S010E22 - “My Friend, The Enemy” - Plot

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Act One

A yacht is docked at the pier in Honolulu named the 'Royal Prince'. Liana Labella (Luciana Paluzzi) attempts to board the yacht but it thwarted by the prince's (Aharon Ipalˇ) bodyguards. She gets an idea to board a boat opposite on the pier where a party is being thrown. It's a ruse to photograph Eleanor (Wisa D'Orso) and her husband. Rather Liana is photographing the prince and his bride (Darrah Lau) with a telephoto lens.

After the session, Liana talks to Captain Matsua (Lloyd Kino) to warn him of a kidnap plot against Prince Rashid or Princess Amina. Matsua doesn't necessarily buy her story and suspects she's making it up to get a byline. Infuriated, Liana storms out.

Danno reads the headline in the newspaper while waiting on McGarrett who is returning from a police chief conference. McGarrett checks out the headline, never hearing of a kidnapping prior to the crime. There's nothing on the plot itself and Danno was talked in circles by the editor citing "Freedom of the Press". When McGarrett asks about the writer, Liana Labella, Danno stumbles over his words, probably because he's secretly into the gossip columnists especially Liana! McGarrett refocuses, "Danno, let's get back to the facts before your libido is excited, huh?" He answers McGarrett about how Rashid and Amina are on a world cruise and their yacht was due this morning in Honolulu.

Liana arrives at the Star-Bulletin newspaper and immediately heads to the dark room. Meanwhile, Princess Amina leaves for the governor's garden party. As she is about to enter the limousine, Liana snaps a picture of Amina, her bodyguard (Jalaleddin Takesh) and the chauffeur (Bruce Wilson). Amina isn't concerned about the film; she doesn't want to be late to the event. As they drive away, they pass Liana walking in the parking lot and the Marquis Brougham.

McGarrett and Danno stop Liana, introduce themselves and ask her about the rumored plot. Liana stands her ground, not revealing her source but giving a clue it was told to her in Honolulu. McGarrett reminds her it's a serious crime and she should have gone to the police. Liana says she did but was basically blown off because the police "think I'm a crank who's giving false information". McGarrett isn't nearly as impressed as Danno is with Liana's tactics, asking if she thought about checking the truth behind the story before printing it. She answers there was no time and still won't reveal her source. She leaves them wishing them good luck in uncovering the plot since she's "working on a story". McGarrett tells Danno to tail her in the Marquis and to call Duke to pick him up at the pier. McGarrett also attempts to rein in his second and reminds Danno to focus on the task at hand.

McGarrett walks to the yacht and is led to Rashid. He meets with Rashid and his aide (Colin De Silva) to try to straighten things out and figure out what is what. Not much is accomplished but the Prince and McGarrett understand one another. McGarrett tells him, "I'm just a police officer concerned with your safety".

On a road, a guy (Geoffrey Heise) blocks the road because of an 'accident', forcing the limousine down a different road. This is after Eleanor is redirected as well. Giving the cover story, the chauffeur drives to a dead-end. Shortly after, the guy in the road shows up and Ali tells Amina to "lie on the floor". It's too late, the chauffeur hits Ali over the head and the other man moves in.

Rashid explains to McGarrett he'd like to be like every other tourist but alas, the duties as a ruler supersedes this. Omar, the aide, answers a call after informing Rashid of planned events. It's for McGarrett, Duke has a three-way patch with Danno who reports Amina isn't where she's supposed to be! Verifying she wasn't stopping anywhere and gaining the limousine service, Four Star, being used; McGarrett orders a helicopter to pick him up along with an APB on the princess and extra phone and monitoring equipment for the yacht with its technicians.

In the helicopter, McGarrett tries to get a handle on where the limousine could be. Danno tells him they have a pair of witnesses and while he on the radio, Liana asks them to describe the man and if he said anything. After searching, McGarrett spots the limousine not far from where Danno is on the access road. Danno takes off leaving Liana in the dust.

