S10E15 - “The Silk Trap” - Plot

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Act One

The 'Miss Pacific Islands Beauty Pageant' is in progress at the Honolulu Convention Center, down to 12 finalists. According to the emcee (Doug Mossman) the judges represent several parts of Asia with one from the mainland: "U.S. Congressman John Richard Carr" (David Birney). McGarrett and the governor are in the audience and quietly discuss Carr's potential White House run in 1984. The contestants are introduced one by one: Shelby Norton (Sheila Fox) of Australia and Jane Kuan (Carmella Letman) of Malaysia to start. Meanwhile, an envelope is delivered to Carr at the judge's table. It is a hotel key with a note simply signed 'Jane'.

Carr enters a hotel with the key. Opening the door to the room, Jane is waiting for him in a brand new silk dress he bought for her. They smooch and she offers to make drinks, when she does, she slips a drug into his. They take at least one drink before setting them aside and getting down to some serious kissing on the couch. In the adjacent room, a guy (Soon-Teck Oh) films the action. Carr eventually passes out as Jane begins to pace. The guy tells two thugs (H. Lee, Ben Jaus), "do it". They two go to the room where they pick up the glass Carr drank from and her bracelet that held the drugs. Not stopping there, one of them picks he up and throws her off the balcony. They take Carr back to his hotel.

The next morning, HPD and Five-O take over the hotel room. Danno briefs McGarrett they only have bits and pieces. "H.P.D. Got the call just after 4 a.m. Took a while to identify the girl. They called the Visitors Bureau, who called us and the pageant director," an Andrea King (Shannon Wilcox). They suspect she was meeting someone as the dress box is still in the room. Chin and Duke are already hard at work trying to figure who rented the room as well as talking to the night staff. McGarrett wants to know how much alcohol was in her system and sets Danno to the task.

Andrea arrives and immediately gives McGarrett a bunch of attitude. She alleges Jane was "kidnapped" because the girls are "kept very busy". Andrea has a 'the pot calling the kettle black' moment when she scoffs at McGarrett's attitude when he really doesn't deserve it!

Carr is still passed out in his hotel room when the phone rings. The guy filming is on the other end, telling Carr "turn on your TV. Channel 9". Carr complies, as a newscaster (Karen Ahn) announces Jane's death to Carr's horror. The man sets up a meet with Carr in 20 minutes.

In Kapiolani Park, Carr tells him he can't remember anything from the night prior. The man makes his intentions known: "as a chairman of the subcommittee, it will be a simple matter for you to de-emphasize Mr. [Wing Tai] Lee's role in any possible wrongdoing". Carr balks at the blackmail until the man shows him the film.

Danno talks to Andrea's secretary (Jo Pruden) who was also acting as Jane's chaperone. She tells him there was a rumor about Carr calling Jane but she's sure "it was just talk". At the same time, Chin and Duke talk to a hotel bellboy (Earl Alameida) who remembered Jane. He also recalls Carr entering the hotel late at night. Shelby Norton tells it straight to Danno, "We're all grown women. If one of us wants to be with a man, no chaperone is going to stop us".

Duke briefs McGarrett in his office. The name on the room was fake and it looked as if it wasn't used as there were no charges made and housekeeping verified the bed wasn't slept in. Their one lead is the dress box, from a store in the hotel mall. McGarrett wants to know if it was "a regular purchase or a gift" Danno walks in reporting the girls had ample opportunity to get out and "plenty of offers" including Carr calling Jane. Duke mentions the bellboy's comments about Carr entering the hotel. McGarrett likes it.

Carr arrives at the convention center to a throng of reporters. One, David Chang of the Singapore Times, asks specifically about the "Wing Tai Lee matter" while everyone else is interested in the Carr's thoughts on the pageant. Of course Chang is interested in the Lee matter, he's the man blackmailing Carr!

Act Two

The pageant continues as Shelby makes her way on stage for the talent portion. McGarrett approaches Carr and asks to speak to him alone about Jane's death. Carr is evasive, saying, "I'm married to, uh. A beautiful woman. Have been for nearly, oh, nine years". McGarrett tells him they know he entered the hotel at nearly 1 a.m. and he will want to talk to Carr again. In the background, Chang stalks on the staircase.

McGarrett calls Jonathan Kaye (Lyle Bettger) to find out Carr's importance. Carr is heading an investigation into bribery in the U.S. Congress involving Wing Tai Lee. McGarrett heard of "the Tiger of Sumatra" an underground leader "that gave the Japanese such a fit during World War II". Kaye confirms this information and asks for discretion concerning Carr. McGarrett agrees to a point, "if the man is innocent, you can count on my discretion, but if he's guilty, I'm gonna nail him to the wall".

Danno walks in with autopsy report: Jane had almost no alcohol in her system and "all the glasses were wiped clean, but the coroner found traces of a highly concentrated sedative on the first finger of her right hand". McGarrett realizes the "unknown guest" was drugged. McGarrett briefs Danno on the phone call: Carr is a known player in "Washington's party circuit". He wants a "loose tail" on Carr by Chin and Duke. I want everyone to remember that Carr is innocent until we can prove guilt. I don't want any mistakes here. We could end up doing an awful lot of harm".

