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A dead woman is found in her home, at first unidentified but a crowd gathers outside. Arriving on scene, Danno works his way in and gives HPD a name: Majorie Morgan. Turns out, not only did she grow up and go to school with Danno, but so did her husband who works for HPD: Lew Morgan (Tom Skerritt). Just as cause of death is said, which is strangulation, Lew barges through his own front door. Danno tries to hold him back to no avail.

Act One

Around back, Che Fong (Harry Endo) is already hard at work finding "a good, solid print on the soil here". McGarrett wants as much as the scene will give up. McGarrett tracks down Danno asking how Lew is holding up, "bad". Danno gives some insight, "[Majorie's] been in love with Lew since 10th grade". Chin arrives on scene, confirming Lew "worked the midnight-to-8 shift last night". Danno can't help being shocked with McGarrett reminding, "there's been a murder, remember? Everyone, including cops, get checked out". Chin also reports time of death between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. McGarrett encourages Danno best he can but under the circumstances, it's not much. They all leave the scene and as McGarrett is about to drive off when a pair of HPD officers volunteer to help during their off time. McGarrett thanks them and tells them he'll keep them in mind.

In McGarrett's office, Chin walks in with the cast Che made of the footprint. Nothing very distinguishing about the shoes or "the cat who was wearing them" but they have a weight range of 165 to 180 pounds. Danno walks in with fingerprint information. There were five in the house: the Morgans, the cleaning lady "and two John Does". McGarrett gives them to Chin to send them to the mainland to see if they can identify them since nothing was found locally. As Chin leaves, Jenny (Peggy Ryan) brings Lew in, who insisted on seeing McGarrett. Lew loses his mind because he wants to be on the case but he's far too emotional to be part of a murder investigation and McGarrett shoots him down. During this, Danno is beside himself. When McGarrett walks Lew to the door, he tells him to go home but Lew is despondent, "I can't go home. I can't go back there". McGarrett glances at Danno who leaves to help Lew.

Danno and Lew arrive at Danno's apartment where he tries his best to help Lew. Danno pours him a drink and opens a beer for himself. They reminisce about playing baseball in high school and making the city playoffs. Lew gets down on himself recalling the slump he suffered just after. "I've been in a slump ever since I got out of school, I still can't figure out why". Danno tries to encourage him, but about the only bright spot is Lew's career and that's iffy. Lew hasn't been promoted and says, "I bust drunk drivers and occasionally grab kids in a hot car". Danno tells him he's still the same guy who won the games in the past and if he needs anything to ask. "Danny, the one thing I want right now, need now, is to feel as though I'm helping find whoever killed my wife". Lew is hoping McGarrett will agree if Danno asks. The best thing he can do is to "talk to Steve in the morning" but for the night they settle in the best they can.

Chin and Kono stake out the Morgan house and they surprise Lonnie Kahekili (Lanikai) who entered with his own key. Lonnie drops a bombshell as Chin and Kono question him as to why he has a key and who is he visiting "in the middle of the night". He was visiting "Marj" without Lew's knowledge.

Act Two

Chin and Kono take Lonnie to McGarrett's office where gives his statement. He verifies he and Marjorie were having an affair. Lonnie hasn't seen Marjorie in two weeks and denies killing her. Lonnie mentions a "number one boyfriend" but has no name. After the statement, McGarrett orders Lonnie held on "suspicion of murder".

The next morning dawns on Marjorie's graveside service officiated by a priest (Father Brendan Furtado). McGarrett pulls up as the service is nearing its end. Danno walks over, knowing "something's happened". McGarrett tells him about Lonnie and Danno nearly freaks. McGarrett leaves before Lew walks over to Danno. Lew is still chomping at the bit to help out but Danno does his best to delay the request. They leave the funeral.

In Five-O, a telex comes through identifying the last set of prints: Gary Oliver (Sam Melville). Chin rips off the report and runs into McGarrett's office: "Male, Caucasian, 6'1 ", 185, light hair, blue eyes, age 24. Six arrests, three convictions. Extortion, assault, assault with a deadly weapon. One suspended sentence, 18 months in Illinois State Reformatory, two years in Joliet". McGarrett puts Gary at the top of the list of suspects. With a local address in hand, McGarrett runs out telling Chin to have Danno meet him.

Danno arrives at the address and McGarrett brings him up to speed on who they're dealing with. McGarrett takes the front, sending Danno to cover the back. Inside, Gary and a girl (Jennifer Billingsley) are fairly relaxed, that is until McGarrett knocks on the door. When the girl doesn't open it fast enough, McGarrett kicks it in and Gary jumps out a window. Landing on a carport, he jumps down to the street and takes off. Danno orders an APB from Central Dispatch. Meanwhile, McGarrett questions the girl. They're not together per se and she doesn't know anything about his background other than "all of his friends are women". When he asks where she was Tuesday night, the girl lies. Threatening a perjury charge against her, she backtracks. McGarrett leaves his card before walking out.

Act Three

McGarrett and Danno go to see Lew to give him the latest developments and tell him about the affairs. Lew is in front of the television with a drink in his hand. There is awkward silence before McGarrett asks if Lew knows Gary. Lew denies knowing him, "who is he?" As McGarrett goes on, Danno tenses but keeps watching Lew. Lew presses to know what Gary has to do with his wife because "he didn't even know her". McGarrett tells him they did know one another, "his fingerprints were all over this house". Lew stops dead in his tracks, Danno tries to console him before McGarrett signals him they need to leave.

