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John, good point about why Latin American revolutionaries would be in Hawaii as opposed to some place in the continental U.S. like Texas. Unless we're supposed to accept some fictional Latin American island nation somewhere in the Pacific. After all, Five-O had used fake countries a few times - most famously Arasunda (LOL!) and Melanesia in "The Gunrunner". Yes I recall Silva in Sharkey's Machine - his character takes that fall off the high rise at the end. I think at the time it was a record-breaking high rise stunt performed by the famous stuntman Dar Robinson, who tragically died during a stunt a few years later.

Mike, I think I have SECONDS somewhere in my Netflix queue. Will need to get around to it eventually. I just received FROM HERE TO ETERNITY which of course has the Hawaiian connection and the famous beach scene at Halona Beach Cove. It also won an Oscar and was mentioned by Sally Kirkland in "Murder is a Taxing Affair" so it's worth checking out.:)

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"Seconds" (1966), directed by John Frankenheimer, is one of my favorite movies. In addition to John Randolph, the film also stars Will Geer and Jeff Corey. All three of these actors, aside from appearing in early seasons of H50, were blacklisted during the 1950s. It also stars Khigh Dhiegh!

I'm just wondering if there were any other blacklisted actors which the original H50 employed? I was thinking Theodore Bikel, but I can't find any evidence that he was accused of being a Commie, even though he hung out with FOLKSINGERS and, according to Wikipedia, was "a longtime activist in the civil rights and human rights movements, participating as a fundraiser with performances," something which should have raised a red flag (no pun intended).

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Excellent review of "Savage Sunday," Mike. I'm looking forward to reading your completed re-view of "Just Lucky, I Guess." I liked John Randolph, who appeared with Rock Hudson in "Seconds."

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Good remarks Ringfire about Henry Silva. I liked him in Sharkey's Machine. Some small things that keep Savage Sunday at the 3 star level. The revolutionaries travel to Hawaii a long route to go. Say these revolutionaries were from the Latin American countries. Texas or California military bases or armories would make sense. Shorter distance to travel and they could have snuck back over the border. A second small problem was Acuna missing McGarrett descending down the rope. He looked like a sitting duck on the rope for a few seconds. Acuna 1 of the leaders of this group my guess would be a pretty good shot. Surprising he missed. The third problem was how easily the revolutionary group smuggled Acuna out of the hospital. One of the weakest points of Savage Sunday. Taking Acuna to a military hospital might have provided better security. I like Savage Sunday with each watch. I think Mr. Mike's 2 1/2 star review and analysis gives an accurate representation of this episode. JC

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Speaking of Savage Sunday, Henry Silva was a heck of an actor. He was in quite a few high profile films in the 60s and 70s (even as a lead in a few as I recall) but he really had a renaissance of sorts in the 80s as a particularly vicious villain (he looked more evil as he got older) in quite a few popular actioners of the time, like Sharky’s Machine (with the late Burt Reynolds), Code of Silence (with Chuck Norris), and Above the Law (with Steven Seagal). The last 2 were directed by the great Andrew Davis and shot on location in Chicago. Siskel & Ebert were particularly impressed with Code of Silence where Chuck basically plays a Dirty Harry type. Henry Silva is a ruthless Colombian drug cartel in it who offers to give Chuck “the gift of a Colombian necktie” :!surprised:

The film has a really cool soundtrack by David Frank, evoking that 80s gritty urban Chicago vibe. Have yourself a listen:
In fact Above the Law which was also scored by Frank has a similar sound. Ah, I miss the tough guy films of the 80s.

