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Two men sit in a car at night watching for Danno, they are not disappointed when he shows up. They talk about Jerry Howe (Jackie Coogan) being Five-O's most reliable informer and they are sitting across the street from his flophouse apartment.

Danno opens the window before sitting down with Jerry who tells him he's dying. Jerry also tells him about "a kid I ain't seen in ten years" and wants to send him some money. Danno agrees to pay up if, and only if, his tip is good. When Jerry mentions a big bank hit, Danno's interest is piqued. When Jerry gives details, Danno pays him $100 and leaves.

The two men on the street make their move, going into Jerry's apartment. Jerry's plan to send the money to his son is thwarted, with the main man (William Windom) giving part of the money to Sanders (Don Mundell). Jerry argues with them, reminding them they promised to pay him $300. They feign ignorance about the agreement and essentially tell Jerry he's a liability. Jerry runs for the door but Sanders shoots him in the back.

Act One

McGarrett and Danno arrive back at Iolani Palace in the middle of the night. They find themselves under a time crunch if Jerry's tip is true: 10 a.m. the next morning. They walk into the outer office where Jenny (Peggy Ryan) is still there because the bank manager, "Keokee" (Harry Endo) is waiting in McGarrett's office, asleep on the couch. There are several photographs of the bank's inside set up around the office. After perusing them a bit, McGarrett wakes Keokee. The bank does not have a rear entrance but to access the roof via a fire ladder running the height of the building. The bank is just about impenetrable because any exit route is blocked by counters or offices as well as the most up-to-date security systems.

Five-O then focuses on 'boxmen' and safe crackers. 'Mouse' Hakaya (Derek Mau, Jr.) is first. He served 12 years for his last caper and "moved back to Hawaii four years ago". Ossie Connors, the man earlier, is next. Connors was McGarrett's first big arrest due to a jewelry heist Connors did out of Pittsburgh. He's on the list because he's been in Hawaii for at least a week. Third on the list is Ce Ce Hastings (Jeff Burnside), "junkie, mahu, con man".

As Ce Ce stumbles through an alley; Kono and Chin stop and frisk him. When they realize he's in no condition to "tap a box," they let him go. Setting their sights on 'Mouse,' they find him in a pool hall and no burn marks on his hands. "Ain't handled a torch in years," he claims and they're satisfied, at least for now. 'Mouse' goes on his way.

Meantime, Connors shows up at McGarrett's office, unwilling it turns out as Danno woke him out of bed at 4 a.m. McGarrett asks, more than once, why Connors is in Hawaii. "I came back here for a holiday. I cleared it with my parole officer". McGarrett makes it plain, "if you're here on a hit, I'll put you away for so long that 10 years will seem like a coffee break". Connors pleads his case to no good end. McGarrett still doesn't buy what Connors is selling. Danno sums it up, "I think we just struck out". McGarrett recalls the Pittsburgh case: multiple jewelry stores, police responded nearly taking each other out, but they lucked out picking up Connors' driver on another charge. "The driver laid it on Connors Connors wanted to make the police look like fools," this last piece angers McGarrett. When Chin and Kono show up reporting the other two are clean, McGarrett orders the "island locked up, sealed tight by 10:00 in the morning". They go over where they will be at 10 a.m.

Connors and Sanders arrive at a house at 9 a.m. Donning stockings, they enter forcing the wife, Michi (Darrah Lau) to call her husband, Tosh (Phillip E. Pine). Connors kidnaps the husband, Mr. Nomuru with Sanders staying behind. Sanders' plan is to "get better acquainted" with Mrs. Nomuru. However, she fights back, scratching his face and ripping the stocking.

Act Two

Five-O has integrated themselves into Bank of Hawaii: Kono is a security guard, Danno's at the Foreign Currency desk, Chin stands at a teller window and McGarrett stands with the manager. Uniformed HPD officers watch over the bank at ground level and on the roof from across the street and two plain-clothes officers pretend to work on a broken down car.

Nomuru drives down the street, worried about his wife. Connors assures him she won't be harmed as long as Nomuru cooperates. The bank clock shows 10 a.m. and McGarrett orders the bank open for "business as usual". Nomuru and Connors arrive at Nomuru's business, 'Deak & Co.' entering through a back door. Connors a cash box filled with various currencies and where "the real money" is. Nomuru tells Connors about the vault, while the bank remains quiet. Connors pulls out three bags, changes the tags and manifest to divert this money to another location. At about 10:15, the armored truck stops to pick up the bags. Connors hides in the main reception area out of sight of the armored car guys while everyone else pretend nothing is amiss. In the bank, still nothing. The armored truck finishes and pulls away.

At 10:30, McGarrett calls it at the bank, so much for a big hit. However, Connors is more than successful, taking the cash box and Nomuru back out threatening the employees if they call the police, Mr. and Mrs. Nomuru will be killed. Danno rues paying Jerry, "I bought Howe's track record" since nothing happened at the bank. McGarrett realizes this too, "while we've been tied up here, a crime is being committed someplace else".

Connors is away from Nomuru and calls Sanders. Things become complicated because Mrs. Nomuru is dead, killed by Sanders.

