S02E11 - “Leopard On The Rock” - Plot

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A chartered flight is making its way across the Pacific. Alec (Ted Thorpe), the pilot and John, his co-pilot take turns for breaks. With John gone, Alec disengages the autopilot and shuts down one of the engines. John calls the cockpit, Alec tells him "air brakes malfunction" and they won't be going to their destination, Geneva. Because they are two hours away from Honolulu, Alec is going to divert there "for inspection and repairs".

Jenny (Peggy Ryan), with a baby bump!, walks around the Five-O for various tasks as the radio plays. As the bulletin begins, she picks up the phone to start calling. According to the bulletin, the plane belongs to Uotomo Jhakal (Titos Vandis) and has requested permission to land in Honolulu.

Jenny isn't the only one listening: a countryman of Jhakal's throws a knife at his picture in a diner, two men (Bruce Wilson, Bob Basso) at the Ilikai Hotel and Akbar Savang (Joe De Santis), a visiting professor, listen in as well. Savang's granddaughter, Banu (Cynthia Hull) angrily turns off the radio, as she wants Jhakal dead.

Back at the Five-O office, Kono walks in briefed by Jenny on what's happening. Kono sums up their troubles, "Fidel Castro would be more popular in Miami". McGarrett storms in with Chin right behind him, hearing the news. He runs into the office wanting the governor on the phone and wasting no time in making preparations because there isn't any. He sets Chin off to run a check on anyone from Jhakal's country that works at the airport and any supply companies - they are to be temporarily suspended. He tasks Kono to work with HPD to set up patrols in the area where most of the "most of the aliens and émigrés" now live. Not trying to prevent demonstrations but make sure they don't spill over. As Kono leaves, Danno shows up and the phone buzzes. After McGarrett talks to the governor, he sends Danno to check airport security to set up anything additional needed. "I'll join you at the field as soon as I'm finished ... Trying to keep one match away from the fuse".

Act One

McGarrett leaves the palace in a hurry to visit Savang. Banu urges her grandfather to do something since he was rightfully elected leader of their country. When she insists he demand the American government intervene, Savang informs her it is not the American government's place to intervene. Frustrated by his inaction, Banu storms out only to meet McGarrett at the front door. Savang immediately recognizes McGarrett and invites him in. They discuss Jhakal and McGarrett requests Savang make a statement to his followers to "not to provoke any kind of demonstrations or disorders". Savang refuses but relents in not making a statement at all if it will help McGarrett. Savang warns there are many people who have lost relatives to Jhakal and will not hesitate to seek "personal vengeance".

A fuel truck arrives at the diner owned by Bao (Robert Costa) at Pier 39. The driver (Beau Van Den Ecker) enters and is hit over the head by Meilang (Daniel Ades) so he can steal the truck in order to ram Jhakal's airplane. Before leaving, Meilang takes a radio.

Things ratchet up at the airport as a bunch of young people organize a demonstration led by Banu and Mickey Devlin (Tim Donnelly). Behind the group are the two men from the hotel, who are after the cash Jhakal has with him - $10 million dollars stolen from his country's treasury. Their plan is to split up to scout security and which hangar will be used to work on the airplane. McGarrett arrives at the airport, noting the group of protestors and the small contingent of HPD officers nearby.

Meilang drives to the airport, parking across the street from the HPD checkpoint. He turns on the radio in order to hear air traffic instructions for Jhakal's plane.

The Five-O team assembles in an office: eight people are suspended with pay until Jhakal leaves and service trucks are being checked prior to entry onto the field. Kono's brief is interrupted by Consul Luang Koryo (Paul Stevens) who "insists on seeing" McGarrett. He claims to be concerned about security for his president; he demands the demonstration at the airport entrance be dispersed. McGarrett refuses, asking Kono to brief what he knows. Apparently, Jhakal's countrymen are planning a large protest of their own and it will only grow bigger the longer Jhakal stays. The airport administrator informs that senior mechanics are on standby and they have set aside Hangar 27 but the issue is not knowing what is wrong with the plane. Consul Koryo "anticipated that, Mr. McGarrett, and reserved a suite at the Lelani Hotel for President Jhakal". McGarrett is not pleased as the consul is proving to be a bigger obstacle than help. Danno floats the idea of chartering another aircraft but Consul Koryo shoots the idea down. Abbott, the airport administrator, takes a call -- Jhakal's airplane is approaching the field "they'll be on the ground in minutes".

Inside the aircraft the pilots receive their instructions from the tower. They will be landing on "landing strip two ... touchdown speed not to exceed 225 miles per hour". Alec takes command as John checks the flaps and landing gear. In the back, Jhakal realizes his stop in Honolulu is most unwelcome.

Danno and McGarrett park on the tarmac in anticipation of the landing. Everyone, them and Meilang, watch the airplane make its final approach. Meilang rushes the checkpoint going full speed onto the airfield with HPD pursuing. McGarrett and Danno soon spot the truck as sirens wail and they join in.

Act Two

As the aircraft makes its landing, Meilang is pursued. Danno manages to maneuver the Five-O car in a position where McGarrett can shoot out the front tire. Meilang is given no choice but to stop and surrender. Jhakal's plane lands without incident.

