S02E03 - “Forty Feet High And It Kills!” - Plot

(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)


A car drives fast out of Diamond Head Tunnel, turning quickly onto the road to Makaha Valley Weather Tracking Station. Four Chinese men (Winston Char, Gary Ah Vah, Milton Mau, Bill Fong) get out of the car, entering the station via the roof. They overpower three guards to access the system. Once completed, one of the men calls Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh), at first seen in shadow, to inform him, "The objective is secured." Wo Fat orders, "Transmit the warning in exactly 11 minutes."

Act One

McGarrett arrives at a seminar hosting "the free world's ten greatest minds on the subject of genetic engineering." He is greeted by John Padway (William F. Bigelow II), they recall seeing each other in Korea several years before. Padway is there to ensure nothing happens to the scientists. As McGarrett and Padway watch, a lively debate takes place between Dr. Crighton (Wright Esser) and Professor Harold Lochner (Will Geer). Moving in to break up the debate/argument is "Miss Lochner" (Sabrina Scharf), Lochner's assistant and the professor's daughter Victoria. McGarrett comments, "Prettier than mine, I'd say." She leads Lochner away and admonishes him slightly for his verbal scrapping with Crighton. Lochner says, "He's a classic example of inadaptability in hormones." After Victoria sends him off to take his medication, Padway calls her over and introduces her to McGarrett.

The clock shows 10:15 at the weather station. The typewriter/teletype prints out an earthquake message, warning of a sea wave with "tsunami intensity."

McGarrett takes Victoria to the beach where they watch activities in the Waikiki surf. He asks her about genetic engineering. As assistant, she takes notes, but this does not equate to understanding them. However, she says, "It's the science of expediting the process of evolution by stepping up the favorable mutations." McGarrett is skeptical and asks how it works. Miss Lochner reveals her father has discovered a "revolutionary" process and is supposed to be presenting his findings that afternoon. McGarrett presses by asking what could happen if the wrong people wind up with this new process. Focusing on surfers, he changes the subject, "Are you gonna stay around a while, or are you going back to the mainland as soon as the conference is over?" She smiles.

Danno calls over the radio, interrupting McGarrett's moves. Danno briefs the wave is closing in "South-by-east ETA, 35 minutes. Evacuation orders are going out now." McGarrett motions for Victoria to get into the car. McGarrett gives a list of what needs to be done, including bringing in off-duty personnel, notifying Padway to evacuate the villa and send out a red alert. Once off the radio, McGarrett explains to Victoria how serious a tsunami is and how a wave in 1960 nearly took out Hilo. She is immediately concerned about her father and McGarrett assures her they've been warned to move to higher ground.

At a command post, evacuation orders go out via telephone. A television broadcast gives a time of the wave's arrival "within 30 minutes." Cars pull away from the villa, wasting no time. Lochner asks about his daughter as he is forced into a limousine, the last car driving away from the villa.

The Chinese men seen in the teaser have left the weather station, and have set up a roadblock, donning Civil Defense armbands and helmets.

In McGarrett's office, more equipment is brought in and a controlled chaos takes over. McGarrett observes, "Island's tied up end to end." Both Chin and Danno tell McGarrett the plans aren't working because everyone -- the public and authorities -- received the warning at the same time. Danno tells him, "HPD reports most of their men had no time to reach their posts." He tries to go on but is stopped by McGarrett who asks for an updated ETA -- it's "nineteen minutes." A phone call comes in on McGarrett's red phone from an admiral. McGarrett tells the Five-O team the observatory cannot be reached because "All landlines are out", no other station has picked up the alert and the FAA and Pacific Director were not notified. Breakdown? McGarrett hypothesizes, "Not the way I read it. I think this whole tsunami is a hoax."

Kono and Chin drive to the weather station with an HPD backup. Once inside, they find the guards gagged and tied. Chin calls McGarrett, "We've been well taken."

Act Two

A limousine carrying Dr. Crighton and several others from the villa approaches the bogus roadblock. The First Chinese looks over the occupants, talking about how the roads are jammed. He's interrupted by the escort in the car, "we have precise orders," the car is waved through. No sooner does the first car drive off, the second limousine drives toward the roadblock. Once this car is stopped, the First Chinese opens the door asking Lochner to step out but is stopped by the escort, who steps out himself asking who's in charge. A gun is then held to the driver's head, forcing Lochner out. When the Chinese address Lochner by his name, he tries to fool them into believing he is actually Dr. Crighton. This ploy fails, but only after they verify his picture. They lead Lochner to their car at gunpoint. Once inside, he is chloroformed as they disable the limousine.

