S04E10 - “Rest In Peace, Somebody” - Plot

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McGarrett arrives at Iolani Palace from King Street. He walks into Five-O picking up mail left at the door before entering his office. One envelope gains his attention right away and he leaves the rest for Jenny (Peggy Ryan). The envelope contains a key and the phone rings as McGarrett is at his desk. The caller is a man (Norm Alden) asking if McGarrett got the key he sent. McGarrett starts the tape recorder as the man tells him the key fits the lock of the man he's going to kill. He also tells McGarrett to call Eddie (Eddie Sherman) at the Advertiser and have him read Mona's letter. McGarrett calls Eddie and asks about the letter. Eddie digs it up noting it's typed and starts reading it as McGarrett tapes their conversation: the gist is to have McGarrett open his middle drawer on his desk and further instructions will be in the next letter. 'Mona' also insults McGarrett calling him "dummy". Eddie agrees not to print the letter as they hang up. McGarrett opens the drawer to find a photograph album. He carefully lifts it with a handkerchief then pencils his way through the pages: 'Glad you didn't spoil the fingerprints on the cover'. Page 2 reads, 'Photos will begin arriving soon. Have fun, Hotshot'. Page 3 shows '51 hours' so now there's a time limit!

Danno walks in with a photograph found on his dashboard. On the back: 'Rest in Peace'. The car was parked in a carport, locked like always. McGarrett shows him the key and plays him the phone call. They look at one another knowing they have a serious problem on their hands.

Act One

Danno listens to the tape again unable to place the voice and wondering if it's a "crank call" but McGarrett dismisses the idea because the office was broken into and the photo album left. He wants Danno to follow up on the key since it has a serial number on it. Kono walks visibly shaken carrying a note left in his refrigerator! McGarrett reads it, "false lead, don't try the key in Kono's door, brilliant leader. It doesn't fit. Signed, Mona. P.S. There's a fat clue in here, Steve". Chin interrupts wondering what the joke is. The photo is his garage! McGarrett tells Kono to call Chin's wife to not go near the garage as McGarrett and Chin leave to check it out. Danno starts on the key.

McGarrett and Chin arrive carefully opening the garage only it's nothing, empty except for typical garage stuff. Chin inspects the inside and nothing seems out of the ordinary. McGarrett wants the lab crew to go over it anyway. While Chin tells his wife it's okay and send her to her sister's, McGarrett looks around finding writing on the ceiling, 'False clue stupid'. Chin returns all ticked off because Mona sent a letter to his wife scaring the crap out of her. Chin hands the letter to McGarrett wanting to "get a hold of that maniac". McGarrett offers some time off but Chin refuses. They take off.

Kono tracks down the photo album to Mr. Kamani (Thomas Leslie, Jr.) who sold six to a woman who was going to "paint hula girls" on them and sell them to tourists. He describes her as "local, about 250 pounds, 50 years old, short hair like a guy's".

In McGarrett's office, the team brings their information together: they have two suspects concerning the album in Kamani and "an old Hawaiian lady". McGarrett asks about the paper and typewriter: the paper is common stock sold just about everywhere including grocery stores. According to Danno, the typewriter is old and needs a good cleaning: they can match the machine to the "s" because it's bent and chipped. The phone rings and it's McGarrett's private line; he orders Kono to start a trace. Sure enough, it's Mona harassing McGarrett again wondering if he's figured out the target yet. He mentions Danno as a possible target telling them they should check the trunk of his car. As they rush out, Kono reports they traced it to a phone booth and McGarrett wants a lab crew out to dust for prints. While there will be lots, McGarrett is optimistic, "all we need is one".

A tour bus stops in front of the Palace as the guide (Yankee Chang) tells the tourists about it and McGarrett and Danno check out the car. They look for obvious wires but don't see any. McGarrett makes the bus move before they do anything else. Danno puts the key in and slowly unlocks the trunk only to find four dead fish and a sign: 'you stink worse dummy'. Danno retrieves a note from between two of the fish: "McGarrett, it's not Danny. Who's left? Get clever stupid. You're the great cop. Solve this. You have the key. Signed, Mona. P.S. It could be you Steve-O of Five-O".