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On Savage Sunday: I've always enjoyed Savage Sunday Season 2 Classic HFO. It's deeper than many watchers think. Henry Silva and Julie Gregg give strong performances. Revolutionaries strike an armory on a Sunday presumably because of less personnel and security working. Their goal is to acquire through stealing as many of these weapons as possible which will help them fight the powers in their country. I don't think the country is named but from their conversations...They are outgunned and outmanned in this country war. It's an intelligent plan acquiring the weapons but their leader is left behind after the wounded guard gathers strength to pull the alarm. HPD and the HFO team arrive quickly trapping Acuna in the armory. Some good shooting and action here as Acuna and the police trade shots. McGarrett devises a plan to navigate up to the roof and swing down on a rope through the skylight. The plan works and McGarrett brings the wounded Scuba in. Acuna is hospitalized while the rest of the revolutionaries assemble at Jenny's work place. Great acting by Manny as an older man who escaped the revolutionary country and set up work in Hawaii. The plan is to smuggle the weapons out transporting them through shipping. McGarrett realizes Acuna won't talk especially after seeing his battle wounds and scars. One of the weaknesses in Savage Sunday is how easily the rev. group springs the wounded Acuna from the hospital. Only 1 problem. Acuna needed rest after the wound was worked on. He could bleed to death by exertion and moving the injury. The story deepens as Marla Acuna's wife is pregnant and will have a son. Will she raise the son with Acuna captured or dead? What would be the son's future? Will the son grow up in this cycle of war where he will fight someday? Savage Sunday is a very good episode. McG even has some sympathy for Acuna which he doesn't usually have for most suspects. Mr. Mike I see has given Savage Sunday 2 1/2 stars. I would give it at least 3 stars. This story has some similarities to For Whom The Bell Tolls where the group was fighting the Fascists. They were up against very bad odds of succeeding. JC

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Nice review Mr. Mike!

I agree the music was too perky for the military and chase scenes. It's not bad music but there is definitely a disconnect.

Speaking of disconnects - one thing that bothers me is the doctor when he tells McGarrett and Danno that Acuna has 24 hours to live, if that. That's not the problem - the problem is that the doctor mentions Acuna was brought in at 10, the surgery - and thus the suture - were done at noon. All well and good but the shot of HPD Unit #130 at the church shows the clock at about 10:20am. Was there a time warp I don't know about? :p How could they have brought Acuna in at 10 to the hospital when the alarm at the armory hadn't been pulled yet?

One of those things that make you scratch your head.

Love the pictures too Mr. Mike - that's a great summary for the episode. :)

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Classic #H50 S02E05 Savage Sunday re-viewed:

Revolutionarie s break into an armory to steal weapons for the struggle back in their country. McGarrett has his hands full when their wounded leader is taken from the hospital and the consul for their country says to let him die.

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Mr. Mike: I'm sorry to see that you are no longer going to review the new series' episodes going forward. I am one who looks forward to your reviews of the new series and I frequently go back to the original series and re-read your reviews. Your analysis will be missed.

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I read your review Mr. Mike - I enjoy them all immensely :) I have pulled some serious nuggets out of your reviews and have prepared myself when necessary to watch certain episodes.


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Mike, I believe John means he can’t wait to see the rest of your season 2 reviews. I’m sure he’s read your Babe Ruth review.

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John, I already re-viewed To Hell With Babe Ruth recently. Did you see that?

I wonder if people bother to read my reviews at all; why do I bother! :!shake:

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Kathy, this site has nothing to do with the production of the show. Please express your concerns to @PLenkov on Twitter...

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Please stop the childish arguing between Danny and McGarrett. It is annoying and the show does not need it
Thank you

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Plenty to discuss here on the forum. Let's start with Forty Feet High And It Kills! I think Forty Feet High And It Kills! in my Top 5 Season 2 episodes. It's 1 of my sister's FAV episodes too. I love the creativity of the false Tsunami warning and the Lochner scientist character. He's not a passive captive but matches wits with the brilliant Wo Fat. It's a real masterpiece episode. I think it was the right call to make the deal to ensure they found Lochner. He had diabetes I believe.
To Hell With Babe Ruth like When Does A War End? has a good initial concept or story about the man Ngata going to complete his mission 28 years later. With his psychological problems, the writers could have been more creative with what to do with his character. I did like some of the authenticity in the episode: EX:Trying to drive the car after all his years in the psych place. I enjoyed when he returns to the vacant house with the myriad of cobwebs and the sinking ceilings in places. Great visual showing how long he was in the psych place. I've been thinking how they could have improved this episode. I agree with many it gets tired of hearing Ngata rant and rave and yell and things. They just missed on this episode. It happens sometimes. I also believe the ending was strange. Here they are with all this sophisticated equipment and manpower and nobody hears Ngata screaming or the noise he's making. Cant wait to see Mr. Mike's Season 2 Reviews (1969-1970). JC

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As of today, I am not going to watch or review any more of the new H50. If someone else wants to review the episodes, that is fine, I can put their reviews on the site (some conditions apply, obviously). If you are interested in doing this, you can contact me through the link at the bottom of the page, though I think a lot of people might be more interested in the World Series at the moment.