Outside in the Park Lane, Danno asks a tough question: does McGarrett really consider Lew a suspect? McGarrett not only verifies this but also points out "a hole" in the patrol logs. "The coroner set the time of death at 2:45 a.m.". Times of two reports Lew filed were 2:51 a.m. and 3:07 a.m.: "that leaves 36 minutes". Thin opportunity but not a good alibi either. McGarrett has a tough question back: "if Lew knew about his wife's lover. Lovers. What do you think he'd do?" Unfortunately, Danno doesn't have an answer.

At Five-O, as Chin is briefing McGarrett on what they've been able to come up with, Jenny walks in to tell McGarrett there is "a girl outside who says she knows Gary Oliver". After asking Jenny's opinion, McGarrett agrees to talk to her. Gloria Warren (Linda Ryan) saunters in. Gloria is a woman scorned, wanting to get even with Gary for beating her so badly; she wound up in the hospital. Gloria is helpful though by dropping the name of Mrs. Hadwell (Jane Adrian). On her way out at McGarrett's request, Gloria leaves her phone number: 737-7913. Kono and Chin watch Gloria leave, only to be caught in the act by McGarrett who is leaving to see Mrs. Hadwell.

Mrs. Hadwell's servant (Arthur Hee) answers the door and tells McGarrett she "was called away". McGarrett is frustrated because he just talked to her on the phone. McGarrett leaves his card with the servant, "have her call me when she returns, if it's not too inconvenient".

At the apartment where Gary Oliver escaped, the girl reads the newspaper when there's a knock on the door. The man uses her name, Barnes, and claims to be with the police. She opens the window, "show me something," and Lew! gives up his badge. Satisfied, she opens the door. Lew enters, wanting to ask "a few questions". When she tiredly says she's answered all the questions she's going to, Lew gets rough, slapping her causing her to fall to the floor. Lew wants to know where Gary is but she has no idea. Lew gives her a message, "if you see Oliver before I do, you tell him Lew Morgan is gonna kill him just like he killed my wife". Lew leaves with Miss Barnes shaken from the encounter.

Mrs. Shivley (Alice Lemon) walks into the Five-O office wanting to give her two cents on the Gary Oliver matter. She tells the secretary, Elise (Elithe Aguiar) but Danno and Chin overhear, taking Mrs. Shivley off Elise's hands. After a few general questions, Danno knows they won't get any useful information from her. Thanking her for her time, they try to send Mrs. Shivley on her way with no success. A phone call from Annette Barnes saves Danno anyway as he leaves to talk to Lew.

Danno isn't happy when he arrives at Lew's. Lew knows something's wrong and a screaming match ensues. Nevermind helping the case, Lew is lucky he isn't suspended or worse and all hinges on who took the phone call from Annette Barnes. Lew admits questioning her but denies being "rough". Danno has to make a choice, help Lew or uphold the law. He chooses the latter, leaving Lew to marinate in his own juices.

Act Four

Gloria is in her apartment when Gary shows up. She still harps on him about putting her into the hospital but helps him anyway. Gary hustles her, pleading for help in order to leave Honolulu. Gloria is his last option as Mrs. Hadwell already said no to him. Gloria leaves for the bank as Gary smokes several cigarettes. A knock at the door disturbs the peace, thinking it's Gloria, Gary opens the door and Lew forces himself inside. He puts a gun in Gary's face as Gary tries to figure out who this guy is. Lew shoots Gary twice, killing him. Lew sits on the bed and calls Five-O, who arrives on scene with HPD soon after. It's McGarrett's turn to be unhappy, shoving Lew down on the bed. "Every cop on this island has been working overtime to help you, and you just kicked every one of them in the teeth. Now they'll have to work double time to try to prove to the public that they're not all a bunch of killers hiding behind a badge". McGarrett wants Lew booked and it's up to Danno to do it.

In the backseat of the HPD car, Lew is remorseful when Danno can't seem to find any words. Lew replays what happened, he got a call and went over to arrest Gary but "he was standing there looking at me, laughing at me, taunting me. And next thing I knew, the gun was in my hand and I was pulling the trigger". Danno tells him to "shut up" and "such a terrible, useless waste".

Mrs. Hadwell show up at Five-O and things are about to get interesting. Mrs. Hadwell states, "I could have prevented Gary Oliver from being killed". Mrs. Hadwell goes on to say Gary was innocent in Marjorie's murder: he was with Mrs. Hadwell the night Marjorie was killed. McGarrett brings Lew into his office in handcuffs and plays the tape of Mrs. Hadwell's statement. Murder in the second degree is no longer on the table, especially after Lew says, "they had it coming. Both of them". McGarrett lays it out, "you'll no longer be a grief-stricken husband throwing himself on the mercy of a sympathetic jury ... and you planned to kill them. That makes it premeditated". Lew already knew about the affairs and took care of business himself. Lew isn't changing his stance, "they deserved it". Lew does get one thing right, he's "been a loser all the way. Even with my friends". Danno is left standing, his world shaken.

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