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I e-mailed La-La Land Records, and this is what they had to say:

There is a lawsuit going on and all Hawaii 5-0 related soundtrack releases have been put aside for the time being.

Added: October 13 2017 12:02:03 PM
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Why is CBS slow in doing these? Is it because they lack the resources to go through their music library and do all the necessary restoration or cleanup? Are they worried that the cost in doing this isn’t worth it because they won’t recoup their losses (i.e. sales will be lousy)? I’m guessing it all boils down to money. If they were assured that this would be a huge money maker they’d be all over it, right?

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Discussion Forum discussion.

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“When I asked him again in 2008 after the DF discussion then”

What’s a DF discussion?

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The issue of a Five-O soundtrack other than the one on Capitol Records (the CD version of which may soon go out of print) has been brought up in the discussion forum before, like in April and May of 2008.

I had already contacted a well-known producer of soundtracks for his opinion on this a few years before that (2002) and this is what he e-mailed me then: "Unfortunately the problem with 5-O is that CBS is very slow to do any deals, due to the necessary legal research." When I asked him again in 2008 after the DF discussion then, he re-iterated what he had said earlier: "CBS is impossible to deal with."

I had also contacted another soundtrack producer (I can't track this down, it was MANY years ago, probably prior to the above) who told me words to the effect "All good things come to those who wait" regarding a Five-O non-Capitol soundtrack.

But here we are in 2017 and still nothing has happened.

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Check this out:
LaLaLand Records has released THE WILD WILD WEST TV soundtrack - with scores by Richard Shores, Richard Markowitz, Harry Geller, Robert Drasnin, Dave Grusin, etc. I already purchased the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE TV soundtrack from this site a while back. Both were CBS shows and used many of the same composers that Five-O used. So my question is what’s keeping these guys at LaLaLand from releasing an expanded soundtrack for Five-O the way they did for M:I and WWW? Is it because there isn’t enough demand for it or because somehow those scores are unavailable (lost or damaged)? I can’t imagine that the fanbase for THE WILD WILD WEST is greater than for FIVE-O. I’d be willing to shell out some large bread for a soundtrack like that. It would be a dream come true! Anyone have any ideas? Mike? You’re our resident music expert.

Added: October 12 2017 09:51:28 PM
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In the early 80's when I started watching H5O the syndication loop we had on the Vermont CBS affiliate was seasons 1-7 and 9. The package didn't include any 2 part or 2 hour episodes such as the pilot but it did include the Vashon trilogy.

Added: October 12 2017 11:43:19 AM
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Good Comments! Remember syndicated episodes going from Season 1 to 7 and back to 1. JC

Added: October 09 2017 06:15:31 PM
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S08E02 reviewed:

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Great lists!

I did not know about the elimination votes from years ago. I like Gidget's dad as villain in Legacy of Terror and as the ruthless IRS agent earlier. In each episode, he gets dispatched. Mako is always very good too no matter the series.

I'm not crazy about Honor is an Unmarked Grave. And I have to admit, because a lot of the episodes were not part of syndicated packages, I'm not as familiar with 6 to 9 episodes as result. I think Unmarked Grave is one of these.

Added: October 09 2017 11:27:19 AM
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To me “Honor is an Unmarked Grave” has a very similar feel to “Highest Castle — Deepest Grave”. Wealthy family hiding a dark secret, bones are found in both cases, there was a forbidden affair, etc. Both are a very good mystery but ultimately there are other episodes that rank higher for me that have a greater “Five-O feel” to me.

Added: October 09 2017 06:21:36 AM
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Season 8 sure has some great episodes. A Killer Grows Wings, McGarrett Is Missing, Murder Eyes Only, The Case Against McGarrett can't crack the Top 5. My Top 5 would be: 1.Legacy Of Terror 2.Death's Name Is SAM 3.Retire In Sunny Hawaii Forever 4.The Defector 5. Honor Is An Unmarked Grave. Love Season 8 and Season 9 episodes. It's Season 10 when some of the writing and episodes of lower quality arrive. There are a few Season 8 episodes I've never seen. Mostly in 8,9,10, and a few in 12. Probably about a dozen. I don't remember seeing Ring Of Life Season 7. What a fantastic episode Legacy Of Terror is start to finish. Commander Blackwell is 1 of my FAV characters all time. JC

Added: October 07 2017 08:02:19 PM
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And here is season 8...

