S10E09 - “Deep Cover” - Plot

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Act One

The USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) finds a submarine doing some sketchy stuff such as stopping and changing course. They notify Honolulu.

A man, Dominic (Joe Moore) drives to a beach for a morning dive. He's met by a woman (Maud Adams), who calls him by name but he doesn't know her. She shoots him and two guys who were waiting in the parking lot come running. They take him away as she sets up on the beach watching out for a specific diver (Dale Robinette) through binoculars. Once he up on the beach, he pretends to have the bends.

An ambulance meets the Coast Guard helicopter. It takes the couple to the base and its decompression chamber. The doctor (Jim Doney) plans for six hours of treatment. Meanwhile, a pair of kids play Frisbee in a park and inadvertently find Dominic's body.

McGarrett is on Pearl Harbor Base, specifically a boat in the harbor near the USS Arizona Memorial. McGarrett is dropped off at 'Commander Third Fleet' and is met by Chris (Geoffrey Lewis), a US Navy officer. The admiral (Jeff Kennedy) Chris works for specifically called Five-O in on this case, the murder of "Lieutenant Commander Dominic Rizzo". Once inside, the admiral introduces Captain Fitzsimmons (Don Rockwell), "in charge of the Submarine Training Center". Fitzsimmons explains there is a new anti-missile system a new class will be learning about. There is only one submarine with the system in the fleet and it's at Ford Island. The class consists of submariners from all over the world. Dominic and another man traveled from Rota, Spain. Chris also tells them about the unidentified submarine seen off Makapuu Point. The admiral shows McGarrett some video of a new guidance system and its existence puts the U.S. in the arms lead.

McGarrett pledges Five-O's full support and while the admiral is happy for the help, he doesn't want the investigation to have any profile. Chris puts McGarrett on "drill status" so he can move about the base as any other military member and not gain any unwanted attention. Chris also offers his office as a place to work out of. McGarrett gets down to business asking about the second officer from Rota. Chris identifies him as Lieutenant Commander David Harner (Dale Robinette) who is currently at Tripler for his physical.

McGarrett visits Harner asking about Dominic. Harner tells McGarrett he's not surprised Dominic was at the beach he was passionate about skin diving, "a real fanatic". McGarrett briefs Harner to keep their conversation to himself for now since Five-O is helping under the table so to speak.

At the decompression chamber, the treatment is completed. While he's feeling fine, the doctor wants to ensure the bubble is completely dissolved. Chief Bishop (Don Pomes) who waited with the woman makes arrangements for him to be admitted to Tripler.

McGarrett and Danno go to the lab, where just before entering McGarrett tells Danno, "I'll be working out of Commander Nolan's office" briefed by Dolani (Lydia Jade) sand was found all over Dominic's body. Danno's confused but McGarrett clears things up, "well, the beach part works, Danno. Rizzo went skin diving every morning according to his friend, Harner". Dolani determines the sand is from Sandy Beach due to lava rock in the sand. It is just South of Makapuu Point, the same place the unknown submarine was spotted. This is the first evidence connecting the two events. McGarrett creates a conference call between Admiral Dunn and Chris Nolan at Pearl in order to brief them on the latest. Danno leaves in the meantime to set Chin and Duke canvassing Sandy Beach for witnesses.

A doctor, Commander Polakoff (Vernon Hayes) enters the room where "Mr. and Mrs. Campini" are awaiting his discharge. He needs their information such as address. Polakoff's specialty is diving medicine and suggests Mr. Campini stay "for a few hours". After Polakoff leaves, the Campinis put their plan into action. She disguises herself as a nurse and gives Harner a "vitamin B12" shot but it's really a sedative that knocks him out. The two thugs from earlier wheel in 'Mr. Campini' who now looks exactly like Harner!

Act Two

At the training center, submariners assemble to be briefed Captain Fitzsimmons. He tells them they are the first to be trained on a new missile guidance system.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office briefing Duke hasn't found any witnesses seeing Dominic "but several people remember seeing a scuba diver with the bends being picked up by the Coast Guard helicopter". McGarrett directs Danno to find more information at Pearl Harbor so he goes to the hospital and gets a name: 'Greg Campini' and an address. Danno talks to the doctor and gains a clue: "why would anyone wanna fake having the bends?"

'Campini' drives to the hideout nearly panicked because Dominic's body has been found. 'Mrs. Campini' is not concerned even when he brings up the situation that he's going to be asked questions. He mutters something if he was in charge and she's instantly ticked, obviously she's in charge! In the house is an exact duplicate of Harner's hospital room.

On Pearl, McGarrett tracks down Danno who tells him and Chris that 'Campini' walked out of the hospital. There's no answer at the phone number he gave but Danno's sent Chin and Duke to check out the address. Danno also mentions 'Mrs. Campini' and "everybody seems to remember her". Chris says there's nothing new on Dominic even as they went over his file again. McGarrett is planning to talk to Harner again.

At the training center, students are working in the pool and practicing "50-foot Steinke hood ascend training". Afterward, McGarrett meets Harner outside but Harner doesn't recognize him. McGarrett skips it, asking him if there is anything else he would like to add. When that doesn't work, McGarrett requests Harner to ask around his classmates because maybe someone has something to share that they're not comfortable telling McGarrett or Chris. The wheels turn in McGarrett's head as Harner walks away.

