S10E14 - “A Short Walk On the Longshore” - Plot

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Act One

On the docks, Tony Krebs (Rod Aiu) is running in the longshoremen's union elections. He calls out the current union president, Jackson Croft (Jim Demarest), publicly to a reporter (Les Keiter) saying the union is corrupt because of Croft. Because of this corruption, there is crime on the docks going unchecked. Krebs leaves and is stopped by a van with two guys dressed as security guards. One gets out and shoots Krebs in the head, twice.

McGarrett arrives on the scene. Danno doesn't have a lot except a .22 caliber was used and they're looking for witnesses. McGarrett isn't amused, as it appears to be a professional hit. McGarrett orders Chin and Duke to "squeeze" their informants for everything they've got: facts, rumors, any scraps whatsoever. He wants Danno to run a complete check on Krebs including friends, enemies and "who financed his campaign". Did someone know the outcome of the election before it happened? McGarrett leaves.

Croft is in the governor's office going off. He rants about Krebs accusing him of allowing the rackets on the docks. He also lashes out about the pressures of the upcoming election, to be held next week. Croft threatens to stop the election until Krebs' killer is caught because Croft knows he will not be held in a good light because of this murder. "I'll strike the docks first" gets the governor's attention.

On Hotel Street, the nightlife is booming. Duke pulls up across the street where Suzy walks over to talk to him, saying she knows nothing about Krebs. "His mouth got him killed," is the only thing Duke gets out of her. He takes off when her 'date' walks over to see what's going on. Danno knocks on the apartment door of Carl Magruder (Jim Hutchinson) who isn't talking either. Chin pays a visit to Sally (Melveen Leed) at her bar. Sally isn't surprised and Chin says nothing surprises her, "not true. Japanese surprised the hell out of me at Pearl Harbor". Unfortunately, Sally isn't much help but tells Chin all of Krebs' friends won't be talking.

The next morning, McGarrett visits the governor. The governor isn't happy with thefts going up at the docks, Krebs' murder and organized crime moving in. McGarrett retorts, "Taking over? I thought they took over a long time ago". The governor is on edge because of Croft's threat to "strike the docks" until Krebs' killer is found. "Krebs' murder isn't just a homicide now. It's political and economic dynamite". McGarrett lays it out: no eyewitnesses, everyone has clammed up and scared out of their wits, and getting the killer isn't the objective. "I want the man who ordered the hit" and McGarrett considers Croft a person who could order the hit.

A trailer parks on the docks, becoming a target of the theft ring. A call is made to a one-armed man, Arthur (Michael Conrad) in a pool hall. The cargo number is passed on, then Arthur passes it to those who will rob it. Two guys arrive at the trailer to a load of Valium.

Danno drops McGarrett at the airport with a story that he's flying to San Francisco due to a family emergency. McGarrett apologizes for leaving the Krebs case in his lap, "the governor is under enormous pressure from the media and the community". McGarrett urges Danno to keep hitting the street sources, "somebody's bound to talk". They part ways with Danno driving off. After that, McGarrett grabs his bag from the valet and meets with Sullivan (Cliff Coleman).

Act Two

On Hotel Street, McGarrett wanders disguised as a longshoreman. He visits a dentist, Ghoriades (Milton Selzer) as Riley. Turns out, Ghoriades is McGarrett's point man in case things go south. The FBI has a big setup watching the drug traffic in the area with Ghoriades as their main contact. Ghoriades tells McGarrett/Riley about Frankie Demara (Sharon Farrell), Krebs' mistress and "opium addict". Ghoriades points McGarrett to a bar "around the corner" named Doxy's where Frankie used to work "but she dropped out of sight".

'Riley' checks out Doxy's. A waitress, Darlene (Kathy Paulo), flirts with him. He straight out asks for Frankie but Darlene doesn't know where she is. "Wherever she is, the poppies grow" and Darlene walks away confirming Frankie's habit. Darlene does tell Arthur who also hanging out at Doxy's. Meantime, McGarrett calls Ghoriades.

After the call, two guys jump 'Riley'. The Knife (Beau Van Den Ecker) tells him, "we like Frankie. We don't want nothing happening to Frankie like happened to her friend, understand?" McGarrett/Riley fights back and after several punches are thrown, Arthur joins the fray. After subduing the thugs, Arthur and 'Riley' go to Sally's for drinks. Sally thinks 'Riley' looks familiar. After she pours another round, 'Riley' and Arthur talk ships and grievances. When 'Riley' says his ships carries the right stuff, Arthur says it'll be worth his while to "keep it under your hat. I speak to my man. There's some money in it for you" especially if the information is "straight". 'Riley' tells Arthur he's willing to play and is staying at the Hotel Crescent.

Danno has his hands full at Five-O coming up with a plan to "check out those bookie joints down by the docks around lunchtime. If we hit them with enough leverage ". Chin interrupts, trying to be practical about things. Then the governor calls. Danno assures him the full force of the unit is being used to solve the Krebs case and McGarrett is only going to be gone for "six days". Another phone call comes in and Chin answers that one. Taking down some information he hands it to Danno while he's still talking to the governor!