1. McGarrett is Missing
2. Deadly Persuasion
3. The Capsule Kidnapping
4. Retire... in Sunny Hawaii... Forever
5. Death’s Name is SAM
6. The Case Against McGarrett
7. Turkey Shoot at Makapuu
8. Target? The Lady
9. Love Thy Neighbor, Take His Wife
10. Sing a Song of Suspense
11. Loose Ends Get Hit
12. Anatomy of a Bribe
13. Legacy of Terror
14. A Touch of Guilt
15. Wooden Model of a Rat
16. A Killer Grows Wings
17. Termination With Extreme Prejudice
18. Murder — Eyes Only
19. The Defector
20. Honor is an Unmarked Grave
21. How to Steal a Submarine
22. The Waterfront Steal
23. A Sentence to Steal

Just like Mike doesn’t like episodes with the word “fear” in them I guess I too have an aversion to the word “steal”, which would explain why my last 3 episodes all have that word. Lol! See also “Steal Now — Pay Later” back in season 7.

Fred, I agree about the gradual drop-off after season 6. I used to think that 7 and 8 were about even and that 9 was actually an improvement over both of those. I now think that 7 overall was stronger than 8 while 9 might be just a slight improvement over 8 (or maybe not). I see that you have “Legacy of Terror” ranked pretty highly. I don’t know if you were around on the Five-O IMDB board a few years back when a few of the reviewers (spearheaded by “alpha”) were reviewing the episodes season by season (as the DVDs were released). Then they also did an elimination type of thing to choose the best episode of each season. The picks for all the other seasons were all the usual suspects, but the season 8 pick was surprising. When all the episodes for that season were eliminated “Legacy of Terror” was the last one standing. It’s a good episode but not one you ever see get picked as the best. Typically you see “Retire in Sunny Hawaii” or maybe “The Case Against McGarrett”. I thought that was interesting. I’m sure Mike has a link saved somewhere for these season winners.

Added: October 07 2017 09:40:17 AM
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What?!? Honor is an Unmarked Grave doesn't make the list at all?

Added: October 06 2017 04:55:15 PM
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Time to list my Top 10 from Season 8:

1 - Retire in Sunny Hawaii...Forever
2 - Sing a Song of Suspense
3 - Legacy of Terror
4 - Turkey Shoot at Makapuu
5 - Loose Ends Get Hit
6 - Wooden Model of a Rat
7 - McGarrett is Missing
8 - Target? The Lady
9 - Anatomy of a Bribe
10 - How to Steal a Submarine

Just missing the cut - Termination With Extreme Prejudice, The Defector, A Killer Grows Wings, A Waterfront Steal and A Touch of Guilt.

In my opinion, Season 6 is the zenith for the series and every season after that is worse than the one before. Again, in my opinion, season 7 is pretty good, but Season 8 starts a big drop off. I believe my sentiments are echoed by syndication reruns. I had never seen a lot of Season 8 episodes until I bought the season's DVDs. A good number were left out of the syndication package.

Added: October 06 2017 04:39:42 PM
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Check out these articles on Richard Shores. There are 3 parts. Part 2 talks about his work on THE WILD WILD WEST and part 3 talks about his work on FIVE-O. Apparently scoring WWW was his favorite.

Added: October 04 2017 08:48:21 PM
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Sorry, but I am confused. WHAT channel are you guys on Hawaii 5-0 nowadays>>
You are NOT LISTED on Spectrum !!
Thank you

[??? No idea what you are talking about here. This site is not officially connected to the show, so if you have questions about where it is broadcast, you should check your local TV station, local CBS TV station or contact @PLenkov, the show's executive producer via Twitter. - MQ]

Added: October 03 2017 09:48:22 PM
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Jeff, as I recall “The Box” didn’t have much of a score. It was mostly a dialogue piece set in a confined space. The only part I recognize that was in “The Box” is the part that plays at 3:50.

