The Hawaii Five-O Home Page Discussion Forum Archives

[Some of the links in the postings on the pages below will not work. I may get around to fixing these eventually. - MQ, September, 2017]

The web pages accessed by the links below contain archived comments from the Hawaii Five-O Discussion Forum. The forum in its earlier years was known as the "Hawaii Five-O Guestbook." There are references to this in postings, which I have not changed to "Discussion Forum."

* Includes many tributes to the late Jack Lord
From this point on includes discussion about a proposed revival of Five-O by Criminal Minds producer Ed Bernero (later shelved).
From this point on discussion about another revival of Five-O by writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov.
§ The discussion about the new show's pilot heats up after it's announced the series is on the CBS fall 2010 schedule.
** Includes many tributes to the late James MacArthur
†† There is a gap here because the forum was closed for a while.