S10E01 - “Up The Rebels” - Plot

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Act One

A helicopter flies onto a rocky beach to a waiting group of Marines: "Charlie Company". Two cases of ordnance are dropped off. Just after the helicopter takes off, knock out gas is used to disable the company so divers can take the two cases. The divers take the cases into a raft and tie up to an awaiting boat. They don't go unseen, however, as a Marine (Johnny Walker) notes the registration number on the boat during the getaway.

In his office, McGarrett gets a call from the governor who tells McGarrett about the theft. Briefing Danno who's sitting on the desk, they run out to meet a Coast Guard helicopter that will take them to "Marine Corps demolition team at their testing grounds".

The divers take the cases to the docks, loading them into a van. The driver (Tar) of the van pays them off and says, "you guys did a great job. Now, I want you to split. And remember, we never saw each other before".

McGarrett and Danno arrive at the testing grounds briefed by the sergeant. His men didn't see anything because of the wet suits and facemasks, but he shares the number he wrote down for the "power boat". Danno takes it and "I'll have Chin run it down".

The van arrives at a house and the driver talks to Ryan (Lee Stetson), paying him $5000. Turns out, Ryan owns the boat. The driver warns him, "get lost and stay lost" because the police could easily track him down and "the people we work for" don't mess around.

Miss Fogerty (Elayne Heilveil) arrives in Hawaii, specifically the Ilikai Hotel. She makes a phone call to a pre-determined number saying, "the color is green". A man (Stephen Boyd) answers, liking what he hears, "Green as the Emerald Isle itself". They set up to meet at the beach "near Halona Point" and he tells she will know who he is.

While McGarrett's driving, Chin calls in with information on the boat. "Boat belongs to James Ryan. Address, 2957 Kalakaua Avenue". McGarrett orders him and Danno to look into Ryan. They arrive to find his girlfriend (Kathy Paulo) outside. She's wary of them, not knowing Ryan is pulling up. When he spots them and the Five-O car, he leaves. She leads them inside so they can look around.

Miss Fogerty arrives at the beach via taxi. He was right, she had no problem finding him as she approaches a priest. Using code words again, they properly identify each other. She hands him a case full of money, "it's a contribution from your American friends". She introduces herself as 'Casey Fogerty' "his own daughter," which shocks the priest. Complimenting her, the priest leaves with the case.

Ryan calls the driver of the van 'Foley'. Ryan tells Foley he "took a room" at the Seacrest. As Foley is talking to Ryan, the priest pulls in and helps himself to the back of the van. When Foley goes downstairs to talk to the priest face to face, he talks about Ryan and how "he's getting jumpy". Foley tells him where to find Ryan and gets paid for the ordnance theft.

McGarrett goes to meet with the governor and Commander Sprague (Ed Sheehan) about the theft. The governor has "arranged for emergency search and seizure powers, as regards all ships leaving the islands during the next ten days". Sprague briefs about the new explosive: "an amount no larger than a tape cassette can destroy half a city block". Sprague has reason to believe the explosives are headed to Ireland while McGarrett is concerned with local activity. According to Sprague's information, "it's a rebel splinter group". McGarrett sums it up, "shamrocks among the sugar cane, huh?"

Act Two

McGarrett and Danno meet up: nothing new from Sprague, nothing on Ryan and McGarrett wants to know what ships are headed toward Europe, especially the UK and Ireland.

The priest goes to talk to the captain (John Stalker) of the vessel he's chartered to work out the route. The destination is West Africa where the "merchandise" will take a chartered plane to Ireland. The captain is paid extra because "I don't like carrying explosives". Regardless, the plan is to load up the next afternoon.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with a list of ships. He also has the day's newspaper with Ryan's photo on the front. Of interest as well is "page six": Casey's arrival in Honolulu. Danno reminds McGarrett of her involvement at Wounded Knee four years prior. McGarrett wonders aloud, "whose war she's fighting now". McGarrett leaves to go talk to her.

McGarrett gets nowhere fast with Casey as she denies knowing anything about the explosives. "All I know about this, uh, episode of yours is what I read about in newspapers". McGarrett knows there's more going on and leaves Casey to her "swim".

Chin and Duke are on the street running down the rest of the names who arrived in Honolulu on Irish passports. They have three left, one of which is 'Father Daniel Costigan,' our friendly neighborhood priest who likes explosives and money.

Casey shows up at Costigan's hotel room. She tells him about McGarrett's visit with her. They argue to a point because she wants in on the cause. He's resistant to this idea and tells Casey, "Ireland is what I have". They eventually kiss and he stops abruptly asking about McGarrett. Casey answers they've made a connection between the explosives and "your people". Costigan calls Ryan, verifying it's him. Costigan sends Casey back to her hotel. This way, Costigan can complete his plan without her knowing.

