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McGarrett and Danno respond to a beach behind HFD. An HPD officer (Harold Kim Han) points over his shoulder to a body tied to a tide line before handing McGarrett the man's wallet. According to the driver's license, he's Francis J. McCoy from Miami, Florida. There is also over $3000 in cash in the wallet. The rescue guys bring him in so they can look at the guy's face. McGarrett and Danno discuss the ramifications: McCoy is one of "Big Uncle's top men" and his job is to scout out new territory but there is no turf left in Hawaii, it's already divided among the crime groups. McCoy's death is a sign/warning to stay out. Brought to the beach, McGarrett verifies it is "French" McCoy with stab wounds in his chest. When Danno says it's too bad he can't tell them who stabbed him, they find one of his pinkies cut off.

Act One

In a back room of a bowling alley, an illegal gambling den conducts its business with one man (Manu Tupou) roaming the room watching it all. A red light flashes and a buzzer sounds moving everyone into quick action to hide the gambling. They uncover the pool tables to make it look like that's what they've been doing all afternoon. Danno kicks in the door with two HPD officers walking in the pump action shotguns as he and Chin walk in after them. Danno gets down to business, "McGarrett wants to talk to you Tasi". Tasi is the man who was roaming earlier. Danno orders Chin to frisk him but Tasi refuses to be "felt by a fat-handed Oriental". Danno and Chin have enough of his attitude and Chin puts him against the wall to complete the frisk, which Chin finds nothing. They're about to leave with Tasi asking if it's illegal to play pool. Danno answers him that's not the problem but stabbing French McCoy is. Looking over the pool table, Danno tells them the cue is sunk, oops. Another man makes a phone call and signals everyone to leave.

The phone rings at a house with Lai Po (Michael Leong) answering. The call is for his uncle (David Opatoshu) and he passes it to him. Li Wing takes the phone, grateful for the other end of letting him know what's happened "so promptly". Li Wing then calls J. Afuso (Seth Sakai) to let him know what's happened. Afuso then calls another man (Marc Marno) telling him what happened.

In McGarrett's office, he gives Tasi a picture of McCoy's hand without the pinkie. Tasi tries to outrank McGarrett but he's not playing mentioning that cutting off the pinkie is an "old Samoan custom". Tasi says he doesn't practice the "old superstitions" and claims he didn't kill McCoy. Tasi and McGarrett tangle when Tasi wants to call his lawyers and McGarrett hands him the phone. While he has lawyers, Big Uncle has soldiers and he'll send them to Hawaii to create a bloodbath but McGarrett will not do Tasi any favors of arresting him and keeping him safe in jail. As Tasi is about to leave, he slurs his rivals and McGarrett gives him an "English lesson" of Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Tasi tells McGarrett to shove his English lesson by giving him a raspberry. Tasi leaves and the team discuss "the declaration of war" but McGarrett is determined to not have Oahu turn into a "battlefield". The lab is still trying to mail down time of death and McGarrett wants the alibis checked for Afuso, Li Wing, Kim Lo Lang, who Afuso called, and Tasi. McGarrett also sends Danno to Miami while he and Kono leave to visit "the powdery Chinaman," a.k.a. Li Wing.

When McGarrett and Kono arrive at the estate, Kono warns the guard dog needs to be put away otherwise he'll give it rabies. Inside, Li Wing introduces his nephew to McGarrett and Kono. Li Wing claims to have not known McCoy was in town, let alone murdered and he certainly didn't see him. When McGarrett asks more questions, Lai Po becomes obnoxious. McGarrett moves on after Li Wing intercedes to deescalate the situation. He tells them McCoy's pinkie was cut off, which Li Wing calls "obscene". When Li Wing tries a smoke screen, McGarrett cuts through: all the dope, prostitution, extortion, gambling and human smuggling is control by the four families: his, Afuso, Kim Lo Lang and Tasi. The territory is split between the four and they've maintained a truce thus far but now Big Uncle wants to muscle into their good deal. Li Wing, however, denies any involvement in illegal activities. McGarrett knows one of them was responsible for McCoy's murder; it's only a question of whom. What's worse, Big Uncle won't allow it to go unanswered and the "four bush leaguers" don't stand a chance. On that note, McGarrett and Kono leave. When the door is closed, Lai Po asks about his outburst and his uncle is very pleased with the timing. Li Wing worries about Tasi because he's the one who insisted McCoy be killed when the four met the day before. Li Wing says they must meet again, the sooner the better. He orders Lai Po to set up the meeting due to "a matter of grave mutual concern".

Act Two

Kim Lo Lang arrives by boat at Li Wing's estate with Afuso showing up slightly after. Lai Po calls the pair into the library where Li Wing and Tasi are already set to meet. Li Wing starts but beats around the bush. Afuso cuts to the chase, he doesn't have time to waste and they begin discussing McCoy. They're interested in why Tasi was hauled in by McGarrett to which Tasi says it had to have been his turn. Tasi isn't too thrilled by Li Wing's implication of Tasi killing McCoy wondering if a deal hadn't been struck to pin the murder on him. Li Wing reiterates it was Tasi who told them they had to kill McCoy but they all agreed to just talk to him and not touch him. Tasi vows to find the one who killed McCoy and then kill the murderer because he "insulted" Samoan customs. Ticked off, Tasi leaves. Afuso points the finger a Tasi; sure he committed the murder and says they'll be fighting with Big Uncle's soldiers within 24 hours. Li Wing tells him and Kim Lo Lang this is exactly what they are all faced with unless they can convince Big Uncle they were not a part of the murder. One option is to allow Big Uncle to take out Tasi but then he would be able to take over Tasi's operation, "so convenient a foothold". Li Wing proposes another option: take care of Tasi themselves. Li Wing expects a "token protest" from Tasi's family who has no love lost for him and it would signal to Big Uncle they would not need his assistance. Kim Lo Lang volunteers but Li Wing has Afuso in mind to take out Tasi.

