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I don't know where you are seeing the price of $50 for the complete series of S.W.A.T. to be released next week by Mill Creek Entertainment. According to, the price is currently $14.99 ( is $22.13 Canadian).

There is one big condition with this set. It puts the whole series on 6 DVDs, as previously mentioned. Mill Creek has a reputation for doing compilations like 44 Spaghetti Westerns or 600 Cartoons in box sets which are very cheap. The source material for these sets is often of inferior quality. Another contributing factor to the quality is the fact that much of this material comes from public domain sources, but I don't think S.W.A.T. falls into this category yet, dating from 1975.

The show has been released on DVD in North America previously:

Season One - released on June 3, 2003 (13 episodes), dunno by which company
Season Two - released on May 22, 2012 by Shout Factory (25 episodes)

There were originally 12 and 25 episodes in seasons one and two respectively, but one of the season two shows was originally intended for season 1, that's why there are 13 shows in the first season box set above.

The series is also available from Germany where it is called Die knallharten Fünf (The Tough Five). Looking this up on Ebay and Amazon Germany, it looks like it is in 3 box sets, probably with 12 or 13 shows in each box. To order this is not cheap, and requires a multi-region DVD player which will play PAL DVDs.

I can't get either S.W.A.T. TV show (1975) or even the 2003 movie which stars Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson and Michelle Rodriguez (drool) from the library. I will probably wait to read reviews of the Mill Creek release before buying it (if I want to buy it). But I have no intention of reviewing it!

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Thanks for the information. Ha, I think about that also, the typing.

I should have mentioned, I got this from a public library, 4 episodes per disc.

I can't put it down. Every aspect of the show, is great, location shooting; guest stars, procedures,etc.

Violent? Yes. I don't know anything about shows since about 1990, though, to compare it

The best made drama shows, I think, in no particular order, are Hawaii Five O; Streets of San Francisco; Mod Squad; The Virginian ( 1962-71); and this one, though dozens of others are great.

Yes, S.W.A.T. is hard to find. The new release appears to be US $50,way too much. Season 1 is hard to find; I only have season 2.

Since you are the best reviewer, perhaps you can get it from the library.

I like the reviews, mainly to see if I missed anything, or to help if a certain sub plot was hard to understand.

Mr. Forrest is brilliant in this.

A hit from Spelling, but lasting just 37 episodes.

eBay has some, but not cheap.

Added: January 06 2018 08:56:17 PM
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Hmmm, you have my attention with reference to S.W.A.T. (a title which is very annoying because you have to keep shifting and unshifting when you type it, LOL; not only that, it is difficult to search for this in various places because of this punctuation).

Steve Forrest, who played the boss of the team on this show, had a role in a "guilty pleasure" episode of Streets of San Francisco ( and has a certain "commanding presence" (no pun intended).

I am wondering, where did you "recently get this on DVD"? The whole series is going to be issued in about 10 days, though it was already released a few years ago in two separate boxes, one for each season. I am not too enthusiastic about the upcoming release, because the box set contains the entire show (2 seasons, 12 + 25 episodes) on >>SIX DISCS<<. That is going to cram 6 or 7 DVDs per disc, which is going to make the quality suffer something fierce (Cannon already did this with a recent release of the complete series; some of those episodes looked pretty bad).

There is currently a "reboot" (I guess, I haven't watched it) of S.W.A.T. on TV, and there was also a movie version of it a while ago starring Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson, something which had my interest because of the presence of Michelle Rodriguez. I am wondering why she has never appeared on Five-Zero so far, because she was an alumnus of LOST, and several of its stars have appeared on Lenkov's reboot: William Mapother, Daniel Dae Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Jorge Garcia, Henry Ian Cusick, Sam Anderson, Tania Raymonde and François Chau. Rodriguez' appearance, especially in a continual, starring role, would certain raise my attention level and would give a lot of fodder to the Five-Zero Twitter crowd to get excited about.

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Hi. I get so used to the reviews on this site, so when I discover a show I like, I hope I can find a good review site.

Thus, the 1975 TV series, S.W.A.T, I recently got on DVD, and have found to be excellent, in every way. Gripping, tense dramas,with not a dull moment. All are location filming, no cheap sets.

Excellent acting.

So, I am looking for a site which has episode reviews, if anyone knows

Thank you.

Added: January 06 2018 03:05:18 AM
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I watched the X-Files second reboot on Wednesday night, which I enjoyed because of the mindless non-stop action and the virtuoso performance by 79-year-old William B. Davis playing the Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM). (He will be 80 next week!)