Fred, I actually think the part that plays at the 8 minute mark is a bit different from what we hear in “One for the Money” (when the first 2 victims are stabbed). During those scenes that droning machine sound is much more pronounced and has more drone or buzz to it. Here on the WWW it’s a bit muted and not very pronounced. But the other pieces sound fairly spot-on. I often wondered why it’s the only episode from the first season that has the curious end credit of “Music Supervision Morton Stevens”. This seems to suggest that there was no actual score written for this episode and instead it was lifted from the CBS library (most of which seems to belong to Shores). I guess Stevens gets credit because he was the guy in charge of music for the show, even when he didn’t score it.

Added: October 03 2017 08:02:40 PM
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Good link Ringfire. The music is similar, but maybe slightly changed in the earlier part. The creepy music from One for the Money is pretty close. And the part just after the 8 minute mark is about exact.

Added: October 03 2017 07:15:18 PM
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Thanks for that link, ringfire...Shores was one of my favorites and I had no clue some of his early Five-O scores were tracked from WWW. Much of it was used in S1's "The Box". Likely helped him get invited back to score many of the S2 and S3 episodes. He also did some MANNIX episodes during this period for CBS.

Added: October 03 2017 07:06:10 PM
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Check out this WILD WILD WEST suite from Richard Shores (there’s also a part 2 there):

There’s a whole lot of music there that was also used on Five-O, especially during the early seasons. So I’m guessing much of it was composed for WWW and since it belonged to CBS it was then used on Five-O. If you start listening at around the 2:20 point and go from there you’ll hear many cues that were used extensively in “One for the Money” as the creepy killer theme for Charlie.

Added: October 03 2017 02:45:13 PM
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I also have to concur with Mike that it's laughable to see tiny women beating up big guys, even if they have martial arts moves.

At least they didn't show Tani managing to beat up Duclair. She almost managed it, but he was about to emerge victorious before McGarrett and Danno showed up.

Still, watching her do formidable battle with Randy Couture was a joke.Jack

Personally I'd like them to cut out the hand-to-hand combat from the female characters (unless fighting other females), and have them stick to investigations and gun battles.

Added: October 03 2017 03:44:51 AM
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We Hang Our Own - Why is Che Fong acting as coroner when explaining that the younger Farraday did not die as a result of the wheel rim injury because the wound was not severe enough? Che deals with forensic evidence. I'm guessing that Doc Bergman must have been unavailable for that episode.

Added: October 02 2017 07:31:52 AM
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Todd, the MiZchief hacker character will be back on October 20th: "The lives of Five-0's informants are in danger when the HPD system is hacked and one ends up dead, forcing McGarrett to enlist the help of hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence), who he just imprisoned." You can read about this further by clicking on this link (spoilers, but I have already spoiled things with the previous sentence!).

Beulah Koale will be in the show starting on October 13th (the third episode), along with McGarrett's canine friend.

I think Lenkov is cheating with the picture he posted on Twitter. It doesn't take much effort to track down the particular helicopter, a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane (especially since Lenkov's picture already shows this name). This is not the helicopter used on the show -- see also this shot. (The identification number for the helicopter in the last picture, N4037S, leads to Stiller Brothers, a company in Yuba City, California, and actually is for a Skycrane.) According to Wikipedia, the maximum weight a Skycrane can lift is 20,000 pounds, which is 10 tons. Whether the cabin in the show is that weight or less is debatable. The one shown in Lenkov's picture seems to be newly pre-fabricated and is being moved to some location. The one on the show is a fully-functional cabin with lots of stuff inside, not to mention the five people, though I doubt their combined weight would exceed 1,000 pounds, or half a ton.

I am sure that Randy Couture will be happy to have his character on this show die, so he can go and earn more money making the next Expendables movie, though that one (the fourth in the series) will reportedly be the last!

Added: October 02 2017 12:23:30 AM
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So cool that you are also writing up Ironside!

[Hi, Peter, discussion of Ironside should be in the "Other" TV Shows Forum, which you can access via the link at the top of the page. I have moved your posting there. - MQ]

Added: October 01 2017 11:30:32 PM
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They definitely spared no expense with this Season 8 opener, where the special effects must have cost a pretty penny.

