S10E19 - “When Does A War End?” - Plot

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Act One

Another typical workday on the docks, a man (David Dukes) walks to an office shack with a lunchbox. Setting it down, he pulls a line and the shack explodes seconds later. HPD and Five-O are on it: this is the "third bombing in two weeks" and the main worry is an uptick in terrorist activity. No witnesses to speak of, except one dock worker (Richard Vales) Danno talks to and only one injury in a building overlooking the dock. McGarrett sends Chin to get a statement from the victim. Duke tells him a report on terrorists will be waiting in his office when McGarrett returns. Iolani (Lydia Jade) finds a piece she can work with in the lab. Discussing the bombings with Danno, a common thread emerges: all the enterprises bombed so far are owned by Yuhio Muromoto (Bennett Ohta). McGarrett wants a full check on him including financial standing.

Muromoto orders his lawyers to find out how long their import business will be affected and how the man in the hospital is doing. His daughter Nancy (Donna Benz) readies some camera equipment and tells him they can put it off but he won't hear of it. She snaps several photos before being interrupted by his secretary Alicia (Anne Francis), "there's a call". He goes to his office, where he talks to the guy from the docks. The conversation is high-scale insanity.

At Five-O, Duke reports to McGarrett with the dossier on the local terrorist groups. No one is claiming responsibility, so it's probably not them. Danno walks in with "complete Muromoto: He arrived in the islands in 1950. He was 29 and poor, but he had relatives here. They're all dead now. Married a Japanese woman in 1951. Their only daughter, Nancy, was born in 1952. Nancy teaches photography in an adult education center. Muromoto's wife died last year ... After a long illness". Muromoto seems to be honest, at least at the surface, a "pillar of the community". There isn't anything on him prior to 1950. McGarrett leaves to go talk to Muromoto.

The conversation between McGarrett and Muromoto grows tense when Muromoto believes McGarrett is implying he has done something wrong. Since no one has contacted him for money and there isn't any unusual publicity, McGarrett says, "then I have to assume the bombings are a personal attack against you". McGarrett asks about any disgruntled employees and about his time before Hawaii including serving in the war. "A time I would like to forget". McGarrett knows Muromoto is hiding something, but he doesn't know what.

Nancy teaches her photography class, discussing the next day's trip with a female student (Ellen Boggs). When she readies a demonstration, the model is one of her students: the guy from the dock!

Act Two

McGarrett goes to the Consulate of Japan to speak to Mr. Sakata (Tom Fujiwara) to ask for his assistance. McGarrett needs more on Muromoto's background and the Consulate is the only avenue available to get it. Sakata is hesitant to pry into Muromoto's private life for several reasons including he's a U.S. citizen and many records were destroyed in World War II (WWII). When McGarrett tells him he's trying to prevent murder, Sakata agrees to look into it.

Nancy takes her class to a place in town where there is lots of settings including a nearby cemetery. Nancy finds 'Bill,' the guy from the docks, at the grave of Charles Mitchell, someone close to him.

McGarrett talks to Iolani at the lab where she tells him the 'bomb' is a grenade from WWII. Iolani checked with the Army, the grenade is part of batch stolen out of San Francisco. "The casings were 33 years old" but the explosives was less than a year old.

Bill packs a landmine in a wooden box when Mrs. Allen (Barbara Kelly) knocks on the door. Mrs. Allen natters on about Charles and being "a nut about the war". After Mrs. Allen leaves, Bill walks out with the wooden box.

Danno arrives at the Consulate to talk to McGarrett with Boyd (Joshua Bryant), a reporter, in tow. Boyd had been looking for McGarrett because " he's got something" for McGarrett. It's more than the Consulate has on this follow-up visit. Japan only has Muromoto's birth certificate and record of his wife's death. Chin is in San Francisco looking into the grenade angle. Boyd's specialty is scandal and he's been nosing into the Muromoto case. Boyd received an anonymous letter telling him to dig into the war record and he hands it over to McGarrett. He sets Danno to contact all the Muromoto properties to set up extra security.

