McGarrett is able to refocus Toptegan who tells them the Soviet tracking system picked up 39 launches from the "Manchurian" base in China seemingly in every direction. While several stations picked up the "firings" they were all false. The Soviets believe it was some sort of "electronic projection," a fake television signal. Toptegan wants full and frank information concerning this matter and Jonathan agrees on an unofficial basis. Toptegan shares they have intercepted messages signed 'Rip Van Winkle' and Jonathan tells him Wo Fat is behind it all but Toptegan doesn't believe it: Wo Fat is in Manila.

Wo Fat talks to someone on the phone and he's not pleasant about it. He tells the other end they have had 48 hours to prepare and he needs to know the time, exactly, when it will happen. "Tomorrow at noon". Wo Fat bangs the handset down. Meanwhile, back in the holding room Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt whispers something into Jonathan's ear. They send Toptegan and Carter to dinner in another room. Jonathan, McGarrett and Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt leave for the conference room to speak to their specialist.

Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt introduces Dr. Kingsby (Dick Faun) an allergist who can answer questions about Lisa Vogler. He tells them she developed the allergies at age three to a variety of weed pollen in New Jersey. When he transferred to White Sands, the condition disappeared until 13 weeks ago. Lisa is now ten years old had three separate attacks and the last one nearly killed her. Then the transfer to Hawaii and the condition ceased. But something is bothering him: the pollen doesn't exist at White Sands and it was six weeks too early for wind drift to be a factor.

Vogler is brought to Diamond Head where Jonathan, McGarrett and Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt meet him. McGarrett assures him it's about security when Vogler demands to know why he was brought from his home. McGarrett asks him directly about the five-second outage and Vogler claims it was a power overload but not sabotage. Jonathan and McGarrett both tell Vogler his daughter's asthma attacks were induced because the air conditioning filters were saturated with weed pollen. Vogler is shocked saying, "I could never do a thing like that to my own daughter". McGarrett never said Vogler did it. Vogler is overcome by guilt, collapsing in grief.

Act Three

Vogler is stabilized as McGarrett, Jonathan, Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt and Carter watch. A doctor administers a drug to help Vogler talk because they have verbal authority from his attorney. The guilt Vogler carries must be let out otherwise he'll go insane. McGarrett begins talking to him recording the conversation. McGarrett begins with Vogler's life in Germany where he was captured by the Russians during World War II and eventually used to be a "deep plant agent". Jonathan has seen lots of times before. McGarrett continues his conversation with Vogler: while Russia planted him, they didn't need him after all. Then Wo Fat entered the picture threatening Vogler with a suicide note in his handwriting after he 'murdered' Lisa. Bottom line is Wo Fat threatened to kill Lisa if Vogler didn't cooperate. To make sure, Wo Fat kidnapped her and is holding her. Vogler tells them this last bit daydreaming about her running outside in the sun. McGarrett wants to track her down but Jonathan reminds him of the bigger picture. Vogler nears panic because the 90 seconds is to happen today, Tuesday the 12th at noon!

Jonathan puts a secure call into Cape Kennedy where he orders a rocket launch. His plan is cunning: the latest intelligence shows the Chinese have nuclear capability, what they lack is a delivery system. Jonathan wants to observe the Chinese missile launch without them knowing they're being watched, which mean Wo Fat must be allowed to operate unimpeded. In other words, McGarrett can't touch him. As Vogler is helped to his feet by the doctor; McGarrett, Jonathan, and Carter discuss what they need from Vogler: a delay of two hours. McGarrett is certain he can get it because he's fooled the American security system for the last 25 years and Lisa's life depends on it.

Wo Fat is not happy! Vogler gives him a bogus story about an engineer's wife being hospitalized and operations cannot happen without him. Wo Fat doesn't buy the story because he tried to contact Vogler without success several times. Vogler tells him he was out of contact at the hospital trying to find a way to "be done with you" at noon but failed. Wo Fat checks the story talking to the nurse as Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt eavesdrops, with her knowing, in satisfaction. Wo Fat turns empathetic and assures Vogler that Lisa will be returned home unharmed once he gives them the 90 seconds. Vogler leaves as Wo Fat orders Chow Lee to inform Peking of the change in schedule.

Act Four

Jonathan, McGarrett and Toptegan are in the tracking portion of the underground military installation with Cape Kennedy on the intercom. Wo Fat observes the rotating radar from his base of operations with the clock showing 12:55 p.m. Cape Kennedy readies for their satellite launch as Chow Lee reports the Manchurian launch site is ready at 2:00 p.m. Hawaii time signed by General Hong Soo. Cape Kennedy launches their rocket.

Vogler returns to his office to find Carter on his phone in contact with Jonathan at Diamond Head. Carter asks someone to take over: Danno! Vogler isn't pleased asking who he is, which Danno introduces himself and tells Vogler he has his "instructions". Danno talks to McGarrett who tells Danno not to let Vogler leave the room until he gives the okay.

Jonathan continues to pester Harley at Cape Kennedy, there are issues with the communications. McGarrett asks a scary 'what if' and Jonathan tells him his man keeps Vogler from shutting down the system because they need to know what the Chinese are doing. Meanwhile, Wo Fat's aide reports Manchuria is ready to launch in 30 minutes. Things are going well for Wo Fat including Vogler becoming "jumpy" about the routine. Danno advises to allow Vogler conduct his routine but McGarrett double-checks with Jonathan: they get the go-ahead but McGarrett makes it clear Vogler is not allowed near the computers unless they get clearance at 1:59:30. McGarrett tells Danno to stop him no matter what, unless they are cleared, including deadly force.

Danno and Vogler go to the control room as Wo Fat paces. Vogler explains the sabotage process of overloading the circuit breakers, resetting the system and to restart the sweeps: 90 seconds in all. He also explains the system will zero out both cards and they will be shredded with other classified material. Vogler starts his process but Danno stops him telling him he'll have plenty of time. It comes down to the last minute and Cape Kennedy is still trying to figure out if they can see the launch via satellite. The control room tensions rise as Vogler readies to push the cards in but it's 20 seconds too soon and Danno puts his gun to Vogler's head: it just got real! Cape Kennedy reports they'll get about two-thirds of what they need and Jonathan gives the go-ahead. Vogler pushes the cards in as the Chinese launch. Wo Fat starts his stopwatch counting down to 90 seconds. Meanwhile, the satellite captures the launch and Vogler nearly collapses against the computer bank. The radar restarts its rotation. Both sides claim victory as Jonathan points out the U.S. now knows about the Chinese delivery system a full five years before they're supposed to. Jonathan has bad news for McGarrett: Wo Fat must be allowed to escape to report back they succeeded. Wo Fat boards his submarine to do just that.

On the lanai of McGarrett's office, McGarrett and Danno discuss Vogler, the return of his daughter, clearing McGarrett and the money. Vogler will be transferred to yet another assignment and the governor plans a press conference the next day giving details of the frame. The money: McGarrett jokes he should be the richest cop in the world. Alas no, instead Wo Fat has donated to the Policeman's Widows and Orphans Fund.

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