S10E16 - “Head To Head” - Plot

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Act One

In McGarrett's office, the team preps Barney (Ernest Chan) for his "third buy." Their target is "number one" and he is given a case with a homing device.

Barney meets his contact, Sammy (Ron Nakahara) in a park overlooking Honolulu. McGarrett and Duke are in one car with Danno and Chin in the other listening in. Sammy takes Barney to another location, "toward the service area." Two other guys are waiting, a driver, Eddie (John Russo) and another hiding in the bushes (Charles Cioffi). The second guy hits Barney over the head, knocking him out. Sammy runs for it as this second guy searches for a wire on Barney. They put Barney in the back seat of the car and take off but not before putting the case with the money in a farmer's truck passing by.

McGarrett decides to "break it up." McGarrett and Duke chase the money while Danno sees Sammy running and goes after him on foot. Chin follows in the car. Avoiding detection, Eddie drives off. Sammy doesn't have such luck running through the park. Running to the road, Chin closes in fast as Danno chases him running of car roofs! Jumping Sammy, Danno catches him. McGarrett has similar luck with the truck but finds it was a decoy. "They probably made Barney." McGarrett and Duke "backtrack."

Eddie pulls into a quieter part of the park. The second guy, Jack, knew Barney in Denver and asks for Eddie's gun. Barney fights back when Jack opens the back door. Making a run for it, Jack shoots at Barney hitting him in the leg and then in the back. Eddie and Jack leave Barney for dead.

Sammy tells Five-O about "this bearded guy" who hit Barney but he didn't see much of him. He also tells them about Eddie but no one is buying his "gospel." Duke calls in as Sammy is being taken out. McGarrett hangs up the phone and turns his fury onto Sammy: "if he dies and you're not telling me the truth, you're gonna go the distance. And that's gospel."

Eddie drops off Jack suggesting they back out of the deal. Jack won't budge, "I got too much at stake. Besides, just a few days more and we'll have made it big." Jack enters his apartment making a phone call to someone named Marsh (George Grizzard).

McGarrett and Danno go to the hospital to console Barney's wife, Mary (Cha Thompson). The doctor (Ed Fernandez) enters with some bad news: Barney is gone. However, he said something before going under, ""Tell Mary I love her. And tell Steve it was Fabian."." McGarrett thinks it's 'Jack Fabian' whose testimony took down some heavyweights "a few years ago." McGarrett wants a full check and Danno starts making phone calls, even as Barney is brought out. He pauses long enough to look at McGarrett, who is still in shock.

Jack changes his appearance, much to the approval, sort of, of his girlfriend Luana (Joanne Nail). She asks outright if it's another woman but Jack denies it. Jack does tell her he won't be able to see her for a while but he wants her to pick up his laundry, "keep it at the shop." She tries to ask, but he reminds her, "no questions."

McGarrett and Danno return to Five-O and break the bad news to Duke. Sammy is working with a sketch artist on Eddie. The people who found Barney only heard the shots. On a bright note, Chin reports the lab found a set of unidentified prints on the case. McGarrett wants them checked against Fabian's when they come in from Washington. Danno suggests running them through the local DMV too. McGarrett gives that task to Duke. He also wants the sketch in circulation as soon as possible and sets Danno on that.

Jack picks up Marsh at the airport while McGarrett contemplates life in his office. Danno takes a call about Barney's funeral before Duke walks in with a print match from DMV: Fred Jackman. As well, Washington has nothing on Fabian.

McGarrett and Danno visit a house where Marsh is staying. McGarrett tells Marsh they believe Fred Jackman and Jack Fabian are the same and he's a wanted murder suspect. Marsh verifies this before showing his own badge: Justice Department! Marsh also tells McGarrett Fabian has immunity with the Federal Government and he's "off-limits to you."

Act Two

Marsh gives the history on Fabian when testified five years ago to put away some major players in organized crime thus the government granted him immunity. McGarrett points out the immunity works for past crimes and not for crimes committed since. He also is clear Fabian is wanted for murder and involvement in "a large drug operation." Marsh is in Hawaii because Fabian is willingly coming forward with names and dates "we've been wanting for a long time." Neither McGarrett nor Danno is buying Fabian's information but Marsh is all over it. Marsh refuses to budge, "I need Fabian more as an informant than you do as a mere suspect."

Marsh meets Fabian on a boat where information is exchanged. Marsh warns him if Fabian's using him, "you're gonna wish I'd turned you over to McGarrett."

In McGarrett's office, the team goes over slides of Fabian and his associates. The technician (Reri Tava Jobe) points out Fabian in all the photographs. There is a third photo showing Fabian, Eddie Rizzo and Harry Sunday (Beau Van Den Ecker). McGarrett wants a copy of this last photo to compare with the HPD sketch. He orders Duke to "tail him" once he's found.

