S02E19 - “The One With The Gun” - Plot

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A high-priced poker game is in progress as the dealer (Bruce Wilson) asks each player how many cards they want. The players ask for one to three cards and the betting begins. It comes down to two players facing off. When the first player (Steve Logan) has two pairs beaten by three of a kind, he gripes, "every time I'm holding, you guys drop out and when I got nothing, you're all bumping ... I've had $3000 worth of your bad luck". When he leaves, he spies a van just as he's getting into his car. Investigating further, he discovers the van is set up for surveillance of the poker game. Realizing what's happened, he runs back inside even when two players have already left. As the guy in the van (Tom Fujiwara) is on the way inside, three gunshots ring out and he goes back to the van and drives off. A couple in the nearby surf also hears the shots and run to the house. They find the player on the floor.

Act One

McGarrett arrives on scene speaking briefly with the couple, Tom Hurst (Kimo Kahoano) and Susan Carter (Terrilee Kekoolani) who "reported the shooting". Going inside, McGarrett talks to the doctor who isn't hopeful. Ambulance attendants take the player away as McGarrett shifts his focus onto the scene specifically the ashtrays on the poker table. As the ambulance drives away, Danno arrives. McGarrett identifies the player as Peter Corman from New York City. McGarrett turns the scene over to Danno and heads to the hospital.

At the hospital, McGarrett tries to talk to Corman but has to deal with his wife Maggie (Julie Gregg) first. Once she's calmed down, McGarrett takes her in to talk to Peter, "ask him what happened". Peter responds to Maggie but only loud enough for her to hear, "Tell Lorenzo ... left-handed" before dying. McGarrett takes her out to the hallway, placing her in a chair. Questioning her, McGarrett finds out they "hardly even knew anybody here" and she claims she couldn't understand what he told her to pass to 'Lorenzo' (John Colicos). Lorenzo is Peter's brother who they were supposed to meet at the airport that day.

Lorenzo disembarks a United flight after flying from the mainland. Maggie and McGarrett meet him at the bottom of the stairs, breaking the news to him. Lorenzo pulls McGarrett to the side wanting to know "what happened". During the conversation, Lorenzo tells McGarrett "He was 26 years old, married only a couple of months ... just starting to live". Peter and Maggie were in Honolulu thanks to Lorenzo, a honeymoon gift. McGarrett gives Lorenzo his card, "keep in touch" and leaves. Lorenzo goes to Maggie where she tells him what Peter said.

The lab technicians finish their work at the crime scene as McGarrett comes back. Danno has been successful in finding hidden cameras so all the hands could be spied. Trying to figure out who could have the type of equipment, Danno states, "only three people I know ... Well, they're legal. Got the latest equipment from Japan. They specialize in divorce evidence". McGarrett is interested in "the one who specialized in poker games".

Kono questions a guy at the Five-O office who has an alibi for his whereabouts. Chin questions another guy (Kwan Hi Lim) "can you prove it?" Lorenzo walks in, telling Jenny (Peggy Ryan) he wants to see McGarrett. But he's in a meeting with Shogi, who was in the surveillance van. He and Danno know he "rigged a house at Waimanalo Beach" and when they confront him with that information, he admits, "I heard shots, but I didn't see anybody". McGarrett wants to know who the players were. Shogi isn't much help because he only saw the cards. He says Peter hired him but they're not buying it. McGarrett knows Shogi is lying, covering for someone else but they don't know whom. Shogi is arrested, taken by Danno to be booked. Lorenzo walks in as they exit, "I've got something for you" but wants to know where McGarrett stands first. Ticked off because McGarrett is entertaining the possibility Peter rigged the game himself, Lorenzo turns and leaves without giving McGarrett any information. McGarrett realizes his hands are going to be full in dealing with Lorenzo.

Act Two

McGarrett lays out the poker game on the transparent board: Peter Corman, Player A, Player B, Player C and Player D. The positions are based on what was found in the ashtrays, menthol cigarettes in the case of Peter. "A's ashtray had nothing but gum wrappers in it B was a chain smoker. Here's something interesting. C wore glasses. His ashtray had these chemically treated lens tissues. Buy them in any drugstore. And D was a cigar smoker". This isn't much and the beach house was no help. The only lead they have is a matchbook with the 'Lilo' written in it. McGarrett sics Danno on Lilo and tells Chin and Kono to release Shogi.

Shogi returns to his office to find Lorenzo waiting for him. Lorenzo knows Shogi has been in jail but pays him $1000 anyway to get a name from the poker game. Shogi gives up George Byas (Mitch Mitchell), "he's staying at the High Surf Motel". Lorenzo leaves, but not before giving Shogi a very stern look. When he does leave, Shogi makes a phone call warning the other end of Lorenzo.

At the airport, Lorenzo has Byas paged. Lorenzo takes Byas outside where Byas tells him he had left before any shooting. He also tells Lorenzo he lost money too but didn't realize the game was rigged. "This kind of game doesn't advertise. Somebody steered you into it". Byas tells him Larry Puana, a local rep for his company, did the steering. Lorenzo asks for a light, seeing Byas is right-handed he knows Byas didn't kill Peter. Throwing the cigarette down, Lorenzo leaves to find Larry.

