S10E08 - “Deadly Doubles” - Plot

(Prepared by Mike Quigley)

Act One

McGarrett and the Governor watch an international tennis tournament between "Team East" and "Team West" at an indoor stadium in Honolulu. One of the Russian players, Katrina Bukowski (Carole Tru Foster) makes eyes at Brent Saunders (Tim Matheson), an American player.

A Russian security man, Denisovich (Earl Boen) motions that he wants to talk to Peter Valchek (Kurt Russell), one of the "Team East" players. In a storage room, Denisovich says he saw the diamonds Valchek smuggled from Amsterdam. Denisovich wants "a percentage" or else he's going to expose Peter to the authorities. Valchek clubs Denisovich over the head with a heavy wrench and kills him.

After Katrina meets McGarrett, she goes to the locker room where she is about to take a shower. She sends her chaperone back to the courts to pick up her jacket and racket. Saunders appears at the skylight above, and after dressing, Katrina climbs up a shelf to escape. When the chaperone returns, she opens the shower curtain and is horrified to find the murdered Denisovich.

Brent hides Katrina in a room in the Makani Kai Hotel.

HPD finds footprints on the floor near the shower in the changing room. The Governor tells McGarrett that Katrina has phoned him, wanting to defect, and that Washington has given the "green light." McGarrett says that a Russian security man is dead, and there may be some connection with Katrina's escape.

When Saunders returns to the stadium, Valchek tells him about the police finding Denisovich in the shower. Valchek offers to be Brent's alibi.

Sergei Borzov (Stefan Gierasch), the Team East "cultural liaison" pushes McGarrett to intensify the investigation. McGarrett replies that he has a "highly efficient police force" to help him. McGarrett gets HPD to check the skylight for fingerprints and also to check background information on both Denisovich and Katrina. As well, he tells Duke to investigate Borzov whom he suspects is "more than a liaison."

McGarrett talks to Valchek, but Borzov sits in on the conversation. Peter drops hints about how friendly Saunders was with Katrina. He suggests that Brent could never kill anyone, but admits that he might have "abducted" Katrina. Borzov says that McGarrett should arrest Saunders. McGarrett eyes Saunders on the court below as the act closes.

Act Two

McGarrett talks to Saunders, who gives him the brush off, saying that he only knows Katrina casually. McGarrett says that Borzov "thinks you know [Katrina] better than most."

McGarrett and the Governor talk to Jonathan Kaye, and try to come up with a solution to Katrina's defection, such as granting her temporary asylum, or getting her to take a polygraph. Kaye says that she won't get any asylum until she is clear of the murder charges hanging over her. Kaye says that Borzov was a top officer in the Russian secret police who was demoted. McGarrett figures that Borzov would like to pin the murder on an American to get the "order of Lenin".

Saunders phones Katrina telling him of McGarrett's suspicions. She offers to give herself up to clear him, but Brent tells her not to do this. Two goons from the Russian consulate are following him around.

Katrina watches Borzov being interviewed on local TV. He appeals to her, saying she has been "misled." McGarrett says that the Russians are using the same techniques used on a diver who defected during the Montreal Olympics in 1976. McGarrett says that Five-O has to "get to her first."

Danno talks to a blonde babe tennis player from "Team West" at the Hawaiian Regent Hotel. She tells Danno that both Katrina's and Brent's game was going off recently, which usually indicates some hanky-panky.

Peter takes a call from a Mr. Funai about "doing business."

McGarrett talks to Charlie the lab technician (Lydia Lei Kayahara), who has the wrench used as the murder weapon. It was found in a storage room at the stadium, not the locker room. She says there are anomalies with shoe prints found in both locations, that the left shoe of one particular pair doesn't match the right.

Borzov talks to Peter, threatening to send him home for "re-education" if Peter doesn't co-operate with his investigation into recent events. Peter tells him that Katrina was seeing Brent at parties.