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Speaking of Beau - he was the driver that Lennox shot in "Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart."

I couldn't help but laugh during the next episode "Kill or Be Killed." Now, it was a serious episode and a lot of issues were covered well including father-son relationships, PTSD, military misconduct, and others.

The part I laughed at is Danno being at the hippie hangout. First, he's handed a joint and really doesn't know what to do with it. He tries to pass it off but is unsuccessful and I swear he contemplated for a second on whether to take a hit or not - can you imagine the conversation he has with McGarrett afterward if he did? Thus, I laughed.

And I swear he has the best - or is it worst? - luck when he's made or about to be made. Just as the lead guy, played by Dave Donnelly, is about to pounce, here comes the calvary and Danno is off the hook, sort of. It's not the first time or the last time this kind of thing happens to him. :)

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Interesting insight into Hayes Guards. I just saw them the other day in Death’s Name is Sam. They did good in that one at the airport - managed to stop the female smuggler from smuggling in the Strella component.

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If you are in Hawaii, do NOT hire guards from Hayes Guard Service, they are bad!

• Babe Ruth - the guard gets his throat slit by Nagata's shuriken
• Forty Feet High - multiple guards get overpowered quickly by Wo Fat's minions
• Savage Sunday - another guard (Beau, back from the dead in Babe Ruth) is quickly dispatched by the revolutionaries


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Nope, sorry to disappoint Ringfire. :)

Added: October 26 2018 12:29:55 AM
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Agreed on A Distant Thunder, Bobbi. Probably my second favorite of season 11 after The Skyline Killer. Bobbi Tamara? Lol.

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I'm surprised to see nothing made the top or bottom for Season 7. I'm not surprised with Season 6 - that's the first full season I bought on Amazon. There's a lot of solid episodes there.

I'm also a bit surprised "A Distant Thunder" didn't rate higher. It's a solid episode even if it's hard to watch. I do crack up when I think of the memorable quotes out of it though.

Added: October 25 2018 06:51:51 PM
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Great to see “Rest in Peace, Somebody” as the highest rated season 4 episode. My favorite episode. Tin idol!

Good to see the turkeys at the bottom too where they belong.

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I was looking through IMDB ratings to see which shows are really good and really bad (8.0 and higher or 6.0 and less). Comparison of shows on IMDb is not really that good, though, because early season shows can have over 100 votes, whereas those in the 12th season might only get a couple of dozen.

8.1 Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born
8.0 Cocoon Part 1 Rebroadcast

5.7 To Hell With Babe Ruth

9.1 Over Fifty? Steal!
8.1 The Reunion
8.0 Trouble in Mind
8.0 F.O.B. Honolulu Part II
8.0 And A Time to Die...

8.2 Rest in Peace, Somebody
8.2 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
8.1 Odd Man In
8.0 Skinhead
8.0 Good Night Baby, Time to Die

8.8 "V" for Vashon: The Father
8.6 "V" for Vashon: The Patriarch
8.5 "V" for Vashon: The Son
8.3 The Listener
8.3 The Jinn Who Clears the Way
8.3 Chain of Events (The VD episode!)
8.1 I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot!
8.1 Death is a Company Policy

8.7 Hookman
8.5 One Big Happy Family
8.3 One Born Every Minute
8.2 Draw Me a Killer
8.0 Murder is a Taxing Affair
8.0 Death With Father


8.4 Retire in Sunny Hawaii ... Forever
8.0 Murder: Eyes Only
8.0 McGarrett is Missing

8.1 The Last of the Great Paperhangers
8.1 Nine Dragons
8.0 Tour De Force, Killer Aboard

6.0 Tall on the Wave
5.8 When Does A War End?
5.8 Tread the King's Shadow

5.9 A Distant Thunder
5.7 Why Won't Linda Die?
5.1 Small Potatoes

5.9 Voice of Terror
5.7 The Kahuna
5.7 A Shallow Grave
5.5 The Golden Noose
5.3 School for Assassins
5.1 The Moroville Covenant
4.7 Sign of the Ram

