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A 'Miss Kingston' (Joanne Linville) arrives at a watch repair/jewelry shop in New York City to pick up a commissioned piece: a copy of an emerald "The Queen of Polynesia". All the owner (Hans Collin) had to work with was a magazine photo but she's satisfied with the result. Miss Kingston under the pretense of wanting a box, shoots the owner, killing him and takes off.

Act One

Danno travels to New York City on McGarrett's orders to see if there's any connection to Hawaii in Dietrich's, the owner of the store, death. Lieutenant Carlo (Hal Lewis) isn't much help because they have no leads and no idea what the Hawaii connection would be. Danno takes the two paste copies found from New York and returns to Honolulu.

McGarrett exams the copies under a magnifying glass, "even with the flaws, they're good". McGarrett is certain there's a perfect copy of The Queen running around and at the same time, someone didn't want it to be readily known. McGarrett then meets with the governor and other dignitaries who are part of the festivities on King Kamehameha Day including Jim Bradley (Howard Gottschalk), a representative of the Vandervoort family who currently own The Queen and plan to present it to the people of Hawaii. McGarrett wants the presentation postponed, showing the governor one of the copies brought back from New York. The group looks the copy over and McGarrett produces the second copy. Considering the planning, "people are coming from all over the world to see that stone" and the logistics behind it all, postponement is not an option.

'Miss Kingston' arrives at a beach house where her cohort (Christopher Cary) is staying. He has "found the perfect mark" who is a grandfather (George Gaynes) in financial trouble. He doesn't hide it well because his granddaughter Amanda (Druanne Setlow) is aware of the situation, especially since he wants to send her to an all-girls school in Maryland: not a cheap feat. He goes to a pawnshop downtown to sell a bracelet. Michael and Miss Kingston watch him in his unsuccessful attempt. The pawnshop owner (George Herman) surmises the bracelet is stolen and starts calling the police. Realizing what's happening, the man swipes the bracelet off the counter and practically runs out. Michael and Miss Kingston sit outside the shop ready to corner him.

Act Two

McGarrett and Danno go see the pawnshop owner who called in the suspicious occurrence. The pawnshop owner gives descriptions of both the man and the bracelet. While it's not on the HPD list, the pawnshop owner was sure the bracelet was stolen.

Miss Kingston approaches 'Mr. Elliott' at a bar after the bracelet fiasco. Kingston introduces herself as 'Camilla Carver' and mentions the party last week Elliott attended, pocketing the bracelet. Camilla introduces Elliott to Michael who watched Elliott pocket the bracelet a week before. They threaten to turn him into the police unless he agrees to take Camilla to the "governor's pageant". They give him no choice.

Danno explains to Harris, the governor's aide, the necessary steps for security at the event. Danno receives a bunch of shouting in return. McGarrett is frustrated because the location picked is not the easiest to secure. The procedures are going to require a lot of manpower, as all the doors will have guards on them and "a walkie-talkie hookup". HPD will help with 122 men.

The next morning, Michael treats rose thorns at the beach house. Camilla practices her sleight of hand moves while he focuses on the roses.

Crowds of people enter the Makaha Inn and work their ways toward the pool area where the ceremonies will take place. McGarrett and Five-O are on their toes, especially when the governor arrives via helicopter. Their next task concerns the armored truck as it is transporting The Queen. McGarrett briefs the girl (Kanoe Cazimero) who will be wearing The Queen, "just follow instructions, do exactly what you did in rehearsal, and we'll take care of the rest". She agrees.

In the kitchen, Michael puts together a centerpiece with his treated roses. He places it on a table Camilla and Elliott sit at.

Act Three

The governor speaks, opening the ceremonies. In the background, Five-O keeps their eyes open. The armored truck arrives and McGarrett meets the guards with the box holding The Queen. The governor tells the story of Ryker Vandervoort and The Queen of Polynesia. As the governor wraps up his speech, a reenactment of Vandervoort's wedding begins as a ceremony to donate The Queen to the people of Hawaii. Elliott remains under threat of Camilla and Michael as she prepares to make her move. Camilla gives a poisoned rose to the 'princess' who faints. Camilla makes the swap before McGarrett can reach the girl to make sure she's okay. Camilla hands The Queen off to Michael.

Act Four

McGarrett puts everything back on track and realizes a switch has been made. He orders Kono to seal off the area. McGarrett meets with Danno who has a tidbit: "I just got a call from Lieutenant Carlo in New York. He came across an interesting piece of news. Jeweler Dietrich was doing some work for a woman named Janet Kingston ... She did time in Illinois and Kansas for jewel theft" and left New York three days before to come to Hawaii under the name 'Camilla Carver'. McGarrett wants the guest list checked.

Michael attempts to leave but is blocked by HPD at every exit. When a tiki doll is broken in the kitchen, he gets an idea on how to sneak the jewel past security. Meantime, McGarrett questions Elliott while a policewoman searches Camilla. Nothing is found and Camilla protests loudly until McGarrett brings up Kansas and Illinois. McGarrett knows Elliott isn't the only 'partner' as "he's falling apart". McGarrett puts Chin and Kono to keep an eye on the pair while he send Danno to call HPD to find out who else she could be working with.

Camilla and Elliott return to their table where Michael brings them a tiki doll. He instructs them to give it to Amanda and she's to take it to the policeman out front. Michael high tails it toward the lockers to change. When Amanda arrives, Camilla tells her to take the doll to Michael out front. Elliott tries to protest but Camilla threatens with a gun this time. Amanda complies.

McGarrett checks in with Danno and there is one waiter unaccounted for. McGarrett wants a room-by-room search. The governor shows up, McGarrett apprises him of the situation and asks that he "keep the party going as long as you can". McGarrett walks the area, making to the front of the building where Michael throws Amanda to the ground after she resists turning over the doll to him. Making sure Amanda is all right, McGarrett chases Michael via helicopter. Michael is forced to a beach where the car gets stuck in the sand. Taken into custody, Michael is flown back and arrested along with Camilla. McGarrett talks to Elliott who gives him the diamond bracelet. For her help, Amanda is taken for a small jaunt in the helicopter.

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