McGarrett goes to talk to Ms. Karen Bauer, Andrea's secretary. Bauer tells him all was quiet there was no one out of place. There was some work she needed to do, letters to type, and she brought them back to her room. She was only gone 20 minutes but there were no other bed checks that night. Andrea storms down the steps accusing Bauer of "socializing with Mr. McGarrett" when she's supposed to be "supervising our girls". McGarrett takes up for Karen while getting major attitude from Andrea. McGarrett reminds her he's conducting a murder investigation and there will be questions needing answers.

Carr is at his hotel when his wife 'Kate' (Penny Kunard) shows up. He's confused as to why she's there, "something came up that changed my mind," she hands him a photo from that night. To his credit, Carr comes clean with his wife, telling her Jane is dead and there is film of them together. "And now you're being blackmailed". Chang calls threatening Carr with extraordinary lengths to get what he wants. Chang sets up another meet for the next morning. Carr also tells his wife that he doesn't know if he killed Jane or not.

Act Three

Back at the hotel where Jane died, Danno shows McGarrett holes in the wall big enough for a camera lens. McGarrett asks who rented the adjoining room; Danno says a description is being worked on. Based on this, McGarrett wants background on both Andrea and Karen. Chin and Duke are still on Carr.

Carr meets Chang near the War Memorial as Chin and Duke work their way around the walls to stay out of sight. Chang gives Carr an envelope and wants him to call a press conference essentially clearing Lee. Carr wants the witness mentioned in the papers to testify but he's recently died. Unfortunately, Chin and Duke are too far away to hear any conversation. Carr demands to know if he killed Jane and Chang promises him the film once Lee is "vindicated".

Danno delivers the information on Andrea and Karen. Karen is steady "one of the quiet ones" while Andrea is the total opposite. She was in the same circles as Carr in Washington along with Wing Tai Lee! Lani (Claudia Lowndes) puts a call through from Duke. Duke reports on the meet and identifies Chang as being from Singapore. The pieces are falling into place as he keeps Duke on Chang. Danno leaves to get a picture of Chang to show to the hotel. Chin walks in, double-checking who bought the dress: Carr. HPD is watching Carr at his hotel, by the way. Lani calls with some information: Carr's press conference is at 6 p.m.

Chang calls the two thugs with "another job".

McGarrett arrives at Carr's hotel room to talk to him. McGarrett wants to know what's really going on with the press conference and whether it concerns the Wing Tai Lee scandal. McGarrett lays it out: they know about the meet with Chang, they know he was in the same room as Jane the night she died, and they know he bought the dress for her. It all boils to down to Carr being a suspect in Jane's murder. Carr does his own laying out: his wife knows, the blackmailers sent her a photo of he and Jane, and Kate is going to stand by him. They discuss what happened and the fact that Carr can't remember anything. McGarrett tells him about the sedative found and how things make much more sense. McGarrett talks Carr into helping them nail Chang, which in turn will strengthen the case against Lee. They also discuss the temptation Jane was and how many couldn't resist. Carr has an excellent comeback, "point is not many men, it's congressmen, senators. We're supposed to be a cut above". After McGarrett leaves, Carr receives a call from Kate: she's been kidnapped!

Act Four

McGarrett drills Chang in his office, telling him about the envelope, the film and that he's blackmailing Carr. Carr walks in and folds. Chang plays innocent, causing McGarrett to release him. Once Chang leaves, the truth comes out: Kate has been kidnapped and Carr is desperate. As their voices raise in volume, Danno rushes in with a positive identity of the woman who rented the adjoining room: Karen Bauer!

Chang calls Andrea and tells her about his encounter with McGarrett. Andrea says she'll take care of everything and he needs to "go back to being a reporter". Chang happily hangs up believing he's gotten away with his crime. Andrea calls Otis and Reed, the two thugs, updating them.

McGarrett and Danno confront Bauer and she confesses she rented the room for Andrea. Based on this information, McGarrett wants a list of Andrea's phone calls. Danno gets on that task right away. Meantime, Andrea takes a seat toward the back where Carr will hold his press conference. Danno calls McGarrett and tells him about a call to a motel in Pearl City. McGarrett will meet him and "some H.P.D. backup" there.

Carr readies himself for the press conference while Reed and Otis sit in their motel room. McGarrett busts the door in. Reed and Otis are arrested while McGarrett and Danno take Kate out. Chang shows up to the press conference area followed by Chin and Duke.

McGarrett and Danno struggle through Honolulu traffic, unable to get word to Carr that Kate is safe. Carr arrives to the auditorium, less than enthused. Carr realizes Chang is in the audience, while Andrea looks on. Carr steps up to the podium as the Marquis Brougham screeches into the parking lot. As soon as McGarrett and Danno pull up, Chin and Duke move in to arrest Chang. Kate gets out and is seen by Carr. Danno arrests Andrea as Carr begins to speak, coming clean publicly about his indiscretions. Along the way, he thanks the support of McGarrett and Kate and "I am asking for your understanding".

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