The fire/smoke effects were very good, aside from the fact that the fire never seemed to consume anything. That would be my only nitpick as to why it was obvious that it was an effect, if you looked closely. (Well, that, and there's no way Hawaii would allow such a fire to be set on Oahu!)

Unless Duclair's death is later going to be revealed to be erroneous (such as him putting some other guy in his clothing, and the body being too burned to recognize), I am disappointed with how he met his end. Much like Gabriel Waincroft, he was a seemingly indestructible, badass villain who died offscreen. Lame.

I agree that the cabin scene was ridiculous. Clearly Lenkov wanted that eye-popping scene on the show, but the setup (we're too heavy to be lifted together, so let's lift a whole cabin instead) was terrible and made zero sense. I would have preferred some soft of explanation that nobody could be lifted and survive the thick smoke on the way up, or something at least semi-plausible.

I agree with Mike that the escape scene was ridiculous, as was the "hacker breaks into the supercomputer and listens to everything" plot device. There's so much technically wrong with those hacker scenes that I won't even bother getting into it, but suffice to say that I cringed while watching it.

The subsequent scene where Aaron Wright "waits" for McGarrett and Danno to show up, via his laptop left in a hotel room, was far more plausible.

It is unclear what they plan to do with Wright's character. They likely have future plans for him, since he didn't die at Duclair's hands. Honestly, I'm sick of the "evil hacker" stories. They've already been done to death (and not very well), and the writers really need to come up with something new.

Meagan Rath looked really good in this episode, and appears far younger than her 31 years. They definitely took many opportunities in this episode to show off her body. Of course, Grace Park also looked quite young for her age, as she's now 43 years old.

Beulah Koale will play Chin's replacement, but his character has not yet appeared, nor was he in the opening theme.

Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Yoshimuri) also was absent from both the episode and the credits, despite the claim that he would also be upped to series regular.

Added: October 01 2017 11:29:23 PM
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I don’t care what Lenkov posts because it’s all just a bunch of baloney! The copter couldn’t lift 3 people but could lift a cabin with those same 3 people instead? I’m still waiting for an answer to that one. It’s like saying we can’t lift 3 people because that’s too much weight so let’s lift 4 people instead. Huh?

I actually wasn’t even thinking that a cabin could weigh that much, that many tons??? Even if this was the flimsiest and most lightweight cabin out there (let’s say with just some plaster for walls instead of actual logs) and no floor remained since the cabin was ripped from its foundation (the people inside would just be clinging to the support beams) it’s still unnecessary added weight, in addition to the weight of the 3 people that really need to be lifted. Makes no sense!! It doesn’t have to be a heavy cabin but it’s still extra weight. And you still have to tear the cabin out of the ground. Why do that???!! :!mad:

Added: October 01 2017 09:11:50 PM
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Ringfire, Lenkov says it can be done! I am very skeptical...

Added: October 01 2017 07:02:05 PM
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I asked my friend Kurt to "anal-yze" this sequence in the show and this is what he reported back:

Believe it or not, there are hits when you google “How much does a log cabin weigh?”

Using some of those results, and examining the picture you sent me closely, I will guess there are 40 logs making up the cabin; 10 per wall. (This is probably conservative, but let’s see if we can make this work.) At about 1000 pounds per log, that equals 40,000 pounds, or 20 tons, just for the walls.

A wood shake roof weighs 400-600 pounds per 100 square feet. The roof pictured is at least 20x20 for 400 square feet, or 1 more ton of weight. (Again, a conservative estimate). And this is just the shingles, not the sheeting or tar paper.

I assume there’s a floor or there would be nobody inside to rescue. Flooring is usually heavier than roofing, so let’s assume 2 tons for the floor.

So, the cabin weighs 23 tons assuming no interior walls, no furniture, no bathrooms, no plumbing, no heating, and that the people inside are also weightless.

The Mi-26 helicopter has the highest lift capacity, at 44,000 pounds, or 22 tons. (ref:

Because 23 > 22, no, I don’t think this could happen.