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Hey Mr. Mike - yeah, I'm thinking Heather's mom, Komiko, and Takuma might be bother and sister. Granted, we don't see her but I find it plausible and *gasp!* it makes sense. :)

Agree Forty Feet High and It Kills is a good episode. I'll have to go back and watch the box sequence again. I thought they drugged Lochner enough that he would sleep the whole trip and thus why he was in the box. Now, I'm not sure how long the voyage is or what Wo Fat is thinking but it seemed like that was his plan to keep Lochner "boxed" for the journey.

Ringfire - thanks for sharing that news. It's sad we keeping losing them.

Added: October 24 2018 02:50:01 PM
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James Karen, popular character actor on TV and in film, dies at 94. He played the neighbor Del Wingfield in Five-O season 8 “Love Thy Neighbor, Take His Wife”.

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Bobbi, as far as Heather Nagata thinking her father was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor is concerned, this was likely told to her by her "uncle" Takuma, who tells McGarrett that he can't believe Nagata is still alive, that "He was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. One of the nameless dead trapped in the area when the bombs fell." (He does not elaborate on this, though.)

Takuma specifically doesn't say he is Heather's "uncle," by the way ... he just says that she is his "niece." I realize that the term "uncle" is one of endearment, but I don't think the opposite of saying someone is a "niece" is the same.

There is no indication how old Heather Nagata is, though she tells her father "I'm a teacher's assistant at the University of Hawaii." We don't know if she was born in Japan or born in Hawaii after her parents came there in connection with her father's subversive activities.

As far as Heather and Takuma being brother and sister are concerned, Virginia Wing was born September 11, 1937 and Will Kuluva was born May 2, 1917. For Wing to be Kuluva's sister is a stretch, sort of like in "By the Numbers" where Kuluva was the brother of John Lo played by Randall Kim, who was born September 24, 1943. Virginia Wing is still active as an actress, by the way. According to IMDb, she was in an episode of Gotham this year, as an "Old Lady"!

Why Danno goes to the clock shop is a mystery. Prior to this, McGarrett told him, "Put a priority-one call in to Admiral David Foster. Tell the admiral to order an immediate red alert. All civilian military installations. Move." When Danno arrives at the clock shop shortly after this, he seems to be in a hurry.

Added: October 24 2018 08:22:22 AM
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I have been rewatching Forty Feet High and It Kills. This is an outstanding episode, but there is what looks like a goof.

After Lochner is kidnapped, we see shots of Five-O freaking out in their office and then McGarrett talks to Lochner's daughter (the droolworthy Sabrina Scharf -- "droolworthy" is an actual word in the dictionary, by the way).

Following this, there is a brief shot of a box being lifted by a crane, the implication being that Lochner is in this box, though we don't actually see it being moved on to the ship that will take him to China. Then there is another brief shot of a warehouse on the docks.

I assumed that Lochner was in the box, but later on, Wo Fat gets a call from one of his minions, and I thought he and Lochner were on board the ship at that point, so I thought it odd that there would be a phone on the ship.

But later, we see that Lochner is not on the ship, he is in a room on the docks, where there is a phone.

At the end of the show, Lochner is put in a box, which makes it difficult for McGarrett to track him down when he comes to the warehouse. (Surely they are not going to keep Lochner in this box all the way to Peking, are they?) When Wo Fat makes his "deal" with McGarrett for safe passage out of the country in exchange for giving up Lochner, we see Wo signalling the guys in the crane to bring the box, which is being lifted up to the ship by the crane, back to the dock.

But prior to this when Wo and McGarrett come out of the warehouse, we can see that this is virtually the same shot of the warehouse as before, based on the angle of the shadows and the fact that some guy is standing beside a forklift several feet away in the same place! (In this second shot, you can see McGarrett and Wo Fat just inside the door.)

Added: October 24 2018 08:01:25 AM
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Wow Mr. Mike, an impressive review once again and I know this one was tough because the episode is so bad. :)

So much to cover and I'm sure I'll forget something. First with Komiko and Heather - I wonder if it was easier for Komiko to think Nagata was killed in the attack on Pearl than any other possibility. You know how people will tell themselves something and after awhile it just becomes part of the past? I wonder if that's what happened here.

