S010E21 - “Frozen Assets” - Plot

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Act One

A limousine pulls into 'The Cryogenics Foundation' and is met by its director, Dr. Kenneth Kirk (Peter Lawford). The assistant, Norman, (John FitzGibbon) introduces Millicent Shand (Mildred Natwick) as she's interested in joining the Foundation. Dr. Kirk shows her around, giving her a sales pitch the entire time. The Foundation seems to be an assisted living/retirement center with many wealthy clients "23 of world renown, to be exact". Kirk also explains cryogenics to her and " our branch deals with the, uh, suspension and immobilization of the human body in temperatures as close to zero as possible". Kirk leads Millicent into a room where several people are kept in suspension. The Foundations "ultimate goal" is immortality. Millicent explains her heart is at the root of her medical problems and will make her decision on whether to join the Foundation "within the next 24 hours". Millicent looks over to one tag: 'Elizabeth Hubbard Jan 1978'.

Millicent talks to the governor next, calling him 'Sonny'. The truth comes out; she doesn't buy what the Foundation is selling for one minute, "what rubbish". McGarrett is in on the meeting and is somewhat interested. Millicent claims her friend, Elizabeth Hubbard, was murdered. Now she has McGarrett's attention. The biggest clue is a letter Elizabeth wrote Millicent the day she died. Yes, she was terminally ill but both Millicent and their doctor in San Francisco were both shocked Elizabeth died. Also in the letter, Elizabeth considered leaving the Foundation and a friend was certainly leaving. Millicent is certain she was murdered of which there are only three motives: "passion, fear or avarice". Millicent says of Elizabeth, "didn't inspire passion at her age nor, gentle soul that she was, fear. That leaves only avarice. She bequeathed $2 million to the foundation when she signed in. They've got it now". McGarrett believes they should look into it and Millicent is less than impressed demanding a "thorough investigation". The governor assures her of this and expects McGarrett to be as discreet as possible because the Foundation is "a licensed, reputable, scientific organization".

McGarrett's next move is to see Kirk himself under the ruse Elizabeth wrote her attorney on January 8th stating she wanted to leave. Kirk is surprised to hear Elizabeth wanted to leave and blames her "mental imbalance" on her illness. McGarrett finds that strange since she wrote she never felt better. While talking to Kirk, he also discovers the clients fund the Foundation when he brings up her will. McGarrett runs into a brick wall though when he mentions the need for an autopsy.

McGarrett then consults an attorney (Kwan Hi Lim) about the possibility of an autopsy. The dilemma McGarrett faces is that while he can get a court order to 'exhume', Kirk can get another order to stop it. The process of appeals and arguments could take years and lead them all to the Supreme Court. Kwan also points out, if her wishes were to be cryogenically frozen, "who has a right to come along and cancel her out?" It also begs the question: is she already dead? If not, an autopsy would do the trick. McGarrett theorizes that it comes down to Kirk's reaction: he wouldn't want a rich client getting away. Kwan finds it fascinating, "it could be a perfect crime".

McGarrett updates Millicent in his office. She's intrigued on how the Foundation is able to block an autopsy and thus murder cannot be proven. Millicent and McGarrett clash when she says, "ordinary methods won't work". McGarrett is unconvinced as Five-O is looking into the Foundation's finances and they're trying to locate Elizabeth's friend who was leaving. As Millicent thinks aloud and talks about a diversion, McGarrett implores with her to "leave this to the professionals" but she's having none of it with her mind already set with a plan of action.