Chin and Duke ask questions at the 'Campini' apartment after the landlady (Jorie Remus) snoops when they're knocking on the door. She helps a little because she's never seen 'Mr. Campini' and the wife "rented the apartment about six weeks ago". The rent was paid three months in advance.

The team talks to McGarrett on the speakerphone in his office. If the 'Campinis' didn't want Five-O's attention, too bad, they have it. The team will try to figure out where he works. McGarrett tasks Duke to get sketches made of the couple both with the landlady and those on staff at Pearl.

Harner visits the dentist (Bob Basso) who discovers he has stainless steel fillings, not the norm in the U.S. The dentist tells him some bad news; he's going to need "some root canal work". Because Harner's dental records aren't with the dentist, a direct comparison cannot be made between what's in the records and what's in his mouth. The dentist plans to order duplicates. The dentist's nurse (Jo Anne Morgan) steps in taking his order for the duplicates and to make it "a priority request".

That night, the dentist goes to a bar where 'Mrs. Campini' makes her move on him.

Act Three

'Campini' completes more training in a simulator, which cost $1.5 million in 1964 and can train up to six people at once according to Chris. It can dive "forty-five degrees up or down". There are two more like it in the U.S. one in Connecticut and the other in South Carolina. An instructor debriefs the crew on their performance. Danno shows up to tell McGarrett and Chris that the Navy dentist "was found dead in his apartment". The dentist, Kemp, was found stabbed and the lab only came up with "smudges" in what appears to be a "robbery-murder". One witness saw Kemp arrive home with "with a young lady last night". Danno shows McGarrett a sketch of the woman. Surprise, surprise: it's 'Mrs. Campini'!

'Mrs. Campini' attends to Harner at the hideout, giving him a shot. She goes outside where 'Campini' is getting jumpy because of the whole dentist affair and his stainless steel fillings. She tells him by the time everything is figured out, "we'll be long gone".

In Chris' office, McGarrett knows the woman in the sketch is key to it all and she must be found. Danno says Kemp met her in a bar in Waikiki, the bartender recognized her but finding her could be tough. Chris wonders if she's connected to Dominic in any way and McGarrett isn't ready to completely write off "a connection". Chin and Duke show up reporting 'Campini' doesn't have a driver's license or Social Security number: as if he doesn't exist. Duke took a police artist to the decompression chamber and hospital; he hands over the resulting sketches. Duke checked with the landlady and the woman is 'Mrs. Campini'. Because of the similarities between the sketches of the women, McGarrett wants a search warrant for the Campini apartment. Danno gets on it right away, taking Chin and Duke with him.

McGarrett and Chris go visit Kemp's office. The nurse feels she isn't much help but she tells them about the request for Harner's duplicate dental records. She also mentions the stainless steel fillings. She confirms it was Harner who had the stainless steel fillings and that his records should be arriving "tomorrow. It was a priority request".

'Campini' drives out to the hideout again but things are about change for him and not or the better. His real name is Michael and 'Mrs. Campini' tells him to relax as she readies a shot of Sodium Pentothal.

Act Four

'Mrs. Campini' drives Harner to the training center and gives him instructions after he done. In Chris' office, Danno calls McGarrett with some bad news: the apartment was merely a cover. Chris takes a call about Harner's dental records, which have just arrived. Meanwhile, training takes place with a simulated flooded engine room and is taken care of in short order by Harner and his men. In the dentist's office, the dentist confirms Harner never had stainless steel fillings. McGarrett postulates someone took Harner's place. Bouncing off of Chris, they figure out the Campinis are the ones they're after. The murders of Kemp and Dominic would prevent the revelation of an imposter. McGarrett wants 'Harner' picked up and "look that horse in the mouth".

Harner and his men march out to the USS Puffer. Just prior to boarding, Chris takes Harner in. The dentist examines him and finds that he is truly Harner. McGarrett and Chris take this information to Admiral Dunn: "there has to be two lookalikes, and somehow, they've switched back to the real Harner". They surmise the target is the new guidance system. McGarrett suggests allowing Harner to complete all the training. Once he has the information, Harner should lead them to whoever is behind the operation. Admiral Dunn reluctantly agrees.

Once training is completed, 'Mrs. Campini' calls Harner with final instructions. McGarrett and Chris watch him from a distance as Harner pulls away. They follow. 'Mrs. Campini' meets her two thugs and Michael on a rocky beach. Harner soon arrives at the same beach with McGarrett and Chris right behind him. Harner doesn't recognize McGarrett at first because of the Naval uniform but Harner knows his voice. Asked where he's going, Harner is sure he's supposed to meet someone but isn't clear on "who or why". The rest of Five-O shows up and McGarrett says, "Danno, take Duke and Chin with you. You know what to do". They take off as Chris calls Pearl Harbor to look for their unidentified submarine.

'Mrs. Campini' checks her watch as a Naval officer in a black uniform appears on the trail leading to the beach. She tells Michael he has one more role to play: Harner as a dead body. The thugs shoot Michael and drag him around some rocks. She walks to meet the officer and gets close enough to see it's McGarrett! She runs for it but doesn't get far as McGarrett catches up to her just before she takes a cyanide pill. Danno, Chin and Duke ensnare her two thugs. Chris and Harner meet them on the beach. McGarrett orders, "all right, Danno, book her. Murder one, three counts".

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