There’s something else crucial to the answer: the heat from the fire. As anyone who lives in Phoenix learned the hard way this past summer, aircraft have reduced lift when the air is warm. Anything trying to fly around a fire will have to take the super-heated air into account due to diminished lift. I bet that helicopter can’t handle 44,000 pounds in this type of heat.

Added: October 01 2017 04:15:09 PM
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So on Friday I happened to be home and checked out the new season premiere. I’m not even gonna bother saying it’s a spoiler because it’s too stupid for a spoiler. But anyway during a forest fire McGarrett uses helicopter to lift a cabin in the woods up, up, and away into the air. Yep they tie cables from the copter all around the cabin and then McGarrett just rips the cabin from its foundation and lifts it into the air. Yeah right!!!! But what’s even more idiotic than the picture of a helicopter lifting a cabin into the air is the logic behind all this. Apparently Danno, Grover, and the new chick are too heavy to be lifted up on cables by the copter, so the solution is for them to go inside the cabin and for McGarrett to lift the whole cabin??? Whaaaaaat???!!!!! Are the writers smoking something or am I dumb and missing something??! So the copter can’t hold 3 people by themselves but can hold those same 3 people PLUS a cabin?? A cabin which needs to be ripped out from its foundation and causes McGarrett’s copter to smoke and rattle like crazy?? :!thinking: :!mad:

Added: October 01 2017 02:45:04 PM
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Here's another Season 8 new HFO episode I dreamed up. The Laser & The Light. 25 concertgoers are injured when a laser malfunctions at The Antrugs and Volcanic Vegans concert. Some are burned by the malfunctioning lasers while others are blinded. A few receive surgical cuts by the laser. Danno & McG investigate two engineering types and techs Hale and Justin who were responsible for the laser show. Both have no criminal record. Grover finds out his daughter at the concert but uninjured. Jerry studies the lasers used at the show from some video footage. He notices a shadowy figure back of the stage a Mr.Woodbridge. A brilliant doctor and scientist...Woodbridge vowed revenge when his son, Chance, was killed in a high speed chase with police. McG finds out the Police Academy will be having a graduation ceremony the next weekend. The concert laser was a test for the Academy ceremony. Jerry constructs a special mirror which deflects the laser and Mr. Woodbridge is arrested. McG & Danno toast the new Police Members on the beach. One of the new police members attempts to arrest McG for grilling without a permit. Everyone has a good laugh. JC

Added: September 30 2017 02:09:08 PM
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Last night's season premiere reviewed:

Added: September 30 2017 08:17:07 AM
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Anyone else out there think that frequent classic 5-O guest actress, Linda Ryan, looks and sounds a lot like Claire van der Boom, Danno's ex-wife on the new 5-O? Especially in Ryan's appearance in "I'll Kill 'Em Again".

Added: September 30 2017 07:42:49 AM
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I never got the hate for "Study in Rage". A very good and suspenseful episode. Richard Hatch did a good job playing the disturbed Hawaiian in love with rich haole Gretchen Corbett. I also thought the psychiatrist's painting of a troubled mind as a clue was a cool touch. Sure, the ending with the gas masks seemed ridiculous but other than that a very good episode. But then I always liked the "disturbed mind" episodes.

I agree that season 7 on the whole was yet another very strong season.

Added: September 30 2017 07:00:40 AM
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You are right Rinfire. We're 180 degrees on Season 7. Study in Rage is awful in my opinion. I should have said there was one clunker that season. Only one good thing about the episode - Gretchen Corbett.

But I think Season 7 is pretty balanced otherwise. So us being upside down is understandable.