Ryan calls McGarrett who puts Danno on a trace of the call. Ryan wants protection; he knows he's a marked man. McGarrett promises protection and Ryan tells him he's at the Seacrest. McGarrett and Danno run out but Costigan shows up first. Ryan allows him entry not knowing Costigan. McGarrett and Danno show up at Ryan's hotel, the damage already done.

Act Three

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with the ballistics report: "bullet found in Ryan's body was fired from a .22 caliber pistol". Danno leaves to search Ryan's place while Duke walks in. Duke reports the latest on the Irish passports angle: two of the people check out but the third, Costigan, hasn't been talked to yet. McGarrett leaves to go speak to him at the place he's been: St. Clare's Orphanage.

McGarrett tracks down Costigan and has a chat. McGarrett finds it odd an Irish priest would travel all the way to Hawaii "to care for children" especially since children are dying as one of the results of "the troubles". McGarrett brings up the explosives and Costigan denies involvement with them. Costigan responds, "I do God's work". To which McGarrett says, "and I do police work. So let's both pray that the explosives are found before they're turned to the devil's work". As McGarrett readies to leave, Costigan helps a soccer player (Frederick L. Johnson) back to his feet. As well, McGarrett orders Duke to tail Costigan.

McGarrett walks into the lab to speak to Danno and Che Fong (Harry Endo). They're trying to make sense of some papers Ryan's girlfriend tried to burn when she read he had been killed. Duke calls in to report nothing suspicious. McGarrett wants him dogged because things aren't adding up.

Costigan calls Casey and gives her instructions so he can lose Duke. Casey picks him up at the front of the hotel. They drive to the docks, where Costigan finishes loading the explosives into wooden crates with toy on top. Costigan keeps up the snow job to Casey denying he had anything to do with Ryan's murder.

Back at Five-O, Duke positively identifies Casey from her picture in the newspaper. McGarrett orders Danno to send a request "to Scotland Yard and Dublin police" on everything they have on Costigan.

As Costigan and Casey ready to leave the dock, the phone rings. Foley wants more money, $10,000 to be exact, or he'll tell McGarrett about the chartered ship. At the lab, with what scraps are left, McGarrett and Che come up with the name 'Foley'. Costigan has Casey drive the van to the shack where Costigan takes a briefcase inside. Foley isn't messing around, holding a gun on Costigan. Foley opens the briefcase and is satisfied. Costigan leaves, running back to the van. They drive off and then the shack explodes. Casey stops the van, in shock.

Act Four

Costigan takes over driving as Casey starts whining. She asks what Costigan calls murder and his answer, "tactical necessity". Casey realizes now this is real and it's ugly.

McGarrett isn't happy in his office but things brighten with information from overseas. Danno says, "telex from Scotland Yard. We struck gold. Costigan has a list of aliases half a page long. Father Daniel Costigan is only one of them". Turns out, Costigan is really 'Shawn Roarke' and he's wanted in Ireland. Duke calls in and Casey hasn't been back to her hotel. McGarrett wants Duke to stay put in case she comes back. Danno asks about an APB and McGarrett says, "I want Roarke and the girl". Before Danno leaves, McGarrett hands him paper found at the shack with a phone number. McGarrett wants an address.

The 'toys' are loaded on board the ship. Costigan/Roarke watches with Casey beside him. She asks to go with him, getting a shocked look in return. When he realizes she's serious, he turns her down. Costigan/Roarke tells Casey to park the van in the warehouse and he'll meet her in an hour at her hotel. They kiss and he knows it will probably be the last time he sees her.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with an address: "it's a warehouse near the docks". McGarrett and Danno leave to check out the address.

At the docks, Costigan/Roarke tells the captain he'll be taking a passenger. Of Casey, Costigan/Roarke says, "she has better things to do with her life than waste it on the likes of us. She'll come to understand that".

Casey returns the van to the warehouse and gets into her rental car. She's nearly hit by the Marquis Brougham as it drives around the corner. Casey makes a run for it but is caught by McGarrett. Danno goes to look at the van and its contents, only to find the leftovers of the explosives. Meantime, the ship is off and sailing. Casey stands her ground, not willing to cooperate. McGarrett is downright pissed because Casey has no idea what she's gotten into. He pulls out a newspaper article from London on a bus explosion, "thirteen children killed, three blinded. Four lost an arm or a leg, or both. Innocent children maimed. Maimed in the streets of Belfast".

Casey finally relents telling him to go after the boat. McGarrett tells Danno to get backup and "keep an eye on her". He jumps into the Marquis Brougham and takes off. His only hope is to stop the drawbridge from allowing the ship to pass. Getting the drawbridge staffs' attention, they acknowledge McGarrett. Now on foot, McGarrett goes to where the boat is closing in and jumps onto it. Working his way around, McGarrett finds a higher vantage point and orders Costigan/Roarke to drop his gun. Costigan/Roarke complies. The boat returns to dock as Danno, Casey and HPD wait. Costigan/Roarke is put into the back of the patrol car while she's put into the Marquis Brougham, her future unknown.

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