S010E23 - “A Stranger In His Grave” - Plot

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Act One

A cane field is ablaze where workers find a body. The coroner (Winston Char) reports the body "was dropped from a plane" and he's probably been dead four months. He suggests tracing dental records because "he's had a lot of expensive work done". Guess who get to track all that down? Danno, Chin and Duke talk to dentists around Honolulu concerning their 'John Doe'. It's an all-day affair coming up blanks.

Nelson Bodine (John Hillerman) visits a senator (Ed Sheehan) and his wife Carla (Joyce Nizzari Hogan) on their boat. Once Carla steps aside, the men talk business. The senator wants in on the "deal" for $250,000. Bodine leaves telling the senator to be ready to move.

Bodine moves on to his next appointment with Katie (Laraine Stephens) to talk price. He makes sure she has "clear title" which she does as of that morning. Bodine writes a number down, "this is what the Gamma Corporation is prepared to pay". The figure he wrote is $3,500,000!

Danno walks into McGarrett's office dead on his feet, "I haven't pounded so much pavement since I was a rookie". There's a few more to go and McGarrett hands letters from dentists on neighboring islands, which are dead ends. All seems lost until Chin calls in with a positive identification! Their 'John Doe' is Frank Kealoha and "lived on a ranch on Kenea Road in the Wahiawah area". McGarrett and Danno run out.

Bodine talks into a recorder in his office. Once he's completed, he calls in Alice (Barbara Bingham) to take the tape to the post office. She is nothing more than a glorified gopher because there are no real secretarial duties for her. She does what's she told though and puts the tape into Box 10282 where a man wearing a cowboy hat (Ted Markland) picks it up.

Katie is riding her horse on the beach along with a boyfriend (Andrew Prine) on his own horse. They ride back to the house as McGarrett and Danno drive along the fences as other horses run in the field. They not only notice the horses, but Danno points out a private airfield on the property as well. The man introduces himself as Chadway, "I'm a friend of Mrs. Kealoha's" after McGarrett introduces himself and Danno, looking for Mrs. Kealoha. What's weird: McGarrett tells Katie they found her husband's body "in a cane field in the Wahiawah area". This is the same general area as the ranch! She is shocked to say the least, "I buried my husband at Good Shepherd Cemetery four months ago". It's McGarrett's turn to be shocked.

She sits sipping on a drink Eddie Clark, the guy in the cowboy hat, gets for her. McGarrett and Danno tell her there's no mistake as Dr. Henry Beamer made a positive identification from dental x-rays. She verifies he's Frank's dentist but she is really confused. McGarrett asks, "will you tell us about his death as you knew it?" Katie claims Frank died in an automobile accident and she identified the body based on his wedding ring, belt buckle and his watch. Just before they leave, Katie tells McGarrett and Danno her and Frank weren't getting along and were even considering a divorce. At the car, McGarrett thinks out loud again. Considering everything they know up to now Danno puts it simply, "sounds like a wife who didn't care, or a suspect in her husband's murder". Eddie watches them drive away.

In his office, McGarrett wants Duke to pull a full run-down on Frank Kealoha. Also, he wants Chin to get a exhumation order for the body in Kealoha's grave. As Duke leaves, Jonathan Kaye (Lyle Bettger) calls and Lani (Claudia Lowndes) puts it through on speaker. He's requesting McGarrett's help in finding a missing Treasury agent: Alan Sloan. His last known location was Honolulu "doing some undercover work" investigating money laundering. It wasn't mob stuff he was looking into but rather "respectable sources" from buyers paying cash and sellers who were willing not to ask questions. When Jonathan lists these sources, one of things that comes up is "horses". This immediately gets McGarrett's attention because of the thoroughbred broodmares on the Kealoha ranch. McGarrett sets Danno to dig on the ranch. He also suspects Sloan is "the stranger in Frank Kealoha's grave".

Act Two

At the ranch, Katie and Chadway discuss Frank and her current situation. She looks at the ranch as a way to become free because she knows she can sell it for a lot of money. Chadway hears her out and leaves afterward.

Alice drops off another envelope and Eddie picks it up. She also picks up an envelope, delivering it to Bodine. It reads: 'Make Deal Now'. Bodine calls Katie and tells her he's willing to buy within 24 hours. He calls his investors. Besides the senator, Dr. Morrison (George Herman) is also putting money into the deal but he's having second thoughts. Bodine threatens to cut him out altogether so Morrison complies. The investors put their monies into large post office boxes and mail to keys to Bodine at Box 10282. Alice gathers those envelopes and tosses them onto Bodine's desk. After dismissing her, he rips them open and the keys drop to the table.

McGarrett paces his office, he believes they have now have two murders on their hands. After all, the bad guys needed to put someone in Frank Kealoha's grave. The coroner calls with an identity for the body in the grave. McGarrett has a rare moment of giddiness, "ten-to-one it's Alan Sloan. Is it a bet?" Danno agrees. The coroner has bad news though, the body is that of "Harry Crayton". They discuss where they are now, which is back to square one with Sloan still missing and if Crayton was local. Worse than that, Danno makes McGarrett pay up, "you could, uh, lay a 10 spot on me". Duke comes in with better news: Frank Kealoha didn't have any syndicate connections, only one DUI several years backs and "played around a bit, but a hard worker". Duke also mentions that according to a friend, Katie is "shopping the ranch". The interested party is Bodine, who sounds familiar to Danno, "he's been up twice for extortion and tax fraud. Walked out on a technicality". McGarrett gets his first look at Crayton's picture but no one recognizes him.