Added: September 29 2017 07:34:43 PM
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My season 7 rankings:

1. I'll Kill 'Em Again
2. The Young Assassins
3. Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?
4. Computer Killer
5. A Gun for McGarrett
6. Study in Rage
7. A Woman's Work is With a Gun
8. A Hawaiian Nightmare
9. Hit Gun for Sale
10. The Hostage
11. Small Witness, Large Crime
12. Welcome to Our Branch Office
13. Presenting... in the Center Ring... Murder
14. We Hang Our Own
15. Right Grave -- Wrong Body
16. How to Steal a Masterpiece
17. Diary of a Gun
18. 6,000 Deadly Tickets
19. Hara-Kiri: Murder
20. Ring of Life
21. Bones of Contention
22. Steal Now -- Pay Later
23. The Two-Faced Corpse
24. And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon

Numbers 6-11 are a bit hard for me to rank. They're pretty much interchangeable. I guess it depends on my mood and on any given day they could switch places. "The Hostage" is definitely a rehash of "King of the Hill" and while it's a strong enough episode it can't touch the earlier classic. Dane Clark is simply no Yaphet Kotto (who gave a real tour de force Emmy-worthy performance) and the apartment setting isn't quite as urgent as a hospital wing. Plus hostage Linda Purl isn't the same as Danno being held hostage. But it still has its tense moments and McGarrett locking horns with Capt. Grover was fun to watch!

Added: September 29 2017 07:09:04 PM
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I have already got the ace writing team of C/H/Q Paper Products (see working on the scenario for 8.05.

Because Danno can’t stand not being the center of attention (a copyrighted trope for Five-Zero), he will also get a dog. Of course, it will be a “Dannoying” Danno-like dog which can’t stop fucking yapping and carrying on.

McGarrett’s dog Eddie is pretty laid-back, but Danno’s dog will start to drive Eddie crazy, making him all hyper.

As a result, they will have to send both dogs to a special “dog retreat” where they can undergo therapy.

Added: September 29 2017 12:29:14 PM
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Season 8 Episode 4 A Gift From The Gods. Colonel Farraday 96 years old calls HFO about mischief and vandalism on his ranch. McG & Danno check it out and Jerry finds out there is paranormal activity on his recorder. A ghost Red Wolf talks that a plague will hit upon the ranch by next sundown. Nobody will survive inside the ranch perimeter. Grover discovers some lighting equipment, wires and projector set up. It's an elaborate ruse to have the Colonel sell his land. Sam Patton Jr. son of Sam Patton A Killer Grows Wings now runs the real estate and development business. He's behind the operation to get Farraday to sell his land. Jerry elicits the help of friend The Great Gregory a magician and singer/songwriter to make the ranch house disappear. Sam Patton Jr. is dumbfounded as he and the criminal conspirators are arrested. The Colonel holds his Bible high and reads from James thanking God and the HFO team. JC

Added: September 28 2017 05:38:19 PM
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It is no secret that in 8:03 of Five-Zero, McGarrett becomes chummy with a former drug sniffing police dog named Eddie, which is supposedly “retired.” There is some sob story about how the dog lost its owner or whatever. I think the truth is, the dog has been kicked out of the police force because it failed to do its duty detecting drugs at the airport or wherever it worked (this is my sarcastic idea).

In 8:04 this dog will snoop around McGarrett’s neighbor’s house and find that the neighbors are into smoking weed. The dog will eat a bunch of treats that the neighbor made for >their< dog (a female). As a result, Eddie and the neighbor's dog will get totally stoned and will do it … ahem … "doggie style."

McGarrett will see this and be horrified, because it will give him all sorts of flashbacks to life with Catherine, how great they were as a couple, etc., etc. Almost the entire episode will consist of flashbacks from Cath's appearance in earlier shows. This is sort of OK — at least it will bring Cath back to the show in some capacity!!

By the way, one really annoying thing if you do a Google search for "dog hawaii five-0" is that is brings up all sorts of references to Dog the Bounty Hunter, ugh!!

Added: September 28 2017 01:36:27 PM
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I have A Gun For McGarrett as my FAV Season 7 Classic HFO. It's very creative and inventive with Marnie the hit woman and McG surviving the first attempt. Savage was a cool villain. Probably 95% of the time the treacherous plan would have worked. McG is too smart and tough though. I thought Two-Faced Corpse was a solid episode until the last 10 minutes or so. Don't like how the cool characters suddenly unravel especially Sam Elliott's character, Mr. Houston. Abe Vigoda sighting too. The Young Assassins I enjoy more with every watch. The scene when they all open the beer cans after the shooting on the beach...It's a perfect take. This radical group was scary because everyone could be a target. Army was a strong leader and an interesting villain. McG really let Army have it in that old armory. The only BS thing was that McG and the group couldn't access the locked tunnel but one of the PAG opened the escape tunnel to get away. This allowed McG and the team to enter and rescue Danno. I wasn't the biggest fan of Season 7 but writing down the episodes...Most were good to very good. 6,000 Deadly Tickets is a guilty pleasure for me. 2 of the best scenes in HFO history. The left-handed criminal blowing out the storefront with an incredible bomb explosion killing Ollie. Also, the final scene with McG firing at the speedboat down the canal. JC