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with the rundown on McCoy arriving in Honolulu: yesterday afternoon, a three-day reservation at the Surf's Inn that was wired from Miami the day before. Both McGarrett and Chin note the short timeframe: "a fishing trip" not a vacation. The phone rings with Danno calling from Miami on a really bad connection. He reports a hit man is on the way to Honolulu and he's found "next to nothing," which McGarrett says is about twice as much as they have. McGarrett tells him to stay put and keep digging. McGarrett then tells Chin Jake Hirsh (Nick Nickolas), "Big Uncle's top gun", is on his way. McGarrett also wants Tasi locked up during the time it takes them to turn Jake around so perhaps they can prevent "a gang war". They leave.

Tasi receives a call from Afuso to meet at Afuso's warehouse. Afuso tells him he knows who's trying to frame him for McCoy's murder. It's only in his best interest because Afuso could be framed for something else down the road. Afuso sets up the meet for 6:00 p.m. Meanwhile, Kim Lo Lang sits across the table from Tasi. He went there to warn Tasi about what was coming. Tasi wants to know why him and Kim Lo Lang answers it's time for the younger guys to take over.

Afuso readies things at his warehouse sending his two guys home and checking his gun. Meantime, McGarrett answers his phone as a tipster sends him to Pier 25 and "J. Afuso & Sons". McGarrett heads out as Afuso puts a silencer on the gun. Afuso makes it appear he's in the office but he actually goes out to the warehouse to hide among the merchandise. Tasi is ready, stabbing Afuso in the back. Afuso falls down dead as Tasi says he was "early".

Act Three

McGarrett rushes to Pier 25 with HPD units backing him up. Tasi walks out of the warehouse getting into his Lincoln Continental driving away only to run into McGarrett. The cars chase with Tasi finally being cornered and arrested. When McGarrett frisks Tasi, he finds a knife and an amputated finger. Tasi tells them it belonged to "a big Japanese warrior" who's dead inside the warehouse. Tasi claims self-defense because Afuso was gunning for him. McGarrett leaves for the airport leaving Kono to take in Tasi.

At the airport, McGarrett and Chin pull Jake Hirsh into a security office. McGarrett tells him straight: he's getting on the next plane out unless he wants to see Honolulu from a jail cell. The charge is illegal possession of firearms. Hirsh challenges them at every turn but McGarrett is unfazed as a pistol is found among the clothes in the suitcase. McGarrett tells Chin to take him to the ticket counter, get him a seat, stay with him and watch the plane takes off to ensure Hirsh goes back to Miami.

Back in his office, McGarrett gives Danno the green light to come home. McGarrett calls the airport to talk to Chin who tells him Hirsh had a reservation on the 5:15 flight even though there was a 4:00 flight. McGarrett is really confused; Hirsh came in at 3:30 p.m. but had a seat on the 5:15. McGarrett is done with the games: he tells Kono to bring in Li Wing and Kim Lo Lang so he can tell them something one already knows.

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, Li Wing and Kim Lo Lang are told the facts: one has gotten greedy wanting the entire racket rather than his 25 percent. They both deny knowing what he's talking about even after he told them not to bother denying it. McGarrett drops a bombshell thanks to a phone call from Miami (Danno): one took a contract from Big Uncle to hit his own man. McGarrett lays it out: one of the hit McCoy making it look like Tasi did it and then set up Tasi to take out Afuso as well as ensuring McGarrett was there to arrest Tasi. McGarrett tells them both to keep looking over their shoulders because the next move is against the one who didn't pull all this off. Lai Po jumps in again demanding McGarrett either charge his uncle or release him. McGarrett gets into Lai Po's face telling all he has to do is stand back and wait for one to kill the other. McGarrett tells them goodbye and for one that's permanent. The three leave then McGarrett muses about Five-O's years long struggle to finally get at the families and maybe this is the chance to clear them out once and for all. Chin asks what their next move is; McGarrett says, "we wait".

At the War Memorial, Kim Lo Lang meets Li Wing who wanted to have a "quiet talk". Li Wing says he's not the one looking for additional territory; he actually wants to sell his holdings for a "suitable" price. He wants to move to Taiwan to visit his grandchildren. His price is $1 million, which Kim Lo Lang calls "crazy". When Li Wing drops the price to $500,000 Kim Lo Lang tells him he's "senile". Li Wing continues to drop the price but Kim Lo Lang doesn't budge. Kim Lo Lang says he wouldn't pay "half a cent" for Li Wing's property. Li Wing isn't surprised and leaves.

That night, Lai Po deactivates the security system at his uncle's estate and relieves his cousin on the dock. Lai Po then tells Li Wing all is secure and goes to bed. Kim Lo Lang arrives via boat, meeting Lai Po on the dock where Lai Po tells Kim Lo Lang exactly how to get in and how to find his uncle's bedroom. Kim Lo Lang never guessed it was Lai Po the entire time. Kim Lo Lang goes in telling Li Wing everything even tossing McCoy's pinkie at him. Kim Lo Lang's plan is that McGarrett will find Li Wing in the morning with a bullet in the brain and one of Big Uncle's hitters took him out. The ultimate prize for the contract: "hands off the islands". Kim Lo Lang points out there was six hours where Li Wing could have made a move and he doesn't know what it was until McGarrett emerges from around the corner shooting him. Li Wing tells Kim Lo Lang as he dies he had no other choice. McGarrett walks back in with his part of the deal: a one-way ticket to Taiwan, coach. The four families trapped at last.

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