As far as Takuma being Heather's uncle, is that more of an endearment or is it possible that he and Komiko were brother and sister? Or that Takuma married Komiko's sister? I know there's a possibility where Nagata and Takuma could be brothers but they don't act like it and frankly, I can buy some of this easier than Mark Lenard and Will Kuluva in their roles.

You mention that Danno goes back to the clock shop. I don't recall the exact reason why at the moment, but every time I watch that sequence, I'm
reminded of "Hari Kiri Murder." When Danno finds Takuma, this is his first exposure to the ritual. Why is it a surprise in the later episode? Just curious there. :)

Finally, as far as the high powered microphones, I couldn't agree more. If they are so sensitive, they would pick up EVERYTHING and there is no way they would hear the quiet ticking of the bomb. As you mentioned, there is the background traffic, the foot stomping of combat boots on metal grates among other things - too noisy!

Thank you again for the impressive review! :!cool:

Added: October 23 2018 03:57:11 PM
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Revised: To Hell with Babe Ruth (S02E02). Still a bomb (no pun intended)!

Added: October 23 2018 09:16:47 AM
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Just watched "The Late John Louisiana" and found a funny goof - there is more than one as well - when Pierson and Grant get out of the car in the middle of nowhere supposedly on the way to the radar station: there is a reflection of a microphone in the windshield of the car.

Added: October 21 2018 11:19:27 PM
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Friday's show reviewed:

Added: October 21 2018 08:23:18 AM
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Plenty of entertaining items on the discussion forum. Ringfire, I've enjoyed Wooden Model Of A Rat with repeated viewings. I honestly didn't like it the 1st time I viewed it. Another McGarrett frame up and why would McGarrett place the rat right in the open in his collection. However, August March and Suzari make a powerful 1 2 punch criminal duo. March speaks in elevated language and Lupin also an intelligent type. I enjoy it with more viewings as I stated. The ending is fantastic. Probably would give Wooden Model Of A Rat a good 4.5 or 5 stars on my 6 star system.
Honestly, I think Samurai is 1 of my FAV Season 1 episodes. It's action packed and entertaining. Tokura is an interesting racketeer and I love the scene when he's shot at by the Bushido guys in court and Tokura just dusts himself off. Great action for 1968! I don't blame Danno on the poisonous lipstick. It might be like the Invitation To Murder thing where a few pills were poisoned. Say Travers had 3 or 4 different lipsticks. Maybe, 1 would be poison. My guess she had her purse with her and the poison lipstick was a smart one by Tokura and his men. JC

Added: October 20 2018 09:04:43 PM
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“Pua a'e la ka uwahi o ka moe” (“The Smoke Seen in the Dream Now Rises”) – McGarrett investigates a cold case from the 1940s, one that his grandfather and the famous Honolulu detective Chang Apana worked on, and he tries to deduce how the case could have been solved. Also, McGarrett and Danny get ready for the opening of their restaurant, on the milestone [sic] 200th episode of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The FIVE-0 cast appears as characters from the 1940s.

Added: October 19 2018 01:10:49 PM
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Ringfire - you're the best! :) And no, I'm still looking for those chill pills!! :D

Chicken - I liked your comments as well. I always liked Montalban but I have to agree with Mr. Mike - in this specific role, it's strange to say the least.

I have to agree on your assessment of Wooden Model, Ringfire - I loved those zingers!

Added: October 18 2018 10:16:54 PM
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Bobbi, I thought you took your chill pills already. Still being a picky know-it-all, this time about the lipstick in Samurai? ;) Though I gotta admit it would have been priceless with Danno having lipstick all over his lips while arguing with McGarrett: “If she wanted a candy bar I TOOK THE FIRST BITE!! If she wanted to paint her lips I PAINTED MINE FIRST!!” :D

Hey Big Chick, long time no chat! I’m with you on Samurai. Rico Montalban makes that episode and it’s a grower each time I watch it. Same with the non-Asian Alfred Ryder as Harry Quon in Late John Louisiana. He’s great too and very effective!