At home, Muromoto reads a letter from his fiancˇe, she'll arrive in a month. The afternoon is going well as Bill arrives. Henry (Bill Valentine), the butler, tells Muromoto of a phone call. Everything stops as the news is about the cannery being bombed, although the stakes are higher now: someone was killed.

Act Three

McGarrett arrives on scene as firefighters cool down the building and the coroner station wagon drives away. Danno briefs him it was a landmine with dynamite this time. McGarrett isn't happy, forcing Boyd back behind the police line and being forceful with Muromoto. McGarrett thinks the attacks have something to do with WWII and he wants answers "fast". Muromoto continues to stonewall adding to McGarrett's frustration.

Bill drives Nancy home, stopping at an overlook on the highway. They talk about her father and it's obvious she adores him. They also talk about the bombings and now that the cannery is disabled, Bill tells her about a cannery located on another part of the island. They kiss.

Alicia nearly screams into the phone in Muromoto's office, tired of dealing with the other end, the crazy dude who is Bill. Muromoto orders the cannery closed for a week and "I want everybody on full salary". He walks into his private office, where a package awaits. Bill calls yet again, demanding Muromoto to come clean about his war record with McGarrett's help in calling a press conference. Muromoto opens the package and it's a bayonet wrapped in an old Japanese war flag.

McGarrett walks into Five-O with Boyd right on his heels. Boyd postulates the bombings are motivated by "World War II vengeance". McGarrett half-listens as Lani (Claudia Lowndes) takes a call from Chin. McGarrett picks up the phone in his office. Chin talks about a raid the night before of some arms dealers with one customer in Honolulu: Charles Mitchell.

Bill drives Nancy out to the compound in the middle of nowhere under the auspices of taking her to the second cannery. Nancy becomes concerned too late when she realizes there is no second cannery.

McGarrett and Danno check out Mitchell's apartment, asking who took over. "A young friend of Mitchell's ... William Barker". They recognize Bill in a picture on sitting on a desk.

At the compound, Bill ties Nancy to a post. Bill goes completely psychotic, putting himself into his father's shoes. From the compound, he calls Muromoto and threatens to kill Nancy unless Muromoto cooperates fully. Muromoto runs out of his house as Henry overhears the phone conversation.

Pieces begin falling into place: Nancy and Bill took off about 9:30, Mitchell and Barker, Sr. were WWII POWs in the Philippines and Danno points out a photo on the wall. Taken from a book, McGarrett tasks Duke with finding the book as he and Danno leave to talk to Muromoto.

Muromoto waits at the designated phone booth for directions to the compound. Bill calls, giving directions. Muromoto moves as Bill goes deeper into his psychosis, but revenge is still at the top of his list and he considers Muromoto a war criminal. Alicia, "a spy in the enemy camp," emerges from the building, seeking her own revenge.

Act Four

McGarrett and Danno talk to Henry who tells them as many details as he can. Duke tracks them down with the book found at Bill's apartment. Alicia signed it, providing the missing piece to the puzzle. McGarrett and Danno leave to find Muromoto and Duke sends out the APB on his car.

Alicia explains her actions, "years ago, he broke down and sobbed to me that the war had made him a monster". She is a woman scorned and uses everyone around her: Charles Mitchell and Bill to meet her ends.

On the road, McGarrett and Danno try to get a fix on Muromoto's car with the help of an HPD helicopter. Getting the location down, McGarrett rushes the Marquis there as fast as possible.

Muromoto checks his gun before stopping at the compound's gate. Bill lies in wait using Nancy as bait. Bill forces Muromoto to drop his gun. Bill ties Muromoto to the other post as McGarrett and Danno rush to the compound. They get ready to cut the fence and make it in in short order. Bill affixes a bayonet, readying to kill Muromoto. McGarrett and Danno find some grenades and they plan a diversion to stop Bill in his tracks.

Bill is about to strike when Alicia lashes out. Danno throws a grenade over the fence, giving the needed diversion. McGarrett and Danno surround the both of them, forcing the rifle down. Danno cuffs the pair and walks them away as McGarrett frees Muromoto and Nancy. Boyd shows up after all the excitement. McGarrett natters on about hate and war. "You think that will ever happen [does a war end]?" McGarrett answers, "It better. Oh, God, it better". Just like this episode, it thankfully ends.

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