S02E12 - “The Devil and Mr Frog” - Plot

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A young boy (Geoffrey Thorpe) is held, with his feet chained to the wall, in a remote cabin. Two masked men, one a devil and the other a frog, discuss their plan and time table. The boy tells 'Mr. Frog' (Chuck Couch) he has to go to the bathroom and frog complies. Outside, with the door stuck, the boy makes a run for it with Frog giving chase. When he nears some cliffs, the boy hides and Frog tumbles over the cliffs.

Act One

McGarrett picks up the boy's father (William Zuckert) and they drive to where the boy is currently. The father confesses to paying the ransom for his son, Scotty but it turns out Scotty escaped his captors and $300,000 was "for nothing".

They arrive at a small farmhouse where Scotty runs out to his dad. Mr. Takashima (Arthur Hee) steps out to talk to McGarrett, telling him where Scotty was found at 3:00 a.m. McGarrett wants to know from Scotty too but his father blocks the request until Scotty says he's "okay". Gainham dropped the ransom at a pre-determined spot about 4:00 a.m. McGarrett speaks to Takashima again based on Scotty's information "in a cabin, up in the mountains". Thanks to a crude map made from chicken feed and Takashima's knowledge of the area, McGarrett knows where to start looking. The rest of the Five-O team drives up to the farm. McGarrett orders Danno to tape everything Scotty has to say right away before his memory fades.

McGarrett, Chin and Kono arrive at the cabin looking for the kidnappers or at least traces of them. McGarrett kicks in some inside doors while Chin finds the body at the bottom of the cliffs. What they know for certain: frog didn't die due to the fall, "there's a bullet in his head".

A tape plays in McGarrett's office of Scotty telling his story of his successful escape. They have "Devil, dead Mr. Frog" to work with. Chin and Kono walk in reporting Che Fong has come up with "one big fat zero" and reports on Frog's prints haven't returned yet. This leaves the masks "made in Hong Kong. A thousand of them sold every Halloween" and the money with the "serial numbers have been circulated". McGarrett notes the operation was planned exceptionally well and it's hard to believe they would have not thought about the money. The conversation shifts to the neighborly money launderers. Kono mentions "Mr. Ming" (Galen Kam), Danno says, "Humber brothers," and Chin offers, "Tot Kee" (James Hong).

Missy (Melody Patterson) walks out of Tot Kee's private office into their office waiting area. A guy named Max tries to cut the line to see "Mr. Tot" who instead calls out for Gibbons (Frank Marth). Gibbons enters Tot's office introducing himself. Tot isn't impressed even when Gibbons drops Pete Colley's name. Gibbons wants the deal arranged by Colley with Tot. Tot knows Gainham paid the ransom, taking Gibbons' newspaper to verify the amount: $300,000. Gibbons wants half, just like Colley set up because Tot "would dump [the money] in China". Tot claims he has no connections in China and to pay half of the ransom is unreasonable. Tot calls Gibbons "incompetent," not interested in dealing with Gibbons and considers the deal with Colley dead, like him. A red light flashes on Tot's desk as Gibbons tries to unload on Tot. "That signal means the police," Tot points to an area in the office for Gibbons to hide. As soon as Gibbons is out of sight, Missy leads Danno in. After they give each other grief, Tot leaves with him to see McGarrett.

Act Two

The money launderers file into McGarrett's office. Ming and Tot try to suck up, "all of us hold Mr. McGarrett in the highest esteem" to McGarrett who is skeptical at best. McGarrett informs them all of the hot $300,000 and no doubt the person "wanna peddle it". Ming says the money won't be offered to him "I, at least, do not deal in stolen goods". As a matter of fact, they all deny the money being offered to them. McGarrett doesn't care, impressing onto them the money is out there, it will be offered and "if you touch it, you'll get burned". McGarrett plans 24-hour surveillance on the money launderers so anything strange, he'll know about it. As they file out, McGarrett shuts the door, but Gainham walks in right after.

McGarrett tells Gainham that Frog is actually Pete Colley thanks to the "FBI computers in Washington". Danno gives the rundown: "he's got quite a record. Real long one. Let's see, a bunco artist, forger. Did hard time in Joliet. Released from San Quentin 11 months ago ... We're checking out on all his associates, whether in or out of prison". Gainham wants his money back and McGarrett is even less impressed than usual. The three discuss the prospects of the remaining kidnapper and the money. Danno points out the bottom line: "not many people can resist the temptation of so much money".

Gibbons paces in Tot's office as Tot calmly walks in, "I must tell you, the meeting at Five-O was entirely about you". Even less interested now because "the risks are too great," Tot puts Gibbons into a tizzy. It gets worse for Gibbons when Tot offers $30,000 -- only "ten cents on the dollar". Gibbons refuses, leaving Tot's office and nearly running over Missy. Tot isn't worried, "he'll be back".