An old Chinese man (Henry K.F. Lee) sets up a woman with an opium pipe within a den. Outside the room, 'Riley' is there asking for Frankie. The old man claps his hands and goes into another room, slamming the door in 'Riley's' face. Two thugs show up in the hallway, ready to shove 'Riley' out to the street. Opening the door, two more thugs come in and a melee ensues with multiple fights, gunfire and absolute chaos. 'Riley' goes room to room to find Frankie. Finally, he finds her out of it and gets her to her feet. They head out the back running to the street where Five-O and HPD close in fast! Backtracking, 'Riley' realizes there is no escape except one, to fight his own men! McGarrett punches Danno out then fights with Duke and an HPD officer before being pinned to a wall. Meanwhile, Chin hangs onto Frankie out of the fracas.

Act Three

At HPD, Danno stares lasers into the back of 'Riley's' head as 'Riley' is being processed. He orders, "Put him in there, Duke". To Riley, "I'll talk to you in a minute. See if you can think without using your hands". Danno has his hands full still because he has to talk to Frankie in another room. Chin leads her in, handing Danno a folder with her information. Frankie puts her head down on table, her trip not one of her best. Danno leaves, wanting Chin to sober her up, at least a little bit. He then marches into the room where Duke and McGarrett are. After Danno makes the point, tactfully, McGarrett was stupid for leaving them out of the loop, they discuss the raid and what prompted it. A woman called Five-O and probably the FBI because Sullivan called Five-O and told them to move on it. The plan now is to find out what Frankie knows.

Danno enters the interrogation room. Frankie is completely resistant to the questioning and like everyone else, claims to not know anything. Danno lays it out for her: her life is in danger until they figure out who ordered Krebs killed. She was also caught with over an ounce of opium in her purse. Danno tells her, "we can hold you and we can make a possession charge stick. I guarantee it". The phone rings and it's for Danno who doesn't hang it up when he's done talking. He focuses on her, offering protection if she cooperates. Frankie plays tough as best she can because she's strung out and exhausted. On the other end of the phone is McGarrett who listens in. Unfortunately, Danno gets nowhere with her.

In the interrogation room with McGarrett, they bounce ideas off each other since Frankie's "not talking". McGarrett thinks aloud about the last election on the docks, which happened three years ago. Krebs ran then too and almost won even with Frankie's habit and criminal record. What's the deal? Who pushed for Krebs to get in at the union? There's a bigger fish out there and McGarrett knows. He formulates a plan to release Frankie but Danno's not thrilled about it, "I understand that. But what are you going to do?" McGarrett is going to "hold her hand". Danno counters, "those people aren't playing around We can't protect you on the street". McGarrett knows this, but feels the risk is worth it.

Danno goes to Frankie, giving her a release form. Frankie knows this is the worst news she could get, confessing to her prior six arrests and two shoplifting charges. Danno flatly tells her, "we can't find your record". Frankie walks out to the clerk's desk and meets 'Riley' who suggests breakfast then sleep.

They go to a dive diner/bar for breakfast. 'Riley' asks what's going on, "what kind of trouble are you in, Frankie?" She's evasive and McGarrett puts it together: Krebs was going to clean up the docks if he got in, "the mob was out". As well, Krebs was loud about his plans with "a lot of television time" and there were multiple threats against him. Yet, he didn't request protection or have any bodyguards.

'Riley' and Frankie walk back to the Hotel Crescent and are seen by Sally. A girl (Donna Ornellas) on the street tells 'Riley,' "turn her in on a live one". Once inside her bar, Sally makes a phone call to someone unknown.

Act Four

McGarrett settles Frankie into his room, which becomes Grand Central Station in short order. First Ghoriades shows up to warn him, the bad guys are closing in and he can't help get McGarrett out. Then Arthur shows up saying he has "the man" and he's ready to talk. Arthur goes to wait downstairs and Ghoriades sneaks out the back. McGarrett readies to leave, telling Frankie not to open the door for anyone except "that detective who questioned you".

Arthur waits with two thugs on the street and have a surprise for McGarrett, they've made him and they know he has Frankie. They force him into a car for a meet. Meanwhile, three guys including a Korean (Reginald Ho) break into the room where Frankie is and take her out of the hotel. Ghoriades meets a bad end too, as his nurse finds him tied, gagged and shot on the floor of his office.

The cars drive out to an out of the way place, first one arriving carries McGarrett. The second carries Frankie. A third car arrives carrying Nick (Al Avalon) who is the man in charge of his part of the mob. Before Nick's arrival, the group argues as Korean calls Arthur bringing in McGarrett, "a bad mistake". Nick calls McGarrett "poison" and can't keep protecting Arthur. Nick's plan is for Arthur to "take care" of McGarrett and they'll handle Frankie.

It all makes sense to McGarrett now, Krebs was in with the mob but backed out of the deal especially when it appeared he was going to win the docks election. Of course by backing out, Krebs left Nick hanging to figure out another way into the docks. Realizing the jig is up; Frankie starts screaming that she told the cops everything. Korean slaps McGarrett and Frankie jumps on him to get he gun. Gunfire is exchanged as she shoots Korean and Nick but Nick shoots her too. McGarrett freaks out: he makes Arthur cut his binds and holds Frankie as she dies. With all the characters used, seems half of them die in the end. Where's the justice?

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