At the plane, McGarrett talks to the lead mechanic (Michael Morgan) about how long it will take. "The captain wants a complete check," which means 24 to 36 hours. On board, McGarrett conveys the timeline to Jhakal and his entourage. As well as the security plan which includes Kono taking Jhakal's place at the reserved suite. Jhakal then bashes the U.S. and its "climate of violence" to which McGarrett retorts that it's being caused by his own countrymen. Consul Koryo steps in trying to bash McGarrett by saying he's a cop but it backfires. "Exactly, and I'm concerned with facts not opinions". McGarrett's attempt to move is thwarted by Jhakal who asks about the would-be assassin and expecting him to be severely punished. McGarrett makes it clear they are in the sovereign State of Hawaii and they are to play by the rules of law applicable to the state, not their country. He orders Danno and Kono to make the necessary arrangements for the swap.

The demonstrators are picketing at the airport entrance. When Banu tells Mickey they're moving Jhakal, the group moves out to create a human chain to disrupt the transport. Under a full police escort, a limousine drives away from the airplane and off airport property where they run into the protestors. The motorcade stops with Danno getting out to talk with them. Danno cites "traffic ordinance 7382" as they stop chanting long enough to hear him. When they accuse Danno of helping Jhakal, "I don't work for Jhakal". Those who are sitting stand and all of them start surrounding Danno who keeps stepping back eventually to the point the motorcade can pass without hitting anyone. After the motorcade passes, Banu hatches a new plan -- one more violent than protesting.

The two men meet up again at the airport entrance now knowing Hangar 27 is going to be used. They return to the hotel. Meanwhile, the rest of Five-O's plan goes into action including using a catering truck to transport the real Jhakal. Jhakal makes his own preparations by handcuffing a pair of briefcases to the wrists of his bodyguards. As well, McGarrett stops Consul Koryo from accompanying the entourage until Jhakal overrides the decision. However, it does not stop McGarrett from frisking the consul causing the latter to come unglued. They enter the catering truck and Danno starts driving.

Act Three

Danno drives off airport property towards Honolulu and the back entrance of a hotel. The entourage disembarks as Consul Koryo takes his leave of Jhakal. McGarrett orders Chin to tail the consul because "Jhakal doesn't trust anyone, neither do I".

A cab drops Consul Koryo at the Ilikai Hotel as Chin shows up less than a minute later. Chin follows him to the pool where he meets the two men from before.

McGarrett takes a call from Chin in his office. The men are identified as "Hood-Clovis and Walters" and McGarrett passes the names to Danno for a check. He orders Jenny to call HPD to put extra security at Lelani Hotel "as though Jhakal was really there". McGarrett counters, "Kono is. And a bullet marked for Jhakal won't detour for him".

Banu sneaks into the Lelani Hotel pretending to be a member of housekeeping. She puts a gun in a leg halter under her uniform. A man delivering room service is frisked by HPD before entering. Shortly after, Banu approaches with several towels. They allow Banu entry after inspecting the towels in her arms but they don't search her! She goes to the back closet where she pulls the gun out sight of the officers in the room and makes her move around the door. Taking aim, "for my mother and father," Kono turns at that point and Banu realizes her mistake as the two HPD officers tackle her making the gunfire into the ceiling.

Act Four

In McGarrett's office Danno gives the run down on Hood-Clovis and Walters: "Hood-Clovis, Malcolm. No alias. English national. Arrested for burglary in California. Served two years. Also served time in the Union of South Africa and Australia. Not wanted for anything at present. Walters, Earl. Alias Bert Harman, alias Martin Hager. Indicted twice for armed robbery. No convictions. Drafted by Army, currently listed as AWOL from 53rd Chemical Warfare Battalion. Stationed in Utah". McGarrett wants the bottom line: their connection to Consul Koryo. Speaking of him, Chin calls in reporting he is meeting with Savang at the latter's house. McGarrett theorizes the pilot is in on the plot too and there was "no mechanical failure".

Hood-Clovis and Walters climb up to where Jhakal is really staying. On the other side of the curtain, Jhakal is going stir-crazy even abusive to the HPD officer (Frank Atienza) who tells him to stay away from the windows, McGarrett's orders. Outside, Hood-Clovis and Walters unpack the bag they brought -- two gas masks and a cylinder of something, which they inject into the room.

Savang isn't happy about being taken to McGarrett's office. He explains Consul Koryo is a personal friend. But they are political enemies McGarrett points out receiving pushback from Consul Koryo, "A man's politics are his business". McGarrett moves on to Hood-Clovis and Walters who are known criminals. Consul Koryo denies any knowledge of their criminal activities. McGarrett takes another call, this time informing him of the attempt on Kono's life by Banu. McGarrett tells it straight, "I don't threaten anybody, professor. I'm telling you that the charges against your granddaughter can be greatly influenced by your cooperation or your lack of it". Savang tells McGarrett of Jhakal stealing from the country's treasury and their plan to steal the $10 million in transit but to return it publicly so that Jhakal could be overthrown. McGarrett has heard enough and takes off out of the office with everyone else following.

The Park Lane speeds towards Jhakal's location. Hood-Clovis and Walters break in with everyone unconscious on the floor. They hurry to the briefcases and proceed to remove them from the bodyguards' wrists. Walters is nearly finished when McGarrett breaks in the door. They scuffle with Walters being subdued. Hood-Clovis takes a shot before running but is stopped by McGarrett at the sliding glass door and Danno from below. After dropping his weapon, Hood-Clovis is taken into custody by McGarrett. The gas is non-lethal and should wear off in about an hour. The four briefcases are impounded "for material evidence" in addition to Savang and Consul Koryo arrested for their part in the conspiracy.

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