In her apartment, Luana is prepping to take out the trash, only it 'clunks' on the counter. She finds a gun in the bottom of the bag wrapped in a towel.

Barney's funeral is held with McGarrett and the rest of Five-O in attendance. Marsh meets McGarrett and Danno as they walk back to their cars. Marsh calls in some big guns, namely Jonathan Kaye (Lyle Bettger). Jonathan tells McGarrett he can't help to which McGarrett lashes out, demanding justice for Barney. Jonathan makes it clear: "leave Fabian alone." McGarrett makes Marsh look over to what is left of Barney's graveside service, asking him if it's all worth it. Danno puts McGarrett's dilemma in perspective: "Steve, you promised Jonathan you'd leave Fabian alone, you promised Mary you'd get her husband's murderer ... Mind telling me how that works?" McGarrett's plan is to do an end-round: go after Fred Jackman.

Luana calls Eddie about the gun and he shows up at her flower shop. He takes the gun and after her insistence, he writes down where Fabian can be found. Chin and Duke are waiting outside for Eddie and follow him once he leaves the shop. Eddie tries to shake them but suffers a heart attack as he leads them on a chase finally hitting a fire hydrant. Chin and Duke get out to look closer with Duke verifying he's dead. Duke also finds the gun in the box.

Act Three

Danno briefs McGarrett on what happened thus far with the gun in the box. The girl is Luana Watkins and a check is being run on her. The coroner puts cause of death as heart attack for Eddie. Marsh shows up and is greeted by McGarrett in a snippy manner. The conversation doesn't go well as Marsh wants to pin the murder on Eddie but McGarrett isn't ready to say that. They "are still on a collision course."

Harry Sunday arrives in Honolulu finding everything he needs in a locker.

As McGarrett enters Five-O, Duke tells him the gun is the one that killed Barney. Bouncing ideas off of Danno and Duke, McGarrett believes Luana could be Fabian's girlfriend. They decide a visit to her is in order.

Luana receives a call from Fabian. He asks about Eddie and his laundry. Luana tells him she found a gun. Fabian calms her down and tells her they're going to leave soon. Meanwhile, Marsh calls the information from Fabian in to be checked. Luana leaves the shop and tells Suzie (Haidee Inazu) she'll be at home but stops short of telling her all her plans. It's enough though, as Harry overhears everything she just said. He follows her as she leaves just before McGarrett and Danno arrive. They speak to Suzie who tells them Fabian, Eddie and Harry have all been at the shop with Harry leaving just after Luana.

At her apartment, Luana packs but is interrupted by Harry who forces his way in, looking for Fabian but she doesn't know him by that name. HPD and McGarrett are on the scene quickly but not fast enough as Harry beats Luana. When McGarrett breaks the door in, Harry has time to get one shot off before escaping. Fortunately, Luana is still alive and Danno calls an ambulance. Unfortunately, Harry's alive too.

Act Four

McGarrett asks about Luana and the doctor (Electra Gailes Fair) takes him outside. Luana is under sedation and unable to talk at the moment, much to McGarrett's unhappiness. Marsh shows up here too. McGarrett spars with him again as Fabian seems to be leaving dead and injured people in his wake. Marsh explains his experiences: he hasn't moved up in 22 years and figured Fabian was his ticket to the top. McGarrett tells him he's not going anywhere this time either. McGarrett thinks someone wants "to settle an old score" and that's why Harry is in Hawaii.

Danno and Chin look around Luana's shop and find the package Fabian was so interested in: cocaine interspersed in the laundry.

Marsh returns to the office he's working out of and gets an envelope from the receptionist (Cathy Foy). The information Fabian has been feeding him is worthless!

McGarrett returns to Luana to get some information from her. She's still out of it and isn't cooperative at first. The doctor isn't very helpful either, demanding McGarrett leave. However, she relents, telling McGarrett where to find Fabian. Fabian calls the hospital from a payphone at the marina, hanging up before he gives away too much information.

Fabian goes to the boat as Harry pretends to fish and Marsh arrives at the marina. Marsh pulls his gun on Fabian, ready to take him into McGarrett. Harry surprises them both, shooting Marsh but being shot by Marsh in return. Fabian shoots Marsh a second time before running for it. McGarrett and Duke shoot back as Fabian tries to flee. McGarrett fights with Fabian in a dinghy before knocking Fabian overboard. Duke fishes him out and Fabian is arrested. McGarrett checks on Marsh but he's mortally wounded and doesn't have much time.

At the hospital, Luana begins to recover. She tells a different side of Fabian and McGarrett listens, knowing she's coming from the same place as Marsh. McGarrett steps out to the hallway where Danno is waiting. McGarrett asks for a ride to the airport to meet Mrs. Marsh. "What can you say? What can you tell her?" McGarrett quietly answers, "what she already knows: That my friend Al Marsh was one hell of a man."

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