Danno sits at a table at 'The Pig Sty' as Lilo (Josie Over) walks up. No one uses last names in her line of work so she tags everyone. 'Danny the cop' is the one she chooses for Danno because he digs to find out who she gave her number to. She gives Danno the same name Lorenzo has: Larry Puana.

Danno checks out Puana's work place, finding out some information from his secretary (Emma Veary), of particular interest is that he chews gum and doesn't smoke. She also tells Danno Puana hasn't been home because some of the phone calls she's taken were from his wife. Danno calls McGarrett, "Steve? Got your pen handy? You can fill in the name of Mr. B. Larry Puana".

Being one-step ahead, Lorenzo baits Puana with a fake job offer. Puana holds his glass with his right hand and Lorenzo notes this as well. Puana suddenly doesn't feel well and Lorenzo tells him he's put poison in his drink. Under duress, Puana gives up the final two names: Sam Quong (Jack Soo) and Del Enright (Arthur Franz). Lorenzo comes clean; it wasn't poison but ipecac, used to induce vomiting.

Act Three

McGarrett and Kono talk about Lorenzo taking the law into his own hands. Doing his homework, McGarrett asked the New York City Police Department to share their information, which includes Lorenzo's old "underworld connections ... but 22 years ago he had one conviction" for murder. Knowing Lorenzo could "kill again," McGarrett leaves to see Maggie. She tells McGarrett the room Lorenzo is staying in but he's nowhere to be found. McGarrett has information on Lorenzo's movements since Puana is missing and Byas called McGarrett to tell what happened at the airport. McGarrett is certain Lorenzo is ahead of them because Peter told her something she hasn't shared with the police. Maggie denies knowing where Lorenzo is even after McGarrett tells her he's capable of killing.

Long after McGarrett leaves, Lorenzo shows up at Maggie's hotel room. She tells him McGarrett knows what Lorenzo is doing and that she hasn't told him about the killer. They discuss several things: Lorenzo's past, Peter, the murderer and how Lorenzo's actions won't bring back Peter.

Sam Quong watches the evening news as the doorbell rings. Del Enright shows up telling Sam about Lorenzo looking for blood. Larry called Del after his encounter. Del also knows about what occurred at the airport and by process of elimination, he knows who shot Peter. Del also knows the game was rigged and wants to be "reimbursed" $2000 for the $1000 he lost "and whatever I might have won if the game had been on the level". Sam is not impressed and talks Del into accepting cash from a safe deposit box in the morning. Del leaves, "you see, I'm gonna take a short vacation until big brother goes home".

Del arrives home where Lorenzo is waiting with a gun. Del tells him Sam killed Peter and Lorenzo is unphased. Lorenzo wants Del to pick up and throw a tennis ball to see if he's right or left-handed. Before Del can though, two shots ring out fired by Sam. One kills Del while Lorenzo is hit in the arm and he takes off running seen by a couple in a car on the street.

McGarrett studies Del's glasses as Del is taken away and Danno talks to the couple. McGarrett considers Del as Player C and he orders an APB on Lorenzo, "wanted for suspicion of murder. Armed and dangerous". McGarrett leaves the scene.

Act Four

Lorenzo barely walks down the street in the morning since he's dazed and blood is still on his jacket's sleeve. He finds a nearby phone and calls Maggie. Lorenzo wants her to be a go-between to McGarrett telling him Lorenzo didn't kill Del. The doorbell rings as the phone conversation happens. McGarrett is now out of patience, looking around her hotel room for Lorenzo. As McGarrett threatens Maggie with an "accessory to murder" charge, Lorenzo leaves the phone due to HPD Unit #128 pulling into the gas station. Maggie hands McGarrett the phone, but it's too late. She finally tells McGarrett the key clue: Peter's killer is left-handed. McGarrett leaves, knowing time is of the essence.

McGarrett fills in the names on the board as Danno walks in reporting Del's poker habits. They still don't have a name for Player D but know he's left-handed. Chin calls in on an HPD tip on Lorenzo in "Makiki Heights" making McGarrett and Danno run out of the office.

Sam is watching television again as Lorenzo knocks at the door. Lorenzo forces himself in at gunpoint even though he's still shaky on his legs. Sam tries to point the finger at Del as he mixes a drink for Lorenzo, offering it in his left hand! Lorenzo isn't fooled but it distracted long enough for Sam to pull a gun on him. Sam believes he has the upper hand because Lorenzo is wanted and Sam can plead self-defense. However, the door flies open with Sam firing toward McGarrett and Danno. McGarrett shoots Sam and has stern words for Lorenzo, "One man is dead because you decided personal revenge is more important than due process of law. Too bad you don't know as much about law and justice as you know about guns and bullets". Lorenzo explains which gun killed whom as Danno picks them up and calls an ambulance. Meanwhile, McGarrett arrests Lorenzo until they can straighten everything out.

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