The guy who was on the road, Derek, carries Amina into a room where they are hiding out. She comes to and he has put a stocking over his face. He tells her they aren't interested in harming her, as long as Rashid cooperates "and we are not interfered with". Outside, the two men quarrel because the chauffeur can be identified and Liana was onto their plot. The chauffeur leaves with his gun equipped with a silencer to find the film Liana took on the dock.

Act Two

Danno and Liana arrive on the scene. McGarrett wants to know everything about the missing driver and sets Duke and Chin onto that. The witnesses are on their way to work with a police artist according to Danno. Liana snaps a bunch of pictures and is about the leave when McGarrett stops her. He's even less impressed than before because now the escapade includes murder: Ali, the bodyguard is dead. McGarrett and Liana argue again about her source. She still isn't budging and he tells her, "we also have something which is called a no shield law. Which means that any citizen is required to give information under these circumstances". Liana says she's not a citizen and it therefore doesnÕt apply to her. McGarrett has had enough, he orders Danno to take Liana into custody as a material witness. As he walks away, McGarrett asks Duke to tell Chin to get a court order and go over her hotel room "with a fine-tooth comb. I wanna see appointment books, address books, everything you can find". Meantime, Danno takes Liana in.

McGarrett goes to the yacht and reports what he knows to Rashid. They discuss Liana and the fact that she probably knows more than she's telling. Rashid is willing to pay her how ever much money, but McGarrett doubts it's about money. Rashid comes clean: Liana was a friend of Rashid's first wife, Princess Jemilla (Kathryn Leigh Scott) and when they split "Liana made me out to look a monster, casting aside so loving a woman". So there's history there.

In the HPD holding cells, a busboy (Terry Plunkett) arrives with a tray full of food for Liana. The jailor (Patricia Herman) surprisingly allows it. It's more of a ruse than anything because the busboy is her contact! Liana urges him to go to the police but he refuses because of concerns for his family. He's holding her to her word that she tells no one where she got her information. Later, McGarrett arrives and hits the roof! No special privileges for anyone! He once again asks Liana about her source, she once again refuses.

McGarrett goes to see Judge Maggie Parker (Keo Hughes) armed with fresh doughnuts. They discuss letting Liana out on bail. She points out he's within the law to hold her and while he knows that, he's willing to bend a little because he believes Liana is working on principle rather than plain stubbornness. He figures if Liana can roam around, she will eventually lead them to her source.

The chauffeur tears Liana's hotel suite apart looking for the film. Stuff is everywhere! When he sees her arrive out front, he hides in another room. Liana is shocked of course, immediately picking up the phone to call McGarrett. When the operator can't understand her, she slams it down and leaves. Good thing too, the chauffeur was about to take a shot at her!

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, Danno reports the limousine was clean. There's also nothing unusual for the missing chauffeur. McGarrett asks if Chin turned up anything, only her appointment books and they're being checked. McGarrett hands Danno the sketch and he leaves to get it out on the street. Liana storms in as Danno walks out. She screams at McGarrett because her hotel room/suite is a mess. McGarrett has no idea what's she talking about and explains they searched but left things the way they were found. McGarrett gives her other possibilities: Rashid's security men or the kidnappers themselves. Liana sits down, "you think to frighten me?" McGarrett tells her in no uncertain terms that her life is in danger. Whoever tossed her room could be trying to find her source too and rather than protecting the person, she could actually be setting them up. Danno walks in, Rashid has called and his ex-wife Jemilla is arriving from Paris and requested Five-O pick her up. McGarrett tells Danno to handle it then Liana leaves.

Danno arrives at the airport, getting out of the car, "you can get out now". Asking why she's there, Liana explains her and Jemilla are "old friends. Not that old". The women happily greet each other. Danno drives them to the yacht while they get philosophical in the back seat about freedom. Upon arrival, Omar greets Jemilla and lets her out but blocks Liana. Danno and Liana leave as Jemilla boards the yacht.