By the way, I watched Wooden Model of a Rat today and on its own as a story it’s no great shakes but Ed Asner and Kwan Hi Lim TOTALLY make that episode! The best villain duo from season 8 by far! Asner’s August March is so delightfully oily and Suzari is so deliciously deadpan.

“I am composed entirely of ears, Mr. March”
“You may perceive my astonishment, Mr. March”
“To our mutual benefit, I am sure”

:D Man, I love Suzari. Probably my favorite Kwan Hi Lim performance.

Added: October 18 2018 10:07:16 PM
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RingFire & Bobbi: Chicken must profess, as evidenced by this here encyclopedia-esque site, that Mr. Mike does indeed Know It All (at least as far as the Five-O be concerned).

After another viewin a "Samurai" on the 50th anniversary I perused Mr. Mike’s updated review to find not only in-depth info on his ‘Dinner with Danno’ but trivia n detail to the effect that Tokura’s dearest daughter Deedee became assistant to none other than the great method actin icon Marlon Brando, hisself. Indeed an outstandin compilation a info, Mr. Mike!

Chicken can understand Danno’s take that actors just actin, even when a white dude play a Japanese. An after all, this was back in the day. But Ise agree with your point that Mr. Lo in "By the Numbers" and Spock's pop in "Hell With Babe Ruth" just seem ridiculous.

But I’d argue thats Rico’s performance be so charismatic and so flamboyant, and his on screen chemistry with Jack so enjoyable, that it transcend the overt obviousness of Montalban bein no Asian.

In fact, other than racketeer Harry Quon, Lenny Takura gots to be Chicken’s favorite Five-O phoney Asian guy.

And "Samurai" just be a classic & iconic episode, man. And Montalban be a big reason for that. I dig the ep more and more every time Ise take it in.

And great updated review, Mmmmmmister Mike. Like Chicken never woulda guessed that the bushido wasn’t no bunch a sword brandishin fanatics but actually a chivalrous code. Man, go figure :!thinking:

Added: October 18 2018 09:22:03 PM
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Well, late as usual - although in this case I got my days mixed up. :)

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of "Samurai" - a 'favorite' on this forum. ;)

Anyway, reading Mr. Mike's review, there are a lot of things that could have been done so much better. At the same time, there were things that worked well including the music. I chalk it up to the mere fact this was the first episode filmed although it was not the first one aired.

One of things that's weird - the whole Mary Travers business. I've been thinking about it and there's something bugging me. Now, we know through dialogue the Five-O team was trying everything she was consuming and yet she was still poisoned.

Through lab work we discover the 'murder weapon' was her lipstick. If the guys were on top of it, why didn't they try her lipstick? Now, that would have been weird but they were protecting her after all. Granted, we would have had a dead cop as well as a dead witness since the poison worked in about an hour. What gets me, why didn't they just buy makeup for her at a store they knew wasn't contaminated? Were they not thinking that far ahead? :)

I get that they were trying to establish characters and relationships because of the early production schedule - nothing was set up prior to this episode, except what is seen in the pilot.

As usual, my two cents - for what they're worth. :D

Added: October 18 2018 08:32:30 PM
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Will do Ringfire! Just for you, baby! ;)

Added: October 17 2018 05:39:58 PM
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Bobbi, when you find those pills save some for me. I just hate knowing it all. Oh the cross I bear :!cry:

Added: October 17 2018 05:38:16 PM
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Ringfire - you made my day!!! :D

I've been called a lot in my life, including Puritan Witch Burner, but a know it all? Yeah, maybe. I need to look for my chill pills. :!cool:

Added: October 17 2018 02:50:52 PM
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I know, we’re such insufferable know-it-alls, aren’t we?

Why can’t we just chill out and go with the flow? I mean who cares if the Diamond Head volcano blows up and lava starts flowing down Kalakaua Ave. It’s all dramatic license, right? Sheesh, we need to loosen up. :!thinking:

Added: October 17 2018 01:19:41 PM
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Hmmm, I wonder who these comments are directed at?

