S10E04 - “The Friends Of Joey Kalima” - Plot

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Act One

Joey Kalima, an HPD cop (John Rubenstein) on his beat, stops in a record store. As he and the owner Marco (Jimmy Borges) listen to a song, three men are digging a tunnel in the basement. Unfortunately, there's a cave-in, hurting Otis, one (Chuck Couch) of them. As the lead guy Batai (Seth Sakai) climbs the steps to see if it's clear to move Otis to "clean air," he sees the cop is still there. Joey and Marco discuss country music and how many Hawaiians are fans. Marco bags up the country album while Joey picks up a "new Sinatra album," mentioning it's for Mama Topo (Elizabeth Smith), "Keoki's [Kwan Hi Lim] sister". Joey leaves after commenting on the dust in the record store. Afterward, Marco helps get Otis up the steps. Marco and Batai argue about Joey and how he hangs around inside the record store, saying "you find a way to keep him out of here".

HPD is giving a "family orientation series" to the spouses of HPD officers. The captain (Ernest G. Chan) introduces McGarrett who speaks to the wives.

In the evening, Joey goes to dinner at Mama Topo's and things are going great outside. Inside, her brother Keoki runs numbers for his bookie operation. Normally this is not a problem but an anonymous tip puts HPD on the address and they move in for the bust. Mama's son (Brian Fong) asks the HPD officer (Bernard Ching) what's going on, which produces a search warrant. Joey jumps in showing his badge. Meantime, another officer walks out with Keoki, giving the slips to the lead officer.

McGarrett wraps up his talk with the wives while another HPD officer walks in and whispers to Joey's wife Lily (Elaine Giftos) what's happened. She runs out following the officer. Out in the hall, she tells McGarrett, "Joey's been arrested". Joey is brought out to the main desk where an officer (Benjamin C. Jaus) tells him to go into an office.

McGarrett escorts Joey's wife upstairs to find out where Joey is. It quickly becomes clear where the lines are being drawn: Sergeant Wong didn't know Joey was at the house and once there, couldn't warn him of the bust. There's also Internal Affairs led by Captain Fryer (Alan Oppenheimer) to be dealt with. Joey tells McGarrett his side of the story; he was a the house for a luau and didn't even know Keoki was there, "much less back in business". Joey asks McGarrett to represent him just before Fryer walks in ready to spar with McGarrett. McGarrett isn't having any of Fryer's crap and tells him as much in their private conversation. McGarrett also goes into Joey's history of hard work and "built their entire life around his career with H.P.D. He is the finest example of what a cop should be". Fryer pushes back, he's not taking of McGarrett's crap either.

Marco arrives at the motel where the three diggers are staying. He found a doctor but alas, it's too late. When Marco goes into the room, the second digger Reed (Kimo Kahoano) tells him the news. Marco then asks Batai what's next. Simple: they're going to dump the body and Marco is going to take his place digging.

Act Two

McGarrett goes to talk to Mama to nail down Joey's timeline. When she changes her story, McGarrett tells her, "the only thing that's going to help is the truth". Mama explains the luau had several families involved and Joey probably didn't know Keoki was there. McGarrett is confused but she explains, "Everybody knows what Keoki does for a living. He's been doing it for 25 years".

The diggers reassess their situation: their biggest problem is the lava dust and they need a larger fan to clear it out. Marco tells them it's impossible but Batai recommends putting it on the roof, it'll be easier to explain away.

Danno talks to Bernie Wong in an "unofficial" capacity as to why they chose to bust Keoki specifically on that exact day. Bernie tells him they had a tip from Teo Rodriguez (Al Lopaka). Teo meets up with Marco to be paid $50 "for a phone call". Marco doesn't want to hear from Teo again.

Keoki and Lewis show up at Joey's house wanting to help in any way they can. Keoki feels terrible, "I'm not crazy enough to take bets while there's a cop in the house. You know what I mean? You warned me enough times". Lily believes it's all for naught because Fryer won't listen to anyone, especially if he's not listening to McGarrett. As Keoki and Lewis leave, Joey turns and waves to Internal Affairs taking photographs.

Batai completes the installation of the exhaust fan on the roof. Marco flips the switch and the dust gets sucked out of the tunnel.

McGarrett and Danno bounce ideas off each other as to why Teo would give a tip about Keoki. Rather than Keoki being the target, perhaps Joey was. Five-O gets to work as Chin and Duke talk to a bartender (Terry Plunkett) at a place Teo frequents. Once they leave, Teo emerges from the shadows hearing every word. Teo plans to talk to McGarrett but has something in mind first.

