S10E11 - “East Wind -- Ill Wind” - Plot

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Act One

A typical day at the beach turns into a frantic call for help. A woman (Mary-Angela) falls off her parasailing boat and screams for help. A man runs into the surf to aid her. A young woman (Sian Barbara Allen) who was meeting him makes eye contact with the man prior to him running into the surf. Watching from the trees, she sees a diver (John Allen) come up from behind and drown the man. The young woman runs as the woman and diver walk onto the beach. He tells her once they're out of the water, "all right, baby, everything's okay. Into your act," and he runs in another direction to dump the tanks. She runs down the beach to a group of people telling them, "there's a man drowning". She leads them to another part of the beach.

The young woman runs into the streets, oblivious to anything around her. She is nearly hit by an oncoming pickup truck and a car. She keeps running as Good Samaritans are unable to revive the man. The young woman arrives at a house, pounding on the windows. A man (Michael Durrell) opens the door, "Kati, what is it? What's the matter?" The man who drowned is Dr. Salgi Sandanarik. According to a newscaster (Barbara Tanabe), Sandanarik was "the political as well as moral leader of his nation, found refuge in Honolulu three months ago after being exiled from his native land". Sandanarik was also a nominee for "the Nobel Prize in literature".

McGarrett and Danno arrive at the hotel suite of Madame Sandanarik (Marisa Pavan). They offer condolences to her and apparently, someone at Five-O was a fan of Sandanarik's work; probably McGarrett especially when he says, "I certainly appreciate what he stood for". She alleges the secret police from their country was responsible for her husband's death and knows it's something very serious to allege. As they talk, the Pacific Conference on Human Rights comes up. She tells them her husband had a report proving torture and "the unspeakable atrocities" happening in their country. She also informs them a dossier exists with all this information and "must be recovered". She claims it was taken from the safety deposit box and she's reported the theft. McGarrett assures her that HPD "is one of the best in the United States" and as Five-O being a state police unit, they're not allowed to interfere with the internal affairs of a foreign country. Madame Sandanarik gives them photos of Kati and expects them to find her because she may have been an accomplice. Kati, is a student of Dr. Sandanarik's but also an escapee from the country "a victim of torture. Supposedly, she cannot speak". They leave and walk the hallway with a big mystery.

McGarrett tells Danno, "Madame Sandanarik is not just, uh, her husband's widow. She's the sister of Samacara". Samacara overthrew Sandanarik's government. McGarrett wants Kati found but with as little publicity as possible, "I don't wanna advertise her for another political assassination".

The diver watches as the woman tells her story to a TV reporter (Don Rockwell). The diver isn't the only one watching, McGarrett and the Five-O team watch as well. According to Danno, her story on TV is the same as what she told police. McGarrett clicks off the television and the autopsy report shows up shortly after. The report is of no help because nothing unusual was found. "The sole cause of death was drowning". McGarrett orders the team to "check the girl, check the boat. Get H.P.D. To check the beach near the drowning". McGarrett calls the governor as they leave.

Chin talks to the guy who rented the boat while Duke talks to people on the beach. Danno asks questions around a bar. Danno reports back to McGarrett that the woman "used to be a beach bunny. Hung around with the top surfers of the Pipeline in Waimea Bay. Apparently, she could swim like a barracuda". This provides the first crack in the case. Unfortunately, there's nothing on Kati yet. There is a little bit on the safe-deposit box because it takes two keys to access it. The keys are simplistic and "can be duplicated".

McGarrett and Danno arrive for Dr. Sandanarik's funeral. Across the road and up the cliffs, Kati and her friend watch the funeral. He holds her back, knowing their presence would cause more trouble. Her friend says, "The conference, Kati. That will be his memorial". A Buddhist priest (Reverend Jo Shinsho) officiates the funeral. McGarrett and Danno watch the crowd including the woman in front of them, who was the one Sandanarik 'saved' when he drowned. McGarrett is completely suspicious of her. He isn't the only one. As he walks with Madame Sandanarik after the funeral, she says 'Helen Macy' is one of the assassins. Madame Sandanarik also asks about Kati and McGarrett answers they haven't found her yet. Madame Sandanarik is less than impressed and leaves. McGarrett walks back to the car where Danno is talking to Duke on the radio. The diving equipment has been found at Bellows Beach. McGarrett wants it taken to the lab and someone on the beach in case someone comes back looking for it. McGarrett also wants whatever prints are lifted to be run through all agencies including Interpol. Watch out, McGarrett is on a dogged pursuit for the truth!

Act Two

McGarrett talks to Jonathan Kaye (Bill Edwards) about Madame Sandanarik's claim her husband was assassinated. An official inquiry from the national government has arrived in Washington. McGarrett finds it odd and suspects she's being watched because he hasn't told anyone of the visit. Did Danno leak something? Probably not! The bottom line: the new government requires U.S. recognition and it has not been forthcoming. What is decided "will depend, to a great extent, on you and what you can find out about Sandanarik's death". Jonathan also gives McGarrett a heads up on an upcoming phone call from 'Mr. Derek Hoffman' (Bo Brundin), the generalissimo's representative at the conference.

McGarrett meets 'Hoffman' at a restaurant where 'Hoffman' talks about a government in chaos under Sandanarik's rule. 'Hoffman' is concerned about how his country looks in the eyes of America especially in light of the publicity surrounding Sandanarik's death. 'Hoffman' offers his country's "assistance" which sets McGarrett off, "Are you telling me that intelligence agents of your country are operating here now?" 'Hoffman' back pedals by pointing out his country and its citizens "will see themselves more and more isolated from sources of help if the soiling of their country continues". McGarrett informs him he can't help, "what you need is a public-relations firm. A damn good one".