"Who cares if the writers stretched the facts a bit for dramatic affect? Only those who get their only joy out of life by being insufferable know it all’s. I’m sure they all ran to Google to double check the weather history so they could bitch and bemoan the horrible writing. They are always looking for something to complain about, no matter how small or insignificant. There is nothing more annoying than insufferable know it all’s. But you know what? They don’t know it all because, obviously, they have no comprehension of the concept of literary license or that such a thing as fiction exists."

Don't forget, the motto of this blog is "Surfing the wave on the positive side!" NOT!

Added: October 17 2018 06:31:38 AM
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Add me to the list of people who felt the heat wave episode was absurd.

Like many of you, I noticed that the 110 degree temperatures were unrealistic for Honolulu.

Additionally, the writers don't understand why air conditioners fail in heat waves. It happens because they are run constantly in places where they typically aren't run 24/7. Los Angeles in the summer is a good example.

Honolulu is hot/humid year round, so the AC units wouldn't suddenly fail because it's unusually hot.

The Hawaiians trying to cool themselves off was also unrealistic. Again, they are used to hot weather. It would be like Fairbanks residents freaking out because of an unusually cold winter day.

The Grover scene was weird and ridiculous in itself. He also acted out of character, abusing that poor caddy to the point of endangering his life.

The crime of the week wasn't even that good, once again featuring a small female with superhuman physical power. Her previous life as a bank robber doesn't even explain how she can fight like a superhero ninja. Why not make that perp male?

Finally, I agree it's time to just put Tani and Junior together. Why did they waste the "swimming together" moment on a dumb musical montage?

Added: October 17 2018 01:54:35 AM
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I have revamped the page with video from the 1996 convention so the TAHITIAN LANAI LUAU video (which only appears on my site) is now accessible to people with phones and computers which cannot play Flash Video. I could not put these videos on YouTube because it got very cranky about the fact that Jimmy Borges was singing a version of "Girl From Ipanema" where he was making up the words. These are the three videos at the bottom of the page.

Added: October 16 2018 05:17:32 PM
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The last (heatwave) episode of H50 was so bad I don't know what to say. If my TV was old enough to afford losing it I would have thrown a brick at it.

What doesn't help is I watched it right after Bluebloods which is like going from a five star Waikiki hotel to lining up for toilet paper in Venezuela!

Added: October 16 2018 02:48:45 PM
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"And I get to stay and make license plates."

Oh great! Now, I gotta track them all! :D

Sorry, couldn't resist. :!cool:

Added: October 15 2018 07:33:14 PM
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Bobbi has done "analysis" of license plates seen ... in the first season so far. Check it out!

Added: October 15 2018 05:34:33 PM
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Hi all. I had to chime in about the hot temp episode.

As said by many, it doesn't get near 100 in Honolulu. At least the actual temperature. I read an article the other day that did say that the heat index reached 100 this summer. So, like ringfire said, it feels like 95, or in the article's case 100. And besides, where I live, in the summer, it's 100 most days. People are hot, but the city doesn't come to standstill. I felt that the Hawaiian's reactions to the hot temps was more ludicrous than the 100 degree premise.

Now, about Grover's golf game, I'm surprise that no one has mentioned the Caddyshack intended parody. Grover's magnificent golfing in the extreme heat was a parody to the Bishop's heavenly divine game during the torrential rain/lightning/thunder storm. Grover even called the caddy once "Noonan", the character name of the main caddy in Caddyshack, Danny Noonan, played by Michael O'Keefe. Classic comedy movie. :D

Added: October 15 2018 02:59:49 PM
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All the times I’ve been on Oahu (always in the summer) I don’t even recall it hitting 90 degrees. So forget 100. It’s always somewhere around the mid 80s. Sometimes upper 80s. I don’t recall 90. And with the ocean breezes the humidity isn’t even all that bad. Honestly the humidity here on the East Coast (especially in Philly) is MUCH worse! It’s practically unbearable here. If it’s 95 outside then with the humidity it feels like 105!! You can’t even breathe. Just stay inside an air conditioned house and don’t dare go outside. That’s when we get heat advisory warnings here. People die. Nothing like that ever happens on Oahu. And when the sun sets and it gets dark you actually have to throw something on because you’ll feel a chilly wind blowing (especially closer to the water). You’ll never get that kind of night chill in Philly when it’s hot and humid all day.

Added: October 15 2018 12:06:12 AM
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