But certain things about the show were kind of hard to take if you think about them even a little bit hard ... or if you haven't seen last year's reboot ... or the two X-Files movies ... or the last seasons of the original show. Never mind! I guess I have a soft spot for the show, especially for the relationship between Scully and Mulder, particularly Gillian Anderson, who is a babe, despite the fact that in this reboot number two premiere episode she was made to look pretty terrible in some scenes.

At the end of the first reboot last year, the major characters were left on a bridge fleeing some terrible outbreak of disease. Mulder looked pretty awful, like he was near death, and a mysterious light appeared above his car as if it was going to resolve things.

In Wednesday's show, Scully was suffering from massive headaches and bad visions, whereas Mulder is now OK, though concerned about >her<. A promo clip on Twitter suggests that all the stuff from the previous ending was just a dream ... or a vision (Or Something = OS)!

Scully is in the hospital, and she tells Mulder that the solution to the plague, contagion or whatever (which doesn't seem to be as rampant as in the previous show as far as other people are concerned) lies with CSM, who lives in Spartanburg, SC, where he is being taken care of by Monica Reyes, a traitorous former FBI agent who appeared in the final seasons of the original series. CSM in last year's 6-episode season was smoking through a hole in his throat, which seems to be now fixed, and he is smoking normally. Not only that, his face, which was horribly disfigured in a massive fireball previously, is now almost back to normal.

Anyway, Mulder jumps in his car and heads to Spartanburg. (I dunno why they couldn't have made CSM's location closer to Washington, D.C.) Some very bad dude is following Mulder. This guy previously attempted to run over Jeffrey Spender, another character from the original series, who visited Scully in the hospital and begged her to reveal information about the location of Mulder and Scully's son William who, by virtue of the fact that his body contains alien DNA (much like Scully herself), is the key to saving the world from the recent outbreak and probably other things too. (In the parking garage where Mr. Bad Dude (MBD) attempted to run over Spender, who just rolled up on the window of MBD's car and was otherwise OK, Spender didn't bother to just run between some cars to save himself, duh!)

Anyway, having an unlimited supply of cars, MBD, whose vehicle was seriously damaged in the attempted assassination of Spender, pursues Mulder, who drives very fast. MBD runs into some other cars on the way there, but keeps going all the way to Spartanburg. While doing so, he is followed by Mulder, who reverses positions with him. MBD doesn't realize that Mulder is following him, even though the drive between DC and Spartanburg takes about 7½ hours, duh again!

Finally having arrived in Spartanburg, Mulder breaks into the house where MBD has gone, only to find that CSM is not there. Instead, he meets these other conspiratorial types, including actress Barbara Hershey, who have some connection to CSM, but instead of wanting to destroy the world with a contagion, they want to take people in a Rapture-like move to live on space stations (OS)!

While all this is going on, CSM and Reyes have gone to DC (another 7½-hour drive), and so has MBD, and Mulder is quick to follow them, even though he looks very bagged.

During Mulder's trip to Spartanburg, Scully checked herself out of the hospital despite the protests of the people taking care of her, went to Mulder's place, where she contacted him, then passed out, then recovered and attempted to drive her car somewhere while having more blinding headaches and hallucinations. Of course she has a horrible accident and is transported back to the hospital which she left. Lucky her, this all took place near the FBI building where Agents Einstein and Miller, the Scully and Mulder look-alikes from last season, witnessed this and were quick to call the ambulance.

CSM and Reyes have arrived in Washington, DC, where they start to play "Let's Make a Deal" with Skinner, Mulder and Scully's ex-boss at the FBI. They want to know where William can be found, because he is "the first superhuman child" who can resolve lots of the world's problems, like the fact that everyone is going to die, blah blah blah.

MBD comes to Scully's hospital room, where he attempts to suffocate, then strangle her. Considering she looks like she was having a good sleep, she fights back with a passion, but things don't look good until Mulder suddenly appears and slits MBD's throat with a nearby scalpel.

Shortly after this, Skinner, who I suspect has gone over to the dark side (i.e., CSM's), has a nasty confrontation with Mulder, who is in the hospital holding the very banged-up Scully's hand.

This is a disturbing amount of stuff to happen in one show, but like last year, where the premiere episode was also pretty hairy (reintroducing Mulder and Scully after 13 years), it looks like suddenly the emotionally and physically damaged characters will be in the second episode back to solving the usual X-Files cases!

Oh yeah, I didn't mention that William is revealed not to be the son of Scully and Mulder but CSM! Some fan reaction to this apparently is not very positive...

Added: January 05 2018 08:58:10 AM
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This is my Christmas present to myself. The usual list price of this at Amazon Canada is supposedly $377.09 (Canadian). I got it for $72.46 plus tax, minus a $5.00 credit I had. This was 81% off the list price. I was not asking any questions.

Who will watch the show's second reboot tonight?

Added: January 03 2018 08:38:09 AM
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