Act Three

The Nomuru house teems with police, HPD and Five-O alike. Mrs. Nomuru has been found and unfortunately, McGarrett needs answers only Mr. Nomuru can provide. McGarrett is aware of the theft at Nomuru's exchange. Nomuru says the men got away with "about $40,000". Considered small, McGarrett wonders why they carry so much but Nomuru explains they provide currencies to all the islands. McGarrett wants to know about the two men, "can you describe them?" Nomuru describes, "average. One was darker than the other. He was bigger, heavier ... One of them, he wore brown and white shoes". Nomuru is in shock, even after cooperating, his wife still died. As they take Michi's body away, the doctor (Bob Gleason) tells McGarrett "I'll fill you in later". Nomuru insists on knowing "the truth": she fought back, was strangled and "criminally assaulted".

Afterward, McGarrett and Danno go to Jerry's apartment. As the manager lets them in, McGarrett asks, "when's the last time you saw Jerry?" and "nobody asked for Jerry?" This kind of place, visitors come in the back. The manager leaves as McGarrett and Danno look around. Danno pulls back a curtain to find Jerry dead on the floor. McGarrett finds an envelope addressed to his son. They theorize whoever took the money Danno paid him might have killed Jerry.

At Jerry's autopsy, Doc (Robert Brilliande) tells McGarrett Jerry was shot in the head and he's been dead "maybe 24 hours". With the bullet and ballistics report, the gun used was "a .38 Special".

At Five-O, McGarrett sends Chin and Kono to look for Connors and post the serial numbers of the $20 bills given to Jerry. McGarrett's gut tells him Connors is behind this heist because the intent is the same: "he wanted the police to look like fools". The whole idea ticks off McGarrett, "The arrogance, the contempt for the police. Connors wears it like a mantle". While they can't nail the heist on Connors "because his personality fits the crime," McGarrett points out, "an m.o. is like a fingerprint". There is also a commonality with the Pittsburgh crime; a police officer was wounded with the same type of gun used to kill Jerry. They walk out of the Palace with Danno stopping at the newspaper machine. A cartoon is on the front page with a robber asking McGarrett 'which way did they go?' They drive off.

Connors wraps up loose ends, paying Walker (Robert Harker) $10,000 "for 30 seconds work". Walker takes the cash box and walks to the house where Sanders is staying. Connors waits in the car. Once the door is open, Walker shoots Sanders. He runs out to the car where Connors hits him in the head.

Act Four

McGarrett arrives at Iolani Palace. Connors is waiting for him in Five-O's outer office. McGarrett leads Connors into his office. Connors claims to have been playing tourist during his time in Hawaii. McGarrett doesn't buy it, especially since there is not only the heist but two murders have been committed as well. Connors says, "I had nothing to do with this caper. As a matter of fact, I even turned it down". McGarrett wants the name of the person who offered. Connors finally gives up 'Joe Walker'. McGarrett warns Connors that Walker better be real and know about the heist. The telephone buzzes, Danno reports in which sends McGarrett and Connors out the door.

A car is pulled out of the water with the cashbox found in the trunk. Danno and Chin count the money found and account for the $40,000 Nomuru says was taken. No only was the cashbox found, but a couple of the missing $20 bills were found on Sanders who has three scratch marks on his cheek. For the team, the conclusion is obvious, "it's too obvious, Danno," McGarrett is doubtful. Chin purports the theory the two argued, the driver "started shooting" and lost control. McGarrett asks Connors to look at both bodies and Connors lies through his teeth denying knowing either man until he looks at Walker and he identifies him as such. Nomuru shows up and McGarrett asks him if Connors is the one who robbed him. When Nomuru can't identify Connors as one of the robbers, McGarrett sends Connors on his way. McGarrett wants Nomuru to look at the bodies to see if he can identify either one as once of the robbers. Then he calls over Chin and Danno, tasking them to track down Connors' movements from the night before and compare tissue samples from Mrs. Nomuru's nails to tissue from Sanders' cheek. Nomuru is no help until he sees Sanders' shoes, the same brown and white ones he saw before. Nomuru says Walker is "shabbier. The other man was well-dressed". This is as helpful as Nomuru can be; the masks make a positive identification impossible.

A lady (Gayle Higa) from a flower shop turns in a $20 bill. The serial number matches to one Danno paid Jerry. She doesn't remember everything about the person who passed it except that the man "bought a flower for his lapel, 50 cents" then asked for change in all quarters and asked to use the pay phone. McGarrett asks Jenny to contact the phone company and track a call made from that phone "287-1299".

Connors is pleased with himself reading the headline 'Nomuru Robbery Ends in Shootout'. Chin's on his tail as Connors makes a phone call to find out the soonest he can leave on his open ticket.

In McGarrett's office, the information comes in. Tissue samples match and McGarrett isn't convinced either Sanders or Walker could have pulled off the plan. The theory, thus far, is that half a million was blown "with bad timing". Nomuru arrives and McGarrett plays a tape of Walker's voice. Nomuru says the voice is not that of either man. McGarrett is proved right so far and leads Nomuru out. Jenny walks in with the information on Connors' movements and from the phone company. Flight One "stops at Manila, Okinawa and Hong Kong" and the phone company says there were two phone calls: one to the mainland and the other to 'Lee Atsukema' (Henry S. C. Young) in Hong Kong. McGarrett turns quickly, knowing his case is finally coming together.

In Hong Kong, Connors goes to 'L. Atsukema Company,' which is a currency exchange there. Connors requests "Deak and Company, currency exchange, Honolulu. I believe you're holding three bags of currency for us". When they turn over the bags, McGarrett comes out of hiding, "This time we were watching the right store, Connors". He forces Connors to stop, finally nailing the thief.

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