Gibbons returns to his boat. Frank Luther (Jim Demarest), Gibbons' landlord, pays a visit hoping to get some rent payment, which is past due. Gibbons pays him four dollars to go away but tells Gibbons, "all right, I'll be back. Day after tomorrow". Gibbons grumbles about having the ransom money but he's unable to spend any of it. He begins moving the money from a suitcase into a dive tank. While doing so, he takes some random bills stuffing them into his pocket.

Wandering the docks during the early evening, Gibbons finds an ongoing crap game. Gibbons starts exchanging bills leaving the bet in. The next day, another crap game takes place on the docks, but this time McGarrett joins in pretending to be a dockworker. When the game breaks up, McGarrett follows the winner, Mike Rader (Mark La Buse). He has Five-O's attention because he passed two hot bills, a $20 and a $50, in a bar and in a market respectively. Rader explains he got them in a crap game, "you don't look at a guy's face. You look at his money". Rader claims he was working the dock the night of the kidnapping. Kono walks up verifying the story. McGarrett is confident they'll nab Devil.

Missy walks into Tot's office reporting, "a few of the ransom bills have turned up". Tot is not pleased as Missy also tells him McGarrett knows about the bills too. Tot wants to set up a meeting with Gibbons before he "will ruin it for all of us".

A rowboat approaches Gibbons' boat, Xandau, but passes it by. Max and another man sent by Tot try to sneak up to find the ransom. Meanwhile, Frank Luther returns. Gibbons peels off bills to pay the rent in full while Frank gives him the message from Tot. Gibbons leaves under the eye of Tot's men. However, Gibbons sees them board his boat and when one of them is about to pull the money out of the water, Gibbons shoots him. A crowd gathers around the body in the water.

Act Three

Danno walks into McGarrett's office talking about an HPD report of a shot prowler on Jack Gibbons' boat but it falls on deaf ears. McGarrett is only interested when a connection is revealed between Gibbons and Colley, "I like it".

McGarrett and Danno arrive at the marina asking to board Gibbons' boat. He agrees, leading them into the cabin. They show up to search the boat, warrant in hand and not alone. Gibbons asks what charge, "how about kidnapping to start with". McGarrett takes Gibbons up top only to meet Kono at the bow. Noticing the rope, Kono brings up the item, a bottle of wine.

Back in his office, McGarrett needs the ballistic report and soon. Danno walks in saying nothing was found, "they took that boat apart right down to the bilge. Didn't miss a fish scale". McGarrett changes tactics, as Gainham arrives, McGarrett wants Gibbons brought into the office. Chin complies and the Five-O men watch as McGarrett has Gibbons read from a notepad the exact words he said before in hopes Gainham can identify him. Gainham is no help, "right words, wrong voice" and leaves. McGarrett dismisses Gibbons but no before putting him on notice. They know he's guilty but they have no evidence and have to watch Gibbons go.

Gibbons returns to the marina where he calls Tot from a pay phone. Gibbons spins up again, as Tot plays it cool fully expecting his call. Tot warns of McGarrett after Gibbons accuses Tot of sending his guys to the boat. Tot offers "twelve and a half cents to the dollar". Gibbons hates that offer too and hangs up only to see Chin watching him. Gibbons visits a food truck only to see Kono sitting at a table. The Five-O tails are relentless even Chin donning the frog mask on Gibbons' boat.

Act Four

Gibbons makes his way to an industrial area at Pier 30 where he breaks the lock on a phone to make a call. Danno sneaks up behind him and eavesdrops. However, he doesn't see who Gibbons calls, only hears his threat of ultimately burning the money if "any funny business" happens. Danno calls McGarrett, "Steve, I think we just gaffed him".

Gibbons dives off his boat and Chin loses him in the water. When Chin calls in, McGarrett orders him in and gets a patch to Kono who is watching Tot. Because they think Tot is the one Gibbons is meeting, they're surprised Tot is not only home but has about a dozen guests. McGarrett presses "told who to come in person?" With a process of elimination, they come up with only one answer -- Gainham. Then is becomes a question of where -- "no. Same place as before. Where Gainham left the ransom money". McGarrett and Danno run out.

Gainham drives to the beach where he dropped off the ransom money. McGarrett, Danno and Chin are not far behind. Gainham waits for Gibbons to emerge from the water. The first thing Gibbons asks for is the money before Gainham lets him have it for what Scotty endured. They are in the middle of the swap when Five-O shows up. McGarrett heads to the beach while he sends Danno and Chin to "beat the bushes". Danno yells at Gibbons. Gibbons fires at Danno and Chin who hit the dirt. Gibbons runs for the beach with the briefcase in hand. He fires at McGarrett before finding his way out cut off by Danno. He fires again but misses while McGarrett hits him. The briefcase flies open with bills going everywhere. Gainham tries to make nice with McGarrett but McGarrett isn't buying any of it, "case is closed".

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