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A man (Michael Burns) buys a rifle, a scope and ammunition and when he completes the paperwork he signs is 'George C. Patton'. Later, the man hikes to an abandoned bunker near Diamond Head overlooking the highway. He packs along a lunch, a thermos and a radio. He unpacks hi ammo, stacking it neatly along the bunker wall and loads the rifle. Shooting left-handed, he snipes a pair of tires on a woman's car. She pulls off into a overlook flagging down a police car. As they walk to her car, the first officer (Beau Van Den Ecker) is shot dead while the second officer (Arte McCollough) is shot in the shoulder. The man keeps firing, flattening a tire and exploding the blue strobe roof light.

Act One

Multiple HPD units respond to the shooting as the wounded officer waits for help behind the crippled car. HPD officers use their cars as cover as McGarrett and Danno arrive on scene. The sniper peeks over the wall to admire his handiwork. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) briefs McGarrett it's a sniper but they haven't been able to move against him yet. McGarrett orders Danno to get a helicopter and tells Duke to work on retrieving their downed officers. Two HPD officers put on riot gear in order to retrieve the downed officers. Others lay down copious amounts of cover fire forcing the sniper back behind the concrete wall. As the pair of HPD officers load up and start moving, the sniper shoots out another tire but has lots of cover fire forcing him back to the ground. They drive the car to the back of the ambulance where they load the wounded officer, Tommy. He tells McGarrett they never saw the guy. After Danno looks over Ryder, he briefs McGarrett he was dead before he hit the ground. The ambulance takes off.

McGarrett asks for a bullhorn in order to try to talk the guy down. The sniper's answer is a gunshot. McGarrett figures the rifle range is 500 yards and he doesn't want anyone close enough to take a hit. He orders Duke to contact the Army and get a hold of any blueprints, specifications, anything that will help them to know the lay of the land. The helicopter flies inbound landing at the lookout. McGarrett tells Danno to look but stay out of range before Danno runs and climbs aboard. Meantime, the sniper lines out his spent shells.

During the flight, Danno finds an abandoned car parked below the chaos. They move in to spot the license number of 1B-1113, Hawaii registry. After Danno passes on the information, McGarrett wants him to search above and behind the bunker to see if there is a way they can approach without being spotted. As well, they need to know of any campers or hikers in the area lest they inadvertently walk into the line of fire. McGarrett calls into Dispatch where an operator (Winona Collins) takes the information on the car.

The helicopter moves into position to see inside the bunker and Danno thinks he can see the sniper who takes aim at the helicopter! They move to look around the mountain some more while McGarrett is patched to Chin in the office. He wants Chin to follow-up on the car while he tells Kono he needs a Command Post with "good communications" and wants it yesterday. He also wants a topographical map of the area and the status of Tommy. Chin is on top of the tasks beginning with calling "Identification Section". The HPD computer munches on the data as the helicopter flies back in over stopped highway traffic.

One man, Paul, (Nephi Hanneman) drives up to the scene wanting to volunteer. He was at the hospital when Tommy and Ryder arrived and though he's on vacation, he wants to help. McGarrett understands but realizes Paul presents an unstable element to an already volatile situation. McGarrett isnÕt about to rush the hill unless they have n other option. Chin radios in with information on the car: registered to William T. Shiner but there is no one by that name. Chin is en route to the guy's residence, at least what's on the car registration. Chin also briefs Kono should be arriving any time because of the traffic jam. The latest he has on Tommy: he's in a coma.

The helicopter lands at the lookout and Danno gives McGarrett the bad news: there is no way to approach the bunker without the sniper knowing. Once it becomes dark, it will be impossible to close a net tight enough to trap him, which means they have until sundown: approximately three hours. McGarrett shares a story of a Medal of Honor winner talking on television awhile back, he was able to hold a hill for 15-16 hours with "41 dead and 60-some odd wounded" but he "was a lousy shot". The point is the sniper they're dealing with is an expert marksman, someone who can inflict a lot more damage.

While HPD units continue to respond, Paul sneaks around taking an AR-15 from the front seat of a patrol car. The communications van and mobile Command Post have arrived with McGarrett directing them where to park. He also tells Danno the reporters can wait.

Chin arrives at Shiner's address stopping at the manager's office. The manager (Arthur Hee) tells Chin Shiner lives in apartment 1C but he doesn't know if he's home. Chin produces the search warrant telling the manager to open the door. They walk into the apartment where there are several marksman awards with the name 'William Shem' and a picture of a woman (Jeanne Cooper). The manager says Shiner has lived there five or six months keeping to himself and paying his rent on time. The manager wonders what Chin is looking for until a drawer is opened with a slew of firearms sitting in it.

Act Two

Shiner becomes frustrated when he can't tune into a crappy rock station but he eventually finds it. In the communications van, Danno briefs McGarrett on what Chin found: the marksmanship trophies and the firearms, all loaded! Danno also tells him about he photograph: taken in Philadelphia about 1945. Central Dispatch radios: Shiner is William T. Shem Jr. with one prior arrest of sniping. He was taken to Hawaii State Hospital for psychiatric treatment and released four months later. He's been on the street for six months. McGarrett sends Danno to the hospital to find the doctor who treated Shem and bring him to the scene. Kono takes over the van and briefs McGarrett they have been able to track down Shem's wife living in Pearl City. McGarrett wants her out there too, hoping at some point someone can talk him down.