Katrina's tearful mother speaks to her daughter on TV in Russian. Borzov follows her, saying that "no action will be taken" if Katrina contacts him. When Brent phones shortly after, Katrina is worried for her mother. She says she wants to get out of her hotel room.

Borzov shows up in Brent's hotel room, offering a reward for information on Katrina's whereabouts. Borzov says that if Brent doesn't help him, that he might suffer an accident like having his racket hand caught in a car door. McGarrett arrives while they are talking, and after Borzov leaves, talks to Brent about his involvement in the defection of Katrina and the murder of Denisovich. Brent plays dumb.

Wearing a wig, Katrina shows up at the "East European Consulates" in a taxi.

Act Three

Brent meets Katrina at the beach, followed by the two consulate stooges. She says she almost went to Borzov. She's worried Brent will be blamed for the murder of Denisovich. As the two of them kiss, the goons approach. Brent and Katrina run away and escape from the two out-of-shape men.

Saunders contacts McGarrett, who meets him at the hotel. Brent speaks to McGarrett hypothetically about Katrina's problems. McGarrett says that he could hold Katrina for questioning if she surrenders, which would keep her out of Borzov's clutches. Saunders tells McGarrett she doesn't trust him any more than she trusts Borzov. McGarrett tells him that it's time that Katrina trusted somebody.

Valchek meets with Mr. Funai (George Oshiro) in a park and takes possession of a suitcase full of money. As Peter leaves, the two consulate men grab him and take him to a car where Borzov opens up some tennis ball containers in Peter's bag to reveal the method of transporting the gems. Peter offers to help locate Katrina.

At the Five-O office, Peter talks to McGarrett, accompanied by Borzov, saying that he was supposed to distract Denisovich so that Brent and Katrina could get away but he couldn't find the security man. He then went to warn Saunders, not realizing what Brent had done. McGarrett orders a murder warrant for Saunders, who is arrested and photographed by the local media.

Katrina follows events on the TV news. She calls Borzov and says that Valchek is lying, and that she will come back if Peter clears Brent. Borzov tells her to trust him and come back first. When Katrina says she won't, Borzov says that he will find her, and he "will let your lover hang."

Act Four

At the Five-O office, Brent tells McGarrett he didn't kill anyone, that Peter is his friend and wouldn't say anything against him unless Borzov was forcing him to. Danno mentions evidence about footprints at the crime scene -- Brent has size 12 shoes, while Peter has size nine, which is the same as the mismatched prints which were found. Katrina phones pretending to be someone else, saying that Brent is innocent. She hangs up before McGarrett can get Brent to talk to her.

After Brent tells McGarrett where Katrina is, Five-O arrives at her hotel, but she is gone. Katrina phones Borzov from a public phone saying she is giving herself up. He wants the media to witness her return.

McGarrett and Danno pick up Valchek, and find close to a million dollars stashed in his tennis ball containers. McGarrett tells Valchek that he was caught because he was wearing two shoes of the same design with different amounts of wear on the tread.

Borzov watches outside the consulate for Katrina. Some HPD cops are waiting. McGarrett tells Borzov that Katrina is wanted as "a material witness in a murder investigation." McGarrett tells Borzov that he'll let Katrina return to the consulate, but he wants Valchek (who is sitting in the Five-O office in front of him) to make a complete confession. Borzov says that he will get Valchek, who he claims is in the consulate, to do this. McGarrett tells Peter this shows how trustworthy Borzov really is.

At the consulate, there is a media circus as Katrina drives up. Borzov flashes Valchek's "confession" and McGarrett examines it. Then Danno drives up with Peter, who looks at the paper and says that he's never seen the document before. Brent pleads with Katrina to trust McGarrett. As she moves towards Borzov, Brent grabs her. Borzov leaves the consulate grounds and Five-O grabs him as the HPD cops block the consulate's goons from taking any action. As Borzov complains that he has diplomatic immunity, McGarrett books him for "falsifying evidence in a murder investigation."

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