Millicent signs into the Foundation, much to Kirk's happiness. After completing the paperwork, Norman shows up to takes Millicent to her physical exams. Back in McGarrett's office, Danno gives a rundown: "Kirk Foundation was incorporated nine years ago as a nonprofit organization. Managing director, Kenneth Kirk, assistant, Norman Pryce, five nurses in attendance, two physicians, research staff, two doctorates in biochemistry, two cryogenic engineers". Duke adds they have two bank accounts used mostly for payroll of 28 with the largest being $1200 per week for the gourmet chef. The real money is in the conservatorship: $17 million plus in trusts. McGarrett wonders if someone is "skimming" from "more than 40 signatories". The only unusual deaths, besides Elizabeth's, were two others: a heart attack occurring year and a-half before and an accident "a couple weeks ago". Specifically, January 8th, the same date as Elizabeth, for Malcolm Craigy. Chin has uncovered they all had the same nurse. The team is interrupted by a call from Millicent who informs McGarrett she has signed in to the Kirk Foundation. McGarrett isn't pleased but there's not a lot he can do. When she spots Kirk approaching from a distance, she hangs up.

Kirk visits Millicent, carrying her exam results. Kirk tells her there's nothing wrong with her heart. Kirk suggests what was seen was "an aberration" because it happens with EKGs. Millicent smiles surprised by Kirk's diagnosis.

Act Two

McGarrett visits Millicent next at her hotel and he isn't surprised by Kirk's reaction. Norman calls her as she talks to McGarrett and his news isn't as happy as Kirk's prior news. There's an issue with her pineal gland and McGarrett realizes what the Foundation is doing. They come up with terminal illnesses for their clients, especially the rich ones, as they don't want them to "get away". McGarrett sets up their lab to run tests on Millicent through Dr. Char (Winston Char).

Afterward, McGarrett goes to talk to Mrs. Sutherland (Leann Hunley) whose father was Malcolm Craigy. According to her, she wanted him to leave the Foundation and nearly had him convinced. Their plans were cut short because he was killed by a hit and run driver. Satisfied, McGarrett leaves after telling her more answers should be forthcoming.

At Five-O, McGarrett talks to Millicent with Danno asking, "How do you find a cure for smashed brains?" McGarrett theorizes Elizabeth and Malcolm became good friends and both decided to leave the Foundation. Malcolm even had plans to live with his daughter. McGarrett also believes the Foundation took him out before Malcolm could change anything in writing. When Elizabeth put the pieces together, she probably panicked and they took care of her too. At least, that's the theory. The phone rings and it's the lab. They verify what the Foundation lab found: Millicent is terminally ill.

Act Three

With her terminal prognosis in hand, Millicent decides to go back to the mainland and essentially leave the Foundation. Because she is planning to leave soon, Kirk talks her into staying long enough for a demonstration. Kirk's plan is to resuscitate James Royce (Fred Ball) who died six years ago from "Hodgkin's disease". The resuscitation is scheduled for the next day. Millicent agrees to postpone her mainland plans.

McGarrett is concerned because Millicent didn't return to her hotel. Danno tells him there's nothing on Millicent as far as airplane tickets to anywhere on the mainland. Another troubling part: the governor hasn't heard from her either. They're stuck, if they ask about her at the Foundation, they could alert the Foundation to Millicent's presence. However, they don't have long to wait as Millicent calls in and informs McGarrett of the resuscitation. McGarrett comes up with a plan so that Five-O can get their own eyes on what's happening. McGarrett contacts the power company.

In the storage/resuscitation room, spectators are seated in two above the floor proceedings. Kirk supervises as two technicians (Jimmy Borges, Lou Richards) work to bring Royce back to life. Norman runs out to meet the power company guys, actually Danno and Duke, and bitches about the science building being on backup power. A guard (Dan Taba) walks the hall and checks on them to make sure they really are bringing back the power. As the demonstration proceeds, Millicent watches with Norman beside her. Meanwhile, Danno and Duke sneak into a room overlooking it all. Norman adds legitimacy; "This process of normalizing temperature from minus 272 degrees has been going on for more than 24 hours now". Royce's temperature steadily climbs and at 99, they hold beginning electric shock. After several breathless minutes, Royce's heart starts pumping. The reactions are priceless: Millicent gasps as Danno nearly come unglued with Duke in shock. The nurses and technicians open the top and Royce opens his eyes. He eventually sits up and motions to take a drag on a cigarette. Danno and Duke look at one another in disbelief.