In McGarrett's office, they already know Lochner has been taken. Several security checkpoints call in secure with the docks still in progress. McGarrett is not happy, "progress isn't good enough." Padway walks in telling McGarrett, "Four men, oriental, all wearing civil defense helmets," adding Lochner attempted to hide who he was.

McGarrett steps out to the outer office to talk to Victoria. She doesn't understand why her father was targeted. McGarrett explains the kidnapping could be connected to his revolutionary discovery in genetics. He goes on to tell her that Oahu is "40 miles wide, 65 miles long," and the kidnappers have not had time to take him off the island. On the bright side, Lochner has tried to "outwit them once" and McGarrett believes he won't stop until he's free. When she asks who is responsible, McGarrett gives her the only answer he has, "Four orientals".

Dockside, Lochner comes out of his haze and introduced to Wo Fat who emphasizes Lochner's genius. They discuss genetic engineering at length with Wo Fat musing, "Through the science of genetic engineerin, for the first time since the dawn of creation, man will control his destiny. He will have the power to determine and transform future generations, a society where genius will be the norm." Lochner laughs and points out that man, with all the manipulations, cannot outperform nature. When Wo Fat tells him the "rest of the world" will supply the workers, Lochner figures out Wo Fat's plan for China to be atop the heap, "support the master race This time it'll be your country, I suppose?" Wo Fat counters, "Well, it has to begin, and somewhere." Lochner rains on Wo Fat's parade, "Not with my help, it won't."

Wo Fat informs Lochner he has been "appointed director of the Institute for Genetic Engineering at Peking, the very first of its kind you'll have unlimited financing and assistance." Lochner scoffs and laughs at the prospect, "I'd rather have a sandwich." Explaining he will be going to Peking, Wo Fat continues to spar with Lochner, who considers Wo Fat, "a maniac." Wo Fat is so sure of his plans, he informs Lochner they will be leaving "within the hour." At this point, Lochner informs Wo Fat, "genetically speaking, you've already lost your little game," and tells Wo Fat about his diabetes -- a fact hidden by Lochner for years because he loves his work and he considers his health "secret, personal." Lochner then smashes the only bottle of insulin he has with him. Wo Fat is impressed, but informs Lochner they will acquire more insulin from Lochner's "place of lodging." Wo Fat walks out followed by one of his men.

McGarrett speaks to the governor on the phone, advising him they still have nothing. After hanging up, he turns to Victoria asking for everything about her father. Because little to nothing is known about the kidnappers, they must start with the victim. Victoria isn't sure where to start, or for that matter which man -- the public figure or the private man "who's warm and real and exasperating?" Victoria is at a disadvantage as well since she has only recently gotten to know him (the last two years). She answers McGarrett's question if he will resist, "My father is proud and loyal and stubborn. He'll fight them every step of the way as long as his strength holds out." McGarrett asks about the medication she reminded him to take at the villa. Victoria hesitates until McGarrett assures her the long-time secret will remain that, secret. "My father's a diabetic," is the answer. Once McGarrett determines how much insulin Lochner carries with him and where the rest of it is kept at the villa, he calls Danno and Chin sending them to the villa.

The First Chinese sneaks into the villa and the room where Lochner was staying. Finally securing the insulin, he runs out leaving the refrigerator wide open. In the yard, a running gunfight ensues with Danno and Chin giving chase. As the Chinese climbs the fence, Danno shoots him but he still manages to make it over and escape, albeit slower.

Act Three

The First Chinese drives erratically finally finding a phone booth. Stumbling into it, he struggles to place a call to Wo Fat reporting "it was not successful," before passing out and caught by Danno who was following him with Chin. Chin picks up the receiver but Wo Fat hangs up. Chin then calls for an ambulance.

Wo Fat contemplates his next move as Lochner continues to mock him. The First Chinese is identified as "Ling Po" as Wo Fat tries to figure out how McGarrett deduced they would go to the villa. Lochner is intrigued about "McGarrett" saying "may his dominant genes replicate." As Lochner laughs at him, Wo Fat knows he still has the problem of acquiring insulin. Lochner complicates this problem -- it's not a matter of insulin but rather a specific type of insulin. Wo Fat thinks he's bluffing but Lochner knows he has the upper hand because diabetic collapse is inevitable without the proper medication.

Ling Po is wheeled into a hospital treatment room past McGarrett and Victoria. McGarrett walks into the room, "I've gotta talk to him, doc." The doctor nods, "you can try." Ling Po is semi-conscious, at first not responding to McGarrett. The only clue he gives up: "Wo Fat will kill you." McGarrett leaves the room. In the hallway, he stares down Danno, Victoria and Chin who are waiting. At the mention of Wo Fat's name, Danno and Chin look at one another but Victoria is confused. Once McGarrett explains Wo Fat's role in the "Pacific-Asiatic theatre," Victoria connects the dots -- they want to take Lochner to China! McGarrett also explains Lochner can't go anywhere without his insulin.

