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Act One

A woman (Valerie Charles) drives up to some cliffs overlooking Honolulu, crying as she does so. The doctor's voice echoes in her mind after she's been diagnosed with "a rare form of Parkinson's". She is an artist and the doctor tells her, "you'll never paint again" and it's this last statement that repeats itself in her head. She steps out and goes closer to the cliffs, eventually running along the top of the cliffs but falls to her death.

McGarrett meets a lawyer, Malcolm (Lyle Bettger) for lunch. He wanted to talk to McGarrett about an urgent matter: Addison Barlow's will. They mention Carolyn, his niece, who died "a few days ago" and committed suicide. She was the one who drove to the cliffs overlooking Honolulu. Malcolm explains the way Addison's will is written "it's almost like an invitation to the heirs to kill one another". Bottom line: Addison hated his family and has found a way for them to take each other out.

McGarrett rides out to the Barlow house with Malcolm. They meet Thomas (Eduard Franz), Addison's older brother. Thomas leads them inside where everyone has gather except Eugenie (Christina Kokubo) who refuses to be at the reading of the will. Malcolm introduces McGarrett to the family and David Thorpe (Anthony Caruso) objects because this is "a family affair". Malcolm retorts, "Uh, possibly more than family, Mr. Thorpe". Malcolm introduces everyone. Thorpe is Carolyn's father and Addison's brother-in-law. Laura Thorpe is Addison's sister; Riah Barlow (Helen Funai) is Addison's widow and Lawrence (Francis Kamahele) is his son. Malcolm gets down to business: besides "a few minor bequests to servants, institutions, charities and so forth," the will is a nasty piece of work. Addison insults every family member he has and splits his estate among them all as long as they are still living on the first anniversary of his death. The estate is worth "close to $6 million". As soon as the will is read, Laura keels over dead. McGarrett calls it and takes the small container she had of pills. He goes to the phone and calls Danno, putting Five-O on the case.

McGarrett stops by to see Anatole (Henry Woltag), a friend of his, who has the exact portrait McGarrett saw in the study where the will was read. Anatole wants to look over the portrait himself to see which one is a forgery.

Walking into Five-O with Danno, McGarrett explains Anatole Surat is an art expert even being consulted by the Metropolitan Museum in New York. If the portrait is a forgery, "then we'll decide whether it's Five-O's business." Danno wonders how McGarrett got dragged into it in the first place. "Please, don't ask." Duke walks in with a report from Iolani (Lydia Jade) and informs him Thorpe is waiting in his office. McGarrett and Danno go into McGarrett's office, greeting Thorpe. McGarrett reads the report: Laura had 11 pills, "eight of them were aspirin, three of them a virulent poison". McGarrett tells Danno to get a court order to exhume Carolyn and Addison so autopsies can be performed. Thorpe tries to protest but fails miserably.

Act Two

The next morning, McGarrett talks to Anatole on the phone. He found five forgeries in the home. McGarrett finds this strange and asks where Anatole get his painting. McGarrett and Danno leave for a gallery in the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Anatole examines a painting in 'Gallery Hawaii'. The owner (Sydney Lassick) loudly protests the implication he could be dealing in forgeries. He claims to have bills of sales for all of the Addison Barlows he has. Anatole offers his documentation as well. McGarrett wants to see all the paperwork. The owner offers help but he's visibly nervous. McGarrett, Danno and Anatole walk out of the gallery and Anatole takes his leave. He's relieved his $40,000 painting is authentic. Danno remarks, "a bit distressed? Boy, for 40 grand, I'd be a basket case". McGarrett retorts, "Danno, for 40 bucks, you'd be a basket case". McGarrett spots Lawrence in the mall, moving fast. He and Danno go around a corner to keep an eye on him. McGarrett wants Danno to keep him under surveillance and to call in Chin and Duke if necessary. "I wanna know where he goes and what he does. But most of all, I wanna know what his connection with Benileha [the gallery owner] is". McGarrett heads out to the Barlow house.

Lawrence talks to Benileha, needing money. They're both in a jam due to the recent visit from Five-O. Benileha "can't be as generous as I have in the past" and he's very hesitant to deal with Lawrence again. Ultimately, Benileha decides he wants two paintings and will pay Lawrence $20,000 for them. Lawrence wants in cash and leaves, sneezing on his way out the door.

McGarrett walks the grounds with Riah asking about Lawrence. Riah explains Lawrence is a gambler, driven to it by his father. Addison ruled as a tyrant and the only one who stood up to him was Eugenie. As they part, Thomas climbs out the wine cellar. McGarrett walks with Thomas discussing the forgeries found at the house. Thomas informs McGarrett Addison's eyesight was failing him and once the paintings didn't look like what he wanted, "he quit in disgust". Thomas also tells McGarrett about Carolyn and how she was a good painter. Thomas also does not speak ill of the dead, saying, "Addison wasn't always mean and hateful" but rather generous in giving Thomas a place to live, his clothes and his wine.