They're still awestruck in McGarrett's office but the boss isn't buying it. "What have you two been smoking? ... You're out of your gourds". Danno and Duke do their best, but McGarrett remains a non-believer in the "magic show". Dr. Char calls with a new development causing McGarrett and Danno to leave for the lab.

A nurse (Nobu McCarthy) walks into Millicent's room to give her a shot.

Act Four

The nurse reports back to Kirk stating Millicent won't let give her the shot. Kirk suggests adding it to her food in her dinner. Kirk ponders what this means.

Dr. Char lays it out: "the diagnosis was the same, but the degree wasn't". The other technician (Tommy Fujiwara) states glandular problems don't improve but the test results make it appear Millicent is improving. McGarrett wonders if it's meant to look like a glandular problem; following his hunch this may be all smoke and mirrors. While it may take awhile, McGarrett wants to know if Millicent's ailment is real or fake.

The nurse tries again at the Foundation delivering the dinner tray to Millicent only Millicent isn't in her room! The nurse hurriedly reports to Kirk what's going on. Kirk calls someone, presumably Norman, to tell him the news. Kirk orders the guards alerted and to monitor the gate. Kirk looks for her himself in the halls of the Foundation. Meanwhile, Millicent sneaks around and visits Royce.

At the lab, McGarrett and Danno are still waiting. Dr. Char wonders how something that could throw off Millicent's test results can be introduced without her noticing. But the waiting continues.

Millicent talks to Royce asking about his experience with death. Royce is reluctant to talk about his experience because "I've been told there isn't supposed to be any publicity on this". Millicent presses anyway, after all Royce has experienced the greatest of mankind's mysteries: death. Only after recognizing her as the creator of 'Henri Renault' does he describe his experience, "somewhere between heaven and earth. And waiting, and not belonging". Millicent finishes his thought because she wrote such a situation for her detective in one of her books; "it was his most successful case". Millicent leaves but not before giving Royce a sly stink-eye.

Dr. Char's technician emerges, triumphant in his hunt. He verifies McGarrett's hunch, something was put into her system that would react the same as a glandular infection. This would explain why the intensity of reactions were different between the labs. As they run out the door for the Foundation, McGarrett asks Char, "doc, will you call my office, please? Tell Duke and Chin to meet us out at the Foundation".

Millicent walks to Kirk's office ready to confront him and his sham of a business. However, he's out looking for her! Millicent snoops into his desk where she finds Elizabeth's file and takes it after prying the locked drawer open. Realizing if she hesitates too long, she'll surely be caught. She grabs Kirk's white lab coat and puts it on about to leave until she hears Kirk and Norman nearing the office. She sneaks down the stairs in his office, remaining out of sight as they discuss the book royalties Kirk is unwilling to let go of. The nurse runs in and reports Millicent was in Royce's room and Kirk discovers Elizabeth's file is gone.

Millicent attempts to leave the Foundation out the front but there's a guard (Daniel Cicogni) on alert so she formulates another plan by calling the gate to distract the guard to another part of the Foundation. It works and Millicent walks out the front gate. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno speed toward the Foundation trying to prevent anything tragic. Millicent walks the grounds in her escape but an ambulance stops. It's carrying Norman and a guard who chase her down, bringing her back to the Foundation. She's wheeled in under sedation and taken to the room where others are held in cryogenic suspension. Five-O arrives, bullying their way into the front doors and toward the "suspension room". Just as they are ready to put Millicent into "9-C" McGarrett and Danno barge into the lower level while Chin and Duke take Kirk and Norman on the upper level.

No worse for the wear, Millicent visits the governor telling him what gave it all away: "The Case of the Errant Memory" was written only two years before and Royce quoted from it when he was supposed to be dead! Millicent knows the title of her next book: 'The Case of the Frozen Assets' and tells McGarrett they "must" work together again. The governor tries, unsuccessfully, to shake his nickname, "Sonny".

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