Added: September 27 2017 07:35:09 PM
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I like Sam Elliott and Jessica Walter too (plus Abe Vigoda is great as Abe Kempler!) but the whole plot is just so darn convoluted. The guest stars are very good, the plot not so much.

I'll give you Jo Ann Harris - she's definitely the one reason to watch the episode. She's not wearing a bra either, right? But the rest of the episode is basically a procedural of how drugs are smuggled into Hawaii. Not very interesting. At least in "How to Steal a Submarine" (stupid title, I know) there's a twist to the smuggling, where Nephi Hanneman throws the drugs into the ocean and then later has to retrieve it.

I agree that "The Young Assassins" is pretty disturbing (although no more than "I'll Kill 'Em Again" ), especially when the husband gets gunned down on Waikiki beach at the beginning, but I think that's what makes it such a great episode. It makes payback against these scumbags all that much sweeter, especially when McGarrett beats the crap out of Stanwood at the end! Plus Danno is kidnapped - an added plus! I remember as a kid finding it kind of scary that a tourist to Hawaii could get gunned down like that. Or that Hawaii is so full of psychos and serial killers :D Of course it's all just a TV show at the end of the day.

Big fan of "A Gun for McGarrett" as well - it'll definitely make my top 5. It's not a classic like "A Bullet for McGarrett" but it's still an excellent episode. Ivor Barry as Savage is a good villain too! Love the Marni twist as well. The first time I saw it I didn't guess she was involved.

Added: September 27 2017 04:56:37 PM
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Two Faced Corpse is a personal favorite. It's one of the first episodes I saw when I seriously started watching the series. Also, I'm a big fan of Sam Elliott and Jessica Walter. Plus, Che's line asking McGarrett "have you ever heard of anabolic steroids?" and his answer of "no" is hysterical in light of pro sports in the last 20 years as Karen Rhodes also touches upon in her own episode guide.

Horse over the Moon is a good episode. A very clever plot. And you can't argue when you have JoAnn Harris in an episode on any show back in the 70's. :)

I like Computer Killer, but Aarons seems to go to far with the computer premise for my liking. It does highlight how computers were becoming so powerful in society.

I'm just not a big fan of Young Assassins. It spooks me out just thinking about getting killed totally at random. I just don't personally like the idea. I do like seeing Aloha Stadium under construction in the episode.

A Gun for McGarrett is okay, but McGarrett being 100% certain that Marni's gun is filled with blanks is ridiculous and that almost kills it for me.

By the way, I should have included Right Grave, Wrong Body in the just missing the cut. And you can throw in Computer Killer as well.

Added: September 27 2017 12:20:35 PM
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Mike, that cartoon is funny and a perfect medium for such carguments. Too bad they made the actual show into a cartoon.

Added: September 27 2017 09:56:07 AM
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Fred, funny how wildly our tastes can vary. "Horse Over the Moon" and "Two Faced Corpse" are bottom of the season 7 barrel for me. Probably my 2 least favorites of the season. In fact they're among the 2 weakest episodes of the first 7 seasons. I'm not fond of "Steal Now" either. Similar to season 8's "Waterfront Steal" except even weaker I think. "Diary of a Gun" is a good one but I know at least 2 reviewers (over on IMDB) who absolutely hated it and ranked it as the lowest point of the series, even giving it a nickname of "Diary of the Dumb". I never understood the hate and found the whole scenario of the gun going from hand to hand pretty fascinating. A bit far-fetched, sure, but still interesting. Same with season 12's "Use a Gun, Go to Hell".