Lawrence drives out to Eugenie's place with Danno and Chin on his tail. Because the driveway is a dead end, Danno picks another spot to wait out Lawrence. Lawrence slashes a tire on his car before talking to his sister. He wants to borrow her car and she gives him crap for staying up all night gambling. She finally hands him the keys to her car and goes back inside. Lawrence goes to the garage opening a wooden storage bin where some paintings are kept. He grabs two and puts them into Eugenie's car. Danno and Chin keep their eyes open for any movement. Lawrence takes off out of Eugenie's driveway. Danno realizes the switch and starts to follow. Lawrence speeds up to try to shake them. He finds himself along a curvy section of road with cliffs on either side in some parts. Lawrence eventually loses control, barely missing an oncoming car. The car flies down a cliff, hitting nose first and rolls. Danno and Chin stop on the road and work their way down on foot. At the bottom they find the inevitable: Lawrence Barlow is dead.

Act Three

McGarrett flips through pictures of the crash site in his office. They discover the car belonged to Eugenie and she's the one Lawrence went to meet. Danno pulls up the two paintings found in the trunk, which are pretty pristine considering they just bounced around a car rolling down a cliff. Anyway, McGarrett isn't sure this was an accident and Danno will contact the lab to go over the car. McGarrett leaves to go see Eugenie and notify her of her brother's death.

Arriving at her house, McGarrett is met by Eugenie. Introducing himself, he breaks the bad news to her. McGarrett asks her about the paintings but she doesn't know anything about them. Saying the car was in the garage, McGarrett goes to look. There's nothing unusual until he comes across the wooden box holding the paintings. McGarrett believes Lawrence had a business of switching the copies for the originals and selling the originals. "Poor Larry. He was always needing money, always in debt". McGarrett moves on to Eugenie's relationship with her father and why she wasn't present when his will was read. She says she already knew what was in it. McGarrett informs her that her Aunt Laura was poisoned. Eugenie had no idea. She tells McGarrett her father bought the car for her.

Iolani briefs McGarrett on autopsy reports from the various relatives. Turns out, Carolyn was poisoned as well. Iolani claims she probably fell to her death and wasn't a suicide. Addison died of drug-induced asphyxiation and he was terminally ill. As well, the drug that killed Addison also killed Laura. Iolani has one last nugget and it's about Lawrence. He had antihistamine drugs on him except for two that were "deadly poison". This was the same poison used on Laura and Addison. About to leave, Danno stops McGarrett with parts from Eugenie's car. Someone tampered with the steering column! McGarrett wants Danno to call Eugenie to be extra cautious until the murderer is caught.

In his office, McGarrett has the Barlow family on his board trying to put everything together. The drugs and poison make sense but tampering with sports car is out of the M.O. It boils down to who's left: Thomas, Riah and Thorpe. McGarrett 'scratches' Eugenie because they know the wreck was meant for her and not Lawrence. McGarrett wants Chin and Duke to search the Barlow estate for anything that can be used to kill and wants HPD's assistance. Chin walks in with something interesting: the bills of sale Benileha has are useless. Addison's signature was forged.

McGarrett confronts Benileha about the entire scam between him and Lawrence. McGarrett claims Carolyn painted the copies and Benileha confirms it. McGarrett threatens to have Benileha arrested for dealing in stolen property especially if he doesn't cooperate. Benileha finally breaks, naming David Thorpe as the man behind the scheme. He also receives half the profits Benileha makes.

Act Four

Danno drives along the same road Lawrence was killed as McGarrett muses on the case. Something doesn't make sense to McGarrett as he's trying to figure out what would motivate a man to kill his wife and daughter. Danno stops where the car went over and McGarrett gets out looking over the valley with various quotes running through his head. Danno interrupts his thoughts by calling out. There is still something missing.

They drive to the Barlow house and meet Duke. Nothing has been found yet and Thorpe is nowhere to be found but everyone else is around the hose or grounds. McGarrett wants to see Thorpe right away and puts Duke on the task. McGarrett puts Danno onto finding Thomas and to keep an eye on him. McGarrett speaks to Riah and Eugenie warning them both to be careful. He also apologizes for the inconvenience of the room searches and his condolences on Lawrence's death. McGarrett meets Chin in a foyer, Chin can't find anything either. They go to Thorpe's room to see if there's anything.

Danno searches the grounds for Thomas finding the wine cellar door open. Danno calls out to Thomas who just tapped a new keg. About to take a drink, Danno stops him wanting to check it first. Danno states, "I think it's time you switched to Chablis".

McGarrett and Chin keep searching Thorpe's room. Still nothing! Danno returns to the main house where he believes he found arsenic in Thomas' wine. Thomas is okay of course, waiting in the study. It's Chin turn to watch Thomas as McGarrett and Danno go to Riah's sewing room. There, they fine her pins were "dipped in something". Duke walks in as Thorpe also waits in the study. McGarrett hands the wine and pins to Duke to have them analyzed by the lab. As Duke leaves, they all go to the study.

McGarrett has it out with Thorpe who admitted he profited from the scheme but denies killing Carolyn or Laura. McGarrett lays it out: whoever the killer is had to have access to all the instruments of death. Only one problem, Thorpe has never visited Eugenie and didn't even know she had a sports car. When Eugenie reminds McGarrett she told him Addison had bought the car, the last piece falls into place. While Thorpe may have been opportunistic, he isn't a killer but rather a patsy. Addison programmed their deaths with his plan to leave only Thorpe alive unable to defend himself against the overwhelming circumstantial evidence. The car, the exception to the M.O., was Addison's undoing. He wanted all his heirs to die, but thanks to Five-O, Addison's "icy hand" only grabbed some.

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