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Five-O and HPD are readying for a drug bust of Amuru (Derek Mau) at his apartment. When Chin knocks on the front door, Amuru tries to escape the back way but the police are ready, forcing him back inside. Amuru has tussled with them before, asking for a warrant. An officer named Keoki (Doug Mossman) produces it, giving it to him. As Amuru is strip-searched, equipment to cut and package drugs is found in another room. After Danno starts searching, another officer, Craig (Clarence Garcia), calls Danno into where Amuru is. He says he's been paying for protection from Five-O, "twelve hundred bucks I paid for protection".

McGarrett rushes to the scene where he is brought up to speed including the two ounces of heroin found. McGarrett wants to hear the story from Amuru himself. He claims to have met Chin a month before to set up the payments, specifically on "Tuesday, 11 p.m. Two hundred a week and you guys will lay off. Anybody else moved in, you'd tip me". Six payments have been made so far. Amuru threatens McGarrett but it doesn't go far, "No, I'm gonna pull the rug back on this one all the way. But you better be very positive about your information, Mr. Amuru. Because a man's good name and reputation is at stake".

Act One

At a beachside house, Brohme (Larry Ronson) reads the headline 'Five-O Accused of Bribe Taking' with the sub-headlines: 'Governor Vows Fight Against Corruption' and 'McGarrett Defends Chin Ho Kelly'. Meantime, a younger man (Martin Sheen) is readying to practice his golf swing. Brohme doesn't like publicity or violence. However, the young man is not afraid of either and feels the time is right to implement his plan because of a recent scandal involving the Public Utilities Commission. Also, "we learn in law school that the police can only react in a limited number of ways to any given situation. They're predictable". It won't end until McGarrett is indicted.

Chin enters McGarrett's office less than confident. McGarrett offers his support and tells Chin, "I've gotta find out who's lying and why". McGarrett goes over Amuru's story again and while it "can't be checked," it is very specific: "he said that he met you last month on Tuesday the 4th at 11 p.m. in Ala Moana Park and made the deal". Danno walks in with the logbook, hands it to McGarrett and walks out looking sympathetically to Chin. Chin thinks he was at home at that point since he signed out at 8:15 p.m. Other activities he's involved in occur on other nights. McGarrett believes him but still wants Chin to voluntarily take a polygraph test so that there is no doubt to anyone. Chin agrees, "the sooner, the better".

Chin takes a polygraph test, which proves to be a nerve-racking experience. Meanwhile in McGarrett's office, Dave (Ed Sheehan) agrees not to print anymore of the story in the newspaper he works for. McGarrett asks Jenny to cal the governor. The test continues for Chin as McGarrett and the governor discuss Dave Garland, "a responsible reporter" but he'll dig on his own. The governor demands to be kept apprised of the situation and not have any surprises. When the polygraph is complete, the technician Ken (Glen Cannon) shows the consistency of Chin's responses. He also tells McGarrett the whole affair is bothering Chin much more than he's showing.

During the evening, Chin drives home where he unloads his gun just before walking inside. Once inside, four of his kids are on the couch watching television, his youngest Tilda runs to him and his son Tim (Leighton Lee) is on the phone. After taking care of Tilda, his wife (Evelyn Carlson) comes into the kitchen. Chin tells her about the dealer accusing him of taking a bribe of $1200. Mrs. Kelly responds, "That's not enough. When I think of all the things we can do with it, that's not enough. Talk to him. See if he can't make it more". She knows he wouldn't take a bribe and she realizes he's troubled by the situation.

Calhao, the younger man hitting golf balls in the pool earlier, receives a call from Ray (Geoffrey Heise) saying they're set to put things into motion. Calhao gives the go ahead.

Two cars chase one another on a somewhat remote road with an HPD unit closing in. Two guys in a red sedan are chasing one in a white sedan. After some gunshots are fired out the window, the first car pulls off the road making it look like he was run off. The shooter aims the sawed off shotgun at the driver then at a back window blasting a hole in it. The red car speeds off just before the HPD unit arrives.

The driver, Vern (Jerry Cox) is in McGarrett's office retracing drops on a map. Kono steps in momentarily informing McGarrett that Chin's gone fishing. Kono takes off to find Chin and "get him back here fast". Once he's finished, Vern hands Danno a piece of paper, "Okay, those are the distribution points and these are dates". Vern was also found with a briefcase full of money, $5000 worth. He has been "busted for every petty crime, including rolling a drunk". McGarrett isn't buying his story because there are too many disconnects. But he presses anyway, asking Vern to describe the man he's been delivering the money to. He describes Chin and McGarrett moves toward a lineup asking if he would recognize the man again. Vern zeroes in on Chin during the lineup and picks him out.

Act Two

Chin tells McGarrett he was at the dock "an hour and a half" before Kono arrived to take him back to Five-O. He has no alibi for the time and McGarrett begins to feel the pressure, so he sees the governor. While the lie detector isn't foolproof, McGarrett is betting on Chin's history: 22 years in police work, "first with H.P.D. And then with Five-O. He's a highly skilled police officer He's an honest man". When the governor suggests McGarrett should hand the investigation to another agency, McGarrett refuses, "because I know my men".

Dave Garland is waiting at Five-O and needs to talk to McGarrett right away. He received an anonymous tip about a half-hour before concerning a bank account. Garland wants a comment from McGarrett who refuses. What McGarrett does instead is put Danno into looking at the account under the name 'John Lee Sung' at "Fifth Charter Bank, Kahala branch". Danno jumps on it.