Act Two

Back in Five-O, Kono reports HPD arrived to an empty phone booth but they've sealed it off and the lab crew is taking fingerprints from it. Jenny gives Danno information on the key and where the blanks are sold: Joe's Key Shop. Danno leaves taking Chin's car as Jenny passes a message to McGarrett to call back Eddie at the Advertiser. McGarrett wants to know what's on the schedule for the rest of the day. Jenny runs down two events: a luncheon discussing the King Kamehameha Day parade route. Also at 2:00 p.m. he is supposed to meet with the State Senate Appropriations Committee with the subject being Five-O's budget for next year. McGarrett comes up with a plan: he sends Chin to the luncheon with Kono giving him the advice to take a sandwich because he starved last year. He sends Kono to the lab to see if they have any useful prints from the phone booth and tells Jenny to contact Dr. Kamekona (Danny Kamekona) because he needs to talk to him about the case. In midst of all that, McGarrett calls Eddie who tells him another note fro Mona has arrived: "that dummy has a key to the door of a man I'm going to kill and can't find the door. Call McGarrett and ask him if you don't believe me, and tell the dummy to trust Mona. Mona never cons. Signed, Mona".

Danno finds Joe's Key Shop and the man (Clarence Aina) who owns the shop is blind. One would think he wouldn't be able to help, however, Joe is full of surprises! Danno hands him the key that figures into the case and Joe recognizes his punch mark. He recalls making two keys from the original about 10 days before. Joe says he doesn't have a name and the man was a first-time customer but he's not been back since. Danno asks if there were any witnesses who describe but they're not needed! Joe describes the man as having strong hands but not like a laborer and at the same time, not someone who works in an office. Joe goes on saying he was taller than Danno showing where his voice came from and Joe guesses he's right-handed because he gave the key and money to him with his right hand. Danno is extremely grateful taking Joe's business card.

McGarrett walks out of his office stopped by Jenny who tells him the committee finished early and they want to see him now. McGarrett walks over to the Legislative Building and Room 113 only to find it empty! The telephone rings and it's Mona harassing McGarrett even more pointing out he can make him do anything on a whim: Mona tells him to jump and McGarrett has to ask how high! Mona calls him "a puppet on a string" and "a lousy cop".

Back at Five-O, McGarrett calls Danno into his office telling him the latest goings on with Mona and how he knew McGarrett was meeting the Appropriations Committee. Danno has cleared up one thing: Joe's last name is "Mona". Later, Dr. Kamekona talks to the team telling them they aren't dealing with just anyone and the man intends to try to kill someone. The team is going to have no choice but to take him because there's no way to "frighten him off". Dr. Kamekona points out that while McGarrett isn't the victim, every chance the guy gets, he's putting McGarrett down with the various name-calling. The doctor believes McGarrett and the victim are tied together in some way. As well, Mona never outrights names the victim but if he does, count on that person being the victim because Mona is all about "outfoxing" Five-O. McGarrett wants to know where that leaves them: with a key to door they can't find and 39 hours to stop a murder.

That night, Mona breaks into McGarrett's office placing a letter on the desk and punching holes in a red paint can leaving behind a mess including soaking the letter in paint! The next morning, McGarrett finds the trail and the letter, which basically says 'here stupid, follow the trail to the person I'm gonna kill'. He takes the key and follows the paint. It leads out of the Palace all the way to the Legislative Building straight to a pair of double doors. McGarrett tries the key and it works! It's the Office of the Governor!

Act Three

The next morning, the governor is driven to work met by a pair of HPD motorcycles for escort. Walking into his office, the governor is immediately briefed by McGarrett who brings him up to speed on what has transpired so far. The governor takes the news fairly well wanting the "normal precautions" but the timeframe expires at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, Kamehameha Day. Everything the governor will be doing has already been released because it's the governor's most public day of the year: routes taken, events he's attending, people he'll be greeting. The governor won't budge and McGarrett nearly freaks out explaining Mona has access to just about everything: both their offices, the homes of the Five-O team members and he's proven it several times. McGarrett would rather the governor go to the Big Island and allow the Lieutenant Governor act in his stead. The governor won't hear of it, besides, what happens the next time? It's part of the territory of being in public office. The governor has a great point: government can't work under the conditions of fleeing leaders every time there is a threat. There are two options: the governor places himself in McGarrett's hands or McGarrett resigns. The governor refuses option two so that means option one. McGarrett lays down the ground rules: HPD will post two men at his door at the office and residence, a Five-O man will be with him 24 hours a day and it would be helpful to conduct as much business as possible over the phone. The governor agrees.

