S10E12 - “Tread The King's Shadow” - Plot

(Prepared by Mike Quigley)

Act One

As McGarrett is working late one night, his cleaning lady Sarah Kaluna (Emma Veary) enters the office, saying she has something on her mind. Her son David (Michael Mullins) has been acting jumpy recently, and she thinks he may be in trouble. A detective named Chick Fletcher (Robert Harker) has been "waiting" for him. She says that as far as she knows, David is not up to anything.

Debbie Cameron's shipping magnate father George arrives at home, and shows his daughter pictures of her with David which Fletcher took on the sly. He says that she was not supposed to see David any more. She protests, saying that she wanted to meet him one more time in person to tell him that she wouldn't see him again. Her father pulls out airline tickets to Switzerland, saying that she has been enrolled in a boarding school in Geneva. She says that she doesn't want to go, commenting, "I love Davey and he loves me," but her father says his decision is final and "in time, you're going to see that I'm right."

Later, while Fletcher is in the house getting Debbie's things for the trip to the airport, she throws the car keys in the bushes and drives away in her own car to the gas station where David works. Her father -- who was away -- returns, and is furious.

David and Debbie discuss their future near the ocean. She suggests going away somewhere, he says that maybe they should wait a while. Then she drops a bombshell -- she is pregnant. David tells her that he will take care of her.

At the Governor's office, Cameron wants McGarrett to arrest David for kidnapping his daughter. When McGarrett asks why Cameron didn't go to HPD, Cameron says he wanted his daughter's reputation protected. McGarrett thinks that Debbie's "disappearance" is merely a case of two young people missing -- a "family hassle," not a crime. Cameron says that David is a "delinquent" with a criminal record, to which McGarrett points out that he was arrested by a game warden for taking lobster out of season. McGarrett wonders out loud how Cameron would feel about David if "he went to Punaho and belonged to a country club." The Governor bristles: "Nobody's accusing Mister Cameron of bigotry." Cameron then boasts about how he gives money to charity, that he has "done more for these natives than you or the Governor." As Cameron leaves, the Governor assures him that McGarrett is "the best law enforcement officer in the islands." Cameron says he'll look for his daughter himself. After Cameron is gone, McGarrett says, "God, I can't stand the arrogance of that man," and tells the Governor, "I object to being assigned to a case because Cameron is a friend of yours and makes large political contributions." The Governor resents this remark, but McGarrett continues: "I'm not going to railroad a kid just because 'Moneybags' there resents the color of his skin." The Governor says that McGarrett is "out of line," worrying that this whole incident will blow up into something like "the Martin case" 30 years before where a young haole girl was involved with a native boy. After McGarrett, still seething, leaves, the Governor says "these Irish..."

David meets his Uncle Noah, a fisherman, and persuades him to take Debbie and himself to the Big Island.

Five-O finds Debbie's car, and her father is also on the scene with several of his employees. McGarrett cautions Cameron about letting his "flunkies" interfere. Cameron wants the ocean nearby dragged with grappling hooks. He says he is only interested in his daughter's whereabouts and not concerned about David. When Cameron starts to talk about how things would have been handled in the "old days," McGarrett tells him "Don't threaten me." Cameron tells McGarrett that "you're vulnerable," to which McGarrett responds, "We're all vulnerable, even you."

Act Two

Noah takes David and Debbie in his boat past the City of Refuge near Kona, one of the most revered of Hawaii's religious sanctuaries. Noah tells David "that's your heritage."

McGarrett talks to David's mother. She says that David never told her about Debbie because maybe she wouldn't approve of her. McGarrett is surprised by this remark. She tells McGarrett about her brother Noah on the Big Island.

On Hawaii, Noah shows David and Debbie an old church, and lets them stay in a cabin where he lived for about 30 years. David looks through a desk and finds a picture of his mother and some man. Noah tells him that the man was his mother's "boy friend," then says that it is David's father, who abandoned his mother without marrying her after David was born in the cabin.

Danno talks to David's co-worker Mike (David Simmons), who says after David and Debbie left the gas station they stayed at "commune" overnight. Mike says that David didn't look like he was forcing Debbie to come with him, they looked happy when they left. Mike kept Debbie's clothing after she changed. She gives it to Danno, who discovers a piece of paper in the pocket when returning to the office. This paper is a medical appointment at the Mission Clinic for a "Jane Thompson."

McGarrett arrives on the Big Island and talks to Noah, who doesn't spill the beans. McGarrett suggests that David might be facing a kidnapping charge if evidence to the contrary doesn't surface.

Fletcher also talks to Mike at the gas station, and learns that David was not holding Debbie against her will. Cameron says that "as far as you and McGarrett are concerned, she was kidnapped," and continues: "We've got to get to that kanaka first." Fletcher tells Cameron that "McGarrett is tough."

Act Three

Noah and David sail past the City of Refuge while fishing. Noah says that David's mother's line goes all the way back to King Kamehameha, and that David should "learn to walk with pride." They sell their fish at an auction at the public dock, and Noah gives David half the money they earned.

Danno shows McGarrett the clinic appointment slip. The two of them visit the clinic, but the nurse refuses to go into details about why "Jane" was there, although she says the woman visited the clinic twice.

At their cabin, Debbie is not feeling well. David is depressed, he says "nothing is going to be all right. Your father's right, I am just a dumb kanaka."

McGarrett figures that Debbie is pregnant. He talks to David's mother, asking her if she has spoken to Noah. She says yes, that David is working on Noah's boat and Debbie has a job working in a nursery.

David and Debbie visit Dr. Kubota (Kwan Hi Lim) at an abortion clinic. The doctor asks them to sign a complicated consent form, and when he leaves the room, David crumples it up and the two of them beat a hasty retreat into a sunset where they embrace, David saying, "My kid is going to have a father."

Dr. Kubota later calls Debbie's father anonymously after reading an article about her "disappearance" in the newspaper. He tells Cameron that Debbie is well. Fletcher traces the call and discovers it is coming from the Big Island.

Act Four

David and Debbie get married in the church by their uncle's house. Noah tells her, "Welcome to our family, little one."

McGarrett and Danno arrive on the Big Island, where they see Cameron's helicopter parked on the runway near their plane.

Cameron leaves his hotel with Fletcher, and Cameron pursues Noah's boat, the Lily B by helicopter. David recognizes Debbie's father.

McGarrett tracks down Debbie at the nursery, where he confirms that she was not forced to run away with David. He tells her that her father is on the island looking for the two of them. She tells McGarrett that she is pregnant, adding that her father once threatened to kill David.

Fletcher is following Noah in a motorboat. As they pass by the City of Refuge, David recalls his uncle's earlier comments, and jumps overboard and swims to shore. When Fletcher tries to board his ship, Noah tells him to "go to hell."

On land, David hesitates to go into the City of Refuge. Debbie's father lands his helicopter nearby and rushes up to David just as McGarrett, Danno and Debbie appear on the scene. Debbie embraces David, telling her father that David is her husband, and she is carrying his child.

Cameron is deeply upset, and threatens David. McGarrett says "she's talking about your grandchild." When Cameron approaches his daughter to take her away, David steps between them, saying "Hold it, Mister Cameron ... Debbie is my wife." Stunned, her father walks away.

Danno wonders whether Cameron will "come around." McGarrett says "In time ... wait till he sees his first grandchild."

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