Brainstorming, McGarrett tries to figure out where they would go to gain a supply. At this point, Victoria digs in accusing McGarrett of putting National Security over her father's life, "Better dead than red?" Dumbfounded, McGarrett lays it out: if Wo Fat is able to obtain an insulin supply, they will never see Lochner again. But if Five-O can intercept, there's a "good chance" Lochner can be found. After contemplating her choices, Victoria tells him a supply was bought at a pharmacy "in the Japanese section." Happy she chose to cooperate, McGarrett orders his men to "Tane Seto," presuming that Lochner will tell Wo Fat which pharmacy to go to, "I'm gambling that he'll realize it's not only his last chance, but it's ours." They set the plan in motion -- stakeout and to let them walk away with the insulin.

At the docks, Lochner becomes weaker with each passing moment. Wo Fat doesn't want to lose Lochner in this manner and he begs the professor to remember his prescription. Even in his weakened state, Lochner still shows his stubborn side. Wo Fat seems to give up, telling Lochner, "you may leave whenever you like." One problem, Lochner can't move -- he's now stuck in Wo Fat's clutches. He has no choice but to give Wo Fat the pharmacy information.

Act Four

One of the men knocks on the door to the pharmacy. Speaking Chinese, he explains he needs an insulin supply for Lochner. The pharmacist obliges and the man is soon off with the insulin. Across the street, Chin reads a newspaper. As soon as the car is out of sight, Chin calls into McGarrett giving the license number and direction of travel.

From his office, McGarrett coordinates the mobile surveillance. Kono is in "Car 6" and the first to pick up the "blue sedan". "Car 3" is Danno, who proceeds to "the corner of Mooheau and Hilo." An unknown HPD or other Five-O officer is in "Car 4." McGarrett sends Car 4 to "the corner of Lipoa and Kalani." Chin is now in "Car 7," ordered to the corner of Hapuu and Kalani."

The sedan turns left/west onto Okana Road as Kono continues straight. McGarrett repositions him at "the intersection of Kalani and Hookoe." Because of the turn, Chin goes to "the intersection of Okana and Hapuu". While enroute, the blue sedan passes him still proceeding west on Okana Road.

Making notes on his transparent board, McGarrett tries to figure out where the car is going. McGarrett lines it out as Chin continues to follow. McGarrett orders Car 4, "Proceed west on Kalani to the corner of Kahu, and make it quick." He then calls Car 3, "Danno, proceed west on Hilo to the comer of Kahu." Just after this, Chin reports, "The sedan just turned north on Kahu Street." Getting a fix on Car 4, McGarrett wants him to pick up the sedan as it goes through the intersection. Danno picks him up at the Hilo intersection and reports, "Sedan just turned west on Amua Place looks like Pier C." With this new information, McGarrett orders all cars "Proceed to Kahu and Amua and hold. Repeat, Kahu and Amua and hold." He then rushes out of the office with Victoria in tow.

The sedan delivering in the insulin drives into warehouse on the pier. Meanwhile, McGarrett arrives, ordering the harbor sealed via radio. With the correct insulin in hand, Wo Fat prepares the syringe and injects Lochner. His men chloroform Lochner in preparation for the trip to Peking and lay him inside a wooden crate. Outside, McGarrett orders the warehouse surrounded and for Victoria to stay put. Grabbing the bullhorn out of the Park Lane, McGarrett enters the warehouse calling to Wo Fat. After walking past a few conexes and several stacks of boxes, McGarrett stops as Wo Fat emerges. They verbally spar for several minutes with Wo Fat feigning ignorance as to the location of Lochner, but McGarrett doesn't buy it. He proposes a trade: "Professor Lochner, alive and unharmed, for your free passage." Wo Fat relents, leading McGarrett to the crate.

Stepping outside, Wo Fat gets the attention of the crane operator and motions to lower the crate. On the ground, Wo Fat hands over the keys and McGarrett proceeds to unlock the crate. Four HPD officers remove Lochner from the crate. Wo Fat also gives up "the resuscitant" as he warns McGarrett their next meeting will end in Wo Fat's favor. Wo Fat takes the men he has left and boards the ship. McGarrett shifts his focus to resuscitating Lochner as Danno and Victoria run out of the warehouse to where they are. With father and daughter reunited, the ship begins to move as McGarrett and Wo Fat stare down one another.

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