At Five-O, McGarrett calls the team into his office frantically briefing them Mona's target is the governor. Chin has a tip from the street about a hit man from Tokyo to even a score and while HPD is checking on it, Kono points out a pro hit man isn't about to tell them the target. Chin mentions what Dr. Kamekona said about McGarrett and the target being tied together. Danno chimes in saying every time someone writes a threatening letter; they manage to jump onto a soapbox as to why the person should be killed. But with Mona there hasn't been a 'why' or they're not seeing it. Kono tells them they've been over the letters a hundred times but McGarrett wants to hear what Danno has to say about it. Danno goes on pointing out the one consistency: McGarrett. Every phone call has been to him just like each letter or note has unless it went through someone else "who would have to lay it on you". Danno puts himself in Mona's position and wanting to put McGarrett through the wringer: killing McGarrett outright would be "too fast" but killing the governor destroys a lot of stuff such as McGarrett's and Five-O's reputations. Chin adds the governor is a perfect target because the governor hired him and his death would "wash you out". McGarrett sends Kono a list of people who have threatened the governor and have HPD pick up anyone who looks likely. Chin mentions people who threatened McGarrett and he sets Chin on that list. He then sends Danno to the governor's office to stay with him and open any packages that arrive after being x-rayed.

The phone rings and it is Mona again except this time he's ticked off with the story being held back in the press. McGarrett keeps Mona talking as Mona runs him down again. McGarrett tells Mona he's not as smart as he thinks and what is he really hung up on. Mona is out to stop McGarrett "playing judge," being a "tin idol" and ultimately judging better men than him. For hours, McGarrett listens to the "tin idol" segment over and over finally writing the words down. He flashes to an HPD hearing where the accused cop yelled, "tin idol!"

McGarrett, Danno and Chin track down the address breaking in. They look around the little apartment with Danno finding the typewriter and verifying it is the one that wrote Mona's letters. McGarrett wants a stake out and Chin closes the door showing a poster of the governor: 'Bingo it's the gov'.

Act Four

McGarrett identifies Mona as Bill Cameron during a briefing of HPD officers and Five-O in his office. He wants every inch of the Palace gone over and once it's cleared, Danno will pick up the governor at the residence. McGarrett also wants six men around the governor when he arrives. There is a bulletproof screen on the lanai already set up. McGarrett orders "tight walkie-talkie communications" with reports every 15 minutes. The last order is that no one enters or leaves unless cleared.

Everyone searches and keeps searching as the governor's car pulls up with a four-motorcycle escort. Danno gets out of the limousine signaling to the HPD cadre who surrounds the door the governor gets out of. He's brought in.

In McGarrett's office, the governor finishes his morning work as McGarrett briefs on the security measures in place. The governor doesn't know who Cameron is but McGarrett does. He was an HPD patrolman brought before a review board for roughing up a juvenile who owned the car Cameron pulled over. Five-O investigated and found he had roughed up seven other people. McGarrett sat on the review board and recommended dismissal, which Cameron was. There weren't any other clues as Cameron was fifth in his class from the police academy and "first in marksmanship". McGarrett is straight: if Cameron gets a shot, he will hit the governor and McGarrett insists on a bulletproof vest.

Festivities begin on King Kamehameha Day, June 11th. Inside the Palace, Danno emerges from the Five-O office checking everything out before the governor is brought out. McGarrett and Kono escort him to the lanai placing him behind the bulletproof glass. McGarrett and Kono patrol the lanai to keep an eye out for Cameron. Inside, Chin stays on top of the walkie-talkies checking in with the various officers inside and outside the Palace. The parade continues without a hitch and after his review, the governor is escorted back inside. Cameron makes his move taking out the officer at "Eagle Two". Meanwhile, McGarrett makes preparations to move the governor to his car out the front door. All posts check clear and a six-man cordon will be accomplished with two from the stair landing. McGarrett and Kono escort the governor out as Chin keeps checking the posts including Cameron calling in for Eagle Two! The group moves down the stairs with Danno bringing up the rear stopping at the landing keeping his eyes open for anything amiss. Cameron waits for the perfect moment then opens fire hitting Kono and the governor! HPD fires back with Danno taking deadly aim at Cameron firing no less than seven times! McGarrett and Danno stand over Cameron, as he knows he hit the governor but McGarrett gives him the bad news: he wore a vest! Cameron believes McGarrett is lying and asks why did he do everything if the governor isn't dead. Why indeed.

Checking on the governor, McGarrett discovers he's fine but Kono's been hit. On a stretcher, Kono will be okay and he's carried out as McGarrett gets back to the job at hand: protecting the great State of Hawaii!

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