McGarrett talks to Fryer outside HPD. Fryer doesn't consider the snitch big news. However, he does consider the photographs taken when Keoki and Lewis visited very important and he shows them to McGarrett. McGarrett doesn't consider the visit all that unusual considering the "calabash family" ties. McGarrett wants time to nail down Teo and Fryer agrees but only until Saturday. McGarrett begrudgingly takes it.

Teo walks to Marco's store and sees the exhaust fan on the roof. He tracks the origin of the ducting to the basement. Lifting the door, he sees the progress of the digging but not before Batai watches him close the door. Teo steps up front to talk to Marco who tells Teo he was after Keoki because "he stiffed me on a couple of bets". Teo doesn't buy it because Five-O is onto him and Joey was arrested in the sweep. Teo also doesn't buy Marco's story because of the activity going on. Batai hears enough and whacks Teo over the head.

Act Three

A little boy finds Teo's body and leads HPD to it. At Five-O McGarrett walks in, having already heard about Teo. Danno also tells him Fryer is on the way and McGarrett isn't surprised. Danno also throws some weird ideas as "the devil's advocate ... Suppose Joey killed Rodriguez ... there's always the possibility that someone like Fryer would think that Joey was on the take from Keoki and Rodriguez found out about it". McGarrett doesn't buy it because Danno knows Joey just as well, "Sure, but does Fryer?"

The light bulb turns on in McGarrett's head. Formulating a plan, he wants Chin and Duke to dig for a connection between Teo and Joey while Danno retraces Joey's steps with him, of course, not mentioning he's a possible suspect in Teo's death. Fryer storms in as Danno leaves and is not happy in the least because Joey hasn't been arrested for Teo's death. They argue with McGarrett pointing out, "This is not one of your inquisitions, Fryer. This is a murder investigation conducted by the State of Hawaii and I'm in charge". Fryer warns McGarrett could easily go down with Joey if he's not careful.

At the bar, Duke talks to the bartender again who says Joey arrested Teo "a couple of times". Chin talks to a vendor (Rebecca Welles) who says of Joey, "I saw him pull Teo out of a couple of situations when Teo got in way over his head ... They couldn't have wished for a better cop on this beat".

McGarrett goes to the lab, where Charlie (Lydia Lei Kayahara) has something interesting. There are lava particles in Teo's scalp but not the kind of lava on the hill where he was found. Charlie also has a sample of the same lava from a different body found in a cane field. Not only that, "The composition of the lava. It's probably pahoehoe, which means it came from subsurface strata".

In the tunnel, the diggers are just about ready to drill.

McGarrett visits Joey and Lily where she breaks down not believing anyone is on their side. McGarrett loses his patience and lays it out, "Fryer thinks that Joey killed Teo Rodriguez You have got to account for your time, for your behavior, from the time of the luau at Mama's house. And you both have got to stop this self-pitying nonsense. If the review board goes against us, I'm gonna have a hell of a time keeping you out of jail". Lily realizes they can't give up and refuses to do so.

The diggers blow the tunnel, putting a perfect hole into the floor of a bank vault!

Act Four

The hearing begins on Joey's case with Fryer being by the book from the start. Meantime, the diggers begin cleaning out the bank vault. Fryer calls a witness and McGarrett makes opening comments and calls witnesses including Mama, Keoki, Lewis and his partner. McGarrett also makes closing arguments and the board is in recess until 10 a.m. Monday. Joey goes over his story again, mentioning he was reminded by Lewis of Mama's birthday at 10 a.m. that morning. McGarrett realizes the setup had to be from someone Joey talked to the same day.

McGarrett and Joey retrace his steps yet again, stopping at Marco's store. Marco is opening some new merchandise when they pull up. They walk in and McGarrett notices the lava dust on the front counter. Marco is clearly nervous and asks how Mama liked the Sinatra album as they leave.

Back in the car, McGarrett puts the pieces together and has Marco's file pulled. Marco had a petty larceny charge on the mainland but "he's been clean since he's been back in Hawaii". McGarrett decides to go back and that is when Joey notices the new exhaust fan. They go to the roof and put more pieces into place.

The diggers continue their pillaging in the bank vault. McGarrett and Joey trace the ducting like Teo had before. Only this time, McGarrett calls in "a full tactical squad". McGarrett enters the tunnel followed by Joey and about five HPD police officers. They surprise the diggers during the robbery, arresting all three.

The review board clears Joey and reinstates him into the department. Even Fryer congratulates Joey before McGarrett gives him back his badge.

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