I'm really surprised you don't have such awesome episodes as "The Young Assassins" and "Computer Killer" anywhere in your top 10. Those are some really great ones!

Added: September 27 2017 09:52:12 AM
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I just came here to ramble about how cool it is ME TV is showing the original 5-O in the 6pm Time Slot M-F! I tune in just to boost the ratings! Seems to me, the episodes are pretty darn close to "network episodes" but I cannot say that for certain. they do seem to be longer than the VIACOM butcher jobs we have been seeing for years. I crank up the "home theater' and settle in for those old familiar faces!I do sometimes play "who's dead now" and in many scenes they ALL are! Reminds me of my own mortality, which is always a healthy does of reality! A place in time never to be recaptured again. So it goes!

Added: September 27 2017 09:32:39 AM
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Slit my wrists now!!

Added: September 26 2017 02:48:06 PM
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Great list Season 7! My Top 5 are different but some good episodes. Top 5 Season 7. 1.A Gun For McGarrett 2.Computer Killer 3.How To Steal A Masterpiece 4.The Young Assassins 5.I'll Kill'Em Again TIE Bones Of Contention. Some real underrated episodes in Season 7 including: Right Grave, Wrong Body, 6,000 Deadly Tickets, The Two-Faced Corpse. In We Hang Our Own, I never understood why they didn't put a tail on Farraday. They were worried that the Colonel would go after the witness or do something. It sure was easy taking the husband involved in the fight that killed Cam to the ranch for judgement. I also thought Hara-Kiri:Murder was an intelligent episode that doesn't get talked about much. Small Witness, Large Crime probably the weakest episode because of the kid witness who doesn't talk and the female advocate who takes him out of HFO custody. Diary Of A Gun mediocre too although I love how the gun goes from 1 person to another. The Circus episode with WO FAT also a weaker one. JC

Added: September 25 2017 10:11:40 PM
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I'll start off Season 7 favorites. It's a good season in as much as I don't think there's any horrible ones. But no great standouts for me either other than I'll Kill 'Em Again. My top 10:

1 - I'll Kill 'Em Again (M-M-Mister M-M-McGarrett)
2 - Hawaiian Nightmare
3 - We Hang Our Own
4 - And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon
5 - The Two Faced Corpse
6 - Welcome to Our Branch Office
7 - Steal Now - Pay Later
8 - Ring of Life
9 - 6,000 Deadly Tickets
10 - Bones of Contention

Just missing the cut: A Woman's Work is With a Gun & Diary of a Gun.

Added: September 25 2017 04:23:33 PM
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I would focus less on Voskovec's performance in either show, and just pay attention to the shows themselves. In this case, the Five-O one is much better. Here is my review of the SOSF one:

S01E10: The Year of the Locusts
Original air date: December 9, 1972
Director: Arthur H. Nadel; Writer: Theodore J. Flicker

This is a "gypsy" episode, and compared to two Kojak gypsy shows, one of which is in many people's top ten and the other is kind of lame, this Streets of San Francisco episode avoided most of the usual gypsy clichés like fortune-telling. It was more like the Mafia, with younger members of the "clan" overriding the wishes and direction of the "capo di tutti capi" Angus Ferguson, played by George Voskovec. Not content to do typical gypsy scams connected with roofing and driveway resurfacing (a Google search reveals the writers actually did some research on this), Ferguson's sons and grandsons, led by his son Albert (Michael Ansara), decide to break into jewelry stores and banks. To do this, a certain level of geeky expertise is necessary and whether the people in the show would have this is highly debatable. In this regard, it is very strange that in Ferguson's Winnebago-like mobile home there is an elaborate computer system, something which is not explored in the show at all. Because the elder Ferguson represents the "old guard" of the gypsies, you would expect him not to have this sophisticated equipment. Ferguson's wife (Penny Santon), who you would expect to be a "big mamma" type, is a very uninteresting character.

Added: September 23 2017 01:31:25 PM
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For the same reason as you, Ringfire, I'm going with Cargill. I much more prefer Finishing Touch than the Masterpiece episode.

Added: September 22 2017 09:17:47 PM
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