After 'Hoffman' leaves, Danno shows up, briefing McGarrett a name has shown up multiple times in their hunt: Pete Colby. His name keeps showing up with Helen Macy, so there has to be a connection somewhere. McGarrett sets his team on both. Colby had a job but quit two weeks ago, saying he was leaving town. McGarrett hangs up the phone with Chin and bounces the information off Danno. "his M.O. seems to be burglary coupled with a little judicious key-grinding". Danno adds, "If he goes in for skin diving, he sounds like our man all right". McGarrett wants information yesterday and orders Danno to put an APB out on Colby but he doesn't have anything really to go on but McGarrett wants to "try it anyway". If that doesn't work, start with Helen Macy and work backwards, McGarrett's sure there's a connection somewhere.

Colby, the diver from earlier, returns to his house to find 'Hoffman' and his henchmen waiting. 'Hoffman' is there for the dossier that Colby was supposed to have stolen. Colby want s to see the money first of which 'Hoffman' shows him but doesn't hand over. 'Hoffman' wants the dossier first. Colby retrieves it from a fake air tank and they make the exchange. Only one problem: the pages are blank!

Kati returns to her friend's house in the middle of the night. She finds him but he's been beaten!

Act Three

McGarrett is working late in his office when Kati sneaks into Five-O. She is able to communicate with him that someone is hurt and she leads him to her friend, Charlie. McGarrett gets ready to leave the hospital when Danno tells him they may have what they need.

The next morning, McGarrett shows up to Charlie's hospital room. McGarrett asks the usual questions: did he see the men who did this? Charlie tells McGarrett he knows they were after the dossier. Only he and Kati know where it is. Charlie explains how the secret police work as Kati flashes back to her torture. Charlie requests protection and McGarrett says, "you have it". Charlie also tells McGarrett who's ultimately responsible for Charlie's injuries and Sandanarik's death: Zadak, the head of the secret police.

Based on Danno's information, McGarrett goes to see Helen Macy. He tells her, "about that old story about the manicurist and the locksmith". When he mentions Pete Colby, Helen becomes visibly nervous and it only goes downhill from there. McGarrett psyches her out basically saying he knows they killed Sandanarik. McGarrett gives her his card before leaving. McGarrett tags Duke who is part of a tour group at the hotel. Helen leaves in a hurry with Duke on her tail. She stops to make a phone call to Pete telling him about McGarrett. She is in full freak out mode: she demands money and a plane ticket "for Hong Kong tonight". Helen gets in a cab at the hotel as Duke follows her out and Chin pulls up to continue their tailing to her home. She is shot twice as soon as she's out of the cab! A green sedan pulls away from the scene as Chin and Duke assist the best they can but the shots are fatal.

Act Four

'Hoffman' visits Madame Sandanarik appealing to her sisterly side in order to garner her help in finding the dossier. It doesn't work, "I think my brother and I understand one another". She dismisses him without any help. As 'Hoffman' is about to get into the elevator to leave, McGarrett arrives. 'Hoffman' sticks around but who knows where. McGarrett tells Madame Sandanarik about Charlie, Kati and the dossier. He also tells her she was "right all along" about her husband being murdered. She seems genuinely happy to hear all this news. McGarrett asks her about Zadak. Her mood immediately changes, calling Zadak "a monster ... lives like a hooded executioner". McGarrett tells her it's time to "tear off that hood".

Charlie prepares to leave the hospital and McGarrett has a "suggestion" because he wants to stop Zadak. Meanwhile, Colby and a couple of hoods hold up the kitchen staff to find out Charlie's room. Discovering it's on the fourth floor, they run up. Danno and two HPD officers walk several feet in front of 'Charlie' who's being pushed in a wheelchair. As soon as Danno and the two officers turn the corner, Colby and a thug make their move but it's a trap! McGarrett is in the wheelchair pushed by yet another HPD officer! They arrest Colby and the thug on "suspicion of murder" while McGarrett and Danno protect Charlie so he can make the report. First, McGarrett calls Madame Sandanarik to update her on what's happened. She will be leaving for the conference shortly. McGarrett orders Danno to "tell Chin to get a court order and check her room".

Under a heavy police escort and an ambulance ride, Charlie and Kati arrive at the conference. Madame Sandanarik greets them both and Kati's reaction is somewhat cool toward her. McGarrett and Danno are left scratching their heads as to whether Madame Sandanarik has been informing Zadak. McGarrett looks around as he orders Danno to stay close to Madame Sandanarik. All this occurs as a speaker (Hans Strasser) opens the conference. Meantime, Duke reports to McGarrett that Madame Sandanarik's room was bugged. She was feeding information, but unknowingly and unwillingly.

The speaker introduces Charlie and as he's walking to the podium, Kati slides in besides McGarrett. She begins freaking out, recognizing Zadak and none other than 'Hoffman'! Zadak makes a run for it, closely pursued by McGarrett, Danno, Duke and HPD officers. They follow him with guns drawn to some tennis courts, as a match is in progress! They eventually corner him behind the bleachers. Rather than being arrested or worse being sent back to the generalissimo, Zadak shoots himself in the chest! Meantime, Charlie completes his presentation with Kati, McGarrett and Madame Sandanarik applauding him.

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