McGarrett and Danno see Katie and she claims to have never seen him. McGarrett asks her where Frank was going when he died and she answers, "he said he had a business meeting". He usually held them at the Sunset Hotel in Honolulu. When asked why didn't she call if he knew where he was, she has an answer for that too, "I did that once. It turned out not to be a business meeting". Chadway who has been in the background suddenly interrupts. McGarrett then focuses on him, such as how long has he known Katie. Chadway is evasive and almost hostile, claiming harassment. As they walk back to the car, Danno is thinking along the same lines as McGarrett in that Chadway is going to be instantly rich when he marries her "and I think very hard about that". McGarrett wants a check on Chadway and Eddie.

Act Three

McGarrett is on his way to the Sunset Hotel, on the North Shore, when Jonathan calls. Treasury is losing their minds because they believe Sloan is in trouble. McGarrett asks about Crayton and Jonathan says Crayton was mentioned early on. Sloan's reports are enroute to Hawaii but have not yet arrived.

At the Sunset Hotel, McGarrett talks to the hotel manager (Norman Wright) who confirms Crayton stayed there quite often. He also remembers Sloan and points out Dr. Morrison on the golf course as someone they met with. Meanwhile, Bodine calls Katie and gives her directions as to where to meet. McGarrett talks with Morrison who didn't realize Crayton was dead, let alone murdered. McGarrett also tells him Frank Kealoha was murdered. Morrison tells him about Crayton investing money for him along with Bodine but he wasn't aware of anyone being murdered. Because Bodine's name has come up yet again, McGarrett knows Morrison is putting in part of the money for the Kealoha ranch.

Katie meets Bodine on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. She gives him the papers to the ranch and he gives her a case full of cash: $3,500,000 worth of cash! Bodine walks away, leaving Katie stunned.

McGarrett visits Bodine next. His maid (Marika Yamato) leads McGarrett to the back where Bodine is being walked on for a massage. McGarrett spells it out: he just talked to Morrison and Crayton was "just dug up" out of Frank Kealoha's grave. Bodine also denies knowing anything about the murders. Bodine explains he worked with Crayton but he never saw Crayton again after going to the Sunset Hotel. Bodine also talks about a letter arriving from someone who had dirt on him but could also get Katie to sell the ranch. Bodine agreed. Everything was "done by phone and mail". McGarrett leaves Bodine with his nightmares of dealing with the DA and the IRS.

McGarrett returns to Five-O briefed by Duke on Chadway. He seems to not have existed until about two weeks before Crayton and Frank were murdered. McGarrett has a face-to-face with Chadway to gain some employment history. But what he's really after is Chadway's fingerprints. The waitress (Laura Sode) is skeptical but allows McGarrett to take a glass, knife and fork. Arriving back at Five-O, McGarrett hands the articles to Danno who runs them to the lab. He gives Duke the list of employers Chadway listed to run them down. He hands the receipt to Lani for lunch and "extras".

Chadway returns to the ranch where he tells Eddie to "stash" the car, get the jeep and "hang tight". He runs inside to Katie. She's pacing because she's confused by everything that's happened. Things turn for the worse when Chadway pulls a gun on her, "I think it would be best if I handled it".

Act Four

McGarrett is bugged by a missing piece in his office. He and Danno piece together what may have happened between Crayton, Frank Kealoha and a mysterious third party. Not necessarily Katie, but more likely Chadway. McGarrett suspects Sloan has changed his identity and is trying to run off with the money by himself.

Katie puts it together: Chadway and Eddie killed Frank so they could get the ranch for themselves and reap the benefits. Chadway confesses to arranging the entire deal with Bodine because he knew how he operated. Katie also realizes he's going to kill her.

Duke walks into McGarrett's office: the firms are real but they've never heard of Chadway. Also, Eddie has a pilot's license. The phone buzzes, it's Jonathan again. He's wondering how McGarrett has Sloan's fingerprints! McGarrett now has the final piece: Sloan has taken the name of Richard Chadway and he's doing some pretty sketchy stuff. McGarrett tells Duke to get an APB on Chadway and to get HPD backup at the Kealoha ranch. McGarrett and Danno run out to hopefully get there before it's too late.

Eddie drives up the truck and they all get in with the briefcase full of cash. They take off for the airfield just before McGarrett and Danno arrive. They climb into the airplane and the engine starts just as McGarrett and Danno get out. Danno checks the house as McGarrett races toward the airfield. McGarrett decides to chase down the airplane with his car while Sloan/Chadway fires back. Finding nothing at the house, Danno and two HPD officers jump into the patrol car and take off for the airfield. McGarrett is successful in stopping the plane as Eddie runs it into a ditch. The HPD unit arrives just as they stop. McGarrett yells at Sloan to get out. The two HPD officers arrest Sloan and Eddie while Danno retrieves the case and McGarrett gets Katie out of the plane. She tries to makes sense of it all and McGarrett helps as Sloan was "someone who was given a position of trust and betrayed it. He isn't the first one. Unfortunately, he won't be the last".

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