McGarrett and Duke talk over the strategy and there is no way to tighten the ring without endangering other officers. The Army specifications aren't much help either with five feet of reinforced concrete on all sides of the bunker. The helicopter comes in for a landing with Dr. Fernando (William Croarkin) meeting McGarrett and brought up to speed by Danno. Dr. Fernando briefs them this is Shem's third sniping incident with the first being in Vietnam. The second was at the university but no one was hurt in either incident. Dr. Fernando tells them the chances are not good Shem can be talked down.

McGarrett realizes his hands are full with this one asking Duke where the best marksmen are. Duke points out on the map but they're interrupted by a gunshot. Shem has taken aim at Paul who has managed to get part way up the hill! The problem is Paul's rifle is jammed! The group runs from across the street yelling to Paul to stay put. McGarrett barks he wants Paul off the scene. Paul makes his way down the hill when Shem gets a dark look in his eyes. Shem takes aim and shoots Paul in the back making him fall off the mountain.

Act Three

An ambulance arrives after they're able to move Paul across the street. Dr. Fernando applies pressure as Paul nearly screams in pain. The attendants take him away as McGarrett yells at Dr. Fernando for allowing Shem to go free. McGarrett is every which way ticked off but Dr. Fernando can only do so much. There are not enough beds or staff to determine who is worse, who needs the most help. All the doctors and staff can is work with what they have and to help as many as they possibly can to cope in society. Dr. Fernando goes on to say Shem is dealing with guilt over an incestuous drive toward a mother or sister and the guilt has now "boiled over." Shem wants out and is committing suicide the hard way because he doesn't care about the consequences of his acts. Dr. Fernando says they may get lucky is talking Shem down but he's doubtful. McGarrett wants to try.

As Shem lines up his spent shells and they fall over a few times, Dr. Fernando takes over the bullhorn. However, as Dr. Fernando speaks, Shem becomes more agitated to the point he starts firing at the doctor! Shem hits the hood of an HPD squad car several times as Chin arrives with Shem's wife (Annette O'Toole). While she would like to help, she says he doesn't want to talk to her and would probably become angry if he knew she was there. However, she does enlighten them with more information: they've been married 13 months, meeting at her job as a waitress. She says he was nice and says "thank you". She goes on to tell them about their honeymoon on Maui. She went to the hotel room and Shem went to buy cigarettes and make a call but never returned to the room. McGarrett wants to know who he called and Mrs. Shem answers: his mother. She doesn't know anymore than that. McGarrett offers to have someone take her home but she wants to stay.

McGarrett walks to the communications van to begin a search on Maui for Shem's mother. He wants her there too as she may be their only hope of talking him down. McGarrett sets Danno on the task of unpacking the bulletproof gear and tear gas. McGarrett knows their last resort is to shoot him out.

More units respond to the situation as Shem now makes designs in the dirt with his shells. As the gear is unpacked, McGarrett takes to the air in an attempt to find a better route up. Meanwhile, Kono reports Maui PD was able to find the mother but she refuses to come to Oahu. McGarrett is done playing around: he tells Kono to call the Attorney General and have her subpoenaed with verbal permission because of the time crunch. McGarrett will take full responsibility. Asking about the officers, Kono reports Tommy will be okay but Paul died on the way to the hospital.

Act Four

As McGarrett briefs the men, the helicopter lands with Shem's mother on board. She isn't happy about it one bit and tells him so. To say she is uncooperative is an understatement. She denies her son is a sniper, has been in a hospital or is the "maniac" in the bunker. McGarrett has no patience for the woman who calls her daughter-in-law a "tramp". He shows her the photo found in Shem's apartment and tells her she is her son's last hope of getting out alive. She still refuses to believe her son is capable of this.

Shem walks around the bunker as McGarrett puts a plan into action. Danno is going to work his way up a rise to get a clear shot of Shem. McGarrett tells him he'll have one shot, after that Shem will have in his sights and he won't miss. Danno makes his move followed y Kono and group of HPD officers. The next part of the plan is for the helicopter to drop tear gas and smoke on the bunker. McGarrett gives the go ahead and they fly into position. Once the first drop is made, everyone starts moving including McGarrett and a small army of HPD officers with rifles taking cover behind the cars at the bottom. Shem fires once only to be dropped down and back with cover fire. The helicopter makes a third pass of tear gas and smoke.

Danno moves fast up to the rise as the sniper stays down. He radios back to McGarrett saying he's in position. McGarrett starts talking to him through the bullhorn as Danno readies his shot. Shem slowly stands up and Danno fires but misses! Shem fires back but doesn't causing Danno to fall several feet. He radios down that he missed. McGarrett takes the other HPD officers up the hill with him as more cover fire is laid down and another round of tear gas and smoke is dropped. Meanwhile, Danno loads another round but more slowly this time as he has a shoulder wound. Danno crawls up for another shot and when Shem stands up, Danno doesn't miss.

McGarrett struggles to reach Danno but makes it to him assessing his injury. He then makes his way to the bunker finding a dead Shem and the empty casings in the shape of a heart with 'Mom' in the middle.

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