Danno goes to the bank to meet with Mr. Summers (George Petrie) to look at the account with warrant in hand. Summers says he knows Sung by sight because he opened the account for him "about six weeks ago". The way Summers describes Sung is odd, he starts with height and weight but the last part: "and Chinese, of course". Danno isn't impressed but can't retort any of it.

Summers gives his statement in McGarrett's office. Again, neither McGarrett nor Danno are buying what he's selling. McGarrett asks Summers which hand was used as they "exchanged things" and which hand he signed with. Summers distinctly recalls he signed with his left hand but used his right hand for the other stuff. Where they really trip him, "what was he wearing?" Summers tells them a blue business suit at which point Danno walks out to verify the only one Chin owns is wool, something worn in the winter. Danno goes one step further to find out the temperature on the day in question. Writing it down, he walks back into McGarrett's office handing the paper to McGarrett. Summers becomes uneasy when Danno walks back in. McGarrett tells Summers the man (Chin) owns a blue suit and it only goes downhill from there. "The temperature in Kahala that day was over 90 degrees and the humidity was more than 90 percent". When he points out the suit is of heavier material Summers retorts, "I know what I saw". McGarrett digs deeper, pointing out 74 accounts have been opened in the last six weeks. Does Summers remember all of these customers as much as he recalls Mr. Sung? McGarrett asks about a customer opening an account 10 days before and Summers cannot remember a single detail about him. The point driven home is Summers is lying. When Summers leaves, Danno is right behind him.

Summers goes to see Calhao, sweating after his encounter with McGarrett. Calhao isn't sympathetic, "You're getting paid plenty of bread for this deal, Mr. Summers". Calhao offers more money after Summers says he wants out. To let Summers out is not an option. Calhao sends Summers out to wait for a phone. After he leaves, Calhao orders Ray to take care of Summers.

Act Three

Chin is really nervous in McGarrett's office as they start on "reel two". They discuss rehearsals and Tim with the possibility Tim's and Chin's stories won't mesh. McGarrett is up against the wall because all he has is Chin's word versus three "sworn statements". Amuru ad Vern are understandable, they have an axe to grind with the cops. Summers, however, is the wild card, "the one who's gonna hurt". Chin is beyond frustrated, asking a key question, "what is it for?" McGarrett wants to know if Chin can account for any dates of the payoffs. Chin comes up empty again. Only because he has to from political and public pressure, McGarrett has to suspend Chin. Chin hands over his gun and badge before walking out. Regardless, McGarrett still believes Chin and tells him so.

Awhile later, Kono walks in ready to pounce on McGarrett, "How could you do something like that?" Danno follows, not saying much but closes the door instead. McGarrett goes off, "And crying about it doesn't help anything. Give me something, give me something. What do you got? Beside talk". Kono talks about rumors of a payoff going bad but he has fact on Brohme being "just got outvoted by the organization. He's not too happy". McGarrett turns to Danno about Summers, "he went straight to a lawyer Edward H. Calhao". Kono adds this is the lawyer "who's supposed to be giving Brohme a fit". McGarrett wants to know everything about Calhao.

Chin talks to his wife at home truly worried about his job. His wife gives hope, "but we can be tough when we have to be". Chin receives a phone call in the middle of the night, setting up a meet about information on his case. Against his better judgment, Chin leaves for the meet near Diamond Head Tunnel. When Chin arrives, no one is there and no one ever shows and he's not where he's easily seen by anyone else. Elsewhere, Summers is shot by 'Doug' (Nicholas Benedict) and Chin still waits. Finally giving up, Chin drives home where he's met by McGarrett, who tells him about Summers being murdered. While not arrested, Chin must be "questioned for the record". He leaves with McGarrett.

Act Four

McGarrett walks into the governor's office and some bad news. The governor is turning the investigation over to the Attorney General. "There are too many rumors, too many questions". Willing to send in to Five-O in writing and not just a verbal order, this is the new time crunch McGarrett and his team are now under.

In his office, McGarrett receives the reports on Calhao: "Calhao graduated law school three years ago, summa cum laude. No criminal record. Set up practice here last year. No trial record, but he's supposed to be a hotshot behind the scenes". Brohme is one of his major clients. McGarrett has an idea, "we've been going by the book and we've been getting mousetrapped every time". McGarrett is ready to turn the tables.

Danno pays a visit to Brohme, giving him veiled threats that could easily turn factual. Danno informs him "we're picking up every peddler, every pusher, every user, every dealer we can lay our hands on". They're doing this because of Calhao's extracurricular activities, eventually leading to him replacing Brohme. Meanwhile, McGarrett intrudes Calhao during his lunch at a Japanese restaurant. McGarrett does the same, veiled threats from Brohme. McGarrett gives Calhao his home number too in case Calhao decides he needs protection.

Calhao returns to his office late at night and it's been tossed upside down. Panicked, Calhao calls the airport and runs out about to flee. A gunshot barely misses his feet as he tries to get into his car. He runs toward and into a construction site as his pursuers stay on him, firing along the way. As he runs, Calhao hears sirens, climbing to a point where he can see McGarrett and HPD arrive. So desperate for help, Calhao is ready to talk about the enter setup, exactly what McGarrett wants. After Calhao is taken away, the 'thugs' emerge; they are none other than Danno and Kono! Getting into the Park Lane, McGarrett calls Chin to let him know he's back and to report first thing in the morning. Relieved, Chin rejoices with his family.

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