Inside, Jemilla talks to Rashid. McGarrett is there too, suspecting Jemilla carries a message from the kidnappers. Jemilla confirms McGarrett's suspicions and claims "the accent of the voice on the telephone sounded German". The demand is safe passage across the country for "trade goods," also known as drugs from the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea. Rashid is willing to make the arrangements immediately. McGarrett cautions him on the human toll and Rashid understands this. He hopes McGarrett and Five-O can find the kidnappers before the shipment is beyond his country's "domain" because he's willing to stop it once Amina is found. Rashid also drops a bombshell: Amina is pregnant!

Liana returns to the Star-Bulletin dark room but things don't go as planned. The fake chauffeur is in placing an ad for a lost dog when Liana goes into the dark room. The chauffeur gets a cup of water as Duke walks in. The chauffeur goes into the dark room.

Act Four

The chauffeur holds her at gunpoint demanding the film. Liana sets off the camera flash in his face and she starts screaming for help. Duke enters only to be splashed by development chemicals (they're mostly water but still toxic to the eyes!). The chauffeur pushes Liana towards Duke and runs out with her camera telling the staff to call the police.

In McGarrett's office, Danno finishes talking to Chin on the phone as McGarrett walks in. McGarrett asks about Duke, "he's okay. It's a lucky thing he wears glasses, Steve. It kept most of the chemical out of his eyes. The medic's treated him right on the spot". Danno also reports on the missing chauffeur, "he was murdered ... Fisherman found the body. But he was dead before he went in the water". McGarrett and Danno surmise a kidnapper was at the wheel and Liana saw him. Duke walks in, as McGarrett shows some rare emotion, with pictures Liana developed. Now the pieces begin to fall into place. McGarrett wants the photo circulated and Liana found. HPD calls because the kidnappers made a move. They wanted an immediate answer from Rashid and he gave in, hoping to see Amina again.

Liana is a beachside resort, tracking down her source, Pete the busboy from earlier. Liana urges him again to go to McGarrett but he sees the stakes as too high. Liana tells him she will be in Jemilla's bungalow if he changes his mind. Problem: Derek watches them talk.

McGarrett knows he doesn't have much time as the shipment has started across Rashid's country. Lani (Claudia Lowndes) puts a call through from Pete Kalua, Liana's source. Pete names names: Derek Franklin and Robert Paul, the fake chauffeur, were responsible for the kidnapping. McGarrett believes Liana came through for them. He tells Danno to get an APB on Derek and Robert and to let Duke know what's going on. Meantime, Chin is working the car rental angle.

Liana goes to Jemilla's bungalow where she's surprised by Jemilla to see Derek again after a long while. Liana's exclusive is their engagement. Shortly after Liana's arrival, Pete shows up with room service. Derek pulls a gun out and Liana puts it together: Jemilla is also in on the kidnapping plot and drug shipment. Jemilla goes off about "a woman scorned" and how she was spied on.

In McGarrett's office, Danno walks in saying the car rental is a break: Derek and Robert are still using it. Duke calls in and can't find Liana or Pete. McGarrett and Danno leave the office.

Derek and Jemilla take Liana and Pete to a van and while Duke can't stop them, he reports on the van to Danno. As well, the HPD helicopter tells McGarrett which way it's headed. Because they're not far away, McGarrett makes a u-turn and goes after the van. Chin radios in too: Princess Amina has been found and she's safe. Meantime, Derek tries to outrun McGarrett and the Marquis. Derek stupidly drives to an overlook with no way out. McGarrett immediately blocks him with the Marquis. He and Danno arrest Derek and Jemilla with HPD backup. McGarrett also lets out Liana and Pete. Afterward, McGarrett requests a patch through to Rashid to inform him Amina is safe. As he's waiting, he flirts with Liana asking her to dinner but she already said yes to Danno! But McGarrett is ready to pull rank and the viewer is left with nightmares: McGarrett and Danno dating the same woman!? Yuck!

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